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Chicago Fire
#716 : Au bout du canon

Alors qu'ils sont en intervention, le lieutenant Casey se retrouve en danger. Grissom prévient la caserne 51 qu'ils vont devoir s'équiper pour une évaluation de performance. Otis découvre qu'il a récemment gagné un prix lors d'une tombola de levée de fond, et Brett rencontre des épreuves dans sa vie personnelle.


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Titre VO
Fault in Him

Titre VF
Au bout du canon

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7.16 - Sneak Peek (VO)

7.16 - Sneak Peek (VO)


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Les pompiers de la caserne 51

Les pompiers de la caserne 51

Matt Casey joué par Jesse Spencer

Matt Casey joué par Jesse Spencer

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Mouch et Herrmann

Mouch et Herrmann

Les pompiers de la caserne 51

Les pompiers de la caserne 51

Les pompiers de la caserne expriment leur joie

Les pompiers de la caserne expriment leur joie

Otis joué par Yuri Sardanov

Otis joué par Yuri Sardanov

Un homme, Foster et Otis

Un homme, Foster et Otis

Kidd, Otis et Mouch

Kidd, Otis et Mouch

Les pompiers au match des Blackhawks

Les pompiers au match des Blackhawks

Mouch (Christian Stolte)

Mouch (Christian Stolte)

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) et Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) et Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Casey, Kidd et Mouch

Casey, Kidd et Mouch

Casey et Miranda

Casey et Miranda


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Réalisateur : Eric Laneuville

Scénario : Matt Whitney

Guests : Teddy Sears (Kyle Sheffield), Randy Flagler (Capp), Gary Cole (Chef Grissom), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Daniel McEvilly (Frank), Virginia Muller (Gina), Peter DeFaria (Tackett), John Hawkinson (O'Neal), Ginneh Thomas (Neto), Eric Slater (Korver), Josh Razavi (Allen)

Severide’s loft

Casey: Commissioner? Come in, Come in. You looking for Severide?

Grissom: I am.

Casey: Well, I will see you at the firehouse.

Severide: Commissioner.

Grissom: Kelly.

Severide: Want some coffee?

Grissom: No, I just wanted to catch you before your next shift. This job, there's... There's so much red tape and bureaucratic beat downs it's hard to get anything done. The danger for me used to be a burning building or a frozen road, now it's some bean counter hiding behind a computer.

Severide: Okay.

Grissom: I just want you to know that I have an agenda. Things your father and I used to talk about. To make things better for all smoke-eaters. It may not seem like it because you don't see all the minutiae but believe me, it's there.

Severide: What do you want, Griss?

Grissom: The mayor's office is coming after me. I've been giving the budget hawks hell all year long on behalf of rank and file firefighters and now they want to burn me at the stake. This master key thing at 66 just added fuel to the fire… They put together a performance review task force to visit firehouses and 51 is on the list.

Severide: You want us to talk you up?

Grissom: I want you to do what's best for Chicago Fire Department.

Severide: For you, you mean.

Grissom: Don't let anyone ever tell you you're not your father's son.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Boden: Just got a call from headquarters about this task force. They're coming next shift.

Severide: Grissom thinks they're looking for an excuse to replace him.

Boden: We have had our differences. That said, I do believe that he has been demanding positive change for our firefighters. So he may have gotten the position through politicking, but now that he's there, it feels like he's going back to his firefighting roots.

Firehouse: kitchen

Mouch: Results are in for the raffle at last week's fund raiser.

Foster: Oh, yeah? What didn't I win?

Mouch: Ah. Looks like Bartowski over at 48 won the hot tub Trudy wanted.

Cruz: Forget the hot tub. Who won the 25 grand?

Mouch: Some guy named Clemens? 53?

Herrmann: Bobby Clemens? Aw, man, what a waste. You know his wife is a doctor over at the ER at Lakeshore? He's probably just gonna donate all that money right back.

Otis: Gin. So sorry.

Herrmann: Today's three times in a row!

Mouch: Whoa-ho! Check it out! Well, I'll be. We have a winner here at 51. Congratulations... Otis. You won third prize.

Otis: Really?

Cruz: That's a good one, Mouch.

Mouch: Mm-mm.

