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Chicago Med
#109 : Cas de conscience

Le Dr Halstead ranime une patiente atteinte d'un cancer en stade terminal qui ne souhaitait pas être réanimée et les répercussions sont immédiates, il est retiré du cas car un procès est en cours contre Chicago Med. L'arrivée d'un homme sans-abri est transmis à April et la peu enthousiaste Sarah Reese, mais les circonstances entourant son court séjour les prennent au dépourvu. Suite à l'évaluation et au traitement d'un patient bipolaire avec une dépendance malsaine au lithium, les problèmes personnels du Dr Choi refont surface, l'incitant à demander l'avis du Dr Charles. Le personnel médical est choqué d'apprendre que l'un des leurs a une maladie mortelle.


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Cas de conscience

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Sara Reese (Rachel DiPillo)

Sara Reese (Rachel DiPillo)

Zoe Roth (Susie Abromeit)

Zoe Roth (Susie Abromeit)

Ethan Choi (Brian Tee)

Ethan Choi (Brian Tee)

Sara Reese (Rachel DiPillo)

Sara Reese (Rachel DiPillo)

April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) et Sara Reese (Rachel DiPillo)

April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) et Sara Reese (Rachel DiPillo)

Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) et April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta)

Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) et April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta)

Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) et Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto)

Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) et Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto)

Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) et Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson)

Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) et Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson)

Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell), Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) et David Downey (Gregg Henry)

Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell), Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) et David Downey (Gregg Henry)

David Downey (Gregg Henry)

David Downey (Gregg Henry)

Sara Reese (Rachel DiPillo)

Sara Reese (Rachel DiPillo)


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Scénario : Joshua Hale Fialkov  

Réalisation Jean de Segonzac

Guest Starring : Gregg Henry (David Downey), Julie Berman (Sam Zanetti), Susie Abromeit (Zoe Roth), Eva Kaminsky (Jennifer Baker), Ross Kimball (Sal Baker), William Stanford Davis (Ed Brennan), Angel Desai (Olivia Gray), Lorena Diaz (Infirmière Doris), Gordon Chow (Infirmier Anthony), Moira Hughes (Bailey), Alex Weisman (Chout)

Ethan Choi’s apartment

Ethan Choi: Come on!


Maggie Lockwood: Okay.

Sharon Goodwin: You are really gonna love these. New patient satisfaction forms.

Maggie Lockwood: Oh, damn. "On a scale of zero to ten, did the nurses treat you with courtesy and respect? Did the doctors explain things in a way you could understand?"

Ethan Choi: Morning.

Maggie Lockwood: Morning.

Sharon Goodwin: Morning, Dr. Choi. Every patient should be asked if they'd like to fill one out.

Maggie Lockwood: Just what we need, more paperwork… Incoming! What do we got?

Paramedic 1: Found her at a coffee shop unresponsive after a fainting episode.

Paramedic 2: Initial GCS of 5 improved to a 10 en route.

Maggie Lockwood: Let's go to Treatment 5.

Treatment 5

Maggie Lockwood: BP?

Paramedic 2: 94 over 60. Heart rate 144.A-fib with RVR on the monitor. We gave her 5 milligrams of diltiazem three minutes ago.

Will Halstead: A gross deformity to the left wrist and a pretty good lac on her forehead. On me. One, two, three.

Maggie Lockwood: Transfer.

Will Halstead: Chemo patient?

Paramedic 1: Looks that way.

Will Halstead: Let's get her on the monitors.

Nurse: You got it.

Will Halstead: EKG and labs. CBC, CMP, and ABG.

Nurse: Yes, Dr. Halstead.

Natalie Manning: She's got a broken wrist. Colles' fracture. Can you tell me how this happened?

Will Halstead: She's still in rapid AFib April, 10 milligrams of dilt, stat.

Natalie Manning: Ma'am, can you hear me? Can you tell me your name?

Will Halstead: Start her on a drip. Titrate it to get her heart rate down.

April Sexton: Dilt is in. Heart rate's coming down. 110. 106.

Natalie Manning: Do we have an ID? Find any family?

Sal Baker: Right here. I'm her husband. Sal Baker.

Will Halstead: Any idea what happened to her?

Sal Baker: No, I mean, Jen just went for a walk and said she was getting us all breakfast.

Bailey Baker: Is Mommy okay?

