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Chicago Med
#212 : Effet miroir

Le Dr. Manning et le Dr Charles traitent une adolescente avec des symptômes en évolution rapide qui laissent tout le monde perplexe. Le Dr Choi et l'étudiant en médecine Jeff Clark s'occuper d'un adolescent de 19 ans qui est en détresse mais qui ne se laisse pas faire. Une fois qu'ils établissent la cause de la douleur, la situation devient rapidement dangereuse et le Dr. Reese fait de son mieux pour les aider.
Pendant ce temps, le Dr Latham fait une grande révélation au Dr Rhodes tandis que le Dr Halstead doit faire face à un cas difficile, rendu encore plus délicat par le Dr Stohl qui a une équipe de journaliste qui le suit avec une caméra afin de tourner une vidéo promotionnelle mettant en lumière l'hôpital. 


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Mirror Mirror

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Effet miroir

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Guests : Ato Essandoh (Dr Latham)


Stanley Stohl: I believe it was Cicero who said: "In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men." It's so humbling, the responsibility.


Will Halstead: What's with the camera?

Stanley Stohl: They're shooting...

Will Halstead & Maggie Lockwood: The promo today.

Will Halstead: Yup.

Maggie Lockwood: A star is born.

Paramedic: Maggie?

Maggie Lockwood: Yeah.

Paramedic: This is Jason Dodd. 26. Heart's racing pretty good.

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Halstead, you're up. April!

Becca Dodd: He was lugging the crib out of Ikea and he just collapsed.

Maggie Lockwood: All right, you'll go to Treatment 2.

Will Halstead: Hi, Jason. I'm Dr. Halstead. How are you feeling?

Jason Dodd: Kind of freaked out.

Will Halstead: All right, we're gonna take good care of you. He's really tachy. Might be SVT.

Maggie Lockwood: Copy.

Treatment 2

April Sexton: Okay, we're gonna have you lie down, okay?

Will Halstead: Ready six milligrams of adenosine and get him up on the monitors.

April Sexton: Got it.

Will Halstead: Jason, you on any medications?

Jason Dodd: No.

Will Halstead: Any history we should be aware of?

Jason Dodd: No.

Will Halstead: All right, Jason. I don't need to tell you that your heart is racing. What we're gonna do is give you a drug to reset your rhythm.

Jason Dodd: Reset?

Will Halstead: Your heart, it's gonna pause for a few seconds.

Becca Dodd: Wait a minute, what?

Will Halstead: It'll be all right.

Maggie Lockwood: Let's give the doctors some room.

Nurse: Get a flush, 10CCs.

Will Halstead: Uh, hold up. What's with the monitors, April? It's upside down. Leads must be reversed.

April Sexton: No... They're fine. Just breathe, Jason.

Will Halstead: This is strange. It's like everything's on the wrong side. Let's get a chest x-ray.

Stanley Stohl: What appears to be the problem here?

Will Halstead: There appears to be some irregularities with the patient's heart.

Stanley Stohl: What kind of irregularities?

Will Halstead: It's not where it's supposed to be.

Stanley Stohl: Basic anatomy is usually covered in the first year of med school, Dr. Halstead.

Will Halstead: I think he might be dextrocardic. I'm about to get a chest X-Ray.

Stanley Stohl: Let's wait on that. Push the meds.

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Stanley Stohl: Uh, listen up, people. We're tight on space, so... If you're not doing anything useful, just take a giant step back.

April Sexton: Heart rate's 120. BP's ticking up... 100 over 87.

Jason Dodd: What just happened?

Stanley Stohl: We just saved your life. Let's get that picture now. And, uh, page CT… I guess Cicero knew what he was talking about after all.


Connor Rhodes: Why's this backwards?

Will Halstead: It's not. He's got situs inversus totalis. All his major visceral organs...

Connor Rhodes: Are reversed from their normal position inside of his body.

Will Halstead: More like a mirror image, but yeah.

April Sexton: So wild. How often do you see someone with this?

Will Halstead & Connor Rhodes: Never.

Will Halstead: Jason, Becca... This is Dr. Rhodes.

Connor Rhodes: Hi, I'm down from Cardiothoracic Surgery. I'm gonna accompany you over to run some tests. See if we can't figure out what caused your heart rate to spike.

Jason Dodd: Okay.

Lyle: Shame he wouldn't sign the release. I wanted to shoot the scan room in action.

Stanley Stohl: That's the thing about the E.D. Another story's just a heartbeat away.

Lyle: Can you say that again on camera?


Sharon Goodwin: Yes, that'll be better.

Will Halstead: Ms. Goodwin, if you have a second...

Sharon Goodwin: You know, Dr. Halstead, there was a meeting last week, uh, open to anyone who had concerns about the video. I don't recall seeing you there.

Will Halstead: I was not there, but...

Sharon Goodwin: Dr. Stohl has assured me that the camera won't get in the way of us treating our patients, if that's your worry.

