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Chicago Fire
#310 : En roue libre

L'arrivée du bébé de Boden est imminente, mais une légère tension dans le couple est présente relative au choix du prénom... Kelly et Casey passent une soirée au bar devant un match, biens éméchés, Casey va se réveiller dans l'appartement d'une certaine Clhoé rencontrée au bar... Mills reçoit la visite du père du jeune garçon décédé, s'excusant de l'avoir menacé de mort. Mais Boden n'est pas convaincu que ce soit sincère...


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Santa Bites

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En roue libre

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Ecrit : Michael Brandt & Derek Haas

Réalisé : Holly Dole

Guests : James Russo (Papa Lullo), Melissa Ponzio (Donna Robbins), Edwin Hodge (Rick Newhouse), Randy Flagler (Capp), Robyn Coffin (Cindy Herrmann), Gordon Clapp (Orlovsky), Brad Walker (Fred Carlisle), DuShon Monique Brown (Connie), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Abigail Kuklis (Chloe), Amy J. Carle (Docteur), Steve Chikerotis (Chef Walker), Jennifer Weigel (Melissa Brosh-McKenna), Kristi Englemann (Yuma), Davis VonKampen (Lee Henry Herrmann), Lucas VonKampen (Lucas Herrmann), Amanda Calabrese (Amanda Herrmann), Ed Flynn (Détective Stark), Elyse Shapiro (Mary)


Anthony Lullo: Peter Mills.

Mills: Yeah.

Anthony Lullo: Look, I just wanted to come down here to say that I regret my behaviour the other day. And I've got nothing but respect for you and what everyone does here. I was upset… I know you tried to save my son.

Mills: Look, Mr. Lullo, you should know that... In the back of that ambulance, your son was talking about you, how important family was. He said that you were the best and he loved you. It struck a chord with me. My father died when I was young, and I know that I felt the same way about him.

Anthony Lullo: Thank you.

Mills: Hey, Lieutenant. Look, I just want you to know, I'm not trying to insert myself in yours and Gabby's business.

Casey: Noted, Mills.

Firehouse: locker room

Dawson: Matt, listen, um... I need to apologize. So... I apologize. And you know I got this bad habit of letting words fall out willy-nilly, and I don't... I don't really remember what I even said.

Severide: Hey, uh, sorry. Chief wants a word with us.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Boden: Bunch of static. Hey, come on in. Hey, I just want to let both of you know that Donna is in the red zone, as far as the baby's arrival.

Severide: Hey. That's great, Chief. Congrats.

Casey: You guys have a name for him yet?

Boden: We are keeping that under wraps.

Casey: Of course.

Boden: Just in case I got to get out of here in a hurry, I may not be able to bring a relief fire chief over here fast enough.

Casey: No problem. We got you covered.

Boden: Thank you.

Severide: You ready to be a dad?

Boden: Nope, not at all.

Casey: You tell your father yet?

Boden: Yeah. He cried so hard, I nearly sent the Orlando fire department over to check on him. He's happy.

Main: Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance...

Casey: See you, dad.

Boden: Get out of here! Come on! What's wrong with you?


Neighbour: That's the Carlisle home, and they haven't come out!

Severide: Any children?

Casey: We'll take the bottom floor! Otis!

Herrmann: Watch out!

Fred Carlisle: Help!

Severide: Mouch, swing the ladder!

Mouch: Copy that.

Fred Carlisle: Get me down from here!

Herrmann: There you go.

Newhouse: He’s dangerous.

Severide: Damn it!

Newhouse: Who else is inside?

Fred Carlisle: My wife. She was in the bathroom.

Newhouse: Severide.

Severide: Yeah!

Newhouse: The wife is still in the bathroom.

Severide: Got it!


Severide: Let's find the bathroom!

Capp: Copy that!

Severide: Fire department! Call out! Call out! Fire department! I don't see her!

Capp: Severide! This is too much! We got to pull out!

Severide: Yeah! Okay! All right!

Veronica Carlisle: Help.

Severide: Capp! I got her! I see her! Let's go!

Capp: Ready?

Severide: Go!


Herrmann: Do you believe this clown? Last winter we have a guy literally lay across his entire family to save them, and he can't get out that window fast enough.

Fred Carlisle: Oh, God, is she breathing?

Brett: I'll get a line in.

