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Chicago Police Department
#407 : Entre les mailles du filet

Voight appelle l'équipe pour enquêter sur un homicide impliquant le seul témoin dans une affaire de viol et d'assassinat contre un jeune homme, Oliver Tuxhorn. L'équipe des Renseignements enquête sur la famille de Tuxhorn et sur leurs finances pour essayer de déterminer s'ils ont payé quelqu'un pour faire taire la victime. Pendant ce temps, Stone offre à Antonio un poste d'enquêteur principal pour le bureau du procureur de l'État, et Burgess et Sorensen capturent un échange bizarre avec homme qu'ils poursuivent.


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Entre les mailles du filet

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Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) a bien mérité un moment de détente

Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) a bien mérité un moment de détente

Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) discute avec Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda)

Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) discute avec Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda)

Hank (Jason Beghe) discute avec Erin (Sophia Bush)

Hank (Jason Beghe) discute avec Erin (Sophia Bush)

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) et sa soeur Gaby (Monica Raymund)

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) et sa soeur Gaby (Monica Raymund)

Kevin (LaRoyce Hawkins) est dans la salle d’interrogatoire

Kevin (LaRoyce Hawkins) est dans la salle d’interrogatoire

Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) est en planque avec Kevin

Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) est en planque avec Kevin

Erin et Hank interrogent un suspect

Erin et Hank interrogent un suspect

Adam et Kevin surveillent un suspect

Adam et Kevin surveillent un suspect

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) a l'air décontenancé

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) a l'air décontenancé

Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) discute avec Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda)

Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) discute avec Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda)

L'officier Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) est sur le terrain

L'officier Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) est sur le terrain

Antonio et Gaby sont à la caserne

Antonio et Gaby sont à la caserne

Kim et son coéquipier arrête une voiture

Kim et son coéquipier arrête une voiture


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Scénariste : Jamie Pachino

Réalisateur : Charlotte Brändström

Guests : Kevin Kane (officier Sorensen), Gus Halper (Oliver Tuxhorn ) Philip Winchester (Peter Stone), Monica Raymund (Gabriela Dawson), Markie Post (Bunny Fletcher), Paul Anthony Stewart (Dominick Cooke), Warner Miller (Amir Dafallaf), Jeremy Ratchford (Jim), Annabel Armour (Fern Sikorsky), Monica Barbaro (Anna Valdez), Chris Froseth (Loe Tuxhorn), Chelsea Morgan (Sloane Tuxhorn), Paul Perroni (Ken amis), Ramissa Ma'at (Lila Bolad), Todd Courson (Kirby Dexhart), Arif Yampolsky (Chris Baron)

Intelligence office

Dawson: 'Cause Diego's got a cross-country meet, and the nanny's got a class and can't take him. How do you not know this? No, Eva's in sat prep. Laura, Laura, Laura. Fine. I'll call Gabby, see if she can cover. Yeah… Wrong number.

Lindsay: Things aren't going so great with your ex, huh?

Dawson: She's seeing some guy. He's older, rich. They travel a lot. She's basically checked out, mom-wise.

Lindsay: Sorry, man.

Voight: Homicide... Senour and Archer. ASA Stone wants us there.

Crime scene

Dawson: Thank you.

Officer: Uh, Tariq Bolad... Two gunshot wounds, center mass, wallet and keys still on him but no cell phone.

Dawson: Who called it in?

Officer: Shot spotter picked up possible gunfire. Dispatch put it over the zone. We were first on the scene.

Voight: Is ASA Stone around?


Peter Stone: The Ariel Kincaid murder. You remember it?

Lindsay: Yeah, I do. It was two years ago. She was raped, tortured. They dumped her body in the locks by Navy pier. Some rich kid did it.

Peter Stone: Oliver Tuxhorn.

Lindsay: Yeah. That little prick... He's a person of interest in another rape, right?

Peter Stone: Four.

Dawson: So what about him?

Peter Stone: I started opening arguments against Tuxhorn this morning. Tariq was my only eyewitness, but we're not screwed if you can link him to Tariq's murder. Tariq's grand jury testimony will stand. It's called "forfeiture by wrongdoing." Tuxhorn can't benefit from the shooting if we can prove he was responsible for it.

Voight: We'll make the link.

Peter Stone: Please do. If you don't, a serial rapist and murderer walks.

