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Chicago Med
#220 : Pulsions coupables

Les choses deviennent personnelles pour le Dr Halstead lorsque son père, qui ne l'a jamais encouragé, est admis à l'hôpital contre son gré. Pendant le traitement, le Dr Rhodes réfléchit sur sa relation avec son père. Le Dr Charles intervient quand le comportement de sa fille Robin devient de plus en plus étrange et le Dr Choi se démène pour aider un adolescent qui a désespérément besoin de contrôler ses pulsions sexuelles. Le Dr Manning sent l'impact d'être une mère au travail quand un jeune garçon est amené pour négligence.
Pendant ce temps, Sarah enseigne, à un groupe d'élèves du secondaire, les responsabilités d'avoir un enfant en utilisant des faux bébés.


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Generation Gap

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Pulsions coupables

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Réalisateur : Stephen Gragg

Scénario : Shelley Meals et Darin Goldberg

Guests : Jeff Hephner (Jeff Clarke), Mekia Cox (Robin Charles), Roland Buck III (Noah Sexton), Patti Murin (Nina Shore), Lenne Klingaman (Emilia Bohlen), Joey Luthman (Elliott Gallagher), Louis Herthum (Pat Halstead), Jesse Lee Soffer (Jay Halstead), Bart Shatto (Stan Gallagher), Polly Lee (Debbie Gallagher), Cesar Jaime (Cesar), Tosin Morohunfola (Allen Vorspan), Catherine Chapman (Babysitter), Sophie Hoyt (Marla), Najee Cross (Adolescent), Esme Perez (Adolescente), Jackson Husdson-Gallagher (Troy Bohlen)


Connor Rhodes: No, I'm not saying that you made it up. I believe you heard something.

Robin Charles: Do you? 'Cause it really doesn't sound like it.

Daniel Charles: I'm gonna take the next one.

Robin Charles: No, Dad, no, come… We have rats.

Connor Rhodes: Or we don't. We've had two exterminators go through everything.

Daniel Charles: "We"?

Robin Charles: Yes, we, Dad. We are cohabitating, and we do have rats.

Connor Rhodes: We'll talk about this later.

Robin Charles: Yes, we will.

Daniel Charles: How about that snow, huh? Springtime in Chicago.

Robin Charles: I know what I heard, okay? We just have to get an exterminator who knows what he's doing.


Natalie Manning: Hey, Maggie?

Maggie Lockwood: Mm-hmm.

Natalie Manning: I wanna FaceTime with Owen before his nap. I set an alarm on my phone for an hour from now, but if I get swamped, can you remind me?

Maggie Lockwood: Sure.

Natalie Manning: He was already asleep when I got home last night and still conked out when I left this morning. I've hardly seen him lately.

Maggie Lockwood: Don't worry... I'll remind you.

Ethan Choi: It hurts like hell, I know. We're gonna get you upstairs and the surgeon will fix the holes the bullet left in your intestines. They'll take good care of you.

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Choi, incoming. Trauma 2's open.

Cesar: Elliot Gallagher, 17, got beat up at school. Multiple facial trauma, chest wall contusions, GCS of 15 with history of loss of consciousness.

Ethan Choi: Elliot, I'm Dr. Choi. Can you tell us what happened?

Trauma 2

Elliot Gallagher: Those guys, they caught me.

April Sexton: Make sure his parents are notified.

Ethan Choi: Let's transfer on my count. Ready? One, two, three… Elliot, can you take a deep breath for me? Again? That hurt?

Elliot Gallagher: No.

Ethan Choi: Good breath sounds. Let's get him off the board and get a chest X-ray.

April Sexton: Right away.

Ethan Choi: Lungs are up and no broken ribs. Looks like they're just bruised. Let's give him 50 of fentanyl for pain.

April Sexton: On it.

Ethan Choi: Can you turn your head side to side? Chin to chest? Good, c-spine's clear… Elliot, follow the light for me. Your right eye doesn't look the same as your left. I think the orbit's fractured. Your nose is also broken. I'm going to quickly realign it. Pain meds should be working by now… Sorry.

April Sexton: Hope they caught the boys who did this.

Elliot Gallagher: I deserved it… You gotta castrate me.

April Sexton: What?

Elliot Gallagher: I want you to castrate me… Please.

Doctor Lounge

Will Halstead: Are his ankles swollen? Just look down and check… Damn it. Yeah, all right. I'm on my way.

Connor Rhodes: Everything all right?

Will Halstead: Not really. That was my brother. He's with my dad. The man's stubborn beyond all belief. He's had mitral valve regurge for, like, the last ten years.

