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Chicago Fire
#818 : Une image du passé

Le lieutenant Severide fait équipe avec Seager et le bureau d'enquête des incendies quand un feu dans un motel semble suspect. Les membres de la caserne 51 deviennent des détectives amateurs quand un des leurs est impliqué dans un post sur Reddit. Brett continue à passer du temps avec sa mère biologique, Julie.


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I'll Cover You

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Une image du passé

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Kelly Severide joué par Taylor Kinney

Kelly Severide joué par Taylor Kinney

Brett et Foster devant l'ambulance

Brett et Foster devant l'ambulance

Les pompiers en intervention sur un feu

Les pompiers en intervention sur un feu

Les pompiers arrivent sur les lieux

Les pompiers arrivent sur les lieux

Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende)

Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende)

Matt Casey joué par Jesse Spencer

Matt Casey joué par Jesse Spencer

Brett (Kara Kilmer) parle avec un médecin

Brett (Kara Kilmer) parle avec un médecin

Emily Foster jouée par Annie Ilonzeh

Emily Foster jouée par Annie Ilonzeh

Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) et Emily Foster

Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) et Emily Foster

Kelly Severide joué par Taylor Kinney

Kelly Severide joué par Taylor Kinney

Les pompiers rassemblés à la caserne

Les pompiers rassemblés à la caserne

Mouch (Christian Stolte)

Mouch (Christian Stolte)

Les pompiers regardent l'ordinateur

Les pompiers regardent l'ordinateur

Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende) et Ritter

Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende) et Ritter


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Scénario : Ron McCants et Michael A. O'Shea

Réalisateur : Eric Laneuville

Guests :
Daniel Kyri (Ritter), Andy Allo (Wendy Seager), Kelly Deadmon (Julie), Randy Flagler (Capp), Patrick John Flueger (Adam Ruzek), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Narada Campbell (Détective Lamar), Gabriel Rodriguez (Denny), Katelynn Shennett (Kylie), Amy J. Carle (Docteur Patachefsky), Matt Fletcher (Capitaine Horton), Rafer Bryan (Alan Roesch), Jack Bronis (Shimblecock), Matty Ryan (Weston Polk), Luke Barelli (Mikey), Vince Scalone (Big Al), Josette DiCarlo (Sandy), Erin Allegretti (Alana), Tague Zachary (Ray Averett), Anand Bhatt (Serveur)

Cruz, Brett and Foster’s apartment: living room

Brett: I like the yellow. It's so warm and sunny for a nursery.

Julie: Yeah, but which yellow, saffron ivory or magnolia summer bloom?

Cruz: Oh, definitely saffron ivory.

Julie: Okay. Oh, I wanted to ask you guys. So Scott gets here on Friday with the rest of our things, and I thought we'd celebrate the move to Chicago with a dinner out. Any suggestions?

Cruz: Oh, Alfonzo's on Rush, great Italian.

Foster: I'd do Gibsons, best steak in the city, and that's saying something.

Brett: There's also Swift & Sons. I love that place.

Cruz: Oh, guys, okay, we've got to hit the road, or we're gonna be late for shift.

Julie: Okay, well, thank you, guys, for the coffee and the advice.

Brett: Of course.

Foster: Don't do Alfonzo's. Cruz has really wonky taste in fine dining.

Cruz: I heard that.

Foster: What?


Kidd: And that is why we're calling it Girls On Fire. Hell yeah, it will be challenging, but you show up, you put in the blood, sweat, and tears, and this program could change your life.

Wendy Seager: We'll have a lot of fun too.

Kidd: Hey, you, with the gum… You must have a lot of energy to snap gum through my whole presentation. This program could be a great way for you to channel that energy… All right, sign-ups are right here.

Wendy Seager: Thanks for listening. We know the school made you show up, but we really appreciate it… Fun starts next week.

Kidd: That's the third time we've done this pitch, and there's still no takers.

Wendy Seager: We might need another approach, one a little less intimidating.

Firehouse: locker room

Kidd: Intimidating… Can you believe that?