Will Halstead: That's one of them, yeah.

Sharon Goodwin: I'm gonna tell you, I'm proud of this E.D. I've assembled the finest staff in the city, and if even one patient decides to come here because they saw this video on our website, then I think it's well worth it. Don't you?

Stanley Stohl: Dr. Halstead? Come round with me.

Sharon Goodwin: Carry on.


Jeff Clarke: Not the most cooperative intake ever.

Natalie Manning: The woman in Treatment 6?

Jeff Clarke: Yeah, Laura Green. Age 39. MVC. 5 cm laceration on her left upper forehead. GS 15, no LOC. Vitals stable. Um... Blood and personality, both type A.

Natalie Manning: I'll take it from here. Thank you, Jeff.

Jeff Clarke: Sure.

Maggie Lockwood: So it's really over between you two?

Natalie Manning: Uh-huh, why?

Maggie Lockwood: Just impressed. Personally, I could never work alongside an ex. Too much boil and bubble.

Natalie Manning: Jeff and I were good friends before anything happened between us. Guess it makes it easier to find that equilibrium again.

Maggie Lockwood: Good for you.

Treatment 6

Laura Green: No, no, no. We're not waiving the contingencies, no. Oh... Let me call you right back. I got another doctor in here.

Natalie Manning: Hi, Ms. Green. I'm Dr. Manning. Can you tell me what happened?

Laura Green: I hit a patch of black ice. Driving too fast. My daughter had another meltdown at school. Got pulled out of a meeting to go pick her up... Again.

Natalie Manning: Hello, what's your name?

Laura Green: Ariel. A girl who has zero appreciation for what it's like to be in her mother's shoes. No wonder I have an ulcer.

Natalie Manning: An ulcer?

Laura Green: Nothing Tums can't manage. Look, can we make this quick? I am super deep in the weeds today.

Natalie Manning: Sure. Let me take a look… Sorry.

Ariel Green: Ow.

Natalie Manning: Okay. You okay, Ariel? Did you get hurt in the crash, too?

Laura Green: She's been complaining like this for months. I've taken her to every GI specialist in the city at considerable expense. No one could find anything wrong with her.

Ariel Green: It's not my stomach this time, Mom, it's my head. It's throbbing.

Laura Green: And now she's got a headache. I think she's trying to imitate me. Some juvenile attempt to mock her mother.

Natalie Manning: Okay, uh, Laura. I would like Plastics to come down and sew you up so you get the best cosmetic result, okay?

Laura Green: But I-I really do have to get back to work.

Natalie Manning: I will try my best to expedite things, but since you're already here, perhaps I can take a look at your daughter?

Laura Green: Yeah... Yeah, that's fine.

Natalie Manning: Okay.

Laura Green: C.J.? Sorry. Where were we?

Ariel Green: I'm not just making this up.

Dr. Richardson’s office

Sarah Reese: Oh, I get it. You're creating a vacuum. I... I read about this somewhere. I, uh...  I don't know, I'm... I really felt compelled to say something.

Dr. Richardson: Remind me again why you're here, Sarah.

Sarah Reese: Uh, Dr. Charles said undergoing therapy would help me become a better psychiatrist. And thus far, I'd have to say he's right. I'm learning so much.

Dr. Richardson: I hate to break this to you, Sarah, but what you're doing here now is not undergoing therapy.

Sarah Reese: It's not?

Dr. Richardson: It feels more like you're auditing a class. Come here… Come on… Look. What do you see?

Sarah Reese: Um...

Dr. Richardson: Do you feel self-conscious?

Sarah Reese: A little.

Dr. Richardson: Good. Self-conscious is what we're going for. You know what makes you better at this job? Being present. Being honest. Especially with yourself. Try it. First thought, best thought.

Sarah Reese: Um... Yeah, I-I-I... I don't know what to... What to tell you. I mean, I've led such a mundane life. My... My problems feel so pedestrian.

Dr. Richardson: Problems. That's a great start. Here. Okay.

Sarah Reese: Hour's up at ten of, right?

Dr. Richardson: Normally.

Sarah Reese: Well, then, same time next week?

Dr. Richardson: You know where to find me.

Dr. Latham’s office

Connor Rhodes: So, given the patient's age, I was thinking a woven graft with a mechanical valve. And once we adjust for the inversa, it should be a simple plug and play.

Isidore Latham: Simple?

Connor Rhodes: Yeah, I was saying to Dr. Bardovi earlier, once you situate your brain in the right way...

Isidore Latham: You were talking to Dr. Bardovi about the way I situate my brain?

Connor Rhodes: What?

Isidore Latham: You said the way you situate your brain.

Connor Rhodes: Oh, no, I meant it more, like, "Once one situates..."

Isidore Latham: I think you're underestimating the challenges here... Severely.

Connor Rhodes: You may be right. Um, in that case, I have a suggestion. How about we put the team through a dress rehearsal?

Isidore Latham: A rehearsal?

