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Chicago Fire
#601 : Retour à la vie

Avec la plupart de l'équipe encore piégée à l'intérieur de l'entrepôt en feu, le chef Boden prend une décision de dernière minute risquée dans le but de sauver ses hommes. Dawson continue de s'occuper de son père qui a de nouveaux projets pour lui-même. L'ami d'enfance de Brett's Hope visite la ville de Chicago et attire l'attention de quelqu'un dans la caserne tandis que Kidd va affronter son propriétaire. 
Pendant ce temps, un incendie dans une école secondaire frappe et touche Boden personnellement.


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Titre VO
It's wasn't enough

Titre VF
Retour à la vie

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Réalisateur : Reza Tabrizi

Scénario : Derek Haas

Guests : Eloise Mumford (Hope), Daniel Zacapa (Ramon Dawson), Melissa Ponzio (Donna Robbins), Marquis Rodriguez (Rashidi), Randy Flagler (Capp), Gordon Clapp (Aumonier Orlovsky), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Bradley Grant Smith (Mike Tucker), Tory O. David (Vice Principal), Eduardo N. Martinez (Hector)


Boden: Emergency. Squad 3, Truck 81, Engine 51, if you can hear me, take cover anywhere that you can. We're about to open up the water cannons.

Cruz: Chief, you'll boil them alive.

Boden: What choice do I have? It may not be much, but it's all we got… Cover yourselves.

Severide: Kannell, this way. Let's move. Squad's headed to the east stairwell, Chief.

Boden: Water cannons go up in ten... Nine...

Herrmann: Hit it! Hit it!

Boden: Eight... Seven... Six...

Dawson: Cover yourself, baby.

Boden: Five...

Dawson: Come on, baby.

Boden: Four... Three... Two... One… That's it. Open up the water cannons.


Cruz: Mouch! Herrmann! Mouch! Herrmann! Herrmann., Herrmann. Herrmann.

Boden: Casey. Severide, Kannell, call out!

Severide: Kannell and I are safe, Chief. We're headed out.

Boden: Do you have eyes on Casey?

Severide: Negative, Chief.

Boden: Casey… Casey. Casey!


Boden: As I think of the life of Matthew Casey, certain words come to the top of my mind. Honesty, integrity, bravery, sure… But there are other words right there, too… Like... Brother… Son… Husband. And I am lucky enough to call him a friend… Matthew Casey... I proudly bestow this Medal of Valour upon you, not only because of the bravery that you showed at the South Bishop fire, but also because of the valour that you show on the streets of Chicago every single day… Order arms.


Casey: Listen, I...

Dawson: There's something I wanted...

Casey & Dawson’s apartment

Dawson: Dad, what's going on?

Ramon: Uh, well, uh... What's going on is that I am officially getting out of your hair.

Dawson: What are you talking about?

Ramon: I cannot thank you two enough for, uh, helping me right this ship for the last couple of months. I've got three great job leads, I'm...

Dawson: Dad, we are happy to have you stay with us.

Casey: Yeah, yeah. More than happy.

Ramon: I know, and I appreciate it. But I've been imposing on you for way too long. So there's nothing more to be said. I love you so much, mija.

Dawson: I love you, too.

Ramon: Matt, congratulations on the medal, and thank you sincerely.

Casey: Anytime.

Ramon: Well, I'm on the move to the next chapter on this adventure known as the life of Ramón Dawsona.

Dawson: You know, if it doesn't work out...

Ramon: No, nope, nope, uh-uh. From now on, it's nothing but up. Te amo mucho.

Dawson: That was abrupt.

Casey: Yep.

Dawson: You know, this is the first time in months we've had the whole place to ourselves.

Casey: Yep.

Dawson: You'd better take that uniform off.

Casey: Yep.

Locker room

Mouch: Ah, Trudy.

Cruz: Mouchie!

Otis: Hey.

Cruz: He's back. You look incredible. Doesn't he look incredible?

Otis: Incredible.

Cruz: It's good to have you back, Mouch.

Mouch: Thanks.

