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Chicago Fire
#516 : Prise d'otage

Lorsqu'une guerre rivale monte d'un cran, les membres de l'échelle et du squad se retrouvent coincés sans savoir qui ils ont avec eux quand un gang armé prend le contrôle de la caserne 51. La situation tourne au plus mal quand un des membres de gang est blessé et a besoin d'une aide d'urgence.


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Telling Her Goodbye

Titre VF
Prise d'otage

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Mardi 21.03.2017 à 22:00
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Réalisateur : Reza Tabrizi

Scénario : Michael A. O'Shea

Guests : Keston John (Turk), Dre Marquis (JB Williams), Randy Flagler (Capp), Marlyne Barrett (Maggie Lockwood), Julian Parker (Marlon), Demetria Thomas (Danika), Steve Wojtas (Carson Hicks), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Giorgio Johnson (Akeil)

51 kitchen

Otis: Oh, that's it? No eggs? No sausage?

Herrmann: Nah. Cindy got it in her head that we should try Ethiopian last night. "Expand our horizons," she says. She expanded something, all right, something inside my gut.

Mouch: Keep an eye on that. Indigestion's one of the first signs of heart failure.

Herrmann: Relax, Doctor Oz. I'm fit as a fiddle, okay?

Mouch: Dawson, I'm right, aren't I? Back me up.

Dawson: I don't know, Herrmann. You feeling fatigue? Cold sweats? Shortness of breath?

Herrmann: No.

Dawson: Then I wouldn't stress.

Radio: Ambulance 61, gunshot victim, 19th Street and Wolcott Avenue.

Dawson: They're playing my song.

Cruz: Wait, Wolcott. Wasn't there a shooting there last shift?

Otis: Mm. It's a turf war. The Western Posse's beefing with the 21 Naturals… What? I follow the Drill Rap scene. Sue me.

Severide’s office

Kidd: Hey, hey! Yeah, look at that face. I knew seeing Anna again would perk you up.

Severide: Well, it was a good surprise. Glad she's back.

Kidd: Yeah, she's good for you, Kelly. Like it or not, I'm rooting for this.

Severide: Don't you have a floor to mop or something?

Kidd: Oh, Whatever. Listen, I'm just saying, I'm rooting for it.


Casey: Hey, Kidd?

Kidd: Okay. Yeah.

Casey: Got a job for you when you're done.

Kidd: All right.

Casey: I need a full inventory of the rig. First watch made a mess of it.

Kidd: I'm on it, Lieutenant.


Kidd: Is that what I think it was?

Casey: Shut the doors. 81 to Main, we're stationed at quarters, hearing gunshots a block or two south of here.

Radio: Copy that, 81. We'll notify.

Kidd: Casey!

Turk: Open the door!

Casey: Go get Boden!

Kidd: Yeah!

Turk: You move, I'll drop you where you stand! Hand that over.

Casey: What else do you need?

Turk:  I need you to shut the hell up for a minute.

Casket: Go for creepin', bro. We gotta get outta here! We gotta bounce!

Casey: Let me use my radio, I can call dispatch...

Turk:  Man, I ain't gonna tell you again… Come on, we going inside! Move!

Kidd: All right.

Turk:  Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!


Herrmann: What the hell is this?

Turk:  Don't none of you's move. Let me see them hands. Home team, this ain't no drill.

Herrmann: This is a firehouse, pal! Where the heck do you think you're doing?

Turk:  Pal? You better put yourself in check. I don't want to hear another word out ya.

Boden: Hey! Everybody stay calm.

Turk:  You the boss man?

Boden: I am.

Turk: I'm sorry, are you the boss man?

Boden: You got the gun.

Turk:  We ain't looking for no trouble, just a place to lay low for a minute. You show respect, we show respect. Then we slide out. Snatch them cells and radios!

Casket: All right. Let's go.

Marlon: Let's see it!

JB: Hey, Akeil? Akeil? Akeil? Akeil? Hey, he needs help. What do we do?

Boden: We can help him. It's what we do.

Kidd: Listen, I'm-I'm trained as a paramedic. All I need are some medical supplies from the locker room and a bunk to put him in.