Intelligence office

Voight: Tariq had been here ten years... Originally from Sudan, married, kid on the way. Employed as a supervisor in an office-cleaning company. He was working on his degree nights at UIC.

Atwater: Wasn't he in protective custody for the trial?

Voight: He was. Head of the detail is on his way in now.

Halstead: You know, the original case file indicates that Tuxhorn and Ariel left the Tiki on rush at 10:45. Now, Tuxhorn says that they went to his apartment, they had consensual B&D sex, and then she walked out on her own. Tariq's statement says that he saw Tuxhorn dragging Ariel's body towards the locks where he dumped her and he drove off. He called 911, he went in after her, she was already dead. And the M.E.'s toxicology report determined she was loaded up with ketamine.

Lindsay: Four other girls have made rape allegations against Tuxhorn. He skated on each case, combo of his daddy's money and his high-powered attorney, Dominick Cooke. He's the worst.

Olinsky: Tariq's phone records?

Ruzek: I'm into it with the service provider. Subpoena's been drafted, signed off on, and dropped. So we should have it in a few hours.

Voight: Yeah, well, we got one really big question to answer first. Tariq Bolad's identity was supposed to be sealed. Check into the grand jury, court reporters, ASA's office, whoever had access to his name or a motive to leak it, 'cause somebody figured it out.

Atwater: Ken Amis, the head of Tariq's security detail, is on his way up.

Voight: Al, you and me.

Intelligence kitchen

Ken Amis: You never met a more humble, more genuine guy in your life than Tariq. He'd say how much this country gave him, and he wanted to give back... Stuff people don't say anymore.

Voight: How long you been assigned to him?

Ken Amis: Two weeks. Me, Danny Hearst, and Todd Peterson.

Olinsky: Who else knew you were guarding him?

Ken Amis: Just ASA Stone and his second chair, Valdez.

Olinsky: So what happened last night?

Ken Amis: We had him at the best western O'Hare. He's his normal self. We're watching "House Hunters." He goes in his room, and he's in there for a while, and I walk by, and he's sitting on the edge of his bed with his cell phone in his hand, dead quiet. I ask if he's okay, and he says it was just the stress of the trial starting the next day. And he went to the gym. Um... More than a half hour goes by, 40 minutes. I call Danny, who's on the gym's front door, but Tariq must've slipped out the back door by the bathroom.

Voight: Hmm.

Ken Amis: Tariq got a call or a text from somebody, and it was something that bothered him. That was my gut.

Voight: That helps. Thanks. Yeah, we're gonna need the information on the other two who were watching Tariq.

Ken Amis: So you can look into us?

Voight: You know how it works.

Ken Amis: This is wasted time. Me and my team didn't do anything wrong.

Voight: Except lose your guy.

Intelligence office

Burgess: Hey. Um, Tariq Bolad's wife... Widow... Is, um, downstairs.

Lindsay: I'll go… Hey.

Ruzek: So how's the new partner?

Burgess: He's a knucklehead.

Ruzek: Ouch. All right.

Atwater: Hey, Burgess.

Burgess: Yeah?

Atwater: One day...

Burgess: Yeah. Right.

21 entrance

Lindsay: Mrs. Bolad? I'm... I'm Detective Erin Lindsay… I'm so sorry.

Lila Bolad: You, um... You have no idea what Tariq went through to get to this country... What he witnessed, what he endured. And after all that, to be killed here...

Lindsay: Were you in communication with Tariq last night at all?

Lila Bolad: Just a couple texts, saying that I loved him and I was proud of him.

Lindsay: Did he seemed worried or agitated lately?

Lila Bolad: No. I mean, I was.

Lindsay: Why?

Lila Bolad: We were being followed... Starting about a month ago. It would be a different car each time.

Lindsay: Did you mention this to the State's Attorney's office?

Lila Bolad: I did... To Mr. Stone's investigators… They looked into it, but didn't find anything credible. But they put police officers in front of our house. And that's when Tariq went into full protection and I went to stay with my parents… It's the Tuxhorn kid who paid to have Tariq killed. I mean... Or his dad. Who else could it be?

Lindsay: We will find out.


Judge: Any objection to the State's motion for continuance, Mr. Cooke?

Mr. Cooke: Not if the court will reconsider bail.

Peter Stone: Bail? The Tuxhorn family has unlimited resources, not to mention hotels all over the world. If Mr. Tuxhorn is released...

