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Chicago Med
#211 : Équipe de nuit

C'est une longue nuit de garde pour les médecins du Chicago Med et en particulier pour le Dr Reese qui doit déclarer plusieurs patients décédés. Avril est appelée pour travailler, à la grande consternation de Tate qui lui met la pression pour qu'elle ralentisse.
Pendant ce temps, le Dr Charles passe outre le Dr Latham et Goodwin et demande au Dr Rhodes de travailler sur un patient inhabituel.


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Titre VO
Graveyard Shift

Titre VF
Équipe de nuit

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Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) au bloc

Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) au bloc

Dr Latham (Ato Essandoh) et Dr Charles (Oliver Platt)

Dr Latham (Ato Essandoh) et Dr Charles (Oliver Platt)

Jeff Clark (Jeff Hephner)

Jeff Clark (Jeff Hephner)

Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) enlace Robin Charles (Mekia Cox)

Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) enlace Robin Charles (Mekia Cox)

Robin Charles (Mekia Cox) patiente

Robin Charles (Mekia Cox) patiente

Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett)

Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett)

Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) et Robin Charles (Mekia Cox) se rapprochent

Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) et Robin Charles (Mekia Cox) se rapprochent

Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) observe les données concernant un cas pendant qu'Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) et Robin Charles (Mekia Cox) patientent

Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) observe les données concernant un cas pendant qu'Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) et Robin Charles (Mekia Cox) patientent

Dr Charles (Oliver Platt) réconforte Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo)

Dr Charles (Oliver Platt) réconforte Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo)

Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) au bloc

Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) au bloc

Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) vient parler au Dr Charles (Oliver Platt)

Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) vient parler au Dr Charles (Oliver Platt)

Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) accompagne Sharon Goodwin (Sharon Epatha Merkerson) devant les médias

Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) accompagne Sharon Goodwin (Sharon Epatha Merkerson) devant les médias

Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss)

Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss)

Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) en pleine discussion avec Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) et Robin Charles (Mekia Cox)

Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) en pleine discussion avec Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) et Robin Charles (Mekia Cox)

Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) travaille dans la salle de pause ou dors Robin Charles (Mekia Cox)

Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) travaille dans la salle de pause ou dors Robin Charles (Mekia Cox)

Sharon Goodwin (Sharon Epatha Merkerson) venu féliciter ses médecins

Sharon Goodwin (Sharon Epatha Merkerson) venu féliciter ses médecins

Robin Charles (Mekia Cox) et son père : Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) observe l'operation

Robin Charles (Mekia Cox) et son père : Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) observe l'operation

Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) dans le bloc

Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) dans le bloc

Ethan Choi (Brian Tee)

Ethan Choi (Brian Tee)


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Ethan Choi: Clear! Continue. Charging, 360.

April Sexton: Charge to 360.

Ethan Choi: Clear! Continue. Charging, 360. Clear!

April Sexton: Clear.

Ethan Choi: Come on. Come on!

April Sexton: Asystole.

Ethan Choi: I'm gonna call it. Any objections? Time of death: 18:20.

Wheeler: He was looking at me. He didn't want to die.


Ethan Choi: Just shooting hoops. Some guys drove by and popped him.

Maggie Lockwood: I'm sorry about that, Dr. Choi. Goodwin just paged. She wants to discuss your request.

April Sexton: Hey. I'm taking off. You coming?

Maggie Lockwood: No. I just got to wait for Rita to get here. You go ahead.

April Sexton: All right.

Natalie Manning: See you tomorrow.

Jeff Clarke: Yeah. See you.

Locker room

Natalie Manning: Aren't you taking off?

Will Halstead: Nah. Pulling another shift. Malpractice premiums are due.

Natalie Manning: Ah, maybe it'll be an easy night.

Will Halstead: Don't jinx it.

Sharon Goodwin’s office

Ethan Choi: I look at her as just another patient.

Sharon Goodwin: But clearly she isn't. If there's a bad outcome, does this thing become an international incident?

Ethan Choi: We have consent from all parties. The State Department's been apprised.

Sharon Goodwin: You know, there is a potential upside to this, as long as you pull it off, so, all right. Let's keep it under wraps. Everyone involved signs a non-disclosure.

Ethan Choi: Yes, ma'am.


Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Halstead, incoming times three. One, two, and three are all open. Desmond?

Desmond: 15-year-old male, extremely combative. Trashed our ambo on the ride over.

Rudy: I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

Desmond: No way to get vitals. Managed to stick him with 5 of Versed, but no effect. Looks like PCP maybe. Got two more in the ambo behind ours.


Will Halstead: 10 of Haldol IM. The other two like this?

