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Chicago Fire
#713 : Le bain polaire

Cruz entraine la caserne à se lancer pour le Plongeon Polaire. Herrmann a du mal à se remettre d'une intervention compliquée. Les relations personnelles de Foster commencent à interférer avec son travail.


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Titre VO
The Plunge

Titre VF
Le bain polaire

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Herrmann (David Eignerberg) et une voiture en feu

Herrmann (David Eignerberg) et une voiture en feu

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) monte dans un taxi

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) monte dans un taxi

Matt Casey au bar

Matt Casey au bar

Foster à la compétition

Foster à la compétition

L'équipe participe à la baignade

L'équipe participe à la baignade

Kelly Severide joué par Taylor Kinney

Kelly Severide joué par Taylor Kinney

L'équipe participe à la baignade

L'équipe participe à la baignade

Casey et Severide au bar

Casey et Severide au bar

Herrmann (David Eignerberg) et une voiture en feu

Herrmann (David Eignerberg) et une voiture en feu

L'équipe participe à la baignade

L'équipe participe à la baignade

Matt Casey au bar

Matt Casey au bar

Matt Casey au bar

Matt Casey au bar

Le plongeon polaire

Le plongeon polaire


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Réalisatrice : Leslie Libman

Scénario : Michael A. O'Shea

Guests : Colin Donnell (Connor Rhodes), Robyn Coffin (Cindy Herrmann), Patrick Mulvey (Jim Shaw), David Darlow (Alan Buchner), Randy Flagler (Harrold Capp), Daniel Kyri (Ritter), Marina Squerciati (Kim Burgess), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), David VonKampen (Lee Henry Herrmann), Dana Rochelle (Nurse), Gracemary Beifuss (Nurse), Chris Amos (Rick), Patrick Weber (Noah), Rachel Lee Armstrong (Barmaid), Destiny Hernandez (Abby)

Outside the firehouse

Foster: It's not right out there, I need a radiator and a coffee, stat.

Firehouse: garage

Brett: Ah, come on. It's not that bad. My first year on the job, there was this big ice storm that was so cold, the rigs didn't even start.

Foster: So you're saying there's still time for me to get out of here and take a job down in Miami or Bermuda?

Brett: No, don't joke! I already lost one partner at the Caribbean. I'm not about to lose another one… What's that?

Foster: I keep getting these calls from a blocked number. Three times a day, no messages.

Brett: Telemarketers found you.

Firehouse: kitchen

Mouch: Where'd you visit?

Herrmann: Oh, I can't remember how many. I must've toured, you know, half a dozen campuses in two days. State schools, private schools, liberal arts whatsits. Anyway, Lee Henry has a few notions about where he wants to go but I ain't buying. I found out that his first pick is ranked as a grade A party school.

Otis: Yeah, well, college is supposed to be fun.

Herrmann: I know my kid's idea of fun and there is no way that I am taking out a second mortgage so that he could major in beer pong.

Kidd: Wait, wait, wait. That was an option? Well, I went to the wrong school… Hey, can I get in on that?

Severide: Fun night?

Kidd: Oh yeah, um, I went out dancing with a couple of academy buddies, it got real dumb in the best possible way.

Cruz: Okay, everybody, registrations for the Polar Plunge is now open. Who's in with me?

Otis: Awesome! I've been wanting to do that for years, I always end up on shift.

Cruz: Yeah, well, this year we are all clear and they have a special section for city services. I was gonna sign us all up as a group.

Kidd: Count me in.

Mouch: I should already be in the system under the Bucktown Winter Walrus Club.

Foster: Hey, what's all this?

Brett: Oh, it's a big charity event. Basically, you jump into Lake Michigan.

Foster: In February. You're joking. For why?

Brett: I just said, for charity.

Foster: For crazy, you mean.

Cruz: Oh, what do you say, Foster? Do you wanna jump in with the rest of us?

Foster: Seriously, I love you folks, truly. It's a hard no. You guys are loco.

Main: Engine 51, Ambo 61. Structure fire, 99 North Racine.

Engine 51

Main: Main to 51, Engine 111 is on the scene. Position yourself to cover Charlie side with a defensive line on your arrival.

Herrmann: Copy that! We're only a few blocks away! Ambo 61 is right behind us… Would you look at that? What's this joker think he's doing?

Ritter: So he's trying to cut through traffic by riding our wake.

Herrmann: I'm gonna give him a blast of the horn.