Severide: It's a great idea for a program. I'm sure you'll get sign-ups.

Kidd: Well, it better be soon, because Captain Horton says that if we don't get recruits by the funding deadline next week, then he will shut us down. And not for nothing, but... Seager has an opinion about everything. I mean, it must have been tough for you working with her.

Severide: Um, nothing I haven't dealt with before.

Main: Truck 81, Squad 3, Engine 51, Ambulance 61, Battalion 25, structure fire...


Casey: Hey, back up.

Boden: Engine, let's get water on it before this whole place lights up. Squad, get inside of that unit. Give me a primary search. Truck, clear the room above. Looks like the fire is working its way up.

Casey: Gallo, you and me upstairs.

Gallo: Copy that.

Severide: Solid core doors and steel frames. Cruz...

Cruz: Yeah.

Severide: Grab a rabbit tool and catch up with me… Hey, is there anyone inside?

Denny: No, I was just trying to grab...

Severide: All right, well, get back with the others. Hey, Capp.

Capp: Yeah.

Severide: Get him out of here.

Capp: All right, come on.

Motel: 1st floor

Casey: Hit it.

Gallo: Yep.

Casey: Got it.

Gallo: We got a safety latch, Captain.


Severide: Let's go.

Motel ground floor: room

Cruz: Fire department. Call out.

Motel 1st floor room

Casey: Here, got one.

Motel ground  floor: room

Severide: What the hell? Give me a hand.

Cruz: Yep.

Severide: Come on.


Severide: He was under water in the tub.

Brett: No pulse. Cruz, start compressions.

Paramedic: I got her.

Casey: Smoke inhalation.

Foster: Let me see… Okay, I got a pulse.

Paramedic: Yeah.

Foster: Will you bag her?

Paramedic: Got it.

Brett: Stop compressions.

Firehouse: common room

Gallo: Oh, pancakes will be ice cold by now. I'll toss them and get lunch started?

Ritter: Yeah, I'll give you a hand.

Firehouse: hallway

Casey: You good?

Severide: No such thing as "nice try" in firefighting.

Casey: We got one safe. Let's focus on that.

Firehouse: garage

Brett: Well, my parents are coming in in a couple of weeks to meet with Julie. They're really supportive.

Foster: Not surprised. You got one of those super-weird families where everybody acts reasonably and gets along… Tell me if I'm crazy, but it seemed like you got a little quiet when Julie left this morning.

Brett: Did I? I guess... We've been having so much fun together. I'm just not sure what's gonna happen once Scott gets here and the baby comes… I'm not sure how I fit in, you know?

Foster: Girl, please. I've seen you and Julie together. The bond's not gonna break for anyone or anything. Okay?

Firehouse: common room

Capp: You know, the comics page used to be funny.

Tony: When?

Capp: "Calvin & Hobbes, The Far Side, Garfield... "

Mouch: Ohh. You were so close to winning your first argument, Capp.

Cruz: Oh, my God… So I just hopped on Reddit, and there's this thread that says, "Do you know this firefighter from 2004?" So I clicked on the link, and behold.

Herrmann: Oh, is that Casey?

Casey: Ohh!

Herrmann: Oh, Casey.

Mouch: Oh, my God… Ohh.

Casey: It is from 2004. That's Shimblecock. We only worked Engine 128 together for one year.

Ritter: That's his name? Shimblecock?

Casey: Yep. What?

Cruz: So the, uh, the person that posted this wants to find you. How should I respond?

Herrmann: Hey, don't, no. It's a trap. It's one of those Russian bot farm-type deals, you know, where they put out little lures into the cyberspace trying to reel you in.

Casey: What do you think?

Cruz: Eh, you know, just put out something vague, see what he wants.

Casey: Okay.

Firehouse: garage

Darren Lamar: Afternoon.

Severide: Help you with something?

Darren Lamar: Darren Lamar, Milwaukee P.D. I understand you guys pulled a victim out of a motel fire this morning, Caucasian, male, 30s.