Mr. Cooke: The prosecution just admitted their case is a featherweight without a witness. I understand you're going to give them a continuance, your honour, but my client shouldn't have to wait it out in jail if the state can't make its case.

Peter Stone: The State can't make its case because the defendant may have arranged to have a witness to be killed.

Mr. Cooke: Uh, if Mr. Stone had proof of that, we'd be in a separate courtroom with new charges. If he'd prefer to discuss dismissal...

Peter Stone: No shot.

Judge: Mr. Tuxhorn will surrender his passport. Bail is set at $2 million... And State's motion for continuance is granted… Other motions?

Peter Stone: Nope.

Girl: We love you, Oliver!

Mr. Cooke: Okay.

Outside the prison

Mr. Cooke: Wait here. Yeah.

Lindsay: That's an easy way to make 600 bucks, give or take.

Mr. Cooke: Oh, you have an interest in this case, Detective?

Lindsay: I want to talk to your client.

Mr. Cooke: I want to play first base for the cubs.

Lindsay: He doesn't want to clear his name?

Mr. Cooke: I'll be in contact. Now, will you excuse us, or do I need to call one of those fine Cook County Sheriffs over?

Lindsay: Hmm.

Oliver Tuxhorn: I saw you in court. Thank you for your support.

Lindsay: Enjoy your freedom, douche bag. You're not gonna have it for long.

Mr. Cooke: Oliver, let's go.

Intelligence office

Halstead: Checked into Tuxhorn's visitor list from lockup. Mail, phone, and visitor logs show only his attorney and his family having any contact with him.

Voight: I want you to add Tuxhorn's family members to the list we gave financial crimes. I want a complete workup of all their financials, specifically any large-sum withdrawal in the last two months or so. Hey, Stone asked he be kept in the loop as much as possible.

Lindsay: I don't think I've ever disliked someone so quickly or so intensely.

Voight: So tell me, heading down to the courthouse, what did that accomplish?

Lindsay: I got to look in his eyes. Isn't that what you always say... "I look in people's eyes for a living"?

Voight: Fair enough. What'd you see?

Lindsay: He is responsible for Tariq's murder, no question.

Voight: Okay. Just make sure you don't let this guy get in your head.

Ruzek: Hey, Sarge? Tariq's cell phone dump came back in. He got a call an hour before his murder… Conversation lasted a minute and a half.

Atwater: From a guy named Amir Dafallah. Tariq's widow said that Amir came over here with Tariq from Sudan. They were best friends, but Amir never really got his act together, always looking to borrow money.

Dawson: Amir have priors?

Ruzek: Drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest.

Voight: Hit it.

Amir Dafallah’s apartment

Amir Dafallah: Yes?

Ruzek: Amir Dafallah? CPD. This is a search warrant.

Amir Dafallah: What... What is going on?

Ruzek: Why don't you step aside?

Atwater: Excuse me.

Ruzek: Turn around, please.

Amir Dafallah: What...

Ruzek: Arms up. All right. Take a seat. You know a Tariq Bolad?

Amir Dafallah: What has happened to Tariq?

Ruzek: So you know him.

Amir Dafallah: Yes. Did something happen to him?

Ruzek: Yeah, he was injured last night in a shooting.

Amir Dafallah: Oh, my god.

Ruzek: You know anything about it, Amir?

Amir Dafallah: No, no. I... I would never hurt Tariq. He's my closest friend.

Atwater: Well, you got a funny way of showing it… It's a .38... Same caliber as the slugs pulled out of Tariq.

Amir Dafallah: That... That is not my gun.

Ruzek: Stay seated.

Atwater: Any reason why the serial numbers are shaved off?

Ruzek: All right, put your hands on the counter.

Amir Dafallah: I swear to you, that is not my gun.

Ruzek: Amir, I'm not gonna ask you again. Put your hands on the counter.

21 entrance

Dawson: Hey.

Peter Stone: Hey.

Dawson: So Tariq's murder might not have been about the Tuxhorns. It might have been motivated by a personal beef.

Peter Stone: You got to be kidding me.

Dawson: Yeah, a buddy of his who came over here from Sudan.

Peter Stone: So Oliver Tuxhorn walks.

Dawson: Well, give us some time to confirm it. I'll let you know as soon as we find out.

Peter Stone: Yeah. Hey, Antonio. You, uh... You happy in Intelligence? I'm making a change in the Investigator's Office… It would be spearheading major investigations, not just Chicago... Statewide.

