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Chicago Med
#301 : Secrets et mensonges

Les médecins du Chicago Med poussent leurs opinions jusqu'à l'extrême alors qu'ils essayent d'obtenir justice pour l'attaque sur le Dr Charles. Le Dr Halstead et le Dr Manning travaillent sur un cas déchirant qui les poussent à ouvrir leur coeur. Alors que Robin, dont la tumeur cérébrale a été retirée, est déchargée du centre de rééducation, le Dr. Rhodes reste sur la réserve puisque les problèmes ne sont pas tous résolus. Pendant ce temps, Rhodes est aveuglé par sa nouvelle collègue le Dr Bekkar, Maggie s'implique pour un patient et le Dr. Choi et April essayent de faire fonctionner leur nouvelle relation.


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Speak Your Truth

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Secrets et mensonges

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Réalisateur : Michael Waxman

Scénario : Diane Frolov, Andrew Schneider, Stephen Hoostein et Danny Weiss

Guests : Ato Essandoh (Isidore Latham), Mekia Cox (Robin Charles), Roland Buck III (Noah Sexton), Eddie Jemison (Stanley Stohl), Demore Barnes (Marshall Matthews), Kerry O'Malley (Judith Culter), James Vincent Meredith (Barry), Scott Morehead (Jack Kellogg), Kirsten Fitzgerald (Juge Folger), Kara Killmer (Sylvie Brett), Philip Winchester (Peter Stone), Courtney Rioux (Courtney), Lorena Diaz (Doris), Mia Park (Beth), Shay Rose Aljadeff (Leah Bardovi), Casey Tutton (Monique), Carlos Rogelio Diaz (Hank), Kristen Toomey (Helen Potter), Robert Drewke (Ryan Potter), Tasha Anne James (Patty), Malik Bibbie (Derek Jameson), Samuel Wyatt Haines (Jeremy Wilson), Matthew Lucki (Garde), Patrick Gannon (Brian Cutler)

Outside Chicago Med

Sharon Goodwin: Daniel. You secured the gun?

Security guard: Yes, ma'am. Check him. Daniel. Daniel, I'm here.

Daniel Charles: Oh, God.

Sharon Goodwin: It's okay. It's okay. Do you know who I am?

Daniel Charles: Uh, Sharon.

Sharon Goodwin: Yes, yes. Do you know where you are?

Daniel Charles: Uh, Med.

Sharon Goodwin: Yes, that's right. That's right.

Monique Lawson: He's alive. But heavy scalp bleeding.

Chicago Med: ER

Connor Rhodes: What the hell happened?

Sharon Goodwin: He got shot in the abdomen. He's lost a lot of blood.

Nurse: Baghdad.

Connor Rhodes: No, we're going straight to the OR. Tell them we're on our way up.

Chicago Med: hallway

Sharon Goodwin: Hang on, Daniel. Stay with me.

Connor Rhodes: We're going to take good care of you, Dr. Charles.

Sharon Goodwin: Stay with me, Daniel.

Chicago Med: exam room

Connor Rhodes: So, it's been a few months. How are you feeling overall?

Daniel Charles: You know, pretty good. Really, pretty good. I might get a little tired towards the end of the day, but uh...

Connor Rhodes: You could have taken a little bit more time off.

Daniel Charles: I was going nuts.

Connor Rhodes: How are you doing emotionally?

Daniel Charles: Hey, who's the shrink here? I'm doing fine, thank you. Thank you for asking.

Connor Rhodes: So you had some pain when I palpated your abdomen. So I'd like you to get a CT and a CBC with white count and make sure that you don't have an abscess.

Daniel Charles: Can't do it today. It's actually Jack Kellogg's trial, and I'm testifying. Oh, crap.

Connor Rhodes: Boy. Guy could've died. It would've made everybody's life a little easier, huh?

Daniel Charles: Please tell Robin that I'm truly sorry that I can't be there when you bring her home.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah, sure.

Daniel Charles: Thank you, Doctor.

Connor Rhodes: Not a worry.

Chicago Med: ER

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Reese, Dr. Charles left, said you should do rounds without him. He doesn't know when they're gonna call him in to testify.

Sarah Reese: It is awful he has to relive that night.

Maggie Lockwood: Yeah. Right.

Stanley Stohl: As long as it helps put that schmuck away. The hubris, trying to get off with an insanity plea.

Sarah Reese: Yes.

Stanley Stohl: It's ironic, isn't it? By saving lives, we put our own in jeopardy.

Maggie Lockwood: I guess.

Stanley Stohl: You know, nothing's been done to improve security. We need a police presence here, both inside and outside the E.D.

Maggie Lockwood: I'm all for cops, Dr. Stohl, but the people you most need to worry about, they're not afraid of guns. Which reminds me, what do you want to about your gunshot, Mr. Jameson?

