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Chicago Police Department
#405 : De la poudre aux yeux

L'équipe des Renseignements est chargée de traquer les fabriquant de Fentanyl - un médicament qui a été lié à plusieurs overdoses autour de la ville. En enquêtant sur les sources possibles, l'équipe découvre une série de vendeurs de contrebande. Pendant ce temps, Tay  et Burgess viennent en aide à un enfant ensanglanté qui raconte un sombre secret sur sa vie à la maison avec ses parents. Mouse provoque des tensions en faisant des recherches dans l'armée, et Platt dit Tay qu'elle a été réaffectée à son poste d'origine.


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A War Zone

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De la poudre aux yeux

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Jay & Mouse (VO)

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Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush)

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush)

Adam Ruzek (Patrick J. Flueger)

Adam Ruzek (Patrick J. Flueger)

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) et Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) dans la voiture

Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) et Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) dans la voiture

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) et Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer)

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) et Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer)

Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas)

Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas)

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) parle à deux hommes

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) parle à deux hommes

Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins)

Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins)

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush)

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush)

L'équipe au bureau

L'équipe au bureau

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda)

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda)

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer)

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer)


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Scénariste : Tiller Russell

Réalisateur : Eriq La Salle

Guests : Li Jun Li (Julie Tay), Yuri Sardarov (Otis), Nick Gehlfuss (Dr Halstead), Samuel Hunt (Mouse),  Brendan Dooling (Scott Fitzgerald), Marcu Giamatti (Gerry), Abraham Lim (Tony Chin), Leo Lee (Walter Ng), Zachary Hernandez (Chase), Kevin Hope (Red), Pat Parks (Theresa Clarendon), Jennie Sophia (Leigh Crewes), David Alan Anderson (Sergent Martinez), Sally Elting (Sadie).


Chicago Med

Will Halstead: Hey. Thanks for swinging by.

Halstead: Ye-ah, no sweat. We were doing a prep at 26th and Cal. What's going on?

Will Halstead: There's been a rash of ODs. They're coming in in waves. Third one today just coded.

Halstead: Heroin?

Will Halstead: Yeah, but definitely laced. Probably fentanyl. I haven't seen anything like this since... Ever.

Halstead: I'll put a call in to Narcotics... See what they know.

Lindsay: Can we get the CFD paperwork? I want to see where these paramedic calls are originating from.

Will Halstead: They're coming in from all over the city.

Nurse: I've got another one. Narcan's wearing off.

Will Halstead: Give him another 2 of Narcan... Slow IV push… All right, I'll pull together a detailed list when I can. I got to go.

Halstead: Thanks, man.

Lindsay: Thanks. Oh, man.

Halstead: We got to roll.


Lindsay: What do we got?

Ruzek: A call came in. Suspicious package by the lake. Family was setting up for their kid's birthday party. Roger and Ashley Basinski over here. The mother found a backpack soaked in what she believed to be blood. Recovered right over here.

Halstead: She open it?

Ruzek: Yeah, found a surprise inside. You want to talk to 'em?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Ruzek: All right. All right, guys...


Halstead: Fentanyl?

Voight: 300 K worth.

Halstead: My guy in Narcotics says recently they've been pulling heroin off the streets that's been cut with it. Makes it, like, 1,000 times more potent.

Voight: It's killing people all over Chicago.

Halstead: Hey, Sarge. I heard Mouse came looking to get a felony dropped so he could re-enlist.

Voight: And if he did?

Halstead: I think he's carrying around a lot of guilt that we made it home safe and friends of ours didn't.


Halstead: Grab a shoulder. Grab a shoulder.

Lindsay: Are you all right? Get her out of here; get her to her parents.

Voight: Be careful.

Lindsay: Oh!

Ruzek: Oh, man.

Lindsay: God. Oh, my God.


Medical Examiner: Back in '06, we had freezer trucks parked out back filled with stiffs from all the heat-related deaths. We actually ran out of toe tags.

Lindsay: All of these are from fentanyl?

Medical Examiner: Last two weeks have been insane. Dealers get the cut wrong, your heart stops instantly. Okay. Cause of death on your DOA is blunt head trauma. Abrasions on both shoulders match the width of the backpack recovered at the scene.

