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Chicago Fire
#714 : Rester soudés

Brett, Foster et Kidd partent pour un road trip, direction l'Indiana pour une escapade quand elles rencontrent un bus accidenté sur la route, impliquant une équipe de hockey ce qui les laissent livrées à elles-mêmes face à leurs instincts pour sauver les blessés de l'accident. Le reste de la caserne 51 participe à la compétition annuel de Chili Cook-Off.


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Titre VO
It Wasn't About Hockey

Titre VF
Rester soudés

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Cruz et Otis se préparent

Cruz et Otis se préparent

Brett et des joueurs sortent un garçon

Brett et des joueurs sortent un garçon

Chef Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Chef Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Boden cuisine sous le regarde de Kelly et Casey

Boden cuisine sous le regarde de Kelly et Casey

Otis et Cruz regardent

Otis et Cruz regardent

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) et Stella Kidd

Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) et Stella Kidd

Brett (Kara Kilmer) dans un engin

Brett (Kara Kilmer) dans un engin

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) et Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney)

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) et Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney)

Herrmann et Mouch à la caserne

Herrmann et Mouch à la caserne

Foster sur le bus

Foster sur le bus

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Kidd monte sur le bus

Kidd monte sur le bus

Foster s'occupe d'un blessé

Foster s'occupe d'un blessé

Wallance Boden joué par Eamonn Walker

Wallance Boden joué par Eamonn Walker

Herrmann et Mouch à la caserne

Herrmann et Mouch à la caserne

Kelly Severide joué par Taylor Kinney

Kelly Severide joué par Taylor Kinney

L'équipe à la caserne

L'équipe à la caserne

Brett monte sur un bus

Brett monte sur un bus

Kidd dans le bus scolaire

Kidd dans le bus scolaire

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)


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Réalisateur : Carle Seaton

Scénario : Elizabeth Sherman et Derek Haas

Guests : Brian Letscher (Coach), David Pasquesi (McAuley), Randy Flagler (Harrold Capp), Ty Doran (Jacob), Daniel Kyri (Ritter), T.J. Jagodowski (Rodney Ogle), John Lister (Duane Reynolds), Chronicle Ganawah (Hollis Oree), Josh Czuba (Hunter), Sam Cass (Austin), Grant Kilian (Cormac), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Molly Kirk (Dawn), David Bone (Chauffeur)


Brett: Okay, three of those. What? Who ordered waffles? Uh, uh-uh, no. We are having a farm fresh breakfast in Fowlerton.

Foster: Okay.

Kidd: Do not scare her off. Oh, please.

Foster: There is no way I'd miss a chance to go to Fowlerton, Indiana. I hear they have barns and trees and a movie theater.

Brett: Um, no, you're thinking of Muncie, about 40 minutes out.

Foster: It's a good thing for you I wanna get the hell out of Chicago. There's no way I wanna watch couples all over the place on Valentine's Day.

Man: You're all set, ladies.

Brett: Yeah, thank you.

Kidd: Uh, don't you and Kyle have some trouble to get into?

Brett: Kyle is at a conference in Atlanta, but I let him know where he can send flowers. Okay, we gotta get going 'cause my parents are waiting to give us the key.

Kidd: Okay. Uh, I just gotta drop off this glassware at Molly's North and I will be right behind you.

Brett: Okay. Take County Road exit 19 off I-65. That's way faster than what Google tells you.

Kidd: Got it. Okay.

Brett: Okay. Whoo-hoo!

Kidd: Giddy-up, ladies!

Brett: Yeah!

Firehouse: kitchen

Mouch: Who took the wooden spoons?

Otis: Already claimed.

Herrmann: Just grab a spatula or something.

Mouch: Amateurs.

Rodney Ogle: Captain, this is ridiculous. They're stinking up the firehouse.

McAuley: I think my nose is bleeding. Or it's filing a formal protest.

Rodney Ogle: You gotta do something. This is an unsafe environment.

