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Chicago Fire
#415 : Bienvenue en politique

La caserne 51 répond à un appel étrange venant d'une autre caserne, ce qui oblige Severide et Cruz à mener leur enquête pour découvrir ce qu'il s'est vraiment passé. Le camion 61 accueuille la nouvelle femme pompier, Stella Kidd mais son arrivée a des répercussions sur toute la caserne. Pendant ce temps, Casey avance dans sa course à l'élection mais il se rend compte que certains électeurs ont leurs propres raisons de le vouloir gagnant.


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Bad For The Soul

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Bienvenue en politique

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Ecrit : Andrea Newman & Michael Gilvary

Réalisé : Jann Turner

Guests : Holly Robinson Peete (Tamara Jones), Miranda Rae Mayo (Stella Kidd), Brandon Jay McLaren (Danny Booker), James Waterson (Rich Corbin), Robert Newman (Chef Burwell), Randy Flagler (Capp), Dushon Monique Brown (Connie), Colin Donnell (Connor Rhodes), T.J. Jagodowski (Rodney Ogle), David Folsom (Kevin Richter), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Corey De Mon (Dante), Kelly Lamont (Gretchen), David Aguila (Capitaine Torres), Peter DeFaria (Officer Tackett), Heidi Kettenring (Allison), Juliet Hart (Ellen), Jeff Lupetin (Gerald), Yanis Kalnins (Dave)


Tamara Jones: All right, let's get this party started. I'm about to introduce you to a real, live hero. Local boy, born and bred in our Ward. He puts his life on the line every day for regular people, and he's about to do even more for the city of Chicago. Put your hands together for CFD Lieutenant Matthew Casey. Come on up, Matthew. All right, come on, Matthew. Give 'em something.

Casey: Oh. Whoa, oh. Hey there, everyone. My name's Matt Casey. I have no idea how Tamara roped me into this, but, um... I recently saw first-hand how the system can take advantage of people. I'll tell you what, I don't like seeing people get cheated and lied to…

Old Lady: I really like you, honey. Enough of them politicians. I'm gonna vote for you.

Casey: Well, thank you so much. I appreciate it. Okay, thanks for coming.

Denny Booker: Hey there.

Casey: Hey.

Denny Booker: Booker... Denny Booker. You really got something, you know that?

Casey: Well, thanks for listening, Mr. Booker.

Denny Booker: Denny, please. Um, listen. You want to win this thing, you have to get the community leaders behind you. What are you gonna do about that?

Dawson: Who's this guy?

Tamara Jones: Sweetheart, I just put up a few fliers. Who shows up is anybody's guess, like this character. I got no idea what he's about.

Firehouse: kitchen

Dawson: So it's official. Casey is running for alderman.

Herrmann: Yay, all right! Whoo!

Otis: Hey, you know what? I bet aldermen get great season hockey games, VIP tickets to Comic Con... Hey, what can we do to help?

Dawson: Uh, first order of business: we got to get Casey's name on the ballot. So we're a little late to the party. We only have, like, a week to collect 450 signatures.

Herrmann: Done! I'll post a copy over at Molly's, 10% off all drinks for anybody who signs the petition.

Mouch: Pretty sure that's illegal.

Herrmann: Eh, 5%, then.

Mouch: Still illegal.

Boden’s office

Casey: I probably should have come to you sooner, but I was still weighing my decision.

Boden: So you've decided to run?

Casey: Pending your approval, of course. It's a big responsibility, I know. But I'm confident I can serve and still fulfill my duties here at 51.

Boden: Casey, you are one of the most upstanding people I know… Anyone can make a difference from being in office, it's probably you.

Casey: Thank you, Chief.

Boden: Don't bring politics into my firehouse.

Casey: Of course not.

Boden: Good. If you'll excuse me, I have a woman crisis I need to take care of.

Casey: Can I help?

Boden: Not unless you're running for Fire Commissioner next.

Casey: One thing at a time, Chief.

Boden: Hm.


Otis: Hey guys, um, I just overheard Connie on the phone talking about a major personnel change for Truck.

Dawson: You sure she said Truck? She's probably talking about Chili's empty slot.

Herrmann: Do we know who's filling that yet?

