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Chicago Fire
#412 : Tout le monde ne s'en sort pas

Herrmann va au tribunal pour témoigner contre Freddie, mais quand le père de ce dernier le supplie de lui pardonner, Herrmann est tourmenté et ne sait pas quoi faire. Suite à la récente tornade, le lieutenant Casey apprend qu’un foyer accueillant les victimes ayant perdus un toit est sur le point de fermer. À la demande de Colin Becks, Casey assiste à une levée de fonds et se retrouve sous le feu des projecteurs mais il se rend compte rapidement que ses bonnes intentions pourraient ne pas avoir l’impact qu’il espérait. Dawson et Brett font face aux répercussions de leur acte après avoir averti Boden du comportement étrange de Chili. 
Pendant ce temps, Severide aide l’Agent Alex Ward à résoudre une affaire d'explosifs faits maison, et Otis reçoit une surprise inattendue.


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Not Everyone Makes It

Titre VF
Tout le monde ne s'en sort pas

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Ecrit : Tiller Russell

Réalisé : Reza Tabrizi

Guests : Liza Bennett (Agent Alex Ward), Armand Schultz (Colin Becks), Randy Flagler (Capp), Ralph Rodriguez (Freddie Clemente), Robyn Coffin (Cindy Herrmann), DuShon Monique Brown (Connie), Chris Agos (Steve Kot), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Lucas Jade Zumann (Lucas Hicks), Maureen Mizener (Dawn Hicks), Ski Carr (Luis Clemente), Leslie South (Juge), Derek Dziak (Carlos), Howie Johnson (Sergent Conroy), Lucas VonKampen (Lucas Herrmann), David VonKampen (Lee Henry Herrmann)

Hotel room

Alex Ward: It's a beautiful city.

Severide: Yeah, it is.

Alex Ward: Something's on your mind.

Severide: What we busted in on today...

Alex Ward: Don't worry. We got it covered… Hey, Marty, can you hang on a sec? I have to ask you a favour.

Severide: Shoot.

Alex Ward: You weren't here.

Severide: Yeah, no sweat.

Alex Ward: Thank you… Hey. Yeah, it's already been sent over to Ernie. Details will all be in my report. Samples have been sent to the lab.


Herrmann: I look down, and all I see is blood. That's when the pain hits... Starts burning like hell. It's like a blowtorch cutting through my ribs; that's what it felt like. And then I see a knife handle sticking out of me, and I get sick to my stomach… Last thing I remember thinking about was Cindy... Telling the kids how their father bled to death on the floor of that bar.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Boden: Hey. Come on in. Grab a seat… I heard what happened to your sister. I am terribly sorry for your loss.

Chili: Well, I appreciate that, Chief.

Boden: If you want, I'll put a call in to the relief pool, have someone come in, fill in for you.

Chili: I prefer to stay busy, if that's okay.

Boden: Listen. When I was a lieutenant, I lost three men at the Pulaski Avenue fire… And I thought, "Best thing for me... Get right back to work." Two weeks later, I took my men into a burning building. Thank God the chief ordered us out before the building collapsed, or I would have killed my whole company.

Chili: I understand what you're saying... But, Chief, with all due respect, that's... That's different.

Boden: No, it's not, Chili, because I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready to lead. Sometimes when your head hits the canvas... Sometimes it's best just to stay down, get your head clear.

Chili: I'm fine.

Boden: Okay, then. You push the wrong meds again, someone will die.

Chili: So Brett told you that.

Boden: Believe me when I tell you... How I found out is the least of your concerns. That is two strikes, Chili. If there is a third, you are done. I'm not just talking here at 51. I mean in the whole city of Chicago. Am I clear?

Chili: Yes, sir.

Main: Truck 81, Squad 3, Engine 51, Ambulance 61. Vehicle fire, 2700 block of Roosevelt Avenue.