Otis: It's almost like you didn't go visit him every single day he was laid up.

Cruz: I was on suspension for 60 days. I had to keep busy somehow, huh? Hey, come here. Come on. I got something for you.

Otis: Hey, Mouch.


Cruz: Keep them closed, okay?

Mouch: Yep, yep.

Cruz: Okay, just turn here.

Mouch: Uh-huh.

Cruz: All right.

Mouch: Ta-da!

Cruz: It's perfect, right? It marks your spot, and it provides much-needed lumbar support.

Mouch: That's really sweet of you, Joe, but, uh, prolonged sitting is linked to cardiovascular disease, it turns out.

Cruz: Of course. So stupid. Ah! I know a fantastic recipe for a power smoothie.

Herrmann: Hey. Hey, so, uh, is he still trying to make up for how he jumped you over that suspension?

Mouch: Nah, it's water under the bridge.

Otis: Not for him.

Herrmann: So hey, oh, boom-boom! How you feeling, Dead Mouch?

Mouch: I'm not dead, Herrmann.

Herrmann: You flatlined! I have seen bodies in the morgue move more than you.

Mouch: Rearview mirror. I've got a whole new fitness and nutrition regimen. I'm eating chia seeds and all kinds of good stuff.

Kidd: You look great, Mouch. You really do. But the nickname Dead Mouch is here to stay.

Herrmann: Yeah.

Mouch: And I'm warning everyone that if you persist in calling me that...

Brett: Otis, Herrmann. Dead Mouch.

Cruz: Okay, come on, you guys. Lay off Mouch, all right? He's been through a lot. Here you go, buddy.

Mouch: Mmm.

Cruz: Eh?

Mouch: Mmm!

Kidd: Could I just...

Mouch: Chia later.


Severide: Can I help you, bud?

Mike Tucker: I'm looking for someone.


Mike Tucker: Hey, bitch. What, you talk smack on me, you don't think there's gonna be consequences?


Kidd: This is where I work.

Mike Tucker: Yeah. And my Angie's List page is where I conduct my business. You neg-rep me online, I can't fill the building.

Kidd: Be a better landlord, and I'd be happy to delete it.

Mike Tucker: Every day, it's something with you. Leaky faucet, new paint. I've had more calls from you than any tenant in 15 years.

Kidd: Because you bully them the way you're trying to bully me. The only difference is I'm not gonna let you call me names and kick sand in my face.

Mike Tucker: I want your rent.

Kidd: Fix the fridge, and you'll get it.

Mike Tucker: Your check, my mail box, Friday, or so help me God...

Kidd: Renters' rights. Look them up.

Mike Tucker: So help me God.

Severide: Hey, everything all right?

Kidd: Yeah. Tucker messed with the wrong tenant.

Boden’s office

Boden: Well, Lieutenant Casey, word churning around headquarters is that you have eyes on you now.

Casey: Uh-oh.

Boden: In a good way. Title of captain in your future.

Severide: Ooh, Lord help us all.

Casey: Hey, I'm just glad not to be an alderman. Told Gabby it's high time I focus on the job I'm actually good at.

Boden: Hear, hear to that. So, regarding Jason Kannell.

Casey: What's this?

Severide: Oh, we got denied an extra man on squad, so Chief here...

Boden: I found him a permanent spot on first shift.

Casey: Oh, that's great. I'll call him to celebrate.

Boden: Donna. To what do we owe the pleasure? You know what? To hell with what I owe. I am just pleased to see you.

Donna: Aww, that's why I married you. Boys, no matter how many women say they don't like to be sweet-talked, let me tell you, they do.

Severide: I'll keep that in mind.

Boden: Yeah, you write that down. Get out. So?

Donna: Um, so I was coming to remind you that tomorrow night is my first parent-teacher night of the year, and you're gonna need this carpool sign to pick up Terrence from day care.

Boden: Right. Consider it taken care of.

Donna: And, uh, just remind me why I wanted to move from 4th grade to high school.

Boden: Well, if words serve me correctly, you said you need more of a challenge.