Dawson: No. No, no, no.

Herrmann: Oh, hell, not Ogle.

Borrelli: Why not? What's his deal?

Otis: They call him "The Bitter End."

Mouch: Anger comes off him in waves.


Rodney Ogle: I'm Rodney Ogle. You've probably heard of me.

Brett: Uh, no, I don't think so.

Rodney Ogle: Okay, well, uh, how about this. You ignore my reputation, and I'll ignore yours… Get used to this face, guys. I'm thinking about making 51 my permanent home.


Dawson: She's gonna lose her mind.

Otis: I could've sworn I heard Connie say Truck personnel.


Radio: Squad 3, person trapped. 989 West Grayson.


Cruz: That's Firehouse 21. Why are they calling us to another firehouse?

Severide: Who knows? Let's move, guys.

Firehouse 21

Severide: What's going on?

Captain Torres: McCormick fell off the aerial during a drill. Landed on the truck. As soon I saw him, I knew we needed a squad.

Severide: Ugh.

Captain Torres: He's been unconscious since he hit the truck. We got him right on the backboard and C-collar.

Severide: This post has got to be really close to his femoral artery. We need to keep him still. Capp, Tony, let's get some cribbing underneath him. Cruz, get the whizzer saw. Rest of you guys give him some room, okay?

Captain Torres: Anybody not holding the board, let's back it up. Give Squad 3 space to work.

Kevin Richter: Let me stay. I can hold the board. Hey Severide, I can stay, right?

Firefighter 1: Richter, let's go. Now.

Severide: We got it, Richter. Hey, Cruz, gonna need a figure eight wrap of Kerlix around his leg. We'll attach it to the post.

Severide: On it. Uh, Torres.

Captain Torres: Yeah.

Severide: Get me an IV bag. Gonna need to keep this marker post cool while we cut it.

Captain Torres: Copy that.

Tony: One more layer should do it. Okay. That's good.

Severide: You guys can hold him steady?

Firefighter 1: All good.

Cruz: Keep that IV streaming on the post.

Firefighter 1: All right, all good.

Firefighter 2: Hang in there, Mac.

Severide: Keep his leg up.

Cruz: It's almost through… All right, got it.

Severide: One, two, three.


Captain Torres: Richter. It was just you and McCormick on the drill?

Kevin Richter: Yes, sir. But I was getting on the roof when he fell. I didn't see what happened.

Captain Torres: Thanks, Cruz. Real grateful for Squad 3's quick work.

Cruz: Absolutely.

Captain Torres: Need anything?

Cruz: Nah. I'm good.


Cruz: Hey, Lieutenant. Something's off here.

Severide: What do you mean?

Cruz: When we pulled up, I noticed that the ladder was set up for an aerial pipe drill.

Severide: Yeah?

Cruz: Aerial's 3 feet shy of the building. It doesn't make sense for the other guy to climb to the roof from there. He'd be an idiot to try. But that's just what he told his captain.

Severide: Richter? He's upset. He probably misspoke. We were at the same class at the Academy. He's a solid firefighter.

Firehouse garage

Capp: Man, the whole vibe at 21 was weird.

Cruz: That's what I'm saying. It wasn't just Richter. That whole house was acting tense.

Severide: One of their guys almost died. Of course it was tense… Is that a colouring book?

Capp: A colouring book for adults. It's a thing.

Cruz: Look, man, I know that Richter's your boy, but I'm telling you, man, something was up.

Severide: Cruz, give it a rest.

Rodney Ogle: Richter? You guys talking about that wife swap drama over at 21? I worked there a couple of shifts. Oh, adult colouring book, huh? My therapist says that could help reduce my stress. God, is she an idiot.

Cruz: Uh, wait, hey. What about the drama over at 21? We got a call there today. A guy named McCormick got hurt real bad, impaled on a marker post.

Rodney Ogle: McCormick... That's who Richter's been fighting with. McCormick just started dating Richter's ex-wife… Meanwhile, I'm the one who can't get a permanent position? Go figure. Yeah, Richter and McCormick have been at each other's throats for weeks.

Cruz: That's why Richter lied about being up on the roof… What if he pushed McCormick off that ladder?

Boden’s office

Casey: Wanted to see us, Chief?

