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Chicago Fire
#312 : Un prédateur en embuscade


Severide et Dawson découvrent des preuves surprenantes lors de l'incendie de l'unité de stockage qui semblent reliées à l'incendie qui a pris la vie de Shay. Pendant ce temps, l'équipe se réunit pour soutenir l'aumônier Orlovsky qui est victime d'un grave accident de voiture. Boden fait face à l'intrusion de son père dans sa vie, qui lui donne des conseils sans avoir été sollicité.


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Titre VO
Ambush Predator

Titre VF
Un prédateur en embuscade

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Ecrit : Steve Chikerotis & Tiller Russel

Réalisé : Joe Chappelle

Guests : LaRoyce Hawkins (Kevin Atwater), Melissa Ponzio (Donna Robbins), Annika Boras (Lynette Cunningham), Randy Flagler (Capp), Gordon Clapp (Orlovsky), Richard Roundtree (Wallace Boden Senior), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Alew Weisman (Chout), Alan Wilder (MArvin Watkins), Minita Gandhi (Dr. Prospere), Linsey Page Morton (Darcy), Patrick Lane (Frank), Lucas VonKamper (Lucas Herrmann), Neal Grofman (Landford), Christina D. Harper (Evelyn), Randall Harr (Chase Mason)

Boden’s house: living room

Wallace Boden Sr.: Fold and tuck. Fold and tuck. Tight as a drum. So the boy feels safe. Just like in his mommy's belly. Yes.

Donna Robbins: That's what I told Wallace. Wrap him tight like a little baby burrito.

Boden: Okay, okay.

Wallace Boden Sr.: Some men were born to think. Others, to lift heavy things, but you, Terrance Boden, were born to be loved, preciously, and infinitely.

Donna Robbins: Thank you.

Wallace Boden Sr.: Here you go.

Donna Robbins: Yes. Yes, sweet baby.

Boden: How long are you staying, pop?

Wallace Boden Sr.: It depends.

Boden: Depends on what?

Wallace Boden Sr.: Things.


Severide: Hey, guys. Atwater.

Kevin Atwater: What's up. What we got?

Severide: Got chlorine powder, bags of cat litter, brake fluid, vegetable oil...

Dawson: All in bulk.

Kevin Atwater: Yeah, well, he definitely had peculiar taste when he hit the Sam's club.

Severide: These are accelerants every arsonist knows about. At least the slick ones.

Dawson: Then there's these.

Severide: All about Shay's death.

Kevin Atwater: What can you tell us about the person who leased this unit?

Marvin Watkins: Paid cash. Two years in advance, I'd pulled the paperwork.

Kevin Atwater: Yeah, man or woman?

Marvin Watkins: Man.

Kevin Atwater: You remember what he looked like?

Marvin Watkins: I don't weigh 'em and measure, I just take the money.

Kevin Atwater: We'll check that paperwork in your office when we get time, we'll just... Give us a minute.

Marvin Watkins: Mm.

Kevin Atwater: Thanks, sir. The thing is, it's not exactly a crime scene. It's gonna be real hard to pull forensics in on this.

Dawson: We know it's a long shot, and arson is almost impossible to prove, but even if it just rules it out, we'd sleep better.

Kevin Atwater: Can't make any promises but I'll see what I can do. I know it means a lot to y'all.

Severide: Yeah. Thank you. Thank you.

Firehouse: briefing room

Boden: The items discovered at that storage unit are unsettling to us all here at 51. As of now, there was no indication of foul play. But rest assured, no matter what we looked into. In the meanwhile, our job remains the same, and that is to safeguard the people of Chicago, so you keep your heads down, and you handle your business… Brett and Mills, my office.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Boden: Come on in, take a seat… After everything you went through with Lullo's people, I want you to know you have my full blessing if you want to take some time off.

Mills: Thank you, Chief. But, personally, I'm fine.

Brett: I'd rather be here at work.

Boden: In that case, I would like to ask you both to consider to see someone. Processing a trauma like that takes time. We have a lot of good people who can help.

Brett: I think that that would be really good… For me, anyway.

Boden: I'll make the call. Peter?

Mills: I'm straight.

Boden: Hmm. Okay then. You change your mind, you let me know.

Mills: Will do.

Boden: That's all.

Firehouse: Kitchen

Herrmann: What do we have here?