JB: Okay. Move.

Kidd: Okay. All right.

Turk: Hold up.

Boden: Hey.

Turk: Keep a dead eye on that. She starts acting shady, you deal with it. You got me?

JB: Yeah, I got you.

Turk: Go.

Boden: How old is that boy with the gun?

Turk:  He's old enough, Pops. Now, I need to move all your peoples to a place I can post up on 'em.

Boden: In there. Common room.

Turk:  Good. Move! Sweep this bitch, make sure there's ain't no stragglers up in here.

Casket: All right.

Boden: Okay, you're in charge, but this is still my firehouse. You keep your men in line, I'll give you my word I'll do the same.

Locker room

JB: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is this? Where are we going? Don't be playing me.

Kidd: I need something to pack and wrap the wound. Our medics keep a few extra supplies back here. 'Kay?

JB: Come on.

Kidd: Let's not have any surprises, okay? Look, you guys came here with your guns, looking for shelter. You got it. I'm just gonna patch up your friend so you can all be on your way… You know, if we could reach our radios, we could at least send word to our paramedics in the field, you know, tell them not to return to quarters just until you've gone. 'Cause the last thing either of us want right now are more hostages, right?

JB: Well, that ain't gonna happen. Just grab what you need and let's go.

Kidd: Okay.

JB: Shh.

Kidd: Okay, got everything we need. Good to go.

JB: Let's go.

Chicago Med ER

Dawson: Single gunshot wound to the left thigh, vitals stable.

Maggie Lockwood: Another gang shooting? That's the third one today. You'd think this cold would slow them down.

Dawson: Never known anything to slow them down.

Maggie Lockwood: Welcome to the party, sir. You're in good hands. We got this, don't worry.

Brett: All right.

Maggie Lockwood: Let's rotate.

Brett: I'm gonna stock up on supplies.

Radio: Possible gang related activity, South Morgan and West Maxwell. Suspects fled the scene.

Brett: Isn't that a couple blocks away from the firehouse?

Dawson: Um... Grab the restock. Let's get back.

Brett: Okay.

51 kitchen

Casket: Get in there. Get your ass in here. Come on. Get down. Keep your eyes down!

Casey: We at least let civilian staff walk?

Marlon: They gon' be the first ones I unload into if you don't sit down and shut up! You want to try me?

Casket: You too. Sit down over there.

Mouch: Hey. You feeling okay?

Herrmann: Yeah, I'm fine. Quit being such a mother hen.

Marlon: Hey.


Severide: Damn it… Radio. Radio.


Boden: Who's out there?

Turk: Punk ass bitches who want us dead.

Boden: Look, you got caught up, but there is time to be a leader for your crew. They are young. The need you to to step up. What? I saying something funny?

Turk: Man, what you think this is? The Marines? I ain't trying to be a leader. I'm trying to survive… We'll leave when I'm ready.


Kidd: Look, I need to wrap the wound, but I can't get under, so I need you to help me lift him… Look, I'm not asking for me. I'm asking for your friend.

JB: Akeil.

Kidd: Akeil, I'm... I am asking for Akeil… Thank you. All right. Gonna lift him. Back and up.


Severide: Squad 3 to Main. I have a 10-1 hostage situation here at quarters. Repeat, 10-1 in need of emergency assistance.

Radio: Copy, Squad 3. Dispatching units immediately. Are you in a safe location?

Severide: Not quite.

Radio: Can you get out?

Severide: I can, but I'm not leaving anyone here.


Casket: Hey. I just got the text from Eco. He says he saw Xavier's car back on the block.

Turk: So it's safe to ride out?

Casket: If Eco say he saw him, then he saw him.

Turk: Then we straight.

Boden: Look, if you leave your wounded man and go, we'll take him to the hospital, no questions asked.

Turk: Fine, whatever. Go holler at JB, tell him we gon' bounce.

Casket: A'ight.

Turk: The hell is that?


Severide: No, no. No, no, no.

Ambo 61

Radio: Main to 61, do not return to quarters. We have a 10-1, hostage situation in progress.

51 kitchen

Casey: Gabby.

Marlon: Get him!! Hey! Hey!

