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Chicago Police Department
#216 : D'une infiltration à l'autre

Commandant Fischer informe Voight sur la disparition d’un inspecteur des stupéfiants qui était dans une mission d’infiltration de longue durée. Antonio, en contact avec l'un des membres de l'équipe il y a des années, se porte volontaire pour rétablir le contact avec l’inspecteur. Pendant ce temps, Roman et Burgess font face à un squatteur. Ils font appel à Mouch de Chicago Fire pour les aider.


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Titre VO
What Puts You on That Ledge

Titre VF
D'une infiltration à l'autre

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Mouse (scène)

Mouse (scène)


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Un criminel bientôt démasqué ?

Un criminel bientôt démasqué ?

Jay va t-il se sortir de cette situation ?

Jay va t-il se sortir de cette situation ?

Un homme enchaîné

Un homme enchaîné

Erin et Alvin interrogent un témoin

Erin et Alvin interrogent un témoin

Antonio est en mauvaise posture...

Antonio est en mauvaise posture...

Jay et Alvin se font passer pour des agents de sécurité

Jay et Alvin se font passer pour des agents de sécurité

Erin et Alvin (Sophia Bush et Elias Koteas)

Erin et Alvin (Sophia Bush et Elias Koteas)

Antonio se fait passer pour un criminel

Antonio se fait passer pour un criminel

Discussion entre 2 truands

Discussion entre 2 truands

Jay joué par Jesse Lee Soffer

Jay joué par Jesse Lee Soffer

Adam et Hank ont l'air d'être en mauvaise posture

Adam et Hank ont l'air d'être en mauvaise posture

Le sergent Hank Voight n'est jamais là pour rigoler !

Le sergent Hank Voight n'est jamais là pour rigoler !

Adam (Patrick J. Flueger), prêt à tirer

Adam (Patrick J. Flueger), prêt à tirer

Jay (Jesse Lee soffer), tranquille et bien pensif

Jay (Jesse Lee soffer), tranquille et bien pensif

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) a sorti son arme

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) a sorti son arme

Le Sergent Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Le Sergent Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) est sous couverture

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) est sous couverture

Voight et Ruzek en pleine fusillade

Voight et Ruzek en pleine fusillade

Antonio règle ses comptes

Antonio règle ses comptes

Mouse, joué par Caleb Hunt

Mouse, joué par Caleb Hunt

Un homme à terre !

Un homme à terre !

Mouse discutent avec Hank et Jay

Mouse discutent avec Hank et Jay


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Scénario :  Eduardo Javier Canto, Ryan Maldonado
Réalisation : Fred Berner

Guest Starring : Charles Baker (Terry Warfield), Caleb Hunt (Mouse), Brendan McCarthy (Vince Parker), Philip Burke (Cooper), Stephen Louis Grush (Rick Manning), Kevin J. O'Connor (Commander Fisher), Christian Stolte (Randy "Mouch" McHolland), Monica Raymund (Gabriela Dawson), Peter Jacobson (Friedman), Felix Solis (Lieutenant Guthrie), Natasha Forouzannia (Amber Banks), Vincent Teninty (Wendell), Maya Moravec (Eva Dawson), Zach Garcia (Diego Dawson), Aj Miller (Jeff Vespe), Jessie Fisher (Krista Manning), Kelsey Brennan (Emma Vespe), Travis Delgado (Brian Miles), Michael Stephan Rebresh (Bartender)

Intelligence office

Voight: Hey, how's it going?

Halstead: Good.

Voight: How's the coffee?

Lindsay: It's delicious.

Voight: Glad to hear it.

Ruzek: Hey, Sarge.

Voight: Yeah.

Ruzek: So either Kev or I have to go to training course for the new Penlink software, right?

Voight: Uh-huh. What's Penlink?

Ruzek: It's the...

Atwater: Uh, we don't know.

Ruzek: Which conveniently brings us to our point. Respectfully, I know things didn't work out with Jin. You got some trust issues with the tech position, but I went to maybe three computer courses at the academy.

Atwater: I mean, if you need to mic somebody or hook up an XBOX, I think we're your guys.

Ruzek: We're just not really cut out for the high-altitude stuff, boss.

Halstead: Don't say another word. I got the perfect guy for that. He did the explosives case with us last year. Mouse, you remember him?

Voight: I remember everything, Jay.

Halstead: All right. Well, then you'll recall that he did a great job for us, and when O gets here, he'll tell you that too…

Olinsky: I'm here. Yeah, he was solid.

