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Chicago Fire
#403 : Passer à autre chose


La pression de la caserne 51 est au plus haut lorsque les Affaires Internes interviennent pour enquêter sur une incendie récent. Au moment où apparait la preuve qui pourrait éclaircir tout ça et tirer le Chef Boden d'affaire, de nouveux rebondissements émergent et pourraient le remettre dans l'embarras. Brett et Chili répondent à un appel de routine, et se retrouvent très vite en danger en aidant une victime de coups de couteau. Pendant ce temps, la caserne reçoit un appel d'un grand hotel pour un ascenseur bloqué, ce qui testera le courage de tout le monde. La recrue Jimmy Borrelli est en conflit avec son grand frère, Danny, qui cherche à le faire transférer dans une autre caserne.


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I Walk Away

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Passer à autre chose

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Ecrit : Sarah Kucserka, Veronica Becker

Réalisé : Tom DiCillo

Guests : Rachel Nichols (Jamie Killian), Brian White (Dallas Patterson), Steven R. McQueen (Jimmy Borelli), Fredric Lehne (chef Ray Riddle), Randy Flagler (Capp), Andy Ahrens (Danny Borelli), Brian Geraghty (Sean Roman), Nick Gehlfuss (Dr Will Halstead), Oliver Platt (Daniel Charles), Mark Hengst (Roger Maddox), Stephen Eugene Walker (Nick Duffy), Mindy Bell (Suzie Wilder), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), DuShon Monique Brown (Connie), Charin Alvarez (Tricia), Cam Dupre (Damon), Jose Santiago (Steve), Regie Cashaw (M. Travers)


Patterson: What's Severide doing here? I thought this was an officers' meeting.

Boden: It's a breakfast.

Patterson: Got it.


Casey: What did Riddle say?

Boden: Keep our heads down. The usual.

Patterson: Bunch of politics.

Severide: How's it looking?

Boden: It's not good, especially if these accusations don't go away.

Casey: Must've been 50 people outside that fire, and not one of them comes forward?

Severide: A guy died. No one wants to take the blame for that.

Boden: Listen, I got you all here because I want to make things very clear. Keep everyone in the house out of this… Let them focus on their jobs.

Waitress: Here you go.

Patterson: I got it.

Waitress: No, it's already been paid for.

Casey: What?

Waitress: The guys in the back corner.

Firehouse: bullpen

Connie: Riddle's called already.

Boden: Oh, fantastic.

Connie: Reporter from the "Sun Times" too. I told them no comment, and you have your meeting with Brett right now.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Boden: Right.

Brett: Something wrong, Chief?

Boden: I've been meaning to talk to you about a patient that you had, Alicia Morales? The baby boy that you delivered… I heard that you stopped off at Chicago Med to pay him a visit, more than a few times.

Brett: Yes.

Boden: I've had a few of those myself, the ones I couldn't save, or worse, the ones I could save who didn't have much of a life to go back to… This job: you drop off, you walk away. You don't do that, you drown.

Brett: Yes, sir… Won't happen again.

Firehouse: garage

Casey: Nope, again… What are you waiting for? Come on.

Herrmann: You really got him busting his hump, Lieutenant.

Casey: Kid's got potential.

Herrmann: Yeah.

Casey: Might be the best candidate I've seen come through here.

Otis: Hey, former candidate right here.

Main: Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61. Accident, 2599 W. 24th Street.

Herrmann: 24th Street again. You got to be kidding me.

Mouch: Here we go.

Herrmann: Let's go, candidate!

Truck 21

Mouch: No one blocking the road this time.

24th Street

Boden: Okay, people, back away from the scene. Back away.

Tricia: Oh, thank God.

Casey: Yeah, talk to me.

Tricia: My husband... He was unloading the thing. It just fell.

Casey: What's your name?

Tricia: Tricia.

Casey: Okay, Tricia, let's take a look. I'm Lieutenant Casey. What's your name?

Steve: Steve.

Tricia: What happened here, Steve?

Steve: Cable... Snapped. Doesn't hurt as much as you'd think.

Casey: Where are you guys moving, Steve? Hey, hey, stay with me.