Connor Rhodes: Mm-hmm. I'll have a tech print us a 3-D model of this heart, and that should give us a very clear idea of how we'll proceed.

Isidore Latham: If you think it'll be worthwhile.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah, I think it'll be good for everyone to walk through it.

Isidore Latham: Hm.


Rey Ochoa: Keep your hands off me.

Jeff Clarke: Hey. We're trying to help. We just wanna take a look, okay?

Ethan Choi: What do we have here?

Jeff Clarke: Dr. Choi, this is Rey Ochoa, who insisted there is nothing at all wrong with him.

Ethan Choi: That's weird. Charge nurse said he was found doubled over on the floor of a gas station bathroom, screaming out in pain.

Rey Ochoa: I wasn't screaming in pain. Only gay ass punks do that.

Ethan Choi: Rey, you might not be aware, but I'm a Navy Flight Surgeon, still in active reserve. And, Jeff, here was an Army Ranger. Seen plenty of men screaming out in pain.

Jeff Clarke: Tougher guys than me.

Ethan Choi: So... How about we take a look?

Rey Ochoa: How about you suck me?

Jeff Clarke: Rey...

Ethan Choi: Come on. Seen this movie before. Even when he says he has something lodged up his rectum.

Jeff Clarke: Seriously?

Ethan Choi: See how he's hunched up on the gurney, trying to take the pressure off the rear end? Plus all the lip. The embarrassment makes them combative.

Jeff Clarke: All right. I'll try to get an X-Ray.

Ethan Choi: Thanks.

Treatment 4

Jason Wheeler: Mr. Mikulski's here with a fever and some sinus pain.

Ed Mikulski: Really bad sinus pain, just FYI.

Stanley Stohl: Diabetic? How's his glucose?

Jason Wheeler: Totally normal.

Ed Mikulski: They said something in the waiting area about signing some kind of release.

Stanley Stohl: Not necessary, Mr. Mikulski. We'd like to send you on your way ASAP. Let's get him on a Z-Pack.

Will Halstead: Sorry, one second. You see the swelling? Under the orbit of his left eye?

Stanley Stohl: Uh-huh.

Will Halstead: It's practically imperceptible, but... I think we should get a... A head and sinus CT, just to rule out anything more concerning.

Stanley Stohl: Fever plus sinus pain equals sinus infection. Let's Z-Pack and get you home. Check back in two days if your symptoms persist.

Will Halstead: Hey, I really feel like...

Stanley Stohl: No, I'd, uh... He's discharged. Let's find you something more compelling. Let's go.


Will Halstead: Hey, Mags, let's get a CBC here on Mr. Mikulski. And, uh, don't let him leave until the results come back.

Maggie Lockwood: Uh-huh. Go maverick.


Stanley Stohl: Mr. Clarke, what are we looking at? Mr. Clarke?

Jeff Clarke: Sorry, we have a safety issue. Everybody please step out. Step out. Okay, thank you. Step out. Laura, hey, Laura, that's you? Security, over here.

Stanley Stohl: What's going on?

Jeff Clarke: Dr. Choi was right. There is something lodged in the rectum.

Stanley Stohl: What is that, a gun?


Ethan Choi: He says he has no idea how the gun got up there.

Sharon Goodwin: All right, what are our options?

Ethan Choi: It's not gonna be easy getting it out. It's just past his sphincter.

Jeff Clarke: Plus, the hammer's cocked. So if there's a live round in there...

Sharon Goodwin: Seriously?

Stanley Stohl: Could do some real damage. .22 single-shot derringer. That's a big kick for a little gun.

Sharon Goodwin: So we work up a plan to get him to the O.R. Page the surgeon on call.

Ethan Choi: Ms. Goodwin, I think it'd be safer to do it here. Jeff and I both have weapons experience. We sedate him. Try to slide it out. If we can't make it, then we call in surgery.

Jeff Clarke: I'm in.

Maggie Lockwood: Should we call C.P.D?

Sharon Goodwin: Yes. We'll need enough body armour and gear to protect whoever's in there with him. And let's keep this area clear.

Stanley Stohl: And I'll keep the cameraman away from all this. It's unsafe, and frankly, it's distasteful.

Sharon Goodwin: Thank you.

Doctor’s office

Natalie Manning: The second you focus on one pain, it disappears, or shifts someplace else entirely. First it was her stomach, then her forehead. We move her into another room and now it's her sinuses.

Daniel Charles: Hm. Tricky hitting a moving target.

Natalie Manning: And listen, I am predisposed to side with anyone against the mother, but I don't know that she's wrong about her daughter.

Daniel Charles: You think she might be faking it?

Natalie Manning: I had her record sent over, and amongst other things, she's been worked up for achalasia, abdominal migraine, cyclic vomiting syndrome. All negative. It does not appear to be anything physiological.

Daniel Charles: Why don't I have a little chat?

Natalie Manning: I would appreciate that, thank you.