Halstead: Yeah, plus, he's, like, a total tech whiz, you know, and I would trust him with my life. In fact, I have... Many times.

Ruzek: Commander.

Atwater: Commander.

Voight: Bring him around.

Halstead: All right.

Voight’s office

Fisher: You know Lieutenant Guthrie from Narcotics.

Voight: Yeah, sure. Hey, Alan.

Alan Guthrie: Hank.

Fisher: For the last 18 months, Narcotics has had an officer deep undercover with a robbery crew flooding the city with Schedule II prescription drugs. Three days ago that officer, Rick Manning, went dark.

Alan Guthrie: My undercovers check in with me every day. If not in person, then by phone.

Fisher: Ivory Tower fears the crew made Manning for a cop.

Voight: Well, let's round them up and find out.

Alan Guthrie: No, we can't do that. This crew's part of a chain of suppliers my team's been working for two years. Commander, this is the reason why you need to keep this investigation in Narcotics. No one understands the stakes better than we do.

Fisher: We already had this conversation. We're not having it again. A detective in your unit connected with a crew member during a UC assignment a few years back. Have him reestablish contact and find out what happened to Officer Manning.

Voight: All right. Which detective?

21 back entrance

Atwater: Cell phone's all wired up. That's how we'll be listening in.

Voight: Last time you went deep cover for Vice, you almost lost it.

Dawson: You've never had one foot over the ledge before?

Voight: I just need you to look me in the eye and tell me you're ready for this.

Dawson: I'm ready.


Dawson: What kind of blanco tequila do you have?

Bartender: Blanco te-what-oh?

Dawson: Tequila.

Bartender: Oh, yeah. No, we don't got that.


Cooper: You lost, amigo? Hmm?

Dawson: There he is.

Cooper: I don't believe it. I don't believe it! I can't... You... I thought you were dead, man.

Dawson: Oh. When I saw CPD raided your crib, couldn't leave town fast enough.

Cooper: Where'd you end up?

Dawson: Got as far as St. Paul. Knocked off a "cash for gold" joint. Next thing I knew my forwarding address said "Rush City" for three years.

Cooper: And what are you doing in here, Diaz?

Dawson: Looking for you… Looking for work. I got to get some cash pretty quick. I won't bore you with the details, but it's family stuff.

Cooper: I wish I could help, but I'm kind of in the middle of something right now, and the crew I'm rolling with... I don't call the shots. But I got your number, and if something pops up down the road, I'll reach out… Okay… It made my day seeing you, brother.

Dawson: Hey.

Cooper: We went through it, didn't we?

Dawson: Sure did.

Cooper: Be good.

Outside the bar

Thief: Give me your wallet. Come on, give me your wallet!

Cooper: Man, you do not know who you're messing with.

Thief: Just hand it over!

Cooper: All right. Take it easy. Just settle down. Hold on. Just wait. Here, just take it. Here.


Dawson: This your car? This your car?

Cooper: Yeah.

21 back entrance

Atwater: Hey.

Olinsky: You did good.

Officer: What's up?

Olinsky: How you feeling?

Officer: Felt like a bazooka.

Atwater: Yeah? I caught a .45 to the chest back when I was on patrol. Thankfully, the plate caught the round, and I only ended up with a collapsed lung.

Olinsky: Come on. We got to go.

Intelligence office

Ruzek: All right, Antonio's in with Cooper. He's got a sit-down with the guys who run the crew tomorrow.

Halstead: Vince Parker... He did a dime down in Pontiac for hitting a bank back in '02. He got out, saw that the real money was in pharmaceuticals. His crew's responsible for a dozen heists ever since.

Lindsay: Parker's the point man. If this crew did kill our undercover, he would've made the call.

Halstead: Right, but not without this guy's help. This is Terry Warfield. He's their hired muscle. He's got a rap sheet for days... Manslaughter, armed robbery, assault.

Voight: All right, while Antonio tries to get in with these guys, the rest of you chase down every other lead we got. Talk to your CIs. You talk to Manning's wife.

Ruzek: Sarge, in Lieutenant Guthrie's report, he said we talked to Manning's wife yesterday.

Voight: Look, Guthrie is too close to this. That's why they brought us in.

Ruzek: Got it.

