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Chicago Fire
#520 : Emporte-moi

Casey prend des mesures drastiques pour aider son ami Kannell. Le lieutenant Severide aide une veuve à lâcher prise, mais il se rend compte qu'il est peut être celui qui a besoin d'aide. Otis et Cruz font face à quelques surprises quand ils trouvent un nouveau colocataire pour emménager avec eux. Dawson et Brett rusent pour sauver une jeune fille. 


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Carry Me

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Réalisateur : Eric Laneuville

Scénario : Jill Weinberger

Guests :Charlotte Sullivan (Anna Turner), Kamal Angelo Bolden (Jason Kannell), Randy Flagler (Capp), Jenny O'Hara (Ellie), Tim Gamble (Mr. Turner), Doug James (Neiman), Gene Weygandt (Chef Moran), Greta Honold (Hope Norwich), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Anastasia Edwards (Laurie), Leo Milano (Aidan), Mitch Conti (Davey), Mark Thomson (Mick), Dennis Saldana (Larry)

Chicago Med

Doctor: Her latest numbers look good. It's a big jump for just a couple days treatment.

Severide: Yeah, she just hasn't been eating, and she's sleeping all the time.

Doctor: That's the chemo. Not much we can do about that.

Anna: Hey, ladies, quit gossiping about me.

Severide: Doc says you're doing great.

Anna: Yeah, well, no offense, Doc, but my definition of great doesn't include tossing my cookies every hour.

Doctor: I'm sorry about that, Anna. I'll order you something for that. Hang in there. It's good.

Severide: I'm gonna take the shift off.

Anna: Oh, come on, Kelly. You've been watching me sleep for, like, two days. My dad's gonna be here in, like, half an hour. Just go to work.

Severide: I don't mind.

Anna: Go! I'm fine.

Severide: Just a phone call away.

Anna: Hm.

Boden’s office

Boden: So... How'd it go with Kannell?

Casey: He's determined to take the fall.

Boden: Protecting Doyle's memory.

Casey: It'd be noble as hell if he weren't tanking his career.

Boden: Well, that's his choice. The case is being closed at today's monthly review panel.

Casey: So we go to the panel. Ask them to postpone it.

Boden: We don't have the standing. Kannell is sticking to his story.

Casey: Then we gotta change the story somehow.

Boden: Okay… Whatever you need.


Otis: Hey, I'm not gonna rush into this and end up with some serial killer, okay?

Cruz: Then you can pay the extra rent.

Herrmann: What, you guys still looking for a roommate?

Brett: In your place? Where would you put them?

Cruz: A three bedroom unit just opened up in our building.

Brett: Oh, those are great.

Cruz: Yeah, so Otis said, "Let's grab one. We'll get a third roommate. It'll be cheaper," he said.

Otis: One third of more money is less than half of less money. That's just math.

Cruz: So we moved in and lined up Levantini.

Otis: From first shift.

Cruz: But his girlfriend asked him to move in with her, so now we're screwed. This was supposed to save me money, not cast me.

Otis: Leon is starting community college in Florida, and Cruz is footing the bill.

Cruz: I get this new bouncer gig and that helps, but...

Brett: What about me? For a roommate. 'Cause I've been going nuts trying to find a new place within my price range before my landlord doubles my rent, so it would really help me out. And you know I'm not a serial killer, so...

Otis: Do we?

Brett: Just think about it.

Kidd: People in this house really can't help moving in with each other, huh? It's like a compulsion.

Herrmann: Wai... Didn't you invite Severide to stay with you after he moved out of Casey's?

Kidd: That was different.

Herrmann: Yeah.

Radio: Squad 3, Engine 51.

Kidd: It was.

Herrmann: Oh, yeah, waga, waga, waga.

Cruz: Big difference.

Radio: Structure fire.


Severide: Capp, Tony, you guys vent. Cruz, through the front with me.

Capp: Yup.

Cruz: Got it.

Ellie Norwich’s House

Severide: Hello? Fire Department! Call out! Hello? Hey, 51. We're gonna need a line in the kitchen.

Casey: Copy that, Squad 3.

Cruz: Lieutenant!

Severide: Hey, ma'am? Ma'am, hey, you're gonna have to come with us.

Cruz: Lieutenant! Ma'am! Can you hear me? We gotta get you out of here! Come on. We got you.

Ellie Norwich: No.

Cruz: We got you, come on.

Ellie Norwich: No, I'm okay.

Severide: One, two...

Ellie Norwich: I'm okay.

Severide: Come on.


