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Chicago Fire
#811 : Mésentente cordiale

Un contrôle anti-nuisible force les membres de la caserne 51 à cohabiter avec la caserne 20. Tous sous le même toit, Casey se dispute avec le capitaine Delaney pendant que Foster, Kidd et Brett craignent que le capitaine Leone s'en mêle. Boden réfléchit à une refonte procédurale.


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Titre VO
Where We End Up

Titre VF
Mésentente cordiale

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Les pompiers arrivent sur les lieux

Les pompiers arrivent sur les lieux

Mouch (Christian Stolte)

Mouch (Christian Stolte)

Matt Casey et les autres pompiers

Matt Casey et les autres pompiers

Matt Casey joué par Jesse Spencer

Matt Casey joué par Jesse Spencer

Mouch (Christian Stolte)

Mouch (Christian Stolte)

Chef Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Chef Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Les pompiers de la caserne 51 sur la scène

Les pompiers de la caserne 51 sur la scène

Chef Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Chef Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Les pompiers examinent un mur

Les pompiers examinent un mur


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Réalisateur : Batan Silva

Scénario : Matt Whitney

Guests : Alberto Rosende (Blake Gallo), Hanako Greensmith (Violet), Robert T. Bogue (Greg Delaney), Daniel Kiry (Ritter), Randy Flagler (Capp), Robyn Coffin (Cindy Herrmann), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Lucas Van Engen (Mike Buckley), Mo Sketch (Capitaine Leone), Greg Poljacik (Ryan), Dev Kennedy (Don Freeman), Heidi Kettenring (Chef Graybill)

Gallo’s apartment

Gallo: You stayed.

Violet: By accident, believe me.

Gallo: Okay. I'll drive you home.

Violet: My Uber's two minutes away… I shouldn't have come over again last night. Once was fun. Twice is...

Gallo: Twice as fun?

Violet: The last time we do this.

Gallo: Okay, not a big deal.

Violet: Exactly. No strings, no one needs to know. Glad we're on the same page.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Boden: Far as I understand, adjustments to the operating boundaries are indefinite. Why do you ask?

Severide: I glanced at the run sheets from last shift.

Boden: Yeah.

Severide: Lots of overlap with 20. We keep getting return to quarters when they snake our runs.

Herrmann: We're using the turn signals more than our tools.

Boden: Let headquarters deal with allocating resources. It's not our call to make. You go where the bells tell you. Go on. Get out of here… And one more thing, Captain.

Casey: Yes, Chief.

Boden: I have to go to a seminar this afternoon. I have no idea what it's for.

Casey: Guess the education never ends, huh?

Boden: Thanks.

Casey: Yeah.

Firehouse: common room

Mouch: Ah...

Cruz: You all right there, Mouch?

Mouch: Something bit me.

Ritter: Like what, a mosquito?

Mouch: No. More like a flea.

Ritter: No, she just had her flea medication.

Mouch: Hey, Ritter, it's okay. She's a dog, and sometimes dogs get fleas… And sometimes dogs have to stay in the garage until said fleas are gone.

Ritter: Yeah, okay. Come on, Tuesday. Let's go, girl.

Mouch: Go on.

Foster: Hey, spill it. What's up?

Gallo: Huh?

Foster: They have you running drills this early? That means somehow you screwed up.

Gallo: No, I'm not running drills. I was running sprints on the apron, staying loose for a race I'm competing in this weekend.

Cruz: Oh, the South Chicago Classic Half-marathon.

Gallo: Yeah.

Cruz: I almost ran that last year.

Gallo: You should do it with me. There's still time to sign up.

Foster: You know that's 13 miles, right?

Cruz: Yes, I'm aware. Thank you, Foster. Anyway, I haven't been training, otherwise I totally would. Maybe next year.

Gallo: Okay.

Main: Truck 81, Squad 3... Motor vehicle accident...

Cruz: Also, you know, my knees tend to swell up in the winter months.

Gallo: Oh.


Girl: Help! Get me out of here!

Casey: Hey! Step away from the vehicle.

Girl: Help! Help!

Casey: Mouch and Gallo, let's get extinguishers on this fire. Get this couple out soon as it's clear.