Halstead: You find any drugs in his system?

Medical Examiner: Toxicology report came back clean. But you may be able to run with this. His skin was bloated from the time in the water... Ballparking at seven hours. Clear as day now that he's dried out.

Platt’s office

Burgess: So how's the online dating going?

Julie Tay: Oh, my God, shush.

Burgess: Okay, sorry.

Platt: Can I talk to you guys?

Julie Tay: Oh, God, is that her, uh...

Burgess: Yeah, it's her bad news voice.

Platt: Julie, there's no easy way to say this… You're being transferred back to your foot beat at 26th and Cal.

Burgess: What the hell? She just got here.

Julie Tay: It's Fogel.

Burgess: Because she didn't consent to being his piece of ass?

Platt: I am well aware of the particulars...

Burgess: I mean, you got to be...

Platt: Burgess! I brought you in at management discretion. He went over me. He went over the union. He is a commander, and there is nothing more I can do… I'm sorry. This is your last shift at 21.

Burgess: We'll fight it.

Mouse’s office

Dawson: Hey, anything come back on the tattoo?

Mouse: Yeah, I went through the intake records at the morgue... Checked every death certificate from April 22, 2010... By hand. They're not online.

Dawson: So that's a no then?

Mouse: No. It's Grace Clarendon leukemia. She was 14.

Dawson: Damn.

Mouse: LKA for her mother is at the bottom of the page, right hand side. You're welcome.

Clarendon’s house

Dawson: Theresa Clarendon?

Theresa Clarendon: Yeah.

Dawson: I'm Detective Dawson. This is Detective Olinsky.

Theresa Clarendon: No, I asked Mr. Harrison to give me another week to put the rent together. Please don't throw me out.

Dawson: Uh, we're, uh... We're here about your son.

Theresa Clarendon: Why? What happened to him?

Olinsky: Ma'am, I'm gonna show you a photo.

Theresa Clarendon: That's his tattoo… God, is he okay?

Olinsky: Ma'am, I'm sorry.

Living room

Theresa Clarendon: When we placed Grace to rest, I just assumed Tyler would be the one to lay me next to her.

Dawson: Ms. Clarendon, is there any chance that your son might have been mixed up in something illegal?

Theresa Clarendon: Like what?

Dawson: When Tyler was found, he was wearing a backpack filled with narcotics.

Theresa Clarendon: Tyler had a problem with that when he got back from overseas. He was in the military. He was trying to get his life together. He got a job.

Olinsky: Doing what?

Theresa Clarendon: Landscaping, he said. I don't know the details. I saw him mostly on Facebook.

Dawson: He have any recent posts? This friend... You know him?

Intelligence office

Olinsky: Tyler Clarendon. This woman outlived both her kids.

Dawson: His new best friend was Tony Chin. 20. Junior at Central Chicago U. No criminal record, but the last few weeks, he suddenly appears all over Tyler's social media profile.

Voight: Mouse, you dump his phone records?

Mouse: Yeah, there's dozens of calls between Tyler and Tony Chin, all less than two minutes in duration and at all sorts of crazy hours.

Voight: Have Atwater and Ruzek take a run at this guy.

Mouse: You know, uh, Tyler... He was 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine.

Halstead: When?

Mouse: '08. He was spitting distance from us in Kandahar.

Halstead: All right, well, they saw some action.

Mouse: Yeah, they did.

Tony Chin’s room

Tony Chin: What part of "do not disturb" you having trouble with?

Atwater: The Chicago PD part.

Tony Chin: Hey. Look, I-I... I didn't know. It's okay. I understand.

Atwater: We all look alike.

Tony Chin: African-Americans?

Ruzek: Wha...

Atwater: Cops... The same cops who heard that apparently you're the guy to talk to.

Tony Chin: About what?

Atwater: About your buddy Tyler right here.

Tony Chin: I met him at a party I DJ'd. I didn't know him that well.

Ruzek: Really? Then why you been calling him day and night?

Tony Chin: He did a little work for me at the parties, providing refreshments.

Atwater: Refreshments, huh?

Tony Chin: Okay, it's... It's not like that. I'm talking beer...

