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Chicago Fire
#220 : Journée noire


C'est le jour du Marathon, les pompiers, les policiers et les services médicaux se préparent pour cette évènement devant l'hôpital, lorsque une bombe explose. Le Chaos règne après cette terrible explosion, les secours se mettent en place pour aider au mieux les victimes, Dawson va être portée manquante, Shay va se blesser sérieusement et Mills, inspectant le parking du sous-sol de l'hôpital va trouver une 2ème bombe dans une voiture...

1ère partie d'un cross-over en deux épisodes


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Titre VO
A Dark Day

Titre VF
Journée noire

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Chicago Fire 2x20 "A Dark Day

Chicago Fire 2x20 "A Dark Day


Leslie Shay - Chicago Fire (2x20)

Leslie Shay - Chicago Fire (2x20)



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Plus de détails

Scénario : Dick Wolf & Matt Olmstead

Réalisation : Joe Chappelle

Guest Starring : Amanda Righetti (Holly Whelan), Christine Evangelista (Allison Rafferty), Sammy Sheik (Nizar), Avi Lake (Imogene), Aimee Laurenve (Zoey Silver), Randy Flagler (Capp),  Jason Beghe (Hank Voight), Jon Seda (Antonio Dawson), Sophia Bush (Erin Lindsay), Jesse Lee Soffer (Jay Halstead), Marina Squericiati (Kim Burgess), LaRoyce Hawkins (Kevin Atwater), Dylan Baker (David Arata), Brett Schneider (Patrick Vaughn), Karen Aldrigde (Kendra Perrington), Erik Hellman (Alec Willhite), Steve Chikerotis (Chef Steve), Summer Naomi Smart (Greta), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Brett Snow (Pompier Snow), Clarence Norwood ( Pompier Norwood), Greg Matthew Anderson (Agent du FBI)

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Boden: Come on in.

Herrmann: What did I do now?

Boden: Nothin'. You are acting lieutenant today.

Herrmann: O... Kay.

Boden: It's my fault. Casey and Dawson, they have this charity thing over at Chicago Med. I forgot to file the paperwork for him. I've already got Rafferty covering for Dawson.

Herrmann: You gotta tell me ahead of time, Chief. I got to get prepared. Mentally, I got... Right, got you covered.

Boden: Thank you. Close the door.

Herrmann: Yeah.

Charity: CFD stand

Announcer: Please make sure you register at least 30 minutes before the race begins.

Dawson: Really? Goat shirts?

Casey: Those are collectors' items.

Dawson: Yeah, garbage collectors.

Firefighter: You guys gonna run the 10k?

Dawson: Uh, I am. Casey chickened out.

Casey: I'm more of a sprinter.

Firefighter: Heard you're gonna introduce the commissioner later.

Casey: Yeah. Not sure how that fell on me.

Dawson: Well, a ceiling fell on you while you were saving a baby, baby.

Zoe: I got it.

Dawson: Hey. It's... It's Kim, right?

Kim Burgess: Yeah. Hey.

Dawson: Hey, you... You need some help?

Kim Burgess: I... I kind of have no idea what I'm doing.

Dawson: She was part of the team that got Diego back.

Casey: On it… Firefighters bailing out cops is a long tradition.

Kim Burgess: Oh, okay. Well, when you need a police officer to... I've got nothing.

Casey: Who's this?

Kim Burgess: Oh, this is my niece Zoe.

Casey: How old are you, Zoe?

Zoe: I'm nine.

Casey: Really? Let me see your driver's license.

Imogene: I'm nine too.

Casey: Wow. Well, uh, you're the designated driver because she doesn't have her license.

Holly Thelan: Imogene, don't bother them. They're setting up.

Kim Burgess: Oh, no, it's totally fine.

Imogene: Do you want to go see them unload the animals for the petting zoo?

Kim Burgess: Go ahead. Stay where I can see you.

Zoe: Okay.

Dawson: Hey, you're the new pediatrician, right?

Holly Thelan: Yeah, Holly Thelan.

Dawson: Hey.

Holly Thelan: Nice to meet you. I just moved here from New York.

Dawson: Well, welcome. Thanks for volunteering on your day off.

Holly Thelan: Yeah, my pleasure. I'll see you guys.

Dawson: Hey, I guess I'll go get started with registration.

Casey: Have a good race. I'll be rooting for you.