Turk: Get your ass back! Get back!

Ambo 61

Dawson: Main, we're at quarters and we don't see anything.

Brett: Dawson.


Dawson: Matt!

Brett: Dawson! Go go go! Get us out of here! 61 to Main. 10-1, 10-1,Shots fired at 51. Repeat, shots fired. Gunshot victim inside.


Herrmann: The hell just happened out there?

Turk: Hey, stand down old man and get back inside!

Ambo 61

Dawson: He shot him! Is he dead? Was he moving?

Brett: I-I don't know. It happened so fast.


Casket: Hey! Hey, don't move! Don't move! Don't move!

Marlon: Yeah. Think you a badass, huh? Let's see how tough you are now.

Severide: Hey! Whoa!

Marlon: Come on, boy, let's see you step! Come on, boy!

Casket: Chill, dog!

Marlon: Get up!

Severide: Casey?

Casey: Yeah? I think I'm okay. Bullet hit my shoulder.

Casket: Damn! Bro, they got half the cops in the city out there. What the hell we gon' do?

Marlon: Get yo' ass up. Get him!


Kidd: There you go. Lay him back down. Good.

Commander Hicks: This is the police! We have the area surrounded!

Kidd: Hey. Hey! Hey! What's your name?


Kidd: J... JB? Look at me. Hey, this doesn't change anything, okay? Okay, Akeil still needs our help. Hey. Come okay, look at me, JB… Are you with me? Okay.

JB: Come on, come on, come on.

Kidd: Okay. Grab me that bag and that green tube. We need to secure his airway.


Marlon: Get yo' ass... Yo, one of theirs called the cops.

Turk: Dude, what the hell were you thinking out there? You out of your damn mind?

Marlon: What was I supposed to do?

Turk: Yo, I don't even want to hear it!

Marlon: This man over here...

Turk: We in deep enough without you killing somebody.

Marlon: Bro, look around, they already got us. Might as well go out correct.

Boden: You've got an army of cops out there watching your every move. They hear one more shot, they are gonna come busting through those doors. But if want to stay alive, I'd show those cops some good faith. Release Casey. Let him get some medical treatment.

Turk: Hey, bro, look at me. You dying?

Casey: Bullet didn't hit anything vital, but someone needs to look at it.

Turk: Take Blondie to the back. Have the ambo lady look at that.

Boden: If you hold onto hostages, you are giving...

Turk: Man, ain't nobody going nowhere! Y'all the only thing keeping the police from dragging us out of here in body bags.


Officer: Ma'am, I can't let you go in.

Dawson: No, let us through.

Officer: You have to step back.

Dawson: This is our house. We live here, we work here. Okay?

Officer: I know, we'll take care of it.

Dawson: Let us through!

Commander Hicks: Hey! Hey, what's going on?

Brett: We're stationed in this house. Our people are in there.

Dawson: Matt Casey, the gunshot victim, you know his condition?

Commander Hicks: No word about casualties yet. How many fire personnel are in that house?

Brett: 15.

Commander Hicks: How many offenders, if you know?

Brett: Uh, we've seen two black males, both with guns. There could be more.

Commander Hicks: You know the internal layout?

Brett: Like my own home.

Commander Hicks: Good. Stay close. We'll need it and you.


Kidd: Oh, my God, what happened?

Casey: I'm okay.

Marlon: Shut up! What's wrong with him?

Kidd: Short of breath, bullet must be lodged somewhere near his lung.

Marlon: Thought you knew what you was doing.

Kidd: He needs a trauma surgeon. We're doing everything that we can to keep him alive until he can get to one. JB, grab more gauze out of the bag. We need to wrap Casey's wound.

Marlon: Yo, this ain't no hospital! He ain't your nurse.! Your job's to keep my mans alive. You help your little friend later on.

Casey: Kidd, it's okay. I'll wrap my own wound.

Marlon: Oh, look at that, we got a big boy. And what the hell's wrong with your dumb ass? Telling her your name? She don't need to know all that!

JB: My bad...

Marlon: "My bad" nothing! You better look sharp, brown-haired boy. Don't let them play you. Firemen, cops, all on the same team, only one carry ax, one carry a gun! Move yo' ass.


