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Chicago Fire
#322 : La taupe

Avec l'insistance du sergent Voight, Casey décide de s'infiltrer un peu plus dans le club de strip-tease pour avoir la preuve de transactions louches de la part de Jack Nesbitt. Pendant ce temps, Otis et Severide continuent d'être en désaccord à propos de l'intégrité de Scott Rice, provoquant des tensions entre les membres du camion 81 et des secours 3. De son côté, Herrmann aide un autre membre de la caserne des pompiers.


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La taupe

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Ecrit : Andrea Newman

Réalisé :  Dan Lerner

Guests : Eric Mabius (Tom Nesbitt), Warren Christie (Scott Rice), Izabella Miko (Katya), Dora Madison (Jessica "Chili" Chilton), Samuel Hunt (Craig Gurwitch), Randy Flagler (Capp), Jason Beghe (Sergent Hank Voight), Jon Seda (Détective Antonio Dawson), DuShon Monique Brown (Connie), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Ryan Czerwonko (Igor), Michael E. Kurowski (Randy)

Firehouse: garage

Severide: Wow, look at that hustle.

Scott Rice: First shift always leaves this thing a mess, so...

Severide: No, great. Glad you're here. I wanted to talk to you.

Scott Rice: Yeah, what's up?

Severide: Um... Everything okay here?

Scott Rice: Sure, yeah. Can't tell you how grateful I am. I mean, being back to work full time is a little tricky with Logan, but... Hey, he's adjusted. Hey, check this out. He wrote a list of things he wants to do for his fifth birthday. Regular stuff, you know, Navy pier, Lego store, but, uh... Read what he wrote up top there.

Severide: "Go to Benihana with Uncle Kelly."

Scott Rice: Yeah. He always talks about that time we took him there and the guys cooking in front of him.

Severide: Yeah. Hey, Benihana it is.

Scott Rice: All right.

Firehouse: kitchen

Otis: I've always wanted to try that stuff.

Mouch: Look at that colour. I can see why they call it nectar of the gods.

Cruz: We gotta taste it, right?

Mouch: Drinking on shift, Cruz? Great idea.

Cruz: Not drinking. Tasting. One drop. One drop each.

Otis: Well, then there's the issue of it not belonging to us.

Cruz: Hey, better to ask forgiveness than permission, am I right?

Casey: Hey, is that Old Rumpelstiltskin 20? Yeah. Who brought that in?

Mouch: Uh...

Otis: It's for you, actually. It's from Jack Nesbitt, says "many apologies."

Mouch: That the strip club guy? What happened?

Casey: Difference of opinion. I'm done with Stilettos.

Cruz: Hmm. Ha-ha.

Firehouse: locker room

Chili: That shower was the greatest thing that's ever happened to me.

Dawson: Who was in there with you?

Chili: The true love of my life. Hot water.

Brett: None at home?

Chili: Oh, no, it got turned off. I didn't pay my bill on time. "Chilleeze" is soaking up all my funds… Hey, if you're not a risk taker, you should get the hell out of business, right?

Brett: Um, hey, if you need to borrow some, it's...

Chili: No! No way. I got this.

Firehouse: garage

Otis: So I look it up, and actually by law it turns out that bourbon has to be at least 51% corn. Now, the rest of it can be rye or barley...

Scott Rice: Hey, Otis, I need to change out a blade.

Otis: Sure, hang on. Now, in wheated bourbons, wheat replaces the rye or the barley.

Severide: Hey, guys. We just got a new shipment of airbags in. Let's roll 'em out, give them a try. Come on.

Scott Rice: Whoops.

Firehouse: hallway

Connie: Oh, Lieutenant. Sergeant Voight is on the phone for you.

Casey: What does he want?

Connie: Didn't say.

Main: Ambulance 61, Truck 81, Squad 3.

Casey: Tell Voight to go f...

Connie: Ah! I got you.


Randy: My brother, he went over the edge. He's not moving.

Casey: What's his name?

Randy: Justin.


Casey: Justin? Can you hear me, Justin?

Boden: Lot of blood.

