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Chicago Fire
#615 : Une chance de pardon

En réponse à un appel concernant un incendie résidentiel, les vies d'Otis et de Kidd sont soudainement mises en péril lorsque des tirs sont déclenchés à l'intérieur de la maison. Dawson réconforte Brett au cours d'une période particulièrement éprouvante. 
Pendant ce temps, Casey commence à remarquer qu'une romance pourrait se passer à l'intérieur de la caserne. 


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Titre VO
The Chance to Forgive

Titre VF
Une chance de pardon

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Casey, Brett, Dawson et Mouch attendent à l'hôpital

Casey, Brett, Dawson et Mouch attendent à l'hôpital

Severide et Boden patientent à l'hôpital

Severide et Boden patientent à l'hôpital

Herrmann et Casey attendent des nouvelles

Herrmann et Casey attendent des nouvelles

Choi vient donner des nouvelles d'Otis

Choi vient donner des nouvelles d'Otis

Boden est surpris par des coups de feu

Boden est surpris par des coups de feu

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) regarde une maison en flamme

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) regarde une maison en flamme

Brett et Dawson s'occupent d'Otis, blessé

Brett et Dawson s'occupent d'Otis, blessé

Cruz s'inquiète pour Otis sur la civière

Cruz s'inquiète pour Otis sur la civière

Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) et Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer)

Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) et Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer)

Stella Kidd jouée par Miranda Rae Mayo

Stella Kidd jouée par Miranda Rae Mayo

Cruz prie pour que ses amis s'en sortent

Cruz prie pour que ses amis s'en sortent


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Réalisateur : Reza Tabrizi

Scénario : Michael A. O'Shea et Jamila Daniel

Guests : Brian Tee (Ethan Choi), Ariane Rinehart (Lily), Ed Amatrudo (Roger Norwood), Randy Flagler (Capp), DuShon Monique Brown (Connie), Gary Cole (Chef Grissom), Jon Seda (Antonio Dawson), Adam Shalzi (Patrick Norwood), Steve Chikerotis (Chef Walker), Christopher R Ellis (Officier), Lorena Diaz (Infimière Doris), Ron Ware (Voisin)

Brett, Cruz and Otis’s apartment

Dawson: Talk to me… That's... That's a good thing.

Brett: No, yeah. Absolutely… Just... Really thought... It's been a whirlwind.

Dawson: Come here, lady.


Cruz: But this is not something that you can decide.

Otis: Why not? It's my name.

Cruz: Hey, Herrmann. Back me up on this.

Herrmann: What's your problem?

Otis: Okay, so, last night, Lily and I were at Molly's North, talking, and we kind of got on the subject of how it's kind of infantilizing for everyone to still be calling me Otis.

Herrmann: Infanti-what? Wait. We call you Otis because your name is Otis, Otis. I didn't even know your other name the first two years you worked here.

Cruz: Thank you. That's what I told him.

Otis: Guys, my name is Brian. I was Otis when I was on elevator duty as a candidate. Fine, made sense, but I graduated from that role years ago.

Herrmann: Nobody's changing anything.

Otis: I'm not changing anything.


Herrmann: Uh-buh! Firehouse nicknames are a sacred tradition. They are a sign of familiarity, brotherhood, and respect.

Otis: Hey, you know what? His name means half man, half couch. Guys, I'm just saying that words have power. Referring to me like a candidate changes the way I'm perceived.

Connie: Good morning, gentlemen. Who ordered the limited edition "Dr. Who" Tardis LEGO set?

Herrmann: Baby!


Severide: I agree, they were good.

Kidd: Okay, well, then, uh, one of these days, we should take a trip to Milwaukee and hit up some breweries because I know a place that'll make your top three.

Severide: Okay, well... What about the day after tomorrow?

Kidd: Serious?

Severide: Yeah, sure, I got time.

Kidd: I'll pencil it in.

Casey: Severide… Milwaukee, huh?

Severide: Ah, we'll see.