Chicago Med: entrance

Dawson: Oh, hey! Dr. Arata. Gabriela Dawson.

David Arata: Dawson. Yes?

Dawson: Do you happen to know where the race registration is?

David Arata: Race reg... Uh, I'm sorry, Dawson. I'm kind of busy saving lives.

Kendra Perrington: Oh, be nice, Dr. Arata. They're doing the race registration over in "A" wing.

Dawson: Great. Thank you.

Charity: CFD stand

Casey: I'm gonna talk to Gabby. You got this?

Kim Burgess: Yeah, no problem.

Casey: Thanks.


Imogene: Wait for me!

Casey: Hey, I like the balloons.


Man: Help! Help! Somebody, over here!

Casey: Girls! Girls, can you hear me? Are you hurt?

Imogene: My head.

Zoe: My tummy hurts.

Casey: Hey. What's your name?

Vaughn: Vaughn.

Casey: Vaughn. I need you to run around to the other side of the hospital... And check to see if ICU is intact... Hey! Hey!

Kim Burgess: Oh, my God! Zoe!

Casey: Imogene got knocked in the head. Zoe said her stomach hurts.

Holly Thelan: Im? Im, talk to me, sweetheart. You know where you are?

Imogene: I'm at the race.

Holly Thelan: That's right, honey.

Kim Burgess: Are you okay, baby?

Zoe: What happened?

Kim Burgess: I don't know. I don't know.

Zoe: Ow!

Holly Thelan: Oh, my God. I think she might have a cracked rib.

Casey: Hey. E.R.'s gone. We'll use that tent as triage.

Holly Thelan: Okay, good.

Casey: Okay.

Holly Thelan: Im, grab on to my sweater, okay?

Imogene: Ow! It hurts.

Casey: Everyone, this tent will serve as triage! Start moving people off the street and out of the rubble! Anyone that can help us, help us! Can you move?

Vaughn: I think so.

Truck 81

Cruz: You got this, Herrmann. Lieutenant.

Herrmann: Every bit of training we've had was for today, boys.


Holly Thelan: Rafferty, grab everything off the ambulance.


Casey: Chief! Chief! Big explosion, no idea of the cause.

Boden: You okay?

Casey: Yeah, I'm fine. Triage in that tent. E.R. took it hard.

Herrmann: All right, people are gonna be trapped up on those higher floors.

Boden: Okay, you, Otis, and Mouch... You get the aerial moving.

Herrmann: On it.

Boden: Exterior oxygen and fuel tanks are on the other side of the building. This couldn't have been an accident.

Casey: A bomb?

Boden: The structure's unstable. Where's Dawson?

Casey: Oh, God. She went inside.

Severide: Dawson's in there?

Casey: I think so.

Severide: We'll get her.

Boden: Go!

Severide: Let's go.

Boden: Cruz, Mills, stay back! You did bomb-tech training with Squad, right?

Mills: Yeah.

Boden: Tell me what you think.

Mills: Car bombing. It looks just like Oklahoma City.

Boden: Exactly what I thought. Okay, so what do we know? If there's one car bomb, there's probably a second.

Cruz: We're on it.

Boden: Yeah. Go!

Cruz: Let's go. You check the structure.

Mills: Yeah.


Kim Burgess: She... She said the pain's getting worse.

Holly Thelan: Imogene is my sister. I think she has a concussion, but she's responsive and alert.

Imogene: Zoe.

Shay: Kim, is this girl yours?

Kim Burgess: No, I'm her aunt. I've been trying to call my sister. I can't get through.

Holly Thelan: She says she has stomach pain. We got to take a look in there somehow, now. I'm gonna head in and see if radiology is up and running.

Shay: All right, I'll go with you. If there's more injured inside, I want to help.

Rafferty: I'll work here. You radio me as soon as you know a C.T. scanner is up.

Shay: You got it.

Holly Thelan: Girls, be strong. Im, take care of Zoe. I'll be back, okay?

Imogene: Okay… Zoe, squeeze the pain into me. I can take it.


Severide: Fire Department, call out!.. I got you.

Otis: Got her?

Casey: Here. Got her… Call out! Gabby? Call out! Hey! Dr. Arata, right?

David Arata: Yeah.

Casey: Did Gabby Dawson come in here? Did you seen her?

David Arata: Dawson... I did. I left her at the nurses' station.

Casey: She on this floor?