Commander Hicks: This is the Chicago Police! You need to answer our call so we can hear your demands!

Boden: You have to pick up.

Turk: Why? So I can let 'em talk us out of here all nice and friendly, then ship us back to the station for a beat down?

Boden: If you don't pick up, they will be forced to breach. How the hell you think they're gonna handle you then?

Turk: Don't even trip, chief… Don't even trip.


Mouch: This still the curry talking?

Herrmann: Eh. Stress ain't helping.

Casket: Hey. That mouth's gon' write you a check yo' ass can't cash. Shut up!

Mouch: My friend needs to get some antacid. He's got some in his locker.

Casket: Yeah, and I need a jet to Mexico.

Herrmann: I'm all right, Mouch. It's okay, I'm fine.

Severide: Hey. That lunatic's back there with Kidd. The second there's a distraction, I need you to cover for me.

Cruz: Yeah, I got you.


Marlon: Aw, see. Now, why he breathing like that? You fixing him or what?

Kidd: He's developing a tension pneumothorax.

Marlon: In English, dummy.

Kidd: His injury is letting air into his chest cavity, but not back out, and the pressure is pushing on his heart.

Marlon: No, no, no, see? What the hell that for?

Kidd: Needle decompression. I need to pierce his chest.

Marlon: Oh, hell no? You see what she's trying to do? She's trying to kill him, trying to take us all out one by one.

JB: Come on, man, don't be crazy.

Kidd: No, no, no, wait. Wait!

Marlon: Let's go.

Kidd: Listen!

Marlon: You need to know what time it is.

Casey: Hey! Hey! Where are you taking her?

JB: She's trying to help!

Locker room

Kidd: All right.

Marlon: Now, which one is yours? I ain't asking you again.

Kidd: It's that one. That one.

Marlon: Open it… Let's go! Move! Hey! Back up… Oh. There we go. These your peoples? Look, I don't know what you did to my boy, but I got people of my own out there too, and if anything happens to him, they gon' pay a visit to every single person in these pictures.


JB: Well, where is she?

Marlon: She can't help right now.

Casey: What did you do? Huh?

JB: Okay, can you do it? Huh?

Casey: I need help. Go get someone, quick.

Marlon: Move, boy.


Boden: You have to pick up.


Commander Hicks: No luck.

Dawson: So what now?

Commander Hicks: Countdown starts. They've already shot a hostage. We don't have the luxury of time.


JB: Hey, Turk. We need help. Akeil can't breathe and Marlon thinks the firefighter lady did it, so he knocked her ass out.

Boden: Slow up a minute. What do you mean, "knocked her out"?

Turk: Chill, Pops. She ain't dead, is she?

JB: I don't know, but Turk, I swear, he's gonna kill her if Akeil gets any worse.

Boden: You get that maniac off her now!

Turk: Man, ain't nobody got time for all that! I'm trying to get us up out of this place! Hey! Who else knows how to treat a gunshot?

Severide: Why? What happened?

Turk: Man, I'm asking the questions, a'ight?

Otis: We all know basic life support.

Turk: Good. Then you're up.

Boden: He doesn't have the training, but we have two paramedics in the field who can walk him through it.

Turk: And how are they supposed to do that walking?


Brett: Hi. Um, sorry. Do you... Do you know something that we should know?

Danika Williams: Yeah, my son. He's in there.

Brett: He's with the gang?

Danika Williams: He's not a gang member. He's a child. Lost his ten-year-old sister to a stray bullet, dead in the street.

Dawson: I'm so sorry for your loss. Is that what this is about? Retaliation?

Danika Williams: Neighbourhood cliques been going tit-for-tat all weekend, calling it payback. JB was heartsick 'cause nobody doing nothing. He wanted street justice. I tried to stop him.


Commander Hicks: Gabriela Dawson!

Dawson: You made contact?

Commander Hicks: No, they made contact, and they want to talk to you.

Dawson: Hello?


Otis: It's Otis.

Dawson: Otis. Otis, what's going on? Is Casey alive?

Otis: He is. He's right here with me in the bunk room.