Voight: Hey, a Chicago police officer is missing. We do whatever it takes to find him. Everybody hear me on this... 'Cause I don't like telling people things twice. Al... I want you partnered up with Erin on this one. Rest of you back 'em up.

Vespe’s apartment

Jeff Vespe: Open up! Open the damn door! Come on, in here.

Roman: Turn around! Let's see your hands!

Emma Vespe: Hey, hey, that's my husband! We live there.

Burgess: We got a call about a burglary in progress.

Emma Vespe: Yeah, I'm sorry. I fudged a little to get you guys here.

Jeff Vespe: We live here. He doesn't. Son of a bitch even changed the locks on us.

Roman: All right, tell me what's going on here?

Emma Vespe: We put our place up on AirBnb, and then this guy...

Jeff Vespe: Yeah, and now the scumbag won't leave!

Roman: Hey, hey.

Friedman: I've been here 30 days. I know the law. I got squatters rights. And that big meathead out there threatened my life.

Emma Vespe: He and his wife were supposed to leave a week ago. Can you please just talk to him?

Burgess: I mean, we came all this way. It'd be a shame to make it a wasted trip.

Roman: Hey, buddy, it's the police. Open up. Sir, I know you're upset, but I need you to step away so we can find out what's going on in here… Now! You?

Friedman: It's all there. The rental agreement, the bank receipt.

Roman: You remember me? Officer Roman? You sued three cops in my old district.

Friedman: That copy's yours.

Roman: You both look like nice people. Get a good lawyer, 'cause this guy... Good luck.

Jeff Vespe: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. You're just gonna go?

Burgess: You called about a burglary. This is a civil dispute.

Jeff Vespe: You guys are useless.

Burgess: Have a good day yourself, Sir.

Rick Manning’s house

Krista Manning: Is everything all right? Is Rick all right?

Olinsky: Yeah, we're just checking in. Seeing how everything's going.

Krista Manning: Don't jerk me around. Rick's lieutenant was here yesterday. Something's up.

Olinsky: He just hasn't called in for a few days, but that could mean any number of things.

Lindsay: When was the last time you saw him?

Krista Manning: Two weeks ago? He grabbed a beer, locked himself in his office like he always does, and then he took off.

Olinsky: Can we see his office?


Olinsky: Did you know this was here?

Krista Manning: No. I swear to God I didn't know.

Lindsay: Is the Argyle Manor listed on his undercover profile?

Olinsky: No.


Owner: Yep, that's him.

Ruzek: When was the last time you saw him?

Owner: I'll tell you exactly. It was four nights ago, 'cause the Blackhawks were on… Holy crow.

Ruzek: You got any security cameras in this joint?

Owner: None that work.

Ruzek: What about visitors? Anybody stop by to see Rick the last few days?

Owner: Well, one girl used to come around. Might've even left with Rick that night.

Ruzek: Is this her?

Owner: So many people. Tough to remember.

Ruzek: Kev… I bought lunch.

Owner: Girl left with Rick was a brunette... Young, long legs, real good-looker. They were holding hands and kissing.

Ruzek: Thanks for all your voluntary help.


Cooper: You're in luck.

Dawson: How's that?

Cooper: We're a man down, and a spot opened up. Come on.

Dawson: What happened to the last guy?

Cooper: Blew it.

Dawson: Like how?

Cooper: Asking too many questions.

Dawson: Get out of here.


Cooper: Parker and Warfield are good guys. You'll like 'em. Just keep your mouth shut. Do what you're told… What's up, Parker?

Vince Parker: Come on in.

Cooper: This is Diaz.

Vince Parker: I know who he is.


Cooper: W... What you got to hit him for?

Vince Parker: Wake his ass up.


Atwater: Whoa, hey...

Ruzek: I know.


Vince Parker: I'll tell him exactly.


Vince Parker: Yeah, Mike Diaz. You used to run with Biz and them boys.

Dawson: That's right.

Vince Parker: Biz told me about you. Said there was this girl he liked... Some spinner, I don't remember her name. She had a thing for you. Really pissed Biz off. Said if I ever saw you, I should punch you in the mouth. So no hard feelings, huh? Coop says you're looking to make a little money?

Dawson: More than a little.

Vince Parker: How does three mil of unpackaged Oxy sound? It's at a place called Fulton Labs... Set to get shipped out to Memphis in a couple days. We're gonna hit it tomorrow.

Dawson: What's our take?

Vince Parker: Our take? You hear that?

Terry Warfield: Yeah, I heard it.