Connor Rhodes: Oh, man, faulty valves are tricky.

Will Halstead: Yeah, and I don't like what Jay's describing. I gotta get to the L station.

Connor Rhodes: Why doesn't your brother bring him in?

Will Halstead: Dad hates doctors. Did I mention he's stubborn?

Connor Rhodes: Well, don't you have a car?

Will Halstead: I sold it.

Connor Rhodes: Hey, look, man, waiting for the L train's just gonna slow you down. Why don't you take mine?

Will Halstead: Actually, I'd like to take you.

Connor Rhodes: I'll get my coat.

Will Halstead: All right.

Trauma 2

Elliot Gallagher: I think about sex all the time.

Daniel Charles: You're 17. It's really... It's not that unusual.

Elliot Gallagher: Sex is for procreation. That's all.

Daniel Charles: Oh, so how did you come to that understanding?

Elliot Gallagher: My parents… The reason those guys beat me up... I was climbing on a dumpster by the girls' gym and was looking in a window... To the shower.

Daniel Charles: It sounds to me like grounds for disciplinary action, maybe, but, I mean, not a beating. I mean, certainly not castration.

Elliot Gallagher: Blonde girls. It's... It's blonde... Blonde girls. I follow them… There's this one girl, Lacey. She's blonde… I sit behind her in trig… One day, I... I cut this off… She didn't notice. I'm afraid of... Of what I'm gonna do… I... I was looking up castration online. They can do it with drugs. That's what I want... Chemical castration… I don't wanna hurt her… Or anyone.


Daniel Charles: Elliot is very troubled. The poor kid is just consumed with sexual thoughts.

Ethan Choi: Aren't most kids his age?

Daniel Charles: Yeah, but he's been raised to believe that sex is wrong unless it's for procreation. And repressing his natural urges is triggering aggressive impulses, which he's struggling to control.

Ethan Choi: Aggressive?

Daniel Charles: He fetishizes blondes. Stalks them.

Ethan Choi: We're talking about a sexual predator?

Daniel Charles: Not a psychopath. I mean, he has a conscience. I mean, I think he could definitely benefit from therapy, but... I'm not ruling out those meds.

Ethan Choi: Chemical castration, really?

Daniel Charles: It's temporary, Ethan. Raping somebody isn't… We would need the parents' consent.

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Manning, a three-year-old with a bilateral lower extremity paresis and gingival lesions in Treatment 4.

Natalie Manning: Hey, you wanna give me a hand with this?

Jeff Clarke: Sure.

Treatment 4

Natalie Manning: Hi, I'm Dr. Manning, and this is Mr. Clark, a medical student.

Jeff Clarke: Hi.

Natalie Manning: He's gonna be assisting me.

Emilia Bohlen: I'm Emilia. This is my son, Troy.

Natalie Manning: Hi, Troy. I hear you're not feeling well.

Emilia Bohlen: Troy is speech-delayed. He only says a few words.

Natalie Manning: Okay.

Jeff Clarke: I'm gonna check you out. Okay, buddy?

Natalie Manning: When did this start happening?

Emilia Bohlen: A couple weeks ago, he woke up limping. When it kept getting worse, I took him in for X-rays, but they didn't show anything. The doctor wanted him to rest for a week, but it isn't getting any better. They've been okay at work, but I... I gotta get Troy well.

Natalie Manning: I understand.

Emilia Bohlen: This morning, his gums started bleeding.

Jeff Clarke: Hey, let me check your chompers, bud… Ulcerations.

Natalie Manning: Hmm. He looks quite thin. Has his appetite been affected?

Emilia Bohlen: He's always been a picky eater.

Natalie Manning: I've got one like that too… All right, we'll get a copy of his X-rays. The leg pain and weakness could be coming from a lot of things, so we'll get a CAT scan of his spine and some blood work, and hopefully we'll get some answers.

Emilia Bohlen: All right.

Troy: Chocky.

Emilia Bohlen: Not now, sweetie, okay?

Troy Bohlen: Chocky, now.

Emilia Bohlen: He wants some chocolate milk.

Natalie Manning: Well, I think we have some of that in the cafeteria. I'll have some sent in… We'll check back in a little while.

Conference room

Noah Sexton: All right, here are the rest of them… Why all the dolls?

Sarah Reese: As part of my psych residency, I have to teach high school kids the responsibilities of having a baby, so hopefully they'll exercise a little caution.

Noah Sexton: Ah.

Sarah Reese: The sound circuit is adapted to convert audio data into analog audio output at the... Speaker. Oh.

