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Chicago Fire
#604 : En vase clos

Lors d'une course secrète, Dawson se retrouve piégée dans un parking effondré. Avec toutes les sorties bloquées, elle est forcée d'improviser et travaille doublement pour garder un certain nombre d'individus blessés vivant et essayer de maintenir la paix parmi ceux qui sont piégés. Pendant ce temps, la pression augmente sur Casey alors qu'il commence à multiplier des tâches supplémentaires, Kidd devient de plus en plus sceptique concernant Hope après avoir appris les rumeurs circulant et la caserne reçoit un visiteur surprise. 


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A Breaking Point

Titre VF
En vase clos

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Taylor Kenney (Kelly Severide), Eamonn Walker (Walace Boden), et Jesse Spencer (Matt Casey)

Taylor Kenney (Kelly Severide), Eamonn Walker (Walace Boden), et Jesse Spencer (Matt Casey)


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Réalisateur : Matt Earl Beesley

Scénario : Michael A. O'Shea

Guests :  Eloise Mumford (Hope), Daniel Feuerriegel (Will Tucker), Meredith Holzman (Colleen Wilkes), Taylor Anthony Miller (Gil Scanlon), Ariel Felix (Le père de Marisol), Rachel Leyco (Marisol), Robyn Coffin (Cindy Herrmann), Randy Flagler (Capp), Kai A. Ealy (Brandon), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Steve Chikerotis (Chef Walker), Nicholas Bernardi (Foreman), Logan Vosburgh (Max Herrmann),

Antique store

Shop Owner: Replica. Eh, you're better off picking up at Navy Pier for pocket change. Okay? Heh, yeah, you're very welcome.

Dawson: Uh, hi. I'm Gabriela Dawson. I called the other day. I'm with the fire department.

Shop Owner: Gabriela Dawson. If you don't mind me saying, this one took some shoe leather.

Dawson: I hope it wasn't too much trouble.

Shop Owner: Are you kidding? It's just the kind of challenge I live for.

Dawson: It's perfect.

Shop Owner: A gift?

Dawson: Uh, for my husband. Today's a big day for him. I wanna make sure it's one he'll remember.

Before the firehouse

Hope: What's up, lady?

Brett: Are you in trouble? Something to do with stealing, like, $10,000?

Hope: Did my old boss call you?

Brett: Yeah, he talked to Connie.

Hope: The two of us had an affair. I don't know why I did it. I didn't realize it when we started, but he was in this mid-life meltdown, Into all sorts of trouble, and when his wife found out, he freaked He tried to blame me for everything. I mean, obviously, I didn't steal any money. 'Cause he would've called the police. You know Fowlerton. Once the hens start clucking, facts don't matter.

Brett: I... I didn't realize.

Hope: I'm so sorry. Does this screw you up?

Brett: No, it's just... It's awkward.

Hope: I'll talk to Connie right now and quit.

Brett: No, no. Hope, don't. I... I came to Chicago running away from a bad situation. I... I get it. I just wish you had said something sooner.

Hope: Yeah.

Brett: I'll talk to Connie. Just hang tight.

Hope: Thanks. You're the best, Sylvie.

Street/Casey’s office

Casey: I didn't realize you were taking the morning off.

Dawson: Yeah, I had to run a few errands before the promotion ceremony. I'm at the supermarket shopping for the party.

Casey: What's your ETA? Ceremony's at 2:00.

Dawson: Uhh, I'll be there an hour before. I promise.

Casey: Okay.

Dawson: Hey, babe. I gotta call you back, okay? Love you.

Casey: All right. Bye.


Dawson: Hey!

Foreman: What's up, hon?

Dawson: I'm a firefighter. Gabriela Dawson, Firehouse 51.

Foreman: And?

Dawson: And your construction is causing collateral damage in the garage.

Foreman: I'm sorry, what are you saying?

Dawson: You've got crumbling concrete. You can't keep the place open to the public.

Foreman: How 'bout this? How 'bout you let me do my job and if my toaster catches fire, I'll give you a call.

Dawson: Hey, stop, stop. Sorry, garage is closed.

Foreman: What the hell do you think you're doing, lady?

Dawson: It's a hazard.


Foreman: Hey, lady!