Doherty: Not budging.

Herrmann: All right, I gotta call CPD, give this guy a ticket… You know, people got this notion that... Whoa!


Herrmann: All right, Ritter!

Ritter: Yeah?

Herrmann: Stretch a hose and get ready to douse this engine on my signal, but hold off until I get a good look.

Ritter: Yes, Lieutenant.

Herrmann: Hey, can you hear me? All right, Engine 51 to Main, we're at Wabash and Harrison. Just got involved in a collision. A guy, uh, clipped us from behind, swerved into a parked car. Uh, looks like the driver is pinned in, we only got manual tools. So we're gonna need a truck company to help with the extrication.

Main: Copy that, 51.

Noah: Please... Am I gonna die?

Herrmann: Hold on, son. Don't try to talk, we got you. We just need some time.

Ritter: Lieutenant, we got a leak! Should I spray it with the fog line?

Herrmann: No, no, no, no, no. It's only gonna spread the problem… 51 to Main, where's that truck company?

Main: Truck 68 is en route from quarters. ETA is five minutes.

Herrmann: All right, to hell with it. We'll work with what we got.

Ritter: What, you're going in there? This could light up at any second.

Herrmann: Just stay back, all right? You keep that fog line trained on me. If this thing flashes, you blast me right in the chops.

Ritter: Yes, sir.

Herrmann: All right, listen. Easy, easy. Stay with me, you hear? All right, we need you to be focused on staying alive. I can get you back home to your folks, okay?

Noah: Please... Am I gonna die?

Brett: We're here!

Ritter: Stay clear! We got a fuel leak.

Herrmann: I almost got him… Come on. Let's get you out. Let's go. Hey, I need a hand-off!

Clarence: Copy that, Lieutenant.

Herrmann: Okay. He's got trauma to his head and his neck, no collar. Be careful with him!

Clarence: Got him. Watch his head.

Foster: I've got him.

Ritter: Herrmann!

Herrmann: All right, go now! Got it?

Ritter: Yeah!

Herrmann: All right.

Brett: I feel crepitus. He has subcutaneous emphysema, we got to intubate.

Foster: I'm already on it.

Brett: Oh, I know, I know. Just relax.

Herrmann: Hey, is he all right?

Foster: Well, he's semiconscious and has a gag reflex, it's causing him to resist the intubation.

Herrmann: Come on, buddy, be strong, all right? Help the medics do their job.

Brett: It's... It's not working. He's going to vomit.

Foster: We need to push etomidate and sedate him now.

Brett: We don't have that in our Regional system.

Foster: Seriously? Okay, we improvise. 20 milligrams of versed, that'll be enough to relax the muscle and get the tube in, right?

Brett: It's outside of our protocol. We'll need telemetry approval from a physician. Here, I'll call.

Herrmann: How long is he gonna take?

Foster: I'm good to go now. Your call.

Brett: No, you're right. You should go for it… All right, let's see if the tube's in… I'm in.

Herrmann: All right. Thanks.

Doherty: Lieutenant.

Herrmann: Yeah.

Doherty: Got a little ding on the bumper, nothing major.

Herrmann: All right, I'll call it in when we get back to quarters. Guys, let's clean this mess up!

Ritter: Come on, let's go.

Clarence: Got it.

Firehouse: Severide’s office

Casey: Psst, yo. Ready for this? Friend of mine over at 48 snuck us some VIP passes to the rescue equipment expo tomorrow. Get a first look at some of the new technical rescue stuff. Figure we'd check it out then swing by Molly's to catch the Blackhawks.

Severide: Or... Stay with me here, we do none of that and have a night out instead. When was the last time you and I hit the town on a Friday night?

Casey: Get back in the game.

Severide: Sold.

Firehouse: kitchen

Cruz: You going somewhere?

Kidd: Yeah, outside. No hat, no jacket. Look, if I'm doing this plunge, I'm going all out and I start prepping today.

Otis: You make it sound like a challenge.

Kidd: No, no not at all. Look, if you guys are too chicken to handle the elements, I promise I will not think less of you.

Cruz: Huh, I see you, Kidd. I see you.

Mouch: Wait, is this something we're all doing? Is... Is there a vote? Guys! We're grabbing lunch outside for some reason.

Herrmann: Great, good stuff. I'll meet you out there.

Mouch: You okay?