Noah Sexton: Oh, man, too bad you can't do that with a real baby. Okay, can I see it?

Sarah Reese: Mm-hmm.

Noah Sexton: Ah, peripheral port is coupled to the micro-controller and connects to the host computer?

Sarah Reese: Uh-huh, so I can monitor how the kids are doing. It's ridiculous.

Noah Sexton: What? Why? These are cool.

Sarah Reese: No, I have no maternal instincts. I have no connection to babies. I have no intention of having one.

Noah Sexton: Oh, I'm right there with you… Good luck.

Waiting room

Daniel Charles: Robin?

Robin Charles: Oh, hey.

Daniel Charles: What's looking good?

Robin Charles: I can't decide.


Connor Rhodes: This is where you grew up, huh?

Will Halstead: Yep, played a lot of ball on this street. Everybody knew everybody. All the grandmas would sit on the front porches. They were like the original neighbourhood watch. Up there, Mrs. Riley hated noise. She used to throw a pot of boiling water out at us. Caught Jay on the foot one time… Little different than the Gold Coast, huh?

Connor Rhodes: It's nice.

Pat Halstead’s house

Will Halstead: Hey, Pop.

Pat Halstead: What are you doing here?

Jay Halstead: I called him.

Pat Halstead: Wasted trip. I don't need you.

Jay Halstead: Are you kidding me? You missed two days of work, and you never miss work.

Will Halstead: Pop, this is Connor Rhodes. He's another doc at the Med.

Pat Halstead: Told you I don't need this.

Will Halstead: Come on, you can barely talk.

Pat Halstead: I'm gonna take medical advice from someone who wet the bed till he was nine?

Jay Halstead: Never changes. I gotta get back to the district.

Will Halstead: Thanks, Jay.

Pat Halstead: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Connor Rhodes: Mr. Halstead, I'm seeing some things that tell me that your heart isn't working very well. Your fingertips are purple. You're having a hard time breathing, and... Your energy seems depleted.

Pat Halstead: Had this heart thing forever. It's... It's never been a problem.

Connor Rhodes: Do you mind if I have a listen?

Pat Halstead: If it'll get you two off my ass.

Connor Rhodes: Apical holosystolic murmur and the lungs are wet.

Pat Halstead: In English?

Connor Rhodes: It means that your heart has been compensating for the faulty valve for a very long time, and now it can't keep up, so fluid is backing up into your lungs.

Will Halstead: It literally means you're drowning in your own blood. We need to get you to the hospital.

Connor Rhodes: I'll call an ambulance.

Pat Halstead: Like hell you will. I'll be damned if I'll have neighbours see me hauled out of here in an ambulance.

Connor Rhodes: Mr. Halstead...

Pat Halstead: No… If we're going, I'm driving.

Will Halstead: Oh, no, no, we'll drive.

Pat Halstead: Ah! I got it.

Connor Rhodes: I'll call the ambulance.

Pat Halstead: No! Just move your asses.


Maggie Lockwood: April, I got a patient walking into the ambulance entrance. Can you get a wheelchair ready?

April Sexton: Walking in?

Maggie Lockwood: Uh-huh, it's Dr. Halstead's dad… Hey, you're going to Treatment 6.

Connor Rhodes: Yep.

Maggie Lockwood: Problems getting an ambulance?

Will Halstead: No, problem with the patient.

Pat Halstead: I don't need that.

Maggie Lockwood: I got it, I got it.

April Sexton: Okay.

Treatment 6

Will Halstead: Easy on the bed.

Pat Halstead: Damn it, I got it.

Connor Rhodes: All right, let's get him hooked up. Will, you wanna get him on oxygen?

Will Halstead: Yep, Pop...

Pat Halstead: Yeah?

Will Halstead: On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad's the pain?

Pat Halstead: I've had gas that hurt worse.

Connor Rhodes: All right, T wave inversions, ST depressions. It looks like he's having a NSTEMI. Let's give him 81 milligrams of aspirin and a dose of nasal nitro.

Will Halstead: Let's get cardiac labs, CBC, CMP, coags, and a chest X-ray.

Connor Rhodes: He's gonna need a formal echo, but, in the meantime, let's take a quick look at the heart with the ultrasound.

Will Halstead: Clear… Bilateral pleural effusion and congestion.

Connor Rhodes: Yep, you see here? Mitral valve is wide open and the LV is dilated. Mr. Halstead, it's just like we thought. Your heart is working way too hard to compensate for your bad valve.

Pat Halstead: First time I've ever heard of hard work being a bad thing. You got a fix?