Tricia: Oh, my God, what's happening to him?

Chili: Breathing's agonal. Looks like an arterial bleed in the leg.

Brett: Irregular heartbeat. Possibly A-fib.

Chili: I'm really worried about Crush Syndrome.

Tricia: What does that mean?

Chili: Secure an airway and intubate. I'll get the tourniquet and IV going.

Casey: All right, let's move over here. Let them do their job… Tricia, this here is Jimmy. He's gonna keep you updated on the situation.

Borelli: You've got the best people in the city working on this. I promise you that.

Patterson: All right, we're gonna get 4x4 cribbing and airbags. You got to dig around it. Get a big enough gap to lift up the pod and slide his leg out. Let's go, let's go… Cruz, loosen up that dirt.

Cruz: Right.

Casey: Herrmann, you get the corner.

Herrmann: Got it.

Patterson: Now the cribbing and air bags. Okay, on my count, we're gonna raise the bags. One, two...

Chili: Stop, stop! Tell them to stop. You can't lift that off of him.

Patterson: What?

Chili: He's going into Crush Syndrome. As soon as you release the limb, he's going into cardiac arrest.

Brett: If we're gonna save this guy, we're gonna have to leave the leg behind.

Boden: Okay, call Chicago Med. Tell them to send a trauma surgeon. We're gonna have to amputate.


Will Halstead: Did you give him anything?

Chili: A liter of fluids and an amp of bi-carb.

Will Halstead: Are we in contact with the family? I'll need consent.

Casey: Yeah, just give me a sec.

Will Halstead: Yeah... All right, let's prep either way.

Tricia: Oh, God, Steve, is he okay?

Casey: Don't worry, he's stable, but we've called in a trauma surgeon from Chicago Med.

Tricia: A surgeon? For what?

Casey: Your husband has a condition called Crush Syndrome. If we lift the pod off of his leg, he'll go into cardiac arrest.

Tricia: No.

Casey: If there was any other option, we'd take it. I just want to see your husband out of here alive.

Tricia: No, I'm sorry, but no.

Borelli: Tricia, look at me. You and Steve, you've been saving up for this new place, what, five years?

Tricia: Eight.

Borelli: You have a nice house, two kids. That is the dream. You guys have a long life ahead of you. I don't want you to lose all that.

Tricia: Can I hold his hand?

Casey: Come on.


Cruz: Not exactly a round of applause.

Severide: What do you expect from this neighbourhood?


Dawson: Do you remember anyone buying any large quantities of turpentine, butane, K1 kerosene?

Mr. Travers: Nope. Of course you're welcome to go through these receipts.

Dawson: Thanks.

Mr. Travers: That it? Store don't run itself.

Dawson: We'll give you a call if we need anything else.

Suzie Wilder: Just as helpful as the rest of those clowns, huh?

Dawson: Yup.

Suzie Wilder: Remember, arson...

Dawson: Is hard to prove. Yeah, I remember.

Firehouse: garage

Cruz: Hold up. You let her borrow your car? You don't even let me look at your car.

Jamie Killian: Hey.

Severide: Hey.

Jamie Killian: Thanks for letting me borrow her.

Severide: Come on.

Jamie Killian: You saved my life, you know?

Severide: Yeah, I get that all the time.

Jamie Killian: Shut up.

Severide: So how did it go?

Jamie Killian: Oh, you know, I threw in a little case law here, a little due process there, and I talked it off with some exculpatory evidence.

Severide: So you won.

Jamie Killian: No, I did not. Pretty sure that was my last chance. They've started taking bets in the lunch room like when I'm gonna get fired.

Severide: Hold up, fired?

Jamie Killian: Unless I bring in a big-fish client, yup… Whatever, I may just surprise them all and quit.

Severide: Don't panic, okay? We'll strategize tonight.

Jamie Killian: Strategize.

Severide: Yes.

Jamie Killian: Mm, okay… Bye.

Chicago Med: NICU

Daniel Charles: Cute, huh?

Brett: Yeah. Are you a doctor in the NICU?

