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Chicago Fire
#510 : Les rencontres

Severide accepte d'effectuer un don de moelle osseuse, mais un accident de travail met tout en suspens. Casey et Dawson tentent de trouver l'harmonie à la maison. Pendant ce temps, Otis et Mouch décident de filmer un petit clip d'intérêt public pour inciter leur concitoyens à rejoindre le service des incendies de Chicago mais ils font face à un manque de créativité.


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Titre VO
The People We Meet

Titre VF
Les rencontres

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Scénario : Sarah Kuscerka & Veronica West

Réalisateur : Dave Rodriguez

Guests : Charlotte Sullivan : Anna - Jeff Hephner : Jeff Clarke - Randy Flagler : Harrold Capp - Charles Brice : Andre Keyes - S. Epatha Merkerson : Sharon Goodwin - Deanna Reed-Foster : Tina Cantrell, Abby Pierce : Mindy Brill - Larry Yelder : Le père d'André - Marvette Knight : Mary - Anthony Ferraris : Tony - Aiden/Austin Cohen : Louie - Anna Fox : Lizzie - Minita Gandhi : Dr. Prospere - Jazmin Corona : Hématologue - Andy Cameron : infirmier

51 parking

Jeff Clarke: You spent a couple days in jail, and now you're changing your own oil?

Severide: Just keeping busy.

Jeff Clarke: How's your head?

Severide: Ah, it's fine.

Jeff Clarke: I heard you stopped by Med the other day to see Anna.

Severide: She wouldn't see me.

Jeff Clarke: No. It was us that wouldn't let you see her… At the time, you represented hope for her, Kelly.

Severide: Did something happen?

Jeff Clarke: No, no, not that. But yes, something did. Her neutrophil count came up overnight, and we started her back on chemo this morning. We want to take another shot at the bone marrow transplant. I mean, assuming we still have a donor.

Severide: Not even a question.

Jeff Clarke: Yeah, in 24 hours, we think she'll be strong enough to do it.

Severide: That's... That's great news.

Radio: Truck 81, Engine 51.

Jeff Clarke: All right, buddy. You go be a hero. I'm gonna schedule your donation for tomorrow.

Severide: All right.

Radio: 7110 South St. Lawrence.


Woman: Help! Please! Maggie's trapped upstairs!

Boden: Where?

Woman: Up there!

Boden: Severide, Squad!

Severide: On it!

Boden: Anybody else up there?

Woman: No.

Boden: Casey, vent the roof. Buy some time for Squad. Fast but safe.

Casey: Truck, let's get this roof open.

Herrmann: Copy that, Lieutenant.

Boden: 51, let's get a ladder in there. Let's go! Mouch, get that ladder up on the roof now!

Severide: Cruz, you stay here. I'll get her out.

Cruz: All right. Got it.


Severide: Fire department! Call out!

Maggie: In here!

Severide: Give me your hand. Let's get out of here. Take my hand. Stay low.

Cruz: Okay, just come out, all right? I got you. I got you. Come on. Go slow. Easy. Easy, that's it. I got you. One step at a time. There you go.

Severide: Hey, Chief, how's that roof vent going?

Boden: We're working on it. Two minutes.

Cruz: That's it. One step at a time.



Boden: Ambo! Battalion 25 to Main. I need another ambulance to my location right now!

Dawson: Kelly! Kelly?

Radio: Copy that, Battalion 25. Positional ambo en route.

Dawson: Kelly! Kelly. Kelly, can you hear me? Kelly!


Boden: Gabby, talk to me.

Dawson: He's breathing, but his pulse is weak and thready. We got him.

Chicago Med: ER

Brett: 35-year-old male firefighter jumped from a second-story window on a call. GCS 14, positive LOC, moving all extremities, pressure's 90 over 60, heart rate 100. 16 Gauge in both arms.

Doctor: We're in this room. Watch the corner.


Doctor: On my count. One, two, three. Get blood. Hang a liter of LR in the rapid transfuser. Chest X-ray, then pelvis.  We're gonna roll him. One, two, three. Pan scan once we get his pressure up.