Casey: He's non-responsive. How far is Squad?

Boden: Mile or two away.

Casey: I don't think we can wait, Chief. Let us rope down there, use our rigging.

Boden: Do it. Squad 3, hold off. They want to go rope down to the victim.

Squad 3

Severide: Chief, we're gonna be there in no time. Tell Casey to sit tight.

Boden: Negative, Squad. He could be bleeding out. No time to wait. 81's got this one.

Scott Rice: A rope rescue, and Truck has it?

Tony: You want me to head back to quarters?

Severide: No, screw that. Keep going.


Boden: Okay, slow. Nice and easy.

Dawson: He's breathing. Left pupil's blown, possible back and neck injury. Gash on his forehead.

Herrmann: Let's buckle him up.


Severide: Hey, Chief...

Boden: I told you to stand by, Squad.

Severide: We were a block away.

Boden: Okay, bring him up.


Casey: Pull her up.


Boden: Stop pulling!


Casey: Ho!

Otis: Hey, we got it, we got it. Back off.


Herrmann: We're good!


Casey: Okay, bring him up!


Boden: He's up!

Casey: Ho!

Tony: Set him on the guard rail. I'll get him off the line… Okay.

Capp: You need to stay back.

Dawson: Good job.

Brett: Pull up that other one. Good. All right, he has a head injury. We need a trauma bypass.


Capp: What's with the attitude from Truck?

Severide: They got here first, got a little souped up.

Scott Rice: I don't know. I mean, the way lines are blurred between Truck and Squad around here, no one would guess that Squad 3 is one of the elite firefighting units in this whole city. I mean, hell, those guys don't even respect the sanctity of the Squad table.

Firehouse: kitchen

Herrmann: Okay, kiddo. I'm here to captain this ship right to the sea of success. Let's talk about next steps.

Chili: Okay, great. I had a friend... He's an artist... he drew up some sketches for the "Chilleeze" logo.

Herrmann: This guy's an artist, like a real one?

Chili: Yeah, he can draw… Sort of.

Herrmann: Chili, this is real amateur hour stuff, all right. You need to have a proper mock-up. You gotta hire a professional.

Chili: Yeah, I know. I was just trying to save myself a couple thousand dollars.

Herrmann: You can't put a price on success.

Chili: Yeah, you're right. Thanks, Captain.


Severide: Otis.

Otis: Hey, what's up?

Severide: Whatever your feelings about Scott Rice, he's not just a good friend of mine, he's a highly trained member of Rescue Squad. You need to treat him with some respect. You got it?

Otis: Yeah, got it.

Severide: Good. That goes for everyone else on Truck… And don't sit at the damn Squad table.

Casey: Anything you two want to tell me? Okay. Let's go… Outside.

Outside the firehouse

Casey: Rice's mask malfunctions once, and you decide he's a ducker.

Cruz: Because I couldn't find anything wrong with his regulator.

Casey: Which begs the question, why are you snooping around his gear?

Otis: Look, it's not just the mask, Casey. There's also the time he went back for his Denver bar.

Casey: Yeah, I almost forgot... The Denver bar... That clinches it.

Otis: Lieutenant, I don't think we're overreacting here. What I do think is Severide is being blinded by his friendship with that guy.

Casey: You guys can't go around talking smack about a member of Severide's team and not expect him to tear you a new one! I don't want to hear another word. Got it?

Cruz: We got it, Lieutenant.

Connie: Casey, Sergeant Voight wants to talk to you.

Casey: Not interested. And tell him to stop calling.

Connie: He's not on the phone this time.

Firehouse: briefing room

Casey: You got 30 seconds.

Hank Voight: Listen... Your buddy over at the strip club, Jack Nesbitt, he's into some nasty business. We need a man on the inside… I think you could be that man.

Casey: Sorry. I'm out of the Nesbitt business. I'm not going back.

Hank Voight: Casey.

Casey: I'm sure as hell not in the Voight business. Never will be.

Firehouse: entrance

Herrmann: Whatever I said, it was in jest.

Dawson: We need to talk to you about Chili.

