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Chicago Fire
#316 : Le mensonge de trop

Chef Pridgen est sous le feu après avoir fait une erreur tactique lors d'un incendie d’appartement. Il rejette la faute sur le lieutenant Casey et demande à Severide de faire toute la lumière sur cette erreur. Dans le but de se couvrir de toute faute, Pridgen demande de l'aide au lieutenant Welch, qui est confronté au choix de s’adapter à la caserne 51 ou de suivre les ordres égoïstes de son supérieur. Par ailleurs, Mouch est terrassé en apprenant que son don à une clinique de fertilité a entraîné une enfant qui, maintenant jeune adulte, veut le rencontrer. Pendant ce temps, Brett et Cruz invitent Dawson a un double rendez-vous et Boden concentre ses efforts sur son rôle de père. 


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Red Rag The Bull

Titre VF
Le mensonge de trop

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Chicago Fire 3x16 Promo "Red Rag the Bull"

Chicago Fire 3x16 Promo "Red Rag the Bull"



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Ecrit : Tiller Russell

Réalisé : Sanford Bookstaver

Guest Starring : Matthew Del Negro (Chef Pat Pridgen), Kenny Johnson (Tommy Welch), Amy Morton (Sergent Trudy Platt), Melissa Ponzio (Donna Robbins), Randy Flagler (Capp), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Kurt Ehrmann (Joel Tiberg), Alex Weisman (Chout), Steve Chikerotis (Chef Walker), Tim Ryder (Phil), Lily Mojekwu (Veronica Harrington), Alan Ball (Duncan), Michael HArp (AJ), Margot Thorne (Sarah Thompkins), Joe Keery (Emmett), Jacqueline Williams (Officier Becerra), F. David Roth (Brent Daniels), Grace Melon (Deidre)


Veronica Harrington: I apologize for keeping you waiting.

Mouch: Not a problem.

Veronica Harrington: What all have you been told?

Mouch: Just that it was urgent, and I needed to come in person.

Veronica Harrington: Well... You were contacted because we've suffered a security glitch. Some of the clinic's confidential records have been compromised.

Mouch: And this affects me how, exactly?

Veronica Harrington: We're contacting every sperm donor whose DNA has resulted in conception to let them know their identity may have become public.

Mouch: I'm sorry. Rewind. You're suggesting my DNA may have possibly resulted in a child.

Veronica Harrington: Well, that part's not in question. What I'm saying is it's possible the child may know that his or her biological father is donor 1128, and that... That's you, Mr. McHolland.

Firehouse: hallway

Pat Pridgen: How do you want to split it up, Casey?

Casey: What's that, Chief?

Pat Pridgen: The alimony payments. Or were you just hot-bunking her out the door?

Casey: Chief, I can...

Firehouse: locker room

Casey: Hey, you need to mind your own damn business.

Tommy Welch: Hey, I'm not the one sleeping with the chief's ex.

Casey: I let it go when you ran off your mouth to Dawson. Now Pridgen? You looking to get knocked on your ass, Welch?

Tommy Welch: The way I heard it, Beth got liquored up and blabbed to her sister-in-law. Either way, I got a ringside seat to watching your career go down the toilet.

Firehouse: dormitory

Brett: Guess who I ran into at my new Zumba class.

Dawson: Is it cheer or cringe worthy?

Brett: Phil.

Dawson: Phil?

Brett: From Chicago Med? You know, with the killer blue eyes.

Dawson: Oh, the hot guy in admin?

Brett: Yes.

Dawson: Ooh. And?

Brett: And I asked him out on a date... With you.

Dawson: What? I don't... I don't even know the guy.

Brett: That's why it's a double date. You know, you and Phil, me and Cruz.

Dawson: Sylvie, I don't know about this, seriously.

Brett: This is what friends are for. To nudge you when you're getting cold feet. Come on, it's gonna be awesome.

Dawson: Okay.

Brett: Yes!

Firehouse: kitchen

Herrmann: I thought these things were supposed to be completely anonymous.

Mouch: Which is why I checked the box marked "confidential."

Cruz: There's no secrets. Not anymore. Not on the internet.

Herrmann: So, how old is this kid?

Mouch: I'm not sure.

Herrmann: Well, is it a boy or a girl?

Cruz: Wait, you didn't ask at the clinic?

Mouch: No, because I don't want to know.