Radio: Engine 51, Truck 81, Ambo 61, Squad 3. House fire, 5082 North Bell Avenue.


Boden: Hey! What happened?

Patrick: Popping sound. Like pipes bursting. Next thing I know, the basement's on fire!

Casey: Could be a gas explosion.

Patrick: Please, my folks are still in there!

Boden: Go!

Casey: Truck 81, Squad 3, with me!

Boden: Ambo, take care of this man. Battalion 25 to Main. I need a still and box alarm, 10144 North Bell Avenue.

Main: Copy that...


Cruz: Gas levels are fine.

Casey: Fire started after an explosion from an unknown cause. Stay sharp.

Severide: We'll run a primary search near the basement while it's still accessible.

Casey: Do it. Otis. You and Kidd do a sweep upstairs. Herrmann, Mouch, and I will search the first floor.

Mouch: On it.


Severide: Fire department! Call out! Hey, Chief! I found one, looks like the father! Take it easy! We got you!

Mr. Haberman: My son...

Severide: He's okay, he's okay! Guys, let's get him up!

First floor

Otis: Fire department! Call out! Check the bed! I'll check the closet!

Kidd: Yeah! Fire department! Call out!

Otis: Hey, I think this room is clear! Let's check the...



Dawson: What the hell was that?


Kidd: Mayday! Mayday! Shots fired! Otis...



Brett: Shots fired. She said shots fired!


Boden: Hey, let's go, let's go! I need this area cleared right now. Get everybody back. Battalion 25 to Main, shots fired, 10144 North Bell Avenue. We need CPD backup right now. Hey, what the hell is going on in there? Who's inside with a gun?

Patrick: I-I don't know!

Boden: Come on, guys. Come on.

Patrick: Dad!

Boden: You stay back! Severide, you get eyes on the shooter?

Severide: No, I didn't see anything.

Capp: It sounded like it was coming from upstairs.

Cruz: Otis and Kidd are up there.

Boden: Truck 81, report. Truck 81, report!

First floor

Boden: Truck 81, do you copy?


Casey: Chief, this is Casey! We're taking fire! We're on the first floor! South side!

Boden: Evacuate immediately. That's an order.

Casey: Copy!

Herrmann: Casey! Hang on! There!

Casey: Go!

Herrmann: She's been hit!


Mouch: Must have come through the ceiling while she was hiding!

Casey: Come on. Follow me!

First floor

Boden: Otis, Kidd, report. Otis, Kidd, report.

Kidd: Otis! Otis! Otis, talk to me. Otis!


Casey: We've got another victim. Smoke inhalation. Gunshot wound to the back.

Patrick: Mom? Mom!

Cruz: Hey, hey. Hang back, all right? Let the medics do their job.

Patrick: You don't understand.

First floor

Boden: Otis. Kidd. Do you have eyes on the shooter?


Severide: What are we doing standing here? Let's go and get them.

Boden: No one goes inside until the shooter is located and contained.

First floor

Boden: Otis, Kidd, report!

Kidd: Chief, this is Kidd! I'm fine, but Otis took a bullet in the neck, and it looks bad.


Boden: Everybody, stay put! No one goes inside. Help is on its way. Casey, I need the aerial ladder going to the second-floor window. You stay low, you watch the windows, you use the rig as cover.

Severide: Chief, we don't have...

Casey: On it.

Severide: We don't have time for the aerial, okay? Let us go in there. Let me go in there, okay? I'll get there quicker.

Boden: You walk in blind with an active shooter, you run the risk of not reaching them at all.

Severide: With all due respect, Chief...

Boden: Severide! Clear a path.

Severide: The hell with this.

Boden: Severide, stop! Not one more step.

Dawson: Chief. You need to hear this.

Boden: What?

Patrick: There's no shooter. In my room, I have some weapons... And boxes of ammunition in my closet. A few of them are loaded.

Cruz: Hold on! You had ammo and loaded guns in there, and you didn't think to tell anybody?