Brett: Did you know she's put every penny she's got into this "Chilleeze" idea?

Dawson: Look, she respects you, so we were hoping... Maybe instead of letting her put all her money into that new logo, you could get her to slow down.

Herrmann: "Slow down"? You think that's the advice Mark Cuban gives his contestants on Shark Tank?

Dawson: I literally have no idea, but...

Herrmann: You think Sir Richard Branson says every morning, "oh, I better slow down"? The answer is no. He says, "how much faster can I go?"

Brett: Chili is not a billionaire, Herrmann.

Herrmann: And neither were those two before they struck gold. Do you have any idea who Chili reminds me of? A young Christopher Herrmann. Big ideas, bright horizons. The last thing I'm gonna do is stand in that kid's way.

Dawson: Sorry, guys, one sec. Hey, Antonio, can I hit you back in a few? Of course, yeah. What's wrong?

Firehouse: Casey’s office

Casey: Everything okay?

Dawson: Yeah… Um... I just got off the phone with Antonio. He told me the guy, Nesbitt, who you used to work for, is... Pretty bad news.

Casey: Yeah. I talked to Voight about this.

Dawson: I'm coming to you on behalf of Antonio, not Voight.

Casey: Look... I know some of these clubs get shady with the books, but I didn't get close enough to...

Dawson: They're trafficking girls, Matt.

Casey: Jack Nesbitt?

Dawson: He works under a ring of guys who are smuggling in young women from Eastern Europe, and they funnel them into work at the club, force some into prostitution.

Casey: Damn it.

Dawson: Antonio says that they're really slick. CPD can't even get close enough to gather any intel. But what they hear is that Nesbitt trusts you… Antonio knows it's a big ask, especially considering your history with Voight. But right now, you're their best shot.

Outside the firehouse

Otis: I'm gonna say hook shot. Right here.

Cruz: Come on, Mouch.

Otis: That's an "r" for Mouch.

Severide: Watch it. Hey, you guys mind? Whoa! Doing drills over here.

Cruz: Yeah, guys, there's serious men doing serious work over there.

Severide: Okay, Capp, watch... Watch the victim's head. Tony, you got his body weight.

Otis: Oh, how perfect is it that Rice is playing the dead weight right now?

Capp: Man, those guys are asking for it.

Severide: The hell with 'em. They just don't like being low men on the totem pole.

Firehouse: kitchen

Cruz: I mean, you gotta give 'em some props though. Squad, they train hard. Every now and then, they do a badass rescue… I just wish they weren't so cocky about it.

Herrmann: Yeah… Hey.

Chili: What's up, Captain?

Herrmann: I think I got an idea to get people excited about this Chilleeze thing.

Chili: Yeah?

Herrmann: I'm thinking crowd funding.

Chili: You mean like getting other people to chip in money?

Herrmann: Yeah, diversity in start-up money is always a good thing.

Chili: Uh...

Herrmann: All right, look, all you gotta do is bring together a bunch of potential investors. You ask them for small donations, then you just gotta figure out some simple reward system for incentive. They get the payback when this thing goes big. Which it will.

Chili: Okay, so, like, I'll send out mailers and do like a friends and family thing?

Herrmann: Well, how about you put out an appeal to your pals here at 51. You could have a fundraiser at Molly's.

Chili: What, really?

Herrmann: Yeah, sure. I can help you put it together.

Chili: Okay. You've really got a gift for this stuff.

Herrmann: I know, I know. Hey! You all better show up.

Firehouse: bullpen

Brett: Hey, Chief.

Boden: Is everything okay?

Brett: It will be, I'm sure.

Boden: But everything is not okay now?

Brett: They're big boys. They'll figure it out.

Boden: Who? I was asking about your new partner.

Brett: Of course. Yeah, she's great. It's a really good fit. Thanks for asking.

Boden: What were you talking about?

Brett: Nothing.

Main: Ambulance 61, person down. 9633 North Cleveland Avenue.


Brett: Baptism, funeral, or...

Chili: Wedding.