Cruz: Wait, really?

Mouch: Mm-hmm.

Otis: What did I win?

Mouch: Uh, not sure. All it says is sports package.

Otis: Sports package.

Main: Truck 81, police assist. 772 Preston.

Herrmann: Otis, if you don't make it back, can I claim your prize?

Otis: You don't even know what it is.

Herrmann: It's free. What else do I gotta know?


Casey: What are we looking at?

Officer: Homeowner calls 911 talking about suicide, then a neighbour calls in saying they heard a gunshot.

Casey: Anyone go inside yet?

Officer: That's why we called you. Doors are barricaded, the windows are barred.

Casey: Otis, Mouch, let's go.. Let's pull the door, see what we're up against.

Otis: You got it, Captain.

Mouch: Got it.

Casey: Here… Fire department! All yours.


Officer 2: Clear.

Officer 3: Stairs.

Officer 2: Clear.

Officer: All clear… Guy shot himself, just like we thought. We'll let dispatch know. Thanks for your help.

Casey: Anytime… Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Man: He wouldn't listen. I warned him. I told him what would happen.

Casey: Put the gun down. Let's talk.

Man: You won't listen. No one cares!

Officer 2: Let me see your hands! Put 'em up! On the ground! Hands behind your back. Don't you move. Got him?

Officer 4: I got him.

Kidd: Captain?

Mouch: You hurt?

Casey: No… No, I'm good.


Kidd: That was a close one, huh? Do you just get bored, you know, nobody's tried to kill you lately so you go looking for it?

Casey: Not as fun as it looks.

Mouch: Thought you cleared the house!

Officer: They figured it was a suicide.

Mouch: He could've been killed!

Casey: Mouch, it's okay. I should have called for assistance when I clocked movement in the kitchen.

Officer: We're really sorry, Captain.

Casey: You get an ID on the guy?

Officer: Victim's brother. Turns out the 911 call came from him… Looks like murder.

Casey: We good to go?

Officer: Yeah. I mean, the detectives might drop by to get your statement.

Casey: They know where to find me. You heard him. Let's go, 81.

Firehouse: garage

Delivery Man: Got a delivery for Firehouse 51. Got new helmets, Halligans, turnout coats, pants and hoods.

Severide: We didn't order this.

Delivery Man: Someone did.

Severide: Griss sent it.

Cruz: It's the new K-12 saw. It's, like, 2,000 bucks.

Severide: Thanks.

Delivery Man: All right.

Brett: Hey, how'd it go?

Casey: Fine.

Mouch: Don't take it personally. He just got shot at.

Brett: What?

Kidd: Casey kicked the dude's ass though. He's fine.

Firehouse: Casey’s office

Brett: Hey, um, Foster and I are going on a supply run. Anything you guys need for truck while we're at the depot?

Casey: Uh... I don't know. Ask Mouch.

Brett: Copy that… Are you okay?

Casey: I'm good.

Brett: Did something happen on the call?

Casey: They told you what happened?

Brett: Yeah, they did. Um... Look. Last year, I had a really rough one myself. I watched a woman die. A mother of two young girls stabbed by her crazy drugged-up neighbour, pleading for me to help her, and... I couldn't… I cried alone in my car, had nightmares for weeks, and that memory will never completely go away. Talking to someone about what happened instead of suffering alone would have helped.

Casey: Thanks, Brett. I'll probably do that.

Brett: Well, if you wake up at 3:00 a.m. and you need to talk, I'll keep my ringer on.

Casey: Good.

Firehouse: kitchen

Otis: What's with all the boxes of new gear out there? Is that for us?

Cruz: Uh, Severide says it's a bribe from the commissioner to keep our mouths shut.

Herrmann: Hey, I'll tell this taskforce that Grissom is the second coming if I can get a new helmet out of this. Mine is old as Ritter.

Mouch: Oh, hey. It's from the public relations department about your prize.

Otis: Oh, well, what's it say?

Mouch: Oh, wow.

Kidd: Mouch, man, come on...

Otis: What's it say?

Mouch: You get to shoot the puck between periods at a Blackhawks game.

Herrmann: Oh, my God.

Kidd: That's amazing!

Cruz: Very cool!

Mouch: Whoa! For a chance to win $10,000.