Vince Parker: You'll get two grand. Call it an audition, if that's okay with you.

Dawson: Okay, but no bodies. Anything goes wrong, we walk. Zero hesitation. Agreed?

Vince Parker: You know, I like this guy.

Cooper: Yeah, I told you… You would. He's Diaz. Diaz.

Platt’s office

Jeff Vespe: Look, I just want to know what it's gonna take to get you people to get this lunatic out of...

Platt: All right, everyone, shut up! All right.

Jeff Vespe: Well...

Platt: Zip it. Go ahead.

Roman: Look, I totally understand where you're coming from.

Platt: You running for office, Captain Hairdo? Just lay out the facts.

Jeff Vespe: Do you even know the...

Roman: This guy was a huge pain in the ass in my old district. He's got five lawsuits against the city right now. One of the recruits was on probation. He almost lost his badge. The FOP had to assign two lawyers for him to get his badge back. I bet you the son of a bitch moved out there because they had his number.

Platt: Okay, we get it. You're gonna have to go through the eviction process.

Jeff Vespe: Which could take months.

Platt: It could, yes.

Emma Vespe: Jeff… I'm sorry. Jeff was laid off last Christmas, so we started looking for ways to make money. That's how we ended up on the site. I'm sorry to bother you with all this.

Vespe’s apartment

Burgess: Police, open the door. Hi, Mr. Friedman. Officer Burgess here. So we contacted the CHA. They're gonna hook you up. One bedroom, one bath, walk-in closet. One month rent-free for you and your wife.

Friedman: We aren't together anymore.

Burgess: Well, that's even better 'cause you can have the new place all to yourself.

Friedman: But I already have this place all to myself.

Roman: Hey, you remodelling?

Friedman: There was a leak, and I fixed it. The Vespes will be getting the bill, believe me. Now, unless you got a court order...

Burgess: Could you please leave? The Vespes are good people.

Friedman: Article 9 of Act 5 in the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure. I am entitled to 30 days written notice.

Burgess: I don't understand. Why are you trying to make everybody's life so miserable?

Friedman: What you're doing right now is harassment. I'd like your full name and badge number.

Roman: Told you.

Burgess: No wonder your wife left you. What woman... I mean, God. I really want to strangle this guy right now.

Friedman: And that's all I needed. Thank you.

Roman: I'm telling you, this guy's like quicksand. The harder you struggle...

Near the lake

Voight: ???

Alan Guthrie: No. No, come on. No way. That's impossible, unless he was keeping it in his house before he vouchered it.

Voight: He have a girlfriend? Either for the role he was playing or just some girl on the side?

Alan Guthrie: No.

Voight: I don't think you know your guy, Alan, or you do, and I'm not getting all the information.

Alan Guthrie: You know I should knock you on your ass for saying that, right?

Voight: I'm gonna put my guy in the jungle to find one of yours, I want to know everything that's going on.

Alan Guthrie: You know, Commander, I think Voight's painting me and my men with a brush over here, and I'm trying to...

Fisher: All right. All right. All right. Take a walk. Come on. Come on.

Dawson: Manning either skimmed from this crew and got killed for it, or they got him somewhere trying to get their money back. And he knows if he tells 'em, he puts his wife in danger.

Fisher: You want to pull the crew in, lean on 'em.

Dawson: No, they won't give it up, not these guys. I can find out where Manning is. I just need more time. Let me hit the lab with them tonight.

Fisher: Your call.

Voight: Yeah, give me a minute. Hey. Bro. You all right?

Dawson: Yeah. Fine.

Voight: Just tell me, when this is over, I won't be digging two graves.

Intelligence office

Mouse: So, uh... So you two were the guys that were in charge of the tech before, huh?

Atwater: Yeah, that's right.

Mouse: Let me ask you, you guys got a Cat 5 or, like, a fibber wire?

Atwater: What... What do you think?

Mouse: I'll figure it out. Okay.

Ruzek: So wait. You were in the Rangers with Jay, right?

Mouse: You know, I could tell you some stories about this guy.

Halstead: Yeah, you won't, though… Hey, Sarge. This is that guy I was telling you about. This is Greg Gerwitz, aka Mouse.

Mouse: Yes, Sir, it's a silly nickname, but I'm the first to admit it.

Voight: What's this about a truckload of Blu-ray players last year?

Mouse: Well, see, that case was... Actually, that... That was expunged. I was...

