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Chicago Fire
#606 : La mutation

Après avoir héroïquement sauvé une mère et son nouveau-né lors d'un incendie sur un toit, Kidd reçoit des nouvelles surprenantes quand elle découvre qu'elle est transférée hors de la caserne. Severide et Casey pensent que quelque chose cloche suite à la tournure des évènements et décident d'enquêter. Otis et Herrmann discutent des possibilités de prendre le contrôle d'un bar délabré et la frustration de Dawson avec son père, Ramon  atteint un point de non retour.


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Down Is Better

Titre VF
La mutation

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Réalisateur : Reza Tabrizi

Scénario : Derek Haas

Guests : DuShon Brown (Connie), Eloise Mumford (Hope), Daniel Zapata (Ramon Dawson), John Gatins, Ariane Rinehart (Lily), Brian Charles Johnson (Manfredi), Michael Hayden (Chef Huffhines), Randy Flagler (Capp), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Jon Matteson (Topher), Noelle Bou-Sliman (Demetra), Tom Luce (Mac)



Dawson: Mm.

Ramon Dawson: Well, the job's going great, you know. They're not the most friendly bunch, but, uh, they're warming up to your pops, huh.

Dawson: That's good.

Ramon Dawson: They're a little outdated in terms of the way that they use their workforce. Long story short, I'm requesting a meeting with Jake, okay? 'Cause I want to pitch some of my ideas for running a smoother workplace. Jake's the division supervisor, young...

Dawson: How long's this company been going?

Ramon Dawson: Uh, 35 years.

Dawson: And you been there... Like a month?

Ramon Dawson: Yeah. A little more. Why?

Dawson: Well, maybe it'd be a better idea if you settle in, keep your nose down, get a year under your belt before you start cracking eggshells, Dad.

Ramon Dawson: Yeah, sure. Does Matt still have his connections at City Hall? I mean, I'm assuming he does. Dave, who is the big boss, okay? I happen to overhear him talking about some rezoning issues that he was having...

Dawson: Forget it. Matt's done with politics now and forever.

Ramon Dawson: Okay. Okay, well... It's just I was thinking...

Dawson: Not a good idea.


Cruz: And the next morning... And that is why I will never eat another Cronut… Oh, hey, check it out. Huh, that's a shame. I always wanted to go in there.

Otis: Yeah, that's why they're going out of business… We could use some more stock at Molly's… I got to tell Herrmann.

Firehouse: hallway

Kidd: I'm telling you. Look, you want to set the right tone. So you put on Sade "Diamond life."

Severide: I usually don't pay attention to the music.

Kidd: I know, I'm trying to help you up your game.

Severide: My game needs no upping. Ehh. You know what? Why don't you just pay attention to yourself.

Kidd: Still gonna buy you the album so you'll have it on your iTunes.

Radio: Truck 81. Ambulance 61, Engine 51. 845 Dearborn Avenue, Restaurant Fire.


Casey: What do we got?

Manager: It was a grease fire, but it spread so fast... Everyone's out of the floor level but...

Casey: Otis. Raise the aerial.

Otis: Copy.


Casey: Line up. Stay calm.

Herrmann: Line up over here. Nice and easy.

Casey: One at a time. Come on.

Herrmann: Let's line up, guys. Okay, let's go!

Casey: Let's go!

Herrmann: One at a time, one at a time. Stay calm, good job. Hey, listen, one at a time. Let's go.

Kidd: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You good?

Man: Yeah.

Casey: Step this way, come on. Come on.

Herrmann: On this side.

Casey: You're all right. Let's move on. Let's go! Stay calm, stay calm.

Herrmann: Get in line.

Woman: Oh, my God, please!

Herrmann: Hang on. Let's go!

Woman: No! My baby!

Kidd: Ma'am, you got to get back from the fire.

Woman: Help me! I can't get it out. It's too hot!

Casey: Kidd!

Woman: Help me! Oh, my God! Please help. Please! I can't. Help.

Casey: Come on.

Woman: No! No!

Casey: Ma'am, come on. We got to get out of here.

Woman: No! I'm not leaving my baby!

Casey: We got her.

Woman: Josefina! Josefina!

Casey: Ma'am, she's got your baby. Let us do our jobs.

Kidd: All right. Shh. It's going to be okay.