Severide: That's right, but he didn't make it. Smoke got to him.

Darren Lamar: He was dead before the fire started.

Severide: How do you figure, Milwaukee?

Darren Lamar: He was a witness to a homicide I'm working on up north. I guess someone didn't want him talking.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Darren Lamar: Anthony Harris, 14 years old, good kid… Thought if he played ball well enough he'd go to college. But his older brother sucked him into the gang life, and a week ago Tuesday was shot and killed outside the Wisconsin Center, drug deal gone bad.

Severide: Damn.

Darren Lamar: Black kid gets killed selling drugs, nobody cares, but I do. That was me once. I escaped that life, and he had a chance to do the same. So I'm working the case as hard as I can… But I was getting nowhere, until out of the blue, I get a call from Brad Whittier from Chicago.

Severide: Our victim at the motel fire.

Darren Lamar: He was at the Convention Center last week, some kind of medical equipment show, says he has info on Anthony's death, but he doesn't want to talk on the phone. Something's got him scared. So I told him to check into a motel and wait for me… By the time I got here, motel's roasted, Whittier's dead.

Boden: And you think this Milwaukee gang trailed him down here?

Darren Lamar: All I know for sure is it's no coincidence.

Boden: The Office of Fire Investigation are looking into it since it involved a fatality.

Darren Lamar: Would be helpful if they find it was arson. I'm out of my jurisdiction. I need Chicago Police to treat Whittier's death as a murder… I have to get back home and work my case… But if you people can figure out who set that fire, it will tell me who killed Anthony Harris.

Severide: Hey, Chief, can I get a little latitude to get involved in this one?

Boden: Absolutely.

Firehouse: common room

Cruz: Yo, hey, uh, the O.P. from the Reddit thread responded.

Casey: And?

Cruz: Uh, well, I responded to him, "Why do you want to know who this is?" And he said... Check it out... "I have something important I want to say to him."

Herrmann: Purposeful evade. What did I say? Total sham.

Gallo: Okay, but counterpoint, I heard of this firefighter in Oklahoma, he rescued this old guy. Well, 20 years later, the old guy died, put the firefighter in this will, left him millions.

Ritter: What... What was this rescue about anyway?

Casey: No clue.

Ritter: Well, if we figure where and when the photo took place, maybe we can figure out what the call was.

Cruz: Okay, let's take a look here. Um, well, obviously a pizza place.

Herrmann: Hey, Mouch, isn't that the logo from Goody's Pizza?

Mouch: Hey, yeah. They had, what, maybe half a dozen locations before they shut down?

Ritter: Ooh, I am on it.

Cruz: Okay, what else is in this photo?

Firehouse: entrance

Kidd: Hey.

Wendy Seager: I had an epiphany.

Kidd: Yeah.

Wendy Seager: I was thinking instead of confronting potential Girls On Fire face-to-face, what if we put up slip flyers all around their neighbourhoods?

Kidd: Those are pretty sharp.

Wendy Seager: Right? So if a girl walks by, catches her eye, she'll feel like signing up is her decision, no pressure from school or adults.

Kidd: I mean, it's worth a shot, but, you know, we better get those up fast.

Wendy Seager: I was thinking the same thing.

Kidd: Great.

Wendy Seager: Be great to get them up today.

Kidd: Wait, why are you handing me the whole pile?

Wendy Seager: I wish I could help, but I just got assigned a new OFI case, and it's time-sensitive.

Kidd: Ah, all right.

Severide: You ready?

Wendy Seager: Yep.

Severide: Cruz is covering Squad rest of his shift. See you at home?

Kidd: Yeah.

Severide: Okay.

Wendy Seager: Thank you.

Motel ground floor: room

Severide: Looks like the fire started on this bed.

Wendy Seager: Guy was a smoker. I'm not calling it arson if it turns out he just dropped his ashes onto the comforter… Accelerant?

Severide: Maybe. Strange smell… Here, watch out.

Wendy Seager: Maybe the fire started underneath the bed.