Donna: Did I say that

Boden: You did.

Donna: Okay. Oh, I gotta go. There's an assembly this morning, so all hands on deck.

Boden: Okay, go get them.

Donna: Okay.

Boden: Thanks for stopping by.

Outside the firehouse

Brett: So I have great news. My friend, Hope Jacquinot, is in town. She just texted me, and she's on her way over here.

Cruz: Go on.

Brett: Well, we used to call her "Shock-and-Awe" in high school. I mean, because of her name, but also because she was always just doing crazy stuff.

Otis: Keep going.

Brett: You guys are gonna love her. She was the Hog Queen of Fowlerton four years running.

Otis: Okay, you can stop now.

Brett: No, that's a big deal.

Kidd: I wanna party with this girl.

Brett: It's an open invitation. I'm gonna take her to Molly's tomorrow night.

Otis: Yeah, I'm gonna be needing tomorrow night off, Herrmann.

Herrmann: Yeah, fat chance.

Hope: Fowlerton in the house.

Brett: Oh, my God! Were your ears burning? I was just talking about you.

Hope: All good, I take it.

Brett: Oh, yeah. You look amazing.

Otis: She was actually raving about you. Hi, Brian Zvonecek.

Hope: Oh.

Cruz: Joe Cruz. Nice to meet you.

Hope: Oh. Look at you, get to work with a bunch of firemen.

Kidd: Firefighters. That's what we say.

Brett: How long are you in town?

Hope: Just a couple of weeks. I got an Airbnb. I'm free to hang.

Brett: Amazing.

Otis: That is amazing, 'cause I actually own a bar.

Cruz: Co-own.

Otis: I am a managing part of the bar, so...

Kidd: Okay, so I'm gonna go check on lunch. Hope, it was lovely to meet you. Don't worry about these two. They're harmless.

Hope: Not too harmless, I hope, hmm?


Hope: You, however...

Mouch: Kelly, quick question.

Severide: Yeah?

Mouch: When you're working on your core, do you concentrate on fast-twitch isometric training, or do you go with more low-intensity, high-impact repetition?

Severide: What?

Mouch: It's just, I've been doing some concentric CrossFit, you know, since I have more of a mesomorph physique.

Severide: I just lift weights, man.

Mouch: Of course. I mean, yeah, me too. Also I throw in some Power Fit, X-Fit, you know, core balance type thing.

Cruz: Well, you look absolutely great, brother.

Mouch: Thank you. Also, I have two tickets to this week's Bears game. And they're yours. 50 yard line, 20 rows up.

Mouch: Whoa. Thank you, Joe.


Dawson: I will admit, I like the sound of Captain Casey. Which would make me Mrs. Captain Casey.

Casey: I gotta shut down the speculation before it gets out of hand.

Dawson: Which is just a temporary step on the ladder to Chief Casey.

Casey: You're worse than the rest of them.

Dawson: You look good in white, is all I'm saying.

Casey: Making Chief's all about the politics. I've had enough of that to last me a lifetime. From now on, just give me an axe and a halligan, point me toward a fire.


Severide: I'm not gonna be too happy when you outrank me.

Casey: Huh.

Severide: Just putting you on notice.

Casey: Fair warning, then.

Severide: Well, Dawson says that you gave her old man the boot.

Casey: She said what?

Severide: Well, she actually said he just left, but I figured you...

Casey: My hands are clean. He's gone of his own accord.

Severide: Nice. How'd that feel?

Casey: You have no idea.

Outside the firehouse

Hector: Help! Help! Help, my girl! My little girl! Help me!

Casey: Gabby. Brett.

Severide: Come on. Here. Set her down here.

Hector: Her eyes. She was eating, and then her eyes...

Casey: All right. Come on. Give them some room.

Dawson: She's choking.

Brett: She was probably trying to cough, and she busted some blood vessels in her eyes.

Dawson: Nothing.

Brett: I'll get the forceps.

Hector: Will she be blind?

Dawson: Let's try to get her breathing first. What was she eating?

Hector: Hot dogs.