Casket: Boden's with... O3h.

Otis: Okay. Uh, that's about all I can say. I'd love to chat some more, but these guys are sort of determined to keep me on topic. If we don't stick to medical jargon afraid they're gonna cut this call short.

Dawson: Okay. I read you loud and clear. What are we looking at?

Otis: Okay. Okay, okay, all right. Uh, we... We got a gunshot victim. One of the hostage takers. He's got a bullet in the chest. Uh, he's got a steady pulse but he's not breathing. Kidd had said, uh, he had some sort of, uh, tension pneumo...

Dawson: Pneumothorax?

Otis: That's the one.

Dawson: Okay, you're gonna need a large-bore needle. The 14 gauge, it's the orange coloured one.

Casey: That's it, that one.

Otis: Okay. Uh, uh, am I just gonna punch into the guy with this?

Dawson: No, no, no, you're not gonna punch into anything. You're gonna insert the needle in between the second intercostal space, just above the third rib at the midclavicular line.

Otis: Mid-what?

Dawson: Midpoint on the clavicle, it's between the sternum and shoulder. Can you find it?

Otis: Yes, I think so.

Dawson: When you're ready, you're gonna insert the needle at a 90-degree angle into the chest, okay? Once the angiocath is in, you're gonna pull out the needle and you're gonna hear a hiss of air.

Otis: Right. Okay… Here goes everything… Okay. Okay, it's in. What do I do now?


Turk: What the hell's going on down there?


Dawson: Relax, Otis. Remove the needle and secure the catheter.

Otis: Okay. Okay, I'm doing it. I'm doing it. Okay. I did it. It worked. He's breathing.

Dawson: Perfect. Perfect, okay, just secure the catheter  and you are good to go.

Otis: He's alive, Dawson. I can't believe it.

Dawson: Otis, where's Casey? Is he okay?

Casey: I'm all right. Tell SWAT we have people spread...

Casket: Nice try, fireman.

Dawson: Hello? Hello? The line went dead.

Commander Hicks: Did he make it?

Dawson: I think so.

Commander Hicks: Did you get any other information? Geography?

Dawson: Um, apparently they're all spread out in there. It cut off before I could get more.

Commander Hicks: Need to get eyes inside that building.

Brett: Commander Hicks. This is Danika Williams, mother of JB. He's one of the... He's... He's inside there.

Danika Williams: I'm scared for my son. Anything I can do.

Commander Hicks: Stand by. We may need you.


Boden: What's going on back there?

Casket: Akeil's all right, bro. He's breathing again.

Turk: Yeah?

Boden: Look, this has gone on long enough. What's your plan?

Turk: That truck out there. The one without the ladder and everything.

Boden: Squad, what about it?

Turk: That thing tough? Like, real tough? Can it take a bullet?

Boden: Absolutely not.

Herrmann: Hey, are you out of your minds? What the hell were you gonna plan to get through those cops? You think you're just gonna ram right through them?

Turk: You don't want to take another step, old man.

Herrmann: You think I'm afraid of a punk like you? You know what we do for a living? We walk into hell every day.

Turk: Yeah? How about now?

Boden: Herrmann!

Herrmann: There is no way that I'm gonna let some kid with a... Oh, damn it.

Turk: What's happening?

Herrmann: Damn it! No, I'm okay.

Turk: What's he doing?

Boden: Hey!

Herrmann: No, I'm fine. It's okay. I'm just... Oh!

Mouch: He's having a heart attack. We need to get him to the hospital right now!

Herrmann: God !

Boden: If he dies on your watch, that's murder of a public servant. You will fry.

Turk: I ain't taking responsibility for this. I ain't do anything to him!

Cruz: Let him go and I'll get you out of here… You want to bust out? I'll bust you out. And we can armor the squad with stabilizing plates and we can "Mad-Max" our way out of here if you're crazy enough to do it, but you gotta let Herrmann go.


Commander Hicks: They're releasing a hostage.

Brett: Who?

Commander Hicks: Heart attack victim. They didn't give a name. We need to move this line back! Let's move!


Casket: Hey, man, Turk says we busting out of here.