Severide: Fire's headed for the eaves. Get a line on that back roof.

Firefighter: Copy that, Lieutenant.

Severide: There.

Paramedic: Lay down. We got you.

Severide: Running from firefighters? A couple pictures aren't worth your life.

Ellie Norwich: That house is my whole life.

Severide: We'll save what we can.

Ellie Norwich: Thank you.


Casey: Think this guy'll listen?

Boden: Of all the Chiefs on the panel, he's our best bet. Harry!

Harry Moran: Wallace. I'm already running late, but you knew that.

Boden: Just need a moment of your time before, you go into the panel.

Harry Moran: Who's this?

Boden: Chief Harry Moran, Lieutenant Matt Casey.

Harry Moran: The alderman.

Casey: Yes, sir. I wanted to talk to you about the Squad 6 sewer tunnel incident. We've already lost so many men. I'd hate to see us lose Kannell, too.

Harry Moran: I think getting two firefighters killed is a pretty good reason to end a career.

Casey: Unless he wasn't the one who screwed up.

Harry Moran: He's already admitted as such.

Casey: All due respect, sir, it wasn't Kannell's fault. It was Doyle's.

Harry Moran: That's a hell of an accusation to make of a man who can't defend himself.

Casey: The way Kannell says it went down... Him dropping the meter, running back to the rig... We're talking 50 feet. If those levels were normal before he dropped the meter...

Boden: There's no way the air saturated while he ran 50 feet.

Casey: The only way this could've happened is if Doyle got a high reading, and then took them in there anyway.

Harry Moran: Then why is Kannell taking the blame?

Boden: Because he didn't want Doyle's wife and kids to think he died anything but a hero... Casey: And neither do we. What if there were another option? One that clears Kannell, and keeps Doyle out of it?

Harry Moran: I'm all ears.

Severide’s office

Kidd: You okay?

Severide: Yeah, I'm just... Just looking up stuff for Anna.

Kidd: Hm. Homeopathic? That's pretty far out for you.

Severide: She's just always so damn tired. She's barely eating.

Kidd: Chemo side effects?

Severide: Yeah. One says acupuncture. One says massage, one... Ginger milk thistle, uh... Ah!

Kidd: When I was in rehab... Everybody had a different theory about how to get through it. Drink a lot of water. Don't drink any water… Blah, blah, blah. Know what got me through it? Hamburger and French fries. Every day… Give Anna my best. We're all thinking about her over here.


Brett: Okay. Hear me out.

Otis: The whole appeal of Levantini was that he was from a different shift.

Brett: Okay, but I'm so quiet, it'll be like I'm on a different shift.

Mouch: Yes, because you're so low-key and unobtrusive.

Cruz: Look, Brett, no offense, it's just... I don't know about having a girl roommate.

Brett: Okay, but I'm not just any girl. I spend a third of every week surrounded by men. I know enough not to hang my bra on the shower rod, and I can tell a good dirty joke when I need to.

Mouch: Let's hear one.

Cruz: Yup. She's got nothing.

Otis: What about the parking space?

Cruz: Ah, yes! Look. The landlord only gave us one parking spot in the garage, which me and Otis are already trading off on, which sucks, by the way.

Brett: I'll park on the street.

Otis: Oh, you're gonna love that come December.

Brett: You know what, just write down every question you would ask any other potential roommate... A man, a stranger, and if I pass, I get to move in.

Radio: Ambulance 61. Person injured from fall. 725 Barrington Avenue.


Aidan: You guys, over here. I don't know what happened. I thought I had her. The rope slipped out of my hands.

Brett: Let me look at your hands.

Dawson: Hey. What's your name?

Laurie: Laurie.

Dawson: Hey, Laurie. I'm Gabby. This is Sylvie.

Brett: This place is closed. What are you guys doing here?

Aidan: We snuck in. Thought it'd be fun.

Laurie: It was my idea, not Aidan's.

Aidan: You... You guys aren't gonna call the cops, are you?

Dawson: Hey, Brett?

Brett: Yeah, what's going on?

Dawson: Spinal fluid. Separation between her skull and her C-1.

Brett: All right, Laurie. I want you to do me a favour. I want you to squeeze my hand as hard as you can, okay?

Laurie: Uh-huh.

Brett: Good job.

Dawson: Okay, so Laurie, it's possible you have something called an internal decapitation. I need you to stay completely still. I'm gonna be right here to help you so that you don't move at all.

Laurie: Okay.

Brett: All right, we can't risk putting her on the backboard. I'm gonna grab the scoop stretcher and head rolls.