Mouch: Wicker Park Wolverines.

Herrmann: Yeah, it's got a certain ring to it, doesn't it? My boy Luke, he's playing a game of champions.

Casey: I thought you were banned from the league, Hermann?

Mouch: Yeah, kids' hockey brings out the worst in you.

Casey: Some sort of trophy fiasco if I'm not mistaken.

Herrmann: That was an isolated incident. Besides, I was completely in the right. Anyway, my two-year suspension is over, and I'm back in action. So show some respect for the finest headcoach of pee-wee hockey in Chicago, will you?

Main: Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61. Two-car accident, West 17th and Halsted.


Casey: Stalled trains got Boden trapped in. I'll run point until he gets here.

Severide: Copy that.

Evelyn: Help me! Please.

Casey: I'm Lieutenant Casey with the Fire Department. We're gonna get you out, okay?

Evelyn: I can't feel my legs. Oh, God. Help me, please.

Severide: Hey, just give us a minute, okay, Ma'am?

Casey: Sev.

Severide: Yeah?

Casey: It's Chaplain Orlovsky. He's bleeding out.

Severide: You guys, separate the two vehicles and we'll pull them both out at the same time, all right? Tony, stay ready on that winch.

Evelyn: God, help me, please!

Casey: Wait, wait. Hold. If we move this car first, she could be paralyzed or worse.

Severide: The longer he's pinned in, the more blood he...

Casey: I know.

Severide: Your call.

Evelyn: God, help me, please.

Casey: Hermann, Dawson, get the jaws.

Evelyn: Help me!

Dawson: Lieutenant, with all due respect, it's the chaplain.

Casey: We're getting her out first.

Evelyn: Please!

Herrmann: You heard him, candidate, move it!

Severide: Capp, Tony, we're gonna cut the roof posts off so we can get the chap out as soon as this car is out of the way.

Capp: Yeah.

Mills: All right, Chap. How's it going?

Casey: Mills, status.

Mills: Yeah, I've got a pulse but its weak. He's lost a lot of blood from his head wound.

Evelyn: Help me, please! Please, help me!

Herrmann: Hang in there, lady, we're getting you out.

Mills: We're gonna get you out of here, okay? All right, guys. We're good to go.

Casey: Backboard… Easy, easy. Careful with her head… Go, go.

Mills: Hey, Lieutenant, good luck.

Casey: Thanks.

Severide: All right, go ahead… Okay, let's go.

Casey: Get him on the backboard. Easy… Go. Go!

Firehouse: Kitchen

Herrmann: And it's not until the pot's up to, like, $100 that the chaplain reveals his true colours.  Come to find out, the guy's like the Billy the Kid of five-card stud.

Otis: Get out of here.

Herrmann: Yeah.

Otis: Our chaplain? Orlovsky?

Herrmann: On my mother's grave. Total shark. Ask Mouch.

Mouch: Ambush predator. If he wasn't a man of the cloth, I'd have accused him of cheating. This is right after Mickey Drobitch died in that scuba incident, God rest his soul. Chaplain... Never said anything about it. Just him being here, playing cards with all of us, it shined a light. Helped a lot of firefighters through some dark times.

Casey: Hey. How is he?

Mills: He's still touch and go. There's multiple internal injuries. He still hasn't regained consciousness.

Casey: Okay. Um, the extra time he spent pinned in, how much worse did that make it?

Herrmann: Chaplain's a junkyard dog, he's gonna be just fine. Hey, you two, tomorrow night, Molly's. 7:00. Pee wee hockey draft. Be there.

Cruz: Whoa, whoa, draft? What?

Otis: Whoa, Hermann, come on. Be reasonable. Games is one thing. We'll make practices. Most of them, anyway. But the draft?

Cruz: Yeah, man. You gotta admit, that's a little above and beyond.

Herrmann: One of the terms of my reinstatement is I have to be accompanied by two adults to all league functions.

Cruz: Half-priced drinks at Molly's for two weeks.

Herrmann: One.

Cruz: Done.

Otis: What did he do to get banned anyway?

Firehouse: Casey’s office

Dawson: Hey.

Casey: Hey.

Dawson: Matt... Sorry. I mean, Lieutenant, just checking in on you. I can still do that, right?

Casey: I gotta finish up this incident report.

Dawson: Yeah, yeah. Of course… All souls weigh the same.

