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Chicago Fire
#614 : Violence domestique

Après avoir répondu à un accident de voiture, Casey et Dawson deviennent sceptiques quand un mari dominateur continue de répondre pour sa femme blessée. Cruz devient frustré contre Herrmann et Mouch quand il découvre qu'ils ont contacté des investisseurs concernant son invention "Slamigan" et ce à son insu. Kidd découvre quelque chose de significatif et important pour Severide pendant que Brett apprend des nouvelles potentiellement troublantes. 


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Titre VO
Looking for A Lifeline

Titre VF
Violence domestique

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Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) et Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) et Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) et Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) et Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer)

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer)

Matt Casey sur un toit

Matt Casey sur un toit

Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Kim Burgess, Chef Boden et Antonio Dawson

Kim Burgess, Chef Boden et Antonio Dawson

Kelly Severide

Kelly Severide

Otis (Yuri Sardanov)

Otis (Yuri Sardanov)

Sylvie Brett et Gaby Dawson à l'arrière de l'ambulance

Sylvie Brett et Gaby Dawson à l'arrière de l'ambulance


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Réalisateur : Joe Chappelle

Scénario : Michael Brandt et Derek Haas

Guests : Marina Squerciati (Kim Burgess), Brian Howe (Nick Porter), Daniel Stewart Sherman (Scott Boylan), Michael Cognata (Julian Robbins), Marika Engelhardt (Holly Boylan), Randy Flagler (Capp), DuShon Monique Brown (Connie), Gary Cole (chef Grissom), Nick Gehlfuss (Dr Will Halstead), Yaya DaCosta (April Sexton), Jon Seda (Antonio Dawson), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Tim Gamble (Ronnie Turner), Alex Haydon (Roland)

Cruz, Otis and Brett’s apartment

Brett: Hey.

Cruz: Morning.

Brett: What time is it?

Otis: It's 7:15. You'd better get a move on.

Brett: Oh, I slept through my alarm. Did, um...

Cruz: Antonio headed out. Said not to wake you.

Brett: Oh. Okay. Just give me ten minutes, okay?

Severide and Kidd’s loft

Severide: I understand. No, I just... I really don't think I can make it tomorrow. I wish I could. It looks like I gotta work… Okay, yeah. I appreciate it. Listen, we'll talk soon, okay? I gotta run. Bye.

Kidd: You working a double shift?

Severide: What?

Kidd: I just thought I heard you say you work tomorrow, too.

Severide: Uh, no. It's...

Kidd: Okay… Uh, you driving this morning, or we taking separate cars?

Severide: No, I can drive.

Kidd: Good, 'cause my heater conked out.

Firehouse: garage

Severide: Crack of dawn.

Kidd: Yeah, sure. It hurts.

Severide: What's this?

Capp: A little present for myself. It's my squadaversary.

Cruz: He made rescue squad on this date nine years ago.

Capp: Exactly.

Severide: Didn't you have to go back for retraining seven years ago?

Capp: Once in squad, always in the squad.

Severide: Well, move it on down. I don't want us bumping knees.

Casey: Well, look at this.

Dawson: It's no longer the squad table. This is now officially the Gabriela Dawson nap time area.

Tony: I knew this was a bad idea.

Radio: Truck 81, ambulance 61, car accident, 91 South Oakley Boulevard.

South Oakley Boulevard

Casey: Whoa! Hey, hey, hey! Wait, wait, wait! Wait, whoa! Sir, do not move!

Scott Boylan: My head is bleeding.

Casey: Okay, but if you move, the car can drop and make any injuries you have worse. Otis, Kidd, support the high side with cribbing stacks and paratech struts. Mouch, Herrmann, stabilize the low side with cribbing.

Mouch: Yep.

Herrmann: Copy that.

Casey: Ma'am? You okay in there? Driver's eyes are open. She's not talking.

Brett: Looks like no airbags. Steering wheel could have concussed her.

Dawson: She could be in shock.

Casey: Wanna give it a whirl?

Dawson: Ma'am, what's your name?

Scott Boylan: Her name's Holly. Boylan. And I'm Scott.

Dawson: Okay, what happened, Holly?