Voight: And busted for hacking a D.O.D. comm satellite in '09?

Mouse: For that, I take full responsibility.

Halstead: Sarge, I know he doesn't look great on paper. Just wait till you see what he can do.

Mouse: Excuse me, Sergeant Voight, Sir? Would you... Would you mind taking a look at your cell phone?

Voight: My phone?

Mouse: Yes, Sir.

Voight: Cute.

Mouse: You see, I was able to crack that in about two seconds. Now, imagine what a hacker could do with a day.

Voight: It's fine with me, but Platt has to sign off too.

Mouse: Okay.


Voight: Where are we at?

Lindsay: All right, so the lab is on board, but it's too late to switch out the drugs. Narcotics is gonna wait in the shadows. They'll tail the crew, ID the stash house, and sit tight until we know Antonio's okay and we give 'em a green light.

Voight: We roll out in 20 minutes.

Halstead: All right.


Vince Parker: Do not move!

Halstead: All right, all right, all right!

Terry Warfield: Get the card. Move.

Cooper: Go, go, go. Let's go, let's go.


Terry Warfield: On the floor!

Dawson: What the hell are you doing?

Terry Warfield: Next time move faster.

Vince Parker: Get him on the ground. Watch the monitors. Let's go.


Vince Parker: How's the weather?

Terry Warfield: Clear skies all around.


Cooper: Come on... Come on!


Terry Warfield: You got a problem?

Olinsky: No.


Cooper: All right, we're in.


Vince Parker: Right here.


Terry Warfield: Quit looking at me.


Dawson: Come on, we got to move.

Cooper: New bag, new bag.

Vince Parker: Time! We're out!


Atwater: Almost clear.

Voight: What's this?


Terry Warfield: You trying to size me up? Give a good description to the cops, huh?

Olinsky: Not at all, man. Not at all.

Terry Warfield: Huh?


Ruzek: We can't just leave them hanging out there like that.

Atwater: Sarge?

Voight: On my mark.


Terry Warfield: Stop looking at me.

Dawson: Hey, we said no bodies.

Terry Warfield: Fool's been eyeing me. Can't leave him behind.

Dawson: Get up. Get up! We know who you are. This comes back on us, we'll hunt you down. We're out of here.

Vince Parker: Let's go.


Cooper: You ever think about getting out of the game, Diaz?

Dawson: Sometimes.

Cooper: 'Cause I got a cousin who has a roofing company in St. Louis. It's hard work.

Literally, it stinks. You ever smelled a hot mop? But you wouldn't have to be looking over your shoulder all the time. I don't know. Something I've been thinking about.

Dawson: I thought you said these guys were pros? Your boy almost lost it back there.

Cooper: Yeah, you never can tell with Warfield.

Dawson: What happened to the last guy, Coop? I need to know what I'm walking into.

Cooper: They don't talk about him much.

Dawson: He's dead?

Cooper: He wasn't yesterday. Today... Who knows? Look, just don't rip 'em off like the other guy did, and you'll be fine.

21 office

Platt: So you were a Ranger?

Mouse: Yes, uh, yes, Sergeant. I did two tours in Afghanistan.

Platt: Why'd you leave the unit?

Mouse: Well, the Army gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams. That's why I'm here today.

Platt: What's this about a medical discharge?

Mouse: Yes. Yes, ma'am.

Platt: Why the medical discharge, Mouse?

Mouse: Well, there was a... S a and I was... I was in the... The lead Humvee. It was me and Jay, actually. Um... Um...

Platt: Hey.

Mouse: Huh?

Platt: We're good. Just fill out these forms.

Mouse: Thank you.

Platt: Uh-huh.

Platt’s office

Platt: Honey.

Mouch: Hey, kitten.

Platt: What are you doing here?

Mouch: I wanted to see if you'd be interested in taking this exercise class with me. It's called Zumba. I think you'd really like it.


Roman: Hold on.


Platt: Are you trying to tell me I'm fat?

Mouch: No. Cruz teaches this class...


Roman: Excuse me, Sarge. Hey, Mouch.

Mouch: Hey.

Roman: Firefighters do building inspections, right?

Mouch: Yep.

Vespe’s apartment

Mouch: Chicago Fire Department. Cook County court order. Anonymous complaint this building isn't up to code. We'll need to come in, sir.

Freidman: I'm gonna have every one of your worthless jobs.

Roman: Good. Great. Now open the door, or I'll knock it in.