Herrmann: Uh, yeah, yeah. It's just a load of paperwork from the last call, you know? Figures, teenager smashes his car into our backside, we pull him out, and I'm the one that's got to explain it… No good deed, am I right?

Mouch: Sure.

Firehouse: garage

Brett: What if you got, like, a wetsuit or something? Help keep you warm.

Foster: Brett, I don't even like going in the water in the summertime. Way I see it, if the Lord meant for me to use that lake to swim, he wouldn't have invented the booze cruise. Damn, I could've sworn I left my charger in here.

Brett: Where's everybody going?

Cruz: Lunch.

Brett: Okay. I'm gonna see what that's all about.

Foster: Enjoy, I'm gonna check my car real quick. See you in a bit.

Brett: Hey guys, what's going on?


Jim Shaw: Oh!

Foster: Oh, God.

Jim Shaw: Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.

Foster: What are you doing here?

Jim Shaw: I'm just checking in. It's been about a week, I've given you some space. I thought I'd just swing by and see how you feel about giving things another shot. Maybe, uh, dinner tomorrow night?

Foster: You asked me already.

Jim Shaw: I know and I know that you weren't really into it at the time but I just... Like I said, I don't give up so easy.

Foster: Wait, have you been calling me, like, from an unlisted number?

Jim Shaw: I don't think so. Anyway, look, there is this fantastic Italian spot. It's on East Grand, it's got a great wine list. It's old school Chicago.

Foster: Yeah, Jim, I... I'm just not feeling it, okay? Nothing's changed and just so you're aware, I don't find any of this romantic or cute. So please, asking nicely, back it up.

Jim Shaw: Oh, oh, yeah. Heard loud and clear. Sorry to get in your space… But just... For what it's worth. I think you're making a huge mistake… But that's your prerogative, right?

Firehouse: garage

Cruz: All right, a little bit more and we'll be all good.

Brett: Where'd you find this thing?

Cruz: Oh, it's, uh, in storage, it's an old hazmat recon pool. It's perfect, right?

Mouch: Oh, might've been a little more perfect in July or August, but hey.

Cruz: Okay, that should be good. Who wants to go in first?

Mouch: I just had lunch, should wait at least an hour.

Cruz: Come on, you guys, if we can't deal with this how are we gonna handle Lake Michigan?

Otis: Guys, get this. I've been texting with my cousin from Krasnoyarsk. It turns out he's a professional ice swimmer!

Cruz: That is 100% something you just made up.

Otis: No, no, it's true. I swear to God. Anyway, I told him what we were doing and his advice, first and foremost, was to focus on breathing techniques. Apparently, most people don't know this but the heart is the body's most important source of heat, and so, if we were to learn how to breathe and activate the heat in our hearts...

Casey: Should I reign this in?

Severide: Not until you take a turn.

Casey: Listen, I was thinking about tomorrow night. Thought we could hit some of our old stomping grounds. Joe's on Weed Street, the Red Ivy.

Severide: Sports bars?

Casey: Why? What were you thinking?

Severide: Something else.

Casey: Like what?

Severide: You'll see.

Casey: Oh.

Firehouse: entrance

Boden: Hey, Herrmann. Just got a call from headquarters wanting a debrief on the accident. You got the incident report there?

Herrmann: Yep, proofing it now. Should I be concerned?

Boden: No, not at all.

Herrmann: All right.

Boden: The victim's family is in contact with the department, they're appreciative of all our efforts. This is just good housekeeping.

Herrmann: Yeah.

Boden: Thanks.

Herrmann: Wasn't anything I could do… The way he was riding our wake, you know, there wasn't a half a car length between us.

Boden: Hey, you saved the boy's life.

Herrmann: Yeah… Bonehead kids. Been keeping us in business since time began, right?

Boden: Yeah.

Firehouse: dormitory

Brett: Hey, there you are. What are you doing heading out in here?

Foster: I was just trying to rest.

Brett: Well, you are missing out. Cruz set up the kiddie pool filled with cold water, they're timing each other and no one's lasted five seconds. It's worth checking out.

Foster: Yeah, I can imagine, um... I think I'm just gonna read.

Brett: Are you okay? You should consider coming to the plunge, even if you don't go in… I know you like your space, I totally respect that. I do, but... Being a part of 51, it goes beyond what we do on the calls. We show up for each other, on and off shift. That might sound like something people just say but not here. Not in Boden's firehouse.

Main: Main to Ambo 61.