Scott Boylan: I'd like to know that myself. Tell them, honey. How'd it happen?

Holly Boylan: I, um... A shopping cart was rolling by itself across the lot. It was about to bang into us. I just... I... Turned the wheel, and my foot must have slipped.

Scott Boylan: Careful!

Mouch: Gotta brace your foot.

Scott Boylan: Just...

Brett: No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Scott Boylan: Get this stupid thing off me.

Casey: Ma'am, don't move your head until we get your neck stabilized.

Holly Boylan: He... He... I'm sorry about all this.

Casey: Happens all the time. Maybe not quite like this, but trust me, we've seen worse.

Dawson: You ready to move her?

Casey: Yeah. Is there anything else you wanna tell me?

Holly Boylan: I can't.


Scott Boylan: No, you don't need to check my vitals; I'm fine.

Dawson: What's up with him?

Brett: He refused treatment. I told him there could be internal injuries, but he insisted.

Dawson: You guys married?

Scott Boylan: Yeah.

Dawson: We're going to Chicago Med.

Scott Boylan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on, hold on. She's gonna be fine. We're just gonna wait in the tow truck.

Dawson: No, she's not fine. She has a head injury, and we're taking her to Med.

Scott Boylan: Hey, she can refuse care just like I did, right? Right? Holly, just tell them you refuse care.

Casey: Sir, can I talk to you for a second?

Scott Boylan: Stay right here. What?

Casey: Look at your car. You ever seen anything like that? Herrmann, Mouch, you've been doing this a while. You ever seen one like this?

Herrmann: Eh, definitely a first.

Mouch: Ditto.

Scott Boylan: So? I wasn't even looking. I was on my phone. Next... Hey, wait a minute! What... What is this?

Casey: We're gonna check on the wellbeing of your wife. She'll be at Chicago Med. Or, since you refuse treatment, you can wait here for the cops. I'm sure they're gonna want to talk to you. Let's go. Pack it up.

Firehouse: Garage

Kidd: How's it feeling?

Capp: Everyone's jealous.

Severide: What are you gonna do when third shift comes in?

Capp: Put a sign on it that says, "Off limits."

Cruz: Hey, where you guys been?

Herrmann: We had a call.

Cruz: Well, there's a sales meeting apparently happening that I don't know about.

Mouch: Oh, yeah, that's right.

Herrmann: Oh, yeah.

Briefing room

Nick Porter: Hey!

Mouch: Nick Porter!

Herrmann: Hey, Julian!

Mouch: Gentlemen, Julian.

Julian: What the hell's going on?

Nick Porter: Hey, thanks for bringing us on.

Cruz: Uh, I apologize. You guys showed up, and I didn't know we were already bringing people on. With shirts, apparently.

Mouch: Well, I was talking to my buddy, Nick, about your brilliant invention. And he said he was looking for a new product to rep.

Herrmann: It just so happens that Julian and I were talking over at Chief's house, and we thought, why don't we have two salesmen out in the field?

Cruz: How are we gonna pay for all this?

Herrmann: Don't worry about that, Cruz. You gotta spend it to earn it.

Cruz: I have been spending it just to make a few more prototypes.

Herrmann: We can discuss this later. The important thing about this meeting is that our sales force gets their marching orders.

Julian: Fantastic. So, uh, Nick and I were talking. We thought maybe we could start with the Midwest model. I take everything below Indianapolis. Kansas City, St. Louis.

Nick Porter: Yeah, I'll take your Minnesotas, your Wisconsins, your Michigans, Ohio.

Julian: Yeah, we think there's real money to be made. We just gotta land a few orders and you'll be talking profits instead of expenses.

Nick Porter: Exactly. You know the last time I saw something like this? The Snuggie.

Boden’s office

Boden: Yup.

Casey: I saw your brother-in-law here.

Boden: Yes, he thinks he sees Slamigan money falling from trees. Told him I don't wanna hear anything about it… Something on your mind, Captain?