Herrmann: Hey, cut it, Ogle, McAuley. You guys are just fill-in paramedics. You don't get any say.

Rodney Ogle: That's discrimination.

Casey: Mmm, no it's not.

Boden: Okay, the Great 51 Chili Cook-Off of 2019 has officially begun… Team one, Herrmann and Mouch, you get the bullpen. Ritter, Tuesday, you have the kitchen. Capp, Tony, you have the Squad Table. Otis and Cruz, you have the hallway out by the bathroom.

Otis: Oh, come on!

Cruz: But, Chief, this is, like, the third time...

Boden: No arguments, no complaints. Okay… Judgment will begin at 8:00 p.m. I have spoken.

Mouch: There you go.

Casey: Um, it's, uh, gonna be competitive this year. What are you looking for in terms of flavour?

Boden: Well, it's a slow shift. Could have something with a little bit of a kick to it.

Brett’s car

Brett: See, what you don't know because you grew up in steel country is that Orville Redenbacher raised his corn right here in Indiana… I know.

Foster: Wow.

Brett: What's this?


Duane Reynolds: My, uh, steering column conked out on me.

Brett: How long have you been stuck out here?

Duane Reynolds: A half hour. Serves me right for cutting daylight close. I'm glad you came by. No one comes this way since GPS started telling them to go up 13… Uh, maybe one of you could hold the flashlight while I work.

Brett: Um, sure. Yeah, I might...

Foster: Look out!

Brett: Hey, are you okay?

Foster: Yeah. I think so.

Brett: Okay. Okay. Hey, sir? Can you hear me?

Duane Reynolds: Yeah.

Foster: You gotta be kidding me. I got no bars out here.

Brett: Hold tight. I'm a paramedic. My name is Sylvie.

Duane Reynolds: I'm Duane Reynolds.

Brett: Whoa, hey, don't move your leg.

School bus

Foster: Hey.

Snyder: It won't budge!

Foster: All right, all right. Um, let me see what I can do.

Snyder: Okay, I got kids in here!

Foster: Okay! Okay. All right, move out the way, okay? How many we got?

Snyder: Uh, we got eight plus me. Uh, Sparkman High School hockey team. I'm Coach Snyder.

Foster: I'm Emily Foster. I'm a paramedic in the Chicago Fire Department. So I'm gonna need you to let me take the lead on this.

Snyder: Yeah, how can I help?

Foster: Okay. I need you to climb up there and assist me in getting the boys out of here… All right, boys, is there anyone with any major injuries?

Cormac: Uh, Austin's pretty bad over here. His... His arm is...

Austin: I... I think it busted out of its socket.

Foster: Okay. Everyone else, if you can move, carefully work your way around Austin and clear out the bus. Yeah? You need help?

Snyder: Who's first?

Foster: All right, I'm coming out.

Snyder: Let's go, Cormac. Come on. There you go. Careful going down.


Brett: Oh, it looks like a complete fracture. Are you okay?

Duane Reynolds: Mm-hmm.

School bus

Snyder: Watch yourself now. Let's go. You got it, watch your step. They're coming down.

Brett: Okay.


Brett: You okay? Oh.

School bus

Foster: Right there. Take your time. It's okay. Austin, breathe for me. Deep breaths. There you go.

Snyder: Watch the glass. Watch the glass.

Brett: Right here on this one.

Snyder: Oh!


Brett: You okay? Good.

School bus

Snyder: All right, Hollis. Let's go, buddy.

Hollis: Yep.


Brett: You You good?

Cormac: Yeah.

Brett: You All right. Go to that bar, yeah. Is... Is anyone hurt? Did anybody lose consciousness?

Hollis Oree: We were joking around. Everyone going crazy 'cause we won tonight. I might have distracted Coach.

Snyder: Hey, Hollis, you didn't distract anyone. I shouldn't have been going so fast in the fog on a back road. This is on me.