Desmond: I think they all took the same thing.

Will Halstead: All right.

Maggie Lockwood: They're here.

Will Halstead: Wheeler, stay with them. Clarke with me.

Jeff Clarke: Okay, watch his feet.

Wheeler: Got it.


Will Halstead: "Easy night." She jinxed it.

Maggie Lockwood: Cesar?

Cesar: 15-year-old boy. He seized on the ride over but responded well to 5 of Versed IM. We intubated en route.

Will Halstead: All right. ABCs. Check the tube placement, get a quick exam, Ativan drip, then send him for head CT.

Jeff Clarke: Got it.

Nurse: Watch the lines.


Maggie Lockwood: Courtney?

Courtney: Gave her 5 of Versed in the ambo, but didn't stop the seizing. Have her on oxygen, but couldn't give her much else.

Will Halstead: All right, Maggie, CBC, CMP, and blood gas on all three. Send blood and urine for a tox screen.

Maggie Lockwood: Copy that.


Will Halstead: On my count. One, two, three. Let's get an IV in and an NPA.


Nurses: Yes, doctor. On it. All right. He's 90 over 60. Heart rate heavy.


Jeff Clarke: Okay, let's move him.

Nurse: Okay, here we go.

Will Halstead: She's protecting her airway… Thank you. Okay, we're in.

Nurse Doris: Sat of 97%.

Will Halstead: All right. Let's take advantage of her postictal state and get her head scanned. Hey, bring Ativan with you.

Nurse Doris: Mm-hmm.


Nurse: Coming through. Watch your back.


Maggie Lockwood: Look alive, Dr. Halstead.

Jeff Clarke: It's a broad presentation. Are we sure they're all on the same thing?

Will Halstead: Till we get tox screens, who knows?

Daniel Charles’s office: video

Red hair girl: I hope you don't mind that I'm dating your boyfriend.

Brunette: No. Course not. Why would I mind?

Red hair girl: Can we still be friends?

Brunette: Sure. I'll be your maid of honour.


Daniel Charles: So, what do you think?

Isidore Latham: Well, I don't understand why that woman doesn't mind. Her friend betrayed her.

Daniel Charles: Hmm. You sure she doesn't mind?

Isidore Latham: She said she didn't.

Daniel Charles: So, after reading the material I gave you, you told me that you suspected...

Isidore Latham: That I'm on the autism spectrum, that I have Asperger's.

Daniel Charles: Right. So, how'd you feel if I told you that I thought that your diagnosis could very well be correct?

Isidore Latham: Relieved, actually. My whole life, I've never understood why people treated me the way they did. I felt there had to be something wrong with me.

Daniel Charles: Not wrong. I mean, it's just different wiring. That's all.

Isidore Latham: Is there anything we can do to change that wiring?

Daniel Charles: Well, our wiring is pretty much our wiring, but there's a whole bevy of strategies out there. I mean, medications, social skills training to help you recognize body language. There's also a new therapy called TMS, but I'd probably recommend you going the traditional routes first.

Isidore Latham: TMS?

Daniel Charles: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It's so far FDA approved only for depression, but there is anecdotal evidence that it can benefit people with spectrum disorders. I only mention it because we have a machine here at the hospital.

Isidore Latham: Well, I will do some research. I am needed in the OR. Yes. Dr. Charles, this has all been very comforting. Thank you.

Daniel Charles: Of course.


Sharon Goodwin: Hey, Maggie?

Maggie Lockwood: Hey.

Sharon Goodwin: Rita just called. She came down with the flu. We're gonna be short tonight.

Maggie Lockwood: I know what that means. Another shift.

Sharon Goodwin: Well, think how much money you'll be making.

Ethan Choi: Ms. Goodwin?

Sharon Goodwin: Yes?

Ethan Choi: The patient's arriving.

Sharon Goodwin: Okay. Bring her up through the loading dock and use the service elevator.

Ethan Choi: Sure.

Maggie Lockwood: Loading dock?

Sharon Goodwin: Uh... I'll tell you later.

Maggie Lockwood: Okay.

Treatment room

Ms. Novak: Crows! Get them away!

Daniel Charles: 5 of Haldol, please.

Ms. Novak: They're in the...

Daniel Charles: It's all right. We're taking care of those.

Ms. Novak: They're in the house!

Daniel Charles: No, no, no. We're taking care of those. We're taking care of those. We're taking care of those right now. There you go. There we go. Okay.


Daniel Charles: You know two out of three patients in here end up developing delirium?

Sarah Reese: From the fever? She has pneumonia.