Casey: Yeah, yeah. A call we had this morning. Car wreck. Wife driving, husband in the passenger's seat. They were fine, except when I went to put the C-collar on, she had bruises that weren't from the accident. They were fading, on her neck. I got the license plate. I was thinking about calling Antonio. But, uh, it wasn't a lot to go on. I'm waiting for Dawson to get back from Med to compare notes.

Boden: Okay. Call Antonio. But I wanna make this clear. After that... It's a police matter.

Casey: Of course.

Chicago Med

Dawson: How is she?

Will Halstead: Her head's fine.

Brett: Did you see the bruises?

Will Halstead: I saw them. I don't like them. But the patient said she slipped getting out of the bathtub. I'm not a lie detector. That's my brother's department. If she doesn't want...

Scott Boylan: No, we're leaving!

April Sexton: Ma'am, ma'am, you need to stay for observation.

Scott Boylan: She's leaving. This isn't a fascist country. Yet. We can go when we want.

April Sexton: It is our serious recommendation that you...

Will Halstead: Sir, your wife suffered a head injury. We should keep her here until we can make...

Scott Boylan: Yeah, you know, I suffered a head injury, too. You don't see me bitching about it. She's fine, obviously.

Dawson: Hey, why don't you think about your wife for a minute?

Scott Boylan: Okay, I know what this is. Yeah, you get in one little accident, and you got medical bills out the wazoo. Just so the insurance companies can really stick it to you. You think I don't have enough to deal with with a car that's now totalled? Who's gonna pay my deductable on that?

Will Halstead: If this is a financial thing, we can...

Scott Boylan: Oh, you people. You don't get it! All one big system, just sticking it to everyone! You write down whatever it is you need to write down. We refuse treatment. Let's go, Holly.

Will Halstead: Yeah, well, I need to hear it from her.

Holly Boylan: I feel fine, doctor. I'd like to go home.

Scott Boylan: Excuse me. Thank you.

Firehouse: locker room

Dawson: Well, she refused treatment, but you could tell she didn't have a choice. She's terrified of him.

Casey: I called Antonio with the license plate.

Brett: Is he coming by?

Casey: No, he offered to send an officer to their address to check it out, but I've seen how that sort of thing can backfire. I told him I'd like to swing by myself first.

Dawson: Good. If there's anybody who can convince her to get help, it's you.

Casey: Yeah, well, I don't know about that. But I've gotta try.

Otis: Hey, do you guys have any cold or flu medicine on the ambo?

Brett: Why?

Otis: 'Cause I might have a cold or flu.

Brett: Ooh, not today. Go quarantine yourself.

Otis: Oh, thank you for the bedside manner.

Brett: You know how those things blitz through the firehouse. I'm already running on empty. Check the jump...

Otis: Ah! Choo.

Brett: Go.


Kidd: You're firing up the grill?

Severide: Maybe.

Kidd: Burgers?

Severide: Brisket.

Kidd: Mmm. I left my gloves in your car.

Severide: Uh, keys are on the desk in my office.

Kidd: Cool.

Severide: All right.


Mouch: They're waterproof.

Herrmann: Yeah.

Mouch: Not water resistant. It's pretty impressive.

Herrmann: What do you know?

Mouch: Yeah.

Herrmann: But the size of it, the sheer si... Hey, you want a sandwich? I left out the...

Cruz: No, I don't want a sandwich. I wanna know what the deal is with the Slamigan.

Herrmann: The deal? The deal is, we're gonna get rich.

Cruz: See, that's just it. We have no deal.

Herrmann: Sure, we do! A handshake deal.

Cruz: There hasn't been a handshake! There's been no handshake.

Mouch: You don't wanna partner with us?

Cruz: No, I do. I just... You guys move so fast. There's already sales reps and, uh, logo shirts, and...

Herrmann: That reminds me. All right. Mouch and I were talking, and this is your company, Joe. I mean, yeah, sure, we got a little, you know, spending money to invest. But it's your ingenuity... Your grit... That got this thing on its feet. So you be the chairman and take 51% of the company, okay?

Mouch: Herrmann and I will split the other 49%.

Cruz: But what about Brett?

Brett: What about Brett, what?

Cruz: There wouldn't be a Slamigan without all of your help on those prototypes. Brett gets ten percent of the company.