Man: Over here. We were in the middle of the wedding when all of a sudden she dropped like a lead balloon. This way.

Groom: Hurry up.

Bride: We can't tell if she's breathing… Is she dead?

Groom: You gotta get her up. We didn't even finish the vows.

Brett: Groomzilla, there's a very sick woman here. Can you calm the hell down?

Chili: Can anyone describe the pastor's condition before she lost consciousness?

Bride: She looked a little confused. Like, forgetting what she was going to say. Dad, you were talking with her just before.

Dad: She said she had a headache so I gave her a couple aspirin.

Brett: Can I see what you gave her, sir?

Dad: Course, yeah.

Brett: Do you have high blood pressure, sir?

Dad: Yeah, I do. How'd you know that?

Brett: I think he gave her blood pressure medication.

Dad: Oh, my god.

Chili: Hypovolemic shock, it's consistent with the symptoms. I'm going to get a line going.

Brett: Okay… All right, bolus is ready.

Chili: Got it. Run it wide open.

Pastor: Oh! Ohh! I'm so sorry.

Dad: Thank god.

Brett: All right, I'm sorry, guys, the wedding's still on hold. We need to get the pastor to the hospital to get checked out. It won't take long.

Pastor: Whatever you think is best.


Chili: "Groomzilla." Good one.

Brett: Thanks. Hey, you did that bride a favour. Now she has a few days to reconsider.

Pastor: Amen.

Firehouse: laundry room

Scott Rice: You gonna run a load or you just here to keep an eye on me?

Otis: Look... We both know what's going on.

Scott Rice: What I know is that I'm the new guy, so I'm just hanging back and letting my lieutenant deal with this. Once that's run its course, if we still got a problem, you and me are gonna take a walk. We're gonna figure this out.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Casey: Connie said you wanted to see me, Chief.

Boden: Yeah, come on in… Close the door.

Casey: Okay.

Boden: What is going on in my firehouse? Is there some kind of problem with Scott Rice?

Severide: The only person who's got a problem with Scott Rice is Otis. And it's a total load.

Boden: Specifically?

Severide: It's not worth repeating.

Casey: I agree, and I've already talked to Otis about it.

Boden: Well, now you're talking to me. What is the accusation?

Severide: There's a bogus claim that Rice ducked on a call.

Boden: If it was bogus why hasn't it been put to rest?

Severide: That's what I want to know.

Boden: Okay, the two of you. Get this situation under control. Understood?

Casey: On it, Chief.

Firehouse: bullpen

Severide: You gonna talk to your guys?

Casey: I will, yeah.

Firehouse: hallway

Casey: Right now I gotta go deal with Jack Nesbitt.

Severide: Your... Your side business is more important than this?

Casey: Actually, yeah... It is.

CPD: Voigh’s office

Antonio Dawson: Sergeant, old friend of yours is here.

Hank Voight: Thanks for coming.

Casey: You win. What do you need from me?

Hank Voight: How long you work for Nesbitt?

Casey: Little over a month, I guess.

Hank Voight: Doing what?

Casey: Expanding his club.

Hank Voight: You see anything shady in your time over there?

Casey: It's a strip club.

Antonio Dawson: These guys traffic Eastern European women against their will across the Canadian border through an Indian reservation. They force them into work... It's a kind of indentured servitude.

Casey: Like dancing at Stilettos?

Hank Voight: Yeah, if they're lucky.

Antonio Dawson: Point is, Nesbitt's almost certainly involved in some capacity. I mean maybe he's only laundering the gang's money through his club, but he could be in much deeper.

Hank Voight: Look, Casey, these women are being held against their will. Most of 'em have a sister or a mother back home who's under threat from the gang.

Casey: Look, I get the general concept. Just tell me how I can help.

Antonio Dawson: All right, first step, go to Nesbitt and get your job back. We'll figure it out from there.

Jack Nesbitt’s club

Casey: Old Rumpelstiltskin 20. Only the best, huh?

Jack Nesbitt: Always.

Casey: Two scotches, on the rocks. Thanks.

Jack Nesbitt: Are you buying me a drink in my own place?