Casey: Hey, hey, hey.

Brett: Damn it. One more push… Got it.

Dawson: Let's get her to Med.

Brett: Yeah. Honey, how do you feel?

Girl: It hurts.

Hector: I see you guys race out onto the street every day. I will never complain about the sirens again. Hey, baby.

Casey: Happy we could help.

Brett: Thanks, guys.

Casey: Yeah.

Brett: Okay, come with us.

Hector: Yes, ma'am.


Brett: Thank you.

Dawson: You're welcome.

Brett: Oh, Hope. I'm so glad you made it.

Hope: I mean, I've never been to a firefighter bar before.

Dawson: Oh, yeah, we've got cops, doctors, lawyers... Well, not so many lawyers, anyway. Anyway, what can I get you to drink?

Hope: Um, can you make a Moscow Mule?

Dawson: You got it.

Brett: Oh, uh, yeah, I should warn you. Kelly Severide's probably not the best guy for you to set your sights on.

Kidd: What's that?

Brett: Uh, Hope was staring at Kelly.

Hope: I don't know about staring. I mean, look at him, though.

Brett: Well, he recently lost his girlfriend to cancer.

Hope: Oh.

Brett: Yeah. It was awful. And before you think you can be the shoulder that he cries on, just know that he's already been comforted by half the women in Chicago, so...

Molly’s kitchen

Otis: Oh, hey. Can you switch with me tomorrow night and close the shop? I got a thing.

Kidd: What thing?

Otis: Uh, it's, uh... Escape room design class.

Kidd: Oh. Well, can't. Looking at apartments.

Otis: Well, then why'd you make me say what I was doing then?

Kidd: I just wanted to see what you had planned on a Saturday night.

Otis: Looking for apartments? I thought you had a three-year lease.

Kidd: Oh, yeah. Apparently I violated the tenant-renter agreement.

Otis: No.

Kidd: Yeah. He evicted me.

Otis: Oh. I'm so sorry. Well, there's a fold-up cot in the corner. Herrmann likes to use it when he has early deliveries and he doesn't want to drive across town.

Kidd: I wondered what that was doing here.

Otis: Yeah, just, you know, use it as long as you need, and shower at the firehouse. And don't tell anybody about the design class.


Hope: Hi. I'm Hope. Sylvie's friend.

Severide: Ah. Kelly.

Hope: You, um, left your phone at the bar.

Severide: Ah, no, I was just keeping my spot.

Hope: Well, I might've put my number in it.

Severide: You did, did you?

Hope: Yeah. I just wanted you to know that you can text me anytime.

Severide: Okay.


Ramon: Boo.

Dawson: Dad.

Casey: Hey.

Dawson: Hey.

Ramon: Hey.

Dawson: It's good to see you.

Ramon: I thought I'd pop in. Say hello. I'm sorry I haven't called. I've been on the job hunt, just...

Dawson: Yeah, how's that going?

Ramon: Okay. I got a second interview at one place, so we'll see.

Dawson: Yeah?

Ramon: Yeah.

Casey: Well, uh, keep us posted, huh?

Ramon: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Casey: Good to see you, Pops.

Ramon: Good to see you… Um, I talked to Chaplain Orlovsky. And, uh, he said that, uh, you haven't been by to see him.

Dawson: Been busy.

Ramon: Kitten, you told me that when Matt said good-bye in that fire that it almost broke everything inside of you… Look, uh, I'm not a counsellor, baby girl, but maybe that moment was a little crack. Maybe it widened some other cracks that were already there. I don't know. But this is true, and you need to listen to me, hija. If you don't repair these cracks, then the whole foundation comes crumbling down. So if it's not the chaplain, just talk to someone.

Dawson: I was upset, and I'm good now. Okay? Just needed some time. Which I got.

Ramon: Okay.

Dawson: Okay.

Ramon: Glad to hear that. Okay.

Locker room

Herrmann: So I don't know what anybody did. What's she showering here for?

Otis: She got the boot from her apartment. She's a bad tenant.

Brett: Aw.