Boden: Uh, yeah, come on in. Have a seat… I'm gonna start off by saying I am not happy about this. But all of my efforts to stop it have failed, so... Here's where we are… I've got some bad news from the CFD brass. Because of the Auburn firehouse closure, we have been told that we need to adjust our manpower... On Truck.


Casey: All right, guys. Listen up. Uh... Chief Boden just let us know about some personnel changes on Truck.

Otis: What kind of changes?

Casey: The Auburn firehouse shut down. CFD's putting a firefighter with a couple more years on the job into Jimmy's slot.

Dawson: What?

Herrmann: That's crazy. They can't do that.

Mouch: Unfortunately, they can. Union allows for firefighters with more seniority to bump candidates out of their slot.

Borrelli: Guys, it's all good. I'm gonna go into floater rotation. My brother's been trying to get me a position at his house, so... Who knows?

Casey: Yeah. Listen, you're gonna land on your feet, but... It's gonna hurt like hell to see you go.

Borrelli: Appreciate that. It's been a real honour being at this place.

Firehouse 21

Firefighter 1:Yeah, whatever.

Severide: Gentlemen?

Firefighter 1: Hey, Lieutenant.

Severide: What'd you hear about McCormick?

Firefighter 2: They were able to save the leg, but he's still unconscious. Bunch of us are going to head over to Med soon.

Severide: Okay, well, he'll be in our thoughts. Richter, hey. Uh, do you got a sec?

Kevin Ritcher: Sure, yeah. What's up?

Severide: Uh... Doing the, uh, the paperwork from the call this morning. Just wanted to run something by you. Joe Cruz, one of my men... He saw the aerial was up for a pipe drill, which means that you and McCormick must've been close to each other when he went down.

Kevin Ritcher: Your guy calling me a liar?

Severide: Whoa, hey, take it easy, okay? I just wanted to come down here and have a conversation... Give you a chance to set the record straight.

Kevin Ritcher: Well, Cruz saw wrong… I was getting on the roof when McCormick went down. We go back, you and me. Why would I lie about that?

Severide: We heard you guys had some bad blood... Some sort of personal thing.

Kevin Ritcher: Me and Mac had words about Gretchen, yeah. But so what? He's a brother. And I'm as messed up as anyone over what happened to him.

Firefighter 2: There a problem here?

Severide: Not unless you want there to be… Back up.

Kevin Ritcher: If I'd been close enough to help him, I would have. But I was on the roof.

Severide: Got it.

Firehouse 51 : briefing room

Herrmann: Hey, Lieutenant, I downloaded the petition form.

Casey: You didn't have to do that.

Herrmann: How many copies you want?

Casey: Where'd you make the copies?

Herrmann: On the Xerox in the bullpen. I waited till Connie was out on lunch break.

Casey: Herrmann, I can't use CFD resources for campaign business.

Herrmann: What? Says who?

Casey: Uh, the Illinois State Board of Elections.

Herrmann: Who's gonna know?

Casey: Me. Here, go pay Connie for the use of the copier.

Herrmann: I'm more afraid of her than I am Board of Elections.

Casey: I'll bet. Thank you.

Severide: Hey, Casey. Quick question.

Casey: Sure. You can be the first to support my run for alderman.

Severide: If I was any kind of friend at all, I'd talk you out of this.

Casey: What's your actual question?

Severide: When Cruz was on Truck, he was pretty good with the ladder, right?

Casey: Cruz?

Severide: Yeah.

Casey: I once watched him put the aerial dead bang on a fifth story window he couldn't even see, the smoke was so thick.

Severide: Best I ever saw.

Casey: Why?

Severide: Well, it's... It's firefighter business. Doesn't concern a politician like yourself.

Boden’s office

Boden: Chief Burwell?

Burwell: Oh. Much better over here, don't you think? What's the matter... Chief? You don't like when somebody comes into your house and interferes? Well, neither do I.

Boden: I'm not following.

Burwell: One of my guys at 21 took a nasty fall this morning. Tricky impalement. And his captain called in Squad 3 to make sure it was handled correctly.

Boden: On my understanding, it was.