Casey: What?

Dawson: One life isn't worth anymore than the other. That's what the chaplain told me after Shay died.

Severide: Hey, can I borrow Dawson? We'll keep our radios on.

Casey: Yeah.

Firehouse: Dormitory

Severide: It cost me a bottle of 12-year-old scotch, the good stuff, but I talked the landlady into letting us into the building at West Walnut.

Firehouse: hallway

Dawson: Where Shay died?

Severide: Yeah. I mean, given what we found at the storage unit, I just... I figured...

Dawson: It wasn't arson, Kelly. It was squatters cooking over an open flame. You saw the fire with your own eyes, didn't you?

Severide: Yeah, I...

Dawson: So why go back?

Severide: Look, I get it, okay? If you're not ready for that, just say it.

Dawson: Okay. I'm coming.


Dawson: This is where we were… I just wanted her to know that she could do it without me. That's why we changed places.

Severide: It's okay, Dawson.

Dawson: I never wanted to come back here.

Severide: Well, if we don't turn over every stone, who will? Right? Come on, let's go upstairs.

Firehouse: kitchen

Donna Robbins: Hey.

Herrmann: Hey! Detective Boden. Hey, honey.

Otis: How are you?

Cruz: How are you doing? What's going on?

Herrmann: Hey, look at the little chief. He's even got the old man's furrowed brow.

Donna Robbins: Yeah, he does.

Herrmann: Bet he's got a better disposition, huh?

Cruz: Oh, come on.

Wallace Boden Sr.: Hey, hey ,hey.

Herrmann: Hey.

Boden: Hey, Donna. Hey, pop.

Donna Robbins: Hey.

Wallace Boden Sr.: Hey.

Boden: Give me the baby.

Donna Robbins: Okay.

Boden: Come on.

Mouch: Detective Boden.

Wallace Boden Sr.: Randall.

Mouch: So great to see you… This gentleman right here is who I dedicate my illustrious career with the CFD to.

Otis: Illustrious?

Mouch: Let me show you something that will make your heart stop… Bam.

Herrmann: Oh. Come on.

Mouch: Taken the day I graduated from the academy. This man believed in me from the jump. Am I wrong, Detective?

Wallace Boden Sr.: Randall, you have exceed my wildest dreams and my expectations.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Wallace Boden Sr.: Times change, maybe. But Randall McHolland, he stays the same.

Boden: Yes, he does. Right here?

Donna Robbins: Mm-hmm.

Boden: Okay.

Wallace Boden Sr.: Your feeding the baby too much, darling.

Donna Robbins: Thanks.

Wallace Boden Sr.: That's why he keeps spitting up.

Donna Robbins: I'll ask the doctor about it.

Wallace Boden Sr.: And your burping technique, well now, that's something we can work on.

Donna Robbins: Any chance of you joining us for the well-baby check?

Boden: I would love to, Donna, but you know...

Wallace Boden Sr.: Hey, don't worry, son. I'll be there.

Boden: Thanks, pop.

Wallace Boden Sr.: Ah, he's spitting up again.

Donna Robbins: Shoot.


Severide: See the burn pattern? The "V" shape?

Dawson: Yeah. That's where the fire ignited the blast, right? But they didn't find any signs of arson. No accelerants. Nothing.

Severide: Right… But this is where I saw the squatters' fire.

Dawson: What are you saying?

Severide: If this is where the fire started, the burn pattern should be here. Not over there.

Dawson: Are you sure that's where it was?

Severide: Yeah, 100%. This is my landmark. This pole.

Dawson: Well, it's worth running by arson. You know anybody?

Severide: Yeah, I do.

Firehouse: Casey’s office

Herrmann: You wanted to see me, Lieutenant?

Casey: Yeah, Chicago Med called. They're having trouble tracking down a next of kin for Chaplain Orlovsky.

Herrmann: I see.

Casey: Yeah. You knew him pretty well, right? Any ideas?

Herrmann: Yeah, I met his mother one time. I'll sniff around, see what I can find out.

Casey: All right, thanks.

Herrmann: They say if he's gonna make it?

Casey: Uh... He's still unconscious. Could go either way.

Herrmann: For what it's worth, doing anything different could've put them both in the grave. You made the right call, Lieutenant… All you can do is play it like it comes.

Casey: Appreciate that, Hermann.