Daniel Charles: Nah, I'm just stopping by. Babies cheer me up. Weird, huh? You?

Brett: Paramedic. I delivered him.

Daniel Charles: Oh. Hmm… Where's the... Where's the mother?

Brett: He doesn't have anyone. That's why I come… Don't really know how much longer he's gonna be here. Doesn't even have a name.

Daniel Charles: Tell you what, I... If I hear something, maybe I'll let you know.

Brett: You would do that?

Daniel Charles: On the down-low, yeah. Oh, yeah… Ambulance 61, right?

Brett: Yeah. I'm Sylvie. Thanks.

Firehouse: garage

Casey: Hey, beautiful.

Dawson: Don't... Don't lie to me.

Casey: What?

Dawson: I was up all night, and everything on TV kept making me cry… Hormones.  Doctor's appointment on the 12th.

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Dawson: They said that we'll be able to hear the baby's heartbeat.

Casey: Wow.

Dawson: I know, right?

Casey: This is real.

Dawson: This is real.

Mouch: Knock it off.

Herrmann: Hey, Gabby, what you doing here?

Mouch: Miss us yet?

Dawson: Uh... Some of you.

Mouch: Ouch.

Borelli: Tricia, what are you doing here? How's your husband holding up?

Tricia: Made it out of surgery. They think he's gonna be all right.

Casey: That's great.

Tricia: Is there someone I can talk to? It's about the 24th Street fire. I think I have something that can help.

Firehouse: kitchen

Tricia: My Bobby... He's 13. They film everything with their stupid phones. Half the time, you're yelling at them to put it down, talk to you. This time, I'm glad he didn't.

Casey: This is the crack house fire?

Tricia: When I saw all that stuff in the papers about you guys, I just had to show someone. Bobby got it all. You see the street's blocked, no one helping you move those cars.


Herrmann: Who owns these cars? Move these cars. We got a house on fire!

Woman: Let it burn!

Tricia: Everyone thinks one of us set that fire. It's not true, but you guys did everything you could. You don't deserve the blame either.

Boden: Tricia, thank you.

Tricia: My husband wouldn't be alive with you. I hope it helps.

Boden: More than you can possibly imagine.


Herrmann: Which one of these is yours?

Casey: What is it?

Dawson: You know I’m hitting walls in the arson investigation? What if the neighbours didn't set that fire?


Herrmann: We need these cars moved now!

Otis: Now!

Woman: We don't want you here.

Casey and Severide’s apartment: Severide’s bedroom

Jamie Killian: Remind me again why I'm leaving your bed to go to an office that I hate?

Severide: You know, I really don't have a good answer for that.

Jamie Killian: You're not very helpful.

Severide: Maybe things will turn around at work.

Jamie Killian: I think we should just be happy that one of us is out of trouble. That video could really bail your asses out.

Severide: Just in time, too. I just stated losing my faith in humanity.

Jamie Killian: And then you met me… Coffee?

Severide: Yeah.

Jamie Killian: Okay.

Casey and Severide’s apartment: living room

Jamie Killian: Oh, hi. I'm Jamie. I'm Kelly's friend, not robbing the place.

Dawson: Gabby… Kelly let you wear his Jonathan Toews jersey, huh?

Jamie Killian: I’m not really a football person.

Dawson: Hockey.

Jamie Killian: Right.

Dawson: You're not from Chicago, are you?

Jamie Killian: No, San Diego. Is that about the 24th Street fire? Kelly was telling me.

Dawson: Yeah, it is.

Jamie Killian: Roger Maddox, huh?

Dawson: You heard of him?

Jamie Killian: Yeah, sure, he's a big property developer. Supposed to be a real scumbag.

Dawson: Good to know. Uh, got to get to work. It was nice to meet you.

Jamie Killian: You, too… Wait. So not all the girls get to wear the jersey? Hmm.

Firehouse: garage

Casey: Borelli, come here a sec… Clean the truck by lunch. I want to see my face in that bumper.

Borelli: Yes, sir, on it.

Danny Borelli: Lieutenant.

Casey: Danny, right?

Danny Borelli: Yeah, can I get a minute to talk to my brother?