Burwell: Yes, and we were grateful for that. Then your Lieutenant overstepped his bounds, started nosing around and slinging accusations at my men. So here's the deal. You run your house. I'll run mine.

Boden: Look, I am happy to have this conversation with you, Burwell, but after you have dialled it back.

Burwell: I said what I came here to say… Keep your men in line, Boden.

Boden: Connie… Get me Severide.


Severide: I'm not playing private eye here, Chief. I'm just filing my report. But there is a firefighter lying in a coma at Chicago Med. Does seem important to get the details right.

Boden: Are you sure that Cruz saw the ladder in place before it was moved?

Severide: I trust my man.

Boden: Then you write your report however you see fit.

Severide: Thank you, Chief.

Boden: Yeah.


Casey: Can I help you?

Rich Corbin: I'm looking for you, actually. Rich Corbin.

Casey: Matt Casey.

Rich Corbin: I know. I caught your little speech last night. Pretty good stuff.

Casey: Thanks. What can I do for you?

Rich Corbin: Mr. Casey, I represent a group of civic-minded Chicagoans looking for a fresh face to back in the local political landscape.

Casey: Okay. And who are these people?

Rich Corbin: Names you'd recognize... Usually see them on the sides of museums, hospitals, university buildings.

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Rich Corbin: I tried to track down your campaign office, but I couldn't find your website.

Casey: I... Yeah, it's a work in progress. I've set up a campaign fund, but the rest of it is...

Rich Corbin: Then consider this your first campaign contribution.

Casey: Is this even legal?

Rich Corbin: Perfectly.

Casey: What's the catch?

Rich Corbin: No catch. Come meet the group. Shake a few hands. Pose for a selfie or two. Butter them up, and you'll be able to afford a slick new website in no time… Give me a call. Set something up.

Casey: All right. Thanks.

Rich Corbin: Thank you.

Severide’s office

Cruz: You writing up the call?

Severide: Yep. Aerial was set up for a pipe drill.

Cruz: Look, Lieutenant, uh, I don't feel right about putting you in the middle of this. The position of the aerial... It wasn't part of our rescue, so maybe we don't put it in, you know?

Severide: You sure about what you saw?

Cruz: 100%.

Severide: Then that's how we file it.

Cruz: Richter's gonna get pretty jammed up over this, huh?

Severide: Getting cold feet, Cruz?

Cruz: No, I just, uh...

Severide: Good. Then get back to work. Let me fill out the damn report.


Cruz: All right, Otis. Head on up.

Herrmann: Okay, what the hell is this? You squad guys are using our truck?

Capp: Otis said it was okay.

Herrmann: Oh, well, gee. Just make sure you get it back by midnight.

Cruz: Yeah, yeah.

Otis: Now what?

Cruz: Get on the roof.

Otis: You got to get me closer.

Cruz: You can't just hop onto the roof from there?

Otis: Oh, I suppose I could try, if I had a death wish.


Brett: What are you doing?

Rodney Ogle: You had the O2 tank on the stretcher inside of secured in the side compartment.

Brett: Because that's where I like it.

Rodney Ogle: Oh, sure, you don't mind it flying around the rig, right? What do you care? Zooming about, and then... Oh! And if I was an infant, I'd be dead right now.

Brett: I don't leave it there when there are patients in the rig.

Radio: Ambulance 61, pedestrian struck by an automobile at 42228 16th Street.

Rodney Ogle: Apology accepted.

42228 16th Street

Rodney Ogle: How can you make a truck on the street feel like a boat on the ocean?

Driver: I've gone blind! Help me, I'm blind!

Officer: Easy, easy, easy, easy… So did you go blind before or after you checked your phone?

Driver: I never looked at my phone. It's like someone suddenly turned off the lights. I couldn't see anything.

Gerald: That maniac came out of nowhere! Ellen, I didn't see him. I'm so sorry.

Ellen: Stop, Gerald. It wasn't your fault.

Brett: Okay, you two. My name is Sylvie. So I'm just gonna take a look back here, all right? Have you been conscious the whole time?

Ellen: Yes.

Brett: Let me know if it hurts where I'm pressing.

Ellen: I think it's mostly my ankle.

Gerald: He could've killed her.

Brett: You know what? He's right. You're a very lucky woman, Ellen. All right.