Natalie Manning: What's up with the limp?

Daniel Charles: Rehab. My physio's got me doing these Swiss Ball Squats. It's freaking brutal.


Maggie Lockwood: CBC's back on your sinus infection.

Will Halstead: Mm-hmm.

Maggie Lockwood: You were right. White count's elevated.

Will Halstead: Not sure it's elevated enough to change Stohl's mind, though. Hand me one of those video release forms, will you?

Maggie Lockwood: For a guy always complaining about money, you sure put your job on the line a lot.


Ariel Green: My mom keeps saying I'm doing this for attention, but... God, who likes seeing doctors?

Daniel Charles: Your leg okay?

Ariel Green: All of a sudden, my knee hurts.

Daniel Charles: Hm.

Ariel Green: This place freaks me out even worse than school.

Daniel Charles: What freaks you out about school?

Ariel Green: Everything. There's so much drama. It makes me crazy anxious. Sometimes I hide, sometimes I get into fights.

Daniel Charles: That's what happened today?

Ariel Green: I looked up schizophrenia online. It says it can start in late adolescence.

Daniel Charles: Mm, not usually as early as 14, but... I mean, are you hearing or seeing things that other people aren't?

Ariel Green: No. But... Sometimes, it's like... My feelings aren't my own. Like they're someone else's.

Daniel Charles: Hm.

Ariel Green: Do you think I'm crazy?

Daniel Charles: Uh, not really my favourite word, but no, no, I don't.


Will Halstead: Thank you.

Stanley Stohl: Let's get you what you need.

Will Halstead: Excuse me, Dr. Stohl? About Ed Mikulski, in room 4.

Stanley Stohl: I thought I already discharged him.

Will Halstead: But that was before his blood work came back with a white count of 18,000. I just wanted your approval before I send him over for scans. He was willing to sign a video waiver, by the way, if that matters.

Lyle: Well, we haven't found anybody to follow yet, and I did want to film the scanning facility. Plus Dr. Halstead here pops on camera. Must be the red hair.

Stanley Stohl: All right, uh, send him over.

Lyle: Wait a second, will you? We gotta swap out a battery.

Will Halstead: Sure thing.

Stanley Stohl: Dr. Halstead? You wouldn't be trying to show me up on camera, would you?

Will Halstead: What?

Stanley Stohl: Never mind.


Isidore Latham: I'll begin by placing the venus cannula in the right atrium.

Connor Rhodes: Uh, I'm sorry, sir, but... In this case, it's actually the one that's on the left. We have to remember that everything here is mirrored.

Isidore Latham: I am not in a good position for this.

Connor Rhodes: Okay. Let's switch sides, then.

Isidore Latham: Atrial purse string suture.

Nurse Beth: Where am I supposed to be now?

Isidore Latham: To my left.

Nurse Beth: But then I'll be out of the field.

Marty Peterson: I can't move, guys, so don't look at me.

Nurse 2: Am I okay, here?

Leah Bardovi: Am I in the right spot?

Connor Rhodes: Yeah, you're fine.

Isidore Latham: Where's that suture?

Nurse Beth: I don't wanna reach over the patient.

Connor Rhodes: Beth, why don't you just go stand on his right? You two, switch. This is why we're here, right, folks? We're just trying to work out the kinks.

Isidore Latham: I have to reach across my body. This is all wasted motion.

Nurse Beth: Um, but there's nowhere else I can stand.

Isidore Latham: I am sick and tired of being mocked! I will not abide insubordination.

Nurse Beth: I have put up with that ingrate for seven years. No more.

Connor Rhodes: Beth, he's gonna calm down.

Nurse Beth: I'm done!


Sarah Reese: Ethan?

Ethan Choi: Yeah.

Sarah Reese: I thought we had a policy about dealing with polyembolokoilamania?

Ethan Choi: I'm sorry?

Sarah Reese: The insertion of a foreign object into an orifice. All patients are supposed to be psychiatrically evaluated.

Ethan Choi: We've got a bit of a mitigating circumstance here, Reese.

Sarah Reese: The gun. Exactly. To do what he did, this kid must be seriously troubled, and now, he's alone and terrified. Are the restraints really necessary?

Ethan Choi: For the safety of everyone, yes.

Sarah Reese: Well, I-I wanna go talk to him. How do we make that happen?


Ethan Choi: Rey, this is Dr. Reese. She's gonna help with the procedure.

Sarah Reese: Hello, Rey.

Rey Ochoa: How much longer is this gonna take?

Ethan Choi: Not too much. We're gearing up now.

Sarah Reese: Is it okay if I sit with him until we get started, if... That's okay with you?

Rey Ochoa: Sure. You can stay. Okay.


Ed Mikulski: Dr. Halstead. You... You got a second?

Will Halstead: Yeah, of course.

Ed Mikulski: I just wanted to say... I appreciate you going the extra mile here. With the diabetes, let's just say I've seen my share of doctors over the years. So few of them really listen to you, especially in the emergency room.