Severide: Hey, Mouch, you got a phone call.

Mouch: Who is it?

Severide: I don't know. But it's the second time the guy's called, so go pick it up.

Firehouse: bullpen

Mouch: Hello? My what? Oh, my car. Oh, thank God. I mean, thank you. No, yeah, I'll just pick it up after shift. Appreciate it, Maury.

Main: Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, structure fire, Washington and Kedzie.


Building manager: Go, go, go, go, go. I'm the building manager. We got a kid missing! On the third floor!

Pat Pridgen: The other tenants are accounted for?

Building manager: Yes, sir. All of them.

Pat Pridgen: Mouch, Cruz, south entrance. Herrmann, Dawson, grab irons. We'll take the north.

Building manager: You all need any help?

Pat Pridgen: No, stand down.

Deidre: My uncle, he fell down the stairs! His leg's hurt real bad. Can you help him?

Pat Pridgen: Where is he?

Deidre: He's down the block. Real close here.

Pat Pridgen: Casey!

Casey: Chief?

Pat Pridgen: Truck 81's being redeployed. Grab your EMS gear and accompany this young woman down the block!

Casey: Chief, we got a kid trapped inside a burning building.

Pat Pridgen: Did it sound like I was asking? Truck 64 is two minutes out. Move it! Clear how that works, Lieutenant? Red rag the bull and you get gored.

Severide: Yes, sir.

Pat Pridgen: Yeah. Get in there and find that kid! Let's go. Out of the way. Step back. Come on.

Severide: Capp, you're with me. Tony, Welch, take the East side. Let's go.

Tommy Welch: Right, got it.


Severide: Fire department! Call out!


Capp: Hey, hold up! You hear that?

Help me!

Severide: In there!

Please, help!

Capp: Get down! You okay?

Severide: Yeah. We can't go through there. We've got to find another way in. Capp, we'll go through the neighbours’ apartment… Hey, Capp! This way… Hey, enter through here! We'll punch through the back wall!

Capp: Okay.

Severide: All right, Capp… Call out!

Sarah Thompkins: Help!

Severide: Where are you? Call out!

Sarah Thompkins: Help me! Please help!

Severide: Hey! Did you lock the door?

Sarah Thompkins: Uh-huh.

Severide: Good job! Let's get you out of here!

Capp: Severide! Get out of here now!! Severide, you good?

Severide: Yeah.

Capp: Let's go.


Severide: No visible burns, but she sucked in a lot of smoke.

Mills: Okay. We'll bag her en route.

Brett: You're gonna be just fine. We're taking you to the hospital, okay?

Mills: All right. Let's go.

Casey: Look, I don't know what Welch told you about Pridgen's ex, but you should have heard it from me.

Dawson: It's a firehouse, Lieutenant. People talk. And we both agreed to take some time, which means that we can... See other people, right?

Casey: Glad you're okay with it.

Dawson: We're both grown-ups. Don't sweat it.

Pat Pridgen: So?

Casey: Sprained ankle. Guy refused treatment. Where do you want us?

Pat Pridgen: The fire's under control. Return to quarters.

Tommy Welch: Hey, we got this, tough guy.

Building manager: Help!

Dawson: Oh, my God!

Building manager: Aah!

Casey: Herrmann!

Dawson: Main, Truck 81, we're gonna need a second ambo at Kedzie and Washington.

Main: Copy that, 81. Second ambo en route.

Building manager: The kid. I went back in looking for her.

Dawson: Shh. You want to save your energy.

Building manager: I got trapped in.

Casey: Ambo's a block out.

Dawson: He's going into shock. Hey, sir, hey! Stay with me, stay with me. Look at me. Look at me. C-collar him.

Herrmann: Yeah, got it.

Dawson: Stay with me.

Chout: Dawson! What do we got?

Dawson: Fell from the third floor window. He's got a bilateral femur fracture. Possible head and spinal injury.

Chout: Okay, we got it. 77 to Main. Leaving Washington and Kedzie... With a trauma victim inbound for Chicago Med.

Main: Copy that, 77.

Boden’s house: Terrence’s room

Boden: Thought you were napping.

Donna Robbins: That makes two of us. I found this under the couch.

Boden: Oh, I'm sorry, babe. Mwah.

Donna Robbins: Now this is going back on the second that I leave. I know you, Wallace Boden.