Severide: Yeah, we're on it. Capp, Cruz, jaws and cutters.

Cruz: Copy.

Brett: Hey, try not to move.

Pedestrian: I'm fine.

Foster: Nah, you took a pretty bad fall.

Brett: All right, let's get him to 61. Main, we need two more ambulances.

Severide: Squad, move in.

Cruz: Copy.

Girl: Get me out!

Severide: Look away!

Girl: Okay.

Cruz: No.

Greg Delaney: What do we got here?

Casey: Single-car accident. Two adults stuck inside. Engine flash, but it's out.

Greg Delaney: Great, thanks. I'll take it from here.

Casey: You what?

Greg Delaney: I appreciate the assist, Captain, but this is 20's jurisdiction and has been for decades, so if you don't mind, I'll see it through.

Casey: Well, I do mind, actually.

Severide: Hey, still hot here, Captain.

Girl: Get me out! Hurry!

Casey: This is an electric vehicle. They removed the badging. Keep working on those doors.

Severide: Yeah, copy that.

Casey: Charge a hose line. We need to cool the lithium batteries under the car with as much water as possible.

Greg Delaney: I got foam suppressors...

Casey: Charge a line! Now… Mouch, give me a hand. This could pop at any second.

Greg Delaney: Charge the line.

Severide: Got it.

Casey: Got it… Okay, let's soak it.

Mouch: Copy.

Greg Delaney: Send the water.

Brett: Smoke inhalation. We gotta intubate. Let's go.

Foster: Okay.

Capp: We got it.

Cruz: Good… Lieutenant. I'm not getting a pulse here.

Casey: Keep on it. Don't want it reigniting again.

Firehouse: garage

Herrmann: Hey. What happened?

Kidd: Just, uh, more fun with our good friends at 20.

Herrmann: What's with that house, huh? Next time those clowns come to Molly's, I'm showing them the door.

Kidd: Yeah.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Casey: We're in the middle of a rescue with two lives on the line. Who gives a damn about jurisdiction?

Severide: We were well within the new boundaries, Chief. Part of the overlap.

Casey: Oh, it's been their territory for years, he said. As if that gives him the right.

Boden: It doesn't.

Casey: Exactly. It was dangerous, and it was distracting.

Boden: Okay, I'll look into it, make sure that Captain Delaney's up to speed with the new maps.

Casey: Yeah.

Boden: But ultimately... He followed your command.

Severide: Reluctantly.

Boden: But he did. Correct?

Casey: He did. It was a good thing. We... We needed the water.

Boden: All right, then. Put it in your report… And put it behind you.

Casey: Copy that, Chief.

Firehouse: common room

Mouch: Mother of pearl.

Cruz: Hey, Mouch, maybe you should take a bath with Tuesday.

Kidd: Or I could see if she has any extra flea medication.

Mouch: Yeah, yuk it up, you two. But when these little bloodsuckers make it to the bunk room, you won't be as amused.

Herrmann: Uh, too late. I was taking a power nap. I wasn't laying down more than two minutes, little bastards started biting me.

Kidd: Oh!

Herrmann: It's like an all-you-can-eat buffet down there.

Mouch: Oh, great. They've moved in.

Kidd: Oh, gross. God, and not just the fleas. There's like ten different food groups down there.

Cruz: Hey, you guys, I'm no expert, but do those look like fleas to you?

Outside the firehouse

Herrmann: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop right there.

Brett: Herrmann, what's going on?

Herrmann: Listen, stay back. We got bedbugs.

Foster: What? Seriously?

Herrmann: Yeah, major infestation, and now they gotta tank the whole house.

Brett: What do we do?

Herrmann: I don't know. Go grab whatever you need for a shift, give it a good, you know, scrub. 'Cause wherever we end up going, we do not want them coming with us.

Kidd: Thank you. Hey, Mouch. Think you owe someone an apology. Wouldn't you agree?

Mouch: Tuesday, I'm sorry for flea-shaming you. I jumped to the wrong conclusion based on a hurtful stereotype, and I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.

Boden: Okay, everyone, listen up. 51 needs to be fumigated for the next 48 hours, so we need a new home for the remainder of the shift.