Dawson: And spider straps!

Brett: Yeah.

Dawson: Stay calm. Stay calm for me. So how long have you guys been together?

Aidan: Uh, yeah, like, a month.

Laurie: We met on Saint Patrick's Day, but he didn't text me for, like, three weeks.

Dawson: Uh-oh. Sounds like a player.

Laurie: No, he's sweet.

Brett: All right, Aidan. I want you to tuck in on Laurie's side right there. We're gonna slide these two pieces underneath her until we feel the middle connect. Really slow, really gently. Then we're gonna take these head rolls. We're gonna put them on either side of her neck.

Dawson: You're doing great. Just stay calm for me… You're doing great.

Brett: Feet first.

Laurie: I'm scared.

Dawson: I know you are, honey, but you're doing great. Okay, guys, on my count. One... Two, three… Head rolls.

Brett: Take one.  Hold this in really tight… Doing a good job.

Dawson: Okay. Let's secure her with the spider straps and get her to Med. Good job.


Hope Norwich: Oh, excuse me? I'm looking for Lieutenant Severide.

Severide: Yeah, you found him. How can I help you?

Hope Norwich: I'm Hope Norwich. You saved my mom, Ellie, this morning. I just wanted to bring you some cookies as a thank you.

Severide: Oh. Thank you. How's, uh... How is she doing?

Hope Norwich: Doctor said she only has minor smoke inhalation. Mom's pretty tough.

Severide: I noticed.

Hope Norwich: Yeah, she's already back in the house. Claims the bedroom's fine, and she'll clean the rest as she goes.

Severide: Uh, the fire was in the roof. It's not safe.

Hope Norwich: I figured. I called the city about having the property condemned, but even then, if she refuses to go, I'll have to call the police to remove her. She is the most stubborn woman on the planet. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for helping her.

Severide: Sure.

Briefing room

Brett: What does Baba's favourite knitting stitch have to do with me being a good roommate?

Otis: It shows that you pay attention.

Cruz: Hmm.

Brett: Fine. A garter stitch.

Otis: Ooh! Sorry! The answer we were looking for was "Stockinette." Minus 3,000 points.

Brett: What? That "Battlestar Galactica" question I got right was only worth a hundred!

Otis: The points are at the discretion of the management, I'm afraid. Now on to a more delicate subject. You and Cruz used to date. You and I, we had a moment. Now if you had to choo...

Brett: Oh, you know what, don't even finish that question.

Cruz: Minus 2,000 points.

Brett: Ugh! Come on! Okay. Forget it. I'm gonna sleep in my car.

Cruz: No, no. Wait. Wait, wait, wait, all right? You can still win it all back? The final question is worth... Wait for it…11,000 points!

Otis: Oh! Two guards stand in front of two doors.

Cruz: One door leads to heaven.

Otis: The other to hell. One guard always tells the truth, The other always lies.

Cruz: You may ask one guard one question.

Otis: What is your question?

Brett: Who wants a parking spot? Hmm? Let me be more specific. How about three parking spots? One for each of us, which I negotiated with the landlord. And FYI, your landlord loves me. I brought him baklava, so you're not getting this deal with any other roommate.

Otis: Congratulations, roomie!

Cruz: Welcome!

Brett: Yay!

Anna’s room

Anna: Oh, my God. What do I smell?

Severide: Guess.

Anna: A cheeseburger from Small Cheval?

Severide: And fries.

Anna: Bring it here! You really do love me, don't you?

Severide: I do.

Anna: And I love you… All right, all right. Enough of this schmlatzy crap. Can I eat now?

Severide: Go, go, go, go, go. It's good, isn't it? They got you on something new?

Anna: I started to run a fever so they put me on an antibiotic just to be safe.

Severide: Everything else good?

Anna: Supposedly. Oh, my God, this is so good. What... What are those cookies?

Severide: Thanks from a woman today. We pulled her mom out of a burning house and the old lady kept running back in trying to save things. Nearly got herself killed.

Anna: What kind of things?

Severide: Family pictures. Daughter stopped by and said that she already moved back in. She refuses to move out.

Anna: Was that safe?

Severide: No. Probably not, but... Woman loves her house.

Anna: It's not about the house… When you have to really, like, look at the things that you're scared of losing, it's not... It's not the things you don't want to let go of. It's just... It's just this.

Severide: Hey. Hey. Anna, you don't have to worry about that. I'm right here.