Casey: Hey! Kidd!

Kidd: Let's go.

Casey: Come on.

Kidd: You're all right.

Casey: Got it.

Kidd: There we go. Okay.

Firefighter: Turn around. There you go. Turn around. You've got it.


Herrmann: Nice and easy. Go down slowly, sir. Yeah, good.

Brett: Just wait.

Herrmann: I got you.

Kidd: Oh, I know. I know. She's safe and sound.

Woman: Oh, my God.

Kidd: Let's have ambo check her out just to make sure everything's okay, all right?

Woman: Thank you.

Brett: Oh, shh, shh. It's okay.

Woman: Thank you so much.

Kidd: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Woman: Oh. Oh. Okay. It's okay, baby.

Kidd: What?

Otis: Fire's out.

Kidd: Yep.

Casey: All right, 81, let's pack her up.

Firehouse: kitchen

Herrmann: Man. Hey. What do you think of these?

Mouch: I heard they have some now where they change colours when you set your beer on them.

Herrmann: What?

Mouch: Special paper.

Otis: Hey. Herrmann.

Herrmann: What do you think of these?

Otis: They're fine. So, listen. There's this bar over by where Cruz and Brett and I live...

Herrmann: Uh-huh.

Otis: Yeah, it's called Mac's Bar.

Herrmann: M-A-X?

Otis: No, M-A-C-apostrophe-S. It's not important. What is important... It is that they are going out of business.

Herrmann: Oh, that's a shame.

Otis: Uh-huh. But what I thought is maybe I could stop by and see what I could scrounge up, you know, glassware, taps... Cocktail napkins. Never know, might be able to get some steals.

Herrmann: Uh-uh. Bad idea.

Otis: Well, what do you mean? You're the one that's always going on about the cost of overhead.

Herrmann: Yeah, but we ain't no vultures. You profit on someone else's pain? Uh-uh. Bad luck.

Otis: We literally bought a burned out bar.

Herrmann: Yeah, and it took us three years to turn a profit. Think about it.

Otis: I don't understand you sometimes.

Mouch: Most of the time.

Herrmann: That's it. There but for the grace of God go I, boys.

Boden’s office

Boden: Connie.

Connie: Yes?

Boden: Where are the yellow forms for the incident reports?

Connie: Um, they should be on your desk.

Boden: They're not.

Connie: Um...

Hope: Are these what you're looking for?

Boden: Those are they. Thank you, Hope.

Hope: No sweat. Need anything else? Coffee?

Boden: No, that's it.

Connie: I could have sworn...


Dawson: He won't get out of his own way. I tell him, "Pop, you're new there. "You got to keep your head down for a year. You do your work, don't make waves, show up early, leave late, and they're gonna love you."

Brett: Yeah, because Dawsons never make waves.

Dawson: I'm gonna ignore that.

Brett: Well, maybe they'll be impressed your dad took some initiative.

Dawson: No, uhuh. I know the ending to that story, and it involves collecting your things and being escorted to the parking lot.

Brett: Come on. I've seen it. Well, it's good you're there for him.

Dawson: I'm the only one he's got. Antonio's not talking to him. My mom deletes his text messages without reading them. Like, I mean, it's just... It's just so frustrating, and he's alone and he's my dad, but I don't know... I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Brett: Sometimes all you can do is help people pick up the pieces when they fall down.


Herrmann: Uh-oh, Captain Casey's got that look in his eye.

Otis: Oh, Casey's cooking. What's the occasion?

Casey: Celebrating a job well done today on Truck 81.

Severide: That's some real leadership there, fellas.

Casey: Hey, I am a man of the people.

Severide: Mm-hmm.

Connie: Stella... Envelope for you.

Kidd: Oh. Thanks… What? I...

Casey: What is it, Kidd?

Kidd: I just got transferred to the Office of Public Relations.


Kidd: I'm firefighter. I'm not a desk jockey. I just... What do I know about public relations? I can barely keep up with my own relations.

Severide: Yeah, I can attest to that.

Kidd: Not in the mood.

Casey: Mouch, what can we do from a union point-of-view?

Mouch: Unfortunately, there's not much the union can do. Stella will have to fill out a grievance form, then wait for a committee review, and hope they rule in her favour, but... That could take months or years.

Severide: Well, you're a Captain now. Don't you have a say in personnel decisions?