Boden: Cruz! Back off… Kidd, there is no shooter. But there is ammunition in the fire. You get out any way you can.

First floor

Severide: Stella!

Kidd: Kelly, watch out! Stay down!

Fire shots

Severide: Hey!

Kidd: Watch it!

Severide: Hey, are you hit?

Kidd: I don't think so!

Severide: Hey! Your radio!

Kidd: Don't worry about me! I'm fine! We gotta get Otis out of here!

Severide: Low and fast! We'll get him to the window! Hey, Chief! I need a ladder cradle!


Boden: Go!

Casey: All right. Let's bring her on up! Hey, slow, slow!

Herrmann: We got it.

All: Ready? One, two, three.

Dawson: Okay, we got him.

Brett: Otis, can you hear me?

Dawson: Pressure's dropping.

Brett: He's in bradycardia. Come on, come on. Otis, can you hear me? He's in neurogenic shock. Let's hang some dopamine.

Dawson: Hold that.

Brett: I gotta pace him. Hold that… 70 milliamps at a rate of 80.

Herrmann: You stay with us, Otis.

Brett: Increasing to 90.

Cruz: Come on, brother.

Brett: A hundred… Heart rate is 80 and captured.

Dawson: Okay, let's get him to Med.

Brett: Kidd.

Kidd: Got it.

Cruz: How bad is it?

Brett: It's bad.

Cruz: Is he gonna make it?

Brett: I don't know, Joe. We're trying.

Chicago Med: waiting area

Herrmann: Hey, how is he?

Cruz: Still in surgery. We're waiting to hear.

Dawson: Stella lucked out. Her radio stopped the bullet that hit her in the chest. She's got a couple bruises on her ribs, but she should be out soon.

Casey: That the homeowner?

Brett: Says he knew his son was obsessed with guns but had no idea there were loaded weapons in the house. His wife's barely hanging on.

Casey: Where's the kid?

Dawson: Still under observation for smoke inhalation. Police are waiting to bring him into custody when he's released.

Cruz: They better. What, did he think war's gonna break out on the streets in Lincoln Square? What kind of parent lets their kid collect guns in Chicago?

Casey: Parents who may have just lost everything.

Lily: Is he okay? Did he make it?

Herrmann: We don't know. Doc hasn't said...

Lily: How long has he been in surgery? What's the procedure?

Herrmann: We're all in the same boat. We're just waiting for news.

Ethan Choi: Hey, folks. He just got out of surgery. He's in recovery now.

Boden: What's the prognosis?

Ethan Choi: Much better than anyone could have expected. The bullet didn't damage the vertebrae or the spinal cord. It merely grazed the bone and got stuck, right here in the C1-C2 region.

Herrmann: What... What's that all mean?

Ethan Choi: It means he got lucky, Herrmann. We're assessing moment to moment, but we have options we rarely have with an injury like this.

Lily: Can we see him?

Ethan Choi: He's still unconscious... But if you want to see him, one or two guests should be fine.

Herrmann: Hey. Go for it. One look at you'll do him better than all the meds in the world.

Lily: Joe. Would you come with me?

Cruz: Absolutely.

Boden: Dr. Choi. What's the outlook, long-term?

Ethan Choi: He's stable, but that could change. The bullet is still dangerously close to his spinal cord. Without intervention, there's a risk of infection, possibly even paralysis.

Casey: So why the hesitation? Why not just intervene?

Ethan Choi: It's a high-risk procedure. The bullet is close to the spinal column, plus he has a blood clotting disorder, which may require platelet transfer. It's not an easy call. We hope he'll regain consciousness soon so he can decide for himself. We'll keep you updated.

Boden: Thanks.

Casey: Thanks.

Ethan Choi: Yeah.


Lily: Brian... It's me, Lily. Joe's here too.

Cruz: We're right beside you, brother.

Lily: I don't know if you can hear me or not, but... I wanted to let you know that you're not alone.

Cruz: Whole fire house is here. Everyone is rallying around you.

Lily: I don't know how to do this.