Brett: Um, okay, we don't want any more surprises. Even if the fog lifts, it's dark out here. I've got some flares in my trunk. Can you boys put them out in both directions?

Hollis Oree: Should I blast your car horn, signal for help?

Duane Reynolds: No one will hear. Nearest farmhouse is eight miles that way.

Brett: Um, anyone with a cell phone should try and get a signal. And just keep moving as much as you can. It's gonna get real cold out here.

Hollis Oree: Yes, ma'am.

School bus

Foster: Hey, Austin. Focus on me, okay?

Austin: Oh!

Foster: Just breathe. Austin, hey. Hey, we're in this together, okay? It's me and you. You got this.

Snyder: How we looking down there?

Foster: Austin's arm got thrown out of socket. I might need some help down here!


Brett: Hey. Um, I'm gonna need to put a splint around this leg. I need something strong and straight like a... Like a crowbar or...

Hollis Oree: How about hockey sticks?

Brett: Yeah, that would work. Do you live around here?

Duane Reynolds: Other side of town. I was coming back from helping out a buddy with his new pasture. There's just nothing out here.

Firehouse: hallway

Otis: They're having a special molecular gastronomy dinner for Valentine's Day. I happened to make a reservation for the four of us.

Cruz: Chloe will love that.

Otis: Hey! Get out of here.

Cruz: Yeah, you know the rules. This is our hallway.

Mouch: I am just going to my bunk where I left my lumbar support pillow.

Otis: Mm-hmm.

Cruz: Not today.

Otis: We know a spy when we see one.

Mouch: Oh, please.

Rodney Ogle: Cooking outside the bathroom. I can't count how many health violations this involves.

McAuley: I once got a bacterial infection from a bar of soap that was sitting next to the sink too long. Think about that.

Cruz: I don't have to. It's ridiculous.

Otis: Mouch, go around the other way.

Casey: Is there a problem here?

Rodney Ogle: How much time you got? Look, for one...

Otis: Mouch is trying to scout our ingredients.

Mouch: Absurd accusation.

McAuley: Firehouse conflict is the leading cause of low morale.

Cruz: You're the leading cause of low morale.

Casey: That's it! Everyone out of the hallway except Cruz and Otis.

Cruz: Thank you.

Casey: Let's go.

Rodney Ogle: Nice contest, Captain.

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Cruz: Leading cause.

McAuley: Not the facts.

Mouch: My pillow.

Casey: I got it.

Cruz: When do we get our girls back?

Casey: They're probably having the time of their lives.

Cruz: But...

Street / Firehouse: bullpen

Kidd: Hi, Herrmann. What's up?

Herrmann: Uh, hey, uh, have you left for Indiana yet?

Kidd: I'm about to. Why?

Herrmann: Ah, good. All right, listen. The delivery guy who was supposed to come by Molly's tomorrow, he got the date wrong, and he's over there now. So could you swing by and sign for everything? Please?

Kidd: You're killing me, Herrmann.

Herrmann: Please, please, please? And thank you.

Kidd: Yeah. Yeah, fine.

Herrmann: His name is Sikorsky or Sekulsky.

Kidd: Yeah, okay.

Firehouse: bullpen

Herrmann: Well?

Mouch: Um, Otis and Cruz are using habanero sauce.

Herrmann: Good work.

School bus

Foster: Come grab him, Coach.

Snyder: Okay, what's up, Austin? You okay, buddy?

Austin: Nope.


Brett: Duane... This is gonna hurt.

Duane Reynolds: Go for it.

Brett: That's it, that's it. Okay. All right, come on this side… You're doing great. Hold that. Thank you.

Hollis Oree: Uh, anything you need?

Brett: What's your name?

Hollis Oree: Hollis Oree. We're on the hockey team at Sparkman.

Duane Reynolds: I read about you in the paper. You're in the quarter finals. Supposed to get thumped.

Hollis Oree: We've been doubted all season.