Boden: No. "You can't turn back the clock, Wallace. The baby's only little for a short while."

Donna Robbins: Your father said that to you?

Boden: Yeah. That man never took any time off until he passed. That ain't gonna be me, Donna. Not with this little man. Is that okay? Ooh.

Donna Robbins: Ooh.

Boden: Hey, hey.

Donna Robbins: Well, this little man needs to nurse. So I will trade you… Yeah. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Firehouse: kitchen

Brett: Tomorrow night.

Cruz: Mm-hmm.

Brett: You and me.

Cruz: Mm-hmm.

Brett: Double date.

Cruz: Absolutely. Who with?

Brett: Dawson and Phil from Chicago Med.

Cruz: Wait. What? Are you out of your mind?

Brett: No. Why?

Cruz: Casey's my boss, and he and Dawson just broke up.

Brett: Exactly, key words being "broke up."

Cruz: No. Way, Unh-uh. Forget it.

Brett: Dawson really needs this, Joe, and I promised her. And the wheels are already in motion.

Cruz: What did you do?

Brett: Look, if you want to give Casey the heads-up as like a courtesy or whatever, go ahead, but we are going.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Casey: Can I have a word, Chief?

Pat Pridgen: Sure you can. Hell, we're practically family.

Casey: I had no idea who she was, all right? If I had, it never would have happened. Regardless. It's over. You have my word… The main thing is, I don't want this getting in the way of the job, for either one of us.

Pat Pridgen: Well, I can't speak for you, Lieutenant, but I'm a professional.

Casey: Chief...

Pat Pridgen: So I can assure you, it won't affect how I conduct my affairs, if you'll pardon the expression… Anything else?

Casey: Yeah. Welch.

Pat Pridgen: What about him?

Casey: If he keeps getting in my face, we're gonna have a problem.

Pat Pridgen: You got a beef with Tommy Welch, take it out behind the backstop and settle it like a man… Or float to another house. I already told you he's not going anywhere… Dismissed.

Firehouse: hallway

Cruz: He's a man. I'm a man. He'll get it, right?

Otis: Of course.

Cruz: I mean, it's just a date with his ex, right?

Otis: Totally. All right, man, you got this.

Cruz: No, hey, man... Uh, hey, Lieutenant?

Casey: What is it?

Cruz: Know what? Never mind.

Firehouse: kitchen

Severide: Hey, Chief Tiberg.

Joel Tiberg: Lieutenant Severide. The Battalion Chief here?

Severide: Oh, he just stepped out to the app floor a few minutes ago. What's up?

Joel Tiberg: Squad 3 was on the fire call at Washington and Kedzie, correct?

Severide: Yes, sir. We pulled out a young girl. Uh, Sarah...

Joel Tiberg: Thompkins. Yeah. Yeah, looks like she's gonna make it. You saw the building manager as well?

Severide: Yeah, he was there when we arrived. We all saw the aftermath. I didn't witness the actual fall.

Joel Tiberg: You're aware he's in critical condition?

Severide: No, sir. I wasn't.

Joel Tiberg: Well, his sister's an attorney, and now firehouse 51 is under investigation for negligence.

Firehouse: garage

Pat Pridgen: Joel, what do you say?

Joel Tiberg: Chief Pridgen.

Pat Pridgen: Something other than a social call, I gather.

Joel Tiberg: We're looking into the apartment fire on Washington.

Chief Walker: Whether the building manager was injured due to negligence.

Pat Pridgen: Well, let me stop you right there...

Joel Tiberg: CFD's concern, Pat, is that the fire got short-staffed when Truck 81 was redeployed and that this tactical error, if that's what it was, is what led to the injury.

Pat Pridgen: You're asking me why I made the call.

Chief Walker: That's correct.

Pat Pridgen: Well, based on the information at hand, I believed the EMS run to be a heart attack victim. In the moment, I made a split-second decision to save the man's life and... Let's take it into my office, shall we?

Firehouse: hallway

Pat Pridgen: But it turned out to be something less critical, obviously, but I didn't know that going in.

Chief Walker: I see.

Pat Pridgen: Now, the question I have, from a tactical perspective, is what took Casey so long to realize it wasn't a life-threatening emergency?

Chief Walker: What's the answer?