Anna: Yeah. Anyway... I bet once you go talk to her, you'll find out it's not the things for her, either. When you find out what it is, you can help her.

Severide: Who says I'm gonna go talk to her?

Anna: I did.

Kannell’s house

Kannell: I already told...

Casey: You're cleared.

Kannell: What?

Casey: Boden and I talked to Chief Moran. The panel chalked the whole thing up to equipment failure. Saying the meter was faulty.

Kannell: But that's not what happened.

Casey: Doyle's clear. You're clear. The whole thing's closed for good. Your job's waiting for you whenever you're ready.

Kannell: You really don't get it. That doesn't change anything, Casey. I watched three men die and now I'm done with the CFD. It's over… I'm out.

Chicago Med

Severide: Hey. Hey, Doc! What the hell is up with the DNR?

Doctor: Would you give us a minute? Whether or not to authorize life-saving measures is the patient's choice.

Severide: It's your job to tell her not to give up.

Doctor: No, it isn't.

Severide: You said her numbers were good. You're optimistic.

Doctor: I am and so is Anna, but she also knows that if treatment stops working, extreme measure won't turn the tide. Look, this isn't a white flag. It's a worst case scenario.

Severide: She said she had a fever.

Doctor: She does, but we're treating it. Go home. Get a shower. Do what you gotta do to get back here and help her keep fighting.

Dawson and Casey’s apartment

Casey: It's not right. Kannell did everything he should have, on the call and after.

Dawson: Really? You think that lying about how the call went down was the right thing?

Casey: To protect his lieutenant's good name? Absolutely. I'd do it for Boden in a second if... God forbid.

Dawson: Me, too.

Casey: He can't just give up… Am I being an ass?

Dawson: That's a shift.

Casey: The guy lost his brothers, and I'm riding him because he wants to walk away… Maybe I should let him go.

Dawson: No, baby. And quitting isn't exactly who you are… You fought back after losing Darden and you got Severide back after we lost Shay… You're not gonna start quitting now, are you?

Ellie Norwich’s House

Severide: Hello? Ma'am? Mrs. Norwich?

Ellie Norwich: The firefighter.

Severide: Yeah, Kelly. Severide. How's it going?

Ellie Norwich: I got it covered.

Severide: Okay, well, your daughter stopped in the firehouse yesterday, and she seemed pretty worried about you.

Ellie Norwich: "Worried" is Hope's natural setting. I'm fine.

Severide: Okay, well, just so you know, it's not safe to be living here.

Ellie Norwich: What's this nonsense? All it needs a little cleaning up. If you really want to be useful, come help in the kitchen.

Severide: Ma'am… Ma'am?

Ellie Norwich: You ma'am me one more time, you'll be wearing what's in that bucket. It's Ellie.

Severide: Ellie, nice to meet you. Look, I know that you've probably been living here for a long time...

Ellie Norwich: 37 years.

Severide: But it's gonna take a lot more than cleaning to make this place safe. The roof supports have been destroyed. Not to mention the exposed insulation is a health hazard. It's too dangerous.

Ellie Norwich: This place has stood here for a long time. I'm sure it has a few more years in it… What's your story?

Severide: Sorry?

Ellie Norwich: You have something weighing on you.

Severide: Someone that I care about is sick. It's my girlfriend.

Ellie Norwich: It's bad, huh?

Severide: It's cancer, but she's... She's fighting. She's gonna beat it.

Ellie Norwich: Good. True love... Like Hal and I had, made a life worth living.

Severide: Hal's your husband?

Ellie Norwich: Was. Had a heart attack last summer. No warning. We built this place. That backsplash, I hand painted every one of those tiles. These marks, this is where we marked Hope's height every six months.Till she was 18.

Severide: Ellie, I get it. I understand.

Ellie Norwich: Oh? You understand, do you? You understand what it's like to think you're gonna spend the rest of your life with someone, and then one day, all you have is memories? I'm sorry. You just... Make sure you grab all the memories you can… Man. We are two sorry sons of bitches, huh? Ah, you wanna... Drag that stove out to the curb for me? And then get back to your girlfriend. Bring her some flowers from my garden.

Severide: Yeah, sure.

Cruz, Otis and Brett’s apartment

Cruz: Hey, Snow White! What happened in here?

Brett: I just straightened up a bit.

Otis: I think it looks great!

Cruz: Where my door chair stuff?

Brett: What?

Cruz: My door chair stuff. The stuff that I keep here on the chair.You can't just move a guy's door chair stuff. I gotta get to work.

Brett: Everything's in the front closet.