Brett: P.I.C. Brett.

Main: Got a call from Lakeshore, non-emergency, asking you to check in.

Brett: Copy that.


Alan Buchner: Ambo 61?

Brett: Yes. I'm Sylvie Brett, this is Emily Foster.

Alan Buchner: Dr. Alan Buchner, I'm the representative for the EMS Medical Consortium here at Lakeshore. Can we talk for a moment?

Brett: Of course, uh, what is this about?

Alan Buchner: Please.

Lakeshore: Alan Buchner’s office

Alan Buchner: I want you both to know that I've invited you here as a courtesy. You have a right to know that an anonymous complaint has been filed against you.

Brett: Uh, hold on. What... What kind of complaint?

Alan Buchner: Apparently there's a pattern of concern about the state of care your patients are receiving prior to their arrival in our Emergency Department.

Brett: Due respect, Doctor, I've been delivering patients here for years. Foster trained as a medical resident in this hospital. We are more than qualified...

Alan Buchner: Be that as it may, the complaints I've received are serious enough to warrant professional oversight of your run sheets moving forward, as well as a comprehensive review of your calls for the past five months.

Foster: In other words, since I arrived at Ambo 61. Am I right?

Alan Buchner: I understand your concern. It's never easy to face a charge like this, but the fact is that all CFD paramedics operate on a license granted by the EMS Consortium of the State of Illinois. If we feel there's cause, we will revoke it.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Foster: In I think you're making a mistake. Those were his exact words, there is no doubt in my mind Dr. Shaw is the one doing this to us.

Boden: Why didn't you notify me?

Foster: And what was I supposed to say, Chief? I mean, yeah, it was upsetting, but I thought it was over with. That he'd got it out of his system. I never expected for him to go this far.

Brett: So what are our options? Can we appeal to the CFD?

Boden: It's not a department matter. We don't have jurisdiction over medical licensing.

Foster: Shaw knew that, no doubt. That's why he went the route he went because he's got pull. I'll bet the EMS board doesn't even know they're being played by him.

Boden: Oh, they will. I'll see to it. I may not have any authority over your licensing but I'm not about to let you be the target of harassment… Hang tight. I'll take care of it.

Brett: Thank you, Chief. We appreciate it.

Firehouse: locker room

Foster: I owe you an apology.

Brett: Why?

Foster: Because you don't deserve to get caught up in my drama.

Brett: Neither do you. Foster, trust me, I would never hold you responsible for the actions of some jerk. Besides, it comes with the territory of being Paramedic in Charge. We're in it together. What goes for you, goes for me. Full stop.

Foster: Not every PIC would see it like that… Means a lot.

Brett: I got your back, we all do.

Firehouse: bathroom

Otis: Guys! What's with the steam?

Cruz: What?

Otis: Are we training or are we training?

Cruz: Okay, all right, we can do that.

Mouch: Wait, you're both going all cold?

Otis: Oh yeah!

Cruz: Oh yeah, all cold, baby.

Mouch: Oh, this is not right!


Casey: Thanks… When you said it was a nightclub in Canaryville, I thought you were joking.

Severide: Nah, it's just for the weekend. It's a pop up.

Casey: A what?

Severide: Hey! Wrong way… What's up, man?

Security guard: What's up, my man? It's been a minute.

Severide: Yeah, I know. Uh, good friend, Matt, fellow firefighter.

Security guard: Cool, I got you.

Severide: All right, thanks.

Casey: What's up?


Severide: Right?

Casey: Yeah.

Severide: I'll grab us a table.

Casey: Okay.

Bartender: You look lost.

Casey: Me? I... I... I'm not really much of a club guy. It's an adjustment.

Bartender: Well, let's help you adjust. Going for a classic or one of our specialty drinks?

Casey: Such as?

Bartender: Chili hibiscus la paloma. Trust me on this, I won't steer you wrong.

Casey: Hit me… Thank you.


Kim Burgess: So describe this training, what exactly are you doing?

Cruz: Oh, training is not really the right word. It's more like, uh, physical conditioning. Helping our bodies to adapt to the elements so that we're prepared for whatever we're facing on the day of the plunge.

Mouch: Like Navy SEALs.

Cruz: Like Navy SEALs.

Kim Burgess: Ah, okay. Well, that's commitment. I'll give you that, Cruz.

Connor Rhodes: Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but none of what you're doing is actually gonna help.

Cruz: What?

