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Chicago Med
#108 : À cœur ouvert

Le Dr Manning revient de son congés maternité et aide à traiter un adolescent avec une long historique de problèmes médicaux. Dr Choi s'occupe d'un ancien camarade de la Marine avec une maladie potentiellement mortelle et va au-delà de ses fonctions pour s'assurer qu'il obtienne le traitement approprié. Le prince saoudien Fayçal arrive à l'hôpital pour une intervention chirurgicale prévue, mais seulement avec le Dr David Downey.
Pendant ce temps, une romance naissante entre Sarah et le technicien de laboratoire Joey semble bien partie mais Avril a du mal à y croire.


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À cœur ouvert

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Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt)

Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt)

Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett)

Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett)

Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto), Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt), Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett)

Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto), Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt), Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett)

Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto)

Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto)

Sara Reese (Rachel DiPillo)

Sara Reese (Rachel DiPillo)



Ethan Choi (Brian Tee)

Ethan Choi (Brian Tee)

Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto)

Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto)

Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss)

Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss)

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson)

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson)

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) et Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt)

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) et Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt)


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Scénario : Mary Leah Sutton  

Réalisation Donald Petrie

Guest Starring : Gregg Henry (David Downey), Julie Berman (Sam Zanetti), Peter Mark Kendall (Joey Thomas), Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Vicki Glass), Matthew Humphreys (Henry Joffe), Laurence Mason (Chef Mason), Margaret Cook (Amy), Janette Villas (Sloane), Maisie Merlock (Michelle Joffre), Jeremy Shouldis (Marty Peterson), Jodi Kingsley (Madeline Gastern), Peter DeFaria (Officier Tackett), Iymen Chehade (Prince Faisal), Cesar Jamie (Ambulancier Cesar), Cherie Cordero (Infirmière Julia)

Waiting room

Maggie Lockwood: This is the main entrance, though it's not really private.

Man: So this is where he's...

Maggie Lockwood: You can take a look.

Natalie Manning: Hi.

Maggie Lockwood: Oh, my God. Is that really you?

Natalie Manning: Aww.

Maggie Lockwood: And look at you, like you were never even pregnant. How are your boobs feeling?

Natalie Manning: Besieged.

Maggie Lockwood: That'll happen.

Natalie Manning: Mm-hmm.


Man: Cover this side.

Natalie Manning: What's with all the suits?

Maggie Lockwood: Some mucky-muck flying into town for heart surgery. This is what they call an advance team.

Natalie Manning: And here I thought you were rolling out the red carpet for me.

Maggie Lockwood: Sorry. But I'm glad to see you. I'm surprised you didn't ask for a couple more weeks.

Natalie Manning: Well, it's been a month.

Maggie Lockwood: I was just joking.

Natalie Manning: You mean you don't think I'm a bad mom?

April Sexton: Juvie. Respiratory distress.

Maggie Lockwood: All right. Welcome back, Dr. Manning.

Natalie Manning: Thank you.

Maggie Lockwood: Trauma 2.

April Sexton: I'll get your stuff.

Natalie Manning: Thanks.


Paramedic: All tenens to the ED. 13-year-old female, Michelle. Worsened on the ride. This is her father.

Natalie Manning: Michelle, I'm Dr. Manning. I'm gonna take care of you. When did this start?

Mr. Joffe: 20 minutes ago.

Natalie Manning: Is she asthmatic?

Mr. Joffe: No.

Natalie Manning: Bee sting? Something she ate?

Mr. Joffe: Definitely not something she ate.

Natalie Manning: How can you be sure?

Mr. Joffe: Because she never eats anything I don't prepare for her.

Trauma 2

Natalie Manning: All right, we're gonna move her on my count. One, two, three. Call respiratory for a vent, stat, and get a crash cart in here.

Nurse: Yes, Dr. Manning.

Natalie Manning: She's in bronchospasm.

Mr. Joffe: Breathe, breathe.

Natalie Manning: Draw up .3 milligrams of EPI, 1/1000, and give it IM.

April Sexton: Got it.

Mr. Joffe: I'm not sure that's safe. She's on other medications.

Natalie Manning: What medications?

Mr. Joffe: Metoprolol, and Tegretol for her seizures, Methadone for her pain...

Natalie Manning: Methadone?

Mr. Joffe: She has Mitochondrial Disease. It affects her body's ability to produce...

Natalie Manning: I'm familiar with Mito.

April Sexton: Stats are dropping.

Natalie Manning: All right, we can't wait for respiratory. We need to intubate. Get me 20 of Etomidate, 80 of Sux. She's spasmed down. Where are the drugs?

April Sexton: I lost the IV. I'm trying again on this side.

Natalie Manning: We don't have time. We need to crich her. Get me a 10cc syringe and a 16-gauge needle, now.

Mr. Joffe: What is happening?

Natalie Manning: Sir, I need you to step out.