Cruz: Hey. You're doing great.

Waiting area

Dawson: Looking at an alternate universe?

Brett: Mm. For one brief moment, I had this clear vision of my future. Antonio and I together, building a family. All these crazy possibilities. I know that's dumb.

Dawson: No.


Herrmann: Hey. There she is. Barely a scratch on you, huh?

Kidd: Yeah. I mean, a little shaky, but yeah. My radio, not so much.

Herrmann: That's a real life saver. You should get that framed.

Kidd: No, thanks.

Herrmann: Uh, if you need tomorrow night off from Molly's, it's not a problem, I got it covered.

Kidd: No, no, no. I want to be there. We're gonna make it a fundraiser for Otis, yeah?

Herrmann: Absolutely.

Kidd: Yeah. You can count on me, boss.


Boden: A word. Now.


Severide: Look, Chief, I was just... I was doing my...

Boden: I will speak, you will listen! And I will decide whether or not to bring you up on insubordination charges, do you understand? You disobeyed a direct order. Hey. Look at me. This is not the first time, this is not even the first time this past year we have had words on this! So I need you to tell me, are you the ranking officer in this house?

Severide: No, Chief, I'm not.

Boden: No. then you tell me, what the hell were you thinking when you ran back inside of that building?

Severide: I can't go through this again.


Brett: You don’t keep him for even one night?

Herrmann: It was one of your guys, you wouldn't be pulling this!

Boden: Hey! What's going on?

Herrmann: The cops. They're letting the kid go.

Boden: What are you talking about?

Officer: There's nothing we can do. The guns we recovered checked out. All legally owned and registered. There's just no crime we can hold him on.

Herrmann: No crime! What do you mean? Our buddy is going to the ICU...

Boden: Herrmann.

Officer: I'm sorry.

Cruz: Wait. You're not serious. They're letting him go?

Casey: Cruz.

Cruz: No. Hey! You can't just walk away from this, you hear me?

Casey: Cruz, stop!

Cruz: No! He let us go in. He knew. Hey! You got blood on your hands, kid! You got blood on your hands!


Cruz: I think he's waking up.

Nurse: I'll get the doctor.

Cruz: Hey. Hey, Brian, can you hear me?

Otis: Joe... My head hurts...

Cruz: Doctor's on his way.

Otis: Did I get shot?

Cruz: The ammo cooked off in that fire. There were a bunch of loaded guns in the closet. You took a bullet to the neck.

Otis: God... Oh, it hurts like hell. Ki-Kidd?

Cruz: She's fine. She's fine. Discharged yesterday. Not a scratch on her. Hey. Lily's here right now. She just went to the vending machine… The guy who was responsible for this... Swear to God, he's gonna pay.

Otis: I just want to go home.

Cruz: Yeah, I hear that. I'm glad to hear your voice, Brian.  You really scared me.

Otis: Brian?

Cruz: Yeah, feels weird to say, but hell, I'll call you whatever you want… You just stay with us. You're my best friend in the world. I need you around.

Otis: Same, man. Same.

Lily: Brian!

Otis: Ah...

Lily: Oh! I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?

Otis: No.

Lily: Okay.

Otis: It's perfect. So perfect.


Casey: Hey. How's it looking?

Kidd: Oh, it's been steady all day. I mean, guys coming in from as far as Morningside.

Casey: Bet Otis has no idea how appreciated he is out there. If this boot isn't filled by 9:00, let me know. I'll shake some trees.

Kidd: Don't think that'll be a problem.


Dawson: What's that?

Brett: A list of stuff to bring from home. Stuff that might cheer up Otis.

Dawson: Oh. Let me know if I can add anything.

Brett: Mm.

Dawson: You expecting someone?

Brett: I can't decide if I want to be here when Antonio arrives or if I want to be gone.

Dawson: You don't have to tell him anything about the test, you know. You're in the clear.

Brett: It's... It's not that. For months, I've been on this "keep it casual" track with Antonio. You know, seeing other people. But... Now I just... I'm starting to think that's just a facade.