Connor Rhodes: Yeah, Cruz, the body can't adapt its ability to regulate temperature. It does not work like that.

Cruz: Then why are we freezing our butts off taking cold showers?

Foster: Uh-oh.

Boden: Yeah. I met with Dr. Buchner, it did not go well… Dr. Buchner been reviewing your run sheets. There was a concern about the car accident from last shift, the teenager.

Foster: What about it? When we brought him in, he was in as good a condition as anyone could've hoped for considering the circumstance.

Boden: No one is disputing that. Their concern involves your decision to use a medication beyond the parameters of its intended use.

Foster: The versed.

Boden: That's my understanding. They're saying it requires prior approval.

Foster: A... Any doctor worth their salt would've... Would've given a green light without a second thought.

Boden: Well, apparently, one of their physicians on staff disagrees.

Foster: Shaw.

Boden: He didn't say, but... Look, without evidence of harassment, it is your word against his.

Foster: I know exactly who they're going to trust.

Herrmann’s house: living room

Herrmann: Turn it off.

Henry Lee Herrmann: Huh? Dad!

Herrmann: What'd you do to your car? The back bumper?

Henry Lee Herrmann: What?

Herrmann: There's a dent!

Henry Lee Herrmann: That happened, like, two months ago. I was backing out of a garage...

Herrmann: And you weren't paying attention. Were you futzing with the radio? Talking on the phone to your friends?

Henry Lee Herrmann: No, Dad, I swear I was...

Herrmann: Gimme the keys! You lost your driving privileges. Your mother can take you to school for the rest of the year.

Henry Lee Herrmann: That's nuts.

Herrmann: Go get your keys!

Cindy Herrmann: What happened?

Herrmann: Do you know what he did to his car?

Cindy Herrmann: Yes, two months ago. He barely...

Herrmann: Yeah, how does it make a difference when it happened?

Cindy Herrmann: Christopher, lower your voice.

Herrmann: You can't keep coddling him, Cindy. He is gonna be out there in the world soon, he's gonna be getting in God-knows-what kind of trouble 'cause he figures that somebody will always be there to bail him out, but I swear, one day he's gonna screw up in a way that he can't take back and if you keep making excuses for him, that's on you.

Severide’s loft: kitchen

Severide: You good?

Casey: Uh, not completely broken but certainly in need of repair.

Severide: One for the record books.

Casey: It's good to find my limits. Had a blast, of course, but... Obviously we can't keep carrying on the way we used to when we were fresh out of the academy, right?

Girl: Hey Kelly, mind grabbing me a glass too?

Severide: Yeah, sure… Sorry, you were saying?

Chicago Med: ICU

Rick: Can I help you?

Herrmann: Nah, just checking him. I was at the scene of the accident.

Rick: You're a firefighter. I'm sorry, my wife and I haven't had a chance to follow up with the insurance.

Herrmann: I'm not here about that, no. You don't have anything to apologize about. I'm just here to stop by, I guess, because... I got a son too. Noah's age.

Rick: Doctors say there's a good chance he'll recover, but no idea how long it'll take to get back on track or how it's gonna impact his life.

Herrmann: Yeah. You can't control any of that. But now you're here. He's safe and he's surrounded by the best care he can get… Hospitals can be a maze, there's good people here and I know a lot of them. So this is my card, my personal number. All right, if you need any help advice, anything, night or day, you give me a call, okay? Hey.

Firehouse: hallway

Brett: So these are all of our run sheets since you arrived at 51. I've got October through December, you take the last two months.

Foster: What am I supposed to do with these?

Brett: Just comb through, look for anything that might send up a flag so we can anticipate what's coming.

Foster: What about the issue from last shift, the versed?

Brett: I just want to make sure it's not the tip of the iceberg.

Foster: Smart.

Firehouse: kitchen

Mouch: What are those sticks they hit themselves with?

Otis: That's a banny venik, it's a broom made from birch leaves. It secretes an aromatic oil, it's really good for the skin.

Kidd: What is this we're into now?

Cruz: Otis is trying to get us to go to a Russian Bath House.

Otis: A banya. They have one in University Village.  My cousin says he does it before every ice swim. Just a solid hour alternating hot and cold.

Cruz: Ugh, it's like I can smell the sweat coming through the screen.

Kidd: Well, but I thought Dr. Rhodes said that there's no way to condition a body for the Polar Plunge.