Ruzek: Tony, please. Don't act as stupid as that haircut makes you look. You guys were running dope together. Right? Tony...

Tony Chin: I... I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a... I'm a Phi Beta Kappa honour student, and I've got a chem. midterm on Friday, so...

Ruzek: Let me guess what happened. Tyler... He wanted a little bit bigger cut, right? So you take a baseball bat... Crack him in the head with it.

Atwater: Damn.

Tony Chin: Hey, Officer, do you mind if I grab my wallet? I don't want you, you know, shooting me as I reach for it, so... Yeah, any more questions, contact my lawyer.

Ruzek: Wow, you have one on retainer.

Tony Chin: Yeah, this conversation's over.

Atwater: For now.

Patrol car

Julie Tay: It's never gonna end with that guy.

Burgess: There's got to be something that we can do.

Julie Tay: Private security, I guess?

Burgess: Ride out the year. Bid back into 21st legit, and then no one can touch you.


Burgess: Hey, are you okay? Did somebody hurt you?

Chase: My mom... She hurt my dad real bad.

Burgess: Call it in. What's your name, buddy?

Chase: Chase.

Julie Tay: 2113, this is an emergency. Roll another squad to 32nd and Princeton.

Burgess: You got a last name?

Julie Tay: Chase, you're gonna be fine. We're gonna help your dad.

Chase: Okay.

Burgess: Hey, look at me. We're gonna help you. All right?

Chase: That's my house, the one with the flag.

Burgess: Chase, can you stay with these officers? Yeah?

Chase: Yeah, go in the back.


Burgess: Hey.

Julie Tay: Chicago PD! Clear.

Burgess: Clear.

Julie Tay: Sir? Chicago PD. Don't move.

Burgess: Got you, Tay. Coming up behind. Clear. Sir, I need to see your hands. Sir, do not move your hands from that table! Chicago PD!

Gerry: Help me. Please. I don't want to die. Help.


Julie Tay: Is he gonna be all right?

Paramedic: We'll know more when we get to Med.

Burgess: Where's your mom? Hey. Chase? Can you tell me where your mom is?

Chase: I don't know.

Burgess: It's okay. Hey, it's okay. Don't worry.

Chicago Med

Burgess: And that's when your wife got violent?

Gerry: Yeah, uh, my ex. We had words. She went nuts. Stabbed me with a steak knife… But when she saw the blood, she panicked and ran out.

Burgess: She, um... She ever do anything like this before?

Gerry: No. Just a lot of bitching. But I'll take the knife every time.

Burgess: And Chase was where for all of this?

Gerry: Napping… I couldn't find my phone. So I yelled for him. He came in… He was crying… He hugged me. That's how come he got blood on him. Then he ran to get help.

Burgess: There's no other immediate family in Chicago?

Gerry: Outside of his mother?

Burgess: Yeah.

Gerry: Uh-uh. We both moved from St. John, Indiana, years ago.

Burgess: All right, well, we put an investigative alert on her… Chase... Chase'll have to go with DCFS.

Gerry: Can you take him? Please? Just till I get out of here.

Intelligence kitchen

Mouse: You know what, Jay? It's not your call.

Halstead: I promised that I would look out for you when we came home. That is what I'm doing. Why are you so insistent that it has to be right now? Take a couple months off. Just clear your head, and then if you...

Mouse: No, if I wait, the post will be gone in six months. All right? If I don't reenlist now, it's done.

Halstead: Greg, it's a war. They're not really turning people away.

Mouse: Do you have any idea what it's like? I sit behind that desk and watch you go out every single day... Go out and see action. Do you have any idea how that actually makes me feel?

Halstead: Then take the police exam!

Mouse: No, I was born to be a soldier! A soldier, man! If it comes down to it, I will die one.

Halstead: Are you crazy?

Ruzek: Sorry to interrupt. Uh, your guy from Narcotics, Martinez... He called back. They got a line on the dealer who changed his cut from lactose to fentanyl.

Halstead: Thanks.


Halstead: Black ball cap, black hoodie, white sneakers.

Lindsay: Heavyset guy?