Jeff Clarke: We got him from here. Okay? I'll let you know.


Casey: Hey. How is he?

Dawson: Still out. They gave him pain meds. They're doing an X-ray and CT.

Jeff Clarke: So, there is good news. He's moving his hands and feet, so we can rule out paralysis.

Herrmann: What's the bad news?

Jeff Clarke: There might not be any. I'll keep you guys posted.

Boden: Okay, I know we all want to stay, but there's work to do out there.

Casey: Understood, Chief.

Kidd: Chief, he... He shouldn't wake up alone.

Boden: Okay. I'll tell Casey that you are staying behind.

Kidd: Thank you. I'll call you as soon as I hear anything.

Boden: Yep.

51 parking

Dawson: How dare you show your face here?

Andre Keyes: Look, it's not what you think.

Brett: Casey.

Dawson: No, no, no, no, no. We're done with you, Andre. You had your chance.

Andre Keyes: I understand you're angry.

Casey: Hey! Hey! We're done. This is over. Come on.

Andre Keyes: But you want to hear this… Trust me… I'm redeploying next week.

Dawson: What?

Andre Keyes: Back to Afghanistan… The day I was supposed to meet Louie, I got the call. It's a long deployment, and it could get extended. I'm here because I wanted to tell you in person... That, uh... I'm signing away my parental rights… You two are good for him, you know, it's... It's obvious.

Dawson: Are you sure about this?

Andre Keyes: I... I am… Take good care of my son. Please.

Chicago Med: Trauma

Kidd: Mm, what took you so long?

Severide: We're at Med?

Kidd: No. No. We're at Disneyland.

Severide: I need better drugs, then.

Kidd: Docs say you got a concussion, couple bumps and bruises, but all in all, you got off pretty easy.

Severide: Doesn't feel like it.

Kidd: Well, you could've used the ladder. You know, just saved us all a bunch of stress.

Severide: Next time.

Kidd: I'm gonna go get Clarke. He'll want to know you're awake.

Severide: Stella?

Kidd: Hm?

Severide: Thank you.

51 kitchen

Boden: Okay, some good news. I have just talked to Kidd. Severide is awake and stable.

Herrmann: All right.

Boden: Concussion, some bruising on the spine, but no long-term damage. He is alert and in good spirits.

Casey: That doesn't sound like Severide.

Boden: He also said do not let Capp sleep in his bed.

Capp: Ah, he sounds fine to me.


Otis: Hey, Chief, uh, I was hoping to run something by you.

Boden: Yeah. Make it quick.

Otis: Okay, so, the department... They're sponsoring a competition to shoot a new recruitment video. You know, help educate the public about what we do, ways they can help, maybe join up. Anyway, so I was hoping to throw something together with the guys, but if now is not the right time...

Boden: No, no. It's a good idea. Keep people busy.

Otis: Great. Great. I... I took this filmmakers' workshop in high school, got some great ideas.

Boden: Uh-huh.

Otis: Hey, maybe you would be interested in a role?

Boden: No way in hell.

Otis: Sure. Sure. No problem. Thanks for the support.

Boden: You're welcome.


Otis: Who wants to be a star?


Brett: Ugh. I... Ugh, God… Don't ask.

Cruz: Well, now I have to.

Brett: Promises I'll learn chess in a week, but I still can't tell a knight from a... Whatever that is.

Cruz: You know, if you're that bored, there is a sink full of dishes that aren't gonna wash themselves.

Brett: No. I just have a friend who's really into it, and I'm trying to find some common ground.

Cruz: A friend?

Brett: Antonio's son, Diego. The last time we hung out, he barely said two words to me. Had his head buried in some chess app the whole time. Figure if I learn about something he's into, maybe he'll...

Cruz: Oh, hey, Otis, you got time for a quick chess lesson?

Otis: Um, have a plan, control the middle, protect your king.

Brett: Helpful.

Cruz: I am no expert, but I do know a few basic strategies.

Brett: You do?

Cruz: White goes first, and I recommend putting this pawn here.

Brett: You're a lifesaver.

Cruz: If you tell Squad I know chess, I'll deny it.