Mills: I'll get the airway. Hey, you can meet us at Chicago Med.

Casey: Hey. Nice save.

Herrmann: I'd like to throw the husband back through the window.

Firehouse: garage

Herrmann: Hey, Chaplain Orlovsky! Great to see you, Padre.

Orlovsky: Yeah, give me your boot there, Christopher.

Herrmann: What?

Orlovsky: Give me your boot.

Herrmann: All right!

Orlovsky: I want this boot filled by the end of the week.

Herrmann: It's always something. Come on!

Orlovsky: Listen up, listen up. The good shepherd soup kitchen that I run has an oven that doesn't get above 100 degrees, has a kitchen that the city is going to condemn. Now, that means a lot of cold, homeless Chicagoans are gonna get turned away during the holidays. I can't have that.

Casey: We'll fill it up, Chaplain.

Orlovsky: I'll come collect after next shift. Don't let me down.

Herrmann: You, you, you, yeah, you, and you.

Casey: Don't let him down.

Orlovsky: Hey, there she is.

Dawson: Chaplain. Hey, good to see you.

Orlovsky: Mm. Hey, can I tell you the hardest thing about my job?

Dawson: What's that?

Orlovsky: People come to my office when they're in the deepest valley, but they stop coming once they've climbed out of it.

Dawson: Yeah, I'm sorry. I've been meaning to come by and say hi.

Orlovsky: Well, don't give it a second thought. Hey, I'm hearing great things about you as a firefighter.

Dawson: Oh. That's nice.

Orlovsky: Everything else good?

Dawson: One day at a time.

Orlovsky: Well, keep it up. You make me so proud.

Dawson: Thanks, Chaplain.

Firehouse: kitchen

Herrmann: Don't be crying poor on me, Capp. I know what your side job pulls in, come on.

Capp: You don't even know what my side job is.

Herrmann: Sure I do. You're a... Come on, just throw a 20 in. Cheap. Come on, Cruz, pony up.

Otis: Every extra dollar I've got is in Molly's truck.

Mouch: Me too. Don't even ask.

Newhouse: Hey, Mouch, turn it up. Severide, check it out.


Fred Carlisle: I saw she was down, and something inside me was screaming out, "do something, do something," you know? So I picked up the heaviest thing I could find, and I threw it through the window, and I yelled out, "over here, over here!" The fire was out of control at that point, and all I could think of was, "I have to help my wife." The smoke was so thick... I was choking on it. And, anyway, I'm thrilled...

Otis: Oh, come on.

Fred Carlisle: I could help alert those guys and save my wife in time.

Glenn: And this was the scene earlier where the Chicago Fire Department arrived just in time to save Veronica Carlisle, but not quickly enough to save the house.

Journalist: Compelling story, Glenn. Glad there's still some local heroes this time of year. In other news...

Otis: Oh, compelling story, Glenn. Sir, could you tell us exactly what happened?

Cruz: Oh, of course, Dwight. Well, um, my house was on fire, and I nearly wet myself, so I barrelled out of a window, nearly killing a fireman, while leaving my poor wife to die.

Otis: Oh!

Mouch: We should call the station and tell our side of the story.

Severide: Who cares? Let the guy say what he wants.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Donna Robbins: Hey, hey.

Boden: Whoo! Hey.

Donna Robbins: Oh, no, no, no, no. Everything's fine. I'm just stopping by on my way to the Grogans.

Boden: Okay. Can I get you something?

Donna Robbins: A... Wheelbarrow.

Boden: I got one of those. Come on. Would you like some lunch? I have no idea what those guys are making.

Donna Robbins: No, no. Come here. Melissa's got ten ladies coming over to look at jewellery or something. Don't worry. I'm only looking… Hey, you remember meeting her... Melissa? They had a daughter, Samantha, last year, and when it came time to name her, they hyphenated her surname, so it's Samantha Nash-McGuire. And I was thinking that maybe we could do that… Terrance Robbins-Boden.

Boden: Uh... No.

Donna Robbins: "No," just like that?

Boden: Yeah, just like that.

Donna Robbins: Well, maybe you should take longer than one second to think about it.

Boden: Donna... There's no way that our child's going to have two last names... End of story. Come on. Look, I love you, but... Bodens have just been Bodens. Tradition still means something.