Casey: Listen, Jack. If we don't get in each other's faces, I think we'll work together just fine.

Jack Nesbitt: Sounds more than fair… You passed the integrity test, Matt. An honest man is... Hard to come by in this town.

Casey: Can't argue with that.

Jack Nesbitt: Welcome back. Friday night, I'm hosting an event. The investors want you there. Can you make it?

Casey: Friday?

Jack Nesbitt: Mm.

Casey: Yeah, sure.

Jack Nesbitt: Katya. Show Matt a good time, will you?

Katya: Of course. I knew you'd be back.

Casey: Really? I wasn't so sure. What's this event on Friday?

Katya: Oh, it's just a little thing we do from time to time to show off the new girls. I'm glad you're back, Matt. You and me, we can look out for each other… That sound okay?

Casey: Yeah.


Chili: Okay, so the SEC has a lot of really boring rules about what constitutes as an investment, for, um, a private business. So, technically I can't really solicit investments, and you guys wouldn't be considered investors. You'd be backers. And, the good news is, is that backers get rewards… Yeah, do you wanna hear what the rewards are? Okay, so, for ten dollars or more you'll receive a six-pack of the inaugural round of Chilleeze champagne.

Capp: Wait, how many?

Chili: Hey guys, actually, you know what, could you maybe tighten up the ranks a little bit so I don't have to yell at you?

Herrmann: Yeah, come on up. Don't be shy. We've got plenty of room up here. Come on. Slide up.

Otis: Oh, sorry, you know, this is a Truck table. No Squad allowed. I'm sure you guys understand.

Capp: When did you get so mouthy?

Otis: You know what, I think it was right around the time I was accused of being a whiny gossip, when the fact of the matter is I'm right. Rice is a ducker.

Tony: Whoa.

Otis: Hey! Hey, man, hey!

Brett: Hey, guys, come on!

Severide: Why don't you stand up, huh?

Brett: Guys!

Severide: Listen, mate, I told you once, you need to shut your mouth. You don't get a second warning.

Otis: You keep sticking your head in the sand. Rice was ducking... And no one on Squad gives a crap!

Mouch: Knock it off.

Severide: You know what, there's plenty of other places in this town to grab a drink.

Dawson: Yeah, there are.

Capp: You better watch yourself, Otis.

Herrmann: Hey, enough with this sideshow. All right, let's go, come on. Back to the main event, man. All right, so listen, Chili, you were saying about the rewards, and...

Chili: It's okay. Let's just forget it.

Herrmann: Nah, come on, are you sure?

Chili: It's fine. I'll just do it at the firehouse again sometime.

Herrmann: Really?

Severide and Casey’s apartment

Hank Voight: I'll be here early, so stop by the district on your way to work. We can go over the details.

Casey: You out of your mind? Did you really take a swing at Otis?

Severide: Tried to… And I might try again. You need to get your guys in line.

Casey: Maybe my guys aren't the problem.

Severide: The hell they're not.

Casey: Before your buddy Rice got here, Otis and Cruz were just as much family to you as Capp and Tony.

Severide: I know Rice. He's not a ducker.

Casey: You better be damn sure.

Severide: Yeah, and you better keep Truck on their side of the fence.

Casey: Oh, that's always a great move. Drawing lines between Truck and Squad. Like when you decided Squad doesn't vent right before Darden went up in flames.

Severide: Did you really just say that?

Casey: I'm just trying to make the point...

Severide: I got the point. Loud and clear.

Firehouse: hallway

Mouch: Yeah, all I'm saying is, you've made your point. But now it is time to drop it.

Otis: What, pretend I didn't see what I saw?

Mouch: Well, of course not. But the bottom line is, we all gotta live together.

Otis: What if it happens again? Severide needs to take a hard look at Rice, instead of coming at me with his fists cocked.

Cruz: Severide is just doing his job as Rice's lieutenant, standing up for his guy.

Otis: Yeah, well, who's gonna stand up for me?

Dawson: Hey, I am. I got your back 100%.

Mouch: We all have your back. That's not in question. But...