Herrmann: We can hole up at Molly's, Chief.

Boden: Thanks, Lieutenant, for the offer, but headquarters has already assigned us. Come on, get your stuff together.

Outside firehouse 20

Greg Delaney: Welcome to Firehouse 20.

Firehouse 20: garage

Boden: Okay, just so we're clear, I am well aware of the present tension between 20 and 51 due to recent adjustments in the boundary lines. Now, I know you worked the same neighbourhood for years. You got to know the people… But you do not own those streets… Now, there's a longstanding CFD policy. First company on scene has command until the chief arrives… You follow standard operating procedures from here on out.

Greg Delaney: Copy that.

Casey: Will do, Chief.

Boden: Hey… Now, you and I know you overstepped, Captain. What's going on?

Greg Delaney: You ask me, we're promoting way too fast up the ladder now. These young kids, they're cocky and they lack the experience.

Boden: Those are two of the finest firefighters I have ever seen… What?

Greg Delaney: You might be based out of 51, but you're the chief of the whole battalion… I'd had to think you play favourites.

Firehouse 20: hallway

Kidd: Seriously, Captain Leone, all we need is a corner to toss our stuff down.

Captain Leone: Nonsense. I found you a nice, private space away from all the commotion.

Brett: That's very kind of you. Thanks.

Captain Leone: Yeah, kind of like that women's lounge you had at 51.

Kidd: Yeah, and it's a shame that the chief made us shut that down.

Foster: Apparently, there were complaints… From the men, not from us.

Brett: No, we loved that place.

Captain Leone: Well, you were kind enough to let me enjoy it while it lasted. Now you're in my house.  This is me repaying the favour.

Firehouse 20: Women’s quarters

Captain Leone: Let me know if you need anything. Make yourselves at home.

Foster: Thank you… Okay, what's she up to?

Kidd: Check the bed for loose screws.

Brett: Oh, come on, you guys. What if she means it? We did let her use the women's lounge.

Foster: She called you a narc. She's the reason we shut that room down, and she knows it.

Kidd: We should take shifts sleeping just to be safe.

Firehouse 20: common room

Gallo: Hey.

Violet: Hey.

Gallo: Two dates, we're already moving in together.

Violet: They weren't dates. They were two one-night stands.

Gallo: Okay, sure. Whatever.

Violet: It was supposed to be a one-time thing. Your words, remember?

Gallo: I didn't realize that you were taking notes.

Violet: I... Don't date firefighters.

Gallo: Copy that.

Violet: Not the peach ones.

Gallo: Are you serious?

Violet: They're for Captain Leone, and trust me, you do not want to be on her bad side.

Outside firehouse 20

Casey: Worst group to offend.

Mouch: Yeah, you don't want that.

Casey: No.

Greg Delaney: Hey, guys, I need you to move these trucks. You're blocking our exit path.

Casey: Parked over as far as we can.

Severide: Only other option is the street.

Greg Delaney: Street works. Probably for the best… Something on your mind, Lieutenant?

Severide: Uh, yeah.

Casey: Listen, Captain Delaney, we appreciate you taking us in while our house is being fumigated.

Greg Delaney: As if we had a choice.

Casey: And I'm sorry if you felt disrespected earlier… But you heard Chief Boden. 51 was first on scene. It was well within my purview to retain command.

Greg Delaney: Still need you to move these trucks.

Casey: No, you don't.

Greg Delaney: Looks to me like you're intentionally blocking us so you can be first on the scene again.

Casey: Oh.

Herrmann: Hey. You know, maybe you should stop worrying about getting your picture in the paper, and focus more on saving lives, huh?

Greg Delaney: You mean like the driver of the electric vehicle this morning?

Severide: That's exactly who we mean.

Casey: The one trapped inside a burning car while you were arguing over jurisdiction.

Greg Delaney: Right. The one you couldn't save.

Severide: Hey, hey, hey!

Casey: You think you could've done better? You think you could've saved him?

Boden: Enough.

Casey: Huh?

Boden: Did you not hear a word I said?

Casey: It's all good, Chief. It won't happen again.