Donna Robbins: Okay, well...

Boden: What?

Donna Robbins: I'm gonna be on my way.

Boden: Oh, Donna.

Donna Robbins: No, no, no. I'll see you after shift.

Firehouse: kitchen

Cruz: Great news, Herrmann.

Mouch: Hear ye, hear ye. I present to you the debut of Molly's II.

Herrmann: I don't understand.

Otis: It was jammed last year, and there's gonna be news coverage to boot.

Mouch: Newhouse got the permits cleared, and all we have to do is sell chief Hale's energy water out of the van.

Herrmann: You guys are messing with me.

Cruz: No, no, no, Hermie-Herm! Not at all! Molly's II is finally in business. It's everything we dreamed about... Serving great food while being a giant billboard for your bar.

Herrmann: Did Hale say anything about my lieutenantship? Right, right, right. Forget about it. No, all right, this is great. This is... I'm really proud of you boys. I am. Yeah.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Boden: Come on in, you two.

Mills: Chief, I wanted to tell you that Anthony Lullo was waiting for me outside this morning. He apologized for his actions the other day. He says he knows that we did all that we could.

Boden: And you believe him?

Mills: I do. And looking back, I'm glad that I didn't file a police report on him. He's in deep grief, and he deserves a pass on this.

Boden: Okay. Glad you trusted your gut.

Mills: You too, Chief.

Firehouse: entrance

Dawson: Matt, can we talk? Hey. You know I didn't mean what I said last night.

Casey: So now you remember?

Dawson: It was just stupid bar talk, that's all.

Casey: "The tough part isn't the work part. It's the home part." That's what you said, right? Doesn't sound like stupid bar talk to me. I mean, it sounds like you knew exactly what you were saying.

Dawson: Okay, I was frustrated, I admit. You bust my chops at work. We both bring it home. It affects us in ways that aren't exactly healthy.

Casey: You're the one who signed up for this... Working for your fiancé.

Dawson: We both did.

Casey: Yeah, because I thought you could handle it.

Dawson: Me?

Casey: I'm not the one crawling back to my old flame to complain about my future spouse.

Dawson: I didn't crawl back to anything.

Casey: I watched it happen. I heard what I heard!

Herrmann: You two... Maybe you should take this conversation elsewhere.

Casey: Yeah, I'm done talking.

Firehouse: kitchen

Herrmann: What is this? 50 bucks? This is pathetic!

Cruz: Okay, out of the way. Out of the way.

Otis: What's this?

Cruz: Sylvie and I have been trying something for the holiday fest.

Brett: We call it Santa bites.

Cruz: Wait. We do? Santa bites.

Otis: Oh, okay. Wow!

Brett: It's turkey, potatoes and cranberries all baked in a bun.

Mouch: Is it... A double overhead shaka, twice in one year?

Cruz: Yeah!

Herrmann: Damn, I hate to say it, but this food-truck thing is just what Molly's needs. Aw, holy smokes!

Cruz: You want to try it? Don't you want to try it? It's so good.

Firehouse: garage

Severide: For the last time, edges first.

Capp: Too easy.

Newhouse: Oh, will you look at this?

Capp: Is that the husband?

Newhouse: Yeah.

Severide: Can I help you?

Fred Carlisle: Uh, I think so. I was told you were the firefighters who rescued me and my wife.

Severide: Yeah, we were there.

Fred Carlisle: Yeah, well, I just wanted to say thank you. I don't know if you saw the news, but they're telling people I was some sort of hero, which I know is the exact opposite of what I am.

Severide: Uh... Okay.

Fred Carlisle: I'm Fred Carlisle. My wife's Veronica. She's still in I.C.U., but the doctors tell me there's hope… Well, again, thank you.

Severide: Yeah.

Fred Carlisle: I see the way you guys are looking at me. I know what you must be thinking. So I want you guys to know… When I was 16, I was in the garage with my old man, and this kiln we had in there exploded. All I remember is waking up in the burn unit. Spent the next eight months in the I.C.U. So, when that fire broke out this morning... I panicked. I just... I panicked.

Severide: Hey, man, you don't have to explain yourself to us.

Fred Carlisle: I know, but I felt... I felt... I don't know what I felt… Thanks for hearing me out.

Severide: Yeah, no worries. And we're all pulling for your wife… Walk a mile, men. Walk a mile.