Severide: Or the accelerant was poured on top and it soaked through.

Motel ground floor

Wendy Seager: Hey, no one goes in this room, okay?

Denny: What?

Severide: This is a crime scene now. No one goes in until the investigation is complete.

Denny: You're the boss, my man.

Firehouse: common room

Ritter: Uh-uh, now, didn't... Actually, social media played a major role in... In the Arab Spring.

Herrmann: Ahh, that's your example, the Arab Spring?

Ritter: Yeah.

Brett: What are you guys arguing about?

Gallo: These two think social media is dangerous, while we believe there are benefits from having a society...

Mouch: No good comes from the internet. Herrmann's been saying this for years.

Foster: All I can say is, I don't know what you guys did to find dates before the internet.

Herrmann: We did it the old-fashioned way.

Mouch: Went to Canada.

Cruz: Okay, guys, I blew this up to poster size so we can start taking a look at it.

Main: Ambulance 61, man down from unknown causes, 85 Rush Street.


Waiter: Hurry. We have a situation.

Foster: What's the situation?

Waiter: Wedding proposal gone massively wrong.

Foster: Okay.


Brett: What happened?

Mikey: I slipped the ring into her champagne glass. She was supposed to take a sip, and then...

Waiter: She swallowed it.

Brett: All right.

Foster: I hear stridor. It's in her trachea.

Brett: She's losing consciousness. Scope and forceps.

Foster: Yep.

Brett: Help me out.

Mikey: I'm so sorry, Alana. I just wanted this to be a surprise.

Brett: Yeah, let's just give her some room, okay?

Big Al: We're welcoming her to the family. She's a wonderful girl. You're wonderful, Alana.

Foster: Okay, I see it.

Sandy: It's a beautiful ring.

Foster: Here we go, almost. Come on… Oh, got it.

Sandy: Ohh. Oh, you see?

Brett: Yeah, no, it's lovely.


Foster: Bleeding has stopped, and vitals are stable. Do you want to ride with us?

Big Al: Oh, well, yeah, we're all coming.

Foster: Oh, wait. Um, okay.

Brett: Okay. Oh. I...

Foster: Uh, hmm. Maybe that's the solution to your Julie and Scott problem. You don't wait for an invite. You just say, "Hey, I'm family, and you show up.

Brett: Yep.

Firehouse: common room

Cruz: Okay, so reflected in the ambulance's window, we clearly see a sign with the letters KED, Kedzie Avenue.

Mouch: And there was only one Goody's Pizza on Kedzie Avenue in 2004.

Herrmann: The intersection of Kedzie and West Grace.

Mouch: Also, Goody's is, interestingly enough, closed on Mondays.

Gallo: See the closed sign on the window.

Herrmann: Which leads us to conclude that this photograph was taken on a Monday.

Ritter: Now, based on the snow on this awning versus the way this guy on the sidewalk is dressed...

Casey: It must be the first snow of the year.

Cruz: Exactly, so all you need to do is find an incident report on a Monday sometime between the end of September and mid-November on the corner of Kedzie and Grace.

Mouch: And you'll have you'll call.


Kidd: And you know what else?

Foster: Huh?

Kidd: She loves to get the last word in. She just drops a comment and then scoots away.

Foster: Ooh, well, you're the queen of last word no.

Kidd: I know.

Foster: Stapler.

Kidd: Yeah. Kelly seems pretty amused about the whole thing. He keeps saying that Seager and me will make a great team once we iron out all the kinks. Ohh, but if no one comes to the sign-up tomorrow, then the whole thing is gonna get shut down anyway.

Foster: Ooh, these flyers are great. I'm sure girls will show up.

Kidd: I hope you're right.

Foster: Yeah. You always knew you wanted to be a firefighter?

Kidd: Pretty much, yeah, right out of high school. What about you?

Foster: Um, no, I had the doctor dream.

Kidd: That's right. But you're still in the medical profession. You're saving lives.

Foster: Yeah… That doctor dream was a tough one to shake, though… Yeah.