Casey: Yeah, of course.

Danny Borelli: Oh, hey, that's right. We got Captain RFC here, ready for close-up. You never met a camera you didn't like, huh, Captain?

Borelli: Come on, Danny.

Patterson: Jagoff.


Danny Borelli: This place is going straight down the tubes. Lucky for you, you're getting out.

Borelli: What?

Danny Borelli: I asked the district chief about moving you to 67. Everything going on here... You can't exactly say no.

Borelli: I got to talk to Boden.

Danny Borelli: No, no, no, don't talk to Boden. Don't talk to anybody. I got it handled. I'll let you know when it happens. You stay alive. Keep your head down, you hear me?

Ambulance 61

Chili: Do you think it's too early to start planning a baby shower for Dawson? I want to make cupcakes… Earth to Indiana, can I get a little help here? Hey, what do pregnant chicks like?

Brett: I don't know, cakes made out of diapers.

Chili: Why the hell would you make a cake out of a diaper?

Brett: Can we talk about something else?

Chili: Want to talk about that baby? You really don't think I know what you're doing… You're sneaking off to the hospital every chance you get.

Brett: You know, DCFS is gonna take control in, like, two days. Who knows what's gonna happen to him?

Chili: Brett, you got to let it go. It's not healthy. It's getting in the way of your work.

Brett: I'm fine… I'm totally fine.

Chili: Yeah, I can see that.

Main: 61, take a sick person at 4321 Wilcox.

Brett: 61 to Main, en route.

4321 Wilcox

Chili: Hey, are you sure we have the right address?

Brett: 4321… Hey, anybody there? Did you call an ambulance, sir?

Damon: Yeah, yeah, come inside.

Chili: Hey, Brett. Brett! Brett!


Brett: Are you hurt, sir?

Damon: Drop your radios… Now!

Main: Booth trying to reach Main.

Steve: In there… Move.

Main: Is someone out there trying to reach Main? Is someone calling Main?


Steve: Fix him.

Chili: Sir, can you hear me? Sir? Sir, can you hear me? Shallow breathing. Pulse is weak and thready.

Brett: Blade could've nicked the heart, lacerated the spleen or liver. He needs to go into surgery now. We need to take him to the hospital.

Steve: No, no hospitals, no cops.

Brett: We don't care what you're doing in here. It's our job to save this guy's life.

Steve: Shut up.

Chili: We got to get an IV going.

Steve: Listen to your friend.

Brett: He is gonna die here, and you know it.

Chili: She's right. We have to take him to a hospital.

Steve: I said no hospitals.

Brett: Look, this is just an anonymous sick person call. No one knows we're here. Just let us transport him to the hospital. You called us for a reason. I know you don't want him to die.

Steve: Shut up! Get back to work.

Brett: No.

Chili: Brett!

Brett: You can shoot me, or you can let us go take him to the hospital so we can save his life. Two choices, that's it… Do it. Do it or let us go.

Chili: You're totally fine, huh?


Suzie Wilder: Do you want a muffin? I bake them this morning.

Dawson: You're gonna want to hear this.

CFD: Nick Duffy’s office

Dawson: I met the lady. She’s telling the truth.

Suzie Wilder: So if one of the neighbours didn't set the fire, who did?

Dawson: I went down there. I talked to the building owner. It turns out he just accepted an offer on the property. Buyer's name is Roger Maddox. Seemed a little quick, right? So I did some digging. So Maddox bought four arson buildings in the last year, all in gentrifying neighbourhoods where the property value at least doubled. If he's not setting the fires himself, that’s the hell of the coincidence.

Nick Duffy: Let me see what you got… Nice job.

Dawson: Hell yeah.

Nick Duffy: No, the other file.

Dawson: Oh, right.

Nick Duffy: We're gonna need to re-examine all the other old files, try building a case against this guy.

Dawson: All due respect, there's enough here to bring him in to CPD, at least question him.

Suzie Wilder: Sweetheart, we're talking about accusing someone of murder. You're gonna need a lot more than whatever's in the cardboard box.