Pat Pridgen: I can't speculate what's in another man's head, Chief. I trust my lieutenants to handle their business.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Pat Pridgen: Now, if you're asking me whether there was an error in his judgment, well, that's for you to decide. Any further questions for Lieutenant Severide?

Chief Walker: No, carry on, Lieutenant.

Firehouse: kitchen

Cruz: Well, they can't possibly blame Truck 81. We didn't do anything wrong.

Otis: We weren't even there.

Herrmann: Exactly, if we were, maybe we could have prevented the guy from going back in or dragged him out before he got all jammed up.

Dawson: Every single one of us would have rather been in that building.

Herrmann: You know that, Dawson, and so do I, but do they?

Dawson: It's not like they can fault Casey. He was just following a direct order from Chief Pridgen.

Cruz: This is exactly the kind of thing we have union reps for. Right, Mouch?

Mouch: Mary Mother of God.

Herrmann: What?


Emmett: Hey, I know this probably comes as a shock. My name's Emmett Bird. I looked into it, and I think you may be my dad. Anyway, if you're willing to sit down with me, I'll be at the Golden Apple on Friday at noon. I'll be standing out front in a beanie and a Blackhawks jersey.

Otis: At least he's a Blackhawks fan.

Herrmann: Otis!

Mouch: This is a catastrophe.

Herrmann: I say you go meet him. What do you got to lose?

Mouch: No good can come from this, Herrmann, none.

Cruz: Why not?

Dawson: Seriously, Mouch, he's your kid. He could be really cool.

Mouch: In fact...

Voicemail: Message has been deleted.

Mouch: Problem solved.

Otis: Wow.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Pat Pridgen: I didn't hear you knock.

Severide: I didn't.

Pat Pridgen: We have a problem, Lieutenant?

Severide: I heard what you told Tiberg.

Pat Pridgen: And?

Severide: You knew that wasn't a life-threatening call.

Pat Pridgen: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Severide: I was there, Chief.

Pat Pridgen: It was a tactical decision to save a man's life. Full stop.

Firehouse: kitchen

Cruz: I can't do it.

Brett: You know what, don't sweat it if it's awkward with Casey or whatever.

Cruz: Really?

Brett: Yeah. Yeah. I'll just take Otis instead.

Cruz: What?

Brett: As a friend.

Cruz: You're not taking Otis.

Brett: I was friends with him before I was friends with you.

Cruz: Forget it.

Brett: Oh, he doesn't mind. Will you go with me, Otis?

Otis: Sure.

Cruz: Otis!

Otis: As a friend.

Brett: Joe, this is not about you or me. It's for Dawson. So either you suck it up...

Cruz: Okay! Fine. I'll do it.

Firehouse: Casey’s office

Casey: Yeah?

Cruz: Hey, Lieutenant, can I ask you a question?

Casey: What's up?

Cruz: How would you feel about Brett and me going on a double date?

Casey: What do I care?

Cruz: With Dawson and somebody else… You know what, I can tell that this is not the right time, so...

Casey: It's a perfect time. Go right ahead. Tear up the town.

Cruz: You're sure?

Casey: I'm her Lieutenant. That's all.

Cruz: Okay, thanks.

Casey: Oh, and, uh, Cruz, don't run this by me again.


Mills: Heads up. I'm not coming in next shift. I got a meeting.

Brett: What meeting?

Mills: Tests with medical section. See if I prequalify for Squad.

Brett: So you're gonna, what, just quit the ambo and drop me as a partner?

Mills: If I'm approved, honestly, yeah.

Brett: Wow, harsh.


Mills: Hey, clear out, guys. Paramedics coming through. Clear the way.

Coach: Hey, over here. Right here.

Brett: Stand back, please. Thank you.

Duncan: Stay calm, buddy. Paramedics are here. We're gonna be okay. We're gonna be fine.

A.J.: Daddy? Dad! Is my dad going to die?

Mills: Hey. My name is Peter, this is Sylvie, okay? What's your name, buddy?

A.J.: A.J.

Mills: A.J., we're gonna take care of your dad, okay? I promise.

Duncan: Just be strong. And do what they say, boy. Okay?

A.J.: Okay.

Brett: Ear is clear of spinal fluid.

Mills: We're gonna have to secure this skate before we can transport him to trauma.

Brett: A.J., I need you to stay perfectly still while we take off this boot. Can you do that?

A.J.: I don't know.

Duncan: You can do it, boy.