Ellen: Oh!

Brett: It's not pretty, but the doctors will be able to fix that ankle right up, all right?

Rodney Ogle: His pupils are responsive.

Officer: That's 'cause he's full of it. This is reckless driving, plain and simple. Come on, let me have him.

Brett: Excuse me one second.

Rodney Ogle: Hey, is it okay with you if I do my job? What he's describing is entirely possible. Sudden blindness can indicate a major medical condition, like stroke or a lurking brain tumour.

Brett: So sorry to interrupt, but I have a serious issue myself. Um, Ogle, will you take a look at my chest, because I didn't layer up properly, and I'm afraid that I'm getting frostbite… Yeah, sudden blindness cured.

Driver: No, I... I... Maybe the shock made my sight come back.

Officer: All right, let's go, buddy.

Brett: All right, let's get the actual victims back to the ambulance.

Rodney Ogle: Hey, you know, I'd be happy to take a look at that frostbite for you once we get back to the rig.

Firehouse: laundry room

Brett: Hey, I've been looking for you. Is this for real? You're leaving?

Borrelli: Yeah, I guess it is… You okay?

Brett: Chili pushed me to my limit and then flamed out. Ogle is inciting me to violence, and now you're leaving, so no, I'm not okay. And FYI, neither are you.

Borrelli: Okay.

Brett: I mean, have you even called Chili? Because I've left her five messages, and she won't  call me back.

Borrelli: Same here. But I hear she's doing okay.

Brett: Well, it'd be nice to hear it from her.

Borrelli: Yeah, but maybe she needs to be looking forward, you know? Not back.

Brett: Jimmy Borrelli, I'm gonna tell you something, because there is no point in holding it back now. I've had a huge thing for you since you showed up at 51. And who knows what would've happened if you'd stayed? Who knows?

Borrelli: I'm... I'm flattered.

Brett: Good, yeah. You should be.


Herrmann: All right, so before we all head off of shift, let's grab some of these and get as many signatures as we possibly can.

Mouch: From registered voters.

Herrmann: So here, take one of these, too… CFD property, right?

Casey: Guys, you don't have to do this.

Dawson: But he really appreciates it, and he's meeting with community leaders tonight, so the momentum is building.

Connie: Chief Boden is looking for Jimmy.

Otis: Uh, last I saw him, he was in the bunk room.

Dawson: What was that about?

Casey: No idea.

Boden’s office

Boden: Jimmy, close the door.

Borrelli: What's up, Chief?

Boden: Um, I may have found a solution to keeping you at 51.

Borrelli: You're kidding. Yes, yes... Whatever it is, my answer is yes.

Boden: Hear me out first. So we had a young firefighter who suffered an injury while on the job. Couldn't get cleared for squad duty, but he was a qualified paramedic… As are you.

Borrelli: I'm loving the idea already.

Boden: We could detail you on Ambulance 61 on a kind of open-ended thing.

Borrelli: I will stay there as long as you want, Chief. I want to go as far as I can at CFD, and it seems like the more that I learn about all the different roles and responsibilities... I mean, the sky's the limit, right?

Boden: Well, that settles that, then.

Borrelli: Um, I'm, uh, I'm gonna go tell the guys.

Boden: Yeah, yeah, go ahead. Go on. Get out of here.


Denny Booker: Hey, man of the hour.

Casey: Wasn't sure this was the right place. Your community leaders are inside?

Denny Booker: They are.

Casey: So how's this work?

Denny Booker: No big mystery. These folks all wield a lot of influence in the neighbourhood, so they just want to, you know, get to know you, see where you stand on the issues. And you win them over, you earn their trust, they'll deliver votes... Hundreds of them. Local race like this, that could make all the difference.

Casey: What's in it for you?

Denny Booker: It's time to put some good out there, man. Put good out, you get good back. Savvy question, though. I like that.

Casey: Okay. I'll listen.

Denny Booker: Good, 'cause I'm freezing my ass off. Right this way.


Denny Booker: Guys. Meet Matt Casey. He's running for alderman of our fair Ward.

Dante: How you doing? Dante.

Casey: Yeah. Yeah, I know who you are… Two years ago, my truck responded to a fire at a pawn shop up the street. Turned out to be gang headquarters.