Brett: Noted.

Chicago Med

Jeff Clarke: You look pretty good, considering you jumped out a window. How do you feel?

Severide: Like I... Jumped out a window… What is it?

Jeff Clarke: What is what?

Severide: You missed the course in med school in lying to your patients. What is it?

Jeff Clarke: Well, the good news is you're gonna make a full recovery.

Severide: Bad news?

Jeff Clarke: The bruising in your pelvis… It's enough of a problem that you can't be cleared for bone marrow donation.

Severide: For how long?

Jeff Clarke: Your body suffered a trauma… Look, I talked to everyone, and the hospital won't allow the procedure.

Severide: For how long?

Jeff Clarke: Too long. Once Anna finishes chemo, she needs the infusion within a few days. You won't be ready in time… Look, man, we're not giving up. We're gonna redouble our efforts to find a match. You were out there. Bound to be another. In the meantime, you just focus on your recovery, okay? I'll check on you in a little bit.

Dawson and Casey’s apartment

Dawson: Here, buddy.

Casey: What is it?

Dawson: What if Andre doesn't come back from Afghanistan? What if we're the reason he never meets Louie? Can we be the ones to make that call for him?


Otis: Come on. Boom.

Herrmann: What's that?

Otis: Oh, nothing. It's a... GoPro HERO5, the premier tool for skateboarding auteurs everywhere.

Cruz: I don't think Connie's gonna reimburse us for that.

Otis: Oh, no. My cousin lent me this. It's ours the rest of the week.

Herrmann: Yeah? You got a plan?

Otis: Yeah. Why fake the drama when we see the real deal every day?

Mouch: Cinéma vérité. I like it.

Otis: No. I'm talking about realism.

Mouch: I think that's what that means.

Otis: Oh, okay, then yeah, that. We take this along on our calls, right? We catch some real fires, some explosions, some aerial rescues. The type of stuff that we do all the time.

Herrmann: You know what? You're right. Who needs some phony razzle-dazzle? We walk into burning buildings for a living. Let's show them what we got.

Otis: Yeah.

Chicago Med

Radio: Neuro consult, bed 5. Neuro consult, bed 5.

Anna: I can see you. You know, whoever's out there, I've got a call button, and I'm not afraid to use it. I thought you were all laid up.

Severide: Well... I'm sore, but I'm fine.

Anna: Mm.

Severide: How you doing?

Anna: Eh, you know, just fighting cancer drop by drop… Clarke told me everything, so if you're here to talk about your feelings, can you please take it someplace else?

Severide: I'm not much of a "talk about my feelings" kind of guy.

Anna: Well, I knew I liked you.

Severide: But I just wanted...

Anna: Oh! Don't, please!

Severide: Come on… I'm sorry that it didn't work out. I really wanted to help.

Anna: I know. You know, they're still looking for another match, so, I mean, you never know.

Severide: How long did it take you to find me?

Anna: It's like... 14 months… But, hey, maybe my story here's over. Whatever higher power's pushing the buttons has a plan, and I'm really at peace with that.

Severide: I should've taken the shift off.

Anna: No, no, don't do that. Come here… What happened to that girl from the fire? Hm? She made it, right?

Severide: Yeah.

Anna: There you go. You're off the hook. You've already saved a life this week.

Severide’s hospital room

Casey: Hey! There he is.

Dawson: Hey! Maybe don't go missing from your hospital room. Let's not do that. Empty bed sends the wrong signals.

Severide: I'm fine.

Casey: Hey, buddy. Only you can jump out of a window and live to tell about it. Nine lives.

Dawson: You all right? What is it?

Severide: Clarke says they won't go through with the donation. They say there's been too much trauma.

Dawson: But she's... She started the chemo.

Severide: Yeah. It's not supposed to happen this way.

Casey: Sorry, Kelly.

Severide: Anna thinks it's all part of some higher plan.

Dawson: I don't know, but there's no way they're gonna give you the epidural with your injuries, so I think acceptance is probably the best gift you can giver her.

Severide: What?

Dawson: She needs to know she's got your full support.