Cruz: What? Who keeps clothes in the closet? Oh.

Otis: Whoa.

Brett: Everything's labelled with a different font. The one for winter gloves is all frosty… See, easy peasy.

Cruz: Not as easy as my door chair, though.

Kannell’s house

Casey: Jason? Jason, I know you're here. Your car's out front. Fine, just listen… I've been here. I've lost people. But if we quit because of the ones that don't make it, we quit on all the people we could save in the future. I know you love being a firefighter. It's in your blood. So when you're ready, just... Come find me.


Owner: How's it looking?

Cruz: Had to talk a couple of college girls from dancing on the tables, but other than that, it's been pretty quiet.

Customer: What the hell, dude?

Bartender: No, man. You're done.

Customer: I said go get me a beer!

Bartender: I think eight's your limit.

Customer: What?

Bartender: You're done.

Customer: What did you say?

Bartender: I said you're done.

Cruz: Hey, we got a problem here?

Customer: Yeah, I got money to spend and I want a beer.

Bartender: Yeah, I think you're at your limit.

Customer: Thinking ain't your job, okay? Your job is to take my money and bring me my beer.

Cruz: Okay, buddy, hey, time to go.

Customer: Oh, I ain't done nothing.

Cruz: Look, you're disrupting the other patrons, all right? Don't make this a thing.

Customer: Get off me, all right? Go get me a beer, all right? I said go get me a beer!

Cruz: Come on...

Customer: Get off me.

Cruz: Hey, man, take it easy. Oh… Whoa, buddy, we gotta get you to a hospital.

Customer: Get away from me!

Locker room

Herrmann: You got fired? You were a bouncer. You bounced him.

Cruz: Yeah, well, owner says he didn't specifically tell me to lay hands on the guy, so he's not responsible for what happened after that.

Mouch: How else were you supposed to kick a belligerent drunk out?

Cruz: Look, you guys, I know you're trying to help, but I really don't wanna Monday morning quarterback this.

Brett: I can pay rent a little earlier this month if that helps.

Cruz: You know what would help? If my life weren't turned upside down at home, too.

Brett: What?

Cruz: You can't just come into somebody's place and start moving stuff around.

Herrmann: Hey, now.

Cruz: You know, forget it. My bad. Right? As usual. Cruz, the screw up.

Radio: Squad 3. Car pinned by fallen tree. 84 Andrews.


Paramedic: Branch landed on the car with the driver inside. He says he's not hurt, but the impact jammed the doors.

Severide: Okay. Hey, sir, can you lower your window more?

Victim: You know, I was just getting ready to head to work, and then bam.

Severide: Yeah. We'll get you out of here.

Victim: My landscaper said the tree had some dry rot, and my wife said I should take care of it.

Severide: Yeah, I hear ya. Just give us a second.

Victim: Okay. Ah! Oh, my God.

Severide: Um, there's too much weight. This whole roof's gonna collapse any second. Cruz, why don't you grab a blanket so we can shield him.

Cruz: You got it, Lieutenant.

Severide: Tony, grab a backboard.

Tony: Got it.

Victim: Ah! Ah!

Severide: Hey! Let's get that backboard!

Tony: Coming in!

Severide: Hey, sir, when I pop this window, I want you to push yourself out.

Victim: Okay.

Severide: Okay… All right. Here you go. We got you. You're okay.

Victim: Oh, my God.


Boden: Severide! Hospital called. It's Anna. There's been a change. You gotta go. Go on. Go! I'll take over.

Chicago Med

Doctor: Kelly.

Severide: Hey, uh... What's going on?

Doctor: The infection's taken over. Anna's immune system was too compromised by the chemo. Unfortunately, she's septic.

Severide: What... What does that mean?

Doctor: I'm sorry, Kelly.

Severide: Sorry?

Doctor: There's nothing more we can do. We're given her something to make her comfortable. If there's anything you have to say, now is the time.

Severide: Okay.

Anna’s room

Anna: Did you go see her?

Severide: What?

Anna: The lady from the house.

Father: Okay.

Anna: Thank you... For these last few months.

Severide: No. No, no, no. Don't do that. Don't say goodbye. We're gonna beat this.

Anna: Oh, honey.

Severide: Hey, we got a miracle once. We're gonna get another one.

Anna: Why don't you tell me about her.

Severide: Ellie? Uh... You were right. It wasn't about the house. It was about her husband, Hal. You should hear her. It's, uh, Hal this, Hal that… They were married for 37 years.

Anna: Wow.