Firehouse: laundry room

Brett: Are you done with the washer?

Dawson: What? Oh, yeah.

Brett: Is there some kind of sign-in sheet for when we can use these?

Dawson: Uh, no, it's more of a first-come first-serve.

Brett: You okay? There's not a lot of estrogen in this house, so... If you ever want to download, I'm here.

Dawson: Thanks… I found this shirt at the bottom of my locker. It's, um... It's from this barbeque a couple years ago, when I was a paramedic and Casey was engaged to this doctor, and... I remember him playing with a couple of these kids in the park, and... I don't know. I don't know, I guess it just... things seemed... Simpler.

Brett: Simpler? The man you loved was engaged to another woman.

Dawson: Yeah.

Brett: You're gonna look back a year from now and be on the other side of whatever's going on, I know that… Here.

Dawson: What's this?

Brett: Put it in the bottom of your locker, and then a year from now when you find it, you can remember this day.

Firehouse: hallway

Casey: Sev. Plans after shift?

Severide: Uh, home, rest.

Casey: Nope, you and me. Good old-fashioned Chicago bar crawl.

Severide: I can't do it, man. I'm barely dried out from the last month or so.

Casey: Fine. One drink, and we'll head home.

Severide: Come on.

Casey: I'm serious.

Severide: One drink?

Casey: That's all I'm asking.


Severide: Bar...

Casey: Go Hawks!

Severide: Bartender! Hey!

Casey: Go!

Severide: Shots for any girl who's above a nine, all right?

Casey: That's so wrong. Sexist!

Severide: What are you talking... All right, hey, Tim. Equality for all, all right? Six and up! Six and up!

Casey: That's better!

Severide: All right.

Casey: Yeah.

Severide: So what's up, dude? Talk to me.

Casey: Ah... Change of pace, is all. Couldn't do another night at home talking about my feelings.

Severide: Well, how's everything on that front?

Casey: If I wanted to talk about my feelings, I wouldn't be in a bar...

Severide: I get it, I get it! I don't blame you, all right? Hey, whoa! Hey, not so fast. Where you going so fast? What are your names?

Chloe: Chloe.

Severide: Huh?

Chloe: Chloe.

Severide: Oh.

Chloe: This is Yuma.

Severide: Yuma! Like the movie! I love that movie!

Casey: Like the city!

Yuma: Like the city.

Severide: Oh ho. Okay, well...

Casey: Thank you.

Severide: You two, we're doing shots. Okay, you're staying, we're doing shots, on me.

Casey: Apparently you made the cut.

Severide: Yeah!

Casey: Yes! Cheers, huh?

Yuma: Cheers.

Casey: Yeah! Yeah!

Chloe’s apartment: living room

Chloe: Well, good morning.


Herrmann: I was proud when all five of these kids were born, but today!

Cindy Herrmann: Today what, Christopher?

Herrmann: Ah, today is somewhere after all those days, honey.

Otis: Hey, buddy. 10 minutes till serving.

Herrmann: All right!

Molly’s II

Cruz: Oh, sorry!


Casey: Hey.

Dawson: Only one drink, huh?

Casey: One thing led to another, and... Ended up being an all-night thing.

Dawson: I tried texting you, like, 50 times.

Casey: Lost my phone along the way somewhere. Listen, I'm... I'm sorry. I was a jerk. It only took eight shots for me to figure that out.

Dawson: We can do this. You and me.

Casey: You and me. We'll work it out.

Dawson: My God, you smell so horrible.

Casey: I'm sorry. Hey. So this is it, huh?

Herrmann: Ah, yeah, this is it, Lieutenant. Aw, hey! It's Melissa Brosh-McKenna! Aw, News 4!

Melissa Brosh-McKenna: Yeah!

Herrmann: I'm a big fan of yours. I love your news. It's the only news we watch! Tell 'em, Cindy.

Cindy Herrmann: He's a big fan of yours.

Melissa Brosh-McKenna: Oh, thanks, so sweet.

Herrmann: Hey, this is the debut of Molly's II, our new food truck. Maybe you guys could put it in a... You know, in a shot.

Melissa Brosh-McKenna: Um... Why not? Come on, let's go. All right, come on Charles, let's go.

Herrmann: Guys!