Severide: No, no, no. The epidural.

Dawson: Trauma to the spine prevents you from receiving the epidural. I'm pretty sure that's why they called the procedure off.

Severide: So, this is about how much it's gonna hurt?

Dawson: Well, pain, liability, safety, a bunch of other terms I'm sure the lawyers have at the ready.

Severide: I'm not gonna let someone else make that call. It's not gonna happen.

Sharon Goodwin’s office

Sharon Goodwin: Well, good morning. It's rare someone gets to my office earlier than me.

Severide: Sorry… It's about Anna Daley.

Sharon Goodwin: Trust me. I understand your frustration. These transfusion cases are always a rollercoaster, and they often don't end well.

Severide: I want to go through with the donation, without the anesthesia if need be.

Sharon Goodwin: Lieutenant, without that epidural, the procedure would be intolerable.

Severide: I go into fires that are 1,100 degrees wearing 45 pounds of turnout gear. I can tolerate a lot.

Sharon Goodwin: Yes. I'm sure. But this isn't a conversation. Your doctors won't allow it, and I can't allow it.

Severide: If I don't do this, she'll die. I won't let that happen.

Sharon Goodwin: Lieutenant, you don't have a choice.


Louie: Are we gonna have pizza?

Casey: Yeah, we sure are, buddy. Double pepperoni.

Dawson: Hey, Louie, some of our friends wanted to have lunch with us. You think you can share your pizza with them?

Louie: Okay.

Dawson: Don't be nervous, okay? It's good to make new friends.

Casey: Here you go. Hold my hand.


Andre Keyes: Hey. Gabby. Matt. These are my parents.

Casey: Hi.

Dawson: Hey, there.

Andre Keyes: Hey! Hey, Louie. I'm Andre.  How you doing, buddy? Want to sit down? You want to take a seat?

Dawson: Uh, I'm gonna... I'm gonna go order.

Casey: Okay.

Andre Keyes: Come on. Sit him down over here. All right. Okay, there we go.

Casey: Okay.

Andre Keyes: Hey, what's up, man?


Mary: Gabby, right? I'm Mary. Nice to meet you. What you're doing is very brave.

Dawson: Course.

Mary: Can't believe it. He looks just like Andre did when he was his age. We only found out a few days ago.

Dawson: It's a lot to take in.

Mary: Thank you for keeping him safe, making him so happy.

Severide’s hospital room

Severide: Yeah, got it. Same as every other place. Thank you. You too.

Sharon Goodwin: So, you can stop with the calls. I will be the first call other hospital administrators will make.

Severide: Yeah, I figured that.

Sharon Goodwin: And when you're cursing in pain, you have Clarke here to thank for that.

Jeff Clarke: We've convinced your doctors to let you do the donation… Now, a tree had to lose its life for all of the papers you have to sign, but if you're up for it, so are we.

Sharon Goodwin: Can't take the fight out of a soldier.

Jeff Clarke: You sure?

51 kitchen

Herrmann: What is that?

Cruz: This is butternut squash and Brussels sprouts hash.

Mouch: "The Dude Diet"? You trying to trick us into eating healthy?

Herrmann: I'll stick with the corned beef in my hash.

Cruz: Just quit your whining and try it.

Mouch: Mm-mm… Hey, not bad.

Cruz: Eh?

Herrmann: Hey, Spielberg, how's your masterpiece coming?

Otis: Well, that's the thing about the calls recently is that they haven't been exactly riveting.

Cruz: Oh, come on, man. That gas leak was pretty exciting.

Otis: Funny thing about gas leaks... You can't see them.

Herrmann: All right, so, what about that kitchen fire we had down on Division?

Otis: The old lady that left her hot plate on?

Mouch: The guy who got tased this morning? You got that, right?


Fireman: own on the ground. I said, down on the ground. Now! Stop... No, stop right there! Taser, Taser, Taser.

Otis: Yeah, we're screwed.

Mouch: Yep.

Boden: Sharon Goodwin from Med. Kelly Severide has been given the go-ahead for his bone marrow donation.

Kidd: Wait. What about the anesthesia? 'Cause Dawson said he wasn't cleared for that.

