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Chicago Fire
#808 : Voir, c'est croire

Severide commence son nouveau travail au bureau des enquêtes incendie et part du mauvais pied quand, malgré les ordres, il réouvre une ancienne affaire. Quand la cause d'un incendie les touche de près, Herrmann est en mission pour découvrir la vérité. Kidd se retrouve à brûler la chandelle par les deux bouts.


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Titre VO
Seeing is Believing

Titre VF
Voir, c'est croire

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Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg)

Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg)

Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg)

Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg)

Mouch et Cruz assis, attendent

Mouch et Cruz assis, attendent

Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso)

Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso)

Chef Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Chef Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) à côté du camion

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) à côté du camion

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) et Joe Cruz

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) et Joe Cruz

Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer)

Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer)

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer)

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer)

Brett et Foster évacuent une victime

Brett et Foster évacuent une victime


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Résalisateur : Eric Laneuville

Scénario : Ron McCants

Guests : Alberto Rosende (Blake Gallo), Andy Allo (Wendy Seager), Samantha Massell (Olivia), Tim Hopper (Tom Van Meter), Mark Doherty (Chef Benton), Randy Flagler (Capp), Daniel Kyri (Ritter), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Jonathan Rayson (Lucas Carrington), Jennifer Vance (Miriam Ghorbani), Karen Rodriguez (Ivania), Jessica Erin (Stephanie), Lorenzo Rush Jr. (Marvin), Eric Bays (Dale), Lauren Powell (Jogger), Carma Newman (Receptioniste), Clarence Norwood (Clarence), Michèle Martinez (Paramedic), Carmeron Hoppe (Lyla), Dylan Hoppe (Milo)


Wendy Seager: Lieutenant. Did they give you a desk yet?

Severide: Nope, I just got here.

Wendy Seager: Ah. I told Worthon to catch you coming in.

Severide: I parked on Dearborn. I took the bask stairs.

Wendy Seager: Oh, your dad taught you that trick?

Severide: It was the first of many. You weren't kidding about the backlog.

Wendy Seager: Yeah, that side of the room is May to September. This side is October to now.

Tom Van Meter: Hey, Severide. Forgive me if we skip the orientation video. I'm gonna go ahead and hand off these cases to you. These are the files that have determinations from CFD or outside investigators. Just need a once-over and rubber stamp.

Severide: Well, if they already have determinations...

Tom Van Meter: I'm easing you in. Double-check the work and then help Seager clear May-June.

Wendy Seager: Welcome to OFI.

Firehouse: hallway

Brett & Kidd: They reached so high, high, high - They touched the sky, sky...

Kidd: Ah, I'm 90% sure there's a double hand clap there.

Brett: Oh, that makes more sense.

Kidd: Right?

Brett: Okay.

Brett & Kidd: And they never came back, back, back - Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack

Boden: Ladies.

Kidd: Chief.

Boden: I just want to let you know I've signed you up for the academy.

Kidd: Oh, I already took the Rescue Tech certification, so...

Boden: No. It's to be an instructor.

Kidd: Oh.

Boden: Yes.

Kidd: People keep reaching out to me about your performance at the leadership conference.

Brett: Of course they are.

Boden: I spoke to Chief Benton. He wants you to take over the Physical Conditioning class for new cadets.

Kidd: When?

Boden: Tomorrow.

Kidd: Oh... Okay. Yes, of course. I'm looking forward to it, Chief.

Boden: I knew you would. You know, it's a great way to get your name out there, establish yourself as a potential leader in the department.

Kidd: Thank you, Chief.

Boden: You're welcome… And... Yeah.

Kidd: I don't know if I even remember that conditioning routine.

Brett: I don't know, if you can remember "Miss Mary Mack," that'll be cake.

Firehouse: kitchen

Capp: Oh, look who we got. New shoes Cruz!

Tony: Somebody's rolling in it.

Cruz: I will say in the Twitter game of life, the Slamigan is trending. I have so many orders I can't even fill them right now.

Mouch: How much those kicks set you back?

Cruz: Oh, $250 easy.

Mouch: A pair?

Foster: Whoo. I could use a moneymaker myself, badly.

Brett: Why, what's up?

Foster: Got a letter on my door. Landlord is raising the rent come the new year… I know. And I love my place. Woman in my building says she walks dogs for a nice chunk of change.

Mouch: Tuesday could use a walk around the block if you want some practice.

Foster: Sure. $50 and I'm in.

Brett: You don't even like dogs.

Foster: I don't know. What can I say, I'm desperate.

Main: Engine 51, smoke investigation.

Herrmann: All good shifts start with a call during breakfast. Remember that, Ritter. Come on.