Casey: All right, let's go. Dawson, Mouch... Ladders. Herrmann, Jimmy, with me. Guys, get them out of there.

Herrmann: Easy, easy. Just keep calm, all right? We're gonna get you out in a second.

Woman: I can't move! Help! Please, help me.

Herrmann: We'll get you. Hang on. Grab that ladder! You're okay. You're okay.


Boden: Casey!

Casey: I'm all right.

Boden: 51, get a line on that fire. Squad, help with the evac. Ambo, set up triage. Battalion 25 to main. We need an EMS plan two; send all available ambulances to this location.

Severide: Hey, Tony, you check the van. Capp, you help Truck with the ladders. Cruz, you're with me.

Cruz: Copy that.

Herrmann: Dawson, throw that ladder up here!

Casey: All right, get back!

Herrmann: Mouch, ladder coming on!

Victims: Come on, come on! Please, hurry!

Boden: Don't panic; we're coming in.

Herrmann: You got it.

Casey: Wait there.

Herrmann: Nice and easy. You got it?

Kid: Uh-huh.

Herrmann: All right. All right, here we go. There we go. You're good. Okay. Hey, easy. Borrelli, give me a hand over here. Got her?

Man: Open the door!

Herrmann: You got her head?

Mouch: Easy, easy.

Severide: Got 'em?

Mouch: Yeah.

Boden: Come on, get it out. Severide, move. Get this door open.

Severide: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Cruz: Hey, take it easy. Take it easy.

Severide: Come on.

Cruz: Get to the ambulance.

Severide: Let's go.


Severide: Grab his legs.

Cruz: Yeah, hold on. Seat belt buckle's smashed; I got to cut it off.

Severide: Okay.


Chili: 154 is coming in. 154, red adult male coming your way.

Main: Copy that, 51.

Boden: Casey, progress report.


Casey: Might've got 'em all out, Chief. We'll do a final search.

Boden: Smoke is getting thick. Bus could go up at any second. Make it fast.

Casey: All right. Last sweep. Herrmann, take the rear. I'll take the front.

Herrmann: Okay.

Boden: Okay, that's it. Casey, Herrmann, I want you out, now.

Herrmann: Lieutenant, all clear!

Casey: Clear too. There's... Wait. No, got another one. Herrmann, give me a hand.

Boden: Come on. Get her up.


Borelli: I hear them.

Firefighters: Got her head. Come on. I got her. Legs together. Got her?

Ambulance 61

Brett: Good job.

Firehouse: Kitchen

Mouch: How'd the hearing go?

Herrmann: I did what the state's attorney asked. I said what happened.

Mouch: Freddie was there?

Herrmann: Yeah.

Mouch: How'd he seem?

Herrmann: I didn't ask; he didn't say. To tell you the truth... To me, he looked like any other convict.

Brett: Hey, Otis.

Otis: Hey, Sylvie.

Brett: Oh, what happened to the moustache? I loved the moustache.

Dawson: Oops.

Connie: I like it.

Otis: Thanks, Connie.

Severide’s office

Severide: Hey.

Alex Ward:  was a great night.

Severide: Yeah, it was. Any updates?

Alex Ward: Uh, no, but there's this.

Severide: Why is my name on it?

Alex Ward: It's an affidavit stating how we got into the residence with the explosive remnants. SAC's on my case… It basically says the door was ajar. It's a security issue.

Severide: It's a long way of saying it.

Alex Ward: Well, federal government: last bastion of paperwork.

Severide: You mind telling me a little bit more about what we found?

Alex Ward: Uh, it's... It's an ongoing investigation. There's not much I can really say.

Severide: Okay, well, you let me know what's going on, I'll be happy to sign… Think it over.

Alex Ward: Okay.


Mouch: Monogamy. You ever consider it?

Severide: Not really.


Dawson: All right, I'm just gonna say it. Otis without the moustache? Maybe not the best call.

Casey: So what's the next step in the big makeover?