Herrmann: Well, I guess she deserves a little...

Cruz: From your share.

Mouch: That's perfectly reasonable.

Brett: Aww, I've never owned any part of a...

Herrmann: I think she got overwhelmed by your generosity, Joe. So let's talk about outgoing expenses.


Brett: Oh, sorry about that. I shouldn't have looked at that chicken salad sandwich.

Dawson: You want me to take 61 out of service so you can rest a minute?

Brett: No, I'm fine now.

I think I got it out of my system. This may be psychosomatic after Otis said he had the flu.

Dawson: You sure?

Brett: I think so. I mean, one minute I'm achy and tired and nauseated. The next, I feel fine. I don't know what's going on. I felt the same way this morning. Yesterday, too.

Dawson: Brett.

Brett: What?

Dawson: You sound pregnant.

Brett: Oh. Oh.

Dawson: Are you late? Antonio?

Outside the firehouse

Grissom: Smell that meat all the way to Firehouse 21. What are you doing? Slow cooking brisket?

Severide: Yeah, about five more hours.

Grissom: Yeah, well, I got here too early, then. Okay. Look, I know I might have come on a little strong this past month.

Severide: A little?

Grissom: Well, I've always been a bull in a china shop. And the china, too, come to think of it.

Severide: Uh-huh.

Grissom: All right, this is me extending my hand saying I'm in your corner… Good. And you're gonna love this. I'm having dinner with the Deputy Commissioner. Frank's an old friend of mine. Steve Mitchell and Gil Tanner from City Hall. All very good people to know.

Severide: No, I don't...

Grissom: No pressure. But these aren't mouthpieces. These are your kind of people. Hard workers. Trying to make Chicago stronger. You don't like politics. I get that. But there may come a time where you may need something from the city or the department, and it helps to be able to call a friendly face.

Severide: When is it?

Grissom: Tomorrow night.

Severide: What time?

Grissom: 7:30. I'll text you the details.

Severide: Okay.

Grissom: Yeah?

Severide: Yeah.

Grissom: Great. I'll see you tomorrow. Send some of this barbecue to 21.

Boylans’s house

Casey: Mrs. Boylan? Mrs. Boylan. It's Captain Casey from Firehouse 51. I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing after the accident this morning.

Holly Boylan: Please, my husband is upstairs. If he finds out I was talking to you...

Casey: I know what you're dealing with. I watched someone very close to me go through it.

Holly Boylan: Thank you for your concern, Captain. Good-bye.

Casey: Holly... There are places you can go to get help.

Holly Boylan: No one can help me.

Boden’s office

Casey: It's clear she lives in total fear of this guy. Worse than that, she's given up all hope.

Antonio Dawson: I ran Scott Boylan's ID. Turns out we've had a few run-ins with him. CPD was dispatched to his residence on two separate occasions.

Kim Burgess: Yeah, I responded twice to those calls back when I was in uniform. Both domestic related.

Casey: Great.

Kim Burgess: The first call a neighbour phoned in saying he heard a disturbance. When we got to the door, guy meets us halfway down the sidewalk, tells us this is a waste of time. Wife comes out, says she slipped in the bathtub.

Casey: Did you arrest him?

Kim Burgess: We didn't. She was convincing.

Casey: This is exactly the problem, Chief.

Antonio Dawson: No victim, no crime. We can't make an arrest without a complainant.

Boden: And the second call?

Kim Burgess: About a month later, we get a 911 call. Same house, but it was a hang up.

Boden: Meaning what?

Kim Burgess: The call went through to 911, but no one was on the line. Dispatch sends a uniform by to be sure. I recognize the house as soon as we roll up. Wife says she was dialing 411 but her finger slipped. But she's cradling her midsection, and her husband's got bruised up knuckles.

Casey: Tell me you arrested him that time.

Kim Burgess: Yeah, Atwater put the cuffs on him, over the wife's objections. But, look, I don't know what happened after that... If he pled or the charges were dropped, because there never was a trial.

Casey: This guy's gotta go down. How do we put an end to this?

Antonio Dawson: You tried talking to the wife. I'll try talking to Boylan himself. If I catch a whiff of probable cause, I'll drag him in. If not...