Daniel Charles: Well, it's a contributing factor, but it's also the ICU itself. You know, bright lights, the endless beeping, constant prodding and poking. I mean, the woman's exhausted. Hey, Hank? Could we maybe turn the lights down in Ms. Novak's room? Maybe quiet the monitors a little bit? Also, I don't think you need to be going in and out of there every 20 minutes, okay? The woman needs some rest.

Hank: Sure.

Daniel Charles: Thank you. [Speaking Russian]

Janitor: [Speaking Russian]

Sarah Reese: I spoke to my mom today, told her I was a psych resident.

Daniel Charles: Oh, just now you're telling her?

Sarah Reese: Yeah. I knew how she'd react. And I was right. She laughed. She said I was the last person she could ever imagine being a psychiatrist.

Daniel Charles: Wow. Real vote of confidence there.

Sarah Reese: Mm-hmm.

Daniel Charles: Do I get to meet your mom someday?

Observation room

Radiologist: You seeing what I'm seeing?

Ethan Choi: Yeah. We need a CT surgeon, now. Page Dr. Latham?

Sharon Goodwin: He's in surgery. Get Dr. Rhodes.

Ethan Choi: He's not on call.

Sharon Goodwin: Tell him it's an emergency.


Stanley Stohl: I'm puzzled by this chart, Dr. Wheeler. Did you do a rectal exam?

Jason Wheeler: I didn't think in this case it was necessary.

Stanley Stohl: It's always necessary. It's a part of the physical exam, and it's expected. I've seen too many things missed because feckless residents don't do a complete physical.


Jason Wheeler: What's the troll still doing here? Doesn't he have a bridge somewhere to go home to?

Will Halstead: How's your boy?

Jason Wheeler: Still out.

Will Halstead: All right. CTs were all negative. No swelling, no bleeds.

Jeff Clarke: Tox screens are also negative. Rules out usual suspects: heroin, meth, cocaine.

Jason Wheeler: Then what?

Jeff Clarke: Some synthetic cannabinoid.

Will Halstead: What's your patient's heart rate?

Jason Wheeler: Slow. 50.

Jeff Clarke: Bradycardia. Rules out MDMA.

Will Halstead: Mm-hmm.

Jeff Clarke: See a lot of that in the field. You think we're looking at spice?

Jason Wheeler: Spice?

Jeff Clarke: It's fake weed.

Will Halstead: And it could be mixed with a number of things... Flakka, krokodil.

Jeff Clarke: Right. None of that would show up in a tox screen either.

Will Halstead: Nope. Well, hope one of them comes to and tells us. Meanwhile, stay with the standard OD protocol: benzos and fluids.

Jason Wheeler: Got it.


Maggie Lockwood: Oh, yes. Very nice.

Connor Rhodes: Charity event at the Art Institute.

Robyn Charles: Hi, Maggie.

Maggie Lockwood: Robyn.


Ethan Choi: You concur?

Connor Rhodes: Atrial septal defect. But you feel it's an emergency?

Ethan Choi: Well, the patient's already anesthetized.

Connor Rhodes: For just a CT? Is she mentally compromised?

Ethan Choi: No.

Connor Rhodes: Wait. This doesn't look right. The ribcage. Pectus carinatum. Is she deformed?

Ethan Choi: Come meet her.

Connor Rhodes: Okay.

Ethan Choi: I'm really sorry about this.

Robyn Charles: It's okay. I'll wait in the doctors' lounge.

Connor Rhodes: Come find you in a little bit.

Robyn Charles: Mm-hmm.


Sharon Goodwin: Oh, here he is. Dr. Rhodes. Thank you for coming in. This is Mr. Hsieh from the Chinese Embassy.

Mr. Hsieh: Dr. Rhodes.

Sharon Goodwin: Mr. Woodfield, the director of the Chicago Zoo.

Mr. Woodfield: Doctor.

Sharon Goodwin: And the chief veterinarian, Dr. Evans.

Connor Rhodes: Uh... Zoo?

Sharon Goodwin: Your patient...

CT Room

Sharon Goodwin: Meet Su Lin.

Observation room

Connor Rhodes: So, this was your idea?

Sharon Goodwin: Dr. Choi volunteers at the zoo.

Ethan Choi: Normally we wouldn't bring an animal in here, but we couldn't diagnose without a CT.

Connor Rhodes: Well, that's fine, but I'm not a veterinarian.

Ethan Choi: She needs a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Sharon Goodwin: You've done this procedure many times.

Connor Rhodes: Oh, yeah, I have, on human beings.