Marlon: Wait, hold up, what?

Casket: Yeah, he said he got a plan. We gon' hop on one of them fire trucks and make a run for it.

Casey: You're joking.

Marlon: Will you shut up? Get him squared away so we can move him.

Otis: Hey. Hey, you can't take him with you. He needs a doctor. You move him, he's gonna die.

Marlon: What'd you say? Huh? Say it again. Say it again. What?

Casket: Come on. Come on, we...

Marlon: Say it again!

Casket: We ain't got time for that, man. Come on.


Dawson: Oh, my God. That's Herrmann.

Danika Williams: That's him! That's my boy!

Officer: Ma'am, we need you to stay back.

Danika Williams: JB!

Dawson: Herrmann? Herrmann, can you hear me?

Herrmann: That's it, that's it. I'm okay. I'm okay, okay? Where's the guy in charge?

Dawson: What do you mean? What do you mean who's the g...

Herrmann: No, no, No, no, I'm faking it. I just... My heart is fine. I just needed to get out of there.

Dawson: Commander! Holy hell, Herrmann. You scared us.

Commander Hicks: What's going on?

Herrmann: Listen, you need to get in there right away. These clowns, they got some cockamamy plan that they're gonna drive their trucks right through here.

Commander Hicks: You know where everyone is?

Herrmann: Yeah. Get me a pen and a paper and I'll write down the exact location of the hostages.

Commander Hicks: Good. Now, if we can just delay them.

Brett: I have an idea. Would you be willing to reach out to your son? Yeah?


Otis: Easy, easy.

Casket: All right, so, he good to go?

Otis: Yeah, as good as he's gonna be.

Casket: All right, cool. Hey. Go check on your girl.

Locker room

Marlon: Where she go? No! Where is she? Where is she? She was right here! Damn!


Boden: Cruz, you don't have to do this.

Cruz: Yeah, I do, Chief. Be there. You bet. A'ight.

Turk: Okay, we set. You sure this can work?

Cruz: No. I think it's insane. But a deal's a deal.

Danika Williams: Jean Baptiste Williams. I pray to God you can hear me… This is not you. You're not a thug… I taught you to love. You're a decent person, a good son, a loving brother who would walk his sister to school every morning…

Turk: Come on, JB. They using your moms to get in your head.

Danika Williams: Read her bedtime stories anytime I had to work a double shift.

Boden: Listen to her, JB. She knows you better than anybody else. She's trying to help you.

Turk: Man, they are playing with your emotions, damn. This is how they do.

Danika Williams: I'm your mother! You're kind… You're smart. And you know in your heart that none of this violence is gonna bring Tiana back…

Boden: This is not a game. Nobody died. Not too late to change this thing around. You guys came in here for help. We can make sure that they know that.

Turk: Yeah, right. You think they gon' let you walk 'cause your Mama turned on the waterworks? Come on.

Danika Williams: Or tell your friends to talk to the police. Don't leave me alone again. I can't lose another child.

Boden: Go, run, talk to them. Make sure you get some help to make sure that nobody else gets hurt!

Turk: This isn't any of your damn business, man!

JB: All right, all right.

Turk: Huh?

JB: All right, all right. Both of you just chill the hell out! I'm still here. Just tell me what you need me to do… Tell me what you need me to do!

Turk: We gotta load the truck. Come on, Let's move. Move, man, move!

Officer: Ma'am. I got it. Thanks.

Commander Hicks: Let's go.

Officer: Copy that.

Brett: It was worth a try.


Marlon: Whew!



Kidd: You okay?

Severide: Yeah. Let's go! Come on!


Severide: Side door.

Kidd: Yeah.


Casket: Move.

Officer: Freeze!

Turk: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Boden: Hey, hey. Hey, hey!

Turk: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Officer: Drop your weapon now!

JB: Okay, okay.

Turk: Stay back, stay back, and stand the hell down or I'ma kill this man.

Boden: Turk.

JB: Turk, man, what are you doing, man? It's over.

Turk: Ain't nothing over.


Severide: Come on! Come on, come on.

Casket: Hey! Hey! Where you going?