Herrmann: That is what I'm talking about!

Foster: Otis, what is it? This is great.

Otis: I don't play hockey.

Herrmann: Hey, you're Russian. It's in your blood.

Otis: I can't even skate.

Kidd: Well, you don't have to. You shoot the puck from a piece of carpet, you get three tries. The whole crowd boos at you if you miss but it should be fun.

Herrmann: Hey, my kids have got a goal and some sticks collecting dust in the garage. You come over, you practice... No sweat.

Foster: I got faith in you, Otis. So much faith that I am willing to wager 20 bucks on you making it. Any takers?

Cruz: Oh, absolutely.

Mouch: You don't gotta ask me twice.

Herrmann: I'll still help you practice.

Firehouse: Severide’s office

Severide: Yeah, can you put me through to his voicemail, please? Thank you. Commissioner, this is Kelly. Listen, you wanna buy praise from 51, maybe try and not be so obvious about it. You want rank and file to support you? You can try getting them the equipment they need before your ass is on the line. No need to call me back, I'll see you next shift.

Boden: Commissioner?

Severide: Yeah, his voicemail.

Boden: Hmm. Kelly, I ordered the equipment… Yeah. Meant to tell you but looks like I didn't get down here fast enough. Look, whatever your personal feelings toward Commissioner Grissom, you're gonna have to put the CFD and 51 first. When that task force shows up, this firehouse is gonna be gleaming… They may find fault in him, but they're not gonna find it here.

Firehouse: garage

Kyle Sheffield: Hey.

Brett: Hey, you.

Kyle Sheffield: Got your message. I came as soon as I could.

Brett: Aww. Um... It's Casey. He had a really bad call this morning. Almost got shot by some maniac who killed his brother.

Kyle Sheffield: Oh, man. How's he... how's he holding up?

Brett: I mean, you know firemen. He won't admit it, but he's shaken.

Kyle Sheffield: I'll talk to him.

Brett: Good. Thank you, that'd be great.

Kyle Sheffield: I have to get back to the hospital though. I'm doing a christening for a little girl in long-term care but if you think I could...

Brett: Oh, no, no. He's just...

Kyle Sheffield: I'll call him as soon as I'm done.

Brett: Thank you. You're the best.

Main: Ambulance 61, person injured, 105.

Brett: That's me.

Kyle Sheffield: Dinner on Friday?

Brett: Uh, yes. There's a new Thai place in Evanston I've been wanting to check out.

Kyle Sheffield: Done. Text me the name, I'll make a reservation.


Gina: Hurry, hurry. My husband, Frank. He got bit, it's really bad.

Foster: Bit by what?

Frank: One got out.

Brett: One of what got out? Um, is the spider that was out back in?

Frank: Don't worry, she's right here.

Foster: Okay.

Brett: Uh-huh. Could you... Can you... Can you move the giant spider?

Gina: Sure. She's perfectly harmless.

Foster: I think Frank would disagree.

Frank: It's my fault. I left her cage open, passed out on the couch. Must have moved in my sleep, scared her, woke up...

Foster: Ugh. Eyes and lips are puffy.

Brett: Your hand doesn't look great either.

Foster: You having trouble breathing?

Frank: My throat's a little scratchy, too.

Gina: I don't get it. Her venom can't hurt humans.

Foster: If you're allergic to it, it can. Good news is, we have a great antihistamine that will relieve all your symptoms.

Brett: We're gonna have to start an IV to give you the medicine.

Foster: You play hockey, Frank?

Frank: In a league. Yeah. Why?

Firehouse: garage

Foster: Hey, so we treated this guy I think you should meet.

Otis: You know I have a girlfriend, right?

Foster: It's not like that. He's a hockey player.

Otis: Oh.

Foster: Said he could help you with your slap shot, or whatever.

Otis: Yeah, people say all kinds of things when they're being saved. He didn't mean it.

Foster: He gave me his number, said you should call him.

Otis: Thanks, but, I got it covered. I've been watching online tutorials and Herrmann's gonna let me borrow one of his kid's sticks for practice.

Foster: Really? That's your plan?

Otis: Yeah. It's like... Mini golf on ice.