Dante: Don't remember that.

Casey: This guy runs the 24th Street Disciples.

Denny Booker: Dante's out of the gang life, Matt. None of these guys are active anymore. But they're still connected. They're still respected in the streets. That's why you need them.

Dante: And you get elected, you got to serve all the people, not just the ones you approve of. We don't bite. We just want to talk to you about some things that matters to us, you know? To our neighbourhood.

Casey: Okay… Like, uh, what, specifically?

Dante: Like, what do you intend to do about police harassment?

Casey: I'll hold the police accountable... Make sure there's specific, independent oversight.

Dante: Okay.

Casey: What else?

Dante: We need you to get the police cameras off the corner of Richmond and Augusta.

Casey: Listen, uh... Thanks for your time, gentlemen, but, um... I don't think I'm the candidate you're looking for.

Denny Booker: Just hold on.

Casey: You got the wrong guy.

Dante: It's cool, you know. No sweat. We just wanted to meet you, you know. Hear what you're all about.

Casey: Yeah, I appreciate it. You guys all have a good night. Okay?

Denny Booker: Thank you.


Cruz: Connor says McCormick is still in a coma. Doctors don't know what's going on.

Severide: Squad should swing by next shift. Pay respects on behalf of 51.

Gretchen: Is Kelly Severide here?

Severide: That's Richter's ex, Gretchen.

Cruz: What's she doing here?

Gretchen: What are you doing, Kelly? The report your filed got Kevin called in to headquarters. They're saying he could be suspended or even fired for lying about the drill.

Cruz: It was me. I told the lieutenant that I noticed...

Severide: No, no. Cruz, no. Look, Gretchen, we... We talked to Kevin. Gave him a chance to set the record straight. He wouldn't.

Gretchen: We had our differences, me and Kevin. But I was married to the man, and I know him inside out. He wouldn't lie. You made a mistake. Just tell them.

Severide: Can't do that.

Gretchen: I'm responsible for this whole mess. I need to make it right, and I can't do that without your help.

Severide: Gretchen, this is not your fault… But it's not ours, either. What we put in that report is the truth.

Gretchen: Are you really so sure you're right? Because you are destroying a lot of people's lives over this.

Firehouse : locker room

Brett: Hey, you're staying! Uh, that's so great.

Borrelli: Yeah, you cool with it?

Brett: Of course, yeah. I'm thrilled. Why, are you cool with it?

Borrelli: Yeah, I'm really psyched.

Brett: Um, can I just say... You try working with Ogle and see what sort of insanity you start spouting by the end of shift. Um, I mean, I was kind of out of my mind. And I'm sorry.

Borrelli: There's no need to apologize.

Brett: Can we just pretend that never happened?

Borrelli: Totally.

Brett: Great, 'cause, um, I think this partnership is gonna be awesome.

Borrelli: Totally.


Otis: Okay, guys, I got it, all right? This new guy from Auburn... We're gonna make his life a living hell until he washes out and requests a transfer. Then we get Jimmy back on Truck.

Herrmann: Eh, Jimmy sounded pretty excited about working with Brett on the ambulance.

Otis: No, no, no. We need Jimmy back on Truck, and this... This... Is how we're gonna do it.

Dawson: A stink bomb?

Mouch: Doesn't seem like much of a plan.

Otis: This is just the beginning. A stink bomb in the turnout gear, ha ha. But then we proceed to all the old standards: the mousetrap in the locker, right? The noisemaker under the pillow, dreaded Toledo Twister...

Casey: Guys. Meet the newest member of Truck 81... Stella Kidd.

Dawson: You got to be kidding me… I can't work with her… This is too good to be true!

Kidd: Oh, my God! Of course you're at 51. Of course.

Dawson: You guys are gonna love this girl.

Kidd: This is amazing.

Casey: So guess you two have met?

Kidd: Oh, oh...

Dawson: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Kidd: Yeah, you could say that.

Dawson: Yeah, Kidd and I worked together for a few months after training before CFD decided we needed to be separated.

Kidd: Uh, yeah, because Dawson's a nasty influence.

Dawson: Mm-hmm.

Herrmann: Don't we know it.