Dawson: You guys gotta leave, the structure's not safe. Everyone out of the garage.

Foreman: Get security. Tell him there's some crazy chick yelling at people, down at the lower level.

Dawson: Anybody down here? It's coming down!


Dawson: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. Breathe. I got you. I got you. Can you hear me? Blink once for yes. Okay. We need to get you some help. Where's your radio? Try not to move.

Will Tucker: Hey! Someone injured?

Dawson: Yeah, head trauma. Compound cranial fracture.

Will Tucker: Okay, okay, just stay here. You a nurse?

Dawson: Firefighter-paramedic. Gabby Dawson.

Will Tucker: Will Tucker. Staff sergeant, U.S. Army. I got some basic life support training. Anything I can do to help?

Dawson: Try to keep his head in one piece until help arrives.

Will Tucker: Like this?

Dawson: Perfect. Have you seen head wounds in the field?

Will Tucker: No, ma'am. Been stateside my whole career.

Dawson: Hey, what's your name?

Gil Scanlon: Gil... Scanlon.  I just started as a teller.

Dawson: I need your coat and tie.

Gil Scanlon: Right... right. Oh... Oh, yeah, sure… Here.

Dawson: Gil, you should go. Get out while you still can.

Will Tucker: Ramp's caved in. Stairs are blocked. There's an elevator, but it's shot, too. And there's no cell service down here… What's happening? What do you need?

Dawson: Uh... Tools I don't have. He needs to be intubated. Nothing else I can do… Damn it. We lost him.

Gil Scanlon: Oh, my God. We're gonna die down here.

Firehouse: garage

Severide: Decide fire fighting was too much work for you?

Kidd: Please. Ambo gets more calls in a shift than squad does in a week. Just covering for Dawson while she's out running an errand.

Severide: That's a good look on you.

Kidd: Go read your paper.

Brett: Get out of here. Are you ready for this?

Kidd: Born ready.

Brett: I am psyched. Dawson's always raved, said you were a superstar medic.

Kidd: Ehh, I got some moves. Ah, is there anything I need to know specific to 61?

Brett: Um, expect a frequent flier named Donnie around noon.

Kidd: Uh-huh.

Brett: And we always start every shift with Do-Rite Donuts.

Kidd: I was waiting for that second part.

Brett: Yeah.

Hope: Hey, Sylvie?

Kidd: Hey, Hope. Uh, can you call HQ? Let 'em know we got a few empty O2 bottles here for pickup. Just... Chief doesn't like them sitting around for too long.

Hope: Absolutely. I'm on it.

Kidd: What's she so bubbly about?

Brett: It's a long story.


Hope: HQ needs these before the ceremony.

Casey: It's in three hours… Thanks.

Severide: Oof. Big day.

Casey: I've barely had a chance to let it sink in, all this last minute red tape.

Severide: Better get used to that... Sir… Captain.


Colleen Wilkes: Hey! Hey, get out of there. Get out of there... Uh! Hey...

Brandon: Get your hands off me!

Colleen Wilkes: Stay right there.

Dawson: Hey. What's going on?

Colleen Wilkes: This one was trying to loot my truck. Caught him in the act.

Brandon: Looting? I saw the CB radio inside. I was trying to call for help.

Colleen Wilkes: Thug's just looking for an excuse to break into my property.

Will Tucker: Thug?

Brandon: Did you call me a thug?

Dawson: Hey, hey! That's enough.

Will Tucker: Come on, man. She's not worth it.

Brandon: Dude, don't get in my face, telling me what's worth it.

Gil Scanlon: Oh, my God.

Dawson: Okay. Only a tremor. Structure's still settling after the collapse. Doesn't mean we're safe, though. We need to work together.

Will Tucker: She's right. Could be a while before we're rescued. Can't start fighting now.

Dawson: I'm a firefighter, Gabby Dawson. CFD's on its way.

Will Tucker: But who knows how long they'll be? So we need to be proactive. Scavenge water, first aid, try and find a way out. Hey, um...

Brandon: Brandon.

Will Tucker: Brandon, why don't you scout the area? See if there's a way out of here we might not have noticed… Ma'am, ma'am? Do you mind if I give a shot at raising someone on that radio of yours?

Colleen Wilkes: Not at all. Name's Colleen.