Mr. Joffe: Don't tell me what to do. My daughter is dying and you're letting her.

Natalie Manning: Now!

Nurse: Sir, step back.

Mr. Joffe: No, look... It's all right, kiddo.

Natalie Manning: Needle, now.

Intern: Here, doctor.

April Sexton: Go ahead and hang another liter. Stand by.

Michelle Joffe: I'm okay. I'm okay!

Nurse: Hold off.

Michelle Joffe: I'm okay.

April Sexton: Sats are improving.

Natalie Manning: Let's get a face mask on her.

Nurse: Yes, doctor.

Mr. Joffe: Oh, thank God you pulled out of it.

Michelle Joffe: Sorry I scared you, Dad. Are you okay?

Mr. Joffe: Am I okay? Listen to you. Oh, you silly girl. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

April Sexton: I've never seen someone improve like that so quick. You?

Natalie Manning: No.


Natalie Manning: You had a G-tube implanted?

Mr. Joffe: Helps with her nutrition. She's not the greatest eater. We IV her supplements and vitamins.

Michelle Joffe: My smoothie. And the, uh...

Mr. Joffe: Central line catheter? It's for all her meds.

Natalie Manning: Mm. She's good to go. You are a very brave girl.

Mr. Joffe: Got that from her mother. My wife died four years ago. Breast cancer.

Natalie Manning: I'm sorry.

Mr. Joffe: Not long after that's when kiddo here started getting sick. Migraines, fatigue, IBS. For a while, I figured it was just part of the mourning process, but it kept happening.

I got that. I took her to... I don't know how many doctors, but nobody knew what was wrong, so I went online and found out about Mito.

Natalie Manning: You went online for that?

Mr. Joffe: For the first time, what Michelle was going through finally made sense. Good news, we know what it is. Bad news, there's no cure. So we manage.

Natalie Manning: Okay. Well, I'd like to do a full workup before discharging her. See if we can find what caused those spasms. Could take a couple of hours. You guys okay with that?

Mr. Joffe: Do what you do. We're old pros. Never leave home unprepared, just in case we end up in the hospital.


Maggie Lockwood: This way.

Connor Rhodes: Well, it looks like royalty's arrived.

Ethan Choi: You're referring to him... Or him? Princes come and go, but there's only one King Downey.


Dr. Downey: Ah, yes, Your Highness. Welcome.


Ethan Choi: Guy's a surgical rock star. This prince flies halfway around the world to have him replace his valve.


Dr. Downey: This is the place we want to be. Come on, your room's ready.


Connor Rhodes: Downey, number one with a bullet. Although, I suppose if that were true, you'd be yanking it out of him, wouldn't you?

Maggie Lockwood: Doctor Rhodes, they're ready for you in OR 2.

Connor Rhodes: Thank you, Maggie. This woman stabbed her husband in the right flank with a pair of scissors.

Ethan Choi: Sounds like they could use a marriage counsellor.


Will Halstead: Mr. Mason, I'm Dr. Halstead. So, tell me, when did this pain start?

Ethan Choi: Who let this man in the hospital?

Mr. Mason: Who let this man become a doctor?

Will Halstead: Whoa, gentlemen… I take it you two kids know each other?

Ethan Choi: I had the pleasure of serving time on a carrier with this man, Chief Petty Officer Mason.

Mr. Mason: Choi.

Ethan Choi: Great to see you, Chief. What are you doing in Chicago?

Mr. Mason: I retired two years ago, and, uh... Let's catch up after we let the doc here do his thing.

Ethan Choi: Nothing doing. You come to Chicago Med, you get me. Chart, please.

Will Halstead: You're in good hands. Honour to meet you.

Ethan Choi: So... What brings you in here?

Mr. Mason: I feel like I swallowed a fishhook.

Ethan Choi: Well, let's take a look.


Will Halstead: There you are. Heard you were back.

Natalie Manning: Hey.

Will Halstead: Hey. How's Owen? He liking that mobile thing I hung up?

Natalie Manning: Mesmerized. He can't stop staring at it.

Will Halstead: Success. Wasn't the same without you.

Natalie Manning: I'm glad to be back. I just hope my son forgives me.

Will Halstead: Of course he will. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Natalie Manning: I'm not that absent.

Will Halstead: Oh, no, I didn't...

Natalie Manning: I didn't mean any... I'm sorry; I'm exhausted. I... It's just... It's our first day apart.

Will Halstead: Absolutely. First day. What's all this?

Natalie Manning: My 13-year-old's medical history. Dad keeps a copy of everything in the car just in case.

Will Halstead: This is all for a 13-year-old?

Natalie Manning: Girl presents with bronchospasm. I get this close to criching her. The moment her father leaves her side... She catches her breath. Like magic.

Will Halstead: The kid's a budding Harry Potter.

Natalie Manning: She has mitochondrial disease.