Dawson: Are you... You're offering me...

Peter Stone: Yeah. Commander's pay, but more... Weekends and holidays off, regular hours. See your wife more often.

Dawson: I'm divorced.

Peter Stone: Your kids, then.

Dawson: I'm flattered. Seriously. But I'm in the best unit in Chicago.

Peter Stone: What if told you sergeant Voight already signed off on you coming over? Window's gonna close fast. Let me know.


Mike Sorensen: Ready?

Burgess: Huh?

Mike Sorensen: Ready?

Burgess: Yeah.

Interview room

Halstead: What happened last night, Amir?

Amir Dafallah: I... Lost my job as a dishwasher... Because they found out I... I lied about having a criminal record. When I got home, I got a call from INS, saying that I was at risk of being deported back to Sudan. So I called Tariq, told him that I was thinking crazy thoughts.

Halstead: You were gonna kill yourself.

Amir Dafallah: I admit, yes, I was feeling that way. Tariq came to meet me by the water. He made me feel better, told me I could stay with him and Lila… And then he left, and... I took the bus to my apartment.

Halstead: Were you gonna kill yourself with the gun that we found stashed in your couch?

Amir Dafallah: No, that is not my gun!

Halstead: Then whose is it?

Amir Dafallah: I-I do not know!

Halstead: Do you understand how crazy that might seem to us?

Amir Dafallah: I-I do understand, but it is the truth.

Voight: So you're happy for Tariq, his success?

Amir Dafallah: Yes.

Voight: 'Cause, man, he got here, he landed on his feet. And you... Well, you struggled. Is that a fair assessment?

Amir Dafallah: Yes, but... I have never given up hope... Until last night.

Voight: You called Tariq. You gave him that sob story. He went to see you. You asked him for a lot of money. When he turned you down, you used that gun to shoot him.

Amir Dafallah: No!

Voight: Okay, so somebody else paid you a lot of money to draw Tariq out!

Amir Dafallah: Draw him from where? No!

Halstead: You know the gun is at the crime lab, being tested for your prints right now, Amir.

Amir Dafallah: And they will not find any.

Halstead: All right. You admit to calling him. You admit to being in an agitated state last night. We find the same calibre gun in your house… Quit jerking us off! Tell us the damn truth, man! Come on!

Amir Dafallah: After what Tariq and I survived together... We were like brothers… I would never hurt him.

Patrol car

Mike Sorensen: I don't mind the body cameras.

Burgess: That's an unexpectedly enlightened attitude for you… Whoa, did you see that?

Mike Sorensen: Yeah.


Burgess: License, proof of insurance, and registration.

Kirby Dexhart: Here.

Burgess: Any reason why you jumped the curb, sir?

Kirby Dexhart: Dropped my cell phone. I was reaching for it. I'm sorry.

Burgess: Okay, um, you mind stepping out of the car, sir?

Kirby Dexhart: Why?

Burgess: Because we need to do a field sobriety test.

Kirby Dexhart: Uh, c-could we do it around the corner?

Mike Sorensen: Get out of the car, pal.

Burgess: Come on.

Mike Sorensen: Wow… Business up top, party down below, huh? Have you been drinking?

Kirby Dexhart: No.

Mike Sorensen: What's under your skirt, there?

Kirby Dexhart: A chastity belt.

Mike Sorensen: I can't hear you.

Kirby Dexhart: It's a chastity belt!

Mike Sorensen: Burgess, help me out.

Burgess: What?

Mike Sorensen: Chastity belt.

Burgess: Seriously? It's a device to, you know, secure your privates.

Mike Sorensen: Good Lord. You did this voluntarily... Just lock up your genitals? You weren't forced to do it?

Kirby Dexhart: Voluntarily forced on me, I guess.

Mike Sorensen: All right, we'll leave it at that.

Burgess: Well, you have an extraditable warrant out of Milwaukee for unpaid tickets, so we're gonna have to deal with this down at the district.

Intelligence office

Lindsay: Ballistics came back. The gun found at Amir's is a 100% match. That gun shot Tariq.

Voight: But...

Halstead: But Amir said that he got on the bus after meeting Tariq. So we checked the bus pass that he swiped. He got on the westbound grand Avenue at 10:25 P.M.

Lindsay: Shot spotter had shots fired at 10:34 P.M.

Voight: Mm.