Will Tucker: Thanks, Colleen. Meanwhile, you can search cars. See if there's anything we can use.

Dawson: Hey, look. I don't wanna pick a fight. But you should really let me take the lead on this.

Will Tucker: Hey, no ego here. I saw an opportunity, took the bull by the horns. We need you running point on medical… Cool? Good.


Journalist: On the scene of what they're calling a massive structural failure. No word yet...

Otis: Yeesh. How the hell'd that happen?

Cruz: Heavy load, fresh concrete.

Otis: Morons.

Boden: So, feeling ready?

Casey: Like rolling a boulder up hill finishing this paperwork, but I'm almost there.

Boden: Good. 'Cause there's something I'd like to do. I'm gonna start delegating some duties to you right now. Help you get acclimated.

Casey: Yeah, absolutely, Chief. I'm game.

Boden: Excellent. Okay, everybody, listen up. Starting immediately, Captain Casey will be your go-to for all personnel related issues. Scheduling, furlough, individual requests from the department... He's your man.

Cruz: Copy that.

Mouch: We'll talk later. I'll get you up to speed on the latest union moves.

Otis: Hey, uh, Casey, um, you know, that reminds me. You wouldn't happen to know if the department has any restrictions on firefighters submitting themselves for, um, medical research?


Colleen Wilkes: You remember me?

Gil Scanlon: Uh... I'm sorry? I don't... I don't think so.

Colleen Wilkes: Sure you do. You work at the bank. Colleen Wilkes. I've been trying to refinance my mortgage.

Gil Scanlon: I'm sorry, I'm just a teller. I don't know anything about...

Colleen Wilkes: Your bosses denied me. Said something like, "The bank's not a charity." It's funny 'cause after all that, here we are together. Level playing field.

Dawson: Colleen? You come across any first aid kits?

Colleen Wilkes: No.

Dawson: Why don't you take another look? Hey. Breathe slowly, it's okay.

Gil Scanlon: I know. I'm trying, I just... I just get these panic attacks.

Dawson: Do you have any medication?

Gil Scanlon: Yeah, up at my desk. Oh, God. Oh, God.

Dawson: Hey, hey, hey. We are gonna get through this.

Gil Scanlon: Yeah. Yeah.

Will Tucker: I got something! I'm patched into the CFD channel, I think.

Radio: Bravo side. Assess...

Will Tucker: Hello? Hello? Can you read me?

Radio: ...Secondary collapse.

Will Tucker: Hello, hello? Does anyone copy?

Radio: Companies... Other side...

Dawson: They can't hear you.

Colleen Wilkes: Hey! Hey! We're here! We're alive!

Will Tucker: Hey! They're not gonna be able to hear you through 15 feet of concrete.

Dawson: Everybody quiet!

Radio: Holding for MVU. Imaging.

Dawson: They're pulling back. They must've determined it was unsafe to dig without imaging.

Gil Scanlon: How long will that take? Minutes? Hours?

Dawson: I don't know.

Brandon: Oh, hell...

Dawson: What is it?

Jamael: [speaking… ]

Dawson: No, wait, wait, wait! The roof! Hold up. The car is holding that pillar up. And if it falls, all the pressure will go to the main support over there. No way it holds. If we're not careful, we could bring this entire ceiling down.

Will Tucker: I'll be careful.

Dawson: No! You watch these pillars. You see any movement, any shifting at all, you shout. Okay?

Jamael: [speaking… ]

Dawson: It's okay, sir. We're gonna get you out. We do this slow and steady.

Will Tucker: Yeah.

Dawson: Okay, on three. Ready? One, two, three.

Will Tucker: We got you, we got you.

Dawson: Sir, can you hear me?

Jamael: [speaking… ]

Dawson: Anybody understand him? We need to shore that pillar up, like, now. We need lumber, metal rebar, anything we can scavenge. We can use seatbelts to tie it together.

Will Tucker: Or we get proactive. Dig our way out. There, where the ramp came down.

Dawson: Too dangerous. We don't have the tools or the expertise. Our digging could actually trigger a collapse.

Will Tucker: Let's take a vote.

Dawson: No, this isn't a democracy.

Will Tucker: All in favour of digging our way out.

Dawson: You don't understand!