Melissa Brosh-McKenna: Come on! This'll be fun, all right? Here we go. We're gonna go in 3-2-1. We're down at the 42nd annual Chicago Holiday Festival, where families have gathered for good cheer and good eating. Sir, can you tell me your name?

Herrmann: Uh, Herrmann, Christopher Herrmann.

Melissa Brosh-McKenna: And you're saying this is the debut of your food truck?

Herrmann: Uh, yeah. That... That... That... Th... That's right, that's something we've been working on, and working on, like, three months, because, you know, we wanted to get it perfect. Our bar, Molly's, has gone... Gone mobile, and, uh, that's "Molly's" with two "L"s and a "Y." It's at, uh, well, uh, 1925 West Wolcott...

Melissa Brosh-McKenna: Oh my... Oh, my God. Sir, your... Your truck!

Herrmann: Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no...

Man: Look out!

Woman: Save the baby!

Herrmann: Oh!

Witness: Hey, that's the Molly's truck!

Outside the firehouse

Herrmann: Morning, fellas. What?

Chief Walker: Seen a lot of firefighters make the morning paper, but never like this.

Firehouse: bullpen

Boden: Connie?

Connie: Chief, you need something?

Boden: You ever been invited to a friend's place for Thanksgiving, sat down for a big, beautiful, once-a-year meal, got excited about a perfectly-cooked turkey and then they served up a ham?

Connie: A ham?

Boden: Instead of the turkey.

Connie: No, I got that part, but what I'm not sure about is...

Boden: See? Tradition is important, is it not?

Connie: I suppose it is.

Boden: Thank you, Connie. Woman that understands. I mean... Who knows if the Pilgrims ate turkey at the first Thanksgiving? Maybe they had nothing but hams lined up for miles. But me, as long I can remember, turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving food. And gravy... Brown, made from the drippings of the turkey. Not some fancy, foo-foo stuff made with... Pears and sun-dried tomatoes.

Connie: I do like a good gravy.

Boden: Got to stand up for tradition, Connie… Otherwise, what do we have?

Connie: Ham and pear gravy.

Boden: Thank you, Connie.

Firehouse: bathroom

Casey: Here's what I remember from the other night. Okay, I don't remember anything.

Severide: You had to plug your phone in. We went to Chloe's apartment near the bar, you passed out on the couch... And I didn't.

Casey: So, you and Chloe...

Severide: Uh, yeah. What did... What did you think?

Casey: I didn't know what to think!

Severide: Well, when I woke up, you were still sawing logs on the couch. So I just took off.

Casey: Oh, thank God.

Severide: Wait, you did... You thought you...

Casey: I...

Severide: So much for me drying out.

Casey: Yep.

Firehouse: kitchen

Cruz: In my defense, the emergency brake should not be right there.

Herrmann: You were suppose to chock the tires!

Cruz: Mouch was supposed to do that!

Mouch: Do we even have tire chocks?

Herrmann: Never in all my life have I been that humiliated.

Mouch: I beg to differ.

Otis: Yeah, me too.

Cruz: Look, any press is good press, right? Yeah, except that.

Herrmann: Yeah, that reads like Molly's is responsible for the death of Jesus, again. That truck is cursed.

Cruz: It is not the truck's fault, all right?

Herrmann: I gave you guys eight weeks to make money out of the name "Molly's II." That was a challenge.

Mouch: But you never said...

Herrmann: But, but, but! How much money have you made?

Cruz: We're just getting started!

Herrmann: You're fired.

Firehouse: garage

Mills: Hey.

Brett: Did you know Kim Kardashian went to an all-girls school?

Mills: That... Explains a lot. I got you something.

Brett: What's this?

Mills: It's nothing, really. I know I jumped your case a while back, and... You stepped up. I wanted to say thank you.

Main: Ambulance 61, injuries from a fall. 815 South Nebraska.

Mills: That's around the corner.

Brett: I'll open this after the call.

Mills: Yeah.

Ambulance 61

Mills: Where'd you fall from?


Mills: You fell, sir?

Walter: Ooh! My legs, my legs, my legs!

Brett: Okay, deep breaths. What's your name?

Walter: Walter. Help me, help me, help me... Help me, help me, help me!

Mills: He didn't fall. He was run over… He's passed out from blood loss. Let's get him to Chicago Med.