Will Halstead: Mito? We really are talking fiction here.

Natalie Manning: You don't think it exists?

Will Halstead: Always felt like a wastebasket diagnosis to me. Doctor can't figure out what's really going wrong, says it's Mito, calls it a day.

Natalie Manning: Hmm.

Will Halstead: What did the muscle biopsy say?

Natalie Manning: That I don't know, because I haven't found it yet.

Will Halstead: Want a second set of eyes?

Natalie Manning: Yes, thank you.

Will Halstead: You're welcome.


Joey Thomas: Okay, here you go.

Sarah Reese: Okay. Yeah.

Joey Thomas: Yeah. See you.

Sarah Reese: Okay, bye.


April Sexton: Oh, my God. You guys are so cute.

Sarah Reese: We're just friends.

April Sexton: Uh-huh.

Sarah Reese: Another dating app? Why? You go to any bar, and there's a line around the block to buy you a drink.

April Sexton: Oh, well, at least these guys know how to type, for the most part. Look at this one. Profile name, "Windy City Winner."

Sarah Reese: Nope.

April Sexton: Another idiot without a shirt. Oh. That's...

Sarah Reese: Joey.

April Sexton: "Cold Tech, Warm Heart." It says his favourite thing is watching the Chicago skyline at night from Promontory Point.

Sarah Reese: Please, he hardly ever leaves his computer.

Maggie Lockwood: Hate to drag you two ladies away from electronic romance...

Sloane: Oh, my gosh!

Maggie Lockwood: But Treatment Five awaits. Have fun.

Treatment Five

April Sexton: Okay.

Sloane: I need everything to stop spinning.

April Sexton: Okay. You brought her in?

Amy: Sloane's my girl. Ride or die since junior high, and we're college roommates.

Sarah Reese: She appears inebriated.

Sloane: I only had two glasses of wine.

Amy: She told me she was staying in to study for her environmental studie.

Sloane: Bacteria.

Amy: Yes, look... Going over things from her field trips.

Sloane: I'm so sorry, Ames. Don't deserve you.

Amy: It's okay, Sloaney.

April Sexton: Her knee appears swollen.

Amy: Well, she did fall in the shower this morning.

Sarah Reese: Well, often, in college, people find out their actual limits, and she exceeded hers.

Amy: You got wasted like this a lot?

Sarah Reese: No, not me. Never once… Maybe once. All right, let's draw some labs, start an IV, get her on a liter of normal saline, see if we can't sober her up.

April Sexton: Yep.


Ethan Choi: 99.3. A little hot, that's all.

Mr. Mason: That's it?

Ethan Choi: That, my friend, is it.

Mr. Mason: You don't want to run a CAT scan or something?

Ethan Choi: CAT scan?

Mr. Mason: It's pretty standard, isn't it?

Ethan Choi: Not with what I'm seeing, unless there's something you haven't told me.

Mr. Mason: When I go to the bathroom, there's blood in my stool.

Ethan Choi: Blood. Bright red? Dark?

Mr. Mason: Dark.

Ethan Choi: How long has that been going on?

Mr. Mason: About three months.

Ethan Choi: And you're just seeing a doctor now? Can you roll over on your side? You know what's coming… But it'll just be for a few seconds… We call this the Chicago Med handshake… Okay, done. Chief, we are gonna do that CAT scan after all.


Sam Zanetti: Not a scratch on the liver, but a hole in the diaphragm. She got him good.

Marty Peterson: Uh, Doctor Downey. Good morning.

Sam Zanetti: What's he doing here?

Connor Rhodes: The patient, Marty.

Sam Zanetti: Hmm.

Connor Rhodes: Do you know this patient?

Dr. Downey: No… Ah.

Connor Rhodes: Are there any concerns, Dr. Downey?

Dr. Downey: No.

Connor Rhodes: And we are... Done… What did he want?

Sam Zanetti: I have no idea.


Sharon Goodwin: Excuse me.

Daniel Charles: Excuse me… Sorry. It's a fricking Rose Bowl parade in here.

Sharon Goodwin: Well, the prince has a lot of well-wishers.

Daniel Charles: Is he gifting David a polo pony this time? I thought I saw a saddle back there.

Sharon Goodwin: Do I sense a tinge of jealousy, or are you just upset because I let him use your parking spot?

Daniel Charles: Look, Hawaiian shirts aside, I think David is a lovely man. It's, frankly, our priorities that I tend to question.

Sharon Goodwin: Look at this ED, Daniel. You don't get this without that. Downey helps make Chicago Med a destination hospital.

Daniel Charles: Yeah, like Disneyland. Right?

Trauma 2

Natalie Manning: Hi, Michelle. How are you feeling?

Michelle Joffe: Well...

Mr. Joffe: Not great, to be honest. I'm wondering if we should adjust her IV fluids?