Will Tucker: It's decided. Let's focus on the main ramp. Grab all the tools you can find. Let's go!


Casey: Explain it to me again.

Mouch: It's real simple. Back in '09, Volkert on first watch has dental surgery. I step up, fill in. Figure I'm doing a solid. Does he repay? No. Eight years later, it is a war of attrition. I can't blink!

Casey: Mouch, I don't care who it is. I just need one of you to fill in next Tuesday.

Severide: Hey, real quick, grabbing sandwiches from Lucky's. You in? Oh, that's right. Damn, the Captain's work never ends, does it?

Casey: Hey, keep it up. See how it pans out next time you want furlough approval.

Capp: Hey, Casey, do you have a moment in private?

Casey: Yeah. What is it, Capp?

Capp: Not to raise a stink, but if you go by Cap, it's gonna be confusion. You need to emphasize the "tain". Cap-tain.

Casey: All right. Listen up.


Casey: Let's make something clear. Starting tomorrow, I am responsible for all three shifts on truck 81, plus the entire house's personnel issues. So please, no more trivial requests, and no more surprises.

Cindy Herrmann: There he is!

Herrmann: Oh, hey! Maxie! Ooh-hoo! Hey, honey. Actually, might not be the best...

Casey: What is this?

Herrmann: Uh... Surprise.

Cindy Herrmann: They've been asked to thank someone whose hard work and dedication inspires them.

Otis: Weird. Didn't pick his old man.

Max Herrmann: To thank you for your service to the city, we got you a gift. His name is Mr. Sprinkles. We think he'd be a very good firefighter mascot.


Brett: I just wanna clear the air and say there's absolutely no truth to this ugly rumour going around about Hope. It's... You haven't heard?

Kidd: No. But I'm gonna hear about it right now.

Brett: So Hope got into a little bit of trouble back home. Bad relationship, guy accused her of stealing some money.

Kidd: How much?

Brett: Give or take $10,000.

Kidd: Hi-a-watha, that's a felony.

Brett: Well, that's just it. I mean, she never stole anything. She explained it all to me. It's just a big nothing. Small town drama.

Kidd: Okay, well, cool, then.

Radio: 97, relocate to the garage collapse, 2800 North Kedzie.

Brett: 61 to main, we're close to the scene. You want us to take it in?

Radio: Negative, 61. We've got what we need.

Brett: Copy.

Kidd: Shame. That would've been a good call.


Jamael: [speaking… ]

Dawson: You okay?

Gil Scanlon: Oh, it's just a headache. Queasy.

Jamael: [speaking… ]

Gil Scanlon: He keeps repeating that over and over. Does it mean anything to you?

Dawson: He's still pretty disoriented. I'm sure he just wants to get out of here, same as the rest of us.

Colleen Wilkes: Watch your foot. Careful what you're doing.

Brandon: You got in my way.

Dawson: What happened?

Colleen Wilkes: I told him he needs to be careful about what he's doing but he just yanks things out. This is the thing. They don't learn.

Will Tucker: All right, let's simmer down, Colleen.

Brandon: Yo, I got a breaking point, okay?

Dawson: I'm with you. She's ignorant, hateful, and I can't wait to get away from her. But she's here and we need her just as much as she needs us.

Brandon: Yeah, sounds nice. But you should know, if it comes down to it and it's me or her... She's on her own.

Gil Scanlon: Hey, uh, guys? He's moving. Uh, he's moving.

Dawson: Sir? Hey, sir? Sir, stop! Sir!

Jamael: Oh, no!

Brandon: You trying to go up? That it?

Jamael: [speaking… ]

Brandon: What's that? Long hair? A woman?

Jamael: [speaking… ]

Dawson: There's a woman stuck on the elevator.

Marisol: Help ! Somebody help ! Please ! Get me out of here!

Dawson: Watch out.

Marisol: Get me out of here! Help! Help!

Dawson: That's it!

Marisol: Daddy?

Jamael: Marisol!

Marisol: [speaking… ] Get me out of her! Daddy.

Jamael: [speaking… ]

Marisol: Daddy.

Jamael: Marisol. [speaking… ]

Dawson: Marisol? Is that your name?

Marisol: Uh-huh.

Dawson: Are you hurt?