Connor Rhodes: We will. We're gonna get you an angiogram, and it'll give us a full picture of your heart, and then we're gonna figure out a plan. Let's get him up to the cath lab.

Will Halstead: Don't worry, Pop. We can beat this.

Pat Halstead: Who the hell's worried?

Connor Rhodes: All right, let's go.


Natalie Manning: Will?

Will Halstead: My dad, his heart. He needs a cath.

Natalie Manning: Oh, I'm so sorry. Let me know how it goes.

Maggie Lockwood: Natalie? Head lac in Treatment 2. I'll shoot you the chart. And don't forget to FaceTime Owen as soon as you're out, okay?

Natalie Manning: Oh, thank you.

Jeff Clarke: The three-year-old.

Natalie Manning: Mm-hmm?

Jeff Clarke: Test results are back. CT was clean, blood work indicates mild anemia.

Natalie Manning: Mm, nothing to explain the limping or the lesions.

Jeff Clarke: Maybe we're dealing with lead poisoning or some sort of tox?

Natalie Manning: Yeah, um, let's do a tox workup and look for heavy metals, and get a babygram while you're at it.

Jeff Clarke: Okay. It could also be abuse.

Natalie Manning: Let's not go there yet.

Maggie Lockwood: Can I help you?

Debbie Gallagher: It's our son, Elliot. They said he was in a fight. We got here as quick as we could.

Stan Gallagher: We got a call from his school.

Maggie Lockwood: Okay, Dr. Choi? He'll take you to him.

Stan Gallagher: Dr. Choi, Stan Gallagher. This is my wife, Debbie.

Debbie Gallagher: What happened?

Ethan Choi: Uh, Elliot got into an altercation at school and suffered an orbital blowout fracture. The eye surgeons want to get him to surgery. He's right here.

Stan Gallagher: Oh, my God.

Trauma 2

Debbie Gallagher: Oh, my poor baby.

Stan Gallagher: Elliot, who did this to you?

Ethan Choi: He's still a little groggy from the pain meds. Why don't we let him rest while we talk?

Conference room

Sarah Reese: The bracelets you're wearing have a sensor which registers when you feed, bathe, or diaper the baby. If you shake the baby to stop its crying, it will shut down and register as being abused.

Teen girl: Are you a real doctor?

Sarah Reese: Sometimes I wonder. Uh, anyways, uh, recent studies have shown that talking, reading and singing to babies is crucial for early brain development, 80% of which occurs during the first three years of life. These dolls record the amount of time you spend doing these activities, so, obviously, the more, the better.

Noah Sexton: Need anything, Dr. Reese?

Sarah Reese: Uh, no, I'm fine, Mr. Sexton… Any questions?

Teen boy: I don't get it. We're supposed to be talking to a doll?

Sarah Reese: Or reading or singing, mm-hmm. Any other questions?

Marla: What operating system are the dolls on?

Sarah Reese: I don't know, and, really, why is that relevant?

Marla: I have PE today. What should I do with the doll then?

Sarah Reese: That is a problem you will have to deal with. The point of this is to understand the impact having a baby would have on your life… I will see you all at the end of the day to check on your dolls.

Meeting room

Stan Gallagher: So a kid got beat up. What does he need a psychiatrist for?

Daniel Charles: Well, Elliot was caught peeping on girls in the shower at school.

Debbie Gallagher: Oh, my God.

Stan Gallagher: Wait till I get him home.

Daniel Charles: But much more troubling are some violent impulses that, so far, he hasn't acted upon.

Ethan Choi: And there is something we can do.

Daniel Charles: Elliot wants us to give him a medication that would turn off his testosterone. This would significantly decrease his sex drive and make it much easier for him to control these impulses, but we do need your permission to do it.

Stan Gallagher: "Turn off his testosterone"? What exactly are you talking about?

Daniel Charles: The medical term is chemical castration.

Debbie Gallagher: What?

Daniel Charles: It's completely reversible. The idea would be to combine it with traditional therapy with the hope of ultimately weaning him off the medication.

Stan Gallagher: No, no way.

Daniel Charles: Elliot could very well be on the verge of acting out on some very disturbing impulses, including rape.

Debbie Gallagher: He would never do anything like that.

Stan Gallagher: You people are sick.

Daniel Charles: Again, this was your son's idea.

Ethan Choi: Elliot is torn up about this. He's scared he may not be able to stop himself.

Stan Gallagher: This is ridiculous. Fix his eye, and we're taking him home.

Treatment 6

Connor Rhodes: Where's your dad?

Will Halstead: The restroom.