Will Halstead: I'm just doing my job, Mr. Mikulski. You don't need to thank me.

Ed Mikulski: I know... But I want to. It's the first time I felt like someone was in my corner. I'll tell anyone who's listening. This is the best hospital in the city, hands down.

Will Halstead: Thank you for saying that, Ed.

Ed Mikulski: Any time.


Jason Wheeler: Your guy's scans came back. Sinus opacification and invasion through the cribriform plate. It's mucormycosis, most likely. And Stohl wanted to send him home. Who looks like he doesn't know basic anatomy now? It's an amazing catch, Dr. Halstead.

Will Halstead: I knew it.

Maggie Lockwood: Yeah. You the man, Will. But this is bad news for your patient, right?

Will Halstead: Yeah.


Sarah Reese: I like your tattoos. Who designed them?

Rey Ochoa: Me.

Sarah Reese: You're really talented. You go to school for that?

Rey Ochoa: No. Just fool around on my own.

Sarah Reese: Huh.

Rey Ochoa: I saw you looking at my scars. You're not gonna ask me about them?

Sarah Reese: Do you wanna tell me about them?

Rey Ochoa: What are you, a shrink or something?

Sarah Reese: Not yet. Officially, I'm still training. Do you cut yourself, Rey?

Rey Ochoa: I'm not crazy.

Sarah Reese: I know… What I'm discovering doing this is... How we all do things that we can't explain. Things we say, things we do to ourselves… Maybe we're just experimenting. To see how it feels. Or... Maybe we're reliving something that happened to us in the past… Did something happen to you, Rey?

Maggie Lockwood Dr. Reese? Mr. Ochoa.

Leo Ochoa: The hell is this? People are saying you're some kind of freak.

Rey Ochoa: It's not what it looks like, Papa. It was for Wilmer.

Leo Ochoa: Your cousin? That fool's in Crook County.

Rey Ochoa: He asked me to smuggle a gun in for him. Said he needed to protect himself. The guy in front of me beeped going through the metal detector. They tackled him to the ground. I guess... I panicked. Ran out before they could search me. The pain must have made me pass out… Sorry. I know I messed up.

Leo Ochoa: No. No, mijo. You done good.

Briefing room

Leo Ochoa: You tell them it was okay to remove it? It's my son. No, we understand... No. No, it's not gonna happen. I'm sorry.

Sharon Goodwin: We'll have to put the procedure on hold.

Ethan Choi: Why?

Sharon Goodwin: Our patient just confessed to a crime. That means the gun is considered evidence. And since his father convinced him to withdraw consent, we'll have to secure a warrant to remove it.


Stanley Stohl: Breaking bad news is the most sobering of our obligations. No matter how many times you do it, it never gets any easier. I fe...

Will Halstead: Excuse me. One second.

Stanley Stohl: Yeah?

Will Halstead: Any chance we can do this off-camera?

Stanley Stohl: Off-camera?

Will Halstead: He didn't sign up for this. And it's probably not gonna make the video.

Stanley Stohl: You're wrong. People wanna see how compassionate we can be.

Will Halstead: But, uh... It's so intrusive.

Stanley Stohl: You can't have it both ways. You wanted a release? This is what happens when they sign it.

Treatment 4

Ed Mikulski: A fungal infection in my brain? That... That doesn't sound good.

Will Halstead: No, not at all what we were hoping for, but let's just take this one step at a time. Okay...

Ed Mikulski: Just so I know what we're talking about here... Is this the kind of thing that could keep me in the hospital?

Will Halstead: I would plan on that, yes.

Ed Mikulski: Should I plan on ever leaving?

Will Halstead: If it's advanced enough to require surgery, then you should know there's about a 90% mortality rate.

Ed Mikulski: Oh, oh, my God.

Will Halstead: I'm so sorry.

Stanley Stohl: Yes, it's a lot to process.

Ed Mikulski: I'm just glad you spotted it when you did. Thank you. Thank you, both.


Ethan Choi: State's attorneys secured the warrant. We're a go.

Sarah Reese: I don't believe that story Rey's telling about the gun, do you?

Ethan Choi: About smuggling it into jail? Who knows?

Sarah Reese: Did you notice the scars? On Rey's arms? I'm pretty sure he's been cutting himself. He's no stranger to self-harm.

Ethan Choi: I'm sympathetic, Sarah, I truly am. I don't know what you want me to do, though.

Sarah Reese: I just want another chance to get him to open up before he's swallowed up by the system.

Ethan Choi: How about we start by making sure he survives this, okay?

Treatment 6

Dr. Pellino: That should do it.

Natalie Manning: Thank you, Dr. Pellino. Looks good. I am, however, still concerned about your ulcer. Have you ever thought about maybe speaking to somebody about reducing your stress?

Laura Green: I can manage my stress. If I don't, then the next person will. How's my daughter? Did you find anything?

