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Chicago Fire
#515 : Piège mortel

Le camion 81 et le squad 3 sont appelés à aider dans une intervention massive de toutes les unités de la ville  sur un incendie au sein d'une ancienne usine transformée en logements sans respect des normes de sécurité. la situation se transforme rapidement en une tempête de feu, piégeant d'innombrables victimes. La situation désastreuse devient vite personnelle quand ils apprennent qu'un des membres de l'unité de renseignements de Chicago PD a un membre de sa famille sur les lieux. Avec les victimes secourues ayant besoin d'une attention médicale sérieuse, la situation devient un véritable test pour les médecins et les infirmières du Chicago Med compte tenu de l'afflux important de victimes. 
Pendant ce temps, le propriétaire du bâtiment s'investit pour coopérer avec les enquêteurs, mais la situation prend finalement une tournure inattendue.

1ère partie d'un cross-over en trois épisodes


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Piège mortel

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Réalisateur : Joe Chapelle

Scénario : Andrea Newman

Guests : Jason Beghe (Hank Voight); Sophia Bush (Erin Lindsay), Marina Squerciati (Kim Burgess), Elias Koteas (Alvin Olinsky), Nick Gehlfuss (Will Halstead), Yaya DaCosta (April Sexton), Torrey DeVitto (Natalie Manning), Brian Tee (Ethan Choi), Marlyne Barrett (Maggie Lockwood), Carl Weathers (Mark Jefferies), S. Epatha Merkerson (Sharon Goodwin), Oliver Platt (Daniel Charles), Charlotte Sullivan (Anna Turner), Barbara Eve Harris (Emma Crowley), Randy Flagler (Capp), Steven Sean Garland (Barry Kimball), Mindy Bell (Suzie Wilder), Erin Breen (Alexa Hubble), Alina Jenine Taber (Lexi Olinsky), Jordan Brodess (Todd), Mia Hulen (Marcy Prescott), John Victor Allen (Officier Albertine), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Angela Morris (Cathy), Alex Weisman (Chout), Desmond Gray (Desmond)

Radio: Battalion 25, Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, steel and box alarm, 1100 Fulton Street.

Boden’s office

Radio: Main to Battalion 25, be aware, we've received multiple calls on this fire.

Boden: Battalion 25 copies that message.

Connie’s office

Boden: Connie! Where's Connie?

Marcie: She just left for vacation. My name's Marcie. I'm a temp.

Boden: Call Headquarters, Marcie. The address for the alarm is on our target list. See if they have any information from Fire Prevention. Tell 'em to relay it en route.

Marcie: Yes, sir.

Truck 81

Casey: 1100 Fulton, that's commercial, isn't it? Big warehouses?

Otis: Yeah. Remote area at night. Must be burning pretty good to have so many people call it in. Unless they're calling from inside.

Squad 3

Severide: How far are we?

Tony: Four or five blocks.

Severide: You guys smell that? Think we got ourselves a working fire.

Cruz: I got a feeling we're not getting any shut-eye tonight.

Truck 81

Casey: I want everyone ready to go soon as we land.

Kidd: Got it, Lieutenant.

Casey: Herrmann, bring the rope bag. You have to expect the worst.


Victim: Help!

Casey: We're gonna need every company in the city.

Severide: Hey, what is this place? A club?

Man: The place just went up!

Boden: How many inside?

Man: I don't know. 50, 60? A lot. It's like a maze. I couldn't find my way out.

Severide: Here's one of the paramedics.

Boden: Battalion 25 to main. Give me a 2-11 alarm and an EMS Plan 2. 51, get two lines inside. You hold that fire until we evacuate. 77, grab a hydrant on Fulton and feed 51. Ambo 61 is triage. The fire is in the tresses. We need to move fast, save as many as we can. Casey?

Casey: Yeah?

Boden: Let Herrmann take point. I need you out here to recon the outside of the building.

Casey: Copy that, Chief. Herrmann, Mouch, Otis, Kidd... Inside for primary search.

Herrmann: Copy that, Lieutenant.