Nick Duffy: I'm with Suzie. This is a great start.

Chicago Med: hallway

Brett: So she was here alone, no family, nothing?

Daniel Charles: I guess she followed a boyfriend to Chicago last year.

Brett: Is he the father?

Daniel Charles: Hospital has attempted to contact him, but he's not calling back.

Brett: Well, what's his name?

Daniel Charles: Can't tell you that… Why are you really coming by to see this baby?

Brett: I told you. I delivered him… I know. I know you're supposed to just drop the patient off, walk away. I’ve heard it, a million times… But this one...

Daniel Charles: You know, that duty nurse... It's weird, like clockwork. Every day at 1:00 p.m., she has a coffee break. You know, I see her outside on her bench. I would never, ever advocate this course of action, but, you know, you pop the patient code into the computer, you never know what you might find out.

Brett: Right.

Daniel Charles: But then, you walk away.

Brett: I walk away.

Outside the firehouse

Casey: Kill the saw! Kill the saw! Doesn't work.

Borelli: What do you mean? It's working just fine.

Casey: I told you it doesn't work. What do you do? Machines fails, men don't. Anyone can do it the easy way.

Main: Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61. Elevator call. 336 North State Street.

Casey: Lucky you, let's go.

Truck 81

Herrmann: Damn!

Mouch: You know you got a better chance of being hit by a truck, right?

Herrmann: People get hit by trucks every day. Otherwise, we'd be out of a job.

Borelli: Elevator's stuck. This could be fun.

Herrmann: Nope, these are yawners, kid. Wait you’ll see.

336 North State Street: building

Manager: Family's in elevator four. Got a little girl. We've been trying to get it going for a couple of hours. No luck. We finally had to call you.

Casey: You try prying open the doors?

Manager: Car's stopped on the 25th floor, but it's an express. There's not another opening till the 30th.

Casey: All right, stairs, guys.

30th floor

Herrmann: All right, I got you.

Borelli: Whoa.

Herrmann: Okay, maybe not so boring. Lieutenant, car's about 50 feet down.

Casey: Squad, what's your ETA? We got a rope rescue.


Mouch: Hello, anybody hear me?

Father: Yeah, we're here.

Mouch: You got CFD on the line. We're gonna get you out of there, try to stay calm.

Father: My daughter, she's having an asthma attack.9 We don't have the inhaler.

Mouch: Get her taking long, slow breaths. Paramedics are on the way.

30th floor

Casey: Got an 8-year-old with a severe asthma attack in the stuck car.

Boden: Patterson's at the Academy. You're in charge of Squad.

Casey: Extracting rooftop hatch. Tony, get the ropes.

Boden: Who's going in?

Casey: I was thinking Herrmann. He's the smallest.

Severide: Hey, guys, there's a broken cable coiled up on top of the elevator roof. It's got to weigh 700 pounds. It’s block the entire hatch. We're gonna have to find another way in… If we can't get in from the top, we have to go in from the side.

Boden: Okay. How we do that?

Severide: We take off the side panel. We make a bridge, use a couple planks.

Cruz: We use a rescue car.

Casey: Pike pole for a handrail. Walk the family across.

Herrmann: 300 hundred feet up?

Severide: It's what we got.

Boden: Okay, get the rescue car. Let's go.

Casey: Candidate, you're coming too.


Otis: Next stop, 25th floor.

Father: What's going on?

Mouch: Just hold steady. We're coming for you.

30th floor

Boden: Otis, let them down nice and slow.

25th floor

Casey: All right, guys, let's get that panel off.

Cruz: Nice and easy. There you go.

30th floor

Boden: Severide, you tell us when.

25th floor

Severide: Now, Chief.

Borelli: Who's going across?

Casey: I am.

Severide: Easy, easy! Take it easy, all right?

30th floor

Boden: Is everything okay?

25th floor

Severide: Yeah, Chief, we're good… Easy

Casey: Coming in. Good job. Okay.

Father: Okay, hold on, sweetheart.

Casey: This is gonna help you breathe. Okay, there you go. Right on there. Good job. All right. Here's some juice. Okay, I'm gonna get you guys out of here...