Boden: It better not. But since you two clearly have a problem with sharing command, I can't stick around and babysit. I'm leaving Captain Delaney in charge while I am gone. Is that understood?

Casey: Yes, Chief.

Boden: 51 is a guest here… Act accordingly.

Greg Delaney: All right, then. Let's move these trucks to the street.

Firehouse 20: common room

Ritter: Maybe we should just order a pizza. You know, stay in the trucks.

Cruz: Lunch is a sacred time in any firehouse, Ritter. There's an unspoken cease-fire where we break bread together, and then go back to the trenches.

Captain Leone: There's two more pans in the oven. Don't be shy. Dig in, boys.

Ritter: Yeah.

Cruz: See what I mean?

Ritter: Thanks.

Captain Leone: Ladies, I saved you each a corner piece. From the first batch.

Brett: Wow.

Foster: Wow, uh, yeah...

Kidd: You really didn't have to.

Brett: Smells delicious.

Kidd: Thanks.


Foster: These are poisoned, right?

Kidd: 100%.

Brett: Or maybe she's genuinely trying to connect with us.

Foster: Go ahead. Take a bite, then.

Kidd: Take a bite.

Brett: Well, now you're in my head.


Chief Graybill: Have a good one.

Boden: Hey, hey.

Chief Graybill: They never schedule these busywork sessions on slow days, do they?

Boden: Tell me about it. I got 500 things to keep my eye on. This is not one of them.


Chief Graybill: First chance I get to sneak out, you will see an empty chair where I used to be.

Boden: And I will be right behind you. What's this pertaining to, anyway? Do you know?

Chief Graybill: New procedure for log books is my guess.

Meeting room

Boden: See you in a while.

Chief Graybill: Yep.

Mike Buckley: Excuse me, Chief Boden. Mike Buckley. It's been a while. You were my instructor at the academy almost ten years ago.

Boden: Mike Buckley. Yes, of course. You know, you still hold the record for the fastest mile in full gear.

Mike Buckley: Oh, I'd like to say I don't keep tabs on that record. But then I'd be lying.

Boden: Well, ten years with your name on the wall, probably a record in and of itself.

Don Freeman: Please, everyone, take a seat and we'll get started.

Mike Buckley: Anyway, it was nice seeing you, Chief.

Boden: Yes. You, too. I... Let's catch up after if you get a moment.

Mike Buckley: I'd like that.

Boden: Okay.

Don Freeman: Thanks, everyone, for taking time out of your busy schedules to be here today. This shouldn't take more than an hour, and I promise you it will save lives… But don't just take my word for it. Let's welcome our first speaker, Mike Buckley from Firehouse 111. Mike?

Mike Buckley: Thank you, Chief Freeman… The biggest threat to the health and safety of firefighters today isn't a raging fire or dangerous rescue attempts or that mystery casserole the previous shift left in the fridge… It's cancer… One in three firefighters will be diagnosed. And last year, I found out I'm one of them… This past Christmas, my wife got me a new pair of running shoes. They're real nice, expensive, the kind that connects to an app on your phone, gives you all kinds of unnecessary data. I'm wearing them right now. I know it's not regulation. Please don't write me up for it… I just want to enjoy them as much as I can in the next six months or so, because... Well, that's about how long I have left to live. Now, I plan I fighting this as hard as I possibly can, but odds are... I won't get to spend the next Christmas with my family. Or see my baby girl grow up… Um... Cancer is an epidemic in the fire service. And our everyday risks continue to grow... From the carcinogens we breathe in and absorb at fire scenes, to the diesel exhaust fumes from our very own rigs. We need to limit our exposure.

Firehouse 20: gym

Violet: Great… How much longer do you have?

Gallo: Six miles.

Violet: Come on. Seriously? You've done seven miles already. You're gonna hog the only treadmill here for another hour?

Gallo: No. 45 minutes.

Violet: Look, I'm not trying to kick you off or anything, but I really need to use it. I'm doing a half-marathon this weekend, and have a very strict training regimen.

Gallo: You're running in the South Chicago Classic?

Violet: Yeah.

Gallo: That's what I'm training for.

Violet: Wait. So you're running the full distance? All 13 miles? Today?