Natalie Manning: Okay. Well, we'll look into that. This is Dr. Halstead; I've asked him to join us.

Will Halstead: Thank you, by the way, for keeping such a detailed account of Michelle's history.

Mr. Joffe: Yeah, well, sometimes it feels like a full-time job.

Will Halstead: I bet. Well, we were looking over her records and didn't come across any results for a muscle biopsy. Do you know if one was ever performed?

Mr. Joffe: No, we haven't done a biopsy.

Will Halstead: Uh-huh. I highly recommend one. It's really the only way to confirm a diagnosis of Mito.

Mr. Joffe: Well, no, the doctor was concerned how Michelle would react to the anesthesia.

Michelle Joffe: What's he talking about, Daddy?

Mr. Joffe: Nothing, kiddo. You know, she should rest. I'll be right outside. Can we chat outside?


Mr. Joffe: What are you doing?

Will Halstead: Just trying to confirm...

Mr. Joffe: Michelle has Mito. If I wanted her retested, I'd ask. I came here because she was having trouble breathing and this was the closest hospital. I didn't come here to debate her diagnosis.

Natalie Manning: We're just trying to find a way to help your daughter start feeling better.

Mr. Joffe: No, Dr. Halstead thinks he knows better than her father.

Will Halstead: I was not questioning...

Mr. Joffe: Oh, the hell you weren't.

Michelle Joffe: Daddy? My stomach...

Trauma 2

Will Halstead: Michelle? Are you okay?

Natalie Manning: Pulse is strong. Pupils are equal.

April Sexton: IV?

Natalie Manning: It's good.

Will Halstead: April, ammonia ampule.

April Sexton: Got it.

Daniel Charles: Anything you need?

Will Halstead: Thanks, we got it.

Natalie Manning: We need to take a look at that hand.

Mr. Joffe: Do something.

April Sexton: Dr. Halstead.

Will Halstead: Thank you… Michelle? Okay, Michelle?

Mr. Joffe: It's okay, kiddo. It's okay. I'm here. Daddy's right here.

Michelle Joffe: Daddy!

Mr. Joffe: Yeah. You still want to convince yourselves there's nothing wrong with her?


Mr. Mason: I'm guessing, by your expression, it doesn't look good.

Ethan Choi: It doesn't. You have a large mass partially obstructing your right colon, which explains the symptoms you've been experiencing. I can't be sure, but... In all likelihood, I...

Mr. Mason: Colon cancer, right? My doctor at the VA, she thought this might be what it was.

Ethan Choi: Wait, you have a doctor at the VA who knew your symptoms and hasn't had you scanned yet?

Mr. Mason: Dr. Glass, but it... It wasn't her fault, okay? She's been beating the drum for me. It's that VA. They got their own special pace. Slow. Hey, you think I'll make it another week?

Ethan Choi: What happens in a week?

Mr. Mason: Reunion. You know, all the chiefs from the Vinson who were deployed to Haiti, helping out after the quake.

Ethan Choi: I remember. You'll be at that reunion, Chief.

Trauma 2

Natalie Manning: How's that feel? Is that okay, Michelle? How's your stomach feeling now?

Michelle Joffe: A little better. It never feels great, though. That's why I'm so lucky to have my dad. He's always there to take care of me.

Mr. Joffe: Now, where else would I be, kiddo?


Daniel Charles: Hey. How's that, uh... Young lady doing?

Will Halstead: I wish there was a simple answer to that.

Daniel Charles: How about the un-simple one?


Will Halstead: So something's clearly wrong with her, but Mito? I'm not buying it.

Daniel Charles: Could it just be all the medication?

Will Halstead: The girl's a walking pharmacy. Who knows how she's reacting to all those drugs? Ideally, I'd wean Michelle off everything and establish a new baseline.

Daniel Charles: You think the dad would go for that?

Will Halstead: Not a chance. The guy is dead set it's Mito. I... I got a weird feeling here, doc. It... It's like... They've built their lives around this disease.

Daniel Charles: Huh. I don't know, Will. It feels like something worth investigating to me.

Will Halstead: Yeah, I think it'd be great if you went and talked to them.

Daniel Charles: What, I walk in there? A shrink? No, it'd change the whole dynamic. You'd never get a clean read. I need to watch them without them knowing I'm watching them.


Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Rhodes, your presence has been requested on the fifth floor. Dr. Downey wants to speak with you.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah, yeah, I'll come up.

Maggie Lockwood: He'll be right up.

Sam Zanetti: Well, let me know what he wants.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah.


Sarah Reese: Hey... How's our patient in five?

April Sexton: Still sleeping it off.

Sarah Reese: Um... About that profile? I'm wondering if it's something Joey just had up and forgot to take down. Does it say the last time he was on?

April Sexton: Mm... He was last active... Today.

Sarah Reese: Today?

April Sexton: Mm-hmm.