School bus

Snyder: Here we go. Push up. I'm just trying to get these boys home before midnight. Our school's over in Markle. We were playing in the quarters. No one gave us a chance to win.

Austin: No, not even you.

Snyder: What?

Austin: Nothing.

Jacob: Hunter's not out here!

Snyder: Come again?

Jacob: Hunter's still on the bus!

Austin: He was all the way in the back.

Snyder: Hunter? Hunter! Hunter!

Foster: It's okay, it's okay. Okay. Okay, we'll deal with Hunter in a second. First, pull as hard as you can on my count. Coach. Hey! Coach.

Snyder: Yeah. Pull on your count. I got you.

Foster: Yeah. Austin, you ready?

Austin: Okay.

Foster: Mm-hmm. Look at me. One, two, three… It's okay! It's okay! It's all right. Coach, let's get him up and out, all right? While I look for Hunter.

Snyder: All right. Jacob! Hollis! Get back on top of the bus! You gotta help Austin get out of here!

Foster: Hunter?

Snyder: He can't use his arm! All right!

Foster: Hunter?

Snyder: What was up with that comment?

Austin: Forget it.

Jacob: Okay, Coach.

Foster: Hunter!

Snyder: Easy. Watch his shoulder. Got him? Grab his leg.

Foster: Hunter! Hey, I got him! He's back here!

Snyder: Be right there.

Foster: Brett!

Snyder: Hey, are you Brett?


Brett: Yeah.

Snyder: Your friend's calling for you.

Brett: Okay, I'll be right back.

School bus

Snyder: Come on. I'll give you a hand. Hang on right there.

Brett: What is it?

Foster: I got a kid back here. His neck's at an angle and his air's cut off. He can't breathe… Hang in there, Hunter. I'm right here. Just keep breathing. His neck's hyperextended and he's not getting oxygen. I can't really hold a grip to get his airways open.

Brett: Uh, Coach?

Snyder: Yeah?

Brett: You guys have any neck guards?

Snyder: Yeah, yeah. They're, uh... They're in the equipment bags.

Foster: Okay. Stay with me.

Snyder: Here.

Brett: Thanks. Here you go.

Foster: Thanks. Okay, now, it should be tight. Is that better?

Hunter: Yeah.

Foster: Okay, we gotta get this seat off him, guys.

Hunter: My side.

Foster: Guys, he's mashed in there pretty good.

Brett: Okay, we... We gotta pull this off of him.

Snyder: All right, let me... Let me get behind and lift here, okay?

Brett: Okay.

Foster: Just hold tight.

Snyder: All right, ready? One, two, three. Lift… All right, again. All right? One, two, three. Lift.

Foster: Okay, we gotta get something to force it up.

Brett: I've got a jack in my car.

Snyder: All right, I got it. You... You, uh, stay here with him.

Brett: Yeah.

Snyder: Okay. Hey.

Foster: Hunter, will you watch right here, okay?

Hunter: Yeah, okay. You know, my mom didn't want me to play this year.

Foster: Oh, yeah?

Hunter: She said we wouldn't amount to much. Said I shouldn't miss school for sports anyway.

Foster: Sounds like our moms would have gotten along.

Brett: Hollis said you won.

Hunter: We did. Three to two. And a lot of parents came. My... My mom had work.

Foster: Well, the good news is you don't have a concussion.

Brett: Oh, oh, hey, Hunter, we're gonna get this seat off of you, but you gotta try not to move until then, okay?

Hunter: Okay, okay.

Firehouse: hallway

Otis: Oxtails are held in high culinary regard all over the world.

Cruz: Yeah, well, this is Chicago.

Otis: Look, we played it safe last year.

Cruz: We got second.

Otis: We lost. Look, I know it's a risk. But it's worth it.

Severide: What's that?

Otis: Oxtails. Look, cook offs are as much a game of the mind as they are of the chili. You have to shock, surprise, overwhelm the taste buds, or else you're an also-ran. And I'm just... I'm not gonna have it this year.