Gallo: Yes.

Violet: The week of the race, your longest run should be six to eight miles, which means that you're done.

Gallo: Okay, how about you train your way, and I train mine?

Violet: Pretty basic rule. Google it if you don't believe me.

Gallo: How are you such a know-it-all? Even from your days at the academy.

Violet: Get off the treadmill.

Gallo: Wait… We can't do this… Now we can.

Firehouse 20: Women’s quarters

Kidd: Lucky for us, I have an emergency stash… There you go… And boom.

Brett: So these are our next three meals, huh? Chocolate brownie, double chocolate, chocolate brownie.

Kidd: Yeah.

Foster: Beats food poisoning.

Kidd: All right, I need a quick power nap. Would you mind keeping watch?

Brett: Wait, seriously? Okay, come on. What could she possibly do while we sleep?

Captain Leone: Just checking in. You need anything?

Kidd: No, no, we're good. Thanks.

Captain Leone: Well, let me know if you do. I'm right next door.

Foster: Great. Oh, wow. I'll take first shift.

Brett: Hey, April… Oh, that's good news.

Firehouse 20: lounge room

Mouch: How was your run?

Gallo: It was good. Did 13 miles. Got my heart rate up. It was really good, you know? Good.

Cruz: Why are you being weird?

Firehouse 20: garage

Brett: Hey. Sorry to interrupt.

Casey: Hey. No, please, join me. I'm just filling out paperwork.

Brett: I wanted you to know that I followed up on that girl we took to Med this morning from the car fire.

Casey: How is she?

Brett: They expect her to fully recover.

Casey: Now, that's good to hear.

Brett: Yeah, April says she's doing really well. She has a bunch of friends and family in the room with her. Solid support system.

Casey: Good.

Brett: Hm. It's funny… One of the first things you learn at the academy is you get the victim to the hospital best you can, and you don't look back. That it's the only way to survive mentally. But as soon as I started at 51, I noticed nobody follows that rule here. Especially you… I mean, you... You follow up… You do more whenever you can. So... When I found out she was gonna be okay, I knew how much it would mean to you.

Casey: Well, that's why we all do the job. Right?

Brett: Yeah, it is. But you're a little extra that way.

Casey: Thanks, Sylvie.

Main: Engine 20, Ambulance 99, Truck 81, Squad 3, Engine 51, Ambulance 61...

Casey: Let's get moving, 51.


Severide: We're looking at a huge fire load with all those clothes.

Herrmann: All right, what's the plan, Captain?

Casey: 20 has command of the scene. We get our cues from them.

Greg Delaney: 51, lead out a hose line. We'll go in together. Truck 81, Squad 3, I need search teams. Split the perimeter. 61, 99, set up triage. Now, listen up, the owner called it in, said some of his workers might still be in there. So let's saddle up. Let's go. Let's do it.

Casey: You got it, Captain. Let's go, 51.

Laundry store

Greg Delaney: Somebody, cut the damn power. Let's move out.

Herrmann: All right, Ritter. Let's go!

Ritter: Yeah.

Casey: Kidd, Mouch, go right.

Kidd: Copy.

Casey: Gallo, with me.

Gallo: Copy that.

Laundry store: back door

Severide: Strike… Mask up.

Laundry store

Cruz: Fire Department! Call out!

Severide: Cruz! Trifluoroethane. This lights up, we got a big problem.

Cruz: Then we got a really big problem.


Mouch: Fire Department! Call out! Fire Department! Call out!

Woman: Help! Here. Over here.

Mouch: Come on. Is there anyone else in the store?

Woman: I don't know. It happened so fast.

Mouch: I'm taking her out.

Kidd: Yeah, go. I'll keep looking.

Mouch: Come on.

Kidd: Fire Department! Call out!


Casey: Fire Department! Call out! How far back does this place go?

Gallo: Hard to tell through all this smoke.

Casey: Watch out. Gallo, you okay?

Gallo: Yeah.

Casey: Go around.

Gallo: Copy that.


Kidd: Fire Department! Call out! I got another victim. Adult female. I'm bringing her out now. Hey, come on. I got you.

Woman 2: Wait, my brother.