Lindsay: Amir had already been on this bus for 9 minute, and he was 15 blocks away. Amir couldn't have shot Tariq. He was set up.


Dawson: Okay, follow me on this. Tariq's wife says they were being followed. Let's assume they were. Let's assume somebody in Tuxhorn's camp found out Tariq's name. Once they knew that, they knew everything about him, including his best friend, Amir. First day of the trial, Amir gets fired from his job, and he gets a threatening call from INS. That sends him in a tailspin. He calls Tariq for help. Now, that's either one hell of a coincidence, or someone set Amir up… I called the restaurant where he worked at. They said they got an "anonymous tip" that Amir had a record. Then I checked his phone for that call from INS. Didn't come from INS. Came from a pay phone downtown. I know that's a lot of dominoes to fall, but never underestimate what someone with 100 million in the bank can pull off.

Atwater: We got some information on Tuxhorn's older brother, Leo. Five major priors for possession. My guy in Narcotics told me that he's been an addict since prep school.

Ruzek: Yeah, and the data just came back from financial crimes. Leo just finished a two-month rehab stint... Serenity Wellness Retreat, Prescott, Arizona.

Lindsay: Lindsay.

Ruzek: Got out two weeks ago.

Voight: Put a tail on Leo.

Ruzek: Got it.

Voight: Matter of fact, put a tail on every member of Tuxhorn's family.

Lindsay: Be right there. Hey, that's Cooke's office. Oliver Tuxhorn just became available to talk.

Voight: She leaps across the conference table...

Halstead: I'll tackle her… Gently.

Mr. Cooke’s practice

Lindsay: I'd like to remind you and your attorney of statute 5/5-2 of the criminal code. Anyone who encourages, solicits, or helps... Not to mention pays... Someone to commit murder is as guilty of that murder by Illinois State law as the shooter himself.

Oliver Tuxhorn: Great.

Lindsay: Do you have any knowledge of who may have killed a witness in your trial?

Oliver Tuxhorn: No.

Lindsay: Anyone with motive, say, your family, ever communicate to you that they knew the identity of the witness?

Oliver Tuxhorn: No.

Lindsay: Did anyone in prison ever offer to harm the witness for you for money?

Oliver Tuxhorn: No. Mm-mm… I heard this guy was African?

Mr. Cooke: Oliver...

Lindsay: And how do you know that?

Oliver Tuxhorn: From my time in prison. I met a lot of colourful characters, you know? Huge gossips, so...

Lindsay: So what if he was?

Oliver Tuxhorn: A lot of anti-immigrant sentiment out there. Could be a nice lead for you to pursue.

Mr. Cooke: Okay, Oliver, we are here to answer questions, not pose theories.

Oliver Tuxhorn: No, I spent two years in that repulsive jail for having sex with a chick somebody else murdered. Why are we being polite? They are here because my family comes from money and it pisses them off to no end, period.

Halstead: Oliver, um...

Oliver Tuxhorn: I'll give you some advice. Your case against me is dead. You need to move on.

Mr. Cooke: Anything else?

Halstead: Oh, I got a couple things I could add… But I really don't feel like losing my job over a little turd like you.

21 office

Burgess: Well, a key was delivered. Chastity belt unlocked. And all is well in whoville.

Mike Sorensen: Close the door.


Mike Sorensen: Business up top, party down below, huh?


Burgess: What are you doing?

Mike Sorensen: Taking a little keepsake.


Mike Sorensen: What do you have under your skirt there?

Kirby Dexhart: A chastity belt.

Mike Sorensen: I can't hear you.

Kirby Dexhart: It's a chastity belt!


Burgess: Mike, you should not be doing this.

Mike Sorensen: Come on, what are you, a hall monitor now?


Mike Sorensen: Chastity belt.

Burgess: It's a device to, you know, secure your privates.

Mike Sorensen: Good Lord.


Mike Sorensen: Relax.

Voight’s office

Voight: Tariq's security detail?

Chris Baron: No financial irregularities on any of them.

Voight: Grand jury? ASA's office?

Chris Baron: Same. No big deposits or purchases.

Voight: The Tuxhorns?

Chris Baron: That's a different deal entirely. The Tuxhorn hotel group is a private, family owned multimillion-dollar corporation with no legal public reporting requirements.

Dawson: How long to get into their books?

Chris Baron: Three or four days.

Voight: Well, you got ten hours. And it's got to trace back to Oliver Tuxhorn himself.