Dawson: Hey, Connie, what's up?

Connie: Chief Boden is looking for Otis.

Firehouse: hallway

Otis: You looking for me, Chief?

Boden: Yeah, come on in. Close the door and have a seat.

Otis: What's up?

Boden: I hear you still have a problem with Scott Rice.

Otis: I think he's a danger to this firehouse. Yeah… Chief, twice. I saw him back out of a call when things got hairy. So-called "equipment issues." Both times.

Boden: Do you have any proof they weren't real issues?

Otis: No… It is a gut feeling.

Boden: Okay… Is there anything else going on with you that I need to be made aware of, Brian? You fed up being stuck on elevator duty for the last seven years? Tired of the grind of shift work? Do you need to take a furlough?

Otis: No, sir, I... I'm very happy here at 51.

Boden: Then I suggest you stop shooting off your mouth. Lieutenant Severide is responsible for supervising the men under his command and I intend to let him do so. Now, can you handle that... Or not?

Otis: I can, sir.

Boden: Get back to work.

Firehouse: locker room

Herrmann: Hey.

Chili: Oh, hey.

Herrmann: How you doing?

Chili: Great.

Herrmann: Yeah?

Chili: Hey, I'm ready for another one, just... Truck and friends only this time.

Herrmann: Maybe... We hold off on it a little while.

Chili: "Hold off"?

Herrmann: I know that you think I'm an overnight success, but the truth is, I took a lot of real big hits before I got Molly's up and running. I lost my shirt more than a couple of times.

Chili: Are you abandoning ship, Captain?

Herrmann: I don't wanna see you hurt, that's all.

Chili: Okay. All right, I totally get it. But just so you know, I'm all in on this thing, whether you're helping or not.

Herrmann: I admire your stick-to-itiveness, but...

Chili: I'm not giving up, Herrmann… Hey, thanks for all your help. Nobody supported me like that since my dad died… This whole Chilleeze thing was his idea. You know the funny thing is, is you actually... You remind me of him… It meant a lot. You looking out.

Firehouse: hallway

Severide: Hey, um, Rice, I've been meaning to ask... Are you still using that loaner or did you get your mask back from the shop?

Scott Rice: Ah, no, got mine. Jerry at Air-Mask said it was just a faulty gauge. Fixed it up good as new.

Severide: Glad to hear it.

Main: Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambo 61... Car fire.


Man 1: Hey! This guy needs some help!

Boden: Anybody else in that vehicle?

Man 2: It's just him.

Boden: Okay, Truck, help 51 and get a line on that fire.

Casey: You two, help with the victim, get a line from engine, bring her up.

Boden: Squad, stabilize that vehicle, turn that ambo around and back her up here.

Tony: Yeah, copy.

Mouch: Give the medics room to work, please.

Boden: Hey, come on, back up people, let's go.

Mouch: Back it up, back it up.

Herrmann: Miss, I need you to hop out. Everybody, stand on the side. Because I said so.

Cruz: Everybody back up, please, just back up!

Severide: Capp, get the chocks!

Capp: Got it.

Chili: One, two, three.

Boden: Get a line on that truck! Let's move!

Capp: Chief!

Boden: Look out! Truck's rolling!

Chili: Oh, god. Everybody move, now!

Boden: Lift him! Severide!

Dawson: Damn.

Boden: Okay, let's get some water on it.

Brett: We were almost road-kill.

Chili: Yeah, thanks for letting us keep our guts on the inside.

Cruz: Here comes the water!

Firehouse: kitchen

Chili: Hey, whatcha making?

Herrmann: Cheese toast, my specialty.

Chili: Little light on the cheese.

Herrmann: My kids say the same damn thing.

Chili: Hey, so I just hope you know, I ain't mad at ya.

Herrmann: I'm glad to hear it. 'Cause I been thinking about it again.

Chili: Uh-oh.

Herrmann: If you're gonna keep going, so am I. You steer and I'll be your category five at your back. But you gotta promise me one thing.

Chili: What?