Otis: Yeah. I'd offer her a spot with us, but we're stuffed to the rafters. She said she's out looking for a new place.

Herrmann: I had that mother-in-law suite that we fixed up for Dawson. But then Henry decided to move in because he says that he's mostly an adult now.

Otis: Oh, mostly.


Mouch: Herrmann, will you hold my feet while I get in some crunches? Oh. Okay.

Cruz: There you go, buddy. Nice. Almost there. There you go. Stay strong.

Mouch: And ten. Thanks, Joe.

Cruz: Pleasure's all mine.

Mouch: Whoo. Whoo… What?

Herrmann: How long are you gonna keep this going?

Mouch: I am committed to my fitness regime.

Herrmann: No, I'm not talking about fitness. I'm talking about Joe Cruz turning into your personal valet. You're letting him put lipstick on and kiss your ass like it's your birthday.

Mouch: Uh, I think you're being a little exaggerated in your description.

Herrmann: Enough's enough. Tell the guy that you forgive him, and let him get on with his life.

Cruz: Here you go, Mouchie. Nice hot towel.

Mouch: Ooh. Oh.

Cruz: Yeah. Helps get out the toxins.

Mouch: Why thank you, Joe.

Herrmann: Okay.

Mouch: So good.

Herrmann: Yeah.

Mouch: Oh. Ooh. Ah.


Orlovsky: Christopher.

Herrmann: Hey, Chaplain Orlovsky. Great to see you, Padre.

Orlovsky: Yeah, always good to stop by 51.

Herrmann: So, you just visiting, or does the big man upstairs got some urgent business?

Orlovsky: Is Gabby Dawson around?

Herrmann: Oh, I saw her... She's probably... I don't know.

Orlovsky: Anyway, I'll, uh, be around for a bit if anyone wants to, you know, download on me. Weird how you tend to visit around lunch.

Herrmann: Funny.

Orlovsky: Divine guidance.


Radio: Squad 3, Truck 81, Ambulance 61, Engine 51. School fire, 4538 West Quincy.

Boden: That's Donna's school.

Truck 81

Casey: Herrmann, you and Kidd together. Mouch, how you feeling?

Mouch: Like riding a bike, Lieutenant.

Casey: You're with Otis.

Herrmann: What about you, Lieutenant?

Casey: I'm sure Chief is going in on this one, so I'll stay close to him.

Squad 3

Severide: I'll cover the chief. That means I want the three of you on a controlled sweep of wherever the fire's the hottest. These kids are gonna be panicked, so point them toward the exits. Make sure you don't stop except for anyone down.

Capp: You got it, Lieutenant.

Tony: Hit the ground running, boys. Here we go.


Vice Principal: Come on, let's make our lines. Come on. We drilled for this. Don't panic. Come on, everybody out.

Boden: Get two hose lines in there.

Severide: Copy that.

Boden: Truck, Squad, search and evacuate. Let's go… You seen Donna Boden?

Vice Principal: I saw her running toward the fire. It started in the chemistry lab.

Boden: Make a path. Keep moving. This way. Be careful.

Dawson: If you have trouble breathing, I want you to sit down.

Brett: More help is on the way, guys.


Boden: Get clear. Clear out. Come on. Handle that!

Herrmann: Got it, Chief. Let's go. Let's go.

Severide: Hey, I got it, Chief. I got her. I got her… Hey. Move, move!

Rashidi: Yeah, yeah.

Severide: Hey! Get out now! Go, kid.

Casey: This way.

Boden: Come on, let's go.

Casey: This way. Come on.

Boden: Hug the wall to the right to get out.

Boden: Donna!

Casey: Fire department.

Boden: Donna! Donna...

Donna: Wallace!

Casey: Chief, you all right?

Boden: Yeah. I'm fine… Donna. Donna!

Donna: Hey.

Boden: Are you okay?

Donna: Yeah.

Boden: Okay. Come on. We'll get you out of here. Come on. Casey. Come on.

Casey: Come on.