Dawson: So... What does that mean?

Brett: It means I want to be with him. I'm gonna give things a real try. And I want to... I want to tell him that. I'm so terrified of what he's gonna say.

Dawson: If he reacts as anything other than a perfect gentleman, you know he's gonna have to answer to me.

Brett: I do.


Kidd: Where you been?

Severide: I had some business at the academy.

Kidd: So, I was thinking, obviously, I mean, tomorrow's not a great day for the Milwaukee trip.

Severide: Yeah.

Kidd: Maybe after next shift... If Otis is on the mend... I mean, I'm supposed to come in and do inventory at the bar, but...

Severide: Maybe, yeah. Like you said, there's a lot going on. Maybe just take a rain check for now and try again another time.

Kidd: Sure. Yeah, uh... Sounds good.


Antonio Dawson: Sylvie. Hey.

Brett: Oh, hi. I was worried I wouldn't see you. I mean, I'm not worried, just, um...

Antonio Dawson: Yeah, it was... It was a long shift. But I had to at least stop by, you know, pitch in for Otis.

Brett: Of course. Um, you know, if you're gonna stick around for a little bit, I could hang out. I was thinking that we could, um...

Antonio Dawson: No, I only have a minute.

Brett: Oh. Totally understand. We can catch up another time.

Antonio Dawson: Yeah.

Brett: Okay.

Antonio Dawson: Hey... Sylvie. I know it's not the best timing, but, considering the small circle we travel in, I wouldn't want you to hear from someone else. Friend of mine down at the district, he set me up on a blind date.

Brett: S-so you... You... That's great, Antonio. Um, appreciate the heads-up. I hope it goes well.

Antonio Dawson: Thanks. We'll talk soon.

Brett: Yeah. Sure.

Antonio Dawson: Take care of yourself.

Chicago Med: Chapel

Mr. Haberman: I believe you saved my life. I just want to thank you and tell you how awful I feel about... About everything that's happened. I didn't know.

Cruz: How could you not know?

Mr. Haberman: Man, you'd be surprised. Things you miss as a parent. I can't even pinpoint the moment he started isolating himself. I can't stop wondering how many times I missed my chance to connect and... I kept thinking, "Tomorrow."

Cruz: Tomorrow's never for sure. That's something we learn doing what we do.

Boden’s office

Severide: Hey, Chief, you got a sec?

Boden: Yeah.

Severide: I just want to say, um, about last shift at the fire, it was never about disrespect. I was reacting and not thinking, and I just want you to know that it shouldn't have happened and it won't happen again. You have my word.

Boden: Understood.

Severide: Oh, Kelly. I'm aware that you lost more than most these past few years. The heart you have, it's a strength. It's not a liability. I would never ask you to give it up. But you have gotta know, duty comes first.

Connie: Chief Grissom and Chief Walker here to see you.

Boden: Thank you, Connie. Come on in.

Chief Walker: Wallace.

Boden: What can I do for you?

Chief Walker: I understand you're a man down today. Terrible business.

Boden: Yeah, well, all things considered, my firefighters are handling it well.

Chief Grissom: That's good to hear. Reality being what it is, though, we have to think about the future of Truck 81.

Boden: In what sense?

Chief Grissom: In the sense that we can't keep a seat on hold indefinitely.

Boden: Look, Firefighter Zvonecek is undergoing a procedure this morning at great personal risk. He has every intention of coming...

Chief Grissom: We'll see how that goes, but moving forward, we can't have your truck understaffed any longer than a shift or two.

Boden: Understood.

Chief Walker: I'll send you and your captain a list of floaters to consider. We'll talk.

Boden: Appreciate it, Chief.

Briefing room

Boden: Okay. Before we begin today, I have an update from the hospital. Otis is headed to surgery as we speak. Now, I'll report the news the moment I have it, but in the meantime, let's just keep him in our prayers. I have also been informed Samantha Haberman, the woman who took a bullet in the fire last shift, she has succumbed to her wounds.