Olinsky: Check this out. Tuxhorn's lawyers got payments in to a P.I... Jim Radovick.

Dawson: I know that name.

Voight: Yeah, ex-cop. He "retired" after allegations of excessive force and accepting bribes.

Olinsky: I'll pay him a visit.

Voight: Good.


Dawson: You trying to push me out of Intelligence? ASA Stone told me you signed off on his job offer. I can't help but think it's because you and I have locked horns once or twice since I got into this unit.

Voight: Well, this unit finally came together when I took you on, Antonio. And for that, I'll always be indebted… And for the record... I didn't sign off on you going there. I recommended you.

Dawson: Why?

Voight: You know, I had one good boss coming up… He said, "never hold back a rising star." It's your time, Antonio... To run your own crew.

Jim Radovick’s office

Jim Radovick: I don't believe it.

Olinsky: What's up, Jim?

Jim Radovick: So you still on the job, or you looking for one?

Olinsky: Well, still on the job. Hey, man.

Jim Radovick: Of all the coppers, I thought, you know, would've washed out somehow, and here you are still chugging away. And me? I'm the one to get tossed out on his ass. Come on.

Olinsky: Sometimes I surprise myself.

Jim Radovick: Not too bad, huh? I'm not a millionaire, but at least I don't have to deal with bosses, politicians, and civilian review boards.

Olinsky: Yeah, there's... There's always that.

Jim Radovick: So what brings you?

Olinsky: So you work for Dominick Cooke.

Jim Radovick: As much as he'll let me.

Olinsky: You work with him on the Oliver Tuxhorn case?

Jim Radovick: You seem to know I am.

Olinsky: Doing what?

Jim Radovick: Usual stuff... Background checks, poking holes in the state's case.

Olinsky: You looking into the eyewitness against Tuxhorn?

Jim Radovick: Why are you here, Al?

Olinsky: Well, that witness was killed yesterday.

Jim Radovick: Oh, okay.

Olinsky: You know anything about that?

Jim Radovick: Look, um... This family, the Tuxhorns... They got what I call a-a plantation mentality. Everybody is a servant. Me? As long as the checks clear, I can deal with any kind of huge personalities, but... They wanted to know who that witness was.

Olinsky: Who's they?

Jim Radovick: The dad and the brother, uh, Leo.

Olinsky: The junkie?

Jim Radovick: Yeah. He's on the outs with the family... Black sheep-type deal. I got the sense that, uh, he wanted to swoop in and act a hero, you know?

Olinsky: Yeah.

Jim Radovick: He even asked me in private if I could get next to the witness, and I said that's the first and last time you get to ask me that question… He waved me off like I was a homeless bum, but he was dead serious.

Olinsky: Him?

Jim Radovick: Yeah, that's him.

Atwater’s car

Atwater: Well, clearly rehab did not work for Leo.

Ruzek: Right? Look at this guy. He is jonesing.

Atwater: All right.

Ruzek: All right, here we go. Guy's coming in. You see him?

Atwater: I see him.

Ruzek: Come on, baby. Make that exchange. All right, that's the exchange. Right now? Hit it. Let's go grab him.


Atwater: Get out of the way!

Ruzek: Stop! Police!

Leo Tuxhorn: Mm!

Atwater: Hey! Spit it out! Spit it out!

Leo Tuxhorn: Mm!

Atwater: Spit it out, Leo!

Ruzek: Spit it out!

Atwater: Don't bite me! Here.

Ruzek: I don't want to touch it.

Atwater: Shut up.

Ruzek: Oh, I'd say you got a real problem here, Leo. Such an addict, you don't toss the drugs when a couple cops are chasing you?

Night club

Lindsay: All right, everybody take a walk.

Man: Oh. Really?

Oliver Tuxhorn: Oh, jeez.

Lindsay: Now. Come on.

Woman: Not cool.

Oliver Tuxhorn: Wow. Great.

Lindsay: Do you know we just popped your brother for possession? I don't know how much experience you have with junkies that are looking at jail time, but they tend to get very... Chatty.

Oliver Tuxhorn: do you keep finding excuses to talk to me?

Lindsay: I can't let you go out and live it up... While there's a woman alone, pregnant, whose husband is gone because of you.

Oliver Tuxhorn: So you're just gonna keep following me around? What about if, um... If I go somewhere private, someplace nobody knows? You follow me there?