Brett: Who's that?

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Boden: Hyphenated last name. Can you believe that? So the kid, he has three names. You put in the middle name, that's four. That's ridiculous.

Otis: Oh, yeah, yeah, I agree.

Boden: What was your mother's maiden name?

Otis: Um... Panchoulidze.

Boden: Can you imagine saying "hi, I'm Brian..." what was it?

Otis: Panchoulidze.

Boden: Panchoulidze-Zvonecek? Imagine kindergarten, writing that at the top of the damn page.

Otis: Whoa, no, that would've been...

Boden: Where would you be sitting right now?

Otis: Huh?

Boden: You? You would be an accountant. Or, uh, working in a bakery or something like that.

Otis: Yeah, huh. I don't... I don't know that that would... I mean, yeah, totally.

Boden: Utterly asinine, right?

Otis: Chief?

Boden: What?

Otis: You and Donna... You're gonna make great parents.

Boden: Yeah.

Connie: Uh, Chief, a Mac McCoy from the city building department is on the phone.

Boden: Yeah, yeah. Connie, I'll take it.

Otis: I...

Boden: Thank you.

Otis: Yeah.

Boden: Chief Boden.

Firehouse: kitchen

Severide: That's what he told me, right? It was good. Did you watch last night?

Boden: Hey, Kelly. Fire from last shift. City's looking to condemn the structure, want us to take a look.

Severide: Yeah, we'll head over there.

Boden: Thanks.


Capp:  slap the red "X" on it if it were up to me.

Severide: You guys hear anything more from the wife?

Newhouse: No, she's still in the burn unit. You guys know Dr. Kendra over there? She sometimes keeps me posted on things.

Severide: Yeah, I know her. She's a lesbian.

Newhouse: Interesting.

Severide: All right, yeah, this place is done, let's get...

Newhouse: What?

Severide: Fire started here, and here. And there… Three different places at the same time. That son of a bitch. Call OFI and the CPD, will ya?

Newhouse: On it.

Chicago Med: Veronica Carlisle’s room

Severide: That's him right there.

Stark: Mr. Carlisle? You need to come with us. We've got some questions.

Fred Carlisle: Yeah, sure.

Severide: You were burned yourself, buddy. How the hell could you do that to another person? Your own wife?

Firehouse: kitchen

Cruz: Maybe we could, uh...

Mouch: Mm.

Cruz: Yeah, never mind.

Mouch: What about... Forget it.

Soup kitchen

Orlovsky: Here you go, fellas. Grab a spoon.

Herrmann: Hey, Chaplain!

Orlovsky: You raised some money for us, Christopher. Yeah... Is this the best you could do for us, 51?

Herrmann: Nah, Chaplain. Not exactly.


Herrmann: Your new soup kitchen now has its own set of wheels.

Cruz: Just know the parking brake can be a little tricky.

Orlovsky: This is the best Christmas gift this old chaplain's ever gotten.

Cruz: Merry Christmas, Father.

Herrmann: There you go, brother. All right.

Orlovsky: Come on.

Otis: Hey.

Mouch: Let us show you the inside.

Herrmann: It's all yours, Padre.

Orlovsky: Yeah.

Cruz: Careful with the parking brake!

Firehouse: garage

Casey: Anyone heard from Mills and Brett?

Otis: Nope.

Chloe: Hey. Does a fireman named Matt work here?

Dawson: Um, yeah. Yeah, he does.

Chloe: He left his cell phone in my apartment. Can you give it to him for me?

Dawson: Excuse me?

Firehouse: entrance

Dawson: Found your phone. 'Cause you left it at some blonde bimbo's apartment.

Casey: Wait, wait. I can explain that.

Dawson: Great, explain it. I'd really love to hear it.

Casey: Me and Severide, we... We went back to that girl's apartment to plug in my phone. I fell asleep on the couch. Severide is the one who slept with her.

Dawson: And this is how you want to tell me?

Casey: Tell you what? Nothing happened!

Dawson: You know, Kelly really brings out the worst in you.

Casey: What brings out the worst in me is you telling Mills you don't know if you want to be with me. You think an apology was gonna fix that?

Dawson: I thought we agreed that we were past that!

Casey: Well, apparently not! Maybe this whole thing is too big for us. I'm trying to be a lieutenant and your fiancé, and you can't respect either one.