Natalie Manning: No, not yet.

Laura Green: Surprise, surprise. Listen, Dr. Manning, I appreciate your efforts, but I'm gonna need you to discharge me and my daughter. I'll sign out against medical advice if necessary.

Natalie Manning: Sure. I'll get the paperwork started.

Laura Green: Thanks.


Natalie Manning: Yeah, hi. Hey. Any progress?

Daniel Charles: Definitely stressed out and anxious. Whether it rises to the level of a disorder, I don't know. She mentioned a potentially unhealthy association with food, but I'm just... I'm not getting an eating disorder vibe from her, you know?

Natalie Manning: Me neither. Her weight is normal for her height. She's not showing any signs of malnourishment.

Daniel Charles: And she says her stomachache's gone, her headache's gone. Her knee is hurting her now. I was thinking we could give her a benzo to see if alleviating her anxiety might tell us something about her physical symptoms?

Natalie Manning: Unfortunately, we don't have time. The mom wants to leave now.

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Charles? Dr. Latham called. Asked you to come to his office. He says it's urgent.

Daniel Charles: him I'll be right there. Okay.

Isidore Latham’s office

Isidore Latham: I've been staring at these scans all afternoon in a mirror trying to retrain my brain. It's not working. The TMS treatments have elicited a very positive response. They've made my brain more flexible, my thinking more supple. Perhaps if I had another treatment?

Daniel Charles: Wait. You're saying you wanna undergo... A TMS treatment to prepare you to operate?

Isidore Latham: Yes. I was going to talk to Dr. Weyland today, but she's unavailable.

Daniel Charles: Yeah, well, she would tell you the same thing that I'm about to, which is no.

Isidore Latham: Why not?

Daniel Charles: You shouldn't do anything risky, let alone perform open-heart surgery. It would be derelict.

Isidore Latham: Tell me, then, what is the solution?

Daniel Charles: Well, the solution is to realize that you don't have to carry all the weight on your shoulders. You have an excellent team. Rely on your team, rely on Connor.

Isidore Latham: No, I can't. I see the world differently now. The sarcasm, the hidden agendas. Even when my window is closed, I know they're there. I have no one to rely on now but myself.

Daniel Charles: I think you'll find that that's not the case.

Isidore Latham: It's like trying to cut your hair in front of a mirror. Left is right, right is left... Impossible.

Daniel Charles: Left to right... Right to left...

Treatment 4

Nurse: Dr. Halstead...

Will Halstead: He's having a seizure. Five of Ativan, stat.

Nurse: On it. Feet are flushed.

Will Halstead: Below Y-O-2?

Doctor: Suction ready.

Nurse: Ready.


Laura Green: I'm gonna be working late tonight, but Mai will stay with you until then. And don't even think about using this as an excuse not to do your homework.

Will Halstead: Watch his airway.

Laura Green: Seriously, Ariel, you've made your point. Stop putting on a show. Ariel? Oh, my God.

Natalie Manning: Ariel?

Laura Green: She's having a seizure.

Natalie Manning: No, I don't think so. There's no nystagmus, and her muscle movements are not asynchronous.

Laura Green: Then what is wrong with her?

Daniel Charles: We need to isolate her.

Laura Green: What?

Daniel Charles: She needs to be isolated, now. I need an empty room, now!


Ethan Choi: We're gonna get started now, Rey. If you feel any discomfort, just tell us. I need you to stop moving your leg, Rey.

Rey Ochoa: Where am I?

Jeff Clarke: Just keep still, bud.

Ethan Choi: Almost there.

Rey Ochoa: What?

Ethan Choi: We've got a gun vacated.

Nurse: Jeff!

Jeff Clarke: Go, go!

Ethan Choi: Are you okay, Jeff?

Jeff Clarke: Agh! I'm all right, I'm all right. How's he?

Ethan Choi: Exit wound in the right lower quadrant, we need a trauma lab. Pack the wound and let's get him to the O.R. Ready? One, two, three.

Nurse: All right, we're moving him.

Ethan Choi: Let me take a look.

Nurse: All right, watch your backs. Coming through.


Daniel Charles: How we doing?

Ariel Green: Okay.

Daniel Charles: How's that knee doing?

Ariel Green: It feels fine, actually.

Daniel Charles: What if I told you that that was because... I just took an Advil?

Ariel Green: I don't understand. Ow! Why'd you do that?

Daniel Charles: It feel like I just slapped you?

Ariel Green: Yes!

Daniel Charles: I'm sorry.

Ariel Green: I don't like this game.

Briefing room

Ariel Green: I don't understand. Ow! Why'd you do that?

Daniel Charles: Feel like I just slapped you?

Ariel Green: Yes.

Daniel Charles: I'm sorry.

Laura Green: What were you doing to my daughter?

Daniel Charles: I was trying to confirm a diagnosis. Um... I want neurology to run some tests, but based on this and Ariel's history, I think that she has a condition called mirror touch synesthesia.