Casey: I mean, you would think so. Can I put in a special request?

Mouch: Above my pay grade.

Boden: Not above mine. Look, I was caught flatfooted here too. I put in a call to the Office of Public Relations and not only is the transfer happening... It's happening next shift. So I put in a call to Chief Huffhines who oversees the department. He hasn't gotten back to me yet, but I want to talk it over with him. And I want to assure him that I think the services of Stella Kidd are best served with Halligan in her hand.

Kidd: Thank you, Chief.

Casey: You should have seen her today. One woman wrecking crew.

Boden: I believe it. In the meantime, let's not let this be a distraction, but when that bell goes off... All business all day.

Severide: Of course, Chief.

Casey: Absolutely, Chief.

Kidd: God.

Casey: Hmm, yeah.


Otis: I can't believe this. No warning?

Herrmann: It stinks on ice.

Cruz: What does that mean?

Herrmann: Extra stinky, like fish.

Hope: They can really just transfer anyone at any time?

Herrmann: Everybody needs to take a breath, all right? Boden's really passionate about keeping his house together.

Cruz: Herrmann's right. He'll find a way.


Mouch: Can't sleep?

Kidd: Wired.

Mouch: You know... Don't be angry for what I'm about to say, but... This transfer could very well be a blessing in disguise.

Kidd: How do you figure?

Mouch: Well... Working in PR means you're the public face of the CFD. So you could... Speak up for issues that are important to you. You know, women's issues, city employee issues, things the general public never knew about us.

Kidd: Mm. I never thought about that.

Mouch: Just looking at it from a... Different angle.

Kidd: I'm a firefighter, Mouch. When we were on that roof today... All I could think about was getting that mom and that baby to safety. Nothing was gonna stop me. You could have put 1,000 pounds on my back, you could have turned the fire up a million degrees and I still would made that save.

Mouch: What made you want to pick up a Halligan? I mean, in the beginning?

Kidd: I climbed into a car I shouldn't have. And the only reason I climbed out was 'cause of the CFD rescue squad. So I made a decision in the hospital. I said, "I'm gonna lift people out of bad places too." So that's what I do… You know what... Enough about this. Give me that flicker.

Locker room

Otis: Hey, where's Stella?

Herrmann: Eh, she ducked out early. She didn't want to make a scene of it, you know. Her words.

Hope: Hey. So... This might be totally not the time, but... I was looking through the files on Mrs. Donovan's desk, and it turns out that the money allotted for the Spring Picnic was never used, which means that we have $900 in the petty cash fund. I overheard you guys talking the other day about needing a new outside barbecue grill. I thought maybe... I could use that money to get one.

Herrmann: You were wrong. It was exactly the right time for us to here this kind of news so... Thanks, Hope. We appreciate your energy around here. Means a lot.

Hope: I'll make it happen.


Hope: Breakfast to go?

Severide: Yeah, Colopsky on third shift always brings in Firecakes.

Hope: Hey. So... Now that I've been here a little while and I'm not so intimidated by Connie, I was thinking... Maybe we should hang out again sometime… Like tonight.

Severide: Uh, I got plans tonight, but thanks.

Hope: Another time then.

Severide: Another time.

Casey’s office

Dawson: You all ready?

Casey: No. Thanks for telling me. I appreciate it. I will. I'll take care of it. Thanks, Chuck. That was Chuck Davis from the 55th Ward. He got a call from your father, throwing my name around, asking for a zoning favour.

Dawson: I-I told him not to bother you with that stuff.

Casey: Well, he didn't. He went around me.

Dawson: I'm gonna give him an earful.

Casey: I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to keep Stella at 51, and then I'm dealing with phone calls from pissed-off alderman.

Dawson: I hear you. I will take care of it.


Otis: Uh... Hello. I, uh... I noticed your sign out front. I'm a fellow bar owner. I was just, uh, curious to see what you had for sale.

Mac: Just gonna come in and pick the meat off my carcass, isn't that about it?

Otis: Oh. Uh, no sir. I just...

Lily: Dad, please. I'm sorry, sir. Come in, look around all you want.

Otis: Uh, are you sure? I don't want to...

Lily: Don't worry about him. He's um... Didn't want to face the music, but here we are. 30 years he put this bar together, and it only took one bad loan to bring it all down. It's a shame, really.