Connor Rhodes: He shouldn't be up after his cath. He couldn't use a bedpan?

Will Halstead: Practically threw it at my head… I'm here if you need me.

Pat Halstead: I won't.

Connor Rhodes: So, Mr. Halstead, the results of your cardiac cath show that your heart has been under stress for so long from the mitral valve regurgitation... That it's basically giving up.

Will Halstead: This is why I told you to get it checked regularly. If we knew about the regurge, we could've gotten ahead of this.

Pat Halstead: Yeah, so what? I'll fix it now.

Connor Rhodes: Well, there's another issue, unfortunately. Your left anterior descending artery is 80% blocked. Now, that is the largest artery. It supplies half the heart with blood.

Pat Halstead: The question is "Am I done?"

Connor Rhodes: I can do a surgical replacement of the valve, and, while I'm in there, do a bypass for the blocked artery.

Pat Halstead: Are you talking open heart surgery?

Connor Rhodes: It would involve opening your chest, yes… Now, if you wanted to go non-surgical, a cardiologist could place a clip on the mitral valve to try and control the regurge and do angioplasty... To open up the blocked artery.

Pat Halstead: Do you have a good cardiologist?

Connor Rhodes: We do, but I... I strongly recommend that you let me operate.

Will Halstead: The long-term results of surgery are much better.

Connor Rhodes: Mm-hmm, exactly.

Pat Halstead: I'm going non-surgical.

Will Halstead: Pop...

Pat Halstead: Hey, if you don't like it, you don't have to be here.

Will Halstead: Fine.

Connor Rhodes: I'll set it up.

Pat Halstead: Yeah.


Connor Rhodes: Hey. Now, you know I should be cracking his chest, right? So why did you give in?

Will Halstead: Hey, you're the one who gave him the non-surgical option.

Connor Rhodes: No, I laid out his choices, Will. I pushed for the surgery.

Will Halstead: Not hard enough.

Connor Rhodes: You're his son. You should be the one trying to convince him.

Will Halstead: He won't listen to me… My dad considers me something of a disappointment. Oh, yeah, he didn't even want me to go to college. Says a real man goes right to work… He doesn't give a damn what I have to say.

Connor Rhodes: So why don't you get Jay to try to talk to him?

Will Halstead: It won't help. No, Jay and him have their own history.


Natalie Manning: Everything's coming back normal. Maybe we're dealing with some sort of weird vasculitis. Henoch-Schonlein purpura or Kawasaki disease?

Jeff Clarke: Or possibly an infectious disease or rickettsia like Rocky Mountain Fever...

Treatment 4

Troy: Chocky, now!

Emilia Bohlen: It's okay, baby. We'll get you some chocky.

Natalie Manning: Uh, the chocolate milk never came?

Emilia Bohlen: No, the cafeteria was out, and he won't drink the plain.

Jeff Clarke: Well, you can't fault a kid for knowing what he likes, right?

Natalie Manning: Is there something else that he likes?

Emilia Bohlen: Graham crackers. When I get home at night, all he wants is chocolate milk and graham crackers. It's hard not to give in when it's late, and I'm tired.

Jeff Clarke: Let me go see what I can find.

Natalie Manning: Uh, you said he's picky at night. Is he better during the day?

Emilia Bohlen: I'm pretty sure he eats other things.

Natalie Manning: Pretty sure?

Emilia Bohlen: He has a couple sitters. The neighbour’s kid, the woman upstairs. It's possible they're not as firm as they ought to be… I can't afford daycare.

Natalie Manning: I understand. I'm gonna send a nurse in to draw blood for one more test.

Trauma 2

Ethan Choi: Mr. and Mrs. Gallagher, I need to get Elliot up to pre-op holding. The eye surgeon will be calling for him any minute.

Debbie Gallagher: We'll be in the waiting room.

Ethan Choi: I'm guessing your parents told you they wouldn't approve the chemical castration.

Elliot Gallagher: No, but my mom read me Thessalonians 4:3. God's will is for you to be holy, so stay away from sexual sin and immorality.

Ethan Choi: Both Dr. Charles and I tried, but since you're still a minor...

Elliot Gallagher: Yeah, I figured. All right, whatever.

Ethan Choi: Look, I'll talk to Dr. Charles and see if we can come up with some other options.


Will Halstead: All right, numbers look good.

Pat Halstead: Breathing great. Feel like I could pitch nine innings.

Jay Halstead: It's what every team wants... A 60-something starter with a bum ticker.

Pat Halstead: At least nobody had to cut my chest open to fix it. Admit it, kid, I was right. You got that fancy degree, but I'm still the one calling the shots.