Outside the warehouse

Victims: Help! Somebody help!

Severide: Hang on! We're gonna get you out! Ugh, come on!

Victims: Help! Help!

Cruz: Easy! Slow down, slow down.

Severide: All right, you're gonna be all right. We got you. Capp, get them out of here.

Capp: Copy that! Come on, guys, follow me. Come in there.

Man: The door wouldn't open!

Severide: All right, let's go.


Severide: Fire Department! Call out! Fire Department! Call out! 81! We got a victim here!

Otis: Got her! I got you! Come on, let's get you out of here.

Severide: Cruz, you grab the search line. Tie it off. Truck, you guys go right. Squad, we'll take left. Let's go! Let's move!

Herrmann: Hey, copy that. Mouch, anchor the line up.

Mouch: Right!

Herrmann: Hey, you two keep within reach of me, all right? Let's not get lost in this dump. You good?

Mouch: Good.

Herrmann: Let's go.

Mouch: Copy!


Otis: Hey!

Brett: Yeah, I'm right here.

Otis: Careful, careful.

Boden: Otis, hey.

Brett: She's not breathing. I'll intubate.

Boden: What's the layout in there?

Otis: Ah, it's crazy. It's full of stuff. It's practically made out of kindling. We're gonna pull a lot of bodies out of there, Chief.


Todd: I was dancing with this girl when the fire started. I don't even know her name, but she was in a-a pink dress. I... I think she's still inside.

Dawson: We'll keep an eye out.


Casey: Chief Walker's here. Let me go in.

Boden: Go.

Casey: Otis, let's go.


Herrmann: Fire Department! Call out! Fire Department! Call out! Fire Department! Hey! Fire Department!

Kathy: Help! Help!

Kidd: Where are you?

Kathy: Help!

Mouch: Herrmann, up there!

Kathy: Up here...

Herrmann: Where the hell are the stairs?

Kidd: I don't know!

Herrmann: Truck 81 to Battalion 25. We need an attic ladder up here, inside.


Boden: Give me a minute, 81. Next available truck will bring you one.


Herrmann: Okay, let's improvise a ladder.

Mouch: Copy.

Kidd: Got it.

Herrmann: You, up there, stay with me. I'm gonna get you.

Kidd: Ladder! Give me a hand!

Herrmann: Hang on! Okay, hold it steady.

Mouch: We got it. Go ahead.

Herrmann: Okay, hon, you're coming with me, all right?

Man: Help us!

Herrmann: Hey, stay there, we can only take one person at a time. Hey, do not climb over here!

Mouch: This thing's not gonna hold too much weight up there.

Herrmann: I said stop! Stop!

All: Aah!

Kidd: Mouch! Chief, Mouch is down!

Herrmann: Mouch!

Kidd: Mouch!

Casey: What happened?

Kidd: Mouch is under here!

Herrmann: Mouch, hang in there, buddy. We're gonna get you out of there. You got it?

Casey: All right, let's get these victims out! Hurry! Hold on, come on. Come on. Stay there. Stay down. Be right there.

Herrmann: Hang in there, buddy. We've got you. You got it?

Casey: All right, on three. One, two, three. Down, down. Okay, pull up.

Kidd: You got him?

Herrmann: Hey, buddy? You all right?

Casey: Let's go! My name's Matt. Who are you?

Kathy: I'm Kathy.

Casey: We're gonna follow this line out of here. Hang on to me, okay?

Kathy: Okay.

Mouch: That sucked.

Herrmann: Hey, come here.

Outside the warehouse

Severide: Come on, easy, easy. Wait... Okay.


Cruz: Take it slow. All right, we got you.


Casey: Chout!

Chout: Yep!

Casey: Smoke inhalation. A few lacerations. She's having trouble breathing.

Chout: We'll take care of her.

Casey: You're gonna be okay, Kathy. Hang in there.

Herrmann: Hey, 61, heads up! All right, you're okay, buddy.

Dawson: Where are you hurt?

Herrmann: All right. He got pancaked.

Mouch: I'm okay, really.