Laura Green: What?

Daniel Charles: It's a condition that... That causes her to experience the physical sensations and emotions of the people that she's interacting with... As her own. My left knee hurts, Ariel feels it in her right. I slap my right cheek, she feels like her left is being slapped. She's mirroring me.

Natalie Manning: Her stomach... She's responding to your ulcer, not imitating you. She's literally feeling your pain.

Laura Green: Whoever heard of such a thing?

Daniel Charles: It's a pretty recent discovery, the existence of these mirror neurons.

Laura Green: Is there a cure?

Daniel Charles: Not yet, but there are... Coping strategies we can teach her to help her manage her condition.

Laura Green: Uh... I'm sorry, I... I have to get this… Yeah?

Natalie Manning: I cannot believe this woman.

Daniel Charles: How's that old saying go? You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it gaze at its own reflection.


Connor Rhodes: Page me when he's all set.

Nurse: Yes, Doctor.

Nurse Stacy Finn: Oh, excuse me. Dr. Rhodes? Looks like I'm filling in for Beth today. I understand there's some confusion about where we're supposed to be standing?

Connor Rhodes: Uh, yeah... Uh... Let me get back to you on that. Beth.

Nurse Beth: Forget it.

Connor Rhodes: No, please, please, please.

Nurse Beth: I'm not changing my mind!

Connor Rhodes: Nope, no, no, no, no. Just one second of your time.


Connor Rhodes: Look, I am not gonna try and defend Dr. Latham's behaviour.

Nurse Beth: He flung a tray past my head. Not the first time, by the way.

Connor Rhodes: But he is the guy that's gotta try to save that patient's life, and while you and I both know that he would never admit it out loud, he relies on you. I mean, come on, we rely on each other. We're a team.

Nurse Beth: Someone should tell him that. He treats us like dirt.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah. But I do know this about Dr. Latham. He always has the patient's best interests at heart, and we should too… Really?

Isidore Latham: Dr. Rhodes. My office, please.

Connor Rhodes: Yes, sir.

Isidore Latham’s office

Isidore Latham: Close the door.

Connor Rhodes: Dr. Latham, I'm not sure how much of that you heard back there.

Isidore Latham: I believe most of it.

Connor Rhodes: If I said anything that may have offended you, I'm sorry. Uh... I was only trying...

Isidore Latham: There's something I should share with you. I have been recently diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Asperger's.

Connor Rhodes: Okay.

Isidore Latham: I'm not revealing this to elicit sympathy from you, or as a means to justify my behaviour. I simply feel it might be beneficial for you to know.

Connor Rhodes: I think it might be.

Isidore Latham: I am unable to discern whether you're being sarcastic or not. That's part of the disorder. It also makes it difficult for me to improvise from my set routine. I confess, I... I'm uneasy about the surgery we're about to perform… Can I rely on you to help me through it?


Jeff Clarke: Tell me there was no brown in there.

Ethan Choi: You're right.

Sharon Goodwin: How's our human shield doing?

Ethan Choi: Just finished washing it out now.

Jeff Clarke: That's what I get for trusting a squid with a firearm.

Ethan Choi: Ha.

Sharon Goodwin: Thank you, both. Really.


Will Halstead: Ms. Goodwin? If you have a second?

Sharon Goodwin’s office

Will Halstead: The fungal infection is quite advanced. Okay, Mr. Mikulski's on his way up to the O.R. and at this stage, he's not gonna survive this.

Stanley Stohl: There's nothing we could have done; it was a bad, bad break.

Will Halstead: I don't see how we can use any of the footage we shot.

Stanley Stohl: I disagree. We couldn't have gotten a better endorsement for you, or the hospital.

Will Halstead: His endorsement is meaningless. He just said what he thought we wanted to hear. Not to mention, we're exploiting him!

Stanley Stohl: Exploiting? He signed the release. What are we arguing about?

Will Halstead: He only did it 'cause I convinced him to. I'm not sure he really wanted to sign the release.

Sharon Goodwin: All right, let's... Let's give the patient a chance to rescind the release.

Stanley Stohl: What? Why?

Sharon Goodwin: Because it's the right thing to do.

Will Halstead: Thank you, Ms. Goodwin.

Sharon Goodwin: Dr. Halstead. You convinced him to sign the release, yet you led me to believe you objected to all of this.

Will Halstead: I felt I needed some ammo when I told Stohl I was ordering the scans.

Sharon Goodwin: Uh-huh. So in other words, you used the release to get your way? No, no, no. Go talk to your patient, and we'll talk about your actions later.


Connor Rhodes: Last thing to do is to anastamose the right coronary.

Isidore Latham: The right coronary...

Connor Rhodes: I have an angle to get you a better position, if you don't mind, Dr. Latham?

Isidore Latham: No, please, go ahead.

Connor Rhodes: All right. It doesn't appear as though it's gonna be long enough to fit, unless you're seeing something different?