Sal Baker: Yeah, yeah, she's fine. Just wait right here, all right, Bailey? Could we talk for a minute?

Natalie Manning: Sure.


Sal Baker: My wife has end-stage lymphoma.

Natalie Manning: All right.

Sal Baker: I have power of attorney, so I need to instruct you that if she starts to die again, per her wishes, that you do not resuscitate her.

Treatment 5

Will Halstead: Mrs. Baker, I'm Dr. Halstead, and this is my colleague, Dr. Manning.

Natalie Manning: Hi, how are you feeling?

Jennifer Baker: Okay.

Will Halstead: Your husband said you have non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Jennifer Baker: Uh, yes, diagnosed four years ago now.

Will Halstead: Okay, and your husband also said that you have a do not resuscitate in place?

Jennifer Baker: That's right.

Natalie Manning: What course of treatment have you taken?

Jennifer Baker: Everything.

Sal Baker: Actually, we've learned to keep her records with us. Just in case.

Will Halstead: Thank you.

Sal Baker: Yeah.

Will Halstead: Well, we'd like to admit you and to wean you off the IV meds that are controlling your heart rate.

Jennifer Baker: I'm sorry, Dr. Halstead, but absolutely not. I won't be admitted.

Will Halstead: Well, just until you're stable. You're still in AFib.

Jennifer Baker: I know you mean well, but I'd rather go home with my family.

Natalie Manning: We understand, but we need to set your arm, close up that cut, and get your rhythm under control.

Sal Baker: Yeah.

Jennifer Baker: All right, but do it down here. I feel like once I go upstairs, I'll never leave.

Will Halstead: Okay. We'll do our best to keep you down here.

Natalie Manning: Thank you.


Maggie Lockwood: Talk to me.

Chout: 14-year-old boy. Three penetrating wounds. Two in the chest. One in the abdomen. GCS of 10.

Maggie Lockwood: Go to Trauma 3.

Connor Rhodes: Hypotensive since we got him.

Paramedic 3: IO in his left leg. 500 mils of saline given, but his pressure's still crappy.

Connor Rhodes: This kid get stabbed?

Chout: No. Jumped the fence at a construction site. Impaled himself on some rebar.

Connor Rhodes: Jeez.

Treatment 3

Connor Rhodes: Ready, on my count. One, two, three. All right, we got it from here. Thank you. April, keep bagging. Reese, put in a groin line.

Sarah Reese: Yes, sir.

Connor Rhodes: Stat trauma labs and bring in the level-one transfuser.

Nurse: Suture kit's ready.

Sarah Reese: All right, line's in.

Connor Rhodes: Fast. Good job. We got to tube this kid quick. Think you can do it?

Sarah Reese: Yes.

Nurse: Let's hang another liter.


Voice: Dr. Choi to Treatment 1, stat.

Treatment 1

Ethan Choi: What do we know?

Paramedic 2: Olivia Gray, math professor, found unconscious at her desk at work... Blood sugar normal. Sinus tach on monitor. No external signs of trauma. Still unresponsive.

Ethan Choi: Looks like she's had a seizure. Let's get an EKG, labs, trops, and ABG just in case. Put her on oxygen.

Paramedic 2: Right.

Ethan Choi: Professor Gray, can you hear me? Lungs are really coarse. Grab the ultrasound. Call cardio for an echo, order a CT head.

Treatment 3

April Sexton: Just lost the pulse.

Connor Rhodes: Milligram of epi. Chest tray. We're gonna open him up. Reese, on it.

Sarah Reese: Okay.

Connor Rhodes: Do, I need scissors.

April Sexton: Still no pulse.

Connor Rhodes: Spreaders.

Nurse: Here, Doctor… Crash cart is charged.

Connor Rhodes: Ah, there's a hole in the right ventricle. Skin stapler.

Nurse: Stapler.

Connor Rhodes: All right, he's got a rhythm back. We need a cardiothoracic surgeon to help with this. Call the OR, tell them we're on our way up with an open chest. Let's go.

Nurse: Got it.


April Sexton: Getting pretty good in there. Queen of the groin line.

Maggie Lockwood: Hey, you two. Come on. Gather around, gather around! New patient satisfaction forms. You need to get every patient who's been treated to fill this out. Wait for it. It gets better. We have a P&P in isolation. Oh, yeah!