Casey: If not... At least he'll know he's got eyes on him.

Antonio Dawson: That's the idea. Now sit tight till we get back to you.

Kim Burgess: Hey. I'd love nothing more than to put bracelets on this guy again.

Ambulance 61

Brett: We were so careful. I don't understand.

Dawson: Well, you know, let's not jump to any conclusions until we get to Med. Grab a test.

Brett: We can't go to Med. No way. Take me to a pharmacy. Somewhere out of our district.

Dawson: Hospital tests are way better indicators... Nope, you're right. Pharmacy's a much better idea.


Dawson: Uh... Best one.

Cashier: How y'all doing today? Uh, can I, uh...

Dawson: Need to see if my husband knocked me up.

Cashier: Oh, uh, okay… 18 dollars and 42 cents… Ma'am? Uh, Ma'am?

Dawson: Keep the change.


Dawson: Hey. You okay?

Brett: No.

Dawson: Here's the thing. Knowing is better than not knowing.

Brett: I can't be pregnant, Gabby.

Dawson: When we come to it. Come on.

Firehouse: kitchen

Cruz: Uh-oh. This is not good.

Otis: What is it?

Cruz: Hey, Otis, buddy, do you think you could cover my rent this month? It's just a floater until the next paycheck.

Otis: Of course.

Herrmann: What's going on, Joe?

Cruz: Uh, nothing, it's just that I was writing so many checks making the prototype, I guess I lost track. Funds are in the danger zone.

Herrmann: Oh, well, hey, listen. Mouch and I will pay our share.

Cruz: What, no. No, no way. I'm the CEO and the chairman. And like you said, you gotta spend it to make it. So, I spent it. Now I just gotta trust we make it.

Mouch: That doesn't seem right.

Cruz: Hey, give me a call if you hear from Nick or Julian.

Herrmann: What... Sure, but you know, that might take a... Little time.

Outside the firehouse

Kidd: You need help with that?

Severide: Hah. Did Hank Aaron need help hitting home runs?

Kidd: Oh, so you're calling your shot?

Severide: That was Babe Ruth.

Kidd: Eh. Hey, so, when I went to go grab the keys... And I swear I wasn't snooping… I saw the letter on your desk… From Springfield. Why aren't you going?

Severide: It's just not a good idea.

Kidd: Of course it's a good idea… You... You don't think you can handle it?

Severide: Maybe you should stay out of this, okay?

Kidd: I know you pretty well, Kelly… And you can. You can handle it… In fact... You have to… I'm gonna go, too. You can thank me later.


Scott Boylan: Where is he?

Severide: What?

Scott Boylan: Where's that fireman? There he is. Hey, did you call the cops on me? Huh? 'Cause I'm gonna rip your stinkin' head off!

Casey: What, do you beat your wife, tough guy?

Scott Boylan: Hey, you go to hell.

Cruz: Oh, come on!

Casey: See what it's like when someone hits back.

Scott Boylan: Stay out of my business.

Severide: Hey, get in your car, get the hell out of here, or I'll let him kick your ass.

Scott Boylan: Hell with all of you. Next time you won't see me coming.

Casey: I'm right here, pal.

Scott Boylan: Really?

Boden: Hey! Enough! You! Leave now.

Briefing room

Antonio Dawson: We went by there and talked to them both. She sang the same old song. "I slipped in the bathtub. I fell down the stairs." Our hands are tied here.

Casey: Well, he threatened me. Arrest him for that. I press charges. There were a half dozen witnesses.

Severide: Yeah, I was standing right there.

Kim Burgess: Look, if that's what you wanna do, absolutely. Could jam him up for 90 days if he doesn't have a good lawyer. In and out, if he does.

Antonio Dawson: Maybe we can get him away from her, even for a short time, talk to her alone.

Boden: There are a number of no-contact women's shelters.

Kim Burgess: Look, you have to know... And trust me when I say I've dealt with this before... If she doesn't wanna go, she's not going. Doesn't matter how many brochures we give her or if we walk her inside the front door. She has to decide she wants it.