Otis: You're... His daughter?

Lily: Yes, Lily.

Otis: Hi. Uh, Brian.

Lily: Did I hear you own a bar too?

Otis: Uh... Molly's. Molly's bar.

Lily: Yeah, um... Twinkle lights on the ceiling I love that place.

Otis: You've been?

Lily: I have.

Otis: Cool.

Lily: I kept telling Dad, "Hey, come check out Molly's," but he wouldn't hear of it. He's jealous.

Otis: Oh.

Lily: Anyway, if you can find a home for anything here... Let me know.


Dawson: Dad, call me back as soon as possible.

Kidd: Herrmann, we need a big ol' stage for music.

Severide: Hey.

Kidd: What, right?

Severide: Easy.

Cruz: Is she not working tonight?

Herrmann: She clocked out and bottoms up.

Mouch: How many has she had?

Herrmann: Two.

Otis: You talking about the two that I poured her, or the two that you poured her?

Kidd: Look, the problem... The problem with some of the people... Some of the people.

Severide: Hey.

Kidd: That come in

Severide: Hey, that's enough. Come on, that's it. Come on.

Kidd: We don't have to... We don't have to go.

Severide: Ah, no. We're gonna go.

Kidd: Kelly, okay, all right. Bye! I'm...

Herrmann: Bye.

Kidd: I'm sorry. Stop. You don't have to.

Severide: Come on.

Kidd: Okay. Okay.

Severide’s loft

Severide: All right, all right. Here we go. Here we go.

Kidd: I got it.

Severide: You got it.

Kidd: You got it.

Severide: You got it.

Kidd: Okay, whatever.

Severide: Not like this.

Kidd: I...


Kidd: Ouch. No judging.

Severide: I've had a few benders in my day. And the problem is you always end up like that in the morning.

Kidd: How did I get back to the apartment last night?

Severide: I brought you.

Kidd: Wow, I... I do not remember anything past Molly's.

Severide: You want some eggs?

Kidd: I mean, will it make my head stop throbbing?

Severide: It won't hurt.

Kidd: God.


Boden: Chief Huffhines… Just the man we came to see.

Chief Huffhines: Wallace.

Boden: I don't know if you know Captain Matt Casey.

Chief Huffhines: Uh-oh, you got looks in your eyes like you want something.

Boden: That obvious, huh?

Chief Huffhines: Like my wife when she wants me to empty the cat litter.

Casey: Well, it's actually about the position you're filling in Public Relations office...

Chief Huffhines: Yes. Something I've been angling for since last year. We need fresh blood in the department. So much of what the city does is stuck in 1974.

Casey: I understand that...

Chief Huffhines: Which is why I said, "We need a woman firefighter front and center." My understanding is that Montague... She's the real deal.

Casey: Excuse me, did you say Montague?

Boden: Do you mean Stella Kidd?

Chief Huffhines: Well, I saw a list of names. I wasn't sure who it was. I'm just glad it's happening.

Boden: I was under the impression you asked for Stella Kidd personally.

Chief Huffhines: I did not. But I stopped trying to figure out the, you know, machinations of the CFD a long time ago. Gentlemen, if you'll excuse me, my son has a basketball tournament in Bloomington. Is there anything else?

Boden: Good to see you, Dave.

Chief Huffhines: Wallace. Matt.

Firehouse: kitchen

Casey: Hey.

Manfredi: Captain.

Casey: Matt Casey.

Manfredi: No, I'm Manfredi.

Casey: No, I'm introducing myself. I'm Matt Casey.

Manfredi: Captain.

Casey: Right.

Manfredi: Got it.

Casey: Welcome to 51, Manfredi.

Manfredi: Sure am glad to be here.

Herrmann: We got a chowder-head replacement for Kidd.

Dawson: He asked me where the bathroom was, and then he just stayed right there.

Herrmann: All right. What's this?

Otis: Something I worked on all weekend. Now I know what a shrewd businessman you are, Herrmann, which is why I really wanted to take the time put together a proper strategic proposal.

Herrmann: Is this about that bar closing? 'Cause I already told you...