Sgt. Martinez: Yeah, didn't dig the nickname "Chunk," so he took a tire iron to some guy's dome. Goes by "Red" now. Quite the entrepreneur. Been working double shifts... Managing a spot during the day and handling the cut at night.

Halstead: Meaning he knows the source of the supply.

Sgt. Martinez: Yup.


Ruzek: Hey, man, I'm looking for two.

Red: Who sent you?

Ruzek: Red, come on, man. I was here like... Like, three weeks ago. Come on, man. Cash money. You know I'm good for it.

Red: All right.

Ruzek: We got a positive. I repeat, we got a positive. Black hat, black hoodie, white shoes.

Atwater: Chicago PD. Let me see your hands.

Olinsky: Hey, Red. You know who we are.

Red: Man, I ain't got nothing.

Voight: Oops. Mustache on Jackson... I drew it. My bills.

Interview room

Red: Man, I don't know nothing about nothing.

Voight: Bro, if it was me, I'd be a hell of a lot more worried about these drug-induced homicides.

Red: I don't even know what that is.

Voight: Nine bodies so far.

Red: I didn't serve any of those hypes.

Olinsky: It's your dope in 'em. Might as well be your bullet.

Red: So what you looking for exactly?

Olinsky: You've been inside two years and been picked up how many times? Hey… What do you think we're looking for?

Red: All right, but here's the deal… I'll give you my supplier, but I'm not a rat. 'Cause this dude, he ain't one of my boys. So this don't count as ratting.

Voight: Makes perfect sense to me.

Red: Name's Scoot. White dude.

Olinsky: Scoot?

Red: Yeah. He's really... White.

Olinsky: What's he look like?

Red: Just a real white dude. Wear them lumberjack shirts… One time, I went to him. I met him at this... This mini-mart.

Olinsky: Where?

Red: Right off the lake. Slid down LSD up north. Some rich-ass neighbourhood. Lawrence or something.

Voight: All right, when was this?

Red: Two Mondays ago.

Voight: Check it out.


Dawson: This is from two weeks ago?

Attendant: Yeah. The black dude... Never seen him before. That other guy, he comes in here every other week looking for White Owl cigars and rolling papers. He loves those blunts. And you wouldn't believe how much fuel he burns in that boat of his, either.

Ruzek: Where can we find him?

Attendant: What'd he do, huh?

Ruzek: Parking tickets.

Attendant: Okay. I got you. I don't know where he lives. Uh, but he's got a boat at the marina. Uh, just a few days ago I had to take some propane tanks to him. They were having some kind of rager. Yeah, I could show you where the slip is at.


Ruzek: "Whiplash." Well, there she is.

Dawson: With a gash in the hull.

Ruzek: What if this wasn't a murder at all, just a high-speed accident?

Dawson: Either way, we're after a fentanyl ring.

Ruzek: Waypoints for Blind River, Ontario, Mackinaw City, Michigan, and Chicago.


Medical Examiner: We ran a quantitative and qualitative analysis on the sample from the lake. It's not coming back as fentanyl.

Lindsay: What are you talking about?

Medical Examiner: Chemically, fentanyl's a pharmaceutical designed to treat cancer patients... Potent enough that a molecule on the head of a pin is deadly, but if even a molecule's altered, then technically, it's not a controlled substance. That's what I'm talking about.

Lindsay: Do you know how many OD's we have off this stuff down at Med?

Medical Examiner: I do. But they OD'd on fentanyl that had been fully processed. The batch you found in the backpack hadn't been activated yet, which I'm assuming they were gonna do when they got to Chicago.

Lindsay: So you're saying that our batch is off by a molecule?

Medical Examiner: That is correct.

Intelligence office

Halstead: Yeah, I got him. They're coming in right now. Thanks. Sarge? Sarge, you want to see this.

Voight: Yeah?

Halstead: High-speed impact would be consistent with blunt force trauma to our vic. So I think the owner of the boat is the one bringing the fentanyl in from Canada.

Voight: Mm.

Lindsay: Just got the test results back from ISP. Technically, it's not fentanyl.

Voight: What?

Lindsay: Apparently the manufacturer's altered molecules so that this stuff wouldn't be on the U.S. government's controlled substance list. Until it's activated, it's basically baby powder.