Cruz: So what does that mean? Is her son finally gonna get arrested for man...

Boden: That's on the CPD and the state's attorney to decide, not us… Look, okay, we had a terrible moment last shift. We nearly lost one of our own. So for the next few hours, I want each of us to put aside our anger so we can show this city who we are.

All: Of course, Chief.

Boden: Okay, then. Dismissed.

Radio: Engine 51, ambo 61, squad 3, house fire. 10144 North Bell Avenue.

Cruz: That's the house where Otis was shot.

Severide: Let's move!


Roger Norwood: I saw the smoke from our window. I knew something wasn't right. I thought it might've started burning again.

Severide: All right, just stand back, sir.

Cruz: Hey, Lieutenant?

Severide: Yeah, I hear it too. Let's get this thing open… That's what I thought. It's a suicide.

Cruz: Ah, it's chained from the inside.

Severide: This side too. Run and get some cutters.

Cruz: I can fit under there, get a head start. Don't know how much exhaust he's already taken in.

Severide: Move quick. Capp, hurry up!

Capp: Copy that!


Cruz: Damn it!


Cruz: I got him! He's not breathing!

Dawson: Get him on a stretcher!

Brett: I'm not getting a pulse. We need to intubate.

Dawson: Okay, I got the monitor.

Brett: All right, I'm in.

Dawson: All right. Shock and clear… Come on, Patrick… Increasing to 300. Clear… I got a pulse. Patrick. Patrick, can you hear me? No, no, no, no! Ah, can't do that. Can't do that, honey.

Cruz: Patrick. Patrick. Hey. Your dad needs you. And you can't bail on him now. Oh, hey. Oh, hey, hey. You screwed up. You can't change that. But he knows that you never meant for any of this to happen. Now, you can keep this from getting worse. Give your dad a chance to forgive. You owe him that much at least.

Dawson: Heart rate's 110. Let's get him to Med.

Cruz: Hey, Chief? Uh, Otis is getting out of surgery any minute. I was wondering if it'd be okay if I could get off so I could be there.

Boden: You're not going alone.

Severide: Copy that. Let's go.

Cruz: Thanks, Chief.

Chicago Med: waiting room

Boden: Good news?

Lily: He's okay. Thank God. Doctors are saying he came through just fine.

Mouch: Can we see him?

Lily: Yeah, you can.

Casey: You guys go ahead.

Cruz: Thanks, Casey.

ICU: Otis’s room

Herrmann: Hey, there he is. Look at this guy. Strong as an ox.

Otis: I don't feel it.

Brett: The whole house is in the waiting room.

Otis: I'm not used to being the center of attention. Thanks, you guys.

Herrmann: Soak it up while you can, Otis.

Cruz: Hey. It's Brian.

Herrmann: Right. Sorry about that.

Otis: It's fine. Otis is fine.


Casey: Hey. I heard Boden chewed your ear off for insubordination the other day.

Severide: Yeah, I'd rather not relive it.

Casey: For what it's worth, I get it. Racing into burning buildings is one thing, but being stuck outside while someone you love is at risk, hell, there's no training that can make that any easier.

Waiting room

Severide: Casey, I told you, I'm... I'm not...

Casey: Yeah, I know what you told me. That feeling, that connection, it won't go away just 'cause you don't want it to be there.

ICU: Otis’s room

Ethan Choi: Sorry to interrupt. Mind if I borrow him for a second?

Cruz: Sure.

Lily: Please.

Ethan Choi: Hey. How you feeling?

Otis: I feel like there's a construction site in my skull. But it's easing up, I can focus more.

Ethan Choi: Good.

Otis: A few more days of chicken soup and bed rest, I'll be hopping back up on Truck.

Ethan Choi: Well, that's up to the department. It'll be a while before you can get a proper assessment.

Otis: I'm a patient man… Everything okay?

Ethan Choi: Let me just check on something. Would you excuse me for a moment?

Lily: Should we be worried?