Sarah Reese: What's a P&P?

Maggie Lockwood: Oh.

Nurse: Reese should do it.

All: Yeah!

Nurse: She's got to learn.

Paramedic 2: Give it to Reese.

April Sexton: Let's go.

Showers room

April Sexton: P&P. Pediculosis and phthiriasis.

Sarah Reese: Lice infestation.

April Sexton: Among other things.

Sarah Reese: Uh, what exactly do I do?

April Sexton: First, gown up. You strip him, scrub him three times. Then put permethrin over every millimeter of his body. Welcome to my world.

Sarah Reese: Okay.

April Sexton: Don't worry, I'll help.

Sarah Reese: Thank you.


Will Halstead: Jennifer Baker, cancer patient. Where are we at with her?

Natalie Manning: Her arm is set, and she's back in normal sinus rhythm. I'm actually looking at her history right now.

Will Halstead: And?

Natalie Manning: And she's been through hell the past few years.

Will Halstead: Yeah, but a DNR? Is she considering her family?

Natalie Manning: At this point, she may think it's the best thing. I don't know.

Will Halstead: Zoe.

Zoe Roth: Dr. Halstead, good morning.

Will Halstead: I know I was supposed to call you back. I should've. I'm sorry.

Zoe Roth: I understand. You're busy. Hey, S&B has an outstanding new asthma drug. Would you care for some... Few samples?

Will Halstead: No, thanks. Listen, I read a prospectus on a clinical trial you're doing for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. A radioimmunotherapy drug.

Zoe Roth: Veltarmomab, very promising.

Will Halstead: That's the one. Listen, I got this patient. She's tried everything, nothing's worked. I'm pretty sure she fits the profile for your study.

Zoe Roth: I'm sorry, but the trial's closed. It's full.

Will Halstead: Zoe, this woman is end-stage. She's got a kid. I'm looking for anything to give her more time.

Zoe Roth: I get it, but...

Will Halstead: Just try. Please?

Zoe Roth: Let me make a call to our medical director. No promises, though.

Will Halstead: All right. Thanks.

Treatment 1

Paramedic 2: Her labs are back.

Ethan Choi: Electrolytes are way off. BUN and creatinine's sky high. She's uremic.

Paramedic 2: Kidney failure?

Ethan Choi: Yeah, but it doesn't make sense. A woman this young? I don't get it. Call the renal service. She needs to be admitted to the MICU for dialysis.

Paramedic 2: Okay.


Sam Zanetti: Staple across the hole in the stomach, and then we'll run the bowel.

Connor Rhodes: TA 55 blue stapler.

Nurse: Stapler.

Dr. Downey: Dr. Zanetti. Dr. Rhodes.

Sam Zanetti: Dr. Downey, I thought they were sending a resident.

Dr. Downey: Had a window before my next surgery. You don't mind?

Sam Zanetti: No, this kid just caught some good luck.

Dr. Downey: Who butchered him?

Connor Rhodes: He fell off some scaffolding.

Dr. Downey: I meant the cracked chest.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah, that was me.

Dr. Downey: Hmm, can we get to work on the heart? How's the gut?

Sam Zanetti: Just had to fix a hole in the stomach, but we're done.

Dr. Downey: Give the 5,000 heparin.

Nurse: Yes, Dr. Downey.

Dr. Downey: Get a 6-0 prolene with pledgets loaded up. Rhodes, change your gloves. I want you to help me up here.

Sam Zanetti: He's about to close the abdomen. I'll assist.

Dr. Downey: You close. Rhodes, I want you to fix the ventricle.

Connor Rhodes: Well, Dr. Zanetti really has more experience.

Dr. Downey: You made this mess, you clean it up. Unless you don't feel up to it.

Connor Rhodes: Right.

Dr. Downey: Uh, too deep with the needle. Hit the AV node, you're gonna have to explain to the parents why their son needs a pacemaker for the rest of his life… Let me see the repair. That works. Close up the chest when you're done with the abdomen, will you?

Intern: Yes, Dr. Downey.


Dr. Downey: You don't have any tremor. Even for a young guy, that's pretty good.

Sam Zanetti: Not that I'm jealous or anything, but you just received high praise from David Downey.