Casey: Take him in.

Mouch: Casey, there's a lot more...

Casey: Mouch.


Boden: Three minutes and nobody else goes inside. Squad 3, evacuate the building… Severide, report! Severide!

Severide: On our way, Chief. Bringing out two victims.

Olinsky: Wallace. Wallace.

Boden: Al, what is it?

Olinsky: My daughter, Lexi. She's in there.

Boden: What?

Olinsky: She's in there. My daughter, Lexi. She's in there.

Boden: What? Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Olinsky: Oh, my God!

Boden: You're sure?

Olinsky: She's been living here for a month. I just got off the phone with her a couple of hours ago, and she was here!

Boden: Okay. Let's try and find her. Come on… Dawson! You seen Olinsky's daughter, Lexi?

Olinsky: Hey...

Dawson: Well, she didn't come through triage.

Olinsky: Wallace... Wallace, I beg you. I beg you.

Boden: Al, I have pulled my people out. That building's gonna collapse any second. We have got to get water on that fire and hope that she made it.

Casey: Chief, Severide and Cruz are back.

Boden: Severide, report.

Saveride: It's bad. We can hear voices in the back, delta side. We're gonna need another minute.

Casey: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Boden: Al!

Olinsky: We got to go in there!

Casey: Wait! Hold on. Hold on.

Olinsky: We got to go in!

Casey: Hold back.

Olinsky: I'm begging you, man. Please. Please! I'm begging you.

Boden: Lead the way.

Chicago Med: ER

Chout: Hang tight, Mouch.

Mouch: Yep.

Chout: Maggie! Maggie.

Maggie Lockwood: Mouch?

Mouch: Hey.

Maggie Lockwood: Hey. You okay?

Mouch: I'm good.

Maggie Lockwood: Let me check you.

Mouch: Incoming.

Paramedic: Jumped out of a second-story window. GCS 3, intubated in the field.

Maggie Lockwood: Okay.

Ethan Choi: Lungs are clear. Let's get a chest X-ray and call trauma down now.

April Sexton: Maggie?

Maggie Lockwood: Trauma 3 just opened up. Go, go, go, go, go.

Mouch: I'll check in at the nurse's station.

Maggie Lockwood: Wait a second.

Mouch: Maggie, help the ones who really need it.

Chout: You sure?

Mouch: Yeah. Get back to the fire.

Maggie Lockwood: Okay. Yeah?

Mouch: Chout, go!

Maggie Lockwood: I need some help over here! I need some help here!


Boden: Fire department! Call out!


Cruz: They'll find her.


Boden: Fire department! Call out!

Girl: Back here! Help us!

Boden: This way! Lexi! Hey, Lexi. Hey, Lexi. Come on, come on. Stay with us.

Severide: Ah! It's too hot.

Boden: Through that wall! Lexi. Come on, Lexi. Get down. Come on. I got her. Go.


Casey: Severide! Boden! Someone! Report!

Herrmann: I'm going in after them.

Casey: No! Stay there.

Olinsky: Lexi!

Dawson: We got her. We got her. Let us work. We got her. We got her. Let us do our job, okay?

Olinsky: Lexi, baby.

Dawson: Watch out. Watch out.

Brett: Take the front seat, Al.

Chicago Med; ER

Sharon Goodwin: I'm bringing down extra staff from upstairs. How many nurses do you need?

Maggie Lockwood: Everybody you got.

Sharon Goodwin: Okay… Dr. Choi? I'm coordinating with the burn unit, so if there's anything you need, you let me know.

Ethan Choi: Got it.

Sharon Goodwin: You good?

Ethan Choi: Ms. Goodwin, if you're worried about me because of the burn victim I lost last week...

Sharon Goodwin: No, no. I just want to make sure you stop and catch your breath every once in a while. That's all.

Ethan Choi: Yes, ma'am.

Sharon Goodwin: Okay.

Charles Daniel: I just heard.

Sharon Goodwin: Yeah, there are a whole lot of patients, family, and friends here who may need help.

You might need more staff.

Charles Daniel: Got it.