Herrmann: No more using your own money on Chilleeze. All right, I spoke with Cindy about this. We're gonna give you a personal, no-interest loan, from the Molly's fund. That's how much I believe in this thing.

Chili: Wow, um... I can't accept that.

Herrmann: Hey. You can and you will… And here's what you can give me in return. Nothing more than a chance to get in on the ground floor when this thing's up and running.

Chili: Hermann! You're the man.

Herrmann: You're a good kid.

Chili: Thank you.

Firehouse: cloakrooms

Dawson: Hey, how's uh, everything going with the case?

Casey: So far, so good.

Dawson: Heh. Man, this sucks. Just knowing that you're maybe in a... In a bad situation, and I had something to do with putting you there.

Casey: Gabby, don't worry. I'm glad you came to me. It's gonna be fine.

Dawson: Well, Antonio knows that I will kill him if he lets anything bad happen to you, so...

Casey: Oh, yeah?

Dawson: Yeah. I can't help it… Just... Swear to me you'll be careful?

Casey: Cross my heart.


Severide: Hey, Rice. Hey, hold up a sec.

Scott Rice: Hey, what's up?

Severide: I just want to make sure this doesn't go unsaid. If you ever need to talk to me about anything, anything at all, you know you can, right?

Scott Rice: Sure, yeah, I know. Like what?

Severide: Anything.

Scott Rice: What's going on, Kelly?

Severide: It's my duty as your officer to check in, make sure you're all right.

Scott Rice: You got a question, spit it out.

Severide: Okay… I need you to look me in the eye and tell me that your mask malfunctioned on that call. That you weren't just bailing when things got tough.

Scott Rice: I swear to you, man to man, that my mask was not working.

Severide: Okay, good… I had to ask.

Scott Rice: Sure, yeah, no, I get it. You're in a tough spot, trying to be my friend, as well as my lieutenant. Let me make it easy on you… From now on, you just worry about being my lieutenant.

Severide: Scott.

CPD: 21 back entrance office

Mouse: So it looks like a regular cell phone, right? Except, inside, behind the battery, a listening device. When you press the volume button all the way up, that's recording high-quality audio. It's got a built-in microphone, totally self-contained, no wires. So, I won't be asking you to shave your chest… Go ahead, if you want, just don't do it on my account.

Casey: How do I turn on the screen?

Mouse: Same as a regular phone… Look, if you don't like it, you can go with the key fob, you tap that button twice, it starts recording. Pretty, uh... Unobtrusive.

Casey: Hm. Shouldn't it have a logo on it? Ford or something? This looks pretty fake.

Hank Voight: You're over-thinking this, Casey.

Casey: That's easy for you to say. It's not your ass on the line. I'll take the phone. Just tell me what you need me to do.

Mouse: All right.

Hank Voight: We think Nesbitt's bringing in a new shipment of women and he's gonna try them out at this party. We want you to engage Nesbitt and his friends, try to get him talking specifics about the operation. Names of anyone involved, how the girls are smuggled in, how the money is laundered.

Casey: And how am I supposed to get these scumbags to talk to a contractor they barely know?

Hank Voight: Well, you're close with a girl over there, right? You could use her.

Casey: One thing I don't get. There are hundreds of contractors in Chicago. Why is Nesbitt so interested in me?

Hank Voight: You probably make him feel comfortable. You're a fellow firefighter, trustworthy. Look, maybe he's using you as a front.

Casey: Yeah, or a patsy.

Hank Voight: Anything's possible. Look, you don't have to worry. We got your back.

Casey: You better.

Jack Nesbitt’s club

Casey: Matt Casey.

Jack Nesbitt’s club: briefing room

Casey: Jack. How are ya?

Jack Nesbitt: Good, Matt. You?

Casey: Ahem. Yeah. Guys. So, uh, what's going on?

Jack Nesbitt: Come on over, have a seat. Come on. Please.

Igor: First things first.

Casey: What's this?

Jack Nesbitt: Sorry, Matt, I guess it's standard procedure. Please.

Igor: Wait, let me see your phone.

Casey: Ahem. What for?

Igor: Let me see it.

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