Cruz: Lieutenant, will you please tell him that he's crazy?

Severide: No B.S… Boden loves oxtails.

Otis: That's what I've been saying!

Cruz: Lieutenant, you're killing me here. No, no, no, hey.

Otis: Look at it, just look at it.

Cruz: You're not going to put...

Otis: Take your hand off them!

Cruz: I swear, you're not gonna put it in there! No way it's gonna happen!

Firehouse: kitchen

Ritter: Yeah, I'm using my mom's recipe. I've never actually made it before, but the secret is bacon grease.

Severide: Smoke break?

Casey: Sure.

Ritter: You're gonna freeze.

School bus

Snyder: Got it! All right, uh...

Brett: Okay.

Snyder: All right. Hang in there, Hunter. Breathe, buddy. All right, buddy.

Brett: How you doing, Hunter? We gotta help guide it off.

Hunter: Uh-huh.

Brett: Okay.

Snyder: All right.

Brett: There it goes.

Snyder: What happened?

Brett: Piece of the seat stuck in his side. He's bleeding out. God, I... I can't see anything in here. We gotta get him out of here.

Foster: Okay.

Snyder: All right, let me go get help, all right?

Foster: It's okay, it's okay.

Brett: All right, hand me that pad.

Foster: Yeah.

Brett: Yeah. Okay. Um, get some tape.

Foster: Is there tape?

Brett: Let's see. Right behind you.

Foster: All right, so, just keep breathing, Hunter.

Snyder: Hey, Mustangs, all hands over here now.

Brett: Okay, Hunter? I'm gonna need you to hold your side so we can get you out. Coach, you ready?

Foster: Yeah. Jacob, get up here! We're bringing him out! Okay?

Brett: One, two, three.

Foster: I got you. I got you.

Brett: Okay, watch it.

Snyder: Stay up against the wall there. Stay up against the wall and you're good. There you go. Hold him up to me, all right? I got you, buddy.

Hunter: Please.

Snyder: I got you, bud.

Foster: Grab him!

Jacob: Easy, easy, easy. Go slow.

Hollis Oree: Whoa, whoa.

Jacob: Easy.

Snyder: Legs are coming out.

Jacob: Easy.

Snyder: I'm right behind you. You got him?

Jacob: Yep.

Cormac: Okay.

Jacob: You're good?

Cormac: Yeah.

Jacob: All right, set him down easy, guys.

Brett: Look out, guys. Grab that flashlight! It's... It's deep.

Jacob: Hey, come here.

Brett: Hollis?

Hollis Oree: Yeah.

Brett: Um, I have a bottle of tequila in my trunk next to a duffle. Can you bring me both?

Hollis Oree: You got it.

Snyder: Jacob, what's going on?

Jacob: Well, Cormac and me were talking, and since... Since no other cars have driven by and we can't get a signal, we're gonna run back to the interstate.

Brett: Uh, it's at least five miles behind us.

Duane Reynolds: Six.

Cormac: We run cross country.

Foster: Even if we stop the bleeding, he's still gonna need a surgeon.

Snyder: Okay. Cormac and I will go.

Jacob: We got it.

Snyder: Jacob, I'm the coach. I will tell you what...

Jacob: No, you're not… Not for much longer.

Cormac: What?

Jacob: He's quitting after the season's over. Going to go coach for some school with a fancier program.

Snyder: Whatever you guys wanna think of me, that is fine. But right now tonight I am still your coach, and I am the one making the decisions. And I can't have two boys running on this road at night by themselves. And I need a leader to stay behind and help. And that's you, Jacob… The captain… I made that pick for a reason… Let's go, Cormac… Now!


Deliver: And that should be it.

Kidd: Um, what about the Shiner?

Deliver: Oh, man. Seriously?

Kidd: Hey, really, it's okay. You know what? Uh, just give us a credit.

Deliver: No, no. Could you wait a bit? I'll run back and grab it now.

Kidd: Um...