Stanley Stohl: The wound is through and through, not serious. He needs some in-home care, but there's no reason for him to be taking up space here. Discharge him.

Maggie Lockwood: All right.

Natalie Manning: Hey.

Maggie Lockwood: Natalie!

Natalie Manning: Hi.

Maggie Lockwood: We thought we lost you for good.

Natalie Manning: Why? It was just a little sabbatical.

Maggie Lockwood: We didn't hear from you for three months.

Natalie Manning: I'm sorry. I should have called. I just got caught up with family stuff.

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Halstead. Look who decided to come back.

Will Halstead: Hey, Nat.

Natalie Manning: Hey.

Will Halstead: Good to see you.

Natalie Manning: You too.

Maggie Lockwood: Uh-oh. You're gonna have to catch up later. Incoming.

Will Halstead: Welcome home.

Sylvie Brett: Brian Cutler, early 40s. High speed crash, prolonged extrication, unresponsive, unable to intubate.

Maggie Lockwood: You're going to Trauma 3.

Sylvie Brett: GCS 5, heart rate 78, BP is 120 over palp. His wife is right behind us.

Will Halstead: Natalie, take the husband?

Natalie Manning: Doris, Noah with me.

Will Halstead: Yep.

Judith Cutler: Brian. Brian.

Courtney: Judith Cutler, GCS 15, vitals stable.

Judith Cutler: My husband, Brian.

Courtney: Seatbelt sign on her right neck.

Maggie Lockwood: Go to trauma one.

Will Halstead: It's okay. He's being treated. I'm Dr. Halstead.

Judith Cutler: I said terrible things.

Will Halstead: I'm going to take good care of you.

Judith Cutler: Oh, God. Brian.

Maggie Lockwood: Monique, let's go.

Chicago Med: ER, Trauma 3

Natalie Manning: On my count, one, two, three. All right, Doris, take over bagging.  I need to intubate. 100 of sux, 20 of etomidate. FAST him, Dr. Sexton.

Noah Sexton: Yes, ma'am.

Natalie Manning: And also I need a chest x-ray.

Nurse: Yes, Doctor, flying in.

Natalie Manning: All right.

Chicago Med: ER, Trauma 1

Judith Cutler: We were fighting. He didn't see the other car.

Will Halstead: Mrs. Cutler, are you always this hoarse?

Judith Cutler: What? Uh, no.

Will Halstead: That seatbelt sign… Chest wall tenderness. Hey, I want a 4-vessel CT angiogram with laryngeal cuts and a CT c-spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis.

Monique Lawson: Right.

Judith Cutler: Help Brian. The things I said... I didn't mean them. Have to tell him I'm sorry.

Will Halstead: Don't worry. We're taking good care of him. You'll see him soon.

Chicago Med: ER, Trauma 3

Noah Sexton: FAST is clear.

Natalie Manning: I'm in… Chest is clear… All right, let's send him up to CT for a panscan.

Chicago Med: ER, Trauma 1

Judith Cutler: You have to tell him. Have to tell him.

Will Halstead: All right.

Judith Cutler: Have to tell him.

Chicago Med: Robin’s room

Sarah Reese: You'll still experience some symptoms of the encephalitis but to a lesser and lesser degree.

Connor Rhodes: What kind of symptoms?

Sarah Reese: Memory loss, phonemic paraphasia: Substituting "Ken" for "pen," that kind of thing. You might also experience sleep issues, hypersomnia. Impulsivity, disinhibition, irritability.

Robin Charles: Sounds great, huh?

Connor Rhodes: Look, nothing a vintage bottle of Clicquot can't fix, right?

Sarah Reese: Champagne? No. Alcohol is definitely contraindicated. You'll still be on Prednisone, Ativan, Geodon, Trileptal, and Labetalol, and you'll be receiving bi-weekly at-home immunoglobulin infusions.

Connor Rhodes: Nice. Can I get some of that?

Robin Charles: Thank you, Sarah. I get the picture.

Sarah Reese: Okay. I'll check in with you.

Robin Charles: You know what would make me feel better than champagne?

Connor Rhodes: I'm with you.

Robin Charles: Yeah, sorry, we can't lock the door.

Connor Rhodes: Well, we'll be home in a couple of hours.

Robin Charles: Yeah, but who wants to wait?

Connor Rhodes: Yeah.

Chicago Med: ER

Sharon Goodwin: Dr. Manning. It's good to have you back.

Natalie Manning: Thanks, Ms. Goodwin. Glad to be back… Sent the husband for a panscan.

Will Halstead: Wife's getting a CT, too.

Natalie Manning: Good.

Will Halstead: Enjoy your sabbatical?

Natalie Manning: Yeah. It's good to get away, gives you perspective on things.

Will Halstead: Oh, yeah?

Natalie Manning: There was a lot going on here. I had a lot to think about.