Amy: Excuse me. I had a question I wanted to ask you. What's it like being a doctor?

Sarah Reese: Oh, not a doctor. Fourth-year med student.

Amy: Oh, I'm premed. Does the work load ever calm down?

Sarah Reese: No, just gets worse.

Amy: Miles, my boyfriend, is about ready to dump my ass. Last night, he begs me to go see some band at Metro, and blew ‘em of the study

Sarah Reese: Well, in my experience, med school and guys don't mix. Most of them are liars and cheats anyway. You say, "Let's take it slow," and for them, that means a license to sleep around.

Nurse: Seizure in Five!

Treatment 5

Sarah Reese: Get one milligram of Ativan, and grab the attending. Thank you. I've got her airway.

Amy: Oh, my God.

April Sexton: Have you ever seen her have a seizure before?

Amy: No.

Sarah Reese: Where's that Ativan? How often does she drink like this? Is it possible she's detoxing?

Amy: No way Sloane's a closet alkie. We don't keep secrets from each other.

Sarah Reese: All of this from one night of drinking doesn't make sense.


Dr. Downey: Dr. Rhodes. Nice work down there.

Connor Rhodes: Thank you.

Dr. Downey: So my angels tell me you spent time in Riyadh?

Connor Rhodes: Your angels are correct. I was there last year helping injured oil workers.

Dr. Downey: How's your Arabic?

Connor Rhodes: Sounds good to me.

Dr. Downey: Come on, I want you to meet somebody.

Outside the elevator

Joey Thomas: So here it is.

Sarah Reese: Hyponatremia?

Joey Thomas: Yeah, her sodium levels are pretty low.

Sarah Reese: Her... Glucose is 74, so she's not diabetic. Her blood alcohol is negative. What caused her...

Joey Thomas: Hey.

Sarah Reese: Her seizure?

Joey Thomas: Is everything okay? You know, with us? You on that app too?

Sarah Reese: What? No. What are you doing on it?

Joey Thomas: I mean... You said you like to take it slow and get to know a person.

Sarah Reese: Yeah, get to know one person, not get to know me while you date half of Chicago.

Joey Thomas: No, I'm not dating half of...

Sarah Reese: And the Chicago skyline? When's the last time you were even outside at night?

Prince Faisal’s room

Dr. Downey: There'll be a pulmonary thromboendarterectomy, full bypass, hemodilution. Now, I like it because it gives us a clear field, so we can completely remove the blockage.

Connor Rhodes: Would you like me to translate this into Arabic?

Prince Faisal: Why would you need to do that?

Connor Rhodes: I see that I don't.

Dr. Downey: So surgery's set for 3:00. Make yourself comfortable while my team preps… Stop worrying. You're making me nervous. You certainly don't want that while I'm operating. We'll see you in a bit.


Connor Rhodes: I'm not a CT surgeon, but bypass for pulmonary thrombus isn't common, is it?

Dr. Downey: Who wants common? I know my patient doesn't. You okay with common?

Connor Rhodes: Dr. Downey, what exactly am I doing here?

Dr. Downey: You're helping me prep for surgery.

Connor Rhodes: I guess so.


Natalie Manning: Did he eat? Oh, okay, good. Good. And you're sure you have enough milk? Okay, because you know, I'm really close; I could always come... Okay. All right, well, call me if you need anything. You know, I'm, um... Just ten minutes away… I'll call you in a little bit, okay? Give Owen a kiss for me. Okay, bye.

Will Halstead: There's something you need to see.


April Sexton: That feel okay? Do you need anything?

Michelle Joffe: No, water's fine.


Daniel Charles: Notice how normal she is with April, and then... And then her dad walks in.


Mr. Joffe: Hey. How you doing, kiddo?

Michelle Joffe: Hanging in there.


Daniel Charles: And her smile disappears.


Michelle Joffe: Hey, Dad. I can't hold that cup. Can you bring it?

Mr. Joffe: Of course, sweetheart.


Daniel Charles: See, so before, she's drinking on her own, and now, all of a sudden, she needs her dad's help. It's like she's instantly self-infantilizing.

Sharon Goodwin: Why would you do this?

Daniel Charles: Because I asked him to.

Sharon Goodwin: Without consulting me?

Natalie Manning: This is my patient.

Sharon Goodwin: You know, I ought to haul your ass up in front of the ethics committee. This is an absolute violation of patient rights, and you know that.

Daniel Charles: I do, Sharon, but we could be looking at a case of medical child abuse here.

Natalie Manning: Child abuse? Mr. Joffe is overbearing, but he's clearly not intending to hurt Michelle.

Daniel Charles: Of course not. He's trying to save her, but that's precisely why we would refer to this as a conversion disorder. My gut is telling me this entire relationship is driven by her being sick and him taking care of her.

Natalie Manning: Hold on. Even if it's not Mito, her symptoms could still be explained by something else… A Chiari malformation, maybe? Before I call this guy an abuser, I want to rule everything else out.