Isidore Latham: Let's get some blood in there to see how the vessel lays when the heart's inflated. Clamp your venus, Paul, give us some volume.

Marty Peterson: Yes, sir.

Connor Rhodes: Looks like it'll fit.

Isidore Latham: Good. Let's empty out the heart and finish up.

Nurse Beth: 6-0 prolene?

Isidore Latham: Thank you, Beth.

Mr. Mikulski's room

Nurse: There you go. I like it.

Ed Mikulski: Oh, hey, Dr. Halstead. Thanks for coming up. How do I look? Whoa, where's that camera guy?

Will Halstead: Hey, listen. About that... I'm sorry. This promo video has been a huge violation in your privacy. I know you were hesitant to sign the release, so... You rip that up if you want, and we will not use any of the footage.

Ed Mikulski: Let me ask you a question, Dr. Halstead. Do I look familiar to you? I mean, from before today?

Will Halstead: I don't think so. Why?

Ed Mikulski: I recognize you. You sometimes park in that lot across the street. I work there as an attendant. Almost 20 years now.

Will Halstead: Sorry, I never really paid attention.

Ed Mikulski: Oh, no, that's okay. I don't make much of an impression. I've had more than enough privacy for one person… So I'm okay having that violated now if it means I wasn't invisible to the very end. I just want my life to have meant something.

Nurse: Dr. Halstead?

Will Halstead: Are you ready, Mr. Mikulski?

Ed Mikulski: Yes, I am.

Will Halstead: Okay.


Natalie Manning: Hey. I heard what happened. Are you okay?

Jeff Clarke: This? Might leave a scar, but that's it.

Natalie Manning: Well, at least you'll have a good story to tell, right?

Jeff Clarke: I don't think anybody will believe this one.

Natalie Manning: Okay, see you.

Jeff Clarke: Yeah, see you.


Ariel Green: It's a cylinder... It's shiny.

Natalie Manning: Sorry to interrupt.

Daniel Charles: Not at all, we're just... We're just doing a visualization exercise. Again. Close your eyes again, Ariel. And... Do you see your shield? Okay. Now keep describing it to me.

Ariel Green: It's gold. It surrounds me. It protects me from other people's pain, and emotions.

Daniel Charles: Okay, keep seeing your shield. Now open your eyes… What happens when I do this?

Ariel Green: It feels like you're touching my arm still. The shield's not working.

Daniel Charles: Visualization... It's a skill. It takes practice. And just so you know, when I visualize my shield... And be warned 'cause I'm a total geek about this... Hey, come on, now. You're not allowed to get down on yourself. This is our very first run at this; you're doing great.

Ariel Green: It's not that. I just got really sad. Don't know why.

Natalie Manning: Will you excuse me?

Daniel Charles: Okay, let's try it again. Close your eyes.


Connor Rhodes: Hey, Dr. Latham. Uh, a bunch of us are going for drinks over at Molly's. Maybe you want to join us?

Isidore Latham: I don't go to bars.

Connor Rhodes: Maybe another time, then.


Sarah Reese: I hear they're gonna transfer you to the hospital at the county jail… I don't believe that story you told earlier. I know you thought it's what your father wanted to hear, but it would be a shame to go to jail for something you didn't do.

Rey Ochoa: I'm not afraid of going to jail.

Sarah Reese: That secret you're holding onto just put a hole in your gut. If you don't open up, imagine what might happen next time… All you have to do is call, and we can keep talking.

Rey Ochoa: You don't understand anything, do you? You want me to talk? Open up? And say what? That I'm some kind of freak? I'd rather go to jail. Forever.


Laura Green: She can really feel the pain of everyone she sees?

Natalie Manning: Yes.

Laura Green: Oh, God. I can't imagine how hard this has been for her. I took her to every specialist. I did what the doctors told me to. I thought she was faking.

Natalie Manning: There's no way you could've known.

Laura Green: I am hurting my own daughter. How am I supposed to protect her from this if I'm part of the problem?

Natalie Manning: It won't be easy. But... She feels what she sees. If she sees a happy person, she feels happiness. And if she sees someone who's constantly anxious...

Dr. Richardson’s office

Sarah Reese: You really don't know anything, do you?


Connor Rhodes: There you go, Bardi. There you go.

Bardi: Cheers, everybody.

All: Cheers!

Connor Rhodes: Dr. Latham. You change your mind?

Isidore Latham: Not yet, but I am working on it.

Connor Rhodes: Come join us.

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arween  (23.02.2017 à 16:16)

Épisode intéressant entre la maladie chelou de la jeune fille et la remise en question de Reese. Reese me semble tout de même un peu perdu face à tout ça... J'espère qu'elle va tenir le cap et qu'elle va rester !

J'ai aussi apprécié voir Latham s'ouvrir à Rhodes car Connor est un homme de confiance. À voir dans le futur comment va se passer leur colaboration maintenant qu'il sait que Latham est Asperger.


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