A.J.: Okay.

Brett: You're doing great, kiddo.

Mills: Stay still, A.J.

Brett: All right, nice and easy, A.J. I want you to pull your foot out on three. One, two, three.

Mills: Okay. Foot clear.

Brett: All right.

Mills: Good job, son. Hey, you. Go grab me some towels as fast as you can.

Duncan: Now, go help that security guard. Go with him, A.J.. Am I gonna die? I don't want to die. Please. My kid...

Mills: Hey, hey, buddy, you're doing great, okay? Just stay strong.

Duncan: Are you sure I'm gonna make it?

Brett: Absolutely.

Duncan: Please, God, please.

Coach: Right here.

Mills: Thanks.

Duncan: Gonna be okay. Okay, buddy? It's gonna be fine, bro.

Mills: We're just gonna roll you up on your side, all right? All right. You, grab his feet. Hey, come over here. Grab his chest. We're gonna roll him up, all right?

Brett: On three. One, two, three. I need you to go get that stretcher.

A.J.: Dad?

Brett: You can ride with us, A.J..

Firehouse: locker room

Severide: Welch, you know, you were the only other person who heard that girl tell Pridgen about her uncle.

Tommy Welch: Yeah, well where I come from, people who make statements against their Battalion Chiefs just don't last long in the CFD, Lieutenant.

Severide: Here at 51 we tell it like it is.

Tommy Welch: Yeah, well, you don't know Pridgen.

Severide: I know he's throwing Casey under the bus to cover up a mistake that he made.

Tommy Welch: Look, even if I were to put myself on the line, it sure as hell wouldn't be for your buddy… This idiot pissed him off, he can pay the price.

Casey: Say it again, Welch.

Severide: Easy.

Tommy Welch: Pridgen is gonna bury your ass, man.

Boden’s house: Terrence’s room

Boden: Donna, Lieutenant Casey is on his... Oh. Sorry. He's here. He's here, okay.

Donna Robbins: Okay.

Boden: Okay.

Boden’s house: living room

Casey: I'm telling you, Chief. I know what kind of guy Welch is, and he's goading me into it. And when I drop him, he's gonna take half my pension.

Boden: Then don't let him push your buttons. You know how this works. You got to go through Pridgen.

Casey: Pridgen's got it in for me.

Boden: Then maybe you shouldn't sleep with his ex.

Casey: I thought you were on furlough.

Boden: I know everything.

Casey: Nothing would make Pridgen happier than for me to crack Welch. That way, everyone forgets he almost killed my guys in the truck crash, and I come off as the bad guy.

Boden: It's just a couple more months, Casey, come on.

Casey: I'm not gonna make it till then. Either he's gonna have a broken neck or I am. So if I have to float to another house, that's what I'll do.

Boden: Look, please just keep your cool. I'll make some calls, okay?

Casey: Thanks, Chief.

Boden: Yeah.

Donna Robbins: Wallace?

Boden: Yeah, I'm coming.

CFD: hallway

Chief Tiberg: Send him in.

P.A.: Chief Tiberg can see you now.

Severide: Thanks.


Brett: No way.

Cruz: I'm telling you.

Brett: You are out of your mind.

Cruz: Dawson, will you please settle this for us?

Phil: I'm so sorry I'm late. Hey.

Dawson: Hey. Oh, sorry.

Phil: Phil.

Cruz: Joe Cruz.

Phil: Don't let me interrupt.

Cruz: Oh, actually Dawson was just about to settle an important argument for us.

Phil: About what?

Cruz: Who sees the crazier action, truck or ambo?

Brett: She's the only one who's seen both.

Phil: Oh.

Dawson: Let's just say for starters that no one calls 911 when they do something smart.

Cruz: Hmm! Amen.

Brett: So true.

Dawson: There are more calls on ambo and you definitely see more wackos.

Brett: Told you.

Cruz: Mm-mm. I'm going to Mills for a second opinion.

Dawson: But in the terms of straight up intensity, nothing beats the feeling of rushing into a burning building or bailing off of a rooftop that's about to collapse.

Cruz: That's what I'm talking about, girl!

Dawson: What about you, Phil? What's your scoop?

Phil: Uh, me? I work in Admin. It's mostly data entry.

Brett: That's cool.

Phil: I did fix this massive typo once, so... I'm kidding.

Brett: Oh.