Dawson: Got a 19-year-old with large area 3rd degree burns and smoke inhalation.

Maggie Lockwood: All right. Take her to Baghdad.

Will Halstead: Copy.

Dawson: Tachypneic and tachycardic. Sats are marginal.

Olinsky: Hey, Lexi, I'm here. She's awake. She's awake.

Will Halstead: Natalie, with me.

Natalie Manning: Yup.

Will Halstead: What kind of body surface area are we talking?


Brett: Sixty percent.

Will Halstead: All right. On my count. One, two, three. Draw an ABG, CBC, carboxyhemoglobin, and lactate. Get a chest X-ray and run her fluids wide open. Lexi, I'm Dr. Halstead. Can you hear me?

Natalie Manning: She's barely moving air.

Will Halstead: Swelling's getting worse. We need to intubate.

Natalie Manning: Got it. Give me 20 of etomidate, 60 of roc.

Olinsky: You're gonna be okay, sweetheart. You're gonna be okay.

Will Halstead: Hey, Al.

Olinsky: You're okay.

Will Halstead: Come on. Come on. Let us take care of her, all right?

Natalie Manning: Her airway's really tight.

Nurse: She's bradying down. You want the cric kit?

Natalie Manning: Nope… I'm in.

Will Halstead: All right, get her on the vent. Nice job.

Outside the warehouse

Boden: How the hell does something like this happen?

Casey: Wish I knew, Chief.

Boden: Let's get some blankets on these bodies. Let's cover them up.

Casey: Yeah.

Chicago Med: ER

I saw you at the fire. What happened?

Mouch: Oh, a balcony collapsed. I was underneath. But I was lucky. They pulled us out quick.

Girl: I was lucky, too. Everyone was screaming and pushing. Then I saw a window through all the smoke, just ran for it… The window was up high, so I climbed and pulled myself out.

Mouch: That's good.

Girl: No. No, I don't think so. I couldn't reach, so I stepped on something... Someone. I stepped on someone to get out. Maybe they were still alive. I don't even know.

Mouch: Hey, hey.

Girl: I was so scared. If I'd just stopped to help, maybe they'd be okay.

Mouch: Maybe they are.

Girl: No. Mm-mm.

Mouch: Listen. Listen to me… You didn't start that fire. Whatever happened, none of this is on you.


Burgess: Al. Al.

Olinsky: Hey. They're working on her in there, got her in a medical coma, I think.

Burgess: Can I get you anything, or...

Olinsky: She was breathing. And I saw her eyes open, so.

Burgess: Oh, that's good, Al.

Olinsky: Yeah. So she's gonna be okay.

Burgess: Yeah.

Olinsky: She's gonna be okay. Hey.

Will Halstead: Hey. We've put Lexi on a ventilator and sedated her.

Olinsky: Okay.

Will Halstead: Okay, we'll keep her there for the next 24 hours, watch her closely. She's in burn shock. Her lungs were badly injured by the smoke. We're doing everything we can for her.

Olinsky: Is she gonna be okay?

Natalie Manning: We're gonna take really good care of her.

Olinsky: Can I go in and see her?

Natalie Manning: Of course.

Will Halstead: Okay.


Olinsky: Baby... Sweet girl... Hey, sweet girl. Sweet girl.

Outside the warehouse

Hank Voight: Hey. Chief.

Boden: Sergeant.

Hank Voight: I understand the only reason Lexi Olinsky is alive is because of you. Thank you.

Boden: Just one father looking out for another. Commander.

Emma Crowley: Chief.

Boden: This is Lieutenant Alexa Hubble from OFI.

Hank Voight: Hank Voight, Intelligence. This is Commander Crowley.

Emma Crowley: Lieutenant.

Hank Voight: Casey. All right, so what do we know?

Alexa Hubble: Building owner's name is Barry Kimball. He's already reached out to CFD, promised to cooperate with the investigation.

Casey: Does he know how many people were living and partying on his property?

Alexa Hubble: According to him, no. He thought it was just a small group… When can my investigators get inside?