Officer: Get down! Get down! Get down on the ground! All the way, face down!


Turk: I'm telling you, I will kill this son a bitch! I ain't playing! Everybody take a step back now!

Boden: You don't want to do this. Everybody, take a deep breath.

Turk: Shut the hell up! I am gonna get in this truck, I'ma plow right through all of you if I got to. JB, get in the truck.

JB: Turk, man, we're caught! It's done, man! Y-you want to get somebody killed?

Turk: JB, open the truck or I'ma kill your friend here!

Boden: JB, don't listen to him.

Turk: Shut the hell up!

Boden: You think this what Tiana would've wanted? You gonna listen to him and die for nothing?

Turk: The hell with this!

JB: Okay! Look, I'll do it, I'll do it, just... Just don't shoot him.

Turk: Get in the truck.

JB: Okay.

Turk: Get in the truck!

JB: Okay.

Turk: All right, Chief.

JB: It's okay. It's okay, don't shoot.

Turk: Let's go. Nobody wants to die today. Easy, easy. All right. All right, everybody, easy. Nobody wants to die today.

Boden: Calm down, Turk.

Turk: All right. All right.

Boden: Calm down. Okay. Okay!

Turk: Come on, Chief. Step up. Step up, Chief. Come on, boss man, you got it. In the truck!

Boden: Please, please. Don't listen to him.


Commander Hicks: Go! We need this clear! Snipers, you have a green light to take a shot.

Dawson: Hey, what's going on inside there?

Commander Hicks: They have the chief. They're gonna try to take a ride.


Boden: So what now? What's your grand plan.

Turk: I got peoples in East Chicago. They're gonna take care of us.

Boden: That's a long way to go. If we don't get there, what happens to me?

Turk: Hey, come on, man! Y'all gon' clear this way or do I need to start counting down? Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five!


Boden: Let it go! Let it go!


Commander Hicks: Shots fired! Shots fired!

Dawson: Chase!


Boden: Right now! Let it go!

Turk: All right, all right! All right!

Boden: Let it go!

Officer: Come on, I got ya.

Turk: Hey! Hey! I'm coming out willingly!

Officer: Let me see your hands!

Turk: I'm coming out willingly.

Officer: Behind your back, now. Let's go.


Dawson: Chief?

Boden: I'm okay. Take care of him. He caught a ricochet.

Dawson: Gunshot wound to the neck… Judging from the blood loss, it doesn't look like it hit an artery… Airway's clear. No strider. Pulse is strong… JB, can you hear me? I need you to squeeze my hands… Nothing.

Brett: Think he's stroking out?

Dawson: The bullet's close to the carotid artery. It's cutting off circulation. He's not gonna make it to a hospital.

Officer: Whoa, whoa, ma'am.

Danika Williams: My baby!

Officer: Let 'em work. Let 'em work.

Dawson: We need to pull it out.

Brett: Dawson, no. We don't have the...

Dawson: The bullet's right there… If we don't pull it out he's gonna die. Give me some light.

Brett: Okay?

Dawson: Okay, got it. Check him.

Brett: Pulse is strong.

Dawson: Let's get him ready to go.

Brett: Yeah.


Danika Williams: I want to come with you!

Officer: Can't allow that, Ma'am.

Boden: Ms. Williams, I will make sure you get a ride to the hospital. I'm really sorry for the loss of your daughter, and the world of trouble that it has caused. It's unimaginable. Hey, hey, hey, hey. He's gonna live… Okay. It's gonna be okay.

Casey: Gabby.

Dawson: When I saw that gun go off, I thought the worst.

Casey: I'm fine. Better get going.

Dawson: Yeah.

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schumi  (18.01.2019 à 15:04)

Super épisode très intense! La pauvre Kiden a bien bavé et Séveride passe aussi un sale quart d'heure. Hermann a été très futé et je m'y suis laissée avoir moi aussi^^! Zut je suis aussi bête que les méchants! J'ai eu peur pour Casey et pour tout le monde en fait mais ça donne un super épisode!

natas  (26.03.2017 à 21:40)

Encore un épisode très intense ! j'ai adoré et j'ai vraiment eu peur pour la caserne !


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