Boden: Um, there isn't gonna be any anesthesia.

Herrmann: So, they're going to drill into his hip and just take it out?

Boden: That's right. About a liter of it.

Cruz: Whew.

Mouch: That's a tough bastard.

Boden: So, please send your prayers his way.

Brett: Hey, I bet Boden wouldn't mind if you took a few hours off, go see Kelly.

Kidd: Oh, yeah, and then it would be about two minutes before he kicked me out.

Brett: Stella, don't let his lone wolf act fool you. He'd be happy to see you.

51 parking

Casey: Hey. What's up?

Dawson: Andre.

Andre Keyes: Can I speak to you for a minute?

Dawson: Yeah. What is it?

Andre Keyes: It's just... These last couple days, and then meeting Louie, it's got me spinning, you know? I haven't been able to stop thinking about him. It's like my whole life changed overnight.

Dawson: What are you trying to say?

Andre Keyes: I know what I said before, but a son needs his father, and I need him. Look, I spoke to my superior officer about a new post close to home, down at Rock Island. And he's supportive of it. And I want to do everything in my power to make it happen. I want to fight for full custody of my son.

Casey: Excuse me?

Andre Keyes: I'm sorry. I'm not trying to hurt you folks. That's not what this is about. I promise.

Casey: Let's go. Let's go.

Andre Keyes: I'm sorry. I really am.

Radio: Truck 81.

Casey: Gabby.

Radio: Single-car accident. Edgebrook Woods. North Branch Trail Extension.

Casey: Get out of here! Go!

Edgebrook Woods

Brett: Hey! I'm Sylvie. We're here to help you. Are you guys okay?

Boy: We're cold.

Dawson: Hey, we need blankets and heat pads.

Brett: Can you tell us what you're doing out here?

Boy: Dad said to wait here for help.

Brett: Your dad was here? Where'd he go?

Boy: He went back for Lizzie.

Boden: Dawson, call another ambulance. Truck, with me.

Brett: All right, guys...

Dawson: Main, this is Ambo 61 requesting a second ambulance at this location.

Casey: Fire department! Call out!

Herrmann: Hey! There's the car!

Boden: Move!

Casey: Sir! Sir, are you okay?

Father: My daughter, you have to help her.

Casey: Hey. Hey! I'm a firefighter.

Lizzie: Okay.

Casey: I'm Matt. What's your name?

Lizzie: Lizzie.

Casey: We're gonna get you out of there, quick as I can. We need the Hurst, Sawzall, Paratech struts, wedges, and a C-collar.

Boden: Hey, hey, hey! Easy. Check out his leg.

Kidd: Yeah.

Boden: Okay, now breathe. There you go. There you go… Dawson, we need you and another backboard here now… Father got a compound fracture and he's lost a lot of blood. Possible hypothermia.

Dawson: Okay. Okay, let me take a look.

Kidd: Yeah.

Father: I could only get reception up on the road.

Dawson: You walked back and forth on this leg?

Father: I had to get them out.

Casey: Okay, peel it back… Hey, do you feel okay? Gonna get you out. Got you.

Lizzie: Daddy!

Father: Lizzie!

Dawson: They got her. Don't worry.

Father: Are you okay?

Dawson: She's gonna be fine.

Father: Hi, baby.

Brett: Chief, second ambulance is here.

Boden: Copy that. We'll put the father in the 61. We'll send the kids separately.

Lizzie: No, please! I have to go with him! I have to be with my dad. He would never leave me.

Father: It's okay, baby. It's gonna be okay, honey. It's gonna be okay.

Dawson: Okay, yeah, you can come with us. Come on.

Boden: Okay. Three, two, one.

Casey: Come on, kiddo.

Operation room

Nurse: BP 130 over 80. Heartrate 93.

Jeff Clarke: All right, they're done with the local. Last chance to back out, bud.

Severide: No. I'm good.

Doctor: Okay, make the stab incision.

Nurse: Oxygen's good. Syringe. Needle's in.

Doctor: Now insert the Jamshidi and twist to the right.