Foster: All right, then, well, when you whiff in front of 20,000 hockey fans don't say I didn't try to help you.

Severide: Yo. You okay?

Casey: Bit of a headache.

Severide: Yeah, I heard you caught a bad one.

Casey: No more than usual.

Severide: Hey, so I was gonna hook up with Sullivan and Allen from 85. Do you know them?

Casey: No.

Severide: Well, they're both union reps now. Just trying to get insight into this whole task force thing.

Casey: You think Griss is really on his way out?

Severide: Sounds like it.

Casey: That a bad thing?

Severide: No, that's why, you know, trying to get a handle on it. See if you wanted to come with.

Casey: Can't. I'm gonna put a wet towel on my head, turn off the lights in my room, close my eyes.

Severide: Yeah, I get it.

Severide’s loft

Casey: Hey, Chaplain.

Kyle Sheffield: Hey, Matt. Hope you don't mind me dropping by like this. I tried calling… Mind if I come in?

Casey: Okay… What can I do for you, Chaplain?

Kyle Sheffield: Well, uh, I heard you had a rough shift. Thought I'd see how you're doing.

Casey: I'll get over it. Always do.

Kyle Sheffield: Well, I won't pretend to understand what it's like to walk in your shoes, the traumatic events you must witness, what it feels like to be shot at. But it's my duty to check in on you. It's why I became a fire chaplain.

Casey: All right then.

Kyle Sheffield: Start from the beginning, when you first showed up on the call.

Casey: You read the report.

Kyle Sheffield: Uh, no. I'd rather hear it from you.

Casey: Then how did you know I was shot at? PD tell you?

Kyle Sheffield: Brett mentioned it to me yesterday. She's worried about you.

Casey: Brett?

Kyle Sheffield: Yeah.

Casey: You know, I... I think it's a bad idea, dwelling on things.

Kyle Sheffield: Well, I can assure you, whatever you say stays between us.

Casey: Of course. Look, it... I appreciate you coming by, Chaplain, but... I'd prefer to put this whole thing behind me.

Kyle Sheffield: I shouldn't have brought Brett into this.

Casey: No, no. It's... It's all good. Really.

Kyle Sheffield: If you won't talk to me, talk to someone. Anyone… I promise you it'll help.


Herrmann: Hey, Otis! It is time for your first practice.

Otis: What? Here? Now?

Herrmann: Yep. It is a slow night and we need some entertainment.

Cruz: Definitely.

Mouch: We'll clear a path… Ladies, mind if we move your table back a few feet?

Brett: What are you doing?

Cruz: Oh, trust me, it's for your own safety.

Foster: Oh, yeah. Let's move it.

Herrmann: Okay, so, the key is to push it out, not to the side. All right?

Otis: Got it.

Herrmann: All right, it's gonna feel different when you're on the ice, but it's the same motion. Just aim for the chair, and a flick of the wrist… Sorry, ladies.

Otis: Yeah.

Herrmann: Okay, you got it, you got it, you got it… Oh, sorry, Gary! Okay, all right. So hey, that's enough for today. Let's go back behind the bar. Come on.

Mouch: Poor guy doesn't stand a chance.

Foster: Bite your tongue.

Mouch: Care to up it to 50 bucks?

Foster: You're on.

Cruz: Oh, I want in on that.

Severide: Allen.

Allen: Hey.

Severide: Greg.

Greg: Kelly.

Severide: You get my email?

Greg: Yep, and I was able to pull the list of names on the taskforce. I got a friend at the mayor's office.

Allen: He's got friends everywhere.

Severide: These mean anything?

Greg: That's Eddie O'Neal. He's city manager, tough as nails, always trying to shrink our budget.

Allen: And that's Pam Neto, fifth ward alderwoman proposing significant changes to our retirement plan.

Severide: There's not a single name on this list from the CFD.

Greg: Guess the mayor wants an independent counsel.

Severide: Or a hit squad… They turned on him pretty quick. Any idea why?

Greg: My guess, suits thought they had a ringer but Grissom isn't playing ball.

Allen: If I were a betting man, I'd say his time is short.

Severide: Hmm… Thanks, guys.

Firehouse: garage

Boden: Yup, make it shine.

Mouch: It's like the in-laws are coming.