Boden: 66, can we release the scene to OFI yet?

Firefighter: Affirmative. We're done in here.

Boden: Scene's all yours.

Alexa Hubble: You want to join us?

Hank Voight: Please.

Emma Crowley: Thank you, Lieutenant.

51 kitchen

Marcie: I saw it on the news. It must have been really rough… Well, you guys should eat something.

Kidd: I don't think anyone's too hungry right now.

Otis: Hospital update. Death toll's up to 33.

Herrmann: Otis.

Otis: Sorry.

Dawson: All those kids out having a good time. And that guy looking for his dancing girl in a pink dress.

Brett: Oh, I know. Didn't even know her name.

Herrmann: Wait, pink dress? We pulled out a girl with a pink dress.

Brett: What was her condition?

Herrmann: Not great, but we got her to a rig.

Dawson: You remember her name?

Herrmann: Damn. No. Uh... but Casey talked to her.

Dawson: I'll call him.

Severide’s office

Anna: Hi. It's Anna. Leave me a message, and I'll call you back.

Severide: Hey, Anna. It's me. Um, sorry I haven't gotten in touch. I guess I wasn't sure if you'd want to hear from me. We... We had a pretty rough night here, and, thing is... I miss you. It'd be nice to hear your voice. If you get a sec, give me a call. Bye.

Cruz: Hey. You heading home?

Severide: No. I'm gonna head back to the factory, see if OFI needs a hand.

Outside the warehouse

Alexa Hubble: Suzi's working in the southwest quadrant. You want to help her out, Severide?

Severide: I'd be happy to.


Mr. Kimball: Please. I'm just here to pay my respects on this tragic, tragic day.

Journalist: When was the last time your building was inspected by the city?

Mr. Kimball: I don't know any more than you do about why this happened. I'm just here to say how sorry I am... How deeply sorry I am.

Boden: Casey.

Mr. Kimball: For my part in any of this.

Man: You own this fire trap?

Officer: Okay, everybody needs to back up.

Boden: Officer, who is he?

Officer: He's the property owner.

Woman: My cousin died in there! Where were the fire exits? Where were the sprinklers?

Mr. Kimball: I thought the building was safe.

Man: You killed them!

Officer: Okay, everyone needs to disperse, now! Come on, everybody just...


Alexa Hubble: What the hell is this?


Officer: Come on! Come on!

Casey: Go, go, go, go, go!

Boden: Come on! Okay, everybody. Calm down!

Officer: You're gonna have to relax, sir.

Boden: Calm down! Calm down. Calm down!

51 briefing room

Mr. Kimball: Am I under arrest?

Alexa Hubble: No. This is just a conversation.

Boden: Some place you won't be overrun by an angry mob.

Mr. Kimball: There weren't supposed to be that many people inside. Those parties are usually a lot smaller.

Alexa Hubble: Mr. Kimball, your building isn't permitted for public events of any size. Am I to understand that you had people living there?

Mr. Kimball: Just a few.

Alexa Hubble: In a building not zoned for residential use.

Mr. Kimball: I was just trying to help those kids. They don't have a lot of money, and Chicago is so expensive these days. I'm not some slumlord trying to make a fast buck. That was my father's factory. I didn't want to just get rid of it. And if these kids want to live there and use it to create their art...

Casey: You get the building up to code. Give them someplace safe to live.

Mr. Kimball: What can I do? What can I do to make it right?

Alexa Hubble: You can start by making us a list of all of your tenants and anyone who had access to the factory.


Suzi: This place is... What's the word? Byzantine? No sprinkler system, no clearly marked exit signs, no fire extinguishers.

Severide: I saw one back there, but it hasn't been inspected since '95.

Suzi: I stand corrected.

Severide: My money's on electrical fire. Wiring in this place is a nightmare.

Suzi: I'm gonna say open flame. You know, space heater, a candle that got kicked over.

Severide: Hey, Suzi, look at this burn pattern… Think this could be the area of origin?

Suzi: Could be. Yeah, yeah, could be… Whoa.