Dawson: None. He fired me. It'll grow back, though, right?

Casey: Hello? Yeah, I'll be right there. Herrmann, you're acting lieutenant until I get back.


Volunteer: You here for the blood drive, or making a donation?

Casey: Neither, actually. I'm looking for a mother and son, Dawn and Lucas Hicks. The father died from injuries in the tornado.

Volunteer: Give me a minute.

Dawn Hicks: Lieutenant Casey!

Casey: Hey. You okay?

Dawn Hicks: It's Lucas; he's missing. You've got to help me, please.

Casey: Okay. How long has he been gone?

Dawn Hicks: When I got up this morning, his... His sleeping bag was empty.

Casey: You tell the police?

Dawn Hicks: Hours ago! They said, "Wait here," but I haven't heard back. So I called you.

Casey: Okay. What was he wearing?

Dawn Hicks: All he's got... Jeans, uh, a pair of Pumas, and a red sweater from the donation box.

Casey: Stay put till he gets back. I'll find him.

Dawn Hicks: Okay.

Firehouse: garage

Brett: Hey. I just wanted to say I'm really sorry about...

Chili: You're gonna rat me out to Boden and then come over here and try to apologize to me?

Brett: I meant about what happened to your sister.

Chili: What do you know about it?

Brett: Well, nothing. I just...

Chili: Exactly. 'Cause it's none of your business.


Otis: Hey. Are you a "Wizard of Oz" fan, Dawson?

Dawson: Uh, where is this going?

Otis: Oh, I just wanted to thank you, pal, you know, for nudging me to shave it off.

Dawson: So I'm not fired?

Otis: Oh, no, you're still fired. It just made me think, like in the movie, "You are who you are."

Dawson: I'm pretty sure it's, "There's no place like home."

Otis: Think about it.

Connie: Christopher Herrmann, collect call from Pinckneyville State Prison.

Herrmann: Regarding what?

Connie: Probably something prison-related.


Herrmann: Hello?


Dawson: Did you bring it up?

Brett: Yeah, not a good subject.

Dawson: Yeah, I heard it didn't go too hot with Boden, either. So I shouldn't say anything?

Brett: Oh, no, she does not want to talk about it… I have a bad feeling about things. It's like she's... Driving toward a cliff.

Dawson: Okay, okay. We'll figure this out.


Mouch: What was that?

Herrmann: Freddie's father.

Cruz: What did he want?

Herrmann: He wanted to talk.

Cruz: That man is a stone-cold killer, Herrmann. He once shot a clerk in the neck during a robbery for looking at him the wrong way, all right? Whatever angle he's trying to pull, don't fall for it.

Herrmann: I won't fall for it. Believe me.

Cruz: I think you should call Kot, just in case he's trying to intimidate you for testifying against Freddie.

The Hicks’s house

Casey: Lucas? I'm Lieutenant Casey. Remember me?

Lucas Hicks: Yeah. You pulled my dad out, right?

Casey: Yeah. Well... A lot of people are looking for you.

Lucas Hicks: I don't want to see them.

Casey: I didn't, either. After my dad passed, I spent a week in his room, just sitting there. You don't deserve what happened. It's not fair. No one can make it hurt any less.

Lucas Hicks: I just don't understand. I mean, he was fine when we got to the hospital.

Casey: I was hoping he was gonna make it.

Lucas Hicks: I just miss him... A lot.

Casey: Yeah... I know.


Brett: Did you call for a medic?

Man: Yeah, some homeless dude is laid out in the alley. Got some crazy chick with him.

Chili: Didn't think to call the cops?

Man: Hey, lady, I called 911. They the one's called you.

Chili: Okay, show us where they're at.

Man: Over here.

Brett: Thanks.

Chili: What happened?

High Girl: Uh, Carlos, he, uh... He fainted.

Chili: Y'all on something?

High Girl: Uh-uh, no.

Chili: You're not on spice?