Connor Rhodes: Why did he have me do the heart?

Sam Zanetti: I'm asking myself the same question.

Showers room

Ed Brennan: Sorry to cause you so much trouble.

April Sexton: That's all right, sir. After you bag the clothes, take them in for analysis.

Ed Brennan: Guess I let things get out of hand. Hard to keep clean.

April Sexton: Pants too, please.

Sarah Reese: Where do you live?

Ed Brennan: Lots of places. In winter, Lower Wacker. By the heat vents.

Sarah Reese: Well, why not a shelter?

Ed Brennan: Don't like them. Too many rules… What about my skivvies?

April Sexton: Those too.


Zoe Roth: Dr. Halstead.

Will Halstead: Yeah?

Zoe Roth: I just spoke to the medical director. He's going to let your patient into the trial.

Will Halstead: Oh, that is great. You might've just saved her life. Thank you, Zoe.

Zoe Roth: Sure.

Treatment 5

Jennifer Baker: There you go.

Will Halstead: Mrs. Baker, I have some very good news. A pharmaceutical company is conducting a clinical trial that you qualify for. A new cancer drug. I was able to get you in… Mrs. Baker?

Jennifer Baker: Sal, can you take Bailey outside?

Sal Baker: Yeah. Yeah, sure, yeah. Come on, honey, girl. Let's go find something to eat.

Bailey Baker: But I'm drawing.

Sal Baker: All right, you can do that when we come back.

Bailey Baker: Okay.

Natalie Manning: Oh, thank you.

Will Halstead: The trial's oncologist is gonna need to examine you. I'd like to set that up as soon as possible.

Jennifer Baker: Sorry, no more trials.

Will Halstead: Mrs. Baker...

Jennifer Baker: You know how I feel.

Will Halstead: But this is very promising. A new radioimmunotherapy drug. Very similar to Tositumomab, which you've done before, but this works by...

Jennifer Baker: Dr. Halstead, you're not listening to me. I'm done. I've tried everything.

Will Halstead: You have nothing to lose.

Jennifer Baker: Yes, I do. The drugs make me sick, and weak, and exhausted. I throw up. I'm in constant pain, and my family suffers as much as I do.

Will Halstead: But you may react differently to this. It could be a game changer.

Jennifer Baker: That's what the last 1/2 dozen doctors said, and yet, here we are.

Will Halstead: Dr. Manning?

Natalie Manning: I think we should let Mrs. Baker rest.

Jennifer Baker: I know you're trying to help... But I can't do this anymore. I want to live out the rest of my life with the people I love, and not in a hospital.

Natalie Manning: We understand. We'll check back later… Dr. Halstead?


Will Halstead: Thanks for the help in there.

Natalie Manning: What is with you?

Will Halstead: Last time I checked, we're supposed to be saving lives.

Natalie Manning: She has made her wishes very clear.

Will Halstead: She can't just give up… My mother died of cancer. If she had access to a drug like this, she might still be alive.


Connor Rhodes: Did you page me?

Dr. Downey: Yeah, I'd like you to assist.

Connor Rhodes: The E.D. hasn't sent up any trauma patients in the last hour.

Dr. Downey: Isn't a trauma. 65-year-old woman. Aortic valve replacement.

Connor Rhodes: AV replacement... You want me to assist?

Dr. Downey: Work on your suturing technique. You can move a little faster.

Connor Rhodes: Dr. Downey, I'm a trauma surgeon, not a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Dr. Downey: Sewing is sewing. I cleared this with Sharon. Wash your hands. Meet me inside. Put on something nice.

Waiting room

Will Halstead: Mr. Baker.

Sal Baker: Jen's feeling a little nauseous. Pop usually makes her feel better.

Will Halstead: That clinical trial I mentioned, it's really worth a shot. Would you talk to her?

Sal Baker: I know what she's gonna say.

Will Halstead: All right, this is off the record, but I spoke to the pharmaceutical rep. She told me they've had some remissions… Total remissions. Please.

Sal Baker: You know, I would do anything to keep my wife alive, but she's... She's had so many false hopes… Okay, you know, I'll try. I'll try.

Showers room

Ed Brennan: Shower felt good. Hadn't had one since last summer.

April Sexton: This cream will kill anything we missed, including eggs.

Ed Brennan: Yeah. I'm not itching now.