Jeff Clarke: All right, here's the fun part, buddy.

Nurse: 132 over 80.

Jeff Clarke: Hang in there, bud.

Nurse: Prep the gauze.

51 parking

Boden: Okay, listen up. Severide is out of surgery. By all accounts, it went well, but he's in for a bad couple of days.

Herrmann: Thank you, Chief.

Cruz: Thanks, Chief.

Casey: Copy, Chief.

Boden: Yup.

Brett: Hey, I was gonna tell you the chess thing worked perfectly.

Cruz: Yeah?

Brett: I had an actual conversation with Diego, eye contact and everything.

Cruz: That's great. Did you beat him?

Brett: Oh, are you kidding me? I got creamed.Anyway, thank you.

Casey: Herrmann, can you take over?

Mindy Brills: I got your message. That guy is out of his mind. Let's talk somewhere in private.

Casey: Come on in.

Meeting room

Mindy Brills: Custody battles are never pretty. I'm telling you now there will be a time when you look back and think this was one of the easy parts.

Casey: Great.

Mindy Brills: Now, you told me Mr. Keyes didn't show up to the initial meeting that you and DCFS arranged between him and Louie, correct?

Dawson: Yes.

Casey: Correct.

Mindy Brills: Good, because we are going to use that incident to paint him as an unreliable and unstable parent, someone who can't be counted on to show up, day in, day out.

Dawson: Well, he... He just had learned of his deployment.

Mindy Brills: We control the "whys," Gabby, and we'll frame the facts however we want. I have a private investigator I want to use to dig into him. His family, too. Get us anything from his past that can help bolster our version of this guy. The longer this drags on, the better for us.

Casey: I think we'd prefer not put Louie through this for too long.

Mindy Brills: Guys, trust me. This is a good strategy. It all begins with the hearing tomorrow. That's when we start making our case. We are going to fight this, tooth and nail, okay?

Chicago Med ICU

Jeff Clarke: Try not to move. The Dilaudid's probably wearing off, so just push the button when you need more pain meds… Strongest stuff we can give you, man, I'm sorry… Here… Just breathe.


Tina Cantrell: We finished our interview with Mr. Keyes. We'd like to see all of you together.

Dawson: Uh...

Andre Keyes: Um, yeah, I'm sure you weren't expecting all these people.

Dawson: No, we weren't.

Andre Keyes: Right. Well, I wanted you to see Louie's family… This is my older sister, Leah, and her crew. They live over on Lakeview. And my sister Tracy and her family. They live down the block from my parents. My Uncle Charles wanted to come too, but I thought that might be overkill.

Dawson: Andre.

Andre Keyes: Look, I... I've seen you with him. How much you love him. But I swear to you... I will love this boy... More than life itself. Everyone here will.

Casey: Uh, just one second.


Dawson: What are we doing, Matt?

Casey: I'm not sure anymore.

Dawson: I love him so much.

Casey: I know. Me too.

Dawson: But this isn't about us… I can't do it. I can't. I can't fight for a year. For what? And what kind of people would we be to deny Louie all of this?

Chicago Med ICU

Anna: I'm telling you, a healthy Duncan Keith makes all the difference on that back line.

Severide: All this and a Hawks fan, too?

Anna: How are you feeling?

Severide: Been better.

Anna: No offense... It's kind of nice not being the sickest person in the room.

Jeff Clarke: For once, I'm not here for you. It is time to prep you for the transplant.

Anna: Oh, my God. Wow. You have no idea how long I've been waiting to hear you say that… Kelly... Thank you so much… I'll take really good care of your bone marrow. I promise. See you on the other side.

Jeff Clarke: Throbbing, dizzy, can't eat? You don't have to pretend for me, man.

Severide: Might hurt a little.

Jeff Clarke: What you did for Anna... It's the bravest thing I ever saw.

Dawson and Casey’s apartment

Louie: Can I take my monkey with me?