Father: It'll be okay.

Casey: But I'm gonna need your help. Come with me. All right, hold on to this.

Father: Okay.

Casey: Ma'am, we're gonna get you across first. One of us will take your daughter. Last man out will have to walk across with no rail.

Father: I'll go last.

Casey: Okay. All right… All right, use the rail.

Father: Baby, it's okay. Just hold on to the rail.

Casey: There you go.

Father: You can do it… That's it. You're doing great.

Cruz: Hey! Hey! Just look at me right here ! There you go, right here. Come on.

Severide: Good job.

Cruz: You good?

Mother: Yeah.

Casey: Mom's across, you're up. Let's go. Okay. Sur?

Father: Go, I'll be fine.

Casey: Okay, you ready? I'm gonna get you home, okay? Okay… Hey, hey, whoa, whoa. Good, we're okay. I got you, I got you.

Cruz: I got her.

Severide: All right. Good job… Nice and easy, buddy. Look here. Just walk straight ahead. Small steps. Steady! I got you. All right? Good job, guys.

Ground floor

Chili: Can you breathe, sweetie? You feeling better? Yeah?

Borelli: Nice work, Lieutenant. That was intense.

Casey: That's you in a couple years if you keep working hard.


Sean Roman: That's him. Blue shorts, black shirt. Hey, what do you want with this guy anyway?

Brett: He knew a patient of mine.

Sean Roman: Right. Okay.

Brett: Hey. It's good to see you again, by the way.

Sean Roman: Yeah, you, too.

Basketball court

Brett: Hi, Damon, right?

Damon: Yeah.

Brett: Can I talk to you for a second?

Damon: Sweetheart, you can talk to me all day.

Brett: Great… I knew Alicia Morales. I'm the paramedic who tried to save her life. I was the last person she talked to. I was also the first person in the world to hold your son… He's beautiful, you know? He's healthy. He's lived his whole life so far in that hospital, but he's still so happy. He doesn't even have a name. Did you know that? Alicia wasn't alive long enough to give him one… That's it. Just wanted you to know that.

Damon: All right… Okay, back to the game. Let's go.

Firehouse: locker room

Borelli: Danny, what are you doing here?

Danny Borelli: Looking for you. District manager called me. You didn't sign your transfer papers. You know how many hoops I had to jump through to get you into 67?

Borelli: Yeah, about that.

Danny Borelli: Forget it. This is how we're gonna handle it. We go talk to Boden, real cool, no big deal.

Borelli: Danny, I’m not gonna change of house. I'm gonna stick it out here.

Danny Borelli: So, what, just because 51 is gonna get out of this whole IED mess, now you want to stick around?

Borelli: It's got nothing to do with that. I like how they do things here. My gut is telling me that this is where I belong.

Danny Borelli: Your gut? You've been on the job five minutes.

Borelli: You've got your house. Let me have mine.

Danny Borelli: You know what, this is your problem right there, man. I'm telling you. You can never see what's right in front of your face.

Borelli: Oh, come on.

Danny Borelli: Nah, whatever. You got it all figured out.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Dawson: Tell me I'm not crazy.

Boden: You're not. It all adds up.

Dawson: I don't care if this guy's a rich real estate developer or some psycho with a lighter. He is a serial arsonist. We don't stop him, more people are gonna die.

Boden: Duff wouldn’t call the CDP?

Dawson: He says we don't have enough proof… I don't know what to do, Chief. We can't just let this ride.

Boden: Connie! Get me that reporter from the "Sun Times."

Chicago Med: NICU

Nurse:  something I thought you should see. Your favourite patient has a visitor.

Damon: Thanks.

Chili: You did that.


Brett: Chief.

Boden: Hey.

Brett: I just want to apologize. The whole baby thing...I didn’t exactly… Hum... Sorry, the point is, it's done.

Boden: What happened?

Brett: The dad showed up out of nowhere, so...

Boden: Glad to hear it.

Brett: And the baby has a name now too. It's Alex.

Boden: So it all worked out.

Brett: It did. Thanks.

Boden: Chief Riddle, how can I... Yes, sir… On my way.