Kidd: At least we're not on drain duty.

Otis: Not sure why third shift isn't doing this.

Boden: Hey, uh, when the task force get here, I'm told they wanna speak to each officer individually.

Casey: No problems there, Chief.

Boden: Hey, you're early.

Grissom: Thought I'd stop by and say my hellos first. Place looks nice. Thanks for cleaning up… Kelly, I got your message. I'm not sure what...

Severide: No, that was... My bad. I was confused.

Grissom: Where's your ambulance?

Casey: Out on a run. Wellness check or something.

Severide: Griss, you wanna meet Tuesday?

Grissom: Huh?

Boden: She's our, uh, firehouse dog.

Severide: I heard that Pam Neto who is on the task force is also on the board of an animal shelter: Paw Prints Chicago.

Grissom: Dog lover?

Severide: Yeah.

Grissom: Then let's meet the pooch.

Boden: Come on.

Hospital: Kyle Sheffield’s office

Brett: Knock, knock.

Kyle Sheffield: Brett, hi. I was just about to come see you.

Brett: Well, I guess I beat you to it. Foster and I just had a drop-off, so… Is now a good time?

Kyle Sheffield: No... Ah... I mean... Yeah, yeah, we need to talk. Please, grab a seat.

Brett: Is it Casey? Did you see him last night?

Kyle Sheffield: I stopped by his place. He's, uh, he's having a hard time right now.

Brett: So he talked to you?

Kyle Sheffield: He started to, and then he kicked me out.

Brett: What? Why?

Kyle Sheffield: Yeah, uh...

Nurse: Chaplain Sheffield, you're needed in the emergency room. There's a family with a sick child.

Kyle Sheffield: I'll be right there.

Nurse: He's taking a turn for the worse.

Kyle Sheffield: I'm sorry, do you mind waiting here for a bit?

Brett: No, I-I actually have to get back. There's a taskforce committee at the firehouse. It's a whole thing, but, Kyle, what's wrong?

Kyle Sheffield: I'll call you, okay?

Firehouse: garage

Foster: You okay?

Brett: Not sure.

Herrmann: Hey, good. You're here. Step on it.

Grissom: Greetings, gentlemen. Welcome to Firehouse 51. This is Chief Wallace Boden, 51's fearless leader. One of the toughest firefighters you'll ever meet. We've been through quite a bit together over the years.

Boden: Um, here to answer all your questions, help anyway we can.

Pam Neto: Thank you for having us.

Grissom: Sure.

Pam Neto: And who is this darling thing?

Grissom: That is Tuesday, Ma'am.

Pam Neto: Tuesday.

Grissom: We thought we'd start with a tour and then give y'all a chance to meet everyone. That sound like a plan?

Boden: Right this way.

Main: Squad 3, Truck 81, Engine 51, Ambulance 61...

Boden: All units, let's go, let's go, let's go. I'm afraid we are gonna have to reschedule.

Grissom: Not a problem.

Boden: Uh, commissioner, would you like to ride with us?

Grissom: Lead the way.


Boden: What do we got?

Casey: First floor, fire is in the rear.

Severide: Hey, we got two kids stuck on the top floor.

Boden: Okay, Truck, let's get an aerial up there. 51, let's get a line through the front door.

Grissom: Squad, primary search.

Severide: Yeah, we're on it.

Herrmann: Hey, run a crosslay to the rear. We got two kids on three!

Casey: Copy that.

Boden: It's okay, we're coming!


Severide: Cruz, Tony, see if you can make it to the top floor. Capp, you're with me.

Capp: Copy that.


Boden: Hang on, kids. We're coming.


Severide: Fire Department, call out!

Father: Help! Over here!

Severide: Come on!

Father: My kids, my kids!

Severide: They're good, let's go!

Father: Wait, wait, my wife! She's in the basement.

Severide: I'll get her. Capp, get him out!

Capp: All right. Come on! Let's go!


Casey: All right, stay calm, guys. Gonna get you out one at a time. This your brother? Okay, he's gonna come with me. Come on.


Severide: Fire Department!

Mother: Help!

Severide: Fire Department, call out!

Mother: Help!

Severide: Mayday, mayday! Chief, I'm in the basement. The stairs are out. Need an assist.