Chicago Med: treatment

Dawson: We found out her first name. It's Kathy.

Todd: Kathy.

Brett: We checked at area hospitals, and they haven't found a Kathy yet, but they're sending us a list of all of their Kathleens and Kathryns.

Todd: If she isn't at any of the hospitals, is there a chance that... She didn't make it?

Dawson: Last our guy saw, she was alive.

Todd: Okay. Okay. Thanks. When I was dancing with that girl... With Kathy... I was thinking, "I'm gonna remember this night." Now everyone will.

Brett: We'll let you know as soon as we find anything out, okay?

Todd: Something good has to come out of what happened there, right? We'll find her?

Dawson: Yeah.

Brett: Okay, sweetie, take care. We'll see you later.


Brett: We don't really know if she's okay.

Dawson: Can't stop now.

51 briefing room

Casey: Chief?

Boden: Chicago Med has lost another victim.

Alexa Hubble: That brings it up to 36.

Mr. Kimball: I know.

Alexa Hubble: That's on you, Mr. Kimball.

Boden: Easy. He gets it.

Alexa Hubble: Sure. He gets it now. Far too late for all those young people and their grieving families.

Mr. Kimball: Lieutenant, is there a, um, bathroom I could use?

Casey: Yeah. Straight back, down the hall.

Mr. Kimball: Thank you.

Officer: Are there any exits near the bathroom?

Casey: He's not going anywhere.


Kidd: Oh, my God.

51 garage

Mark Jefferies: Mr. Kimball's rash and tragic decision to take his own life will not slow or alter our investigation. We want to know why and how this fire happened, and we will get answers. My office is working with the Chicago Police and with CFD. Our city and our people are stronger when we come together, and it is my hope that the citizens of Chicago will continue...

Lindsay: Did nobody think to pat this guy down?

Officer: I was there to protect him, ma'am, not arrest him.

Casey: Kimball was under threat at the fire scene, so Lieutenant Hubble asked if we could bring him here.

Mark Jefferies: This is a tragic end to a tragic day.


Kathy’s Father: Excuse me? I'm sorry to interrupt, but is one of you named Matt Casey?

Casey: Yeah. That's me.

Kathy’s Father: You saved my daughter's life. All of you did.

Kathy’s Mother: She remembered everything you said to her, said if it wasn't for you, she never would've made it out of the factory.

Kathy’s Father: We own Kathy's Polish Deli on 17th, and we'd be honoured if you all came by for some of the best kielbasa in town, on us. Bring everyone.

Casey: That's very generous.

Herrmann: Yeah, you know, that sounds like just the right thing, so I'll put the word out. It's Kathy's Deli?

Kathy’s Mother: Yes. It's named after our daughter, the light of our life.

Boden’s office

Boden: Come on in.

Marcie: Lieutenant Casey would like to have a word.

Boden: That was the first day you had.

Marcie: Yeah, it was… Is there anything I can get for you, Chief?

Boden: No. I'm good… You can send in Lieutenant Casey now. Thank you, Marcie.

Marcie: He'll see you now.

Casey: Thanks. Hey.

Boden: Hey.

Casey: Heading out. Just wanted to check in, see if you needed anything.

Boden: No. Go on, get out of here.

Casey: We've both talked to people on ledges. Usually we can tell if they're really gonna jump. How'd we miss this?

Boden: Maybe he wasn't planning it. Maybe he just got overwhelmed. Whatever the reason, I wish that we could've stopped it.

Casey: Yeah.

Marcie: Chief, Lieutenant Severide's here.

Severide: Chief, you're gonna want to see this.

Briefing room

Boden: Okay. What did you find?

Suzi: That's where the fire started.

Severide: And that's what we found there.

Casey: Electrical fire?

Severide: That's a timing device. You take a brown paper bag, and you fill it with an oxidizer... Kitty litter or chlorine. Then you take a light bulb and you fill it with fuel... Gasoline, cooking oil, whatever. And you see the drill hole? That's where they filled it.

Boden: You put the light bulb in the bag.