Will Halstead: As soon as Michelle can stand, he's gonna take her home, and then we're out of options.

Sharon Goodwin: Okay. You erase that footage immediately… Dr. Manning, I understand how you feel, and I want you to run whatever tests you deem necessary to narrow your differential diagnosis; however, if there is even a 1% chance of abuse taking place, we have an obligation here. So what do you need to make a clear call?

Daniel Charles: I need to talk with Michelle without her father present.

Sharon Goodwin: All right. This is how we're gonna make that happen.

MRI machine room

Natalie Manning: All right, Michelle. Here's the MRI machine we're gonna be using. It's still warming up, but we have Dr. Charles here to keep us company until it's ready. Are you okay with that?

Daniel Charles: Hi, Michelle.

Michelle Joffe: Hi. What kind of doctor are you?

Daniel Charles: I am the kind of doctor whose job it is to make sure you don't get nervous about getting in that machine.

Michelle Joffe: I'm not scared. I'm used to this kind of stuff. Me and my dad are in hospitals all the time.

Daniel Charles: Hmm. Well, we're hoping to make it so that you don't have to be in them so much. How does that sound?

Michelle Joffe: Okay.

Daniel Charles: Good.

Dr. Downey’s office

Connor Rhodes: Six teaspoons of gunpowder green tea.

Dr. Downey: Boiling water… Gently.

Connor Rhodes: Arabic tea. This helps you prep for surgery?

Dr. Downey: Swirl… Pour. Make sure the tea stays in the pot… Sugar… Mint… Stir… Slowly. Don't want to change the viscosity.

Connor Rhodes: Viscosity? Wait; that's why you use hemodilution to allow bypass without reperfusion injury?

Dr. Downey: Should be done.

Connor Rhodes: Tea with mint. That's Moroccan, not Saudi.

Dr. Downey: It's not for the prince… Thank you, Dr. Rhodes. You can go.

Connor Rhodes: That's it?

Dr. Downey: You did a nice job.

Observation room

Michelle Joffe: I remember Dad got tickets to a play that day, "Wicked."

Daniel Charles: Oh, my daughter wanted me to take her to that. Was it good?

Michelle Joffe: I don't know; I never saw it. I went into my dad's room to see if he was ready, but he was looking at pictures of my mom and being sad, so... I went back to my room.

Daniel Charles: Then what happened? I have got to confess, I am so jealous of those socks. Those hedgehogs are fantastic. Okay, so you went back to your room, and...

Michelle Joffe: Oh, I just waited for a long time, and then my stomach started to hurt, and I got dizzy, and I yelled out for my dad, and then...

Daniel Charles: And he came?

Michelle Joffe: Yeah, he came. He picked me up and took me to the hospital. Since then, it's been like this a lot.

Daniel Charles: And how's your dad been doing? Does, uh... Does he still get sad?

Michelle Joffe: Not so much. I guess I keep him pretty busy.

Daniel Charles: Makes sense. So. We, uh... We good?

Natalie Manning: We should be all set.

ER entrance

Maggie Lockwood: Thank you, Mr. Joffe. Now, if you can sign just three more forms, I promise you'll be done.

Mr. Joffe: Dr. Manning's been down in radiology with my daughter for over an hour.

Maggie Lockwood: Would you like me to page her?

Mr. Joffe: No. I'll just go down there.

Maggie Lockwood: Oh, I'm sorry, you can't be in the room while your daughter's having an MRI.

Mr. Joffe: Yeah, that's what she said, but I'm not waiting around anymore.

Daniel Charles: Mr. Joffe? I'm Dr. Charles. Could I talk to you for a second?

Mr. Joffe: Yeah, why?

Daniel Charles: Well, it's about your daughter. There's a consultation room right over here if you have a couple minutes.

Mr. Joffe: No, you know what? If you have something to say, can you just say it?

Daniel Charles: There is a strong possibility that your daughter's medical issues have a psychological component to them.

Mr. Joffe: What the hell are you talking about?

Daniel Charles: It's very important that you understand that I wouldn't be telling you this unless I perceived significant risk to both you and your daughter, but I want you to consider the possibility that when your wife died, your daughter might have misunderstood your attempts to protect her from your grief. Her isolation...

Mr. Joffe: Wait, what? So I've been making her sick? That's what you're accusing me of?

Daniel Charles: It's much more complicated than that.

Mr. Joffe: No, but it's my fault. I'm to blame.

Daniel Charles: That's actually not what I'm saying. If you'd hear me out...

Mr. Joffe: I cannot believe you people. I am not going to stand here and listen to this. I'm going to get my daughter and get here out of here.

MRI room entrance

Mr. Joffe: Michelle! Excuse me, my daughter's having an MRI. Where is that?

PA: Right over there, sir.