Lindsay: Do you know what I like about Midori?

Oliver Tuxhorn: Let me guess. It reminds you of high school. I get that a lot from girls.

Lindsay: No… It stains.

Oliver Tuxhorn: Hey. Lick it up. I know you want to.

Lindsay: Ladies, he usually puts the date-rape drugs in the champagne, but I'd toss all your drinks just in case.

Interview room

Voight: Hey… How was rehab in Arizona?

Leo Tuxhorn: I feel a punch line coming.

Voight: Nope. I'm serious… You glad you went?

Leo Tuxhorn: I am, actually. It's still a struggle for me, obviously, but... I'll keep trying.

Voight: Well, I know at least one thing they teach there is that hiding from the problems in your life is not an effective way of dealing with them. In fact, not only do those problems never get tackled... They fester… And they create even bigger problems in your life. Is that right?

Leo Tuxhorn: You want the name of my dealer, right? Right?

Voight: Wrong. I want to know how you got to the witness in your brother's trial.

Leo Tuxhorn: I didn't get to him.

Atwater: Did you try?

Leo Tuxhorn: For a minute. But then I realized the insanity of it all, and I let it go.

Atwater: But your brother put you up to it, right?

Leo Tuxhorn: He made his desires known, but h-he didn't put anybody up to anything.

Voight: How did the witness get killed, Leo?

Leo Tuxhorn: I have no idea.

Atwater: All we have to do is lift the prints off the gun and the fingerprints off the apartment where the gun was stashed at.

Leo Tuxhorn: You asked me to be honest. I'm being honest. I don't know anything about a gun or... Or an apartment or anything.

Voight: Where were you last night?

Leo Tuxhorn: I was at my friend's apartment off rush. There were four people there that can attest to that.

Atwater: You're a three-time loser, Leo. You're facing some real jail time right now, and this is your one chance to help yourself out.

Leo Tuxhorn: I didn't do anything to that witness… Okay, I'm a lot of things. I've made a lot of mistakes. I-I've disappointed a lot of people. But I'm not a killer.


Halstead: Stone called. Uh, Tuxhorn's lawyer is pushing for a motion to dismiss. Stone needs to know if we got a leg to stand on.

Voight: How long until he needs to decide?

Halstead: 24 hours.

Voight: All right, check out Leo's alibi.

Halstead: Copy.

21 entrance

Platt: Did you post that on Facebook?

Mike Sorensen: Yeah… Couple of buddies of mine... We just share crazy stuff we see.

Platt: So you illegally accessed a CPD administrative server to capture video from your city-issued body cam for one purpose... To humiliate a citizen of this city, the same city we took an oath to protect from bullies like you.

Burgess: Other cops do it, too, Sergeant. I mean, more than you probably realize.

Platt: So you knew about this.

Burgess: I... I didn't know that he was gonna post it on social media.

Platt: Oh. Starting tomorrow, you're both walking CHA vertical foot patrol in the Lathrop homes. And, Sorensen, in your case, that's only because I don't have the authority to suspend you myself, you stupid son of a bitch. But believe me, I'm working on it. Get out of my sight... Both of you... Now.

21 Entrance

Mike Sorensen: Did you rat me out?

Burgess: No… But now I wish I would have.

Intelligence office

Ruzek: Hey, boss. We got something here.

Voight: Okay.

Ruzek: All right. Take it away there, Chris.

Chris Baron: Okay. So each and every Tuxhorn property has its own profit and loss statement and its own manager.

Voight: Mm.

Ruzek: With access to all associated accounts, right?

Chris Baron: Mm-hmm. Money comes in, money goes out regular, except this one property in Dubai. Place isn't even open yet, but it's showing profits of $100,000 a year, going back four years.

Ruzek: Yeah, so it's clearly a shell. They've been dumping money.

Chris Baron: But a week ago, there's one large cash withdrawal... $300,000. And only one person could have pulled it out... The manager.

Halstead: Who's that?

Ruzek: Sloane Tuxhorn, Oliver's sister.

Olinsky: Well, that still doesn't help us, not if we can't link her and the money back to Oliver.

Dawson: She's not on the visitor or call logs to the jail. She never emailed him. There's no proof they communicated.

Ruzek: Ah, well, maybe there is. That number, 300,000, that rang a bell, right? So I went back through Oliver's Facebook posts that he made while he was still in prison. He commented on a post that his sister Sloane made about his getting release, and I quote, "wouldn't 300,000 likes be rad... If that happened?"