Will Halstead: I didn't say this course of treatment wouldn't work. I was more concerned with the long-term.

Pat Halstead: That right? 'Cause to me it looks like you're back-pedaling so much you're gonna start sweating.

Will Halstead: Oh, believe me, that is the last you'll hear about it.

Pat Halstead: Yeah. Well, since you made me miss the end of the game, let's, uh, see if I can find some highlights.

Actor: I guess I should start with an apology.

Journalist: And for the foreseeable future...

Actress: The cleanest, whitest white.

Daniel Charles’s office

Daniel Charles: Yeah?

Connor Rhodes: Hey, Dr. Charles, you... You got a second?

Daniel Charles: Uh, yeah, kind of.

Connor Rhodes: Okay… I'm worried about Robin. She... She's not acting like herself.

Daniel Charles: Hmm.

Connor Rhodes: She is, uh, she's convinced that there's rats in my condo, but I haven't seen them or heard them, and no exterminator can find them.

Daniel Charles: Rats can be pretty clever.

Connor Rhodes: Not that clever… And, aside from that, lately I... There are times when I find Robin just... Staring off into space.

Daniel Charles: Well, I mean, that's not that odd. I mean, I do that all the time. It must be a family trait.

Connor Rhodes: I think it's more than that.

Daniel Charles: How so?

Connor Rhodes: Like I said, she's not acting like herself. I... I just feel like there's something off with her.

Daniel Charles: Well, I mean, there is that new living situation. Cohabitation can be awful stressful.

Connor Rhodes: Dr. Charles, I hope you realize that I wouldn't have come here if I didn't think this was important.

Daniel Charles: And you know what? I appreciate that, but I was supposed to be on a conference call, like, two minutes ago, so can we pick this up later?

Connor Rhodes: Yeah, all right, you bet. Well, thank you for your time.

Daniel Charles: Thank you.

Treatment 4

Emilia Bohlen: Did you find anything?

Natalie Manning: We did.

Jeff Clarke: Based on Troy's limited diet, we checked his vitamin C levels. The results show a significant deficiency.

Natalie Manning: Well below normal… Troy has scurvy. It's what's causing his symptoms.

Emilia Bohlen: I don't understand. Scurvy? Isn't that something sailors used to get?

Jeff Clarke: It was, historically, but anybody with prolonged dietary deficiencies is susceptible.

Emilia Bohlen: Well, how is that possible?

Natalie Manning: We were surprised too. It's not something we see. It's been all but eradicated in developed countries because it's easily preventable with a balanced diet.

Emilia Bohlen: You mean he's sick because of what he eats?

Natalie Manning: More like what he doesn't eat. It's a parent's job, Ms. Bohlen, to make sure their children get nutritious foods.

Emilia Bohlen: Excuse me?

Natalie Manning: This never should have happened. You should have been monitoring Troy's diet.

Emilia Bohlen: That's easy for you to say. You know nothing about my life… I work two jobs to support my son. I am gone from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 at night. You have no right to judge. I would do anything to protect him.

Natalie Manning: Excuse me. Please explain the course of treatment.


Sharon Goodwin: Mr. Halstead, I'm Sharon Goodwin, executive director of patient and medical services. I thought I should say hello.

Pat Halstead: Well, how you doing?

Sharon Goodwin: Well, better question is, how are you doing?

Pat Halstead: Oh, other than a lack of sports channels in this place, I'm feeling pretty all right.

Sharon Goodwin: You know, we think quite highly of your son around here.

Pat Halstead: Oh, kid's got you snowed, huh?

Sharon Goodwin: You know, you look a little pale. Are you sure you're feeling okay?

Pat Halstead: I'm fine.

Sharon Goodwin: Page Dr. Rhodes… I'm concerned about your breathing. I'm gonna increase your oxygen.

Connor Rhodes: What happened?

Sharon Goodwin: He's throwing runs of PVCs.

Connor Rhodes: Give him the ultrasound. How you feeling, Mr. Halstead?

Pat Halstead: Like I just told her, I'm feeling fine.

Sharon Goodwin: I don't think you're doing as well as you say you are.

Connor Rhodes: Why don't we have a look, huh? Half the mitral valve clip came off. It's flopping around. We need to get you to surgery.

Pat Halstead: Can you fix it? Like before?

Connor Rhodes: No, we can't. We need to operate, and quickly. If the other half comes loose, the clip could end up in your brain or somewhere else you definitely don't want it.

Pat Halstead: Wait...

Sharon Goodwin: This is not up for discussion, Mr. Halstead.