Ethan Choi: Same plumbing, just bigger. Crack her chest and plug the hole.

Connor Rhodes: I can't... No, I can't just crack her chest. She'll lose too much blood, and what am I supposed to transfuse with? Do we have panda in the blood bank?

Sharon Goodwin: So, how do we treat her?

Connor Rhodes: Um... I guess I would have to take her up to the cath lab and close the defect with a balloon.

Sharon Goodwin: Okay. Then do it.

Connor Rhodes: Really? Are we sure that we're all comfortable spending our time and the hospital's resources to save an animal?

Sharon Goodwin: Dr. Rhodes, zoos rent pandas from the Chinese government for a million dollars a year. Why? Because people love pandas. So, if we save this one, it's a public relations coup for this hospital... One which will lead to much-needed donations to save human lives. And... And there's an issue beyond that. I've learned that there are less than 2,000 pandas left in the world.

Ethan Choi: Connor, we should do whatever we can to keep her alive.

Connor Rhodes: One parrot, and he's Dr. Doolittle. Okay. Let's get Su Lin up to the cath lab.

Sharon Goodwin: Thank you.

Treatment room

Jason Wheeler: Hi. I'm Dr. Wheeler. Do you know where you are? Do you understand? Can you tell me how you got here?

Rudy: Help!

Will Halstead: Grab him.

Rudy: Aah! No! Get away!

Will Halstead: I got you. 5 Versed, 10 of Haldol IM.

Nurse: Got it.

Rudy: I'll kill you!

Will Halstead: Get the restraints back on this kid.

Jason Wheeler: What's wrong with him?

Jeff Clarke: Delirium can sometimes be a sign of kidney failure. Happens with these drugs.

Maggie Lockwood: The kids' parents are on the way in.

Will Halstead: There's nothing good to tell them.

Treatment room

Sarah Reese: Okay, I'll be right back.


Sarah Reese: She's doing much better.

Daniel Charles: Very good. Well, been a long day. I'll see you tomorrow?

Sarah Reese: Mm-mm. I volunteered to be on call tonight.

Daniel Charles: Really?

Sarah Reese: Mm-hmm.

Daniel Charles: Wow. I applaud your work ethic. But, um... But why?

Sarah Reese: This patient. I'm afraid that once the nurses change shifts, our instructions won't get passed on.

Daniel Charles: I think that our excellent staff will probably follow through. I mean, aren't you exhausted?

Sarah Reese: Mm-mm. It's not a problem.

Daniel Charles: Coffee beans?

Sarah Reese: Mm-mm. Robusto espresso beans. If I eat five an hour, I can go all night.

Daniel Charles: Got it. You know, Dr. Reese, I know your mother might have some doubts about your future as a psychiatrist, but I for one do not. I mean, not even a tiny bit. I'm just saying you have nothing to prove to me.

Sarah Reese: Well, it's not that. I just want to make sure our patient gets the treatment that she needs.

Daniel Charles: Oh. Okay. You know, I've been meaning to mention: I recommend to all of my residents as part of their training that they undergo some form of psychotherapy. Is that something you'd ever consider?

Sarah Reese: Me? No.

Daniel Charles: Well, I mean, the idea being that it might benefit you professionally, you know, to see what it's like to be on the other side. I mean, it certainly benefitted me.

Sarah Reese: I really can't see myself in psychotherapy, Dr. Charles.

Daniel Charles: Okay. Well, just a thought. See you in the morning.

Doctors' lounge

Connor Rhodes: Sorry, Robyn, but it looks like it's gonna be kind of a long night.

Robyn Charles: Tough case?

Connor Rhodes: On the DL...

Robyn Charles: Yeah?

Connor Rhodes: The patient is a panda bear.

Robyn Charles: A panda?

Connor Rhodes: Mm-hmm. Atrial septal defect.

Robyn Charles: Can you fix it?

Connor Rhodes: Well, that's the idea.

Robyn Charles: You know there are less than 2,000 pandas left in the world?

Connor Rhodes: Somebody mentioned that.

Robyn Charles: Connor, what you are doing... It is so great.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah?

Robyn Charles: Yeah. Very sexy. Alpha CT surgeon with a soft spot for animals.

Connor Rhodes: I'll call you a cab.

Robyn Charles: No. What? Are you kidding me? No. I am sticking around. I love pandas.

Connor Rhodes: Okay.

Robyn Charles: Yeah.

Connor Rhodes: I got to go change.

Robyn Charles: Okay.

Psychiatric service

Sarah Reese: This is weird. 4 West needs me to come down and declare a patient dead. What?