Deliver: Just 30 minutes. My boss will kill me if I screw up another order.

Kidd: Fine.

Brett: You've reached Sylvie Brett. Please leave a message.

Kidd: Oh, what? You guys are already having so much fun you can't answer the phone?


Brett: It's okay.

Hollis Oree: This one?

Brett: Yeah.

Foster: Okay, got it.

Brett: Yeah. All right. Will this work?

Foster: It's gonna have to.

Brett: All right.

Foster: Just hold tight, okay?.. Okay.

Brett: Talk to him.

Jacob: What do you mean?

Brett: Just talk to him while we work. Tell him a story. Anything. Keep his mind on something else.

Brett: Okay, Hunter? I'm not gonna lie. This is gonna be rough. But you can do it. Just focus on Jacob, okay?

Hunter: Okay.

Jacob: Hey, remember that first week of practice, Hunter? Where... Where we'd just sit on the locker room floor after practice because we were too tired to move? And I wanted to quit. A lot of us did. But you said it wasn't about hockey. You said it was about each other. And we couldn't quit on each other. So don't give up on us now, Hunter… This is nothing. You've got this.

Foster: Feels like there's still a piece of metal in there. It must have snapped off of the seat. Do you have tweezers in there?

Brett: Yeah. Use that.

Foster: Okay.

Brett: Keep going.

Jacob: Don't quit now, Hunter.

Brett: It's okay, buddy.

Jacob: Not like Coach. Don't you do it. We need you.

Brett: Deep breath.

Hunter: Uh-huh.

Jacob: Good job.

Brett: Oh, no.

Jacob: What? What's wrong?

Foster: Hey, somebody get me a flare!

Hollis Oree: Yeah, I got it.

Foster: Boys, we have to stop the bleeding. All right, Brett… If you can't watch this, turn your eyes away now… Okay.

Brett: It's okay. He's okay.

Foster: Okay. It's okay, boys. It's done. The bleeding stopped.

Brett: Boys, do you have any... Do you have any extra clothing or blankets on the bus? We gotta... We gotta keep him warm.

Austin: We've got some jerseys in the team bag.

Jacob: Yeah, I'll grab them.

Austin: Jacob?

Brett: He's not breathing.

Foster: Do you know how to check for a pulse? Come here. You keep your fingers right here. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. You feel that?

Austin: Yeah.

Foster: Count to 60. If it takes longer than a minute you let me know.

Austin: Okay.

Brett: Blunt force trauma. He must have gotten hit in the accident. And he doesn't have a pulse. We're gonna have to do this old school. Ready? Mm-hmm.

Foster: Go again… Nothing.

Brett: Um, does anybody have an epi shot?

Hollis Oree: In my bag. But it's still on the bus.

Foster: I'll start compressions.

Brett: Okay, great. Let's get it.

School bus

Brett: What's your last name again?

Hollis Oree: Uh, Oree.

Brett: Oree, Oree.

Hollis Oree: I-I don't see it.

Brett: You sure it isn't outside?

Hollis Oree: I don't think so.

Brett: Oree... I think I found it… Oh, damn it. It's stuck down there.

Foster: Brett! We're losing him!

Brett: Okay.

Kidd’s car / Firehouse: hallway

Kidd: I signed for everything, got us a free case for the inconvenience.

Otis: Well, that'll make Herrmann happy.

Kidd: Yeah, it better. I nearly missed half of Galentine's night for it.

Otis: All right, well, I'll save you some of the oxtail-less chili.

Kidd: Oh, Cruz shot you down?

Otis: Again.

Kidd: It's probably for the best. Uh, hey, listen. I'm losing signal. So I will see you Friday.

Firehouse: kitchen

Otis: How's it going?

Ritter: Fine. You?

Otis: Maybe she needs to go out.

Ritter: All right. Tuesday, come on.

Otis: Joe! Joe! Joe! We gotta pull out all the stops. Ritter's chili is delicious!

Outside the firehouse

Severide: Yeah, add some more salt.