Boden: Cruz, what's your location? Squad 3, come in!


Boden: Severide, call out!

Severide: In the basement, Chief!

Boden: Got him! Severide, up here!

Severide: She's unconscious, you're gonna have to pull her up!

Grissom: Here's a line!

Severide: Okay!

Boden: Ready and pull! Pull! Pull! Pull! Let's go.

Capp: We got her, chief.

Boden: Severide.

Severide: All right, let's go!

Boden: Ready, pull! Pull! Pull!

Grissom: Give me your hand!

Boden: Go get him! You okay?

Severide: I'm okay, yeah.


Grissom: You're good?

Boden: Hold on a second. Here she is.

Foster: Diminished breath sounds.

Brett: All right, let's check her CO2 levels and secure an airway.

Firehouse: garage

Eddie O'Neal: That was amazing.

Grissom: Just glad they're safe.

Boden: So, uh, would you like to continue the tour or we can reconvene.

Eddie O'Neal: Uh, I think we've seen all we need to see.

Severide: Before you guys go, I'd like to say something about the commissioner… He didn't have to pitch in back there. Most political types wouldn't. But Commissioner Grissom, he isn't a type. He's a firefighter… And what he's doing for this department, he does it because he loves this job… He always has.

Pam Neto: Thank you.

Eddie O'Neal: Yes, thank you.

Boden: Are you good?

Casey: All good… Thanks.

Hospital: Kyle Sheffield’s office

Kyle Sheffield: Hi. Um, I am so sorry. It has been crazy here the past few days.

Brett: And I'm sorry for all of the voicemails that I left you, especially the ones last night after three vodka tonics.

Kyle Sheffield: Well, you didn't say anything wrong.

Brett: Really? I didn't threaten to have you paged over the intercom until you called me back?

Kyle Sheffield: Happens all the time.

Brett: Hm.

Kyle Sheffield: Hm.

Brett: I was worried about you. You seemed so not you the other day after you went to see Casey.

Kyle Sheffield: Yeah.

Brett: Kyle, what's going on?

Kyle Sheffield: I can't see you anymore.

Brett: I don't... I'm not sure that I...

Kyle Sheffield: I have loved, loved, spending time with you, Sylvie. You... You're an amazing person in every possible way.

Brett: And so are you.

Kyle Sheffield: But I-I-I can't do my job. I'm here to counsel rescue workers, doctors, patients, I'm supposed to be a safe place for them to go, a shoulder for them to lean on, and, by dating a colleague there's... There's no inherent sense of trust.

Brett: Well, you would never share what anyone says.

Kyle Sheffield: No, no, I-I wouldn't, but... But they can't know that for sure and so they won't... They won't open up to me.

Brett: Is that what happened with Casey?

Kyle Sheffield: Please don't blame him for this.

Brett: I don't. I understand, actually… I mean, you're... You're good at your job… I mean... Really good at it. And we need you here, and I don't want to get in the way of that.

Kyle Sheffield: You are amazing… And I'm so sorry, I just...

Brett: Uh, no. Um, you're doing the right thing.

Firehouse: garage

Herrmann: Hey, we'll see you this weekend. We're rooting for you, buddy!

Otis: You guys don't have to come.

Mouch: Are you kidding? Wouldn't miss it.

Herrmann: Oh, yeah. Hey, nice stick.

Foster: Thank you so much for doing this.

Frank: No problem.

Foster: I know you said you don't want any help but I need the money, so this is Frank, the hockey coach.

Otis: Thank you so much for not listening to me. I am terrible at this.

Frank: Well, who told you to practice on concrete with a Wiffle ball?

Otis: Someone who's betting against me.

Foster: Yeah...

Frank: Rink down the street agreed to clear the ice for us. Let's go.

Otis: Really? Oh.

Frank: First piece of advice?

Otis: Yeah?

Frank: That's a left-handed stick.

Otis: Herrmann!

Rink: bleachers

Mouch: Oh, my God, look at him. Looks like you're up.

Woman: Here we go.

Herrmann: All right.

Kidd: You got it.

Herrmann: Try not to hurt anybody, all right?

Cruz: Yeah, or make SportsCenter's top ten worst plays.