Donna: Wait! Ms. Wagner, the chemistry teacher. She's still inside the classroom. I had to get the kids out.

Boden: Casey, go.

Casey: Got it.

Boden: Come on, I got you. Cover yourself.

Chemistry class

Casey: Fire department. Call out.

Severide: Casey, come on! We gotta move!

Casey: Give me a hand.

Severide: Okay. Let's go.


Severide: Dawson! Brett!

Donna: Oh, man.

Casey: One, two, three, up.

Brett: We gotta intubate… Okay.

Firefighter: Hey, Chief. Fire's out.

Boden: What's the count?

Vice Principal: Everyone's accounted for, Chief.

Dawson: You're in. Let's get her out of here.

Donna: Hey. Can I go with you?

Dawson: Yeah, of course.

Boden: I'll finish up here. Meet you at Med.

Locker room

Kidd: Too soon, Herrmann. Too soon.

Mouch: I just got off the phone with command. And I have successfully signed up Firehouse 51's second shift for the Firefighter Muster.

Kidd: What the...

Mouch: It's like an Olympics for firefighters. There's the bucket brigade challenge, the two-man carry, the ladder...

Kidd: I know what a Muster is. But you signed us up?

Mouch: That's right. And I'm the coach.

Herrmann: Sounds horrible.

Otis: Yeah, I don't know.

Mouch: I need this… No one but Herrmann knows this, but I came this close to walking off this job…And I'm not... I'm not talking about my heart stopping. Before that. I almost gave up the second greatest thing in my life because I was feeling a little run down… And when I was lying on the ground in that burning factory, the one thing I thought about was it wasn't enough… Not enough time with Trudy. Not enough time at 51. Not enough time with you guys… My brothers and sisters. So... Yeah. I signed us up, because, man, I treasure these moments when we're together. And I don't wanna be looking down the dark end of that tunnel ever again, thinking it wasn't enough.

Herrmann: Of course we'll be there.

Mouch: Come here. Thanks, buddy.

Casey: This event is mandatory.

Cruz: Yeah! Yeah! This is a great idea.

Mouch: Thank you, buddy.

Brett’s bedroom

Hope: So you all just moved in together?

Brett: Yeah. Worked out perfectly. They needed a bigger place, and I didn't like living by myself, so opportunity came knocking, and I answered.

Hope: So cool.

Brett: Yeah, they're great. Like big brothers, really.

Hope: If you lived with two men in Fowlerton, you'd get run out on a rail.

Brett: Oh, God, I know. Well, you are gonna love this place we're going dancing. It's called Primary. It's a total scene, but it's a lot of fun. Actually, I met this Canadian guy there once who asked me to marry him, which I don't really remember. I think I had a little too much to drink. But Dawson talked me out of matrimony. Thank God that didn't happen. Who are you texting?

Hope: My mom.

Brett: Oh.

Severide’s loft

Severide: Aww. You look like a lost little puppy.

Kidd: Look, if you're just gonna make fun of me, I'm gonna go back to... I guess I don't really have anywhere to go back to.

Severide: Come on in.

Kidd: Thank you… Thank you for offering to let me crash here.

Severide: You're welcome. And there's no way I'm gonna stop making fun of you.

Kidd: Guess I brought it on myself.

Severide: Yeah. "He messed with the wrong tenant."

Kidd: Look, how was I supposed to know I overstepped the rental agreement?

Severide: Common sense?

Kidd: Fine. Deserved. And, I mean, this is just for a few weeks. I'm still looking for my own place.

Severide: I get it.

Kidd: Okay. And, you know, uh, feel free to do whatever you need to do. With whomever you need to do it with.

Severide: I will… There's beer in the fridge.

Kidd: Say no more.

Dawson and Casey’s home

Casey: They just opened. Otis was telling me about it. Supposed to be great crab legs. We should go before there's a line.

Dawson: Yeah, sounds good.

Casey: Did you hear from your dad?

Dawson: He got the job.

Casey: That's great.

Dawson: Yeah. Second interview, they hit it off. He starts Monday.

Casey: See? Sometimes...