Casey: The parking lot, she was behind the wheel. He was looking down at his phone. She swerved and floored it over a cluster of pylons. I don't think it was an accident. Soon as we got the husband out of the vehicle, she looked at me with desperation in her eyes. She's desperate. I felt it. She's looking for a lifeline. I'd like to give her one before he kills her.

Antonio Dawson: Okay. We have our marching orders.

Kim Burgess: I'll talk to Richardson in violent crimes. And this woman I know, Charlene, she's a Victim Information and Referral Advocate. We'll make our pitch to her.

Antonio Dawson: Thanks.

Casey: Okay. Let us know if we can do anything else.

Kim Burgess: Yeah.


Kim Burgess: Wanna call out to the cars?

Antonio Dawson: Yeah.

Kim Burgess: Okay, I'll do that.

Antonio Dawson: Hey, there she is.

Dawson: I'll take that. Good to see you, Antonio.

Antonio Dawson: Hey, sis.

Kim Burgess: I'm gonna call Sarge. Let him know what we're doing.

Antonio Dawson: Yeah, good. Hey. Sorry I took off earlier. But you were so cute there with your eyes closed all snuggled up.

Brett: Oh, yeah. Well, I, um...

Antonio Dawson: I hope it's okay. I mean, if I wasn't on duty, I'd have stayed all day… Hey, what's going on?

Brett: I don't know.

Antonio Dawson: It's okay. Hey, what is it?

Brett: Antonio, I have to...

Radio: Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, 525 West Cullerton.

Antonio Dawson: They say West Cullerton?

Casey: Yeah.

Antonio Dawson: That's their house, the guy, Scott Boylan, the wife beater.

Kim Burgess: Let's go.

West Cullerton

Boden: Truck 81, take the rear and check the first floor. Rescue Squad, primary search on the second floor. 51, let's get a hose line on that fire.

Casey: Otis, you and Mouch vent the roof. Herrman, Kidd, with me. Clear rooms and work our way up to assist Rescue Squad.

Severide: Capp, Tony, you head upstairs and clear the bedrooms on the north side. Cruz, stick with me. We'll clear the south.

Boden: Okay, we have reason to believe the house is owned by the man who tried to mix it up with Casey on the apron floor. He may be on scene. He may be violent. Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Boylans’s house

Severide: Tony, Capp, clear those rooms.

Capp: Copy!

Severide: Cruz, with me. Chief, the second floor's fully engulfed.

Boden: Copy.


Casey: Fire department! Call out! Go that way.

Kidd: Copy!


Severide: Fire department, call out!

Capp: Fire department, call out!


Severide: Fire department! Call out!


Holly Boylan: There is no way out.

Severide: Dawson, Brett! We've got a male, 30's, breathing, unconscious, on his way to you!

Dawson: Copy. We're standing by.

Holly Boylan: Oh, God.

Kidd: Team, second floor fire is contained.

Casey: Holly. Listen to me. I know you wanna talk. I know that's why you wrecked the car. Why you did this… The person that went through this that I knew, it was my mom… And she went to prison for a long time, for the way she handled it. Now, you can go down that same road, or you can walk into a no-contact shelter… But it gets better. I promise you… You have an entire life to live that you can't even see yet.


Dawson: He's got a deep laceration on the side of his head. Second, third degree burns. Minor smoke inhalation… Brett.

Brett: Um, lung sounds are slightly stridor, but sats are good.

Kim Burgess: Hey, uh, how'd he get that gash?

Casey: Saw him fall in the fire.

Severide: Yeah, exactly. Hit his head on the bed post.

Antonio Dawson: That's good enough for me.

Herrmann: Fire's out! Secondary search complete and negative, Chief!

Boden: Okay, let's get back in there to help them overhaul. Let's go.

Mouch: Copy that, Chief.

Firehouse: hallway

Mouch: Hey, Nick Porter just texted me. He already has a purchase order.

Cruz: What? Oh, thank God!

Herrmann: Where, when? How many Slamigans?

Cruz: Otis, hold off on that loan, buddy.

Otis: You got it.

Mouch: He doesn't say the details. Says he's sending a fax to the firehouse.