Nurse: Nobody likes that job, so they dump it on the on-call psych resident. You.

Sarah Reese: Are you clear on Mrs. Novak?

Nurse: Yes, I'm clear.

4 West

Nurse: All right. It's a formality. We need a doc to call it and tell the family. Haven't you ever done this before?

Sarah Reese: No.

Nurse: I'll help you. Here. First thing: introduce yourself to the son.


Sarah Reese: I'm Dr. Reese. I understand you're the patient's son. Okay… I, uh... I am here to check on your father… I'm afraid he's passed… Time of death: 22:05… I am very sorry for your loss.


Sarah Reese: That was terrible. I was terrible.

April and Tate’s house

Tate Jenkins: Hey, what are you doing?

April Sexton: Mm, hospital called. Got to go back in.

Tate Jenkins: What? Why?

April Sexton: 'Cause they're swamped. They need me.

Tate Jenkins: Can't they get someone else?

April Sexton: No.

Tate Jenkins: But it's so late, and you already worked a full day.

April Sexton: Yeah. I'm used to it. I don't mind.

Tate Jenkins: Shouldn't you be taking it easy? I mean, you know, the baby.

April Sexton: Really, Tate? We're gonna do this again? How many times do I have to say it? Pregnant women can work.

Tate Jenkins: What about pregnant women with TB?

April Sexton: The drugs knocked it down, and you know that. I'm so sick of you bringing up this work thing.

Tate Jenkins: I worry about you. And the baby.

April Sexton: Well, stop. I'm good. And the baby's good… I'll see you in the morning.

Tate Jenkins: Yeah.

Cath lab

Marty Peterson: I think you're a little posterior. How's it look in flouro?

Connor Rhodes: Give me a view at 120.

Marty Peterson: One sec.

Connor Rhodes: Right there. That's it. All right. We're almost there.

Ethan Choi: Hold on. Heart rate's spiking.

Connor Rhodes: Damn. I can't continue if she's this tachycardic. We got to slow her heart down. You gonna cardiovert?

Marty Peterson: No.

Connor Rhodes: All this fur... We'd never get enough contact with the skin. Marty, give her 6 milligrams of adenosine.

Marty Peterson: On its way.

Ethan Choi: Mean arterial pressure of 70... 60... 40.

Marty Peterson: No pulse. Heart's arrested.

Ethan Choi: She's gonna come back, right?

Connor Rhodes: Humans do. But this is the first time that I've given adenosine to a panda.

Marty Peterson: Got a pulse.

Ethan Choi: MAP back up to 50... 60.

Marty Peterson: Connor, no good. She's still in SVT and her pressure's down.

Connor Rhodes: All right, we've got no choice. We've got to try to cardiovert her. Shave her.


Connor Rhodes: Sync. Clear.

Ethan Choi: Still SVT.

Connor Rhodes: All right. Charge to 150. Sync.

Marty Peterson: Sinus rhythm.

Connor Rhodes: All right, we're stable enough. Let's proceed.


Sharon Goodwin: Shouldn't you people be working?

Robyn Charles: They're treating a panda in the cath lab.

Sharon Goodwin: So much for non-disclosure.

Observation room

Sharon Goodwin: How's it looking?

Leah Bardovi: Dr. Rhodes just deployed the ASD closure device. I always learn so much watching him.


Daniel Charles: Oh, hey there.

Robyn Charles: Oh, hey, Dad.

Daniel Charles: Hear there's a panda in there.

Robyn Charles: Yeah. ASD repair.

Daniel Charles: Hm. Of course. Wow. Looking sharp.

Robyn Charles: Connor and I were at a charity event when he got the call.

Daniel Charles: Good thing you got your mom's looks is all I can say. Have a good time.

Robyn Charles: Hey, Dad? I'm gonna be here a while. How about a coffee?

Daniel Charles: Oh. Yeah. Yeah, I got some time.

Waiting room

Jeff Clarke: We're still waiting on test results, but we suspect it's some type of OD.


Maggie Lockwood: Hey. Sorry to call you back in.

April Sexton: No. I'm fine. Tate's not, though.

Maggie Lockwood: Oh.

April Sexton: Girl, my work is a problem for him. I really thought we were past it, but he won't let it go.

Maggie Lockwood: Well, every couple's got stuff they got to deal with. You're needed in 2.

April Sexton: No way I'm gonna stop working.

Treatment room 2

Rudy: Mom, Dad? I'm sorry.

Mother: Oh, Rudy.

Jason Wheeler: BUN is 130. Creatinine is 6.