Severide: Hey! Casey, there's a ton of pockets in here. We'll find her… Hey! If you can move at all, get away from the exposed wall! Move back towards the center!

David Arata: Okay.

Casey: Gabby! Anyone! Call out!


Woman: Sir, you had a head injury and you need a cat scan, okay?


Holly Thelan: Are you okay?

Shay: Yeah. Yeah, it's... it's just a little scratch.

Holly Thelan: If you need...

Shay: No, I'm, uh... I'm good. Just... Let's keep going.

Holly Thelan: Okay.

Street / Parking

Boden: Look for a rental car or a van parked near the building. It'll have a rental tag in the front windshield and one of those license plate borders.

Mills: Copy that, Chief.

Cruz: Yeah.


Boden: Steve! You hold your men back. We believe it's a car bomb. We're searching for a possible second one nearby. Ain't no reason to have more men unnecessar...

Steve: Wallace, I'll be damned if you think you're gonna keep us out of here.

Boden: Okay, we got sector one and two, here and here. You move your men to three and four. We got triage going over in the tent. I just got word from the other side of the hospital. They are undamaged.

Steve: Okay, let's go, men. Don't look back tomorrow and say you could've done more!

Boden: Cruz, talk to me.


Cruz: Nothing yet, Chief.

Mills: Yo! Over here! Rental car. There's a blanket in the back! Nothing underneath.

Cruz: All clean. Let's keep moving.

Chicago Med: scan / triage

Shay: Yeah. Rafferty.

Rafferty: Go for Rafferty.

Shay: Okay, we got a working cat scan in the trauma wing.

Rafferty: On my way.


Rafferty: Let's see what's going on with Zoe.

Imogene: I'm coming too.

Rafferty: No, sweetie, you should stay here.

Imogene: She's my friend, and I'm coming.

Rafferty: Okay. Guys, I need a lift.

Chicago Med: room

Kendra Perrington: Help! Up here!

Herrmann: Don't move! We're coming!

Mouch: Don't even breathe on those walls.

Herrmann: Roger that.

Chicago Med: hallway

Casey: Hey! Hey! Hey! Seriously? What's your problem?

Nazim: We need to get this man out of here.

Casey: Here, take it. Hey, listen! A lot of people need to get out of here, all right?

Severide: Casey, get back!


Severide: Casey

Casey: I'm okay. I'm okay.

Severide: Hey, stand back.

Nazim: No, you get back! This is Alim Al Safir, ambassador from Syria to the United States. Ambassador Safir was here in your city's protection.

Severide: Capp!

Nazim: And if he's dead...

Severide: Capp, Tony, get this guy to the to the "A" wing.

Tony: You got it.


Casey: Severide!

Severide: Yeah!

Casey: There's plenty of room under the debris, the way it's fallen. I'm going in. If Gabby's under there...

Capp: Casey, I don't know if that's safe. You guys get stuck under there... We won't get stuck.

Tony: Casey.

Capp: Ready?

Chicago Med: scan

David Arata: Dr. Thelan.

Holly Thelan: Dr. Arata.

David Arata: So, it's your tummy?

Kim Burgess: She says the pain's getting worse, fast.

David Arata: Hmm. Let's see… We're gonna take a look. Everybody clear out, please.

Kim Burgess: I'll be right outside.

Holly Thelan: Come on, Imogene.

David Arata: I want you to stay very still. All right?

Chicago Med: hallway

Holly Thelan: It's okay.

Rafferty: Leslie.

Shay: Yeah?

Rafferty: Dawson's missing.

Shay: What?

Rafferty: Apparently she was near the blast.

Shay: All right, I'm gonna go help.

Rafferty: No, no, no, no, no. The guys are doing everything that they can. We do our jobs, no matter what, right?

Shay: I guess you're right.

Holly Thelan: I'm coming with you. Im, just stay here, okay?

Imogene: Is Zoe gonna be okay?

Holly Thelan: She's has the best doctor in the city with her. I'll be back.

Chicago Med: room

Kendra Perrington: Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Please hurry.

Herrmann: How you doing?

Kendra Perrington: I could be better.

Herrmann: Bad day at the hospital, huh?

Kendra Perrington: Please don't joke.

Herrmann: Anybody else here in the room with you?

Kendra Perrington: No. Clearly.

Herrmann: You'll be all right.

Kendra Perrington: Please!

Herrmann: All right, listen, lady... You got to relax.

Kendra Perrington: It's "doctor."