Herrmann: I'll let you know what I find out.

Main: Ambulance 61. Adult female with head injuries. 3331 West 17th Street.

House: porch

Brett: Someone called for a paramedic?

Mills: Fire Department, open up… Ma'am, is everything okay?

Darcy: I'm fine. Sorry to trouble you… It looks worse than it is. I'm a bleeder.

Brett: We're happy to take a look.

Darcy: My neighbour must have heard me yell. I was coming down the stairs and I tripped. I'm fine, really.

Mills: Ma'am, you're sure that your okay?

Frank: You heard her.

Mills: Look, we get in there, you set her aside. I'm gonna square off with that husband of hers. If she gives any acknowledgment of being beat... Anything at all, you call the cops, okay?

Brett: Got it.

Mills: All right. Ma'am, we need you to open up… Look, ma'am, you can decline treatment, but we're not gonna leave until you sign a refusal.


Brett: Have a seat, ma'am. I'll take a look at you.

Darcy: I'm fine, really.

Mills: Did you see what happened? Nothing, huh?

Frank: Nope.

Darcy: There's something I need to sign, or...

Brett: You can talk to me, okay? This bruise on the side of your face, is that a slap mark?

Darcy: What?  No.

Brett: If he hurt you, we can get you out of here. I promise.

Mills: Hey, can I help you with something?

Frank: This is my place, and that's my wife, and she said she's fine.

Mills: Well, she doesn't look fine.

Darcy: I don't want treatment, okay?

Brett: Sign here.

Firehouse: locker room

Brett: Hey, not trying to get in your business. Just checking on my partner.

Mills: I'm fine… That domestic. It just got under my skin. That's all.

Brett: I made an appointment with Boden's guy. The counsellor.

Mills: Yeah.

Brett: We could go together. I mean, if you want.

Mills: Thanks anyway.

CFD: Lynette Cunningham’s office

Lynette Cunningham: I'm not saying there's not something there. But arson reached the same conclusion you did the day of the accident. Squatters cooking on an open flame cause a 100 gallon propane tank to explode.

Severide: Neither arson, nor anyone else, knew the burn patterns we in a different place from where I saw the fire. I didn't even know it myself until we went back.

Lynette Cunningham: I hear you, Kelly. And it's interesting but inconclusive.

Dawson: Look, Leslie Shay wasn't just some victim in this fire. She wasn't just a paramedic on 61. She was my partner... For five-and-a-half years, and his best friend. So if there's even the slightest bit of "maybe," we will walk through hell to find out for sure.

Lynette Cunningham: The investigator in charge of the case is by the book. To be frank, he's a bit of a dick. All he shared with me was the summary… No guarantees, all right? But let me see if I can pull the file so you can take a look.

Dawson: Thank you.

Orlovsky’s apartment

Landlord: Used to take his mom to hear his sermons on Sundays. Then they'd go for blintzes at the golden apple. Good egg, Mrs. Orlovsky.

Casey: Got a number for her?

Landlord: She passed about six months ago. Been trying to paint this place for years. But the chaplain won't let me. Says he doesn't want me wasting the money.

Casey: Any idea of where he keeps his address book? Maybe I can find a number for another relative.

Landlord: No, but you're welcomed to poke around. He's in pretty rough shape, huh?

Casey: Critical condition.

Landlord: I hope he pulls through.

Casey: Yeah, me too.

Landlord: Ain't that the way life is?

Casey: How's that?

Landlord: Chaplain's always taking care of everybody else. Never had anybody to look out for him.


Commissioner: I'd like to welcome each and every one of you to this year's pee wee single "A" hockey draft.

All: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Herrmann: Pardon me, Commissioner, listen. I just want to remind everyone that we're here for the kids. So let's have a fun and respectful evening, and we'll have a terrific season, all right?

Chase Mason: Whoo! Welcome back, Mad Dog!

Otis: Be right back.

Commissioner: Now, to ensure parity in league play, each of your kids has been ranked on a scale from one to five. Each team will have no more than three players for any given category.

Otis: Check it out.Reason Hermann got band...

Cruz: Oh, I'm dying to hear this.

Otis: Championship game, two years ago, ten seconds left, right? Hermann's older kid, Lee Henry, gets a breakaway. Out of nowhere, a kid from the other team trips him from behind.

Cruz: Mm.