Will Halstead: You look at his output?

Jason Wheeler: Renal failure.

Will Halstead: I'm afraid Rudy's going to need emergency dialysis. Put a temporary dialysis catheter in his left subclavian.

Jason Wheeler: Okay.

April Sexton: Um, I'm sorry, folks. We're gonna need you to wait outside.

Will Halstead: Thank you, April.

April Sexton: Yes.

Will Halstead: Are you in?

Jason Wheeler: No.

Will Halstead: Must have hit the lung. Pneumothorax. Let's get a chest X-ray.

Jason Wheeler: Oh, no.

Will Halstead: All right. Let's see if this lung is down… Yep, it is. No, I'll... I'll do the line.

Jason Wheeler: I... I don't know what happened.

Will Halstead: Prep a chest tube.

Jason Wheeler: Really, I thought I had it.

Will Halstead: Hey, it happens. The lung will be fine. You'll get it.


Mother: How's my son?

Jason Wheeler: Um, Dr. Halstead will give you an update.


Daniel Charles: So, uh... So, how's this new apartment?

Robyn Charles: Mm, it's fine, except for my upstairs neighbour. He practices clarinet two hours every night. And it's always the same two songs: "Summertime" and "Moon Dance."

Daniel Charles: Ha! Well, of course, you know your mother and I's first date was a Van Morrison concert.

Robyn Charles: Hard for me to imagine you two dating.

Daniel Charles: We had some very happy times, especially when you first came along. You don't remember? Mackinac Island? All that saltwater taffy?

Robyn Charles: No.

Daniel Charles: In frickin' paradise, man. Walking on the beach. When you were four, you... You found this pebble that you were absolutely convinced looked like a bunny.

Robyn Charles: A bunny?

Daniel Charles: Yeah. You and your bunnies, man. Loved your bunnies. Robyn, I'm so very sorry I was an awful father.

Robyn Charles: I know, Dad. I know that. But to tell you the truth, I never really felt that way… Okay, all right. I will admit that I was angry, yes. But it's just because I wanted more of you… I remember I used to read my "Nancy Drew" mysteries and imagine that I was your detective. You know, following you around, helping you solve cases.

Daniel Charles: Like... Like how did my patient develop a fixation with doorknobs and stuff?

Robyn Charles: Yeah, yeah. Something like that. Actually, I'm surprised that you, my brilliant psychiatrist father, never figured it out. Epidemiology is detective work. So, you see, Dad, it's all about you. I'm all about you… You carry that around with you?

Daniel Charles: Always.

Cardiologic service

Nurse 1: Uh, we need you to pronounce a patient.

Sarah Reese: Where's the doctor who ran the code?

Nurse 1: No code. Patient had a DNR.

Sarah Reese: This is Dr. Latham's patient. Why didn't you call him?

Nurse 2: The family's in there. He'd have to tell them.

Sarah Reese: So?

Nurse 2: You know Dr. Latham. He's a robot. Creeps people out.

Nurse 1: He'll just make them feel worse.

Sarah Reese: Great. Second time tonight.


Nurse 1: Dr. Latham.

Isidore Latham: Why is that resident in with my patient?

Nurse 1: I'm afraid the patient has died. Dr. Reese is informing the family.

Isidore Latham: Why wasn't I called?

Nurse 1: We didn't see the need to bother you.

Isidore Latham: It's no bother. I'm... It's my responsibility.

Nurse 2: Guess we should've, Dr. Latham.

Sarah Reese: I don't think that's very funny.

Isidore Latham: A word, doctor?

Sarah Reese: Mm-hmm.

Isidore Latham: Can you explain what that was about?

Sarah Reese: They didn't call you because they don't think you're very good with emotionally distraught people.

Isidore Latham: Oh. Thank you for your candour.

Sarah Reese: Mm-hmm.


Sam Abrams: Well, the boy stopped seizing, but he's got cerebral edema.

Jason Wheeler: Rick. That's his name.

Sam Abrams: Hopefully mannitol will bring it down. When Rick wakes... If he wakes... We'll do cognitive tests, but I'll tell you: he's gonna have deficits.

Jason Wheeler: Deficits?

Sam Abrams: Yeah. Like walking, talking, bladder and bowel control.

Will Halstead: And the girl? Janna?

Sam Abrams: EEG shows she continues to have subclinical seizures. We had to put her in a barbiturate coma. Possible she doesn't wake up.

Jason Wheeler: Never wakes up, renal failure, deficits, coma...

Jeff Clarke: Wheeler?

Jason Wheeler: They're just kids.