Otis: Who are you going to trust, a surgeon or a professional Siberian ice swimmer?

Mouch: Is this a serious question?

Foster: Brett.

Kidd: Hey, what was that?

Brett: Um, I'm not sure.

Cindy Herrmann: Morning, everyone.

Kidd: Hey.

Mouch: Hello, Cin.

Cindy Herrmann: Is Christopher around? He was supposed to bring these college brochures with him to look at, but he left them at home.

Kidd: Uh, uh, he called in late. I... I think he took a detour.

Mouch: Uh, yeah, he swung by Chicago Med to visit that teenager.

Cindy Herrmann: Which teenager?

Mouch: The kid he pulled out of that car crash last shift. Boy's still in intensive care.

Cindy Herrmann: Right. I see.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Jim Shaw: Hey Emily, uh, this is Jim. Hear you're having some trouble with the EMS Consortium. Oh, that's gotta be a pain, but I think I can help. If you want me to jump in and fight for you, I wouldn't be opposed. Anyway, call me. We can grab a cup of coffee, talk it through. Take care.

Brett: Gross.

Foster: What am I supposed to do with this?

Brett: Can we turn this over to the board?

Foster: And say what? That he offered to put in a good word? They're not gonna hear what we hear.

Boden: You let me get into this again with Dr. Buchner.

Foster: No, I'm tired of this. Tired of... Of letting him set the terms and I'm tired of dragging other people into my business.

Boden: Okay, I understand, but stop for a moment, take a breath. Whatever your next move, you have to consider the unintended effects.

Main: Truck 81, Ambo 61, wellness check, 2930 S. Trumbull Ave.


Casey: Show us the way.

Building: stairs

Tenant: I woke up and the roof was leaking. I could hear the running water so I ran upstairs to see if everything was okay. Been knocking for ages, but no answer.

Casey: Any chance your neighbour is out?

Tenant: I don't think so. Quinton's car is right outside, works the graveyard shift. Has a tendency to come home at the break of dawn and get his load on. It's not my business, but it's hard not to notice.

Casey: Let's take it.

Quinton’s apartment: living room

Casey: Fire department.

Foster: It's freezing in here.

Brett: And no surprise, all the windows are open.

Casey: Fire department, call out.

Quinton’s apartment: bathroom

Casey: Here he is.

Foster: He must've passed out drunk and froze.

Brett: Not feeling a pulse.

Foster: With his core temperature that low, maybe he still has a chance, right? Depending on how long he's been in there.

Brett: Definitely.

Foster: All right, let's get him out then.

Casey: All right, let's get him up. On three. One, two, three.

Quinton’s apartment: hallway

Casey: Ready?

Foster: Yup. Grab his head. Okay, I'll start compressions.

Brett: Hang on.

Foster: Come on!

Brett: There's no rhythm.

Foster: Come on, come on. He's not done.

Brett: Foster.

Foster: He's not done. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten…

Brett: Foster.

Foster: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15... We got him, he's coming around. Hey sir, are you okay? You're okay, just breathe… Breathe, it's okay.

Brett: Go get the stair chair.

Foster: Just breathe. Breathe, breathe.

Lakeshore: ER

Nurse: Damn, how long was he out before you got there?

Foster: Well that's hard to say. Anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours?

Nurse: Well, congrats. Not every day you bring a man back from the dead.

Lakeshore: hallway

Brett: How you feeling?

Foster: Glad we do what we do.

Brett: Hmm.

Foster: Hey, uh, stop for a sec… I'll meet you back at the rig.

Brett: Foster? Give him hell.

Foster: Dr. Shaw.

Jim Shaw: If he...

Foster: You don't see me? That's how we're gonna play this?

Jim Shaw: Okay, excuse me, this is not the place for this.

Foster: Oh no, no, no. I'm pretty sure it is because every woman in this department deserves to know exactly what kind of man they're working with.

Nurse: Should I call security?

Jim Shaw: That's not necessary. You wanna throw your last chance away? Right here, in front of everyone?

Foster: I'm sorry, is that a threat? Like the one you made when you came by my firehouse begging me to go on a second date? Maybe you can intimidate other women like that, bully them into staying silent and doing what you want them to do, but that is not me, not by a long-shot. So come on, go ahead, come at me with all you got, won't matter. I don't need you or some EMS board to tell me how good a paramedic I am… I'll let you get back to work. Looks like your boss wants to have a little chat.