Outside Chicago Med

Noah Sexton: Hey, Sarah. Ha ha. Where you going? I got us some sliders.

Sarah Reese: Courthouse. I want to be there when Dr. Charles testifies.

Noah Sexton: Oh, right, right. I get it. Moral support.

Sarah Reese: Yeah, he's the reason I went into psychiatry. Dr. Charles taught me everything I know.

Noah Sexton: Yeah, he's kind of like your dad getting shot.

Sarah Reese: My dad? Okay, my dad. I have not seen my dad since I was six. There's no comparison between him and Dr. Charles.


Marshall Matthews: Dr. Charles, can you identify the man who shot you the night of May 11th?

Daniel Charles: Uh, yes. He's sitting right there, Jack Kellogg.

Marshall Matthews: We're all very grateful you pulled through, Dr. Charles. There's certainly no one here would blame you for wanting to see Mr. Kellogg pay for the physical and emotional distress he's caused you… Now, just a few weeks before Mr. Kellogg shot you, he'd been a patient of yours, right?

Daniel Charles: Yes.

Marshall Matthews: And at that time, his actions and his behaviour warranted enough concern to place him on a 72-hour psychiatric hold for further observation.

Daniel Charles: That's right.

Marshall Matthews: So you were aware that Mr. Kellogg was a severely troubled man?

Daniel Charles: Yes. Yes, I was.

Marshall Matthews: The jury's already heard testimony from some other experts who claim that Mr. Kellogg's mental state does not meet the threshold of what would be considered legally insane. But they weren't able to evaluate him until well after the incident, correct?

Daniel Charles: That's correct.

Marshall Matthews: And they weren't there in the moment when Mr. Kellogg shot you and then himself, were they?

Daniel Charles: No. They were not.

Marshall Matthews: Then would you say they're qualified to evaluate Mr. Kellogg?

Daniel Charles: No. In fact, I wouldn't. With all due respect to my colleagues, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to answer the question at hand which is what was Jack Kellogg's mental state at the time that he fired those bullets. And I believe that he was legally insane at that time.

Marshall Matthews: So, in your expert medical opinion...

Daniel Charles: I think that Jack Kellogg should be declared not guilty by reason of insanity.

Marshall Matthews: Thank you, Dr. Charles.


Sarah Reese: Hey. Why would you perjure yourself up there?

Daniel Charles: I didn't perjure myself.

Sarah Reese: You said that Jack Kellogg is legally insane. We both evaluated him, and we concurred that he was, and I quote, "a malignant narcissist with overt sadistic impulses." Toxic, yes, and in definite need of treatment, but not something that rises to the definition of legal insanity.

Daniel Charles: Sarah, I revised my diagnosis.

Sarah Reese: Why? And why didn't you tell me?

Daniel Charles: Because Mr. Kellogg began to present with definitive signs of dissociation and paranoia. In other words, after he shot me, it occurred we might have missed some underlying psychotic disorder.

Sarah Reese: You said he hid the gun in his pocket. Concealing it alone suggest an awareness of impropriety.

Daniel Charles: You want to know why I didn't tell you? It's cause of this. You're emotional about the shooting. And while I very much appreciate the sentiment behind that, really I do, I also think it's affected your objectivity.

Sarah Reese: Objectivity? You think you're being objective?

Daniel Charles: Look, I got to get back in there for cross. You know how you can help me? Go back to the hospital and treat patients. Okay? I'll be back at the end of the day, and we'll talk some more.

Chicago Med: ER, treatment

Helen Potter: It started a couple of weeks ago with a headache and next thing I know he's fiery like a furnace.

Doris: 101.

Ethan Choi: Hey, Ryan, I'm Dr. Choi. So I hear this has been going on a few weeks?

Helen Potter: I know I should have brought him in sooner. I got laid off last year, and we lost our coverage. Everything is out-of-pocket right now, so until I'm working again...

Ryan Potter: Sorry about this, Mom.

Helen Potter: Honey, I told you there is nothing to be sorry about.

April Sexton: It's okay, Ryan. Dr. Choi will fix you right up.

Ethan Choi: April, let's get a CBC, CMP.

Ryan Potter: Oh, no. Not again.

Ethan Choi: Also start him on fluids. And Doris, grab some towels. Let's clean this up, okay?

Doris: Yeah.

Connor’s apartment: living room

Connor Rhodes: So I picked up roast chicken and some hummus, unless you want to unpack first?

Robin Charles: I got a better idea.

Connor Rhodes: I guess lunch can wait.

Robin Charles: Mm-hmm.

Chicago Med: ER, Trauma 1

Will Halstead: Okay, good news. Abdomen and pelvis scans were clean. Your laryngeal CT did indicate some mild swelling, but your arteries look good. No damage to the major vessels.

Natalie Manning: Hi.

Will Halstead: Hey.