High Girl: No, I mean... I mean, maybe he was. I can't ever tell, but me... I'm straight. I'm straight.

Chili: Yeah, right, you are.

Brett: Spice?

Chili: Synthetic drug. They sell it as potpourri.

Man: It ain't illegal to sell. They do with it what they do.

Brett: Minor laceration.

Chili: Pulse.

Brett: Irregular.

Chili: Hey, look. We're not cops. You want me to check you out?

High Girl: No, I'm cool. I'm cool.

Brett: Hey, can you hear me?

Carlos: Don't touch me!

Brett: Take it easy. You took a nasty fall there.

Carlos: You called the cops?

High Girl: Look, baby, you fainted; I thought you were ill.

Carlos: Bitch, I told you. Don't ever call the cops!

Chili: Okay, okay!

High Girl: Ugh!

Chili: Hey!

Carlos: Uh!

High Girl: Aah!

Chili: 10-1, 10-1! We have a violent patient!

Carlos: You want some? Ah!

Chili: You okay?

Brett: Yeah.

Officer: You guys call for police assist?

Chili: Yeah, that guy attacked my partner.

Officer: Where you going? Stay down!

Chili: Hell of a response time, eh?

Officer: Yeah, well, we were just across the street grabbing a bagel.

High Girl: Hey, man. That girl just hit Carlos in the head with a metal bat! I want to press charges.

Chili: She's tripping. Check her pupils.

Officer: All right, you're coming with us, all right? You can tell us all about it.

High Girl: Listen, check her bag! I'm telling you! Check her bag.

Officer: Stop squirming.

Chili: Look, I'm not supposed to have that. I don't know if it's gonna be my last strike with Boden.

Brett: No way. You saved my life.


Dawn Hicks: Lucas!

Lucas Hicks: Mom!

Dawn Hicks: Oh, thank God. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much.

Casey: Yeah, no problem.

Dawn Hicks: Rumour’s going around they're closing the shelter. Honestly, I have no idea what we're going to do.

Colin Becks: I just found out. Thank goodness the boy's all right.

Casey: Yeah. And you are?

Colin Becks: Colin Becks, alderman for the 52nd Ward. Great job finding him.

Casey: Matt Casey, Firehouse 51.

Colin Becks: Just glad you're all right, son.

Dawn Hicks: Thank you, Matt.

Casey: Yeah, sure.

Dawn Hicks: Come on.

Casey: So, uh... You're closing the shelter?

Colin Becks: Yeah, unfortunately, the tornado fell below the threshold of a national disaster, so federal relief funds are scarce. Mostly, it falls on the local charities, which are cash-strapped on the best of days.

Casey: What's being done about it?

Colin Becks: Well, I'm here putting together a fundraiser for the victims of our ward. Having a first responder there, especially an officer, would do wonders for raising visibility and possibly some additional cash.

Casey: I'm not really one for politics, generally.

Colin Becks: You're a "boots on the ground" guy. I get it.

Casey: Yeah. I'm just not really sure how I can help.

Colin Becks: Which is why it would mean a lot if you were there. Think about it. We need all the help we can get.

Outside the firehouse

Dawson: Hey, Chili.

Chili: What's up?

Dawson: I know how small that ambo can feel when you're sideways with your partner. Hey, look. Don't hold it against Brett, all right? Going to Boden was my idea.

Chili: Yeah, and I bet you were the one that blabbed about Jelly Bean too.

Dawson: We're just worried about you, that's all.

Chili: Yeah, you got a hell of a way of showing it.

Dawson: Hey. Knock it off. Look, it sucks to lose somebody, okay? Believe me, I've been there… I'm not trying to tell you how to grieve, okay, but you are gonna lose your job, and if that's what you want, fine. You can keep pushing everybody away. But I don't want that to happen to you. None of us do.


Alex Ward: Got a minute?

Severide: Sure.

Alex Ward: Somewhere, uh, quiet?