Dawson: Of course you can. Here. You can take everything with you… Your new room... It's so big and sunny. And all your toys can fit in there. You remember when you first came to live with us? How brave and strong you were? And everything turned out okay, didn't it? Well, I think... That if you're really brave and strong today, that this new home... Everything's gonna turn out even better… Okay? And we're not going anywhere… I will always be here for you... Any time you want for the rest of your life… I love you… I will always love you. You hear me? Okay. All right, you got to keep packing, okay? Put your boots in the suitcase.

Casey: I know it hurts. But they love him. He's gonna be so happy… We were there when he needed us. No one can ever take that away.

51 kitchen

Herrmann: It's today, yeah?

Brett:  Louie's dad is picking him up at their place.

Herrmann: I cannot imagine what they're going through.

Mouch: So, you missed all of it? Ripping the roof off that car? The hero dad? Everything?

Otis: Yep.

Cruz: And tonight's the deadline?

Mouch: It was a good idea, Otis.

Boden: Okay, I'm gonna say something now. Our family are not all here. I get that… And several of them are hurt. They may be suffering, but they are not weak. They are among the strongest men and women that I know. That is what it is to be one of us, to be a firefighter, to be able to change the fate of the people that we meet. That means when we turn up at a call, we don't see strangers. We see mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. It means that when we see others running out of that fire, we run in. The job we've taken on is to make a difference. What some in this house have done this week... Sacrificing their own health, their own happiness for that of another, that is the true meaning of what we do.


Andre Keyes: Hey. Thanks. I got it.

Casey: Okay. Hey, buddy. We'll see you soon, huh?

Dawson: Hey… You be a good boy, okay?

Andre Keyes: Hey, buddy. What's up? Ready to go? Here, I'll take the monkey, okay? All right. Come on, son.

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Chicago Fire, S10E22 (inédit)
Mercredi 25 mai à 21:00

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Chicago Fire, S02E04 (inédit)
Mercredi 25 mai à 22:50

S02E05 (inédit) à 23:35

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S02E06 (inédit)
Jeudi 26 mai à 00:30

S02E07 (inédit) à 01:20

Dernières audiences
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Chicago Fire, S10E21 (inédit)
Mercredi 18 mai à 21:00
6.79m / 0.7% (18-49)

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Chicago Med, S07E21 (inédit)
Mercredi 18 mai à 20:00
6.24m / 0.6% (18-49)

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Chicago Fire, S10E20 (inédit)
Mercredi 11 mai à 21:00
6.78m / 0.7% (18-49)

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Chicago Med, S07E20 (inédit)
Mercredi 11 mai à 20:00
6.37m / 0.6% (18-49)

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Chicago Fire, S10E19 (inédit)
Mercredi 20 avril à 21:30
7.21m / 0.8% (18-49)

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Chicago Med, S07E19 (inédit)
Mercredi 20 avril à 20:00
6.66m / 0.7% (18-49)

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Chicago Fire | Triste nouvelle pour le casting de la série

Chicago Fire | Triste nouvelle pour le casting de la série
L'entraîneur de Tuesday, le chien de Ritter et de la caserne 51 dans la série depuis 4 ans a annoncé...

Chicago Fire | Diffusion NBC - 10.21 : Last Chance

Chicago Fire | Diffusion NBC - 10.21 : Last Chance
OneChicago Wednesday c'est aujourd'hui! Pour continuer la soirée sur NBC, vous pourrez retrouver...

Chicago Med | Diffusion NBC - 7.21 : Lying Doesn't Protect You From The Truth

Chicago Med | Diffusion NBC - 7.21 : Lying Doesn't Protect You From The Truth
OneChicago Wednesday c'est aujourd'hui! Pour démarrer la soirée sur NBC, vous pourrez retrouver...

Pas de changement sur la programmation des Chicago sur NBC!

Pas de changement sur la programmation des Chicago sur NBC!
NBC vient d'annoncer son programme pour l'automne! Pas de changement en vue du côté des Chicago! En...

Chicago Fire | Synopsis 10.22 : The Magnificent City Of Chicago

Chicago Fire | Synopsis 10.22 : The Magnificent City Of Chicago
NBC vient de dévoiler le synopsis de l'épisode 10.22 : The Magnificent City Of Chicago de Chicago...


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