Otis: The other coach distracted the ref. So he never saw it.

Cruz: Oh, Hermann must have been so steamed!

Otis: He broke into the commissioner's car, stole all the first place trophies, and gave it to his kids instead. He left one behind though. Except he tried to cross out the word "champions" and wrote "cheaters".

Commissioner: Now in the three's, we've got Magonia, Lauritzen, and Hermann.

Herrmann: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Three? You're giving my kid a three? What'd your kid get?

Commissioner: Five.

Herrmann: Yeah, a five...

Cruz: Whoa, this is all on you, I gotta bounce.

Herrmann: Hey! You know what? If you run this league like you run your business? You know what? Your kid couldn't play hockey on a basketball court.

Otis: Happy hour at Molly's, two for one drinks for every dad in pee wee's, huh?

Brett and Dawson’s apartment: living room

Cruz: So, what do you guys think?

Dawson: What is it?

Cruz: It's my dad's old footlocker from the Navy. Sylvie mentioned you guys needed a coffee table, I thought this would be perfect.

Dawson: It's great.

Cruz: Right?

Dawson: Beer? Anyone?

Cruz: Ah, yes, please. Hermann wore me out.

Dawson: Oh, he will do that to you.

Brett: I don't think I have any, actually.

Dawson: Oh, yes you do.

Brett and Dawson’s apartment: kitchen

Brett: Oh.

Dawson: The perks of having a roommate.

Brett: Uh-huh… When my brother turned three, my parents made me share a room. And I remember, he came running in and yelled, "Sylvie, we're mermaids!" He meant to say roomies.

Dawson: That's adorable.

Brett: Yes, it was.

Cruz: Left something in the truck, be right back.

Dawson: So he's certainly enthusiastic, huh?

Brett: In ways you can't even imagine.

Dawson: For real?

Brett: Yeah. Yeah.

Dawson: Wow. Good for you.

Brett: What about you? How you holding up?

Dawson: I'm just... I'm just trying to keep the chaplain off my mind, you know?

Brett: You two were close, huh?

Dawson: He was there for me when I needed him.

Brett: I'm glad you're here.

Dawson: Yeah, me too… Mermaids.

Brett: Mermaids.

Boden’s house: living room

Boden: God... Um... There's something... Okay, um... Let's see. You sure he's not gonna roll off the table?

Donna Robbins: He's eight days old.

Boden: So like this right?

Donna Robbins: You just gotta get up in there.

Boden: Don't rush me.

Donna Robbins: I'm not rushing you.

Boden: So it's like this?

Donna Robbins: Mm-hmm.

Boden: Oh, yeah. We got this.

Donna Robbins: Yeah.

Boden: And there is your son… He's hungry.

Donna Robbins: Oh, hungry?

Boden: Yeah.

Donna Robbins: You know what? If one more person tells me that my baby is either hungry or full, I swear...

Boden: Okay, I'm sorry.

Donna Robbins: No, no. You have to talk to him tonight, Wallace.

Boden: I know. I am. I will.

Donna Robbins: You know, God love him, but your father's just driving me around the bend right now.

Boden: Donna, Donna, I will handle it.

Donna Robbins: Okay.

Boden’s house: kitchen

Wallace Boden Sr.: You got a beautiful life here, son.

Boden: Pop, we gotta talk.

Wallace Boden Sr.: I'm stage IV.

Boden: What?

Wallace Boden Sr.: Oncologist gave me about four months to live.


Dawson: Hey.

Lynette Cunningham: Oh, don't get up. Sorry I kept you. Took longer than I thought.

Dawson: Oh, no, I'm just grateful you could take the time.

Lynette Cunningham: You got decaf green tea?

Waitress: Sure.

Lynette Cunningham: So the investigator assigned to the case, this guy, Bill Jensen, stonewalled me when I asked for the file.

Dawson: Okay.

Lynette Cunningham: But one good thing about the antiquated interoffice mail system is that you can get access to any file. It took me a while to snap pics of every document. But, in the end, I got it done.

Dawson: How can I thank you.

Lynette Cunningham: Thanks… My first year on the job, I had this field training officer, Graham Tracey, he taught me the ropes. Blocked for me… Just an amazing human being. One night, we get called to a structure fire on South Racine. He makes this incredible save. Pulls out an eight-year-old kid right before the roof came down. He was making one last trip up the ladder, when his foot slipped. 35 foot drop. Died on impact.