Severide: Right. And now you've got a simple incendiary device. Drop the bag on the floor, you step on the bulb with your heel, and just walk away.

Suzi: Chemical reaction would start right away… Instructions are easy to find with a quick Internet search.

Locker room

Kidd: Kelly, hey. There is someone to see you on the amp floor.

Severide: Thanks.

Kidd: Mm-hmm.


Anna: I can't imagine what the last 24 hours have been like… Are you okay?

Severide: You came all the way up here to check on me?

Anna: Sort of. I was actually already packing up my car when I heard about the Kimball fire. The thing is is that, um, last week, when I was heading home from work, it just suddenly hit me. You are not the only one who gets to decide when it's "someday," because "someday" was actually my idea, so I should be the one who gets to decide.

Severide: Yeah. Sure...

Anna: And I get why you wanted to stay in Chicago, 'cause I mean, it's the same reason I went back to Springfield... It's home… But then I... Heard about this opening for a pediatric nurse at Med.

Severide: You're the one who took the job at Med.

Anna: Yeah. Maggie told me you already asked about it for me, though. Actually, I wasn't supposed to tell you that, so if you tell her, she will kill me.

Lexi’s room

Olinsky: "There were doors all around the hall, but they were all locked, and when Alice had been all the way down one side and up the other, trying every door, she walked sadly down the middle, wondering how she was ever going to get out again. Suddenly, she came upon a little three-legged table, all made of solid glass. There was nothing on it but a tiny golden key."

Burgess: "Alice in Wonderland."

Olinsky: Yeah. Thanks. She was Alice for Halloween every year until she was eight.

Burgess: Yeah?


Hank Voight: Excuse me. You know where Lexi Olinsky's room is?

Nurse: It's right here.

Boden: Sergeant.

Hank Voight: Chief.

Boden: OFI has a conclusion.

Hank Voight: And?

Boden: That fire was intentionally set. This was mass murder.

Nurse: Dr. Halstead!

Will Halstead: Chief. Sarge.

Lexi’s room

Olinsky: Lexi. What's going on? Do something.

Will Halstead: Hey, watch out. O2 sats are tanking. She's unable to oxygenate.

Olinsky: Lexi! Hey, Lexi! Lexi?

Burgess: Al, come here. Come here.

Olinsky: Do something.

Will Halstead: Al? Al. Hey! Step out.

Olinsky: Do something, man. Lexi!

Hank Voight: Come on.

Olinsky: Lexi!

Hank Voight: Al.

Olinsky: Please!

Will Halstead: Get another blood gas, drop her tidal volume to 300, and increase her rate to 25, and up the PEEP to 10. Start paralytics. 50 of Atricurium.

Olinsky: Lexi. Lexi...

Burgess: It's okay.

Olinsky: Doc, Doc, please...

Will Halstead: Close that curtain… Scissors. Her chest can't expand to accommodate the breath from the vent. We need to release the skin.

Natalie Manning: Chest escharotomy?

Will Halstead: Yeah… Scalpel.

Natalie Manning: Air pressures are coming down. Sats are coming up.

Will Halstead: All right.

Waiting room

Meredith: Al. How's Lexi? Is... Is she okay? What? Tell me. Tell me.

Olinsky: She's in critical condition.

Meredith: What?

Olinsky: She's in critical condition.

Meredith: Where is she?

Olinsky: Okay, it's okay.

Meredith: Can I see her? I need to see her.

Olinsky: Hey, hey.

Meredith: I need to see her.

Olinsky: This is Meredith, Lexi's mom. This is Dr. Halstead, Jay's brother.

Will Halstead: So Lexi has burns over 60% of her body.

Meredith: Ohh, what?

Will Halstead: We had to make incisions in the burned area of Lexi's chest to improve her ability to breathe. I'll continue to update you every step of the way.

Meredith: And you're going to save her. Please?

Will Halstead: We're gonna do our best.

Meredith: Oh.

Boden: Let the man do his job. Come on. Take a seat.

Olinsky: Hey, take care of her. You take good care of her… Hey. Now you find whoever set that fire, and I want him alone.