Sarah Reese: Arms up, please.

April Sexton: And that should do it. An orderly will take you to a treatment room, and we'll go find you some clothes.

Sarah Reese: I'm afraid we had to burn your old ones.


Daniel Charles: Your patient?

Ethan Choi: Yeah, what's happening?

Daniel Charles: Some kind of psychotic episode.

Treatment 1

Olivia Gray: Get away! No! Get away from me, I have to do this! Get away!

Daniel Charles: Professor Gray, I'm Dr. Charles. I'm here to help you.

Olivia Gray: I can't have these tubes.

Ethan Choi: Get 5 of Haldol.

Olivia Gray: They are trying to escape!

Daniel Charles: Who's trying to escape?

Olivia Gray: The numbers! They're trying to get out!

Daniel Charles: So you're pulling out your catheter to keep the numbers inside?

Olivia Gray: They're trying to get out!

Daniel Charles: Okay, easy, easy.

Olivia Gray: I need the numbers! No!

Daniel Charles: Easy, easy.

Olivia Gray: No, no, no!

Nurse: Give it to her!

Olivia Gray: No, you can't!

Ethan Choi: Grab her legs.

Olivia Gray: No! I need the numbers! You can't! I'm gonna lose them! No!


Daniel Charles: Olivia Gray has bipolar disorder. Diagnosed when she was 18.

Ethan Choi: So we're dealing with more than a medical issue. She's unstable.

Daniel Charles: All due respect, it's entirely a medical issue, and she's been dealing with her condition with lithium pretty well, for almost 20 years.

Ethan Choi: So when we put her on dialysis it allowed her kidneys to rest, but it also cleared the lithium from her system.

Daniel Charles: Right, and sent her into that manic state we witnessed.

Ethan Choi: Olivia can't go back on the lithium. What are her options?

Daniel Charles: Hard to say, you know, each one of these cases is treated differently. I mean, her records indicate she's tried... Wellbutrin, Prozac, Effexor. Apparently, side effects were too severe, so she stuck with lithium.

Ethan Choi: Well, the side effects of lithium can kill her. The very least, she'll need a new kidney.

Daniel Charles: You, uh, had much experience with, uh... With bipolar disorder, Ethan?

Ethan Choi: No.


Maggie Lockwood: Look at this. Woman gives us a zero because her gown didn't fit, and this guy bitches because he couldn't change the channel on the TV. We ought to get a chance to grade them. Threw up in the waiting room, zero. Peed on the floor, zero.

Connor Rhodes: Ms. Goodwin? I mean...

Sharon Goodwin: Yeah.

Connor Rhodes: Hey, uh, I just got out of the OR assisting Dr. Downey, and he said that you approved.

Sharon Goodwin: I did.

Connor Rhodes: Why?

Sharon Goodwin: You'll have to ask him.

Connor Rhodes: But you're fine with it?

Sharon Goodwin: It's Dr. Downey. I'm fine with whatever he wants. You have a problem?

Connor Rhodes: I... Yeah, yeah. I do, actually. Excuse me.


Sarah Reese: Mr. Brennan. I got some things I hope will fit you. You look like a medium.

Ed Brennan: I think so.

Sarah Reese: All right, why don't you get dressed, and then we'll sign you out?

Ed Brennan: So clean. Is it okay if I lie just a few more minutes?

Sarah Reese: I guess… Oh, um, would you... Would you mind filling out a patient satisfaction card?

Ed Brennan: Sure.

Sarah Reese: Okay… I'll be back in a little while.

Dr. Downey’s office

Dr. Downey: Yeah?

Connor Rhodes: Dr. Downey? Uh, maybe this isn't such a good time?

Dr. Downey: No, it's fine.

Connor Rhodes: Okay. So look, I just spoke with Ms. Goodwin.

Dr. Downey: Mm-hmm?

Connor Rhodes: I am a trauma fellow.

Dr. Downey: Right.

Connor Rhodes: So if I'm scrubbing in with you, I'm neglecting my other responsibilities.

Dr. Downey: Yeah… Let me tell you why I love what I do… The heart is not just a pump… Magic… This couple, they were in their car and they're having a terrible fight.