Dawson: I'm sorry.

Lynette Cunningham: I know what it's like to lose a fellow firefighter… Do whatever you gotta do.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Casey: What's up?

Boden: Just got off the phone with Chief Hatcher. Apparently, CFD approved the alderman's request for a dedication ceremony in Shay's honour.

Casey: That's great, right?

Severide: Yeah.

Boden: It's gonna be next Thursday here at 51. Kelly, I was hoping that either you or Dawson would say a few words.

Severide: Yeah, of course.

Boden: In light of the storage unit fire, I understand if it's not a good time.

Severide: It's never not a good time.

Boden: Then, uh, then that's all.

Severide: Thanks, Chief.

Casey: Chief, everything okay?

Boden: It's my father. He's not doing well.

Casey: Sounds serious.

Boden: It is.

Casey: If there's anything we can do...

Boden: Just need two minutes to myself right now.

Casey: Absolutely.

Firehouse: garage

Severide: Atwater, what's up?

Kevin Atwater: What's up, man. I was in the area. Figured I'd tell you what I got in person.

Severide: All right.

Kevin Atwater: So the storage unit, leased out to this guy named John Johnson. Previous address he listed was 1956 Elvis Lane. Graceland, Tennesse. I found no car registered under his name, the date of birth he listed on the credit check was bogus. The guy's a ghost, man.

Severide: I appreciate you looking into it.

Kevin Atwater: I'm sorry, bro. I mean, if it was classified as a crime scene, there would be more I could do, but...

Severide: No, I get it. Thanks for coming by.

Kevin Atwater: Yeah, take it easy.

Firehouse: briefing room

Severide: There it is again. Second mention.

Dawson: Mm. Shredded news paper, so what?

Severide: They call it a trailer.

Dawson: Wait, yeah, I think I learned about this at the academy. It's a way to spread fire from wherever it starts to other flammable materials already there, right? Like plastic, or trash, or whatever.

Severide: Yeah, that way it doesn't look like arson.

Dawson: That would explain why the burn patterns are in a different spot then when you saw the squatters' fire.

Severide: Possibly.

Dawson: I guess we're going back.

Chicago Med: ER

Brett: Traumatic amputation. His heart rate's in the 130s and he is high as a kite.

Victim: My fingers. Where are my damn fingers at lady? You lost them? I am gonna get litigious on your ass.

Mills: Here are your fingers.

Nurse: Trauma three have a surgeon on standby?

Victim: Better not be nobody else's fingers in that bag. Can't fool me. I've seen the way you do people around here. I'm watching you, all of you, like a hawk.

Security Guard: All right, I gotta know.

Brett: Guy's sitting on the floor with garden shears when we get there. Only one left is his pinky. Says, "she loves me, bitch loves me not," cuts the sucker right off.

Security Guard: How romantic.

Mills: Eh.

Brett: All right.

Mills: Oh.

Chout: Pupils are unequal. Possible basal skull fracture. She's posturing.

Nurse: Get her into 2.

Mills: That's the woman from the domestic.

Brett: I'm pretty sure.

Mills: Hey, 3331 West 17th?

Chout: Yeah, how'd you guess?

Mills: Was her husband there?

Chout: They're married? He didn't seem real broken up about it.


Mills: Just wait right here. I'll be right back.

Brett: What are you going to do?

Mills: I just forgot the portable oxygen tank in there. Be right back. I'm gonna grab it.

House: porch

Frank: What's your prob...


Frank: You get your worthless ass out of my house right now or I'll have the cops here so fast...

Mills: Come on. You like hitting women?

Frank: All right, all right, all right!

Mills: You ever hurt her again, and I will come back here and kill you. You hear me?

Firehouse: garage

Brett: Can I talk to you?

Mills: Yeah, sure.

Brett: Portable oxygen tank is right here.

Mills: Yeah, it is.

Brett: Been here all day.

Mills: It was an honest mistake.

Brett: Really?

Mills: Yes.

Brett: You wanna B.S. the paperwork, that's one thing. But don't lie to your partner, ever. And if this is some kind of PTSD rage thing over what happened with Lullo, then go see somebody like Boden said. Because these things get worse.

Mills: You done?

Firehouse: locker room

Casey: Hey.

Dawson: Sorry.