Briefing room

Alex Ward: This is completely off the record. If you repeat it, I will deny that I said it.

Severide: Yeah, yeah. I get the drill.

Alex Ward: Lab analysis came back from the samples we found at that apartment. Along with ammonium nitrate and diesel, they also found soap shavings and camping fuel, which, as you may know...

Severide: Homemade napalm.

Alex Ward: Exactly.

Severide: So why are you here talking to me now?

Alex Ward: Well, this kind of thing happens more often than you might think. Besides, I have ten agents pulling all departmental pods, checking all in-service suspicious person calls, cross-referencing them with facial-recognition software, and at 9:00, I have a briefing with the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Until then, there's nothing for me to do but worry, and I'm not a worrier… So I just told you everything I know.

Severide: Okay. I'll sign your affidavit.

Alex Ward: Oh, darn. Uh... I left it back in my hotel room.

Severide: That's a shame.

Hotel room

Alex Ward: You didn't like it when I tried to make you sign the affidavit, did you?

Severide: No.

Alex Ward: What are you gonna do about it?


Guard: Step inside. Wait here.

Herrmann: All right.

Luis Clemente: Thank you for coming. My boy told me what he done to you. You should know that's on me. I made him who he is. I taught him never to take nothing off nobody. Believe me, I'm not very proud of it... But I used to take a cord to him, and if Freddie didn't hit me back, I'd hit him even harder and harder... Because in my mind, that's what it took to survive on the streets. Listen, I'm not asking anything for me, all right? But if you could just consider, please, for... Forgiving him. My boy said he ain't afraid to do the time... But what he can't live with is the feeling that he betrayed somebody... Who tried to help him.

Fund raiser

Colin Becks: Thank you for coming. You know, they say that you see a community's true colours during times of crisis. Well, we're all gathered here today in support of those folks who lost their homes in the recent tornado... And I'd like to call on one of our first responders to come up and say a few words. Lieutenant Matthew Casey of Firehouse 51.

Casey: I don't really have anything prepared. I thought it was more of a symbolic thing.

Colin Becks: Hey, off the cuff is just fine.

Casey: Okay. Hi… We have a... A saying as firefighters: our job's about running into places that people are running out of. Every day we come to work, we have to be willing to lay down our lives for perfect strangers, so we're taught not to become overly invested in the people we pull out, because... No matter how hard we try... Not... Not everyone makes it. These people have already lost so much: their homes, their loved ones. The one thing they're not gonna lose is this city's support.

Firehouse: locker room

Chili: I owe you both an apology for jumping down your throats last shift and for just... Being a wreck in general.

Brett: It's okay. Everybody grieves in their own way.

Chili: Alyssa was my best friend. We were inseparable, especially after my mom bailed. In my freshman year of high school, she started dating this guy. I hated him. She wasn't the same. She completely changed, and nothing that my dad and I did could get through to her. And she ran away and was hooked on drugs, and then she got busted, and then that's when she started working as a CI. I don't know if Antonio told you that, but that's how he knows her… But he got her out, and he got her to Kansas City, and we all thought that she was gonna be good… She was missing for three days, and then her landlord found her facedown in her apartment.

Dawson: I'm so sorry.

Chili: I know that I'm screwing up. I know that. I know that I have to get my act together, and I know that I've been on a bender, and I got to... Sober up and just start taking everything seriously.

Brett: Well, we're here for you every step of the way.


Boden: Ah, congratulations, Lieutenant.

Casey: Chief.

Boden: I just got off with Alderman Becks. Apparently your speech was a great success. They've already raised more than $50,000.

Casey: Wow. That's great to hear.

Boden: Uh-huh.

Main: Truck 81, Ambulance 61, Battalion 25.

Boden: Okay.

Main: Psychiatric emergency. 6719 Waveland Avenue.


Boden: Chief Boden, Firehouse 51. What's the situation?

Mother: Our son, Michael, he...