Cruz: Ah. I'm sure it's gotta be nothing, right?

Lily: Yeah.

Otis: Yeah, I'm sure it's... Nothing...

Firehouse: locker room

Dawson: What now?

Brett: Nothing. Just cleaning out some useless junk from my locker. For instance, Antonio gave me these when we went to Montrose Beach. Don't know why I still keep them. I haven't used them since. I have realized something.

Dawson: Let's hear it.

Brett: I need to move forward. With a fresh perspective. And that includes this thing with Antonio.

Dawson: Okay. That sounds different than last night.

Brett: I mean, technically, nothing changed about our situation since before I took the test, right?

Dawson: True.

Brett: Right. So why would my feelings be any different now? I wanted to keep things light, leave my options open, do me.

Dawson: I like this new attitude. Strong. Steady.

Brett: And who knows, I mean, if... If down the line, Antonio and I are meant to be together, then...

Dawson: Veering off course. I think it might be better to just stick to the first part.

Brett: No. You're right. You're right. Fresh start. New day, new Brett.

Dawson: Amen to that.


Kidd: Uh, sorry, we're...

Severide: Hey.

Kidd: Hi.

Severide: You stuck here a while?

Kidd: Yeah, I was just about to start inventory. Why?

Severide: I was gonna hit Chi Cafe. Thought you might be up for a bite, but... Another time.

Kidd: Well, hold on. Kelly... Look, I know that communication is not your first language, but... What's going on with you lately? You've been dodging me and just acting off ever since the fire. Can you just, for once, just tell me what you're feeling?

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schumi  (09.05.2020 à 14:37)

Bon finalement cétait plus gastro que grossesse lol! Mais elle semble bien deçue notre petite Brett... elle est finalement prête à être maman on dirait.

Oh non Otis!!! Le pauvre j'espère qu'il va se remettre rapidement et qu'il pourra remarcher... rien n'est jamais sûr dans cette série! ce ne serait pas le premier pompier à quitter l'équipe alors qu'on l'aime bien! Et Cruz est bouleversé, c'est plus qu'un ami pour Otis, c'est vraiment un frère!

Kelly et Kidd... ca officialise ce qu'on savait déjà, reste à voir si ça va tenir! je croise les doigts!

Aelis  (30.03.2018 à 11:30)
Message édité : 30.03.2018 à 11:32

J'ai envie de crier "enfin !!!" pour Stella et Kelly, à voir si ça dure parce que Kelly a tendance à tout gâcher donc bon, là j'espère que ça va aller, ils sont vraiment biens ensemble !

Bon mais ça se voit que ce sont des mecs qui font la série, c'est pas parce qu'une femme a envie de vomir qu'elle est enceinte ! Quel cliché, vraiment ! J'aurais une sacrée ribambelle de bébés si c'était le cas... J'espère juste qu'ils vont finir ensemble (Sylvie et Antonio) quand même car nous faire croire que c'est reparti ah ben en fait non ça devient agaçant à la longue. 

Pour Brian j'espère que ça va aller !

Emmalyne  (24.03.2018 à 20:05)

Après deux ans de je t'aime moi non plus, c'est parti entre Severide et Kidd ! Je demande juste qu'ils ne nous les séparent pas trop vite !

J'ai adoré la phrase de Kelly quand il réalise ce qu'il ressent. Il faut aussi remercier Casey pour sa petite intervention.

L'épisode met aussi en avant la relation amicale entre Joe et Otis, ils sont un peu les JD et Turk de la série.

J'espère qu'on aura assez vite une réponse quant à l'état de santé d'Otis.


natas  (24.03.2018 à 19:18)

Enfin !

C'était super de voir Kelly réalisé enfin !

Mais heu du coup retour en arrière pour Brett et Antonio??? Mais on était si proche ! ah la la...

Sinon épisode tellement émouvant ! et c'est pas fini pour Otis ! On va bientôt voir un remplaçent j'espère que c'est pas pour du long terme !!


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