Natalie Manning: Mrs. Cutler, I'm Dr. Manning. I've been treating your husband Brian.

Judith Cutler: Can I see him?

Natalie Manning: He's still unconscious. The panscan showed his spine, chest, and belly were clear. However, his head CT showed diffuse bilateral intraparenchymal bleeding. I'm afraid we're talking about a bleed in the brain.

Judith Cutler: Oh, God.

Natalie Manning: This is not something we can resolve surgically. So we've taken your husband to the ICU. The hope is that we can control the bleeding and the pressure enough so that he will wake up.

Judith Cutler: He has to. Please, I... I have to tell him I'm sorry. I said such horrible things.

Will Halstead: Mrs. Cutler, since you're still hoarse, I've just paged the ENT to scope your larynx just to make sure there's no damage to your vocal chords. As soon as we do that, we're gonna take you up to see your husband.

Judith Cutler: Thank you. Thank you.

Chicago Med: ER

Natalie Manning: What was that all about? Tell him she's sorry?

Will Halstead: Yeah. they were having a fight when the accident occurred. She's afraid she won't get the chance to... Tell him how she really feels.


Sarah Reese: Were you aware that Dr. Charles was testifying in Kellogg's defense?

Sharon Goodwin: I found out today. Dr. Charles wants him remanded to a psychiatric facility.

Sarah Reese: Which means he won't go to jail. That's absurd. The man came here and tried to kill a medical health professional because he wanted attention.

Sharon Goodwin: Well, I'm as upset as you are. I'm the one who found him bleeding on the sidewalk.

Sarah Reese: Jack Kellogg is a devious sociopath. He'll con his way out of a mental institution and be back on the streets. We have a responsibility, a public responsibility, to make sure that doesn't happen.

Sharon Goodwin: Unfortunately, Dr. Reese, there's nothing you or I can do. It's up to the jury.

Chicago Med: ER, treatment

Helen Potter: Help! He can't breathe.

April Sexton: Heart rate's spiking, statting at 88%.

Ethan Choi: Get him on oxygen.

Doris: Got it.

Ethan Choi: All right, breath sounds diminished on the left. Give me the ultrasound.

Doris: Yes, Doctor. Hey, hey. Why don't we wait outside, okay?

Ethan Choi: Left side's full of fluid. Let's give him four morphine and two of versed. We need to get in a chest tube now… Lidocaine? Need the tube, now!

Doris: Got it.

April Sexton: Stats are coming up. He's stabilizing.

Ethan Choi: April, let's get a blood sample for cultures, and Doris, when you finish taping the tube in place, get that pus off the wall before environmental services has a fit.

Doris: I'm sick of this. Getting stuck with the dirty work. Cleaning up pus and vomit while you get to run labs.

April Sexton: What?

Doris: Just 'cause you and Ethan are sleeping together.

April Sexton: Excuse me?

Chicago Med: Jeremy Wilson’s room

Isidore Latham: Mr. Wilson. A little short of breath?

Jeremy Wilson: Afraid so.

Isidore Latham: Let's get him on a nasal cannula.

Nurse: Yes, Doctor.

Isidore Latham: Dr. Bardovi, the patient's cardiac index is 1.8 by Fick. What would you suggest?

Leah Bardovi: Increase dobutamine from 3 to 4 to improve cardiac output.

Isidore Latham: Correct. Mr. Wilson, we'll be back to check on you later.

Jeremy Wilson: Thank you, Dr. Latham.

Chicago Med: ICU

Isidore Latham: So, any thoughts?

Leah Bardovi: Normal presentation of non-compaction syndrome. The patient's in non-ischemic heart failure.

Isidore Latham: And?

Leah Bardovi: With his tachycardia, we can't increase inotropic support without risking cardiogenic shock. That gives us, at best, a few more days to find him a new heart.

Isidore Latham: Unfortunately, yes… Carry on… Dr. Bekker. Busy day. How are we progressing?

Ava Bekker: I completed my valve replacement, triple bypass is being prepped now, and Dr. Rhodes' pulmonary thrombectomy is set for this afternoon.

Isidore Latham: Robin was discharged this morning. Dr. Rhodes will be here as soon as he gets her settled.

Ava Bekker: You know, Dr. Latham, I'm thinking my bypass patient is stable. In fact, he could probably use another day or two for his heart to rest.

Isidore Latham: And?

Ava Bekker: Pulmonary thrombectomy, that's a difficult procedure. With everything Dr. Rhodes is dealing with today, I could take some of the pressure off and perform his thrombectomy. With your permission, of course.

Isidore Latham: That's very considerate of you.

Ava Bekker: We're a team.

Isidore Latham: Hm. Yes. Take the thrombectomy. I'm sure Dr. Rhodes will appreciate it.

Connor’s apartment: living room

Robin Charles: Oh, come... Do you really have to go?