Pat Halstead: No, just... Just don't tell Will. I don't wanna have to hear him crowing.

Connor Rhodes: We won't, but I'm afraid he's going to find out anyway.

Pat Halstead: Yeah, yeah, okay.


Robin Charles: Sorry, hold on.

Daniel Charles: Hey, what's up?

Robin Charles: I can't find my wallet.

Daniel Charles: Oh, let me get it… My coffee, her yogurt… Come on, go sit down.

Robin Charles: I think someone stole it. Oh, my God, now I'm going to have to cancel my credit cards and get a new driver's license.

Daniel Charles: That it?

Robin Charles: Oh, thank God.

Daniel Charles: Ah, the old side pocket… Is everything okay, honey?

Robin Charles: Damn it, Dad, I know that look. You're trying to shrink me.

Daniel Charles: We're just talking. We're having some coffee...

Robin Charles: No, we're not just talking. You never just talk to me. It is always a psych evaluation.

Daniel Charles: Robin, come on.

Robin Charles: Just because you are a head case, Dad, does not mean that I am. Stop looking for things that aren't there.

Conference room

Sarah Reese: Thank you for your participation… Thank you for your participation. Thank you for your participation. Thank you. Uh, Marla, would you hang back a sec?

Marla: Uh, sure.

Sarah Reese: Yeah, okay. Your score, very impressive.

Marla: Thanks.

Sarah Reese: You fed it regularly at two-hour intervals and verbally interacted a total of six hours.

Marla: You said more was better.

Sarah Reese: Uh, how did you have time to do anything else?

Marla: Uh, multi-tasking.

Sarah Reese: You hacked your doll.

Marla: What? No.

Sarah Reese: Okay, just because I am 26, don't think I am some old fool. This score is impossible… Marla.

Marla: Yeah, I hacked it.


Connor Rhodes: Don't worry, Mr. Halstead. We're gonna get that mitral valve fixed.

Pat Halstead: Damn it… The kid was right. Not so much a kid anymore, is he?

Connor Rhodes: No.

Pat Halstead: Did you know he put himself through college? I told him... Told him it was a waste of time and damned if I was gonna pay for it.

Connor Rhodes: Well, I'm sure you're very proud of him.

Pat Halstead: That doesn't even begin to say it… He made something of his life… He's a better man than I am.

Connor Rhodes: I don't think he feels that way, sir. And I'm sure that he wouldn't want you to either… We need to get started, Mr. Halstead, are you ready?

Pat Halstead: Yeah.


Ethan Choi: I spoke to the surgeon. Everything went great. Once the dressing is off, your vision should be back to normal… I'll be back in a bit to check on you.


Maggie Lockwood: Hey.

Natalie Manning: Hey… I went off on that boy's mom.

Maggie Lockwood: Oh?

Natalie Manning: But it was really about me.

Maggie Lockwood: Mm.

Natalie Manning: I wasn't mad at her. I was mad at myself… Am I a horrible mother?

Maggie Lockwood: Yes, you are… Nat, you're just having working mom's guilt.

Waiting room

Jay Halstead: Relax, man, Dad's too stubborn to die.

Sharon Goodwin: Any word?

Will Halstead: Not yet. I heard you were there when he went back into failure.

Sharon Goodwin: Mm-hmm.

Will Halstead: Thanks for jumping in.

Sharon Goodwin: Well, it's good to flex the nursing muscles every now and then.

Connor Rhodes: He did great. Brand new mitral valve is fully functioning. Shouldn't give him any more problems.

Jay Halstead: Told you. Thanks, man.

Connor Rhodes: You got it.

Sharon Goodwin: Nice work, Dr. Rhodes.

Connor Rhodes: Thank you.

Jay Halstead: Well, I'm gonna head back to the house 'cause he's probably gonna need some stuff.

Will Halstead: Mm-hmm.

Jay Halstead: All right?

Connor Rhodes: See you, Jay.

Jay Halstead: Yeah.

Will Halstead: Thanks, Connor… If my dad hadn't pulled through...

Connor Rhodes: Yeah… I gotta say, man, what you guys have? It's pretty great.

Will Halstead: Are you serious? All we do is fight.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah, well, me and my dad... We barely even talk.

Will Halstead: That doesn't sound too bad to me.

Connor Rhodes: Take my word for it, Will. You got a good thing going.

Elliot Gallagher’s room

Ethan Choi: Elliot? Elliot?

Girl’s room

Ethan Choi: Elliot, what are you doing?

Elliot Gallagher: She looked cold.