Father: He posted a message on Facebook, threatening to kill himself. We think he's been bullied online.

Casey: How old his he?

Father: 16.

Boden: Is he on meds?

Father: He's taking antidepressants.

Boden: Is there a gun in the house?

Father: Not that I'm aware of.

Casey: All right, where is he? Herrmann.

Father: Locked in his room upstairs.

Casey: How many ways in?

Father: Just the one, the main hallway.


Father: That's his room. Right there. Hey, Michael.

Mother: Please hurry.

Boden: Okay. Okay.

Father: Hey, bud. The fire department's here, okay?

Boden: Hey.

Casey: Hey, Michael. This is Lieutenant Casey. You okay in there?

Boden: Come here. Can you pull the cylinder?

Casey: Not without making noise.

Boden: Giving him time for who knows what.

Casey: Best option is just to kick it in and rush him before he knows what's happening.

Boden: It's either that or wait for PD backup.

Casey: Hey, uh, Michael?

Boden: Do it.

Mother: Oh, my God!

Father: Let's go.

Mother: Oh, my God!

Boden: No, no, no, no.

Mother: Oh, my God!

Boden: Okay, Okay.

Borelli: Got him.

Boden: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Let them do their work.

Brett: Check for a pulse.

Herrmann: I can't find a pulse.

Brett: Start compressions.

Chili: I'm in.

Brett: IV's in.

Chili: Stop compressions… Charging… Clear.

Boden: No, no, no, no.

Chili: Again, check for a pulse.

Herrmann: Yeah. Come on. There's no pulse.

Chili: Resume compressions.

Casey: Let me spell you. Yeah?

Herrmann: I got it; I got it. Come on.

Chili: We need to push an epi.

Brett: Epi in.

Chili: Shock him again… Clear. Pulse?

Herrmann: We got a pulse.

Mother: Thank you.

Boden: Jimmy!

Father: He's going to make it?

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Casey: Hey, Chief.

Boden: Hey. Come on in; have a seat. So that was a hell of a speech you gave, Lieutenant. Someone sent me a link.

Casey: Yeah, thanks.

Boden: So... Didn't want you hearing it from anyone else. Apparently, they are closing the shelter next week.

Casey: What?

Boden: Just got a call from Alderman Becks. He's, uh, very apologetic.

Casey: What happened to the money?

Boden: Says the operating expenses were higher than expected.


Henry Lee Herrmann: Can we give her a treat, Dad?

Herrmann: Another one?

Henry Lee Herrmann: Well, she does love them.

Lucas Herrmann: Please?

Herrmann: All right, listen. Do not tell Mouch. She's supposed to be on a diet… Hey. Thanks for bringing 'em by.

Cindy Herrmann: Everything okay?

Herrmann: Yeah. Just needed to see 'em.

Alderman’s office

Colin Becks: So we'll work on that.

Man: See what we can do. Thank you.

Colin Becks: Thanks for coming by.

Casey: Alderman.

Colin Becks: Lieutenant Casey. I've been meaning to reach out. Nice words. Well said.

Casey: Got a minute?

Colin Becks: Yeah. Step into my office.

Casey: Great.

Becks’s office

Colin Becks: What can I do for you?

Casey: I got word the shelter is closing.

Colin Becks: Yeah. Unfortunately, that's true.

Casey: My understanding was we raised more than $50,000.

Colin Becks: Look, I don't want to bore you with the details of how this stuff works. Sometime, if you want to spend a day in my shoes, you're welcome to. The money doesn't nearly go as far as you'd think. There's, uh, hard costs, operating expenses...

Casey: Hard costs? Like what, specifically?

Colin Becks: I understand your frustration. Sincerely, I do.

Casey: Where's the money?

Colin Becks: Okay. You did me a solid, speaking at the fundraiser, and I appreciate that, but I've explained to you what the realities are, Lieutenant. You don't have to like it, but that's the way it is.