Connor Rhodes: It's a pulmonary thrombectomy. It's not something you see every day.

Robin Charles: That's a high-profile case. Did you have to wrestle Cruella for it?

Connor Rhodes: Ava Bekker? No, it hasn't quite come to that yet.

Robin Charles: You want to wrestle with me?

Connor Rhodes: Ohh... Well, that is very, very tempting. But I really do have to go.

Robin Charles: Come on, it will be quick.

Connor Rhodes: No. I wish I could.

Robin Charles: You know, I never understood why women in movies have sex on kitchen tables. It just... It seems so uncomfortable to me, but... I don't know. Maybe we ought to try it. See what we've been missing out on, right? What's the matter?

Connor Rhodes: I shouldn't be late tonight.

Robin Charles: Connor. You'd tell me if something were wrong, wouldn't you?

Connor Rhodes: Robin, don't worry.

Chicago Med: ER

Barry: Maggie. I need some help here.

Maggie Lockwood: Barry, what's going on? Dr. Stohl discharged this patient. Mr. Jameson, are you okay? What happened?

Derek Jameson: Nothing.

Barry: I couldn't leave him at home.

Maggie Lockwood: Why not?

Barry: First off, his brother was supposed to be there to take care of him. He wasn't.

Derek Jameson: Couldn't get away from work so he's coming tomorrow.

Barry: Number two, there's guys hanging around waiting to pop him again. He needs his brother as back-up.

Derek Jameson: For real.

Barry: Garfield Park.

Maggie Lockwood: And there's no place else for you to go until your brother gets there? But... Okay, 24 hours. That's all you have, okay?

Barry: I'll be back for him tomorrow.

Maggie Lockwood: You better be.

Derek Jameson: Could use something to eat.

Maggie Lockwood: What?

Outside Chicago Med

Connor Rhodes: Hey, Reese, I need to ask you something. You mentioned disinhibition, impulsivity as things that Robin might experience. Can you get a little more specific for me?

Sarah Reese: Impulse buying, gambling, maybe hypersexuality, hyperphagia...

Connor Rhodes: Hypersexuality?

Sarah Reese: Are you concerned about Robin?

Connor Rhodes: Yeah, of course I'm concerned. You're sure that she was ready to be discharged?

Sarah Reese: Yes.

Connor Rhodes: You're confident about that?

Sarah Reese: I am, and if my opinion isn't good enough, her neurologist and internist both concurred, okay?

Connor Rhodes: I am trying to figure out if I'm dealing with Robin or her antibodies here.

Sarah Reese: Look, if you're not up to managing her care, we can find...

Connor Rhodes: I am.

Chicago Med: hallway

Beth: I'll talk to my husband about that and we'll see if we can do it on Thursday.

Connor Rhodes: Beth, where're you going? We've got a case.

Beth: Oh, they gave it to another team. The patient's already in surgery.

Chicago Med: wake up room

Connor Rhodes: Dr. Latham. The pre-op team said that my pulmonary thrombectomy was already taken to surgery. I don't understand.

Chicago Med: hallway

Isidore Latham: Dr. Bekker kindly offered to take the case. I okayed it.

Connor Rhodes: Why?

Isidore Latham: With Robin's discharge this morning, Dr. Bekker thought you'd be relieved to have such a difficult procedure taken off your plate.

Connor Rhodes: Really? How considerate of her.

Isidore Latham: Ah, that's what I said. It's gratifying, Dr. Rhodes, to see the two of you working so well together.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah.

Chicago Med: ER

April Sexton: Dr. Choi, Ryan's labs came back.

Ethan Choi: White count of 16,000 with a left shift, plus bicarbs are up... He's dehydrated. Let's give him another liter of fluid and check on his gram stain.

April Sexton: Um... Doris thinks we're sleeping together.

Ethan Choi: She does?

April Sexton: Did you say something?

Ethan Choi: No.

April Sexton: Ethan.

Ethan Choi: April. I swear I didn't say a word. Hey, if it's out, great.

April Sexton: No, don't.

Ethan Choi: Come on. Why do we have to keep sneaking around?

April Sexton: Because you're a doctor. I'm a nurse.

Ethan Choi: Not the first time this ever happened.

April Sexton: Exactly. I do not want to be that cliché.

Ethan Choi: Is that what you think of us?

April Sexton: No. But other people will.

Ethan Choi: Who cares?

April Sexton: That's really easy for you to say 'cause you're the doctor.

Chicago Med: treatment

Helen Potter: Someone help my son! Somebody help my son.

Ethan Choi: He's having a seizure. April, push 2 of Ativan.

April Sexton: On it, 2 of Ativan.

Ethan Choi: He's burning up. We need to get him upstairs for a head CT now… April, let's move.

April Sexton: Okay, here we go.

Helen Potter: What is happening to my son?

Chicago Med: ER

Ethan Choi: Ma'am, I promise you, we're going to find out.