Outside the warehouse

Lugo: Detectives and arson investigators from across the city will not rest until the individual or individuals responsible are brought to justice. This cowardly act has robbed many of our Chicago citizens of their future. I'm being told that the structure was a home to many young and talented artists. If those responsible are watching this, they're about to feel the full strength and scope of the Chicago Police Department. Any questions?

Hank Voight: Stone.

Stone: Hey.

Hank Voight: Antonio.

Stone: The entire State's Attorney's office and investigators are at your disposal.

Hank Voight: Good.

Antonio Dawson: What do you need?

Hank Voight: Just have your people in Felony Review ready to sign some warrants.

Stone: Done. Hey. I know Detective Olinsky's daughter is among the injured.

Hank Voight: Mm-hmm.

Stone: But when I get this case file, it's got to be legit, by the numbers and tight.


Severide: Hey, Sarge! Hey, when we responded to the call, this door was locked... So we thought... So we just pried the door open… And you see these scratches?

Hank Voight: Yeah.

Severide: Whoever did this when they exited... They jammed these metal wedges underneath the door.

Hank Voight: Excuse me a sec.

Severide: Yeah.


Lugo: Sergeant.

Hank Voight: Chief Lugo.

Lugo: We have a task force assembled but I want you and Intelligence to run your investigation.

Hank Voight: Understood.

Lugo: Right. Find the son of a bitch who did this.

Intelligence’s office

Platt: I got a relief sergeant to cover the front desk so I'm here to help.

Lindsay: Great. Uh, these are our 36 DOAs. And the 18 over there are in the ICU at Med.

Ruzek: All right, thank you. All right, hey, that was a parole officer in East Garfield Park. She has an ex-con named Nathan Delano who did 18 years for arson and attempted homicide in Stateville because he lit his family on fire back in 1998. Including three of his own children. So this guy failed to report in yesterday. She marked him down for the violation, but his last known address was 4133 South Wells. That's six blocks from the Kimball Factory. There's a active warrant out for his arrest.

Atwater: Yeah. Let's go.

Nathan Delano’s home

Ruzek: Nathan Delano? Chicago PD! Open up!


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schumi  (15.01.2019 à 22:36)
Un cross over tout simplement parfait. L'incendie est terrifiant et ce pauvre mouch à failli y rester... les médecins du med assurent comme d'habitude le proprio de l'immeuble prend une décision drastique et les flics prennent le relais. C'est très addictif.
natas  (02.03.2017 à 22:01)

Très bon début de Crossover ! En "générique", on affiche effectivement les 4 séries sur 3 épisodes..

Un incendie criminel qui fait 36 morts et plein de blessé grave dont Lexi.

ça va être passionnant à suivre !

serieserie  (02.03.2017 à 16:05)

Episode 100% crossover (sauf Anna grrrrrr mais elle va aller au CMed -dans Cmed?!)

Incendie d'une rare ampleur :o

Mouch se fait mal en même temps, bon courage aux urgences mon gars, t'es pas sorti de l'auberge ^^'

Bon un peu cerise sur le gateau de retrouver direct Lexi hein mais bon elle va etre aussi notre fil rouge je pense!

Gabby et Brett en mode cupidon, un peu de douceur dans ce chaos

Lexi est a l'hôpital, j'espère qu'elle va s'en sortir quand meme! et meredith à la fin (mon dieu j'ai l'impression de parler de Grey's là!) ça brise le coeur!

Le proprio... il l'a cherché un peu mais il ne pensait pas à mal et il ne voulait pas vivre avec la mort de tout ces jeunes (d'ailleurs un peu gloque ce survol des cadavres) sur la conscience...

La pauvre remplaçante de Connie, elle n'est pas arrivée le bon jour elle...

Un CO au top, tout le monde avait sa place et son temps, vraiment bien fait!

CMed: On a vraiment un quadruple CO si cmed est autant dans les autres mais là franchement top avec un rappel au dernier épisode de Cmed avec Ethan et son patient brulé PARFAIT


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