Otis: It is. It is about that bar. But instead of closing... What if we partner with it? Hm? I know, I know, but just look at this chart on page three. Go ahead, look at it. Go ahead, go ahead. Now, we can drive lower cost from our suppliers on beer, wine, spirits, and supplies. We can amortize those costs over two locations so that the entities combine to create higher margins. Now, the cost outlay, it's gonna be minimal because Mac's bar just need a couple touch-ups. It doesn't need a full overhaul. Not to mention, the money that we can save by split-focus marketing… I call it "Molly's North."

Herrmann: Hmm. We'll think about it.

Otis: That's all I ask.

Outside the firehouse

Otis: Hey, it's not a done deal yet, but, uh... I think I got them.

Lily: Oh, my... Brian, thanks...

Otis: Yeah.

Lily: Hey.

Otis: Uh... Tell your dad not to sell anything until I close it. Okay?

Lily: Okay. Okay. Okay.

Otis: All right.

Firehouse: kitchen

Ramon Dawson: Well, uh... I'm on probation at work. They're saying that my attitude is a red flag for them. I don’t even know that means. Uh, look. Yeah... Um... If... If Matt couldn't help me before I sure could use his help right now...

Dawson: Are you kidding me?

Ramon Dawson: No, no, I... I... I didn't.

Dawson: I told you that Matt was out of politics and you still go to some alderman and throw his name around?

Ramon Dawson: No, sweetheart...

Dawson: No, Pop, no. You don't listen. You walk yourself into these problem. You don't care whose name you use or who says, "No." It's all a fair game as long as Ramon Dawson is gets what he wants.

Ramon Dawson: No, I...

Dawson: No, I'm not playing around. You only think about yourself and I'm sick of it.

Ramon Dawson: Okay… I understand. You're right… I, um... I'm sorry. Again.


Topher: Are you Stella Kidd?

Kidd: Uh, that's me, yeah.

Topher: Topher. Let me show you where you'll be hanging your hat. Main thing to know is they monitor Internet use. I found that out the hard way. Let's see, we have morning meetings Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to touch base on talking points, key messages, that type of thing… This is you.

Kidd: Okay.

Topher: And I should warn you, today's there's a, uh...

Chief Huffhines: You the new girl?

Kidd: Stella, yeah, that's me.

Chief Huffhines: Great. Come with me.


Chief Huffhines: Chief Huffhines, what's your name again?

Kidd: Stella Kidd.

Chief Huffhines: Kidd, like "kid?"

Kidd: Well, yeah, two Ds.

Chief Huffhines: Yeah, you're here to talk about how good the CFD is with minorities, women, that sort of thing.

Kidd: Yeah, about that...

Chief Huffhines: Now, don't lay it on too thick, but sell it, you know what I mean? Is that how you're gonna wear your hair?

Kidd: What?

Chief Huffhines: Down is better.

Kidd: Do you mean ?

Chief Huffhines: Yeah, great. Here we go.

Press conference

Chief Huffhines: Gentlemen, ladies... Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to set the record straight with regards to personnel here at the CFD. This is Stella Kidd, a distinguished firefighter with many years of service under her belt. She is eager to talk to you today about the achievements we've made with regards to minorities and gender under Fire Commissioner Jankowski.

Kidd: Uh

Firehouse: garage

Manfredi: We never stopped for ice cream on my last truck. We did get slushies once. I like cola and cherry mix.

Herrmann: Fascinating.

Otis: Hey, what's that?

Hope: Ta-da!

Herrmann: Ah.

Otis: Whoa, that's a Weber Grill.

Hope: We were a little under with the petty cash fund but this was the best one so I just went for it. It's my gift to 51 for making me feel so welcome.

Herrmann: Forget it. We'll all chip in, that's how we do things.

Otis: I'll go get the tool box.

Manfredi: The lid goes on top.

Casey: So, uh, Manfredi.

Manfredi: Captain.

Casey: Where were you before 51?

Manfredi: Let's see, uh... Right before I was at 33. Then before that 74, 59, 12, 41.

Casey: Wow, all over.

Manfredi: I just go where the transfer paper tells me.

Herrmann: I'll bet.

Manfredi: I got this cop friend over at CPD. He's got this uncle... Bumps him to the best districts. Totally hooks him up. Just signs the transfer forms and phisssh. Kyle is set up. High living. I don't have an uncle like that.

Casey: Otis, radio me if we get a call. Herrmann and I gonna run an errand.

Herrmann: All right, yeah.