Casey: Hello? Hey, Kendra, how is he?

Dawson: Chicago Med?

Casey: I see… I appreciate the call… Chaplain Orlovsky regained consciousness this morning. Odds are, he's gonna make a full recovery.

Dawson: Thank, God. That's so great.

Casey: Whoo.

Herrmann: I hear that right, Lieutenant? Chaplain's gonna pull through?

Casey: Yeah, he is.

Herrmann: What'd I tell you. Junkyard dog.

Dawson: Give him my love when you see him.

Casey: Right. I'm heading there right now.

Herrmann: Oh, hang on a sec, if that's the case. I ordered extra, hoping this moment would come. You tell padre that when he's back on his feet again, the Wicker Park Wolverines could use an assistant coach who actually knows something about hockey.

Cruz: Oh!

Otis: Hey! Now Cruz may not know anything about hockey, but me...

Herrmann: Do you guys have any idea who chaplain Orlovsky actually grew up playing with?

Cruz: No, who?

Casey: Hey, today's the first practice, right?

Herrmann: Yeah, well, it's not exactly a practice. It's more of a, what do you call it, uh... Team-building summit.

Casey: I got an idea for you.

Chicago Med: Orlovsky’s room

Casey: Hey.

Orlovsky: Lieutenant Casey.

Casey: Eh, Matt's fine.

Orlovsky: Matt, good to see you.

Casey: Good to see you too, Chaplain… Everyone from 51 sends their best.

Orlovsky: Aw.

Casey: And Gabriela Dawson send her love.

Orlovsky: Ah, how's she doing?

Casey: She's gonna make a great firefighter.

Orlovsky: Yeah. I figured she would.

Casey: Yeah, me too.

Orlovsky: Well, I was relieved to hear that the driver of the other car was okay. A young woman, Evelyn, right?

Casey: Yeah, that's right.

Orlovsky: God must've been looking out for both of us to have you be the one to respond to the call.

Casey: Oh, and this is from Christopher Hermann. Something about being an assitant coach?

Orlovsky: Coach. Tell him I accept the challenge.

Casey: I will. You take care of yourself.

Orlovsky: You too.

Casey: All right… Oh, and, uh, I heard that you and Bobby Hull came up together. And you turned down an offer from the Black Hawks to become ordained.

Orlovsky: Hermann tell you that?

Casey: Yeah. Is it true?

Orlovsky’s apartment

Herrmann: This is the year, my small friends, that the Wicker Park Wolverines are gonna barnstorm their way into the history books. Who's with me?

Kids: Me!

Herrmann: This team, us, we are coming home with the pee wee 10-and-under Chicago Championship Cup, or we're gonna leave some blood on the ice trying. Now I said it, who's with me?

Kids: Me!

Herrmann: The road to glory, the path to victory, is paved with two things: sacrifice and teamwork. And that is what we are doing here today. Now who's with me?

Kids: Me!

Herrmann: All right. Come on up. Get up here and get some paintbrushes. Get on those walls, everybody.

All: Wol-ver-ines! Wol-ver-ines! Wol-ver-ines! Wol-ver-ines! Yeah!

Boden’s house: living room

Wallace Boden Sr.: Hmm. There you go. Hey.

Boden: Hey. How you doing there, pop?

Wallace Boden Sr.: I'm doing just great, son.

Boden: How's he?

Wallace Boden Sr.: Oh, he is perfect.

Boden: Yeah.

Wallace Boden Sr.: Yeah.

Boden: Thanks for being here.

Wallace Boden Sr.: I just wanted to give Donna a little break. I'm not quite sure if I succeeded or not.


Severide: The trailer would have carried the flames from over there... To the propane tanks right here.

Dawson: It's just hard to tell what's what. Everything's so badly burned.

Severide: Well, forget about looking for shredded newspaper.

Dawson: Okay. So what are we looking for?

Severide: I don't know. Something else… Dawson! Come here.

Dawson: What is it?

Severide: You see this? See that staple?

Dawson: Matchbook?

Severide: Yeah. Bailing wire would have been used to hold a cigarette in place which would then burn down slowly until it lit all the matches.

Dawson: Like a slowburning fuse.

Severide: Yeah.

Dawson: Oh, my God, you were right. This was arson.

Severide: Which would mean that Shay was murdered, and whoever did it is still out there.

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