Chicago Med: ICU, Brian’s room

Natalie Manning: Intracranial pressure's way up.

Will Halstead: Henry, 5 of morphine.

Natalie Manning: BP's spiking.

Will Halstead: Heart rate's down to 42.

Natalie Manning: Cushing's response.

Will Halstead: Give him another 70 of Mannitol.

Natalie Manning: Will, his pupils are blown.

Will Halstead: Run a *** and hyperventilate him.

Natalie Manning: Will, we've lost him.

Will Halstead: Damn it.

Chicago Med: hallway

Natalie Manning: We maxed out on his meds. There was nothing we could do.

Will Halstead: I know.

Isidore Latham: Dr. Manning.

Natalie Manning: Yeah?

Isidore Latham: I understand you just lost a patient to an intraparenchymal bleed.

Natalie Manning: Yes, Brian Cutler.

Will Halstead: And we're about to inform his wife.

Isidore Latham: Ah, well, there's something I need you to ask her.

Chicago Med: ER, trauma 1

Judith Cutler: Can I go see my husband now?

Will Halstead: Mrs. Cutler, I'm afraid we have some very bad news.

Natalie Manning: Your husband.

Judith Cutler: Oh, my God...

Natalie Manning: We were unable to control the bleeding in his brain. He suffered what we call herniation.

Will Halstead: That's when pressure on the brain cuts off blood supply.

Judith Cutler: Brian is...

Will Halstead: He's brain dead. Unfortunately, it's irreversible.

Judith Cutler: Oh, no. No, no, no, no.

Will Halstead: We're very sorry.

Judith Cutler: But I... I never told him... No... No...

Natalie Manning: Mrs. Cutler. We know this is a terrible time for you, but we need to ask. Your husband was not registered as an organ donor.

Judith Cutler: This can't be happening.

Natalie Manning: There's a young man in this hospital who needs your husband's heart, but we need your consent.

Judith Cutler: Brian.

Will Halstead: Mrs. Cutler, your husband's heart will save this young man's life, and the sooner we act, the better… May we have your permission?

Judith Cutler: Yes.

Will Halstead: Thank you.

Natalie Manning: Thank you.

Chicago Med: OR

Connor Rhodes: This is my case.

Ava Bekker: Was your case. And I don't need to your assistance.

Connor Rhodes: And you open him up? I had him scheduled for interventional radiology.

Ava Bekker: To resect a saddle embolus? No, that would have been a great idea if you were trying to kill him.

Connor Rhodes: You poached my case and now you changed the procedure.

Isidore Latham: Dr. Rhodes. Outside now. Please.

Chicago Med: hallway

Isidore Latham: I can make better use of your time than kibitzing with Dr. Bekker

Connor Rhodes: Dr. Latham...

Isidore Latham: She is eminently skilled and qualified to perform the thrombectomy.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah.

Isidore Latham: We have a patient in cardiac failure. A heart has just been procured for transplantation, but it presents a significant size mismatch.

Connor Rhodes: So you will have to completely reconstruct both the in and outflow tracks.

Isidore Latham: No. You will have to reconstruct them. It's your case.


Marshall Matthews: Dr. Charles, prosecution's calling a rebuttal witness. What do I need to know about Sarah Reese?

Daniel Charles: What?

Marshall Matthews: Tell me your own resident isn't here to poke holes in your testimony.


Peter Stone: So you also treated the defendant, Mr. Kellogg.

Sarah Reese: Yes, I did.

Peter Stone: Dr. Reese, is it safe to say that you disagree with Dr. Charles?

Sarah Reese: Yes. We want to believe that the only thing that can explain aberrant behaviour is some sort of insanity. But even in my short time as a psychiatric resident, I've found that that's not always the case. And it is certainly not the case with Mr. Kellogg.

Jack Kellogg: Lying bitch!

Judge: Sit down.

Jack Kellogg: You're a lying bitch.

Judge: Deputies restrain the defendant.

Jack Kellogg: Let me go. You're a liar. A damn liar!

Judge: Mr. Kellogg control yourself!

Jack Kellogg: Let go! You're a liar!

Judge: Order in this court!

Jack Kellogg: You'll pay for this. Get off of me. Get off of me. Off of me. You're a liar! Let go of me. Get off of me! You're a liar, damn it!

Chicago Med: ER

Helen Potter: Ryan has an infection in his brain?

Ethan Choi: It's called a subdural abscess. He contracted an infection, and as it spread, a small collection of pus was walled-off inside his brain.

Helen Potter: How does this happen?

Ethan Choi: We're hoping you might be able to help us answer that.

April Sexton: Mrs. Potter, can you think of anywhere Ryan may have been exposed to a fungus or parasite?

Ethan Choi: Did Ryan go camping? Possibly swimming in a lake or river.

Helen Potter: No. Nothing like that.