Casey: Where's the money?

Colin Becks: Nice meeting you, Lieutenant… Good luck in your future endeavors.

Judge’s office

Judge: I understand there's something you want to say, Mr. Herrmann.

Herrmann: Earlier, I said I was testifying because I wanted to make sure that Freddie didn't hurt anyone else, but... That's not the truth. Not all of it, anyway… The day he stabbed me, he took something from me I never thought I'd get back: faith. And for that, I wanted him to pay. But on the job, you see things that make you realize what's important in the world, and Freddie, he never had a role model growing up. His father was in and out of jail, and me, I was trying to fill that gap… I still am, because I got to believe that it's the right thing to do, no matter what. So... If you could find it in your heart, your Honour... Please have mercy on him.

Court: hallway

Steve Kot: There's a deal on the table for the kid right now. I want you to know I don't think he deserves it.

Herrmann: What is it?

Steve Kot: Drop the charges down to misdemeanour battery. He'd be looking at 18 months intensive adult probation... Basically work camp... With mandatory counselling and community service. After that, free to go. Judge says it's your call.

Herrmann: Go for it.

Steve Kot: Okay.

Herrmann: Yep.

Judge’s office

Steve Kot: Agreed, your Honour.

Freddie Clemente: I don't know why you did this. I ain't worth nothing.

Herrmann: You don't know, Freddie?

Freddie Clemente: No, man.

Herrmann: Because you and me, we need this. Both of us.


Chili: All right. You ready? Loser got to take a shot. Okay. Come on!

Brett: Hey, Otis.

Otis: Hey. Hey, Sylvie.

Capp: Oh, oh, oh... Oh!

Brett: Um, hey, how long has Chili been here?

Otis: Since before I got here.

Chili: Okay, are you ready?

Capp: Go, go, go.

Chili: Okay. One, two, three.

Capp: Two!

Chili: Two!

Capp: Ah, damn it!

Chili: Ha! "Show, don't tell!" Uh!

Capp: Are you playing?

Brett: I... I'm good.

Chili: Aw, Brett, come on; it's fun.

Brett: No, I'm good.

Chili: Okay, yeah, whatever. All right, Tony.

Dawson: Well... Only so much we can do.

Chili: Bottoms up! Oh, God. Okay.

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Et que dire de Herrman, il est tout simplement merveilleux cet homme, incroyable, bon, honnête, que je l'aime laughing 


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Chicago Med, S07E22 (inédit)
Mercredi 25 mai à 20:00

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Chicago Fire, S10E22 (inédit)
Mercredi 25 mai à 21:00

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Chicago Fire, S10E21 (inédit)
Mercredi 18 mai à 21:00
6.79m / 0.7% (18-49)

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Chicago Med, S07E21 (inédit)
Mercredi 18 mai à 20:00
6.24m / 0.6% (18-49)

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Chicago Fire, S10E20 (inédit)
Mercredi 11 mai à 21:00
6.78m / 0.7% (18-49)

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Chicago Med, S07E20 (inédit)
Mercredi 11 mai à 20:00
6.37m / 0.6% (18-49)

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Chicago Fire, S10E19 (inédit)
Mercredi 20 avril à 21:30
7.21m / 0.8% (18-49)

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Chicago Med, S07E19 (inédit)
Mercredi 20 avril à 20:00
6.66m / 0.7% (18-49)

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Chicago Fire | Triste nouvelle pour le casting de la série

Chicago Fire | Triste nouvelle pour le casting de la série
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Chicago Fire | Diffusion NBC - 10.21 : Last Chance
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Chicago Med | Diffusion NBC - 7.21 : Lying Doesn't Protect You From The Truth
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Pas de changement sur la programmation des Chicago sur NBC!
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Chicago Fire | Synopsis 10.22 : The Magnificent City Of Chicago

Chicago Fire | Synopsis 10.22 : The Magnificent City Of Chicago
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