Ethan Choi: Step away from her… Now… Elliot. Elliot. Elliot, open the door… Page security! Elliot!


Ethan Choi: Elliot? I need a gurney with soft restraints and some ABD pads… Get me some ice and 50 mics fentanyl IV now, and page Urology… Just relax, Elliot, Elliot, Elliot. Just relax, buddy.

Meeting room

Ethan Choi: The procedure to repair the testicles is complicated, but the urologist is optimistic.

Stan Gallagher: How did this happen? What did we do?

Daniel Charles: You know, in my experience, there's actually very little to be gained from looking backwards. The important thing to focus on is... "What do you do now?"


Nina Shore: Hey. I just saw Natalie. She told me your dad's in the hospital.

Will Halstead: Yeah, mitral valve and blockage. He should be awake now. I'm headed up.

Nina Shore: Will, I'm glad he's doing well, but... How come I had to hear it from Natalie and not you?

Will Halstead: Yeah, sorry. It's been a little crazy.

Nina Shore: You had time to tell her.

Will Halstead: Listen, why don't you come with me? If Dad's up for it, I'll introduce you.

Nina Shore: No, just let me know how he's doing.

Will Halstead: I will.

Robin Charles’s office

Robin Charles: Yeah?

Daniel Charles: Am I interrupting?

Robin Charles: Actually, I'm glad you're here. I have something to show you… Proof that we have got rats. I picked up some of their droppings… I don't understand. They were... They were here… They were here! Weren't they?

Daniel Charles: Honey, I'm saying this as a dad, not a shrink. I would just feel a whole lot better if we could get somebody to, you know, take a... Take a look at you… What do you say?

Robin Charles: Okay.

Daniel Charles: Okay.


Noah Sexton: So did you flunk her?

Sarah Reese: No, I couldn't.

Noah Sexton: Mm.

Sarah Reese: She was overwhelmed. She's taking all these AP courses and doing all that extracurricular stuff that you gotta do to get into a good college.

Noah Sexton: Man, I hear you. Math Club? A lot of better ways to spend my time.

Sarah Reese: Mm-hmm. And the thing is, I did it too… I hacked my doll when I was in high school 'cause I was overwhelmed.

Noah Sexton: Nice.

Sarah Reese: I mean, to tell you the truth, Noah, the real reason I don't wanna have kids... Is it's too hard. I... How is anybody supposed to do it all?

Noah Sexton: Nah, you'd be good at it.

Sarah Reese: Why do you say that?

Noah Sexton: I watched you. You're like that girl, cagey, resourceful.

Sarah Reese: You can't hack a real baby, Noah.

Noah Sexton: Yeah, you're right, all right.

Sarah Reese: And what do you mean, you watched me?

Noah Sexton: You know.


Natalie Manning: Hey.

Jay Halstead: Hey.

Natalie Manning: I heard your dad's doing well.

Jay Halstead: Yeah, I'm sure he's making the nurses miserable.

Natalie Manning: They can handle it.

Jay Halstead: I better get up there.

Natalie Manning: Okay.

Treatment 4

Natalie Manning: We're waiting for a bed, then we'll transfer Troy upstairs.

Jeff Clarke: We're gonna get you feeling better soon, okay, buddy?

Natalie Manning: It takes a few weeks to get back to normal, but his prognosis is good. He should have a full recovery.

Emilia Bohlen: You waiting for a thank you?

Natalie Manning: One of our social workers is gonna come in and talk to you about nutrition, help you with Troy's diet… And I'm sorry… I know it isn't easy holding everything together. And, to tell you the truth, every day, I worry if I'm doing right by my kid, so.

Emilia Bohlen: Okay… Thanks.

Jeff Clarke: All right. Hang in there, champ.

Pat Halstead’s room

Will Halstead: Hey, Pop, how you feeling?

Pat Halstead: Like I took one on the chin.

Will Halstead: You kind of did. Maybe now, if something's cooked in bacon grease, you'll think twice? You know, in fact, we need to have a talk about all the junk food you eat. And the beer… What? I mean it. When we get home, there're gonna be some changes.

Pat Halstead: Thanks, kid.

Will Halstead: Yeah. I love you.

Pat Halstead: Love you too.

Doctor lounge

Babysitter: Who is that? Can you say hi? Can you say hi?

Natalie Manning: Hi.

Babysitter: Can you say hi?

Natalie Manning: Yes, oh.

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Jay qui reste zen alors que Will tient pas en place...^^ Je m'attendais à ce que ce soit le contraire.^^

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suspens pour Robin, je me demandcequ'il se trame,,,



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