Ritter: Oh, I knew it! I knew you guys weren't out here smoking cigars. You're making chili.

Severide: Damn right. And if you want a future at 51, you're not gonna say a word.

Casey: We're surprise competitors this year.

Severide: Dark horses.

Casey: And we wanna keep it that way.

Ritter: Oh, okay. Right. I'll have to pull out anyway. Tuesday dropped one of her chew toys into my pot.

Casey: Really?

Severide: You were gonna lose anyway.

Ritter: Yeah.


Foster: Six, seven, eight.

Brett: His bag is stuck under the bus. We gotta rock it off somehow. Give me a hand, boys… One, two, three… One, two, three.

Duane Reynolds: Hey, miss, maybe try the lift bucket on the tractor… The keys are still in it.

Brett: Right.

Duane Reynolds: You work one of those before?

Brett: Yeah. Left vertical, right tilt.

Duane Reynolds: That's it… What's wrong?

Brett: Oh, I don't know… It might be stripped… Oh, my God.

Kidd: What happened? Brett!

Foster: Oh, my God. You got him? This bus full of hockey players just nailed that tractor. We got one broken leg, one deep abdominal tear. We managed to stop the bleeding.

Kidd: Okay.

Foster: And one delayed cardiac arrhythmia. Precordial thump didn't work.

Kidd: Okay, let's get him in the jeep.

Brett: No, he won't reach the clinic in time. We need to lift that bus. There's an epi shot in a bag trapped underneath. We could use it to restart his heart. Um, there's some chains on the tractor.

Kidd: Yeah.

Austin: Hey, guys, uh, his pulse is dropping over here.

Foster: Will you grab him? Grab him.

Brett: Yeah… All right… Is your heater on?

Kidd: Yeah.

Brett: Right, let's get him into the Jeep.

Austin: Um, Logan, Connor, help move Hunter… One, two, three. Go.

Kidd: Brett, can you back it up?

Brett: On it!

Kidd’s car

Brett: Hold on.


Kidd: Give it everything, Brett… Hey, how long has it been?

Foster: Six minutes.

Kidd: Go.

School bus

Hollis Oree: Got it! Got it, got it, got it!


Foster: Oh!

Kidd: Good job, good job… Okay! Let's get in the...

Snyder: Over here! They're over here!

Kidd: We got a victim with a deep abdomen puncture. You guys got a backboard?

Paramedic: Yeah.

Snyder: What happened?

Brett: He's here… There's a complete fracture. Obviously we made this splint out of a hockey stick.

Paramedic: All right.

Hospital: waiting room

Foster: This is the worst Valentine's Day ever. And that includes what happened with the DeBolt twins in 2015.

Kidd: Listen, no offense, but next year I'm staying in bed and I'm renting "Love, Actually."

Brett: You will not get an argument from me.

Kidd: Sorry it took me so long to show up.

Brett: We're glad you came when you did.

Snyder: Okay. Sounds good. Thanks, doc.

Foster: Hey, uh, how are the boys looking?

Snyder: Well, Jacob is up and alert and talking. Says he doesn't even remember collapsing.

Brett: Scared us.

Snyder: The doctor said if you didn't give him the epi shot when you did, he may not be here. And Hunter, he's, uh... He got meds in him, so he's a little loopy. But the surgeon said that what you all did to stop the bleeding saved his life. Thank you for all that you did tonight. Sincerely. As far as I'm concerned, you are all honorary Mustangs for life.

Brett: Well, we would come see a game next season, except it seems like you're not gonna be here.

Snyder: Actually, I got hurt boys here and they are going to be recovering for a while. What kind of coach would I be if I quit on them when they never quit on themselves? So you come to a game next year. Any game you want.

Brett: You got it.

Snyder: Whoa, whoa, hey. Uh, all right, listen. The first thing that you need to know is that every single one of your boys is okay. All right? Come on back. Sure thing. All the boys are okay.