Dawson: Request permission to leave shift, Lieutenant.

Casey: Granted, Candidate.

Firehouse: bullpen

Donna Robbins: You know, I was gonna drop it and not say anything else. In fact, I've kept my mouth shut all week. But then, I thought to myself, "why shouldn't I have some say in the naming of my child?"

Boden: Donna, it's my family name, it's important to me, there are traditions involved.

Donna Robbins: Oh! Well, some traditions need to be put to bed!

Boden: Not this one.

Donna Robbins: You sound... Like some old...

Boden: What...

Donna Robbins: Dinosaur that can't even...

Boden: Hey. What is it?

Donna Robbins: Oh, it's... I think it's coming!

Boden: What... What's coming? Oh... Oh, God... Can I have some help up in here? Breathe, breathe. Look at me... Breathe, breathe. She's going into labour, where are our paramedics?

Severide: Uh... Out.

Boden: Where's Dawson?

Casey: Went home sick.

Boden: Oh, okay, I'm here! I'm right here, baby.

Severide: Uh, uh, Squad... Everyone, let's help her, let's go. Let's go, help him carry her. Move! Come on, come on, come on!

Boden: Okay, okay, okay.


Boden: Tony, get us moving.

Donna Robbins: Oh, my God!

Tony: There's nowhere to go, Chief.

Donna Robbins: Oh, my God!

Boden: What is it?

Donna Robbins: Oh, the baby's coming.

Boden: What?

Donna Robbins: The baby is coming! The baby's coming!

Boden: Okay, lay her down. Okay, okay, okay... Come on, baby. Lay back down.

Severide: You ever done this before, Chief?

Boden: More times than I can count. Just never with my own son.

Severide: Do you want me to...

Boden: Not a chance in hell.

Donna Robbins: Okay, wait, wait, wait, Wallace.

Boden: I'm right here.

Donna Robbins: Wallace.

Boden: I'm right here. This old dinosaur knows what he's doing, I promise you.

Donna Robbins: Okay.

Boden: Anyway, what's better than to bring little Terrance in the world than from a CFD squad truck?

Donna Robbins: Okay.

Boden: Okay? Lie back down. Just breathe. Okay, baby, I can see the crown. He's coming. He's crowning.

Donna Robbins: Okay?

Boden: I'm gonna need you to push.

Donna Robbins: No, I can't do this!

Boden: Yes, you can... Yes, you can.

Donna Robbins: No, no...

Boden: Look at me, look at me. It's just you and me. Okay? It's just you and me. You can do this. Come on.

Donna Robbins: Okay.

Boden: Now... And... Push! Yes! You're doing great.v You're doing great. Doing so good.

Donna Robbins: Oh, God!

Boden: I'm just gonna need one more little push, one more little push. Okay?

Donna Robbins: Okay.

Boden: Push! Oh, my God! He's out, baby, he's out! I got a little boy. I got a little boy! Hey... Hey!

Donna Robbins: Oh, gosh!

Boden: Here he is. You did good, baby. So good.

Donna Robbins: Okay.

Boden: You did good.

Firehouse: kitchen

Mouch: Hey, Lieutenant? We still haven't heard hide nor hair of ambo since they left this morning.

Casey: Yeah, this is Lieutenant Casey at 51. Do you guys have a location on Ambulance 61, please? Okay. You know what? I'm gonna run by there and have a look. Thanks… 61 is still on scene at 815 South Nebraska. The alarm office said their computers have been up and down all day and they haven't been able to check status.

Cruz: Let's go!

Casey: Yep, load up.


Donna Robbins: Terrance Boden. Some traditions are worth keeping… Oh... Ohh! Thank you.

Near Chicago Med

Boden: I don't want to let him go.

Nurse: It's okay. Hi… Doctor, the baby's turning blue.

Boden: What's going on?

Donna Robbins: Wallace?

Dr. Pierson: Respiratory distress. Meconium aspiration.

Boden: What's going on?

Dr. Pierson: Lungs aren't absorbing oxygen.

Donna Robbins: Wallace, what's going on?

Dr. Pierson: Call respiratory and let peds know we're on our way, now!

Boden: Talk to me! You talk to me, now!

Donna Robbins: No! What's happening?


Casey: Mills? Brett?

Kikavu ?

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