Kidd: Is he in here with you?

Woman 2: He said he'd come back for me.

Kidd: Okay, hey...

Woman 2: He told me to wait here.

Kidd: Hey, look at me. You can't wait here any longer, okay? Come on. Come on.


Boden: Battalion 25 to all units. Progress report.

Laundry store

Herrmann: We're starting to roast in here, Chief. I don't know how much longer we can hold it back. 20's getting pinned in.


Severide: Hey, Chief, we got a supply room full of chemicals that's about to light up. We're going as fast as we can, but the fire's closing in.


Boden: How long do we have?

Laundry store

Severide: Hard to say. A couple of minutes at most.


Boden: Then you have one.

Laundry store

Severide: Copy that.


Violet: We got her.

Boden: Kidd. We're pulling out. Stand down.

Kidd: There's another guy that's still in there, Chief. No one's seen him come out.

Boden: No.

Casey: Chief, I can't locate Gallo.

Laundry store

Casey: Wait, I think I got eyes on him. Gallo.

Gallo: Found him by the washers.


Severide: Time's up, Chief. Get everybody out now… Squad, move out!


Boden: Emergency. Everyone, evacuate immediately. Get out now.

Laundry store

Herrmann: All right. 51 copies. All right, Ritter, you heard him. Let's get out of here. Delaney, let's go!

Greg Delaney: Right behind you.

Laundry store: Quadrant C

Casey: In there.

Outside the laundry store

Severide: This way. Let's go. Move, move, move.

Laundry store

Greg Delaney: Mayday, mayday! We're boxed in. Can't find a path out.

Laundry store / Parking

Casey: You okay?

Gallo: I'm okay.

Casey: Mayday, mayday. Truck 81 to Battalion 25. We're in a back office. It's heating up fast. Quadrant C. We need another way out.

Boden: Casey, you see 20? They're still in there with you.

Casey: Hold… Chief, I got him. Partial collapse. Two firefighters down.

Boden: Hang on in there. Help is on its way.

Casey: Gallo.

Gallo: Yeah.

Outside the laundry store

Boden: Where?

Owner: Right here. This is the office, just on the other side of this wall.

Severide: Think we got a better shot from the back room, Chief.

Boden: Do it.

Severide: All right, Cruz, with me.

Boden: Thank you.

Laundry store

Greg Delaney: My man's trapped.

Gallo: Hey, can you move?

Greg Delaney: No.

Casey: One, two, three.

Gallo: I got him.

Casey: Come on. Right through there.

Laundry store: Quadrant C

Casey: Chief, we're running out of options here.

Laundry store

Severide: Hey, Casey, breaking down the delta side wall.

Laundry store: Quadrant C

Casey: Copy. Let's get him away from the wall.

Severide: Come on, guys.


Severide: He's unconscious, but he's breathing.

Violet: You okay?

Gallo: Not a scratch.

Boden: Okay, Herrmann, hit it with everything that you got.

Herrmann: Copy that, Chief. Go, hit it.

Ritter: Got it.

Outside firehouse 20

Greg Delaney: We almost got cooked in there.

Casey: It was a close one. Move the rigs once we dump all our gear.

Greg Delaney: They're fine where they are.

Boden: Great job out there today. But we are not out of harm's way yet. You may or not have heard about my friend Mike Buckley, and he... Doesn't matter… These are the new operational procedures that I expect everyone to follow. Firefighter Cancer Support Network provided a list of best practices that will keep us safe... After the call.

Gallo: We learned about this at the academy. Carcinogens, contaminates, all that. Why isn't that a standard by now?

Boden: It will be.

Firehouse 20: garage

Herrmann: Yeah.

Outside Herrmann’s house

Herrmann: Hey. What's going on here?

Kidd: Extermination vans.

Herrmann: Oh, hell.

Kidd: Mm-hmm.

Herrmann: Brought the pests home with me. Hi.

Cindy Herrmann: Oh, Christopher. I'm sorry.

Herrmann: You're sorry for what?

Cindy Herrmann: Remember when I went antiquing last weekend? And came home with that gorgeous French wingback chair?

Herrmann: Not really, but go on.