Boden’s house: living room

Herrmann: This Pridgen, he's a real piece of work, Chief. I'll tell you about it over a beer.

Boden: I will gladly get you a cold one, Herrmann, but I'm gonna pass on the shop talk.

Herrmann: Are you kidding me? "Constant dates." Those were your exact words.

Boden: I've already had an earful from Casey. Besides, I am trying to unplug from the job for a while like my Pop suggested, you know? Support Donna. Spend some time with my boy.

Herrmann: Hmm. How's it going?

Donna Robbins: Wallace?

Boden: Yes, ma'am.

Donna Robbins: You mind giving a listen at his door, make sure the baby's down?

Boden: Glad to.

Herrmann: How you holding, Mom? That little kid wearing you out?

Donna Robbins: No. But he is.

Herrmann: Wallace?

Donna Robbins: Yeah.

Herrmann: What's going on?

Donna Robbins: Well, Lord knows I love the man and I appreciate his enthusiasm for fatherhood...

Herrmann: But he's really putting his shoulder into it, isn't he?

Donna Robbins: He needs to get back to work. Seriously. I think it would be better for everyone.

Herrmann: All right.

Firehouse: Severide’s office

Pat Pridgen: Lieutenant… Had dinner with Chief Tiberg last night.

Severide: Is that right?

Pat Pridgen: Yeah, our kids do Tae Kwan Do together. He said... Said you came to see him.

Severide: I did, yeah… I told him what happened at the apartment fire.

Pat Pridgen: Yeah, well... The fact that your statement conflicts with mine is a... A major problem... Especially given that there's a civilian in critical condition… You know, promotion exams are next month. I mean, you'd make a hell of a Captain.

Severide: I'm happy where I am, thanks.

Pat Pridgen: So you won't consider amending your statement?

Severide: I said what happened.

Pat Pridgen: You come at me, you better not miss, Severide... Because you could make Captain, or be stripped of your rank.

Firehouse: kitchen

Trudy Platt: Gentlemen, don't get up. There is nothing to see here.

Otis: Is that...

Trudy Platt: Cheese Danish from Dinkel's, and no, no they are not for you… Okay, come on. We got to talk… Come on.

Otis: I get first pick!

Cruz: No, no!

Otis: You always get the crust!

Firehouse: briefing

Trudy Platt: There are a handful of defining moments in a man's life, Randall. This is one of them.

Mouch: I thought we discussed this.

Trudy Platt: We did, but I just can't sit back and watch the plane crash into the mountain.

Mouch: Okay.

Trudy Platt: Emmett's gonna love you for who you are. And if not, the hell with him. But never to find out? You don't want to lay awake at night wondering.

Mouch: I don't know how to explain this, Trudy, but me at the firehouse... Works. It makes sense. On a call, I know what to do and what not to do. But when I leave 51... Things haven't always gone my way, okay? You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I thank God for it, every day. I just don't want to lift this garden stone… I'll be better off. And whether the kid knows it or not, he will too.

Trudy Platt: Okay.

Mouch: Okay?

Trudy Platt: You have all of 51. You have me. You might have had a son that loved you, Randall… But you'll never know.

Mouch: Wait… I'll go meet him.

Firehouse: Bullpen

Tommy Welch: Hi, Chief.

Pat Pridgen: Hey, have a seat.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Tommy Welch: What's up?

Pat Pridgen: CFD's inquiry into this apartment fire is now a full-blown investigation. Thanks to Lieutenant Severide, this thing has gone nuclear.

Tommy Welch: Huh? What's this?

Pat Pridgen: Your sworn statement that Lieutenant Casey and Truck 81 were redeployed because we believed it was a life-threatening emergency… All you have to do is sign.

Main: Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61. Hit and run, 3304 South Wabash.


Officer: Go block that side of the street.

Casey: Yeah.

Officer: Apparently the car fled after barreling  the sidewalk. Our guys are trying to figure out what the hell happened.

Severide: How many injured?

Officer: At least a dozen scattered over a block, maybe more.

Casey: We'll work our way down the block.  You leap frog.

Severide: Yeah, copy that.

Casey: Ma'am, you all right?

Mills: I'll call for an EMS Plan One.

Brett: I'm gonna start triaging.

Mills: All right.

Tommy Welch: You all right, kid? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy, kid. Hey, what's up, man? Easy now, easy.