Mouch: Welcome to 51, Kidd.

Kidd: Ah, thank you. Good to be here.

Otis: Hey, can we still do the Toledo Twister? Come on.

Herrmann: All right. Two broads on Truck? Aw...

Casey: Herrmann, come on. It's 2016, man.

Chicago Med

Cruz: Hey, we'll check in at the nurses' station, get an update.

Severide: How's McCormick doing?

Kevin Ritcher: Not so good. Still unconscious.

Severide: Sorry to hear that.

Kevin Ritcher: I've been suspended. And now all the guys at the house are icing me out 'cause they think I pushed him, and I'm here now just for show… But none of that... None of it, you hear me, is true… I lied. I was on the ladder when he fell.

Severide: I know.

Kevin Ritcher: But I didn't lay a hand on Mac. I swear, it just... He just lost his balance out of nowhere. And I knew no one would believe me after all my threats… Why would anyone believe me?

Severide: Richter, come with me. Come on.


Severide: Tell Dr. Rhodes what you saw.

Kevin Ritcher: Well, McCormick was a couple steps behind me. And he called out like he was gonna say something, and then he just started grabbing at the air and just fell.

Severide: I had a firefighter under my command do the same thing. Guy named Mills. Lost his balance out of the blue. Turns out it was ear damage from an explosion a few weeks before.

Connor Rhodes: This could be an underlying condition. I wish we had known about this sooner, but we'll get him right into a CAT scan.

Firehouse : kitchen

Herrmann: So what have you heard about 51?

Kidd: Uh, well, I heard you all live together.

Otis: What? We don't all live together. I live with Joe Cruz, and Brett and Dawson are roomies. And Casey and Severide have a place.

Kidd: It's cool. Just don't rope me into your love shack. I just split with my hubby, and I'm really enjoying the solo life.

Dawson: You and Grant split up?

Kidd: Took me six years, but finally I was like, "Why am I taking care of this guy?" You know, why do I want to grow old with somebody who's never gonna grow up? So pulled the plug.

Borrelli: Good for you.

Kidd: Yeah. Go out whenever I want. I eat at nice restaurants. And then if I'm ever lonely, I just sleep with my ex.

Herrmann: You sleep with your... And he's okay with that?

Kidd: Yeah, why wouldn't he be? It's win-win.

Radio: Engine 51, Truck 81, Ambulance 61, Battalion 25.

Kidd: All right! Show me what you got, 51!


Boden: 51, get a line in there. 81, vent the roof!

Radio: Copy that, Chief.

Casey: Ma'am, come with me.

Allison: I don't know how it happened!

Casey: Don't talk. Slow, deep breaths.  61, get her some oxygen… Already got it. Herrmann, mask up. We're going in.

Herrmann: Right.

Paparazzo: Lieutenant! Hey, Lieutenant, over here.

Dawson: Hey!

Paparazzo: Can I get a shot for my campaign piece?

Boden: Stand aside. Get out of the way. Stand aside, get out the way!

Allison: Dave! Where's Bobby?

Dave: I thought he was with you!

Allison: Oh, my God!

Casey: Kidd.

Kidd: Yeah?

Casey: Get the rear door.

Kidd: All right. Got it.

Herrmann: Hey! Hey!

Kidd: Sorry, but you do not want to go back in there!

Dave: Let me go! I got to get Bobby!

Allison: We can't just leave him there!

Herrmann: All right, stay put, the both of you. We're going in.

Boden: Don't have much time, 81. Structure's about ready to go.


Casey: Bobby?

Herrmann: Fire department! Call out!


Allison: Oh, my God, poor Bobby.

Brett: Don't worry, they're gonna find your boy.

Dave: Boy? No, no, no, no.

Allison: No, Bobby is our cat. You've got to tell them they're looking for a cat.

Borrelli: Chief, we got a problem.


Boden: 81, come on out. We've confirmed that there are no more victims inside. 51, back that line out. We're gonna fight it from the outside.

Casey: Copy that, Chief. Turn it around… Let me guess, Bobby? Here, boy.


Dawson: Where's Casey?

Herrmann: Damn it.

Boden: Casey, what's the holdup? Herrmann. Stay where you are. Casey, report.