Herrmann: Eh. Looks like burnt popcorn, boys.

Neighbour: That's Stephanie's place. She's into incense if that tells you anything.

Ritter: Incense burner, Lieutenant.

Herrmann: All right, great. Grab the silver bullet. Let's lift a leg on this.


Herrmann: Fire Department, we need to check on...

Stephanie: Help me! God, please help me!

Herrmann: Clarence, grab me a hose line!

Stephanie: Help me! God, please help me!

Clarence: Here, Lieutenant.

Herrmann: Dougherty, charge the line! Go!


Herrmann: Stay on me!

Ritter: Yes, Lieutenant!

Stephanie: Oh, God! I can't breathe...

Herrmann: I'm gonna hold it back.

Ritter: Copy that.

Herrmann: Get her!

Ritter: Copy! Hey, it's okay, it's all right, let's go, let's go.

Clarence: Back you up, Lieutenant.

Herrmann: Hit it, guys! Come on!


Stephanie: I lit a candle and went to take a bath. I do it all the time, never once...

Paramedic: Don't try to talk, ma'am.

Stephanie: I smelled smoke. And when I poked my head into the living room, it was just a little char on the arm of the couch. You know, like a couple of embers had gotten in there. And I didn't panic. I just thought I'll grab the extinguisher under the sink, no big deal. When I turned around again, it erupted.

Herrmann: Hey, Beezley, we're gonna stick around and help overhaul.


Beezley: All clear here.

Herrmann: Yeah... This is where the fire started, like the lady said. See all this... This char? It's darker than the rest.

Ritter: Uh-huh. And in the time it took us to move from the sidewalk to the front door, this thing went up like a Roman candle.

Herrmann: Doesn't feel right. I don't know, maybe some accelerant was involved.

Ritter: Or maybe she dropped a hairspray bottle under the couch, forgot about it.

Herrmann: Yeah. Help me flip it… One, two, three.

Firehouse: Casey’s office

Boden: Hey.

Casey: Hey.

Boden: What'd you and Severide call 'em? Cigar chats?

Casey: I don't think we call them anything, Chief.

Boden: Well, since your partner in crime has been detailed out, maybe I could fill in?

Casey: Say no more.

Outside the firehouse

Casey: What are these?

Boden: They're Cohibas. I've got a friend in Biggs Mansion.

Casey: You all right, Chief?

Boden: Yeah, you know… Severide getting detailed out, that got me... Thinking. We've had a solid shift for a long time here, right?

Casey: Yes, we have.

Boden: And I guess... I don't want it to end.

Casey: Severide was clear. He's just helping OFI out till they get their head above water, then he's back to 51. Unless you know something I don't.

Boden: No. It's just uh, every now and then... I take a look at Severide and I catch a glimpse of Benny. He didn't think he was gonna move to OFI either… And then he did.


Severide: This doesn't add up.

Wendy Seager: What doesn't?

Severide: This is a grocery store fire from April 18th.

Wendy Seager: Okay?

Severide: So the insurance company Metcalf hired a private investigator, some former firefighter from Indianapolis.

Wendy Seager: I mean, that's not uncommon. Insurance companies use ex-firefighters all the time.

Severide: Yeah I know, but this guy marked it down as suspicious.

Wendy Seager: And?

Severide: That works great for the insurance company because they don't have to pay anything out, but I don't think he's right… The report says the alarms were in working order at least 10 days prior to the fire, but they didn't go off that night. And they found evidence of flammable cleaning supplies near the origin point. Insurance claims that there's enough here to suggest the alarms were tampered with and the fire was deliberately set.

Wendy Seager: I mean, 'cause that's what it looks like.

Severide: It's too obvious.

Wendy Seager: And most of our cases are. I mean, we're not dealing with Hannibal Lecters here. And this is a grocery store owner in Roseland.

Severide: Right.

CFD: OFI – Tom Van Meter’s office

Severide: Hey, Captain?

Tom Van Meter: Yeah.

Severide: I'm gonna run over to Roseland after shift and put my eyes on that grocery fire from April.

Tom Van Meter: Remember when I said once-over and rubber stamp?

Severide: It'll only take an hour.

Tom Van Meter: Take Seager with you.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Herrmann: So it's like somebody dumped gasoline all over the place but I'm thinking that it can't be a candle like this young woman said because it would've taken 30 minutes for it to burn up like that. She was only out of the room for 30 seconds and it was cookin'. It turns out that the couch is made outta polyurethane.

Casey: Basically gasoline in solid form.

Herrmann: Exactly. And the whole house is filled with this type of furniture, the kind that you see in one of those rent-to-own places.