In the midst of it, they get in an accident. The husband's killed, and they transplant his heart into another man. When the recipient of this heart wakes up, he's... He's very troubled. As soon as he gets out of the hospital, he looks up the donor's wife and he finds himself apologizing that his last words were so angry to her. He wants her to know he loves her. That wasn't this man talking… That was the heart.

Connor Rhodes: I like that story. I think I remember it from when I was in eighth grade.

Dr. Downey: Doesn't make it not true.

Connor Rhodes: Dr. Downey, the thing is, I am really more comfortable in trauma.

Dr. Downey: Comfort is important. Okay.

Connor Rhodes: Okay?

Dr. Downey: I'll leave you where you are.

Connor Rhodes: Thank you.


Voice: Code blue. Treatment 5. Code blue. Treatment 5.

Treatment 5

Bailey Baker: Mommy! Mommy!

Sal Baker: It's okay, it's okay. She's in a better place.

Will Halstead: Did you ask her?

Sal Baker: She wouldn't.

Will Halstead: She's wrong. Mr. Baker, let me resuscitate her.

Natalie Manning: Will, she's got a DNR.

Will Halstead: She doesn't have to die.

Sal Baker: I don't know.

Will Halstead: You want her to live. You told me.

Sal Baker: I don't know.

Natalie Manning: No, Will, don't.

Will Halstead: Tell me to resuscitate.

Bailey Baker: Daddy!

Sal Baker: I don't know.

Will Halstead: Please, let me try.

Natalie Manning: No, no, no.

Sal Baker: I don't know!

Bailey Baker: Please, help her!

Natalie Manning: Will, don't do this!

Will Halstead: Get the cart in here.

Natalie Manning: Will, stop!

Will Halstead: I have to. April, the cart.

Natalie Manning: No.

Bailey Baker: Mommy! Mommy!

Will Halstead: I Now!

Natalie Manning: What are you doing?

Bailey Baker: Daddy! Please, help her!

Will Halstead: One milligram of epi.

Bailey Baker: Daddy!

Will Halstead: Mr. Baker, take your daughter out.

Sal Baker: Okay, come on, honey.

Natalie Manning: No. Will, you can't do this. Will, stop.

Will Halstead: I'm tubing her. Natalie, please take over compressions.

Natalie Manning: No, I won't. Don't do this!

Will Halstead: Doris, you take over compressions.

Natalie Manning: No, Will, this is illegal.

Will Halstead: I'll take responsibility. Do it.

Natalie Manning: No.

Will Halstead: 7.5 ET tube and 4 Mac laryngoscope.

Nurse: Yes, Dr. Halstead.

Will Halstead: She's still in v-fib. I'm charging, 200.

Natalie Manning: Will, let her go.

Will Halstead: Clear. Clear!

Natalie Manning: Will, stop. Stop!

Will Halstead: I said clear… Continue CPR. Charging to 200.

April Sexton: Charged.

Will Halstead: Clear.

April Sexton: I've got a pulse.

Will Halstead: Good. Get an EKG and redraw labs. CMP and trops.

Nurse: Yes Doctor.

Natalie Manning: What have you done?

Will Halstead: I...

Nurse: Her heart rate is erratic. Let's watch her O2 level.

Will Halstead: She's going to thank me.

Treatment 1

Olivia Gray: That's why I love fractals. The perfect union of math and art.

Daniel Charles: Well, The Art Institute would certainly agree. Did you see the Mandelbrot exhibit?

Olivia Gray: Hello, he's the only reason I studied motion. Who wants to see another iteration of finite subdivisions?

Daniel Charles: Not me, baby.

Ethan Choi: Professor Gray, I'm Dr. Choi. I've been treating you.

Olivia Gray: Oh, hi... Sorry. I understand I've been a lot to handle.

Ethan Choi: I'm glad you're feeling better. Dr. Charles, can I have a word?

Daniel Charles: Be right back.

Olivia Gray: Okay.


Ethan Choi: Amazing turnaround. What did you replace the lithium with?

Daniel Charles: Lithium.

Ethan Choi: Excuse me?

Daniel Charles: Well, Olivia and I talked and decided that for now, it's the best course of treatment.

Ethan Choi: But she can't tolerate it. It's destroying her kidneys.

Daniel Charles: Yeah, but that's a trade-off that she's willing to make. She can't be who she wants to be, or live the life she wants to live without lithium.