Mr. Joffe: Where's my daughter?

Natalie Manning: She's still in the MRI machine.

Mr. Joffe: Well, turn it off. I'm taking her home now.

Natalie Manning: I'm sorry, sir, but we can't do that. No, please... Mr. Joffe! Please, Mr. Joffe.

Mr. Joffe: Open this door.

Natalie Manning: Please, Mr. Joffe.

Mr. Joffe: Open this door!

Madeline Gastern: Mr. Joffe? Madeline Gastern. We are from the Department of Child and Family Services.

Mr. Joffe: What the hell is going on here?

Madeline Gastern: A charge of medical child abuse has been brought against you by this hospital.

Mr. Joffe: Child abuse?

Daniel Charles: That is a legal term only, Mr. Joffe...

Madeline Gastern: Michelle will be taken into custody by the state while the charge is investigated.

Mr. Joffe: What are you talking about?

Sharon Goodwin: I'm sorry; I know this must be confusing, but we need to sit down with you and explain why this has happened.

Mr. Joffe: You. You set this up, didn't you?

Natalie Manning: No...

Mr. Joffe: Shame on you.

Daniel Charles: Mr. Joffe...

Mr. Joffe: You... Stay away from me. Let me tell you something. You people have picked the wrong battle.

ER office

Ethan Choi: Dr. Ethan Choi from Chicago Med. I've left a few messages for Dr. Glass. We have a patient of hers here who needs... Please don't put me on hold again. I'm aware of that, but... Unbelievable… Maggie, I'm taking an hour of personal time. I wouldn't do it if it wasn't important.

Maggie Lockwood: Why are you still here?

Connor Rhodes: Hey, heard one of your old shipmates was here. How's he doing?

Ethan Choi: Not good. I'm headed to the VA to crack some heads.

Connor Rhodes: You want me to come with? Power in numbers?

Ethan Choi: I'll be okay. Thanks.


Connor Rhodes: You look a little lost.

Sarah Reese: I'm not sure what's going on with my patient. Her labs are inconsistent with how she presents.

Connor Rhodes: Whenever I get confused, I always go back to the history and the physical. It's the best place to find answers.

Treatment Five

Sarah Reese: I need to know everything you ate and drank last night.

Sloane: I already told you. Two glasses of white wine. That's it. And a ton of water 'cause I didn't want a hangover.

Sarah Reese: What's a "ton"?

Sloane: Like, six or seven of those bottled waters. I would have had more if it wasn't so expensive.

Amy: Expensive? You said you were at home.

Sloane: I was.

April Sexton: What is this? "Metro"? Were you there last night?

Sloane: No.

Amy: You went to Metro? Oh, my God. You were there with Miles, weren't you? Did you hook up with him? Oh, my God. I can't believe it. I'm so stupid.

Sloane: Amy...

Amy: You're a liar and a bitch.

Sloane: Amy...

Amy: I hope you get an STD and it kills you.


Sarah Reese: Let's get a urine tox. If she took ecstasy, that would explain her thirst.

April Sexton: Right. By the way... Wow.

VA entrance

Ethan Choi: Excuse me. Excuse me. I'm looking for Dr. Vicky Glass.

Nurse: Over there.

Treatment room

Ethan Choi: Dr. Glass?

Vicky Glass: Yes.

Ethan Choi: Lieutenant Commander Choi, Naval Reserve. I'm a resident at Chicago Med. Chief Mason came into our ED complaining of stomach pains. We did a CT and found this. This cancer could kill him, something that could have been prevented if you'd run a scan three months ago when he first told you about his symptoms.

Vicky Glass: Well, I couldn't get him in for the scan. Believe me, I wanted to. I did everything I could to make it happen, but as you can see, there's a huge backlog here...

Ethan Choi: And you're underfunded and understaffed. I don't care. These guys deserve better. You can't get a scan approved; go through back channels.

Vicky Glass: Oh, you mean screw protocol?

Ethan Choi: Yes, screw protocol.

Vicky Glass: Hey, that's an idea. After all, the VA pays for ER care if a patient can't get to a VA hospital. Well, I could just tell him what to say to get a CAT scan and send him to you… That what you mean?

Ethan Choi: Yeah.

Vicky Glass: Good. We done chatting here? 'Cause I've got to get Mason in to see a surgeon.

Ethan Choi: It might be too late.


Joey Thomas: I just got the results. Wanted to bring them as soon as I got them.

Sarah Reese: You didn't have to do that… Wow. Her UTox is negative. No drugs. I am out of ideas. I need to talk to an attending.

Joey Thomas: I'm taking down my online profile.

Sarah Reese: Whatever. Don't do it on my account. Go have fun.

Joey Thomas: "Fun"? I... I've been on one awful date. She asked me to go on a hike, and I got bit by a spider… It still hasn't healed… Did you hear me? Do you care?