Otis: You got it, Cap.


Herrmann: Hey.

Demetra: Oh. Is that Christopher Herrmann I see before me? Oh.

Herrmann: Hey, Demetra. How are you?

Demetra: Oh, wonderful. Do you know that it was Christopher's wonderful wife Cindy that helped me get this job? We went to Notre Dame together.

Casey: I had heard that, yeah. Cindy's always bragging about you.

Demetra: Oh. What can I do for you?

Casey: Well, uh, we had a firefighter transferred to Public Relations out of Firehouse 51. I was just wondering if we can see the transfer order?

Demetra: Um, what was the firefighter's name?

Casey: Stella Kidd.

Demetra: Give me one minute.

Herrmann: I see why you brought me along.

Casey: Go Irish.

Demetra: Here we go.

Casey: Thanks.

Demetra: Sure.

Casey: Chief Mullins?

Herrmann: Is that that by-the-book Chief that gave you your promotion?

Casey: Yeah.

Herrmann: Huh. He spent time around 51. He's seen Kidd in action. Might be why he made the call.

Chief Mullins’s office

Herrmann: Are you sure about this? Because he didn't seem to keen on having his decision making questioned.

Chief Mullins: Captain Casey.

Casey: Chief.

Chief Mullins: Can I help you with something?

Firehouse : Briefing room

Boden: Hope. Mind stepping in here please?

Hope: Of course.

Boden: Captain Casey has something he would like to discuss with you.

Hope: Sure.

Casey: Here's the transfer order moving Stella Kidd from Firehouse 51 to the Public Relations department. It was signed by Chief Mullins.

Hope: Okay?

Casey: Only this isn't his signature… See how the "M" tilts to the right and the "S" has a flourish.

Chief Mullins: That's not the way I sign my name… This is.

Casey: However... Here's a list you wrote to Connie about the supplies and maintenance closet. See the "M" and the "S".

Hope: I can see it. I mean, I could see how... That... Actually, yes, I should have said something sooner, but Connie... I... I just didn't know who to come to about something like this. If you could just let me explain before you judge me… What happened is... I saw the posting on the job board, and I was actually trying to help. Because Stella, I mean, she's such a strong female firefighter, and I saw that Public Relations was looking for somebody to be the face of firefighting...

Boden: Stop… I'm gonna save everyone here a lot of time… Empty your desk.


Connie: I went ahead and sped this up for you… Mm-mm. I'll take those.


Hope: I am so, so, so sorry, Sylvie. I really thought that I was doing the right thing. I mean, women get a raw deal in the fire department, you know that. And here I was trying to do something about it, trying to actually make a difference, and they twisted everything that I did. Sylvie. You know me. You know that this was blown completely out of proportion. I mean, I really think that Connie was trying to sabotage me from the start if I'm being honest.

Brett: How could you do this? You almost ruined everything that I have worked for here in Chicago.

Hope: That's what I'm saying. They made it look like...

Brett: These people mean the world to me, Hope. These friends that I've made, these friendships I've earned, they are the best, most important relationships I've ever had, and you attacked them.

Hope: That's not at all what...

Brett: Hope. You had a chance to have an incredible life with incredible friends, working at the best firehouse in the city. That's a fact. And you blew it. So take your excuses, take your lies, take your drama, and take it all back to Fowlerton.

Hope: Sylvie.


Otis: Hey, Mac, right? We're the owners of Molly's bar, and, uh... We'd like to make you a proposal.

Severide’s loft

Severide: Hey.

Kidd: Hey.

Severide: We get to carpool again.

Kidd: I mean, we live together. We see each other all the time.

Severide: Yeah, but still, I like to see you at the firehouse too.

Kidd: Right.

Severide: No, serious. You... Bring a light to it… And an odor.

Kidd: I know. Kid who makes fun of girl on the playground actually really likes her.

Severide: Mmhmm.

Kidd: I Mm-hmm. Thank you.

Outside the firehouse

Kidd: Yeah.

Severide: Have you been there?

Kidd: Yeah.

Severide: It's good?

Kidd: No, it's really good. We went last...

Herrmann: Hey, there she is!

Otis & Cruz: Hey!

Herrmann: Welcome back, Kidd.

Kidd: You guys were jostling each other for my locker already. Admit it.

Otis: Cruz was. I said that was tacky.