Will Halstead: What's the matter with you? Wheeler, are you drunk?

Jason Wheeler: Their lives are over.

Will Halstead: Hey! Are you drunk?

Sam Abrams: Ugh, ED docs.

Will Halstead: You're through tonight. Let's get him in the lounge.

Jason Wheeler: Oh, God, wait!

Will Halstead: Oh!

Stanley Stohl: Beautiful. Thank you.

Jeff Clarke: Let's go.

Treatment room

Ethan Choi: Excuse me.

Connor Rhodes: So, normal BP for a panda is 150/85. She's down to 110/60, and her heart rate's twice what it should be. Grab me the ECHO, will you?

Ethan Choi: Yeah. Here you go.

Connor Rhodes: Thanks.

Ethan Choi: She has an effusion around the heart.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah. Low-pressure bleed. Damn. I must have nicked the right atrial appendage during the occlusion. All right, we've got to relieve the pressure.

Ethan Choi: And we shouldn't open her up.

Connor Rhodes: No. Can't risk the blood loss.

Ethan Choi: Yeah.

Connor Rhodes: Okay. I'll needle her, put in a drain, and hopefully the bleed will stop on its own. Give me the PeriVac kit.

Nurse: Yes, doctor.

Connor Rhodes: Thanks… All right. Keep your fingers crossed.


Isidore Latham: Dr. Charles. I looked online at the therapies that you mentioned. I decided to try TMS. In some cases, patients experience profound changes immediately, after one treatment.

Daniel Charles: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Some cases. Most of those, a single treatment caused only temporary change. Fifteen minutes, half an hour. Even with multiple treatments, there's no guarantee of prolonged change. TMS is not a magic bullet.

Isidore Latham: Still, it's encouraging.

Daniel Charles: It's very encouraging. But there's also the possibility that in success, your experience of TMS could be somewhat overwhelming. Are you ready for that?

Isidore Latham: I am tired of living in a world I don't understand.

Daniel Charles: Very well. I will refer you to my colleague in the morning.

Isidore Latham: I want you there.

Daniel Charles: You know that I can't prescribe treatments for doctors that work in the same hospital.

Isidore Latham: You referred me. I don't see why you can't observe.

Daniel Charles: Well, when you put it that way, I don't see why I couldn't, either.

Isidore Latham: Good. Let's start tonight.

Daniel Charles: Tonight?

Isidore Latham: If you don't mind.

Daniel Charles: It's three o'clock in the morning. I'm not gonna call Dr. Weyland at 3:00 a.m.

Isidore Latham: I'll pick up the cost.

Daniel Charles: That's not the point. Dr. Latham, are you sure that you don't want to go home and sleep on this? Just think about it a little bit?

Isidore Latham: Dr. Charles, please.


Connor Rhodes: Hey.

Ethan Choi: Hey. How's she doing?

Connor Rhodes: About the same. No worse. So, you volunteer at the zoo, huh?

Ethan Choi: Yeah.

Connor Rhodes: How come?

Ethan Choi: You'll laugh.

Connor Rhodes: Just try me.

Ethan Choi: All right… A few hours ago, I lost a kid who was shot. Another one. So much of my work... Stabbings, shootings... It's dark, man. Worst of human nature… But animals... Not to say they don't kill each other, but they don't do it out of malice. They're innocent. They're light.


Will Halstead: How do you feel?

Jason Wheeler: Awful.

Will Halstead: All right. I'm not letting you drive home. Why don't you go lay down in the on-call room?

Jason Wheeler: Oh, God. Right in front of the troll. Am I finished?

Will Halstead: No. It's not up to him. You are gonna have to go to therapy, sign a contract saying it won't happen again, and if it does, you will be fired.

Jason Wheeler: My parents... How am I gonna tell them?

Will Halstead: Hey, Wheeler, it's not the end. Okay? You can get past this.


Jeff Clarke: How is he?

Will Halstead: Oh, physically okay. Just hungover.

Jeff Clarke: So, what did Abrams mean by "ED docs"?

Will Halstead: Sad fact: among the staff, highest rate of alcoholism, ED docs.

Jeff Clarke: Battle fatigue.

Treatment room

Dr. Weyland: The session lasts 24 minutes. Every 20 seconds, you'll receive a pulse, which lasts about two seconds. Ready?

Isidore Latham: Yeah.

Daniel Charles: You okay? Is it tolerable?

Isidore Latham: Yes.

Psychiatric service

Sarah Reese: Oh, Mrs. Novak.

Morgan Conway: Hold compressions. Still VF on the monitor. Charge 200. Clear.