Voight: So we don't have a case?

Platt’s office

Platt: Oh, excellent. Perfect, thanks.

Burgess: And this, um, is Sergeant Platt, who I've been telling you about.

Platt: Hey. You a Hawks fan? That's great, because I really need a wingman to keep an eye on this game while I'm chained to this desk. Will you do that for me?

Chase: Sure.

Platt: Thanks. Don't forget your shirt. Sit right over there, buddy.

Burgess: You got it?

Platt: Kid's mom takes a nursing course at Lakeside. Ends in an hour.

Burgess: Why would someone stab their husband and then go to class?

Platt: 'Cause some people are crazy, Burgess.


Burgess: Leigh Crewes.

Leigh Crewes: Yeah?

Julie Tay: Were you at your ex-husband's place earlier this morning?

Leigh Crewes: Yeah, so?

Burgess: Did you have words with him?

Leigh Crewes: He insulted me and screamed at me, if that's what you mean.

Julie Tay: Did it make you mad enough to stab him?

Leigh Crewes: What? I didn't stab him. Gerry's crazy… He's been making threats for years... Said he'd do anything to keep Chase.

Burgess: Okay, did you ever file a restraining order? Do you have any paperwork to back this up?

Leigh Crewes: No.

Burgess: Ma'am, now is the time to get ahead of this. You got to tell us the truth, or you're never gonna see your kid again.

Leigh Crewes: No!

Burgess: Whoa.

Leigh Crewes: He's not well! He's been going through a serious depression.

Burgess: I understand that, ma'am. Can you put your hands on the roof?

Leigh Crewes: Uh-uh, no way. I didn't do anything.

Burgess: Ma'am, hands on the roof. I understand that. Put your hands on the roof.

Leigh Crewes: I'm not kidding.

Burgess: We'll sort it out later.

Leigh Crewes: I can't believe this!

Julie Tay: It's okay.

21 entrance

Theresa Clarendon: Detective Olinsky.

Olinsky: Ms. Clarendon. Hey.

Theresa Clarendon: Hi. Have you... Figured out who killed Tyler?

Olinsky: Not yet. But I promise to contact you as soon as we do.

Theresa Clarendon: At first, I couldn't bring myself to go through Tyler's things, but when I did, I found this. He was applying to the Chicago Fire Department. So are you sure he was involved in something illegal? Because I'm going to have to deal with his loss, and knowing that maybe he turned his life around would give me some comfort. You can tell me.

Olinsky: I'm sorry, but it's looking like he was involved.

Intelligence office

Atwater: Hey, Will.

Will Halstead: Hey, Kev.

Halstead: What's up?

Will Halstead: How you doing on the case?

Halstead: Covering every angle.

Will Halstead: You got to get this stuff off the streets, Jay. I just declared a 16-year-old girl. Sophomore at Rutherford High. Her mother found out I had a brother who's a detective. She asked me to give you that. I don't mean to push, man… I just... I need you to know. It's not just career junkies. Kids are dying out there.

Halstead: Yeah. Okay.

Will Halstead: All right.

Halstead: Got it?

Dawson: Yeah. Sarge, boat's owned by John and Christie Fitzgerald. They're a well-connected Chicago couple who made a good chunk of change in construction.

Lindsay: I just checked with Customs. As of three days ago, they've been on vacation in Italy.

Voight: Any border crossing to Canada?

Lindsay: None.

Olinsky: But their son, Scott, attends Central Chicago U. Goes by "Scoot." He and Tony Chin were in Chem I together.

Voight: All right, Mouse, get me a nexus on the phone records for him, Tony Chin, and Tyler. And have patrol pick this Scoot up and bring him in here. I want to talk to that guy… You not wanting to be here isn't gonna work either, Mouse.

Halstead: I talked to him.

Voight: I'm not talking to you… You want to stay, then do your job. You don't want to stay, that's a separate conversation.

Mouse: I've done my job. I've done my job since the day I got here. Busted my ass for you. I never... Never once asked for OT. And all I'm asking for is a favour... A favour so that maybe I can live my life the way that I'd like to.