Firehouse 128

Casey: Shimblecock.

Shimblecock: Spacey Casey, they still calling you that?

Casey: Nobody every called me that but you.

Shimblecock: Really? I thought it would catch on.

Casey: Well, I wasn't the space cadet, Shimblecock; you were.

Shimblecock: But your name rhymes with "spacey." What else am I supposed to call you?

Casey: How about "Captain"?

Shimblecock: Oh, sorry, Captain. Uh, my chief said you called about an old incident report.

Casey: Yeah.

Shimblecock: That call finally coming back to haunt you?

Casey: What do you mean?

Shimblecock: That was the one where you pulled the kid's arm out of his socket pulling him out of that little Honda, remember?

Casey: Oh, right, yeah.

Shimblecock: Eight years old, screamed like he was howling at the moon, parents threatened to sue. It was a whole thing, and you recanted it.


Julie: I made the delivery guy move the crib, like, 100 times. Nothing looks right.

Brett: Oh, I'll come over and take a look.

Julie: Oh, no, no, no, no. You don't have to worry about that. Scott will be here soon; I'll make him decide.

Brett: Um, look, I wanted to say... I mean, I... I hope you won't think I'm overstepping, but I would really like to be included in your family. I mean, even after Scott gets here and the baby comes.

Julie: Of course you're included. That's why I wanted all of us to go out and celebrate the move.

Brett: All of us?

Julie: Yeah. Yeah. The reservation at Swift & Sons is Friday at 8:00. And I might fall asleep with my head on the table, but it was the earliest opening they had. I figured you and Scott can just ignore me.

Brett: That's so sweet. I... I didn't realize.

Julie: Sylvie, we're moving to Chicago to be closer to you… You can knock on our door any time, day or night, and I mean that… Preferably night, so you can help put the baby to sleep. Oh, and on that note, I have got to go to the ladies' room for the umpteenth time but I will be back to polish off those fries.

Brett: Okay.

CFD: hallway

Wendy Seager: Severide.

Severide: You got them?

Wendy Seager: Just came in… "Sample tests positive for ignitable liquid residue." Sounds like arson to me.

Severide: They identify the accelerant?

Wendy Seager: "Peracetic acid, "a common antimicrobial disinfectant found in... Janitorial supplies.

Severide: Janitorial supplies.


Wendy Seager: What's the plan?

Severide: I just want to feel this guy out. If we get a bad hit off of him, we don't mess around, and we call in CPD right away.

Wendy Seager: Hey, Severide.

Severide: What the hell is this?

Motel ground floor

Severide: Fire department. Anyone in there?

Wendy Seager: Severide.

Severide: Hands! Hands! Drop it. Drop it!

Denny: Take it easy, tough guy, easy. I just didn't recognize you. That's all. I thought someone was trying to get into the room.

Wendy Seager: Who took the boards off?

Denny: The wind pulled them loose. I was getting ready to fix them.

Severide: The wind, right.

Denny: I didn't do anything wrong.

Wendy Seager: The thing is, Denny, what happened in there was murder. So excuse us if we're a little on edge.

Severide: What were you up to the day of the fire?

Denny: Wait. What? No, no, no, I had nothing to do with this. Look, I can't be getting into any trouble. I'm on parole, all right?

Severide: The day of the fire you were getting in our way, running into the office.

Denny: I was trying to get you a master key so you wouldn't have to go breaking down our doors… That's all.

Severide: All right, well, you're not in any trouble. Sorry for coming at you like that.

Outside the firehouse

Kidd: Hi. Hey, hey, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down… Um... Uh, are you here for Girls On Fire?

Kylie: Am I the only one or...

Kidd: Um... Yeah. But hey, what's your name?

Kylie: Kylie.

Kidd: Kylie, okay, I'm about to get very real with you. I am killing myself trying to get this program off the ground and I'm working with this girl who is insanely competitive who used to have a thing for my boyfriend. I know, but it's worth it because I know how awesome this program can be. Seager and I, we're no good at selling Girls On Fire but we will kick ass running it. We're firefighters. And it's the best job in the world, and you should really check it out.