Cindy Herrmann: Apparently, it was infested with bedbugs.

Herrmann: Oh, wait. So then I didn't bring the bugs home with me.

Kidd: You brought them to 51.

Cindy Herrmann: I'm so sorry.

Herrmann: You breathe a word of this to anybody, and you're packing your bags. Mm-hmm.

Kidd: Hmm. Uh, I'm gonna go sleep at Severide's.

Herrmann: Mm-hmm.

Kidd: Mm-hmm. Bye, Cindy.

Cindy Herrmann: I'm sorry.

Firehouse: common room

Mouch: Come on up, Tuesday. Good girl… Good girl.

Foster: Okay, how does it look?

Kidd: Simple, yet effective.

Ritter: Oh, yeah, we should definitely get out there.

Brett: Oh, hurry. We don't want to miss him.

Ritter: Got it?

Kidd: Yep.

Outside the firehouse

Cruz: Guys, hey, come on. They sent Tony out on recon. He's two blocks away.

Brett: Oh.

Kidd: Wow. Exciting.

Captain Leone: Ladies… Thanks for inviting us over.

Brett: So this is gonna seem silly, but we owe you an apology, Captain. We thought you'd try and get revenge for that whole women's lounge misunderstanding, and so we were paranoid during our whole stay at 20. But you've been nothing but welcoming and generous to us, so thank you.

Captain Leone: You didn't eat or sleep for an entire shift.

Kidd: Well...

Captain Leone: Fish in a barrel.

Boden: Matt Casey, Kelly Severide. This is Mike Buckley, former student that I was telling you about.

Severide: Hey, good to meet you.

Casey: We appreciate everything you're doing for the CFD. Chief said you gave a real powerful speech the other day.

Mike Buckley: Thanks. Hope I was able to change a few minds. We firefighters can be pretty stubborn, set in our ways.

Boden: Well, the real reason why I got you down here today, one of our men is, you know, running in this half-marathon. He had this really crazy idea about how he could help raise awareness for the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, which, of course, is something that, well, you inspired.

Mike Buckley: Oh, yeah?

Boden: Yeah.

Mike Buckley: What's that?

Boden: Well, it's probably best you see for yourself, 'cause... Here he comes right now.

Kidd: Oh, hey, here he comes! Hold up the sign, or he's not gonna see it!

Boden: I don't think he's gonna beat your record at the academy, but... Local news picked up on the story.

All: Let's go! Go, Gallo, go.

Kidd: Hey!

All: Go, Gallo, go! Go, Gallo, go! Go, Gallo, go! Go, Gallo, go! Go, Gallo, go! Go, Gallo, go! Go, Gallo, go! Go, Gallo, go! Go, Gallo, go!

Violet: Let's go, slacker. Speed walkers are passing us.

Gallo: You don't have to stay with me.

Violet: I know, but I feel like I should… For when you will mess up.

Gallo: There it is.

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Supersympa  (11.10.2021 à 00:11)

Oh le cauchemar ! ^^ C'est toujours horrible une invasion d'insectes quels qu'ils soient. ^^

Sevnol  (28.04.2021 à 21:23)

Ahah le malheur de se retrouver en compagnie de la caserne 20 à cause de ces punaises de lit ! Bon ça va, finalement, ça s'est quand même pas trop mal passé et les petites gueguerres ont disparues. Ce n'était pas gagné pourtant, mais suffit d'une intervention où ils s'entraident pour que tout finisse bien ^^

Au top Gallo et son marathon et c'est un super hommage pour le pompier formé par Boden atteint d'un cancer désormais... C'est triste, il sait qu'il lui reste plus que 6 mois à vivre tout au plus, ça doit faire un choc...

natas  (16.01.2020 à 21:57)

vraiment un bon épisode... l'incendie etait vraiment flippant...

LA conférence du pompier tellement touchante.

L'union des deux casernes après l'incendies...

Le couple naissant pour Gallo !

et souvent les petites histoires annexes m'ennuient un peu, mais j'ai trouvé bien le coup de l'invasion des punaises. thusday est à croquer... et je trouve vraiment drôle la revanche que se sont pris les girls... juste une bonne dose de parano ahahaha


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