Marisol: No, but my chest is pounding. I can't... I can't breathe. I'm having a heart attack.

Dawson: No, you're not. You're having a panic attack. We're gonna get you out. Grab one of the jacks that we found. It could pry the doors open.

Brandon: Yeah.

Marisol: I can't... I can't breathe.

Dawson: Can you talk to her?

Gil Scanlon: Me? Why?

Dawson: Well, you know what she's going through. Heart palpitations, shortness of breath.

Gil Scanlon: Yeah, but I'm not, like, a professional or anything.

Dawson: You are, in your own experience. Tell her how you deal with it.

Gil Scanlon: Yeah...

Will Tucker: Try, man. It can't hurt.

Gil Scanlon: Okay.

Brandon: Tucker.

Gil Scanlon: Hi, Marisol. I'm Gil. I... I know you're freaked out. And that... That's totally okay. I am, too. Just tell me, do you feel like you can't breathe?

Marisol: Right.

Gil Scanlon: You can. You just have to take it slow. Okay? In. And out. And look at your dad. He's with you. Good.

Dawson: You're doing great, Marisol.

Brandon: Uh, I think that's as far as we should go.

Dawson: That's far enough. Let's get you out.

Will Tucker: We got you, Marisol. Squeeze on out. Okay, slow. Watch your head. We got you.

Marisol: Ah.

Dawson: We're running out of time. No way we're tunnelling out. We need to reinforce that pillar. Or it will break.

Will Tucker: She's right. Let's get on it.

Firehouse: dormitory

Herrmann: Is he doing anything?

Otis: I'm not sure. Probably contemplating the futility of his own existence.

Mouch: Could be worse. These things are food in some countries. What did Casey say?

Herrmann: Yeah. He wants him out by end of shift.

Mouch: Why don't you just take him home?

Herrmann: What? And break my kid's heart? What are you, crazy? Can one of you guys take him home?

Mouch: Allergic.

Otis: Yeah, that's not happening. But I might have an idea.

Herrmann: Yeah? Hey, looking good, Captain.

Casey: Anyone heard from Dawson yet?

Mouch: Not a peep.


Dawson: Where'd you find those pipes?

Brandon: A plumbing van, few rows down.

Dawson: Hey, uh, thanks for your help earlier. We never would've found Marisol without you. I... I... I wish I had realized sooner.

Brandon: I work in social services. Something I learned on the job, understanding people is hard. We all jump to the wrong conclusions at times… No shame in it.

Dawson: How you holding up?

Marisol: Calming down. Thank you.

Dawson: Just glad you're safe. Can I ask, did you try the emergency phone when you were stuck in there?

Marisol: I tried, couldn't get a tone. My dad's an electrician, though. Maybe he can help.

Dawson: Talk to him. If he could fix it, it would be a game changer for us.

Marisol: Mm-hmm, okay.

Firehouse: kitchen

Journalist: According to initial reports...

Severide: Can you believe this?

Cruz: What, the collapse?

Severide: Yeah. Who's the BC over at 37?

Cruz: Uh, Scofield, I think.

Severide: He's all over the place. Look, you got 63 and 70 right in the collapse zone. You got guys freelancing over here on the west area. They're coming in too hard from the top. Got all their eggs in one basket. They should tunnel in low from the north. Right, Chief?

Boden: Yeah, good eye.

Cruz: Hey, uh, worth pointing out, Chief would totally back you up if you wanted to make captain yourself. We all would.

Severide: I'm in no rush.


Dawson: What's wrong?

Will Tucker: Hm? Splitting headache.

Dawson: Stay hydrated. We need you.

Will Tucker: Listen, I'm sorry I sold you short. Just felt like I needed...

Dawson: Don't mention it.

Brandon: What the hell?

Colleen Wilkes: Get away from there.

Dawson: What now?

Brandon: She's got a secret stash of water back here. I caught her hiding one under this car.

Colleen Wilkes: So what? I found it myself.

Brandon: Going around calling me a looter and here she is, hoarding water.

Colleen Wilkes: I don't owe you a damn thing. That's the problem with you people. You think the world owes you.

Dawson: Okay, that's enough.

Marisol: Hey! Help!

Will Tucker: What the hell happened?

Marisol: He just collapsed.