Cruz: What? It has the best hinges.

Kidd: God, you guys.

Briefing room

Boden: Okay, before I begin... Just want to say a big welcome back to Stella Kidd from her short stint of smiling at the camera.

Kidd: All right!

Boden: It's good to have you firefighting again. It's where you belong.

Kidd: Thank you, Chief.

Boden: Okay, today's assignments.

Brett: Chief.

Boden: Yes, Sylvie?

Brett: I'd like to say a word if that's okay.

Boden: Of course.

Brett: I just want to say that for my part in bringing my friend, my former friend... To Firehouse 51... I am truly sorry. This place is special to me, and I would never knowingly or willingly do anything to jeopardize what it is that we have here. I love all of you, and I feel terrible about what happened.

Radio: Ambulance 61, Man Down From Unknown Causes…

Dawson: Hey, that's us.

Radio: 33 North Wabash, El Platform.

El Platform

Officers: Get down on the ground! Taser him! Taser him! Taser him! Move along.

Brett: Hey, hey, what happened?

Witness: A guy starts screaming at this woman for no reason, brandishing a big-ass knife. Guy follows her, yelling at her, spit flying out of his mouth. Guy standing next to me just went up to him and said, "That's enough." That's him right there. Crazy dude just stabbed him like it was nothing.

Officers: Paramedics! All clear! Let's go!

Dawson: Don't move, sir. Don't move. We got you. Ready? Okay, turn him… Dad.

Brett: Oh, my God.

Kikavu ?

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schumi  (02.03.2020 à 22:45)

Non mais quelle peste cette hope... Et ça c est le version censurée de ce que je pense. Kidd assuré et après on la mute... on dirait plutôt une punition. Otis  de laisse porter par ses émotions on verra si ça marche... Et pour le coup moi j'avais rien vu venir pour le père de Gaby.

Supersympa  (04.03.2019 à 00:30)

Hope prétend qu'elle a nui à Stella pour défendre les droits des femmes, mais moi je pense que la vraie raison est encore plus bête que ça : elle a des vues sur Severide depuis son arrivée et a tout simplement voulu écarter une rivale.

Zankaneli  (02.03.2019 à 12:35)

Bon débarras Hope ! Mais je pense qu'elle va revenir en mode psycothique...

brucas59  (29.12.2017 à 19:41)

Très bon épisode !

Ravie que Hope se fasse enfin virer, même si je sens que ça ne va pas être la fin de son histoire. Elle va sûrement se venger. Brett m'a rendue triste car elle s'est faite avoir par sa propre amie, qui s'en est prise à sa vraie famille.

Très bonne idée pour le bar, de la part d'Otis, qui pourrait enfin trouver son bonheur avec la fille du barman ! Je l'aime bien, elle apporte de la fraîcheur !

Stella/Severide, je n'ai jamais été plus fan que ça, mais j'avoue que j'ai aimé leur baiser. Il n'a pas pris avantage sur la situation car il veut bien faire les choses avec elle. Elle prétend avoir oublié (car oui je suis sûre qu'elle s'en souvient vu son regard au réveil !) pour ne pas continuer à craquer davantage. Leur évolution est lente, mais j'aime la manière dont c'est fait. En attente de la suite...

Trop triste pour Ramon, même si je m'en doutais. En espérant le voir au Chicago Med et qu'ils arrivent à le sauver, car je ne pense  pas que Dawson s'en remette...

Manue83200  (08.11.2017 à 08:58)

Bien contente que Hope soit virée ! je ne la supportais vraiment pas avec son faut sourire et par derrière faisait de mauvais coups en douce...

Et à la fin surprised le papa de Dawson !!  j'espère qu'il va s'en sortir !! quelle choque d'arriver sur son lieu d'intervention et de découvrir que ses son père.  Quand elles sont arrivées sur le lieu, je m'en suis un peu douté, que la vicitime allait être son père...

Beau épisode, avec toute la solidarité pour Stella, qui ouff (on s'en doutait bien) revient à la caserne. 



natas  (05.11.2017 à 07:07)

Je suis très enthousiaste pour le couple Severide/Stella !

j'ai adoré qu'elle l'embrasse et que Kelly ne profite pas de la situation, du coup j'ai hâte de les voir évoluer alors qu'au début je ne shippais pas ce couple !



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