Nurse: She's gone.

Sarah Reese: She's dead?

Morgan Conway: Your patient, right?

Sarah Reese: Yes.

Morgan Conway: Do you want to call it?

Sarah Reese: Did you follow my instructions?

Nurse: Of course.

Sarah Reese: Then what happened?

Nurse: Respiratory failure. She had pneumonia, you know.

Morgan Conway: Are you gonna call it?

Sarah Reese: Time of death: 4:02. This wasn't supposed to happen.

Nurse: It's nobody's fault.

Sarah Reese: Wasn't supposed to happen.

Daniel Charles’s office

Daniel Charles: So, how you feeling? Any change?

Isidore Latham: Uh, not that I can tell.

Daniel Charles: Yeah? No headache?

Isidore Latham: No.


Girl 1: I hope you don't mind that I'm dating your boyfriend.

Girl 2: No, of course not. Why would I mind?

Girl 1: Can we still be friends?

Girl 2: Sure. I'll be your maid of honour.


Daniel Charles: So, um, anything striking you differently?

Isidore Latham: That woman does mind. She says she doesn't, but she clearly does.

Daniel Charles: Yeah. She's being sarcastic. You... You didn't pick that up before.

Isidore Latham: No.

Daniel Charles: Looks like you could be an excellent candidate for this therapy.

Isidore Latham: It's like I've been blind.

Treatment room

Connor Rhodes: Blood has stopped draining. BP and heart rate have normalized.

Ethan Choi: We've dialed back on the sedation, see how she responds.

Sharon Goodwin: No, no, no. We're not shooting a panda in my hospital.

Ethan Choi: She's coming around.

Connor Rhodes: All right!

Ethan Choi: Looks good.

Sharon Goodwin: Well, we don't need a bear roaming the hospital. Marty, put her back under.

Marty Peterson: Right.

Sharon Goodwin: Congratulations, everyone.


Janitor: [Speaking Russian]

Daniel Charles: [Speaking Russian] Dr. Reese, how's our patient?

Sarah Reese: She died. They all died. All of them. Three in one night.

Daniel Charles: Oh, that's terrible. I'm so sorry.

Sarah Reese: It's too much, you know? It's all too much.

Daniel Charles: We need to get you a little sleep.

Sarah Reese: No. No. I... I'll do it. Dr. Charles, I want to do it. I need it.

Daniel Charles: Do what?

Sarah Reese: Therapy. I can't handle anything. I'm no good at anything. I'm... I'm a fraud. I'm just gonna disappoint you.

Daniel Charles: Come here. It's okay. That's not gonna happen. That's not true at all. It's okay.


Will Halstead: Excuse me. Have a good day. So, we're gonna have to round on Wheeler's patients. I'll take half, you take the other?

Jeff Clarke: Okay.

Will Halstead: And good job last night.

Jeff Clarke: Thanks.

Will Halstead: Yeah. You hung in there. You should consider emergency medicine.

Jeff Clarke: I will.

Natalie Manning: Morning.

Will Halstead: Morning.

Natalie Manning: How'd it go?

Will Halstead: The usual.

Natalie Manning: Good.

Jeff Clarke: I guess I'm gonna start those rounds.

Will Halstead: Yeah.


Tate Jenkins: April.

April Sexton: It's not that easy.

Tate Jenkins: I know how much your work means to you. I'm sorry.

April Sexton: Tate, we keep having the same argument.

Tate Jenkins: We won't. Not anymore. I mean it.

April Sexton: Look. I am the way I am. If I don't make you happy...

Tate Jenkins: You do, April. I don't want to change you. Okay?

April Sexton: Let's go home. You can scramble me some eggs.


Sharon Goodwin: And now I'd like to introduce you to Dr. Connor Rhodes, who performed the procedure. Dr. Rhodes.

Connor Rhodes: Thank you very much. Good morning to everybody. Su Lin was suffering from an atrial septal defect, which...

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L'opération du panda il fallait oser! Ceci dit il y a eu un chien dans urgences et un cochon dans les bronzes font du ski lol.

Plus ça va plus j'apprécie le Dr choi . Et pauvre reese c'était vraiment dur pour elle.

arween  (31.01.2017 à 15:25)

Épisode sympa, surtout pas rapport à Latham et au panda ;-)

Reese m'a fait de la peine, pas facile pour elle, mais elle peut compter sur le docteur Charles donc c'est cool  car j'aime beaucoup leur duo.

Connor m'a fait bien rire lorsqu'il a vu qu'il devait opérer un panda ^^


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