Herrmann: My apologies, doctor. But if you don't relax, I'm gonna call you a lot worse… This is the way to go.

Otis: All right, swing her out! Swing her out. Got her!

Parking / Street

Cruz: I checked everything in both lots, and I got nothing.

Mills: Chief... We found our second bomb.

Boden: Where?

Mills: Northwest parking lot, close to the hospital.

Boden: Steve, when's that Bomb Squad gonna get here?

Steve: Ten minutes.

Boden: I'm on my way.


Casey: Gabby! Hello?

Severide: Hey! Gabby! Anyone! Call out! Casey.

Casey: Yeah.

Severide: If we don't find a space big enough to turn around, we're going to have to do this backwards.

Casey: I know.

Severide: Well, it might not be the smartest course of action.

Casey: We're going to be smart about this now?

Severide: No. Keep going.

Chicago Med: scan

Zoe: It hurts.

Kim Burgess: I know, honey. I'm sorry.

Zoe: It hurts so bad.

Kim Burgess: I'm sorry.

David Arata: Can I speak to you for a moment?

Chicago Med: hallway

David Arata: Your niece has a crushed liver. She's bleeding internally. I need to operate before she bleeds out.

Kim Burgess: Oh, my God.

David Arata: Do you have authority to give consent?

Kim Burgess: Consent? I don't know. I...

David Arata: That's good enough for me. We'll get her ready.


Capp: Make a hole! Nurse, we'll take that gurney. Doctor!

David Arata: What?

Capp: This man... He's in bad shape.

David Arata: He's not in bad shape. He's dead.


Boden: Cruz, grab me your center punch… Cruz, Mills... I'm gonna ask you to leave the area.

Mills: Forget it.

Cruz: Not a chance.

Boden: It's on a timer… Can't see what it's set for though.

Mills: Yeah, this is amateur hour... Bomb making 101.

Cruz: Which means?

Mills: Which means that it could go off at any moment.

Boden: So... Can you?

Mills: Yeah.

Boden: Careful, Mills.


Herrmann: Hey, Tone! Where's Severide and Casey?

Tony: Down there somewhere.

Herrmann: All right, let's spread out. Let's go, guys. Dig 'em out.


Casey: I see someone! Call out if you can hear me! It's not her!

Severide: What?

Casey: She's dead.

Severide: What?

Casey: It's not Dawson!

Chicago Med

Nurse: Oh, thank the sweet lord. For anyone who's not tagged...

Rafferty: It looks like all these people have been seen.

Nurse: Not here. Down there.

Chicago Med: waiting room

Rafferty: Let's go.

Shay: Yeah.


Boden: Okay, it's 8:29. If this thing is set to go at 8:30pm...

Mills: Chief! Respectfully, shut up… Cover your ears.

Cruz: Are you serious?

Mills: Amateur hour.

Cruz: God bless that Rescue Squad training! Oh!

Boden: Come on! Come on!

Cruz: Here we go, Chief.

Chicago Med: OR

David Arata: Marker…  Have suction ready. This isn't gonna be pretty… Retractor… Bowel retractor… The liver looks even worse than it did on the cat scan… I can't find the bleed. Uh, give me a clamp for a pringle maneuver.

Chicago Med: hallway

David Arata: Uh, she's stable for now... But, uh, she's getting worse. There's nothing left of the liver. I can't stop the bleeding.

Kim Burgess: What... What does that mean? You can fix her, right?

David Arata: You can transplant a liver, but you... You can't fix the damage in one...

Kim Burgess: I'll donate right now.

David Arata: You have the same blood type?

Kim Burgess: I'm, um... I'm "A" positive.

David Arata: No, your niece is "O" positive. It wouldn't work.

Kim Burgess: But I've tried... I've tried calling my sister, and I have tried calling my parents, and no one's picking up. She's only nine years old!

David Arata: You know what? Uh, stay here.


Severide: Gabby! Anyone! Call out!

Casey: Gabby! Gabby! Call out!


Dawson: Help. Help… Come on, come, come.


Casey: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. I hear something.

Severide: Keep going!

Casey: The space up ahead is too small.

Severide: You can do it. I'm right behind you… Hey, Herrmann? Can you hear the banging?

Street / ruins

Herrmann: Hey! Quiet everyone! Kill that torch! Is that you, Severide?

Severide: No.

Herrmann: That's from over there!