Voight: Don't go out like this, Mouse. You've come too far.

Intelligence kitchen

Mouse: You know, maybe Voight's right. Maybe I just need to clear out of here.

Halstead: What are you gonna do with your felony record? You gonna go back to boosting stereos?

Mouse: That guy on the board... That could've been me when I came back here... High, doing something stupid and dangerous.

Halstead: Greg, that is not you. That's not you now.

Mouse: I am telling you, Jay, if I lose my job because of a bender or whatever... I'm looking at Tyler, and that could've been me. It still could be me.

Halstead: No.

Lindsay: Hey, hey, guys. We're done here. Okay? We are on a case. Mouse, go back to your desk.

Mouse: Yeah.

Lindsay: Come on. Hey.

Halstead: I'm, I'm... I'm gonna get through to him. And he's gonna be all right.

Lindsay: Listen. What you two went through and what you carry is real. And you know that if you ever need my help carrying it, you just have to ask me. Why are you not listening to him?

Halstead: Because going back is not the right move for him.

Lindsay: For you. Him going back is not the right move for you. But if it was... If you were the one that wanted to go... Would you let anybody stand in your way? Come on.

Interview room

Olinsky: How's it going, Scoot? Mind if I call you Scoot?

Scoot: I have no idea why I'm here.

Olinsky: Well... We found a boat in your mom and dad's name. It's got a pretty big-sized dent in its hull.

Scoot: Okay… Look, I was running bud. From Canada. Super easy. No harm done. Just a little recreational marijuana. And then I meet this guy Tony Chin in my class. And... Yeah, this is him. Tony thinks he's a gangster. But the real guy is his uncle, Mr. Ng.

Voight: First name Walter?

Scoot: Yeah. Yeah, him… So Tony tells him about our thing. Next thing we know, Ng is sweating us to bring in fentanyl on the same route. And I told Tony, "Hey, man, "I'll drive the boat; "I'll get it to the dealers. But the other stuff, you got to figure out." So, like, him recruiting the... Losers to wear the backpacks? That's all him.

Voight: Losers like Tyler… These the losers you're talking about?

Olinsky: That night... What happened?

Scoot: There was a heavy fog. I didn't want to go, I swear.

Olinsky: Mm-hmm.

Scoot: But Ng put a gun on the table. I had no choice. You don't say no to him. I don't, anyway.

Olinsky: What did you hit?

Scoot: I guess Tyler was seasick, leaning over the edge, and... I didn't see the buoy until the boat clipped it.

Voight: This is murder we're looking at… Maybe... Maybe we can leave some of it out of the report, but, I mean, you're gonna have to help us take down Ng.

Scoot: What do you mean, help you bring him down?

Olinsky: We set it up. You go in. We got eyes on...

Scoot: Like, undercover?

Olinsky: Correct.

Scoot: Ng is a killer.

Voight: How long you think you're gonna last at Stateville? Scoot?

21 entrance

Platt: You know, what you're going through is really hard. But it is all gonna work out, okay? You know, my mom... Boy, she could get really angry, too. But I always knew it wasn't my fault. It's important for you to realize that, Chase.

Chase: My dad's the one who gets real angry.

Mouse’s office

Platt: I don't like owing people favours.

Mouse: You and me both.

Platt: But is it possible to hack into someone's phone remotely?

Mouse: Uh, technically, yes. Legally, no. Why?

Platt: Because this kid Burgess and Tay picked up is about to lose his mom on an agg assault charge. I need to make sure it went down the way her ex said it did. This is the dad's phone number, name, and DOB.

Mouse: Okay, well, I will see what I can see.

Platt: Thanks, Mouse.

Mouse: Yeah, you got it.

Halstead: Hey.

Mouse: Hey, what's up?

Halstead: Um, listen, man… Do whatever it is you need to do. All right? I'm behind you... 100%.

Intelligence office

Dawson: Walter Ng. Hardcore crime boss in Chinatown. Alleged to be in everything from prostitution to high-stakes gambling.

Voight: He's been identified as the source of the fentanyl coming into Chicago, so he is responsible by coercion for Tyler's death.