April Sexton: Any dental work?

Helen Potter: We haven't been to the dentist in ages. Never. It's too expensive.

Chicago Med: treatment

Ethan Choi: Severe tooth decay on the left posteriors. Small abrasion on the surface of the gums. Could have allowed bacteria to enter the bloodstream and travel to his brain.

Ryan Potter: Am I going to be okay?

Ethan Choi: We'll start you on antibiotics, but you'll likely need surgery to drain the abscess.

April Sexton: I'll get you a referral for an oral surgeon.

Helen Potter: How could this happen? He never even complained of a toothache.

Chicago Med: hallway

Stanley Stohl: Mr. Jameson, why are you still here?

Derek Jameson: Uh, there was an issue.

Chicago Med: ER

Stanley Stohl: Maggie.

Maggie Lockwood: Yes.

Stanley Stohl: Why is Mr. Jameson sipping on a juice box in my E.D.?

Maggie Lockwood: He couldn't be left at home.

Stanley Stohl: Maggie, we are not running a hotel here.

Maggie Lockwood: But if he goes home by himself, he could get shot again.

Stanley Stohl: However unfortunate that situation may be, it is not our problem. We treat 'em, we street 'em. That's what we do.

Maggie Lockwood: Treat 'em and street 'em is fine for people who live on your street. Not his.

Stanley Stohl: Maggie, I'm not...

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Stohl. You're rightfully concerned about someone getting shot in the E.D. but what about the people who live with that kind of thing every day?

Stanley Stohl: I cannot correct society's ills. I patch people up. Now discharge Mr. Jameson.

Chicago Med: Storage

Doris: So you got plans tonight? You and Dr. Choi?

April Sexton: Why you trying to start something?

Doris: Am I wrong, April? You're not sleeping together?

April Sexton: Yes, you're wrong.

Chicago Med: treatment

Ryan Potter: Don't blame my mom. She didn't know. It was just a toothache. I shouldn't have kept it a secret.

Ethan Choi: Just a toothache? I can't imagine how much that hurt.

Ryan Potter: She's always worried about money. I didn't want to worry her more. It's my fault.

April Sexton: No. You did what you thought was best.

Chicago Med: ER

April Sexton: I know what you're thinking. About secrets.

Ethan Choi: All I'm thinking is that's one brave kid… Our secret... It's up to you, April. I want you to be comfortable.

Chicago Med: ambulance entrance

Barry: You said you'd keep him 24 hours.

Maggie Lockwood: The Chief of Department said no. You have to go home.

Barry: He's helpless. They'll kill him.

Maggie Lockwood: What do you want me to do?

Stanley Stohl: Maggie. Bring the patient over here… You feel that?

Derek Jameson: Yeah.

Stanley Stohl: Push your foot against my hand. Can you feel that now?

Derek Jameson: Um, no.

Stanley Stohl: I suspect there may be nerve damage we didn't pick up earlier. I'd like to admit Mr. Jameson for inpatient physical and occupational therapy.

Maggie Lockwood: Hm.

Chicago Med: hallway / Connor’s apartment: living room

Connor Rhodes: Robin. Hey, you okay?

Robin Charles: Yeah, I was thinking about this afternoon and... You just seemed... I don't know. Everything's good with us right?

Connor Rhodes: Uh, yeah, everything's good.

Robin Charles: So, I'm just being paranoid. Do you know what, never mind. Don't... Don't answer that. Um, if you want I could look pasta for dinner tonight.

Connor Rhodes: You mean "cook"?

Robin Charles: Cook, yes. Cook pasta.

Connor Rhodes: Honey. Are you taking your meds?

Robin Charles: Yes, I'm taking my meds. Wha...

Connor Rhodes: I'll be home before long, okay?

Robin Charles: Okay.

Chicago Med: Cardiology

Ava Bekker: I hear you one-upped me. Heart transplant with a significant size mismatch. That looks good on the CV. Guess you have me to thank, taking that thrombectomy off your hands.

Connor Rhodes: Ava, I'm really not in the mood.

Ava Bekker: You should go home and get some sleep.

Chicago Med: psych

Daniel Charles: Oh, there you are Dr. Reese. You'll be happy to know that Mr. Kellogg was found guilty.

Sarah Reese: I'm not happy, but I am satisfied with that verdict. He'll still receive treatment in jail.

Daniel Charles: Through the Department of Corrections? You have any idea what their success rate is? In that environment? His chances of rehabilitation are practically nil. Not that it really matters, because more than likely his temper will get him killed within a week.

Sarah Reese: Those outburst are an act calculated to convince you he's crazy.

Daniel Charles: Is that what he was doing? Dr. Reese, I've been evaluating psychiatric patients for more than 30 years. Is it conceivable to you that I might have more insight into his behaviour than you do?

Sharon Goodwin: Daniel. Give us a moment, Dr. Reese.