Woman: What kind of a damn fool drives a car down the middle of a sidewalk?

Casey: We're gonna patch you up, okay? Here he comes again!

Tommy Welch: Easy, now. Come on, kid. Easy. Just let me check you out. Come on, kid. Easy, kid.

Firehouse: hallway

Casey: Yep. Bye.

Severide: Tiberg?

Casey: The main thing he wanted to know is what the girl told Pridgen. I had to tell him I didn't hear it.

Severide: Why not just question the girl directly?

Casey: They can't find her. The uncle refused treatment, so there's no paperwork.

Severide: So it's my word against Pridgen's.

Casey: Yeah.

Severide: Great… And the only other person there was...

Casey: Walking into Pridgen's office.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Pat Pridgen: Once this all shakes out, Squad 3 is gonna need a new lieutenant.

Tommy Welch: You know, everyone here at 51 has treated me with respect, Chief.

Pat Pridgen: And?

Tommy Welch: I just want to get along in this house.

Pat Pridgen: You don't sign this, Welch, there is no house. I brought you in here, and I can bounce you out.

Tommy Welch: Then bounce me out. Because I'm not lying for you.

Pat Pridgen: Then get your gear and get out.

Firehouse: locker room

Casey: Thanks.

Tommy Welch: Yeah, well, I was a firefighter before Pat Pridgen became Chief. I'll be one after he's gone.

Casey: Yeah.

Mouch’s car

Mouch: Emmett. Hi, I'm Randy McHolland. McHolland. Randy McHolland. Emmett, I'm your biological f... "Biological"? Emmett, hey, it's great to meet you. Thanks for reaching out.

Brett and Dawson’s apartment: living room

Brett: Okay, I admit it. The double date idea, total bust.

Dawson: You think?

Brett: The important thing is that you're getting back out there. I say we finish these and go anywhere besides Molly's. Because the perfect guy is out there somewhere. Let's go hunt him down.

Dawson: You know, the, um... The truth is I just... I just don't feel ready for all this.

Brett: Come on, it's ladies' night in, like, half the bars in Chicago.

Dawson: You know what I really need, Sylvie?

Brett: What?

Dawson: A friend.

Brett: You got one.

Boden’s house: living room

Herrmann: This one you're gonna want to hear. Trust me.

Boden: I just got off the phone with Deputy District Chief Tiberg.

Herrmann: All right, you first.

Boden: Welch gave a statement supporting Severide. Pridgen has been relieved of his command.

Herrmann: Oh, Chief, that is fantastic.

Boden: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but here's the thing. I haven't told Donna yet. I don't even know how to tell her because she's come to rely on me, you know what I'm saying?

Donna Robbins: Wallace?

Boden: Ah, suggestions? Come on.

Herrmann: Okay, just tell her that your family at 51 needs you. I mean, I bet you she'll understand that.

Boden: Okay, okay. Hey.

Donna Robbins: Hey.

Boden: How's my baby boy?

Donna Robbins: Sound asleep. Christopher.

Herrmann: Hey, Donna.

Donna Robbins: Is everything okay?

Boden: Um... There's no easy way to say this. My replacement Chief at 51, he's been ordered to step down.

Donna Robbins: You're going back to work.

Boden: I'm afraid I've got no choice, Donna.

Donna Robbins: Well, I hate for you to go, you know that.

Boden: I know.

Donna Robbins: But if they need you...

Boden: They do.

Donna Robbins: Then I understand.

Boden: You do?

Donna Robbins: Yeah.

Boden: Oh! Oh, God. Oh, God.

Donna Robbins: Thank you.

Herrmann: Okay, I'm gonna step out and make a quick phone call. I'm not getting it.


Casey: That's okay… No double date tonight?

Cruz: Nope.

Otis: Hey, how did it go?

Mouch: Good. Great. Nice guy. Just wanted to meet me, you know?

Trudy Platt: I told you it was gonna be okay, sweetheart.

Mouch: You were right. Scotch?

Casey: All right, thanks, Herrmann. Ugh!.. Truck 81 has been cleared of all wrongdoing. Chief Boden will be back at 51 next shift.

Cruz: No way! Huh?

Severide: What about Pridgen?

Casey: Gone for good.

Cruz: Mmm!

Otis: Yeah! Mmm! Drinks on the house, everyone!

Cruz: Yeah.

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