Ethan Choi: Here's a novel idea. How about she learns to cope with her condition?

Daniel Charles: Cope?

Ethan Choi: Learns to control it. Buck up. People can do that.

Daniel Charles: Dr. Choi, you saw what a full-blown manic episode looks like for her.

Ethan Choi: And how much of that is self-indulgence? Look, I'm just saying, I don't think her dependence on this destructive drug is the answer.

Daniel Charles: Huh.

Treatment 5

Will Halstead: How we doing? Excuse me, Bailey. Gonna check Mommy's heart… She's still stable. She's off all blood pressure drips… We can start the process of getting her in the trial.

Sal Baker: We just want to be left alone right now.

Will Halstead: Sure.


Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Halstead, Ms. Goodwin would like to see you in her office.

Sharon Goodwin’s office.

Sharon Goodwin: Did he tell you to resuscitate his wife?

Will Halstead: Her husband wants her in the trial. He agrees with me.

Sharon Goodwin: Yes or no. Did he tell you to resuscitate his wife?

Will Halstead: No... But he wanted me to.

Sharon Goodwin: And how exactly did you divine that?

Will Halstead: I couldn't just let her die for no reason.

Sharon Goodwin: Well, there is a reason. She has a legally binding document ordering you not to do so.

Will Halstead: And don't I, as her doctor, have a moral responsibility that supersedes that document?

Sharon Goodwin: No, you do not, and you know that.

Will Halstead: Ms. Goodwin, she was out of her mind from the pain and the illness. She did not understand what this drug could do for her. I did.

Sharon Goodwin: This is not about you. It's about her and what she wanted.

Will Halstead: She…

Sharon Goodwin: You have put this hospital and yourself in an extremely dangerous position. I hope you understand the gravity of your actions… Get her out of the E.D. and up to the MICU… Dr. Manning will be primary now… I want you to stay away from Jennifer Baker and her family. Are we clear on that?

Will Halstead: Yes.


Maggie Lockwood: Reese?

Sarah Reese: Hmm?

Maggie Lockwood: This isn't a hotel. You need to get Mr. Brennan out of Treatment 4.

Treatment 4.

Sarah Reese: Mr. Brennan, I'm afraid you have to go… Mr. Brennan? Mr. Brennan, can you hear me?


Sarah Reese: Maggie?

Maggie Lockwood: He dressed?

Sarah Reese: He's dead.

Locker room

Connor Rhodes: So Dr. Downey is a very strange guy.

Sam Zanetti: Now what?

Connor Rhodes: He got Goodwin to assign me to him on some kind of ongoing basis.

Sam Zanetti: What?

Connor Rhodes: Yeah, it's crazy, right?

Sam Zanetti: Dr. Downey asked you to assist him? You?

Connor Rhodes: Yeah.

Sam Zanetti: The premier cardiac surgeon in the country asks you to assist him and you pass?

Connor Rhodes: I'm a trauma surgeon.

Sam Zanetti: Unbelievable.

Connor Rhodes: What? Now, come on, wh... What is so strange about me wanting to do what I was trained to do? In fact, what I was brought here for.

Sam Zanetti: That's your excuse?

Connor Rhodes: It's not an excuse.

Sam Zanetti: Hmm.

Connor Rhodes: Oh, come on, what?

Sam Zanetti: I can't stand cowards.

Connor Rhodes: That's how you see me?

Sam Zanetti: What are you afraid of? That you're not good enough? That you'll fail? Is this your dad thing again? It's disgusting.


Will Halstead: She still stable? Nat?

Natalie Manning: She's not your patient.

Will Halstead: Look, you know I only did it because I care.

Natalie Manning: I told you not to resuscitate her. Why do you dismiss me?

Will Halstead: What?

Natalie Manning: You say you respect me. You say I'm your friend.

Will Halstead: I don't dismiss you.

Natalie Manning: Yes, you do, and not just today... All the time. Look, things can't always just be on your terms, Will. I'm tired of this.

Announcement: Trauma incoming. All attending to the ED.

Chout: 58-year-old male, restrained driver car crash. Front end collision. GCS 12. Vitals stable since we got to him.

Maggie Lockwood: Go to Trauma 4.

Connor Rhodes: Anybody else hurt?

Chout: No, he crashed into a pylon. Looks like he blacked out and lost control of the car.