Dawson: Gil? Can you hear me?

Gil Scanlon: I just feel dizzy. Weak.

Dawson: Who else feels weak? Headachy?

Will Tucker: What is it?

Dawson: Carbon monoxide. We're suffocating… We're breathing in exhaust from somewhere. Keep him awake, talking. Anybody got any cash in their pocket?

Will Tucker: I've got a 20. What for?

Dawson: A lighter. Somebody, a lighter? Trust me. Best money you'll ever spend… Right here… I can hear it, too. The car must have been crushed during the collapse with the engine running.

Will Tucker: I can get in there, kill the ignition, check to see if the driver survived.

Dawson: I doubt it. The air's rich with gas. It'd be a one way trip.

Will Tucker: Let me worry about that.

Dawson: Will!

Will Tucker: The only person I'd be putting at risk is myself.

Dawson: Maybe... Maybe we can seal this thing up. Keep more exhaust from flowing in.

Will Tucker: Do what you gotta do. I'm going in.

Dawson: Hey...

Colleen Wilkes: What just happened? Where'd he go?

Dawson: To give us a chance… Let's keep working to secure this pillar.


Kidd: Hey, Hope. What did HQ say about those oxygen bottles?

Hope: I called and left a message this morning, but I think I might have the wrong number because the voicemail didn't say anything about CFD. Thing is, Ms. Donovan left this ancient notebook with a million different...

Kidd: So no one's coming for them.

Hope: Well, I'm just not sure. Like I said...

Kidd: Yeah, you have an explanation for all of it. As usual. Look, don't sweat it. I will do it myself.


Brandon: Any sign? It's been a while.

Dawson: Less of an exhaust smell, though. He must've gotten it. Saved our lives.

Brandon: Probably on his way back, then.  Right?

Firehouse: garage

Herrmann: There he is. Man of the hour.

Cindy Herrmann: Where's Gabby? She must be proud.

Casey: No idea. It's getting down to the wire. I talked to her this morning, said she was at the supermarket buying party supplies. It's the last I heard.

Cindy Herrmann: No, she wasn't. She called me to make the supply run as a favour. She was getting a gift.

Casey: What kind of gift? Where?

Cindy Herrmann: Uh, antique shop on Pulaski near Edison Park.

Casey: That's where that garage collapse is.

Boden: Okay, squad three, truck 81, ambo 61! Mount up!

Truck 81

Casey: Go, go, go!


Colleen Wilkes: What the hell's that?

Dawson: They must've gotten the green light from the MVU to start digging.

Gil Scanlon: That's a good thing, right?

Dawson: No. Definitely not. They're coming in way too hard at a straight angle. If they don't stop, this thing is gonna give.

Truck 81

Otis: Casey, look. That Dawson's car?

Casey: Look alive, everyone. She's here.


Chief Walker: We didn't call for another alarm.

Boden: We have an off-duty paramedic who might be around. Gabriela Dawson.

Casey: That's her car. If she was around and saw this incident go down, she'd pitch in.

Firefighter: Think she might've been the bystander that the construction workers mentioned?

Chief Walker: Yeah, one of the workers said some lady was giving them holy hell about the garage being a hazard before it collapsed.

Casey: Sounds like Gabby.

Chief Walker: In that case, she's inside.

Casey: What can we do, Chief?

Chief Walker: You wanna assist with debris clearance?

Casey: Yeah.

Boden: Absolutely. Guys, form a line. Let's help clear the debris from the area.


Brandon: We can't hold it. It's starting to give.

Dawson: We don't give up. We can't.

Jamael: [speaking… ]


Firefighter: Sir, we've patched in a call from the elevator's emergency line. It's them.

Chief Walker: Chief Walker. Yeah, copy. You hang tight. It's her.

Casey: Gabby!

Dawson: Matt!

Casey: Are you hurt?

Dawson: There's no time! This place is coming down!

Casey: Don't give up, Gabby. See if you can make your way to the north wall. We're trying to tunnel in from there.

Dawson: North wall, go! Go, go, don't look back! Go, go, go!


Casey: They're making their way to the north wall. We need everyone!

Boden: Okay, let's go!

Severide: Casey! I've got something. Could be a way in.

Casey: Hey, hey, we need a hand. Let's move this. Come on.