Borelli: Danny, how are you?

Danny Borelli: Lieutenant, hey. How's he doing?

Casey: He's a tough truckie. He's gonna be fine.

Danny Borelli: Glad to hear it. You look after him, okay? Come here a second… You know, I made a promise to mom that I'd take care of you before she even got sick.

Borelli: Okay.

Danny Borelli: And now I got to trust some stranger to look out for you. It's hard for me, man. At least if we were at the same house, I'd have your back.

Borelli: Danny, I appreciate everything that you've done for me, but I'm gonna be all right.

Dawson: Can I get you a beer?

Casey: Club soda… Solidarity!

Dawson: Yeah, see how long that lasts.

Severide: Club soda, huh? What's next, dad jeans?

Herrmann: Hey, hey! Turn this up, will you?


Journalist: ... Is believed to be under investigation for arson by the Chicago Fire Department. Quoting an article in the "Sun Times," CFD Chief Wallace Boden has questioned real estate developer Roger Maddox's involvement in several ongoing arson investigations. The magnate recently purchased four arson buildings in the metropolitan area.

Roger Maddox: I do not have thin skin… I wouldn't be in this business if I did, but these accusations are shameless and unfounded. This is slander with no basis, pure and simple, and I intend to prosecute.

Journalist: When asked by...

Casey: Is that...

Journalist: CFD representatives refused to comment on any ongoing investigation within the department.

CFD: Riddle’s office

Boden: Thank you.

Riddle: Come on in… The IED investigation is officially closed. That video was definitive. You were lucky it turned up when it did.

Boden: Yeah, very lucky, but I'm betting that's not why I'm here.

Riddle: What made you think it was appropriate for you to speak for the CFD regarding an ongoing arson investigation?

Boden: The conversation I had was completely off the record.

Riddle: And you have evidence to back up what you said about this guy?

Boden: Yes, I do.

Riddle: Well, then, Wallace, I suggest you produce that evidence real quick.

Boden: Okay.


Jamie Killian: I was going to tell you.

Severide: You think that would've mattered?

Jamie Killian: All I did was tell them I know a little about the case just to secure the account… They were going to fire me. You know that… Kelly! Kelly, I will make this up to you, I swear to God.


Boden: Thanks for meeting me.

Dawson: Of course.

Suzie Wilder: Hey, mama, what are you doing here?

Dawson: Just forgot something.

Suzie Wilder: Don't work too hard.

Dawson: Okay.

CFD: Dawson’s office

Dawson: Okay… What? Hold on.

Boden: "Files not found."

Dawson: They're missing. That's not possible.

Boden: What about hard copies?

Dawson: They're gone!

Boden: Oh, God.

Dawson: Oh!

Boden: Gabby, Gabby.

Dawson: S... Something's wrong.

Boden: Sit right here. Come on.

Dawson: God, this hurts.

Boden: Okay.

Dawson: Oh, this hurts.

Boden: Breathe, come on, breathe.


Casey: Hey, Chief… Yeah… Tell her I'll be right there.

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alExiaN  (20.03.2017 à 18:46)

mon avis en spoiler pour ne rien divulgacher !

- le nouveau capitaine du Squad ne me plait pas - et pas seulement parce qu'il a pris la place de Kelly- je le trouve trop sur la défensive et trop à vouloir tout contrôler.
- Sylvie et le bébé qu'elle a sauvé, cette situation devient dangereuse... Heureusement que le Doc Charles veille !
- le nouveau candidat Borelli (hum encore un canon !) : le cadet a l'air moins c** que l'ainé... A voir...
- Gabby et son enquête : ça va en gêner plus d'un cette affaire... Et bim, tout disparait ! Et bam, Gabby qui a mal au ventre ! 
- Non, non, non, on va pas perdre le bébé de Gabby, le dossier et Boden  en un seul coup ! ah  non !
- Kelly qui s'est encore (?) fait berner par une nana ... décidément en ce moment lui, c'est la loose...

- Bon épisode ! L'intrigue de la saison se place. L'arrivée des persos de CMed m'a plu. 


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