Kylie: Okay.

Kidd: Okay, there you go.

Firehouse: Boden’s house

Severide: The medical examiner found no traces of smoke in Brad Whittier's lungs, only water. Looks like the killer drown him in a tub and then torched the place.

Boden: You send all this to our friend in Milwaukee?

Severide: Yeah, and Seager's referring the arson to CPD, so you'll be glad to hear I'm focused on Squad again 100%.

Boden: This peracetic acid, you know what it's used for?

Severide: Cleaning supplies. We thought it pointed toward the janitor, but it...

Boden: It's also used for sterilizing medical equipment. Now, didn't Detective Lamar say that our victim was in Milwaukee on some kind of medical trade show?

Severide: Yeah, he did… Brad Whittier worked for a company called... Hollette Industries.

Boden: Hollette… Yes, they sell medical supplies. Now, who's more likely to have peracetic acid on hand, a gangbanger or a medical supplies sales rep?

Severide: So maybe one of Whittier's coworkers is all wrapped up in this, and that's who he was so afraid of… Look, Chief, I know I just...

Boden: Go. I'll cover you.

Severide: Thanks.

Firehouse: common room

Gallo: You figure out that call, Captain?

Casey: Yep.

Mouch: Care you share?

Casey: Nope… Fine. It was a car accident… I might have jerked a kid's arm out of its socket pulling him from a wreck.

Mouch: Happens all the time during extraction rescues. You do what you got to do.

Casey: But a civilian doesn't know that. Better to let it lie, not reach out.

Cruz: Um, Captain.

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Cruz: I... I responded to the Reddit guy, and I told him you work at Firehouse 51… I-I-I didn't know… How was I supposed to know?

Firehouse: garage

Julie: Hi.

Brett: Hey… Are you okay?

Julie: Yeah, I'm just having contractions again and I didn't want to just rush to the hospital considering what happened last time.

Brett: How often?

Julie: Oh, I've been timing them. They're pretty regular like that every six of seven minutes and they're a lot more intense than last time.

Foster: I'm gonna call those real contractions.

Brett: Sounds like you're gonna have a baby.

Julie: Yeah, well, my due date is over a month away.

Foster: We've delivered healthy babies way more pre-term than this. Don't worry.

Julie: Oh, God, Scott's at a conference. I don't know if I can get a hold of him.

Brett: Let's just get you to the hospital, and I'll call Scott and track him down. You good with the wheel?

Foster: You know it.

Brett: Let's go.

Julie: Okay.

Brett: There you go.

Hollette Industries: office

Alan Roesch: We're all still reeling from the news. I mean, what was Brad doing in the motel room in the first place? None of it makes any sense.

Adam Ruzek: He apparently told a Milwaukee detective he knew something about a murder that happened while your sales team was there for a conference.

Alan Roesch: Yes, I spoke with Detective Lamar, but Brad never mentioned any of it to any of us.

Wendy Seager: Mr. Roesch, your company sells paracetic acid. Is that right?

Alan Roesch: Of course, in bulk, but what does that have to do with anything?

Severide: That was the accelerant used to set the fire in Mr. Whittier's motel room.

Alan Roesch: I... I... I don't understand. What do you people think happened to Brad?

Adam Ruzek: Mr. Roesch, did any of the members of you sales team, the ones that you sent to the conference, did any of them have a drug problem to your knowledge?

Alan Roesch: Well, even if I knew of anything like that, the company can't give out that kind of information.

Adam Ruzek: We see this a lot, businessmen that go on trips out of town. Sometimes they like to let loose a little, go to a strip club, do a couple bumps. Maybe one of your team members wandered away from the conference to buy, got into it with a corner boy, and Brad saw what went down.

Alan Roesch: This could be all my fault.

Wendy Seager: How is that, Mr. Roesch?