Boden: Okay, watch that second beam. That's 20 tons hanging above your head.

Firefighters: There you go, watch it… Watch it… Got it, got it… Hold it up, let it drop… One, two, three.

Boden: You see anything?

Casey: No. Can anyone hear me?

Jamael: [speaking… ]

Casey: Someone's coming! Come on. Come on.

Jamael: [speaking… ]

Casey: I got it. We got it, we got it.

Firefighters: Here you go. Yeah, she's coming, she's coming, come on. Here we go, here we go.

Casey: Hey, was anyone else down there... A woman?

Brandon: She went back for Tucker.

Casey: Great.

Boden: Casey! Casey!


Casey: Gabby? Gabby!

Dawson: Matt! Over here! I need your help.

Casey: This the only guy?

Dawson: Yeah.


Casey: Turn. Coming out! Watch your head. Grab him.

Otis: I got him. I got him. Ah, come on.

Capp: It's Dawson.

Otis: Come on, quick.

Dawson: Matt.

Casey: Yeah. Hey. You're okay. Hey. It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. Baby. It's over. It's over.


Kidd: Feeling any pain? Any difficulty breathing? Dizziness?

Colleen Wilkes: No, no, I'm fine. I can't pay. I'm just telling you now. You can bill me, but blood from a stone.

Brett: You don't have to worry about that. 120 over.

Colleen Wilkes: What now?

Brandon: You dropped this, climbing out… I saw you holding them down in the garage.

Brett: Thank you.

Dawson: How's he doing?

Paramedic: He'll be okay. Just needs time to work the CO out of his system.

Will Tucker: Is this real?

Dawson: Pretty real.

Will Tucker: You're a badass, Gabby Dawson. Thanks for keeping us alive down there.

Dawson: Ditto, Sergeant Tucker. You did good.

Will Tucker: Thanks.


Cruz: Psst, Otis! I just found this on the squad table.

Otis: Uh-oh.

Cruz: Yeah, uh-oh. So what now?

Otis: Um...... You put this in your car. We never speak of this again.

Severide: What's up?

Casey: My tie, I took it off in the rescue, must have lost it.

Severide: Here. You're not gonna ding me for a uniform violation, are you, Captain?

Casey: Maybe just a warning this time.

Severide: Hey, congrats, man. Seriously.

Casey: Thanks, Kelly.


Boden: There are firefighters who play the game, work the system, bide their time to climb up the chain of command. And then there's Matthew Casey. A true, honest-to-God smoke eater. The type of firefighter who makes this department what it is. A man who truly deserves the title he is about to receive… Matthew Casey, are you prepared to lead as Captain with the same fearlessness, honour, compassion that you have shown in all your years of service?

Casey: Yes, sir, I will.

Boden: Then I believe we are ready to make this official. Do you have it?

Dawson: I do… This badge belonged to the first captain Firehouse 51 ever had, along with the thousands of fires he handled in his career. He was around for the 1910 Union Stock Yards fire. 21 firefighters lost their lives in that fire. But it would've been a lot more if it weren't for the leadership of that captain… It's a tradition I know you'll live up to. Congratulations, Captain Casey.

Casey: I appreciate this honour. I do. But if anyone deserves to be honoured today, it's you, Gabby... The lives you saved. The odds you faced. You're an inspiration… I hope you know that.

Boden: Hear, hear.

Kidd: Whoo! Whoo! Whoo-whoo!

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schumi  (08.12.2019 à 10:35)

Tout à fait d'accord avec vous, cet épisode était super prenant, passionnant et stressant! J'ai adoré et Gabrielle a été géniale comme souvent! C'est elle qui aurait mérité une médaille sur ce coup!

Supersympa  (24.02.2019 à 22:52)

Je pense qu'on est tous unanimes sur cet épisode.^^

brucas59  (29.12.2017 à 17:58)

J'ai vraiment adoré cet épisode, très prenant et inquiètant mais ça finit bien heureusement !

lizevans  (27.10.2017 à 08:49)

j'ai beaucoup aimé cet épisode très stressant tout le long 

natas  (21.10.2017 à 18:57)

Super épisode plus centré sur un personnage, mais j'adore suivre vraiment tous le long de la catastrophe et voir coment il survivent !


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