Severide: Yeah. That's why she wouldn't leave the house. All of the memories there.

Anna: She can't move with it on her shoulders.

Severide: What, babe?

Anna: You can't carry a house on your shoulders.

Severide: Hey, just stay right here and look at me, okay?

Anna: I love you… Carry me.

Severide: No. Baby? Baby? Baby, you gotta... You gotta fight. You gotta fight. Hey, Anna, you gotta fight. Honey, don't go. Don't go. Hey, you guys, you gotta help her. You gotta help her. Hey, guys, okay? Anna, honey? Honey? Why aren't you guys helping her? Do something!

Doctor: We can't.

Severide: Forget the DNR. I know her, I know what she wants. Okay? You're doctors. You're doctors. Do your job!

Father: Kelly.

Severide: She wouldn't give up.

Father: Kelly...

Severide: She wouldn't... Will you do something?

Doctor: Time of death 9:21 a.m.

Severide: What? Anna...

Father: It's okay, Kelly. It's okay.

Severide’s apartment

Casey: Hey, guys, let's clear out. Give Severide some space.

Dawson: Absolutely… Call us if...

Kidd: It's everything from her bulletin board. Her dad said she'd want you to have it.

Cruz, Otis and Brett’s apartment

Cruz: You put it all back?

Brett: Yeah. I don't want to make your life any worse. I'm almost done packing my stuff.

Cruz: No. Look, I'm sorry. I was a jerk.

Otis: Please don't move out.

Brett: Are you sure?

Cruz: Things get tough, we stick together.

Otis: Ah!


Kannell: You give a hell of a speech. You should think about going into politics.

Casey: Yeah, I'll think about it.

Kannell: I can't go back to 53… Every time I think about walking in there and not seeing those guys... If that makes me a quitter in your eyes, then so be it, but I can't face that house without them in it.

Casey: What if there were a spot for you at another house? Specifically, here. It might take a while to set up, but... When I made it back, I did it because of the people in this house… Jason, it's gotta come from you. You gotta want it… But I know if there's a way back from where you are right now... It's through this house.

Ellie Norwich’s House

Ellie Norwich: What now? Where are you going? What the hell are you doing?

Severide: You can't stay here… But you can take this with you anywhere. That way... You'll always carry him with you… My girlfriend died.

Ellie Norwich: I'm so sorry… I'm so sorry… Will you help me pack?

Severide: Yes.

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6.24m / 0.6% (18-49)

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Chicago Fire, S10E20 (inédit)
Mercredi 11 mai à 21:00
6.78m / 0.7% (18-49)

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Chicago Med, S07E20 (inédit)
Mercredi 11 mai à 20:00
6.37m / 0.6% (18-49)

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Chicago Fire | Triste nouvelle pour le casting de la série

Chicago Fire | Triste nouvelle pour le casting de la série
L'entraîneur de Tuesday, le chien de Ritter et de la caserne 51 dans la série depuis 4 ans a annoncé...

Chicago Fire | Diffusion NBC - 10.21 : Last Chance

Chicago Fire | Diffusion NBC - 10.21 : Last Chance
OneChicago Wednesday c'est aujourd'hui! Pour continuer la soirée sur NBC, vous pourrez retrouver...

Chicago Med | Diffusion NBC - 7.21 : Lying Doesn't Protect You From The Truth

Chicago Med | Diffusion NBC - 7.21 : Lying Doesn't Protect You From The Truth
OneChicago Wednesday c'est aujourd'hui! Pour démarrer la soirée sur NBC, vous pourrez retrouver...

Pas de changement sur la programmation des Chicago sur NBC!

Pas de changement sur la programmation des Chicago sur NBC!
NBC vient d'annoncer son programme pour l'automne! Pas de changement en vue du côté des Chicago! En...

Chicago Fire | Synopsis 10.22 : The Magnificent City Of Chicago

Chicago Fire | Synopsis 10.22 : The Magnificent City Of Chicago
NBC vient de dévoiler le synopsis de l'épisode 10.22 : The Magnificent City Of Chicago de Chicago...


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Un petit passage dans "Préférences" pour voter aux bannières, aux thèmes et vous y gagnerez mes remerciements. ^^

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Nouveau design sur le quartier Once Upon A Time. Storybrooke passe au vert ! Merci beaucoup à Locksley !

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Nouveaux sondages sur Blacklist, A Discovery of Witches, pas besoin de connaître les séries : un clic, un com' (pas obligé), ça va vite. Merci

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Nouveau sondage sur Les 4400 concernant le reboot. Venez participer

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