Allison: Why are they coming back out? What about Bobby?

Boden: Ma'am I can't risk my men's lives for a cat.

Paparazzo: They went in after a cat?

Boden: Casey! Get out, now!

Dawson: Thank God.

Paparazzo: Son of a bitch, he's got it!

Boden: I told you to step back.

Paparazzo: What, just...

Otis: Come on, let's go.

Boden: Okay, fire up the water cannons.

Herrmann: Yeah, boys!


Casey: If I'm showing up at your house, it's usually the worst day of your life. You're hurt, or your home is on fire, or somebody you love is in danger. And yeah, sometimes it's too late to help. But if I'm also an alderman, maybe I can help people before their lives are in crisis.

Lady: That's a beautiful sentiment.

Gentleman: You keep talking like that, you're going to win over a lot of people.

Casey: I mean it. I really do.

Gentleman: Even better.

Casey: Thanks, guys.

Gentleman: Great evening.

Casey: Nice to meet you.

Lady: Nice meeting you.

Rich Corbin: What did I tell you? Just be yourself, and they'll fall in love with you. Before I introduce you to this next guy... You're in construction, right?

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Rich Corbin: You aware of the situation with Racine Development?

Casey: Not really, no.

Rich Corbin: City's refusing to rezone a couple blocks in Pilsen, and it'd really tip the scale if we had a friend on the council.

Casey: Well, I... I haven't been elected yet, but, um, I'll keep it in mind.

Rich Corbin: We're gonna help you get elected. And we hope you help us rezone a block or two for commercial use. Everybody wins.

Casey: Like I said, I'll keep it in mind.

Rich Corbin: Good.

Chicago Med

Gretchen: Once they got Eddie in the scanner, they found a blockage of his left main artery. It was cutting off the oxygen to his brain. It's why he fell.

Cruz: Wow.

Gretchen: But they did an angioplasty, and it sounds like it went well. He got out about an hour ago.

Severide: That's great. That's good news.

Gretchen: Kelly... They call that kind of blockage a "widow-maker." If they hadn't found it, Eddie could've been dead within a week.

Severide: They did.

Gretchen: I know. Thank you.

Connor Rhodes: Gretchen? Eddie just woke up.

Gretchen: Oh, my God.

Connor Rhodes: He's alert, and he wants to see you.

Severide: Go see him.

Connor Rhodes: Come on.

Kevin Ritcher: I owe you one, Severide.

Severide: Nah, it all worked out.

Kevin Ritcher: I've been suspended for a month for lying about the accident... Which is fair… Mac's gonna make it. That's what matters.

Severide: You're damn right.


Kidd: So my girl Dawson is sleeping with the lieutenant. Well, yeah, figures you didn't get on Truck legit, like I did.

Dawson: Lieutenant and future alderman.

Kidd: Oh.

Dawson: So do me proud at 51, or I can get you fired and have O'Hare's flight path rerouted over your bedroom.

Severide: Hey, Kidd.

Kidd: Hey.

Severide: How was your first shift?

Kidd: It was good. It was... It was real good. Thanks.

Severide: Does anyone know, from 51? Uh, Dawson...

Kidd: No. No, no. I never said a word.

Severide: Cool, uh... Okay.

Kidd: Good night.

Casey: Hey.

Rich Corbin: Congratulations, Matt. I just heard from the Board of Elections. You got enough signatures. You're on the ballot.

Casey: Really? Wow. Ha! Guess I am.

Rich Corbin: I was sorry to see you cut out early from the party. I wanted to talk a little bit more about that Racine thing.

Casey: Rich, if I'm elected, I promise to look into it and vote whichever way feels right to me, regardless of who contributed what to my campaign. I'm sorry if that seems blunt, but, hey... I'm a straight shooter.

Rich Corbin: Well, I'm a straight shooter too, Matt. So I'll lay it out. Do you think I came to you because I swooned over your ideals? No, I sought you out because I think with a little help, you can win this thing. But if I don't get some assurance that you appreciate my help, it's no big deal. I'll just throw my support behind Alderman Becks... And make damn sure he destroys you… Yeah... Welcome to politics, Matt.

Casey: Hey, uh, Rich? Get the hell out of my bar.

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