Chicago Med: hallway

Sharon Goodwin: Daniel. You recruited her because you liked that she thought for herself. Don't hold that against her now.

Daniel Charles: Sharon, Kellogg is not a criminal. He's a confused guy in a lot of pain who needs some help.

Sharon Goodwin: Like someone else I know.

Daniel Charles: What's that supposed to mean?

Sharon Goodwin: Look, I didn't say anything when you insisted upon returning to work before you were cleared to, because I got it. It was important to reclaim your agency. But now here you are, the one person in Chicago willing to champion the cause of the man who tried to kill you. I got to say, it concerns me.

Daniel Charles: Why? 'Cause I want to send him to an asylum? Not a day spa, instead of a prison? Because I want... I want to treat his illness instead of punishing him for it? It's still my patient.

Sharon Goodwin: Very noble, Daniel, but I don't think that's what this is about. I think this is about your guilt and your ego. You had a killer on your hands, and you missed the signs. And now you're trying to make up for your mistake. You're trying to fix it and get back in control. You've been through so much, Daniel. Let it go. Stop torturing yourself.

Chicago Med: hallway

Isidore Latham: Dr. Rhodes. I've been thinking about your pulmonary thrombectomy. I can't help but wonder if Dr. Bekker didn't... What's the word? Manipulate me for her own gain.

Connor Rhodes: I wouldn't worry about it, Dr. Latham.

Isidore Latham: I know that fellows compete for the most challenging cases to improve their resumes. Perhaps in the end, you fared better than Dr. Bekker.

Connor Rhodes: Is that why you gave me the transplant?

Isidore Latham: I'm not sure. Sometimes my motivations are a mystery to me, to be honest… Good night, Dr. Rhodes.

Connor Rhodes: Good night, Dr. Latham.

Chicago Med: ER, trauma 1

Natalie Manning: Mrs. Cutler. The transplant was successful. The young man, the recipient of your husband's heart, he's doing well.

Judith Cutler: The last thing Brian heard me say was that I didn't love him… May I see him? The young man.

Will Halstead: The heart recipient?

Judith Cutler: Yes. Please.

Chicago Med: ICU, Jeremy Wilson’s room

Judith Cutler: Closer. Please… I'm so sorry, Brian… I love you.

Connor’s apartment: living room

Daniel Charles: Sorry I wasn't here to help ease you into civilian life. I mean, for all the good it did, I probably should've skipped testifying all together.

Robin Charles: It's okay, Dad. I wish I could have been there for you.

Daniel Charles: Oh, pff. I mean, at least I knew you were in Connor's very capable hands… What? What is it?

Robin Charles: He doesn't trust me.

Daniel Charles: What do you mean?

Robin Charles: I saw a look on his face… He thinks my feelings for him are part of my disease.

Daniel Charles: Oh, honey.

Robin Charles: Is he right? Or is this just... All in my head, and that's part of the disease? Dad, how do I know what's real?

Daniel Charles: Come here… I mean, we're all driven by so many different things. Truthfully, a lot of the time I don't have a clue why I do the things that I do. But I mean, even if you can't always trust your brain... In my experience, you're usually pretty safe trusting your heart. You know?

Chicago Med: ER

April Sexton: Good night, Dr. Choi.

Ethan Choi: Good night, April.


Natalie Manning: I feel for that woman. Having to live with those regrets.

Will Halstead: Yeah.

Natalie Manning: Well, good night, Will.

Will Halstead: Night. Natalie… When you left, you knew about me and Nina. But I didn't get a chance to tell you why I broke up with her… It was because of the feelings I have for you. Those feelings haven't gone away… You don't have to say anything. I don't have any expectations. I just... I felt I had to tell you.

Natalie Manning: My, um... My sabbatical… Things I needed to think about... It's you.

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schumi  (14.04.2020 à 16:05)

Le Dr Charles semble en plein choc post traumatique. Rhodes et Robin je n'y crois pas une seconde.  Elle a l'air d'avoir encore de sacrés problèmes et je ne sais pas comment ils vont pouvoir gérer ça . Halstead et manning... Ben on reprend le je t'aime moi.non plus...

serieserie  (23.11.2017 à 08:56)

Comme tu dis, Daniel a pété une durite!! Reese est au top là dessus et Sharon aussi!!

Robin et Connor, je sens ça mal...

Manstead!!! <3

Chapril sont mignons, à voir sur la durée!

arween  (22.11.2017 à 22:05)

Daniel a pêté une durite !! Heureusement, Reese et Sharon sont là pour tenter de rattraper le tir.

Connor n'a pas l'air très rassuré par l'état de Robin, qui elle semble avoir encore des difficultés.

Heureusement, l'épisode finit trop bien avec enfin un baiser entre Nath et Will !!!

Oh et April et Choi sont trop mimi !


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