Dawson: His operation's slick. The modified fentanyl originates in China and gets shipped to Ng's connect in Blind River, Ontario. And our boy Scoot... He zips up from the marina. Tony Chin brings a couple of college kids to mule it down.

Ruzek: Marine unit says they put oxygen tanks and a GPS in weighted backpacks along with the dope. If the Coast Guard rolls up, dump the bag, come back later that night, press a button, and boom... Floats to the surface.

Dawson: Then from Canada, they head here, south of Mackinaw City, Michigan. They stop to refuel at Rowley's Bay. Then down into Chicago.

Halstead: Where Scoot gives the drugs to Red and several other scumbag dealers, and they sell it to kids on the street.

Lindsay: We can't touch Ng because he's modifying the chemistry of the fentanyl.

Voight: Yeah, but as soon as he processes it here in Chicago, we can hit him with calculated criminal drug conspiracy and accessory to murder.

Ruzek: Any word on why he allows himself to be called Scoot?

Voight: None yet.

Atwater: Yo, Sarge, you got to see this. Scoot made contact.

Interview room

Voight: Okay, I'm listening.

Scoot: They're building a temporary lab. Tony and me are supposed to meet there to process the fentanyl.

Voight: Good, when and where?

Scoot: Tonight. Location TBD. Ng's gonna be there, too.

Voight: He's usually there when you process the fentanyl?

Scoot: No, but... What? Now you don't want him? Fine, I'll text him... Tell him not to show up… Ng wants it done, so he'll be there for pickup.

Atwater: All lined up, Sarge.

Voight: Yeah.


Lindsay: That is a UC phone. It looks and acts like a regular phone, so if anybody checks it out, they won't be able to tell that it transmits audio to us.

Scoot: And what's that?

Lindsay: This is a pinhole camera. Whichever way this is looking is the way we're gonna be able to see.

Scoot: Okay… This guy's gonna kill me.

Lindsay: No.

Scoot: He is.

Lindsay: Scoot, I know you're out of your element here, but we are very much in ours, okay? So trust us. Relax.

Scoot: Okay.

Lindsay: Come on.

Scoot: All right.


Dawson: We're through the south entrance.

Halstead: Copy that… We're in.

Dawson: Switch over… We're in position. Standing by.


Scoot: Mr. Ng sent me.


Atwater: Okay, there's Tony Chin.

Tony Chin: Hurry up. You're late.

Scoot: Everything ready to go?

Olinsky: Mm, along with some trigger-pullers.

Voight: Does anybody see Ng?

Dawson: Negative.

Lindsay: No, nothing.

Olinsky: There's the buyer.

Atwater: I don't see Ng, Sarge. Do you?

Voight: Stand by… Something's not right.

Olinsky: All right, but the converted fentanyl's about to walk out the door… He's leaving. Got to go now.

Voight: Move in. Go. Go!


Dawson: Chicago PD! Nobody move!

Lindsay: Chicago PD! Get back!

Halstead: Don't move! Don't move!

Lindsay: Stop!

Halstead: Chicago PD! Everybody's hands, now! Now, now!

Lindsay: Back it up! Get down on the ground!

Dawson: Walk this way. Get on the ground!

Ruzek: Walk this way. Keep your hands spread out!

Lindsay: Get on the ground!

Halstead: Police! Freeze! Turn around! Turn around.

Dawson: Turn around. Drop it! On your knees. Get down. Hands behind your back.


Scoot: Man, why are you cuffing me? I did what you guys asked.

Tony Chin: I knew it, you piece of sh...

Halstead: Shut your mouth.

Scoot: You're on your own, dude.

Voight: Tony Chin. Stand him up… Where's your uncle? He's supposed to be here.

Tony Chin: I don't know what you're talking about.

Voight: Yeah. Well, kid, guess what. You got caught holding the bag. Murder, calculated criminal drug conspiracy. Haul him in.


Bodyguard: You can't park there.


Voight: Sergeant Voight to see Walter Ng. Open that door.

Bodyguard 1: This way.

Bodyguard 2: Policeman coming your way.

Walter Ng’s office

Voight: What's up, Walter?

Walter Ng: Sergeant.