Alan Roesch: I asked Brad to keep an eye on Ray, Ray Averett… He's... He's had some trouble in the past. He's been to rehab, but I told Brad, "Don't let him out of your sight."

Severide: This Ray Averett, is he a big guy, red hair?

Alan Roesch: Yes, why?

Severide: Hey… Averett… Hey.

Adam Ruzek: Stairs.

Hollette Industries: parking

Severide: You all right?

Wendy Seager: Yeah, I'm good.

Adam Ruzek: Get out of the car. And keep your hands where I can see them. You get out of the car.

Ray Averett: Lawyer. I want lawyer.

Adam Ruzek: You turn around and put your hands on the roof.

Ray Averett: Ugh… I want a lawyer.

Severide: Seager, hey, you okay?

Wendy Seager: Yeah, I'll live. Did we get him?

Severide: Yeah, we got him.

Chicago Med: ER, treatment room

Julie: Okay.

Brett: She's have contractions five minutes apart, and they're coming faster.

Nurse: How far along are you, honey?

Brett: She's 35 weeks.

Nurse: Oh, baby's in a hurry. Who's your O.B.?

Julie: Uh, Dr. Patchefsky.

Nurse: Okay, I'll find her.

Julie: Ooh. Oh, God. Ohh. Oh, this is the real deal. It's been a long time. I remember what it feels like. Ooh. Did... Did she seem worried about the timing?

Brett: No, no, she's just being extra careful.

Julie: Okay. Ooh.

Nurse: Let's get you up to obstetrics. Dr. Patchefsky will meet us there.

Julie: Ohh… Oh, you'll... You'll call Scott?

Brett: Yes, right away.

Julie: Okay. Ooh.

Brett: It's gonna be fine. You're gonna do great.

Julie: Okay.

Firehouse: common room

Cruz: Hey, Casey.

Casey: Yeah.

Cruz: That Reddit guy is here.

Casey: Where?

Firehouse: garage

Weston Polk: I didn't know down from up. I was completely rattled and that's when Matt Casey rescued me from what would have been a painful, excruciating death. Bro, check it out. That's me as a kid in the stretcher right there. So our car got smashed by a refrigerator truck, flipped in the middle of the intersection, and then the engine caught on fire. Okay, my mom and dad got out, no problem. I was wedged in the back with my feet stuck. I could feel the flames right on my face. Next thing you know, this fireman uses his own body to shield me from the flames, pulls me free. Never forgotten it.

Gallo: Awesome.

Casey: It was a different call.

Weston Polk: I thought you were gonna get Matt Casey.

Casey: Yeah, okay, everybody… I'm Matt Casey.

Weston Polk: Uh... No, man, not you. No, this guy, man. He's... He's the hero… This guy. You're the guy that jerked my friend Justin's arm out of his socket, big-time. Yeah, it was brutal. Yeah, anyway, you know where I can find this guy?

Casey: Shimblecock?

Weston Polk: Sure.

Casey: Firehouse 128.

Weston Polk: Oh, cool. Thanks, man.

Casey: Yeah.

Weston Polk: See you, guys.


Kidd: I didn't mention it to Captain Horton that we only have one girl.

Wendy Seager: That's all we need. It's just for starters. I'm glad my flyers actually worked.

Kidd: Yeah, well, if I hadn't used my powers of persuasion, I mean, ah, who knows? Um, it's ten after.

Wendy Seager: You think she's blowing us off?

Kidd: I mean, she did seem unsure.

Wendy Seager: Captain, didn't know you'd be joining us today.

Captain Horton: Where are your recruits?

Kidd: Kylie.

Kylie: You said it's the best job in the world, so I, uh, brought a few friends… Hope that's cool.

Kidd: Oh, yeah, I figured you would. All right, recruits, line up… Let's go. Let's go… All right, arms-length distance apart… All right, let's have some fun.

Chicago Med: waiting room

Dr. Patchefsky: Hi, Sylvie.

Brett: Doctor, what's happening? Nobody's given me any information.

Dr. Patchefsky: So a little complication. Julie may have had a placental abruption.