Olinsky: 300,000, rad... Jim Radovick.

Voight: Okay, when was this?

Ruzek: Two days before the murder.

Lindsay: It's not enough to charge her.

Voight: It's enough to bluff her, though. We got eyes on her?

Halstead: We do.

Voight: Get her ass in here.

Interview room

Voight: Huh. It's Jim Radovick's statement.

Lindsay: Hmm.

Voight: Yeah, he's in the interview room next door. Hmm. Says the whole thing was your idea. You wanted the witness killed, arranged payment… You're the mastermind, basically.

Sloane Tuxhorn: Well, he's lying.

Voight: Everybody lies, Sloane, one way or another. What matters is credibility... In front of a judge, in front of a jury, in front of us.

Lindsay: Right now you're looking at obstruction of justice. It's a class 4 felony. You'll do a year, maybe two… That's if you cooperate and give a full statement. We go with Radovick's version, you're looking at bribery, witness tampering, and soliciting a murderer. That's a class 2 felony. You will do ten years.

Voight: Radovick's an ex-cop. I'm happy to go with his version.

Sloane Tuxhorn: I just got him the money. That's it… Radovick said it would take a boatload of money to get him to do it.

Voight: Uh-huh.

Sloane Tuxhorn: So I offered 300,000, and he said we were in business.

Lindsay: How did he get the identity of the witness?

Sloane Tuxhorn: I don't know, but he did… And the money was only to get the witness to change his story, not kill him… But something went wrong.

Lindsay: And Oliver told you to do this... The Facebook post from in jail.

Sloane Tuxhorn: Yes.

Jim Radovick's office

Jim: Radovick: Hey, Al.

Olinsky: Jim.

Jim: Radovick: So what's the latest? You get the brother?

Olinsky: You know, driving over here, I remembered one of the things that, um... That got you fired from the job... Making false arrests.

Jim: Radovick: You're seriously gonna take Leo's word over mine?

Olinsky: Not his… His sister's… She laid it all out… Put your hands up, Jim. Put your hands up.

Jim: Radovick: You're I got kids, Al.

Olinsky: Put your hands up, man. Come on.

Jim: Radovick: You listen to me, okay? I went... I went to talk to Tariq, offer him some money. Okay? He reached into his pocket. I thought it was a gun. So I drew. I saw it was a phone when he went down. Okay, but him getting shot... That's not premeditated. Okay, Al? That's important. You got to put that in your report, right? It's not premeditated.

Olinsky: What about the part where you break into a man's home, plant a weapon, and get paid 300 grand? Was that premeditated?


Lindsay: Where's that little smile today, Oliver? You know, of all the people you hurt, you can add one more to the list... Your sister. State's Attorney's gonna push for three years.

Platt’s office

Platt: You're pissed. You're miserable. You want a new partner. I get it, but, Burgess, it is not that easy. You're just gonna have to suck it up.

Burgess: I didn't say anything.

Platt: You're right. You didn't.

Burgess: Yeah.

Platt: I'm doing all I can.

Burgess: I know.


Dawson: Hey.

Burgess: Hey.

Dawson: Nothing. I'll catch you later.

Firehouse 51

Dawson: All I ever wanted to be was a Chicago cop.

Gabriella Dawson: Well, it sounds like you still would be... Still bringing down the bad guys, still serving your city, just changing locations.

Dawson: This guy Stone... I like him… He's a straight shooter, doesn't play politics, fights for the right things. I could go to battle with him.

Gabriella Dawson: How often can you say that about somebody?

Dawson: Yeah.

Gabriella Dawson: You also got to think of this as a life question, not just a job question, you know? I mean, when I went over to Ambo, it really helped me out in terms of home life, big-time. Would the hours be normal?

Dawson: Normal-ish, not like Intelligence hours.

Gabriella Dawson: 'Cause Diego's race that you missed... He won.


Dawson: Hey.

Peter Stone: Hey. Thanks for your help.

Dawson: It's a team effort.

Peter Stone: Tariq never should have slipped through protective custody. That one's gonna haunt me.

Dawson: Looks like you need a new lead investigator.

Peter Stone: You know of a good one?

Dawson: Me.

Peter Stone: I was hoping for some good news. Welcome aboard, Antonio.

Dawson: Looking forward to working with you.

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