Chicago Med: waiting room

Herrmann: We need a medic out here.

Rafferty: Are you okay?

Shay: Yeah, I'm fine.

Rafferty: Take a rest. I'm gonna go back out front. I promise I'll radio with anything they find.

Shay: Okay.

Holly Thelan: I'm gonna head up to check on Zoe.

Shay: All right. I'll, uh... I'll come with you.

Chicago Med: hallway

Holly Thelan: Hey, trouper.

Imogene: You were gone a long time.

Holly Thelan: Yeah, we were just trying to help who we could.

Imogene: She's hurt, isn't she? Worse than we thought.

Holly Thelan: She is... Very.

Shay: Good thoughts, you know? If that's all you can give, give good thoughts.

Imogene: Yeah. Good thoughts.

Shay: Yeah.

Holly Thelan: Imogene! Imogene!

Shay: Hey! We need help over here!

Holly Thelan: I need a line. Get a line in her... 2.5 Diazepam I.V., push.

Alec Willhite: What is it?

Holly Thelan: Seizure.

Alec Willhite: We need that broken arm out of two!

Chicago Med: room two

Holly Thelan: She was fine. She was talking.

Alec Willhite: She was near the explosion?

Holly Thelan: Yes. It looked like a concussion.

Alec Willhite: Pupil's blown, got to be an epidural hematoma... Blood swelling the brain. Get her a C.T. and an open operating room immediately! I'll do this.

Chicago Med: waiting room

David Arata: Out of the way. "O" positive. Yes!


Casey: Gabby! Gabby! Gabby.

Dawson: You came.

Casey: How bad?

Dawson: It's just my head, but I think I'm okay.

Severide: You okay? Damn, Dawson. You look like hell.

Dawson: I'm not 100% sure I'm not dreaming.

Severide: For real… Hey, guys, Casey and I have Dawson. She's alive.


Herrmann: We're not out of the woods yet, boys! Let's get this concrete off of them!

Chicago Med: waiting room

Kevin Atwater: I got your message. How is she? You got to believe, okay? You just got to believe.

David Arata: Greta! It's "O" positive.

Kim Burgess: That's good, right?

Greta: We'll start prepping.

David Arata: It's a chance. It's an adult liver, but we just use the left lobe.


Otis: I see 'em!

Boden: Everyone careful now!

Chicago Med: OR

David Arata: All right. No. No. Something must have happened to it in the explosion. It's warm.

Chicago Med: hallway

David Arata: The, uh, liver seemed to be damaged, maybe in the explosion. I can't use it. I'm sorry.


Boden: Drop the basket.


Casey: Ready to get out of here?

Dawson: Yeah.

Casey: I love you. Lift her up!


Herrmann: Welcome back!

Otis: All right!

Herrmann: Good to see you… Hey, mama. Hey, Lieutenant!

Capp: Ladies first.

Tony: Hey, boys.


FBI Agent 1: Terrorism?

FBI Agent 2: Possibly. The ambassador to Syria was checked into Chicago Med for a liver transplant, Alim Al Safir. That's his security detail over there.


Hank Voight: Hey, friends. I'm aware of your sidearms. I have one of my own.

Nazim: We're diplomatic protection within our legal right to bear arms in this country.

Hank Voight: Not today. I'm gonna take your weapons from you. This isn't a question. If you do anything that makes me the least bit uncomfortable, I will end you. Do you understand?

Nazim: We're diplomatic protection from the Syrian Arab Republic… We will cooperate any way we can.

FBI Agent 1: We're gonna want first crack at questioning.

Hank Voight: I'll wait my turn. Just know it's coming.

Chicago Med: OR

Alec Willhite: Come on. Come on.

Nurse: Pupil's unresponsive.

Alec Willhite: Come on, girl. Give me something.


Herrmann: Hey, Chief, commissioner's here.

Commissioner: Wallace?

Boden: Fire commissioner.

Commissioner: Deputy District Chief just brought me up to speed.

Boden: Dark day, sir.

Commissioner: That, it is. Listen, I am informed that you and your men from Firehouse 51 were first on scene and saved dozens of lives today.

Boden: Yeah. Plus one of our own.

Commissioner: Well... You can fall back, let some relief do some digging.

Boden: We think we'll stay.

Chicago Med: hallway

Rafferty: Shay, we got Dawson. She's okay… Shay?

Kevin Atwater: Hey! We need a doctor over here.

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