Brett: Oh.

Dr. Patchefsky: There's no reason to worry yet. We're on top of it. Both Julie and the baby are in good hands.

Brett: Okay.

Dr. Patchefsky: So just sit tight. I'll make sure somebody's keeping you updated.

Brett: Thank you.


Mouch: Don't feel bad, Casey.

Casey: I don't really feel bad.

Mouch: Well, that's my point. You shouldn't. But you get recognition all the time, accolades, promotions. But grunts like me and Shimblecock, it is not that often people come seeking us out to show their gratitude.

Casey: I'm sure you're right.

Mouch: Everything okay?

Casey: I'm not really sure.


Boden: Hey.

Severide: Hey.

Boden: Just got off the phone with Detective Lamar from Milwaukee, says to, uh, buy you whatever you're drinking tonight. And he said thank you… You gave the mother of that boy a little bit of peace... Knowing his murder didn't go unanswered.

Severide: I was just trying to help.

Boden: You did that and more.

Chicago Med: waiting room

Casey: Hey.

Brett: Thank you for coming. I'm sorry to bug you after shift.

Casey: What's the latest?

Brett: Well, Scott is stuck behind some big-rig accident on I-90, so he won't be here for about an hour or so.

Casey: And Julie?

Brett: I don't know. I think they're worried about the baby, but nobody's told me very much.

Casey: There's Dr. Patchefsky.

Brett: Oh… What's wrong?

Dr. Patchefsky: Uh, our suspicion was right. It was a placental abruption… The baby's oxygen was compromised, so we performed a cesarean, but Julie developed preeclampsia, and... We did everything we could… She lost a lot of blood… I'm very sorry. She died on the table, Sylvie.

Brett: Oh, no.

Dr. Patchefsky: Julie is related to you how?

Brett: She's my mother… Um, is the baby...

Dr. Patchefsky: The baby's doing well. Would you like to see her?

Brett: Um, um...

Casey: Go. Go.

Chicago Med: OB

Nurse: Go ahead. You can pick her up. Preterm babies need as much contact as they can get.

Brett: Hey… Hi… You're so beautiful.

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Sevnol  (03.06.2021 à 23:16)

Brett... Elle me fend le coeur la pauvre... Je m'attendais vraiment à quelque chose avec sa mère biologique, mais pas à ce qu'elle meurt, c'est triste... Vu qu'avec le mari de Julie, c'était compliqué avec Brett au début, j'espère qu'il ne va pas empêcher Sylvie de voir sa demi-soeur... Je ne pense pas mais bon à voir...

La photo de Casey, vu la coiffure on a eu le droit à une sorte de crossover avec Dr House ahah, il avait la même coiffure aux débuts de la série ^^ Je trouvais ça sympa du coup ^^ Bon par contre grand moment de solitude quand la victime dit que Casey n'est pas son héros, qu'il est juste le pompier qui a déboité l'épaule de son ami. Le pauvre ^^

Je me doutais que la fille qui se présente pour le "Girl on fire" allait ramener ses amies ^^ Sympa pour Stella et Wendy du coup, mission réussie ^^

hazalhia7  (27.03.2020 à 23:46)

J'imagine que la décision monumentale de Brett qu'annonce le prochain épisode à un lien avec son implication dans la vie du bébé. Peut-être décider si elle en accepte la garde? ou quelque chose dans ce genre...

natas  (26.03.2020 à 19:48)

Mais non ! je m'attendais pas du tout à ça... c'est tellement triste !

J'espère que Brett aura quand même un lien avec sa petite soeur biologique...

épisode sympa.. j'aime bien les enquêtes de Kelly... Je pense qu'il en a pas fini avec ce boulot...

hazalhia7  (26.03.2020 à 16:35)

Et bien, je ne m'attendais pas à cette fin pour l'épisode. J'avais entendu pas mal de théories comme quoi il y avait quelque chose de louche autour de la mère biologique de Brett, mais je ne m'attendais pas du tout à ce dénouement. 


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