Sarah Reese: Environmental studies, dehydrated, the puffy knee... We have one more test to run.


Ethan Choi: What happened?

Connor Rhodes: Massive lower GI bleed. We're taking him to surgery now. Ethan, he could lose his colon. Maybe worse.

Ethan Choi: I promised he'd make a Naval reunion next week.

Connor Rhodes: I'll do my best.

Ethan Choi: Hang in there, Chief.


Will Halstead: Michelle's MRI?

Natalie Manning: No sign of a Chiari malformation. Just add it to the long list of things I got wrong today.

Will Halstead: Come on, Nat.

Natalie Manning: Look, I know something had to be done. I just think we had other options.

Will Halstead: Like what?

Natalie Manning: Like not breaking up a family. I know how I'd feel if someone tried to take Owen away from me.

Will Halstead: Look, this was the only way. Remove the parent and monitor the kid. See what's really going on.

Natalie Manning: What about the trauma of separation? I mean, the guy loses his wife, and now he's gonna lose his daughter too?

Will Halstead: It is traumatic, but not fatal. We don't step in, Michelle could end up in the morgue from medication alone.

ER entrance

Mr. Joffe: This hospital kidnapped my daughter, and I want her back.

Maggie Lockwood: Mr. Joffe, you can't...

Mr. Joffe: And those two. They're part of it… No, I don't care. I want my daughter, and I want her now.

Officer: We'll talk to the administrators. See what's what.

Sharon Goodwin: I'm Chief of Patient Services. Can I help you?

Officer: This man has a complaint about his daughter.

Mr. Joffe: I brought my daughter here for treatment, and they have kidnapped her.

Sharon Goodwin: Can I speak to you, please?

Officer: Yeah.

Natalie Manning: Mr. Joffe, please, we're just trying to help Michelle.

Mr. Joffe: She's my daughter… My daughter. You cannot just take her away… Well?

Officer: Mr. Joffe, DCFS has jurisdiction over this. There's nothing, at this time, you can do here about your daughter.

Mr. Joffe: Are you serious?

Officer: My advice: find yourself a lawyer.

Treatment Five

Sarah Reese: How are you feeling?

Sloane: I guess all right, for a terrible friend.

Sarah Reese: We finally found out what's wrong with you. You have Lyme disease.

Sloane: Seriously? Lyme disease?

Sarah Reese: Yeah, it's probably from a tick bite on one of your field trips. It explains your knee and the rest of your symptoms.

Sloane: So what happens now?

Sarah Reese: I'm putting you on an antibiotic course, and hopefully we got it early enough to avoid any long-term consequences.

Sloane: I hooked up with my best friend's boyfriend. There are gonna be some long-term consequences.

ER entrance

Connor Rhodes: Hello, hello.

Sam Zanetti: Hey, what did Downey want?

Connor Rhodes: Wish I knew. Uh, he told me all about his medical plan for the prince.

Sam Zanetti: Yeah.

Connor Rhodes: But then all he had me do was make tea. Moroccan mint tea. Is he crazy?

Sam Zanetti: Yeah. Like, Mozart-crazy. Guess I have to learn how to make Moroccan tea.


Connor Rhodes: Chief Mason... He pulled through. He's stable.

Ethan Choi: Thank you.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah.

Ethan Choi: Thank you… It's crazy. A Saudi prince comes here and gets the best heart surgeon we have, and a vet can't even get a CT scan.

Connor Rhodes: We didn't make the world, right?


Will Halstead: I've spent all afternoon justifying what we did… I wish I felt better about it.

Daniel Charles: Me too.

Waiting room

Daniel Charles: Mr. Joffe? The medical profession isn't crazy about doctors walking around apologizing for things, Um... But I'm very sorry.

Mr. Joffe: What if it was me?

Daniel Charles: Look, Mr. Joffe, we... We all send out messages that we're unaware of, and not just you in this case. Your daughter too.

Mr. Joffe: I mean... I just... I don't understand how.

Daniel Charles: Look. It is a very painful, complicated idea to confront, but if you are even beginning to consider that you might have had a part in this, conscious or not, that is a huge, very positive step.

Mr. Joffe: I was trying to be a good father.

Daniel Charles: And you are. Nobody wants to cut you out of this process. And when the time is right, you'll be allowed to visit… Will you trust me on that?

Mr. Joffe: Okay… It's okay.

Naval reunion

Chief Mason: I appreciate that, sir.


Ethan Choi: Dr. Glass. Didn't know you were Navy.

Vicki Glass: Please. Vicki.

Ethan Choi: Ethan. Nice of the chiefs to allow a couple Os in here. Mason looks happy.

Vicki Glass: Thanks for taking such good care of him.

Ethan Choi: You too. Very resourceful.

Vicki Glass: I have no idea what you're referring to.

Ethan Choi: Care for a drink?

Vicki Glass: Love one.

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