Dawson: Don't ever say good-bye to me again.

Casey: I'd been meaning to say something, but... Just didn't know how, or what.

Dawson: I know that you'll never stop running into burning buildings any more than I'll stop putting my life on the line every time the ambo rolls out… But just tell me right now that you'll always come back to me. And I'll believe you.

Casey: I'll always come back to you.

Chicago Med

Donna: So thank you. Just go tell everyone you know. Okay… Okay, uh... Okay, they said that Mrs. Wagner went in for a second surgery, and it is still critical. So we just need to wait and see, and keep praying. Okay? It's gonna be okay, honey. All right? Wallace, uh...

Boden: What is it?

Donna: The fire wasn't an accident.

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schumi : t'es pas la seule.^^ Moi aussi j'ai cru à une cérémonie funèbre.^^

A peine arrivée, cette Hope a déjà jeté son dévolu sur Kelly... on peut vraiment dire qu'elle me... désespère. undecided

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Cruz qui rame auprès de Mouch alors ça c'est vraiment drôle. mais Mouch abuse un peu de le laisser faire comme ça!

Et cet incendie à la fin??? Grandiose! En plus il annonce une enquête qui sera surement passionnante (et le fil rouge de la saison?).

un épisode de très bon augure pour la suite de cette saison 6!

diana62800  (03.10.2017 à 00:03)

Un très bon épisode comme je les aime. 

Contente que tout le monde soit en vie par contre pour moi, c'estHerrmann qui aurait du recevoir la médaille à la place de Casey, c'est grâce à lui que Mouch soit toujours parmi les vivants. 

Hope, je l'aime pas, et Kelly, on dirait qu'il a déjà oublié Anna. 

Mouch qui revient, c'est génial et Cruz qui fait tout pour se faire pardonner, très drôle à voir :) 

Contente d'avoir revu Donna, elle m'a manqué, et l'histoire de l'incendie, j'ai hâte de voir la suite. 

Gaby & Casey, trop chou à la fin de l'épisode. 

brucas59  (02.10.2017 à 16:39)

J'ai beaucoup aimé cet épisode ! Tout le monde s'en sort mais la scène de la remise de médaille m'a fait arrêté de respirer ! Je m'en doutais mais elle n'en était pas moins intense. Félicitations au Lieutenant en tout cas :)

J'aime pas trop la nouvelle Hope, mais sa relation/texto avec Kelly est sympa et ça met du piquant avec Stella qui vient s'installer chez lui.

J'ai bien aimé Mouch et sa remise en forme et le fait qu'il participe à un concours de pompiers, ça va être sympa à voir !

L'incendie au lycée était intéressant et je suis toujours ravie de revoir Donna, même s'il va y avoir du boulot pour prouver que l'incendie était volontaire ! A voir dans le prochain épisode !

Bon début de saison et hâte de retrouver nos pompiers et ambulancières chaque semaine !

serieserie  (01.10.2017 à 15:55)

Tout le monde s'en sort!! Je pensais pas que tout le monde s'en sortirait enfaite mais ils ont réussi!!

La médaille de Matt, bon je savais qu'il était vivant mais quand même, ça fou les boules.

Hope est arrivée, elle a tapé dans l'oeil de Kelly et c'est réciproque!

Stella s'installe chez Kelly ça va donner tiens sachant qu'elle est carrément amoureuse de lui!!

Le père de Gaby déménage pour la plus grande joie de son beau-fils (moins de sa fille)

Incendie au lycée de Donna, en tout cas j'ai adoré la scène d'avant où on apprend que Donna enseigne maintenant au lycée c'était carrément mignon!

Manue83200  (01.10.2017 à 13:30)
Message édité : 01.10.2017 à 13:33

Après des semaines d'attente, enfin le voilà l'épisode :-) 
J'ai vraiment bien aimé... 

Contente que tout le monde soit sauf !! j'ai eu peur lors de la cérémonie, on croit vraiment que Matt est mort ! mais non c'est la remise d'une médaille !! ouffff ouffff ouffff


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