Foster: Y'all heard that, right? Honorary Mustangs.

Brett: Better than a medal any day. Duane! You're not supposed to be up and about.

Duane Reynolds: Oh, hell. Don't tell me what I can and can't be. I come from a long line of Hoosiers. We're made of sand and grit.

Brett: Well, I'm a Hoosier, too.

Duane Reynolds: That doesn't surprise me one bit… Ladies.

Kidd: What's a Hoosier?

Firehouse: kitchen

Herrmann: All right, let's go. Winner take all.

Otis: Oh.

Herrmann: Oh, wh... Wh... What's this?

Casey: One more entry.

Otis: Oh! Come on!

Cruz: No way!

Herrmann: Are you kidding me?

Boden: According to the rules set forth in 2002, teams can enter the competition any time before the first taste.

Herrmann: Well, at least mix them up!

Boden: Okay.

Herrmann: Yeah.

Boden: Thank you… Let's do this… Mm-hmm… Mm-hmm-hmm… Mmm... Mm?

Capp: That's gotta be good.

Boden: We have a winner. Team four!

Cruz: What? Wait, who's team number four?

Herrmann: Ritter, didn't you drop out?

Otis: What? Why would Ritter drop out?

Ritter: Tuesday started adding ingredients.

Boden: Come on, team four. Come get your prize.

McAuley: I'm sorry, did someone say team four?

Rodney Ogle: I believe he did.

McAuley: Huh, then I guess this belongs to us.

Rodney Ogle: Well, thank you, 51. It has been a very profitable shift.

Cruz: Uh, well, I gotta.

Herrmann: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Cruz: All right. All right. Wait, this... This one?

Herrmann: What's in it?

Mouch: Need a spoon.

House: living room

Kidd: Oh. It's hilarious. Yeah. Yeah, no, all good.

Foster: Thank you.

Kidd: All right. See you. That was Otis. Thank you. Uh, apparently your replacements won the chili cook-off.

Brett: Ogle and McAuley?

Kidd: Uh-huh.

Brett: The worst! Huh.

Kidd: And I just realized your hidden motivation for picking this shift to vamoose. You don't like chili night.

Brett: Guilty. Don't give firefighters a bunch of beans and expect us to sleep in the bunk room.

Kidd: Yeah!

Brett: Oh, well, despite everything, I'm glad you guys came. It means a lot to me to spend time together.

Kidd: Brett.

Foster: Partner.

Kidd: Hmm.

Foster: Part of me thinks how crazy it is that we were there in that moment on that road at that time. And another part of me thinks... Another part of me thinks we were there for a reason.

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Sevnol  (16.03.2020 à 23:42)

Bon épisode, même si j'ai trouvé que ça manquait peut-être parfois un peu de réalisme, mais j'ai apprécié le fait que les femmes soient mises en avant en pleine action dans cet épisode. Elles ont vraiment assurées à soigner et à garder en vie tout le monde avant l'arrivée des secours. J'ai bien aimé leur solidarité tout le long de l'épisode, elles réfléchissent au quart de tour et le duo (et même trio quand Stella arrive) fonctionne à merveille. Leur amitié est très belle, j'adore ^^

Ahah, excellent le concours de chili. J'ai adoré la réaction de tout le monde quand Boden sort sa cuillère, genre c'est le St Graal ^^ Et retournement de situation, ce n'est même pas un duo de notre équipe préférée qui gagne mais les remplaçants de Brett et Foster. Les pauvres, ils se sont cassés la tête pour rien.

natas  (21.02.2019 à 08:09)
Message édité : 21.02.2019 à 08:09

J'ai récemment lu un article sur la Galentine Day et j'ai adoré le concept ! Donc contente de voir que les filles l'ont fait ici !

Aparemment c'est sensé mettre à l'honneur la solidarité féminine, alors si la soirée amusement a été raté, on a eu une belle démonstration de girls qui sauvent des vies ! très bonne idée cet épisode !



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