Freidman: Make it quick, and maybe I'll reconsider filing charges.

Roman: I'm gonna do this every day, find a way to make your life miserable, until you give this place back to the people who own it.

Freidman: Please, will you just hurry up?

Mouch: Has that wall been extended?

Freidman: That was there when I got here. I just replastered it.

Burgess: Oh, I thought you said it was a leak.

Freidman: It was. That was different.

Roman: Really, hmm?

Mouch: This ain't gonna cut it, pal.

Freidman: That's enough… Hey! Hey. Okay, look... No. No... Hey. No... Come on! Oh... you...


Dawson: Nah, I'm good.

Cooper: Just have a drink, will you?

Dawson: Okay.

Cooper: Come with me to St. Louis.

Dawson: And be a roofer?

Cooper: Why not? Let's just get out of here. Let's take our cut, we split, we go home happy.

Dawson: You're a real crack-up, you know that, Coop? Always dreaming.

Cooper: No, I really mean it this time.

Vince Parker: There's a place for you here if you want it. You got to decide right now.

Dawson: I'm in.

Vince Parker: All right, one last test... Loyalty, commitment. We had a rat in the kitchen not too long ago. He needs to be taken care of.

Dawson: No problem.


Vince Parker: Hey, let me see your phone. I like to keep things tight, so use this one from now on.


Ruzek: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Atwater: Damn.

Ruzek: Yeah, we just lost Antonio's wire.

Mouse’s office

Mouse: Sergeant.

Voight: Any word on Antonio?

Mouse: No, no, not... Not yet, sir.

Voight: All right, we got a designated landline that he knows. It rings, you call me.

Mouse: All right, will do. Oh, I did get a lead on the woman seen leaving the Argyle Hotel with Manning. Yeah, I pulled an image from an ATM cam across the street from the hotel. The ID came back as Amber Banks. Now, state tax returns confirms that she waits tables at the Tortoise Club, which is Vince Parker's restaurant, so... I attached the... The home address on the back.

Voight: That's a nice pull. Interesting cat, Mouse.


Lindsay: Where you going, Amber?

Amber Banks: Nowhere. Just going to see my mom.

Lindsay: You know him?

Amber Banks: A little.

Olinsky: Hey, hey, hey.

Lindsay: I've had a bad week, and I am not in the mood.

Olinsky: Listen, we know you were with Rick at his place at the Argyle. We know that you work for Vince Parker at the restaurant. Okay? So this all goes through you.

Lindsay: Did you know that Rick's a cop?

Amber Banks: And if Parker found out that...

Olinsky: Hey.

Lindsay: Anything happens to Rick now, you're on the hook too. Tell us where to find him, and then you can go see your mom.


Vince Parker: It's up here.


Rick Manning: Hey... Parker, Parker, listen to me. I'm a cop.

Terry Warfield: Yeah, he started in with that BS this morning.

Rick Manning: No, my name... My name isn't Rick Matthews. It's Rick Manning, and I'm CPD.

Terry Warfield: He's just trying to save his ass. If he was really a narc, we'd be burned by now.

Vince Parker: Well, where's my money, Rick whatever your name is?

Rick Manning: I never stole any of your money. I swear to God. But I'm telling you the truth. You better let me go.

Vince Parker: Do it.

Rick Manning: No, no, no, no, no, no. Please, please Please. Please, please, please. Please, I got a kid, man, come on! Come on, I got a kid! Please! Please! Please!

Vince Parker: Do it.

Terry Warfield: Do it!

Dawson: I got a better idea.

Vince Parker: Oh, you do, huh?

Dawson: Yeah, let me take him to this spot out by the silos, dump his ass there. I've done it before.

Rick Manning: You don't got to do that.

Vince Parker: And how is that a better idea?

Dawson: I don't want to have to drag his dead weight 200 yards back to the car. I mean, have you ever done this before?

Vince Parker: So let me get this straight... You want me to trust you, the new guy, with driving off the scumbag who stole $200,000 from me, huh?

Dawson: That's right.

Rick Manning: I didn't steal your money!

Cooper: Whoa, whoa. Hey.

Dawson: What the hell's going on here?

Cooper: Parker, what are you doing? This is...

Vince Parker: Shut up. I think they both might be cops.

Dawson: Come on..

Cooper: What are you... You're tripping now, bro. T... This is Diaz, man. We go back. No, we're boys.