Voight: Let me get this straight. You served up your own nephew? Man, isn't that against some kind of... Tradition or something?

Walter Ng: Tony? Is that who you're talking about?

Voight: Mm.

Walter Ng: Tony's had a drug and alcohol problem for years now. Gets to a point where you just, uh, stop answering the phone.

Voight: I got to admit... We really thought we had you this time.

Walter Ng: Whatever that means.

Voight: It means you keep running your illegal card games, counterfeit watches, massage parlours… You take your chances; we'll take ours. But if you pump any more fentanyl into my city, they're gonna be pulling you out of the river. You understand?

Walter Ng: Sure.

Voight: That was a yes or no question.

Walter Ng: Yes. I understand.

Mouse’s office

Mouse: I tunnelled in on that dude's cell phone. There's something you should take a look at.

Platt: Oh, Lord. Will you send that to Burgess and Tay?

Mouse: Sure.

Platt: And, um, I heard you were looking to get a felony disappeared.

Mouse: I mean, how did you even...

Platt: Jay told me.

Chicago Med

Julie Tay: 17 Google searches on a "Journal of Medicine" study about non-fatal stab wounds?

Gerry: What? Were you monitoring my phone? Is that even legal?

Burgess: You said your ex stabbed you in the neck, but your wound's not consistent with that. She's 5'6". You're what, 6'3"?

Gerry: I was sitting down.

Burgess: Oh.

Julie Tay: You do a lot of arguing sitting down, Jerry?

Burgess: Look, you lost it. You did a crazy thing… But if you ever want to see your boy again, now is the time to tell the truth.

Gerry: Nine years of marriage. I gave up my job so I could stay home and take care of Chase… And she walks out for a classmate. I gave her everything. And now she won't even talk to me.

21 entrance

Burgess: So your mom never hurt your dad. You know that, right?

Chase: Yeah.

Burgess: Okay. 'Cause I have somebody here to see you.

Leigh Crewes: Hi.

Chase: Mom!

Leigh Crewes: Oh, sweetheart. We're going home, sweetheart. Thank you.

Burgess: Yeah.

Chase: So then who hurt my dad?

Leigh Crewes: We'll talk about this. We got to go.

Clarendon’s house

Olinsky: Hi.

Theresa Clarendon: Yes?

Olinsky: So, uh, Tyler can be buried next to Grace… Okay.

Locker room

Julie Tay: Look. It's really easy for a woman to catch a rep on this job, whether or not you deserve it. It looks like I'm never gonna get the chance to... Go after what you want, Kim. Don't wait.

Voight’s office

Voight: Come on in.

Burgess: Sergeant.

Voight: Yeah?

Burgess: I just wanted to... I just wanted to reiterate my desire and my commitment to one day be detailed up to Intelligence. I know that it was offered once before, but I felt that I still had something to learn in patrol… And I'm glad that I stayed. Yeah… But if the opportunity ever presented itself again, I... I just want you to know that it would be the best decision that you ever made to have me be a part of your unit... That's all.

Voight: Be ready.

Burgess: I will. I am.

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Supersympa  (28.03.2018 à 01:20)

Ca y est : Kim intègre les renseignements de façon officielle. Enfin.

diana62800  (24.05.2017 à 14:22)

Tout comme toi, serie², esperons que Mouse revienne dans la série. C'est vraiment dommage de notre petit Sam est quitté la série mais au moins, ils n'ont pas fait mourrir son personnage donc wait & see.

serieserie  (24.05.2017 à 08:58)

Grrr oui un rôle (tout pourri) dans Empire mais je garde espoir de la revoir!!

Aelis  (24.05.2017 à 08:18)

Diana, c'est l'acteur qui est parti car il joue dans une autre série (Empire je crois ?)... Dommage !

diana62800  (24.05.2017 à 02:30)

Pourquoi ? Pourquoi ? Pourquoi Mouse ? Noooooooooooooooon, il ne peut pas partir, il va tellement me manquer, je suis tellement attaché à ce personnage, J'espère vraiment qu'il reviendra dans la série et que son personnage sera au coeur de certains épisodes. 

Mon petit coeur est brisé sniff MOUSE REVIENS cry cry cry 


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