Connor Rhodes: It's Dr. Downey. Let Ms. Goodwin know. Dr. Downey, can you hear me? Dr. Downey?

Trauma 4.

Connor Rhodes: All right, let's get him in here. Let's get him unstrapped and get him on the bed… On my count. One, two, three. All right, airway's intact. Get IVs in and get X-ray in here.

Nurse 1: On it.

Nurse 2: IVs going in.

Connor Rhodes: All right, breath sounds bilaterally. His belly's soft. Vitals?

Nurse 1: BP 124 over 78. Heart rate 92. Sat's 100%.

Sharon Goodwin: Call oncology.

Maggie Lockwood: Yes, ma'am.

Connor Rhodes: Oncology? This is trauma.

Sharon Goodwin: Maybe, but Dr. Downey has liver cancer.


Sharon Goodwin: How's he doing?

Connor Rhodes: He's pretty banged up, but, uh, remarkably, no real injuries. We're gonna keep him sedated for the moment so that he rests. How long have you known?

Sharon Goodwin: Well, he was diagnosed six months ago. He told me then. He asked me to keep it confidential. He's not gonna be happy about this.

Connor Rhodes: What's his prognosis?

Sharon Goodwin: Not good.

Connor Rhodes: Thought he was a pothead.

Sharon Goodwin: Right.

Connor Rhodes: It's not a coincidence, is it?

Sharon Goodwin: No. When he realized the seriousness of his condition, he decided to find someone he could teach. Someone who had the ability to do what he does.

Connor Rhodes: So what do I have that all the other surgeons in this place don't?

Sharon Goodwin: He saw something… You'll have to ask him when he wakes up… Excuse me.

Locker room

Sharon Goodwin: I just got word. The Bakers are suing the hospital, and pressing charges against you. It's called "wrongful life and battery." Hospital counsel will get in touch tomorrow morning.

Will Halstead: Am I suspended?

Sharon Goodwin: No. Not that I'm not tempted, but the hospital can't allow even a hint of possible wrongdoing. So you will continue working, and we will support you, but depending on how this goes the board may well decide to terminate you.


Sarah Reese: I don't understand what happened.

Maggie Lockwood: He came here to die.

Sarah Reese: Really?

Maggie Lockwood: People do that sometimes. They sense they're at the end and they just want to die in a clean bed.

April Sexton: Reese, Mr. Brennan filled out a patient satisfaction form. You got a perfect score. All tens.


Zoe Roth: Dr. Halstead.

Will Halstead: Hey.

Zoe Roth: I heard.

Will Halstead: It's out there already?

Zoe Roth: I think it's awful. You did the right thing.

Will Halstead: Well, at least somebody thinks so.

Zoe Roth: Once she starts the drug and feels better, she'll drop the suit. You'll see.

Will Halstead: Let's hope.

Zoe Roth: Dr. Halstead? Can I buy you a drink?

Will Halstead: Sure. I'd like that.

Zoe Roth: Okay.

Daniel Charles’s office

Ethan Choi: Dr. Charles? You got a minute?

Daniel Charles: Hey, man, what's up? Have a seat.

Ethan Choi: Afghanistan. A field hospital, Helmand Province. We'd been up 48 hours straight treating casualty.

Daniel Charles: Uh-huh.

Ethan Choi: This woman came in… She'd walked from her village ten miles away. Had her daughter in her arms… A three-year-old… Little girl didn't have a scratch on her. Looked like she was sleeping. This sleeping angel… But she was dead. A blast wave from a mortar round burst her lungs… I can't stop seeing her. I try to cope, but I can't sleep… I have nightmares… I can't stop seeing her.

Daniel Charles: Glad you stopped by.

Trauma 4.

Dr. Downey: Dr. Rhodes.

Connor Rhodes: Dr. Downey. How are you feeling?

Dr. Downey: Dr I guess the cat's out of the bag.

Connor Rhodes: I'm sorry. Can I get you anything?

Dr. Downey: Can I take your presence as a good sign?

Connor Rhodes: Yes, sir.

Dr. Downey: You know... The Hawaiians have a deep reverence for the sea. They believe it's the best medicine there is. They think a swim in the ocean can cure anything… Wouldn't a swim be nice right now?

Kikavu ?

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