Outside Lakeshore

Brett: Hey, how'd it go?

Foster: The look on his face? I want to bottle that and keep it on a shelf at home.

Jim Shaw: You! Where the hell do you get off coming at me in front of the entire hospital? Do you even comprehend what you just did in there?

Brett: Hey, step back.

Jim Shaw: I'm not talking to you! You have no idea the kind of pull that I have in this building. When I'm done, you won't be able to administer so much as an aspirin anywhere in the state of Illinois.

Foster: Did you do this?

Brett: Never hurts to have a little extra backup.

Jim Shaw: Oh, you got to be kidding me.

Boden: Morning. I understand you have a problem with one of my paramedics.

Jim Shaw: No, this is between me and...

Boden: All of us. See, when you come after one of my paramedics, you come after all of us.

Foster: Chief?

Boden: I know you can handle yourself, Emily. I'm just here to let everybody know that harassment of any paramedic will not be tolerated. Not now, not ever. So, you were saying? Let's go.


Herrmann: What's this?

Henry Lee Herrmann: Um, I'm cleaning the car. I'm... I'm really sorry, Dad. And I... I got enough money saved up from summer work too. So I think it's enough to get it fixed.

Herrmann: Come here… I shouldn't have come down so hard on you the other night. I want you to know that I trust you. But I'm never gonna stop worrying about you, understand?

Henry Lee Herrmann: Yes, sir… Sweet. Thanks, Dad.

Herrmann: Yeah… The curfew still stands! I'm sorry. I was way out of line.

Cindy Herrmann: I know… I stopped by the firehouse. They told me everything.


Herrmann: You ready for this?

Cruz: Any, uh, any last minute advice from your cousin?

Otis: Yeah, one word: vodka. I'm starting to think he might not know what he's talking about.

Brett: Foster was right, we're all nuts. How long do we have to go in for?

Casey: As long as you can handle it.

Mouch: If you wanna have a go at my five minute record, you're welcome to try.

Boden: Okay, let's be clear, we are here for charity, we are here to have fun. Don't want to see anybody pushing past their limits. I expect to see every single one of you on duty next shift. All that being said, let's show those lightweights over at 21st district what we can do!

Brett: Oh! I can't believe it. You're here!

Foster: Family shows up, right? You all were there for me, I'm here with you.

Brett: Well, there's a spectator's section over there. I think they have outdoor heaters set up.

Foster: Oh, no. I'm... I'm not here to spectate… All right, are we gonna start this thing or what?

All: Yeah!

Brett: Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Announcer: Next up we have representatives from the Chicago Fire Department, Firehouse 51! Swimmers, take your positions!

Herrmann: This is fine.

Announcer: Ready, set, go!

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Supersympa  (26.04.2020 à 21:51)

D'accord avec Foster, je leur laisse le bain en plein hiver. ^^ J'ai adoré la fin moi aussi.

Herman était très impliqué avec l'ado coincé dans sa voiture. Peut-être même trop.

Et Shaw y réfléchira peut-être à deux fois avant d'harceler une autre femme.

Sevnol  (12.03.2020 à 22:55)

Très bon épisode, j'ai vraiment beaucoup aimé.

C'était dur pour Hermann et le jeune qui a eu l'accident de voiture. N'empêche, quand il s'énerve, ça fait peur, je n'aimerais pas me retrouver en face de lui. Son fils n'avait pas intérêt à broncher davantage. Bon c'était injuste qu'il s'énerve à ce point, mais c'est son instinct protecteur et ça va il a reconnu qu'il n'aurait pas dû s'énerver comme il l'a fait ^^

J'espère cette fois que le Dr Shaw a compris à propos de Foster. J'ai adoré la fin quand toute la caserne se réunit et Boden "quand on s'en prend à une de mes ambulancières, on s'en prend à toute ma caserne". Chef Boden est vraiment le meilleur ! En tout cas, Foster ne s'est jamais laissée décourager, elle a assuré à chaque fois, elle aurait très bien pu gérer la situation toute seule comme le dit Boden.

Ahah à la fin, ils m'ont tous fait trop rire avec leur bain polaire, j'adore leur tenue ^^ J'ai bien aimé cet esprit de famille et de solidarité tout le long de l'épisode ^^

natas  (09.02.2019 à 10:38)

J'ai bien aimé cet épisode.

Au moins le problème du docteur harceleur vite reglé.

Jolie ambiance de solidarité...


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