Herrmann: All right.


Mouch: Oh, boy… We'll reimburse the department for ink and, uh, paper, of course… Did you change your hair? I like that.

Cruz: It's pretty.

Otis: Looks nice.

Mouch: Oh.

Cruz: Two?

Herrmann: I'm sure it's a small firehouse. Yeah, in Appleton.

Cruz: Two?

Mouch: 51% of 330 is...

Otis: $168.30.

Herrmann: Ooh. Well, minus the commission, too. But, hey, you know what? Come on, Joe. We'll buy you breakfast.


Otis: I'm sure Denny's has a Grand Slam-igan.

Outside the firehouse

Capp: Not cool!


Boden: Hey. Burgess called, told me that she talked to the Monmouth Women's Shelter and that they have a spot open. Holly Boylan accepted.

Casey: That's great.

Boden: Yeah. She also told me that the husband is conscious. He is not pressing charges.

Casey: I should have seen it coming, Chief. I knew she was at the end of her rope.

Boden: Enough of that. You did good… Come on.

Severide’s car

Kidd: Put it in gear, roomie.

Springfield’s hospital

Mr. Turner: I'm just so glad you could make it.

Severide: Well, I'm glad to be here.

Mr. Turner: This... This wouldn't even have been possible if Kelly hadn't started the ball rolling.

Severide: Ah, well, you took the reins. I wish I could have done more.

Mr. Turner: Oh, you did plenty.

Manager: It is my pleasure to open the Anna Turner Children's Nursery as part of our care and support of the families of children going through cancer treatment. Anna Turner was a bright light in this facility. And what this nursery does is spreads that light... That hope... That radiance she embodied.

On the road to Chicago

Kidd: I don't know what you mean. I'm a born navigator.

Severide: Yeah, well, we'll agree to disagree… Hey, thanks for getting me there.

Kidd: Any time you need someone to support you, I'm your girl.

Severide: I know.

Kidd: Have you been to the Harlo Diner? They have the best milkshakes.

Severide: It's...

Kidd: They're good.

Severide: It's, like, 20 degrees out.

Kidd: I am just throwing it out there.

Severide: I... No, I can't. I, uh... I agreed to a dinner with Grissom and some of these Chicago bigwigs. And I'm barely gonna make it back in time.

Kidd: Okay. Pedal to the metal, then.

Cruz, Otis and Brett’s apartment

Dawson: Hey.

Brett: Thanks for coming over. I couldn't bear to do it on my own.

Dawson: I understand. I'm here for you.

Brett: Thank you… I'm the one who keeps reminding Antonio that we're keeping it casual. Seeing other people. But watching him today, the way he's always looking after the vulnerable, the people in need... He makes a pretty great dad.

Dawson: He does. He does, but, um... Maybe... Maybe you're just thinking a bit emotionally right now.

Brett: Maybe… Or maybe this was meant to be.

Kikavu ?

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schumi  (08.05.2020 à 15:11)

Enceinte ou gastro lol? une grossesse inattendue pourrait être un bon élément à développer.

La femme battue c'était sûr que ça allait mal finir mais c'est chouette de voir toutes les équipes de secours de serrer les coudes pour tenter de l'aider à s'en sortir.

Supersympa  (31.03.2019 à 22:58)

Alors, enceinte ou pas enceinte ?

Emmalyne  (24.03.2018 à 19:51)

L'épisode est un peu longuet par moment mais il passe bien dans l'ensemble.

Ca avance doucement mais surement entre Kidd et Severide. Ils sont mignons tous les deux.

C'était vraiment sympa de voir toute la complicité qu'il y a entre Brett et Dawson à propos de l'éventuelle grossesse.

Je suis contente de voir les personnages des deux autres série débarquer dans CF, ça faisait très longtemps qu'on avait pas eu le droit à ces petits aller et retour et ça manquait.

natas  (24.03.2018 à 18:33)

Bon même si on devine dès le premier plan que Brett est peut-être enceinte, je l'ai trouvé très touchante !

ça bouge aussi du coté de Kelly et Stella.

c'était chouette sinon on a vraiment eu des med, des pd et les fire !


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