Foster: Oh, please. Don't listen to him, Otis. You got this.

Kidd: Ah, go get 'em.

Cruz: Don't slap. Just don't slap.

Kidd: Oh, he so does not got this.

Announcer: And now, ladies and gentlemen, who's ready for a little "Shoot the Puck"?

Kidd: Whoo!

Foster: Let's go, Otis!

Announcer: Our first contender from the Chicago Fire department, please welcome Brian Zvonecek.

Cruz: His name is Otis!

All: Otis!

Announcer: Each participant will get three attempts. First person to score a goal is the winner!

Mouch: Ooh!

Kidd: Okay, come on, Otis. You got this.

Foster: Just focus, focus.

Rink: ice

Otis: Oh!

Rink: bleachers

Foster: Oh! Come on, come on. You got it!

Herrmann: You were so close!

Cruz: You got it! This is the one, this is the one! Otis!

Kidd: Otis! Whoo!

Foster: I told you!

Grissom’s house: porch

Severide: Hey, Griss.

Grissom: Kelly.

Severide: Meant to tell you, you looked good out there the other day, with your turnout coat on.

Grissom: You came all the way out here just to tell me that?

Severide: Ah, I was in the area.

Grissom: Well, it looks like I'll be sticking around a while. The task force gave me their blessing.

Severide: That's great.

Grissom: I appreciate what you said to them.

Severide: I meant it.

Grissom: You know, the politics, I was never interested in it, but I was willing to hold my nose and dive in because it's what I had to do to help this department. To go to bat for firefighters. No different than risking your neck to save a victim. It's part of the job description.

Severide: Hey, if you're gonna pontificate, can I at least have a drink?

Grissom: Well, there's this bottle of Macallan I've been itching to open.

Severide: That's perfect.

Boden’s house: porch

Boden: Casey.

Casey: Chief. Is this an okay time?

Boden: Yeah, of course. Come on in.

Boden’s house: living room

Boden: What's on your mind?

Casey: Uh... You saw the report from the suicide call?

Boden: Yeah, uh, a guy murdered his brother, faked a suicide. Took a shot at you?

Casey: There's something I left out of the report… Nobody did anything wrong, it's just something I can't get out of my head… Almost called Gabby about it and I hadn't talked to her in months, but... I can't go there… Almost broke me trying to move on. Can't go backwards now.

Boden: Tell me what happened, Matt?

Casey: The shot that missed me, that was the second time he pulled the trigger. First time, I was staring down the barrel and the gun jammed… That's the only reason I'm alive right now… 1 in 1,000 chance… I left it out of my report because I can't explain it… Why didn't it go off the first time? How am I still here?

Boden: Hey. You go left instead of right inside of a burning building, that could be the difference… It didn't go off, Matt, because it's not your time.

Casey: It can't be that simple.

Boden: It has to be, otherwise you don't go left or right, you're just stuck there, frozen. And then the roof falls in on your head. Matt… You have just got to keep moving.

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Sevnol  (23.03.2020 à 22:21)

Si on m'avait dit la saison dernière que tout se passerait pour le mieux entre Grissom et la caserne 51, je ne l'aurais jamais cru ^^ Mais c'est cool, on voit une autre facette de lui et il a fait ça pour le bien des pompiers finalement. Et c'était sympa de voir Boden et Grissom sur le terrain comme ça.

Pauvre Brett, elle m'a brisée le coeur quand elle sort et pleure à chaudes larmes dans le couloir... Je comprends la décision de l'aumonier, mais c'est dur, ça se voit qu'ils s'aiment.

Casey m'a fait de la peine également. C'est vrai que sa réaction est agaçante, mais ce qu'il dit à Boden à la fin est touchant. Heureusement que l'arme s'est enrayée car en effet, pour lui ça a failli être la fin. Je pense que dans ces moments, on ne sait pas trop quoi penser, ça doit être perturbant.

natas  (02.03.2019 à 20:23)

Mais noooon ! tellement triste pour Brett, ce couple était tellement cute, même leur rupture est trop belle puisque 2 superbes personnes !

triste aussi pour Cassey, sa réaction est un peu agaçante, mais en même temps on est pas à sa place (heureusement).

épisode sympa...


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