Vince Parker: No, no, nah. Something ain't right. I said there was one more test, didn't I? You blew it.

Cooper: Whoa, what are you doing? Parker.


Voight: Chicago PD!


Ruzek: Sarge!

Voight: I'm all right! Go!


Ruzek: Ah!


Ruzek: Antonio, you okay?

Dawson: Yeah, yeah, I'm good. These two are dead, Sarge.

Voight: Call it in.

Ruzek: Put your hands on your head. Hands on your head!

Dawson: CPD. Intelligence.

Ruzek: Stand up.

Rick Manning: Thank you.

Ruzek: Get up.

Sarge, I'm gonna call you an ambo.

Halstead: I don't need a damn ambo.

Voight: Just drive me to Chicago Med.

Ruzek: Come on. Come on.

Cooper: No way.

Ruzek: Come on.

Cooper: No way.

Interview room

Ruzek: State's Attorney wants to cut you a deal, but you're gonna have to testify against Parker's network of suppliers. All right, A to Z... Every participant, every deal that went down.

Dawson: Coop, I'll talk to the State's Attorney, tell him that you helped me out. That'll go a long way.

Cooper: I'll talk... But not to him.

Interview room

Rick Manning: Hey, so, next thing I know, they've got a gun to my head. They're... they're... They're accusing me of taking all this money, but thank God I... You know, I kept my cool.

Olinsky: What about the $200k we found in your fireplace in your house?

Rick Manning: Yeah, that... Yeah, I was gonna get to that. I was gonna voucher that. I was gonna voucher that money.

Olinsky: Okay.

Rick Manning: Hey, Lieutenant, I'm looking you in the eyes right now. I played this thing straight all the way through.

Alan Guthrie: Rick, don't say another word until you get yourself an attorney.

Rick Manning: I didn't do nothing. I didn't do nothing but risk my life for this city, for this department, to put those animals away! Hey, I'm telling you the truth!

21 entrance

Lindsay: He's gonna be up there awhile. The good news, obviously, is he's alive. Everything is gonna be okay.

Krista Manning: Can I give you some advice?

Lindsay: Sure.

Krista Manning: Marry a dentist.


Roman: Hey.

Emma Vespe: Hi.

Roman: So, unfortunately, your condo's a crime scene for the next few days, not to mention there's a stench from... Well, his dead wife, but...

Emma Vespe: But you got it back, right? It's ours again?

Roman: Yeah.

Emma Vespe: Officer of the year. Do you guys have that?

Platt: Sure.

Emma Vespe: 'Cause he should get it. Oh, thank you.

Locker room

Halstead: Voight knows.

Lindsay: I know.

Halstead: All right, for the record, I don't care. I said we should come clean a month ago, and I'm gonna go talk to him right now.

Lindsay: Jay... I wish it was that easy. You know it's different for me.

Halstead: I understand… So we'll cool it... But we'll always have each other's back.

Lindsay: Always.

Halstead: All right. That's good enough for now.

Mouse’s office

Mouse: Roll call, chain of command... It's almost like being back in fatigues, you know. I didn't think I'd miss it, but I do. I like the... The structure. I need this.

Halstead: Don't screw it up.

Mouse: I won't. Hey, I want to let you know that I really appreciate you doing this for me.

Halstead: You were there for me, right?

Mouse: Yeah. Hey, you know what's crazy? Is that you and I... We went through the exact same thing that day, and I've been... I've been bouncing around ever since, and you've got the... The world by the tail.

Halstead: Don't be so sure.

Mouse: Yeah. So what's going on? You, uh... You seeing somebody?

Halstead: I guess I was... For a minute.


Lindsay: Can you date someone that you work with... In our jobs? I mean, I know what brings us together. If you almost die by noon, you're pretty ready for a date at 6:00 p.m.

Gaby: Ooh, I hear that.

Lindsay: But...

Gaby: My experience... The same risks that bring you together end up weighing too much for anything long term.

Lindsay: Mm… Here's to plowing ahead anyway.

Gaby: Cheers.

Skating rink

Dawson: Let me see a twirl! Oh, yeah.

Eva: You're not coming?

Dawson: No, you're doing fine. Keep teaching your brother.

Eva: Okay.


Voight: Hello.

Dawson: What's the prognosis?

Voight: I got to wear this stupid thing a couple weeks.

Dawson: You know what puts you on that ledge? You start to forget who's who. They're the reason why I never went over.

Voight: Hmm.

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