Boden: Affordable.

Herrmann: Yeah, but there's more.

Casey: Arnow Furniture?

Herrmann: The same company that made her couch made the mattresses that killed Otis.

Firehouse: kitchen

Cruz: The way they make these things is ridiculous. There's polyurethane everywhere.

Herrmann: Where is the oversight, huh? They'll give me a ticket for parking in the yellow zone but no one is regulating what my furniture is made of?

Mouch: Well, these big companies have the... To make sure the government lowers the safety standards.

Gallo: We should cancel them.

Herrmann: What?

Gallo: You go on Insta and you shame the hell out of 'em.

Foster: I'm in.

Casey: This kind of company couldn't care less about social media. That much was clear in the aftermath of the factory fire.

Brett: I just can't believe after what happened they still put out these kind of products.

Herrmann: All right. They're an old school corporation. We're gonna have to take an old school approach.


Wendy Seager: Seven months and no sign of rebuilding. This here's what we call a food desert now. Nearest grocery store... Train ride away? When you wanna walk and get some fresh produce? Forget it.

Severide: Hey, come on.

Wendy Seager: I mean, we can call CPD. See if they can...


Wendy Seager: This place is, uh... It's a little creepy. What?

Severide: Just didn't picture you the scaredy-cat type.

Wendy Seager: That's offensive. Because inside, I know you're thinking, "She's right." "It's freaky in here."

Severide: Uh-huh.

Wendy Seager: And you're also thinking, "How did I get so damn lucky to get a partner like her?"

Severide: Here's the fire alarm… And the cleaning supplies the insurance report mentioned.

Wendy Seager: Hey, doesn't look out of the ordinary to me, though.

Severide: No, me neither.

Wendy Seager: Okay. So what would make the paid investigator think this is where the fire started?

Severide: You said it.

Wendy Seager: What?

Severide: Paid... By an insurance company that would rather not write a big check to the store owner.

Wendy Seager: You're right… This is the origin point.

Severide: That's pre-code electrical.

Wendy Seager: Yeah… New owner installs a big new freezer, doesn't realize the old wiring can't handle the power load.

Severide: Ticking time bomb. Fire started here and it grew in the void space. And it wasn't detected by what looks like a pretty solid alarm system until it was too late.

Wendy Seager: This isn't arson.

Severide: It's an electrical fire.

Wendy Seager: I knew I was right… You clearly belong here at OFI… Nice work, partner.

Outside the firehouse

Brett: It's there on the corner, too, so interesting.

Foster: Go get 'em, instructor!

Kidd: I'm already late!

Foster: She gets paid for those classes, right? They have to pay her.

Brett: Yeah, I would think so.

Foster: Yeah, I need to look into BLS or CPR or just something that I can teach at the academy.

Brett: Yeah, maybe. I mean, I think they would put up a job posting.

Foster: Yeah. I'm gonna look into that.


Herrmann: Oh, thanks for coming with me.

Casey: Of course.

Herrmann: I'll drive.

Casey: All right.

Arnow Furniture

Receptionist: Hello.

Casey: Hi. We'd like to speak with your CEO, Mr. Carrington.

Receptionist: And who should I tell them is here?

Casey: I'm Matt Casey. This is Christopher Herrmann. We're firefighters.

Receptionist: And what is this pertaining to?

Herrmann: Product safety.

Receptionist: Let me see if I can get Miriam Ghorbani for you.

Casey: And, uh, who's that?

Receptionist: Our VP of public relations… One moment, please.

Herrmann: Get ready for some doublespeak.

Casey: Tell me about it.

Miriam Ghorbani: Hello, gentlemen. How can I help you?

Herrmann: Well, like she probably told you, we're with the CFD and yesterday I responded to a house fire which involved your furniture.

Miriam Ghorbani: "Involved"?

Herrmann: There was a candle right next to the couch and it went up like kindling.

Miriam Ghorbani: An open flame.

Herrmann: That's right.

Miriam Ghorbani: Well, I can assure you we have warning labels on all of our furniture expressly stating that smoking or an open flame such as a candle on or around our materials is a hazard.

Herrmann: No, you see... What your warning labels don't cover, lady, is that your company products are made out of gasoline.

Miriam Ghorbani: Our furniture is composed of materials that fall well within state, federal, and international code.

Herrmann: Who cares about code when people are dying?

Casey: Ma'am, your furniture is dangerous. We lost a firefighter responding to your mattress factory last May.

Miriam Ghorbani: Personally and professionally, I'm sorry for your loss. We also lost workers that day. It was a real tragedy and we have made positive changes to the way we store our materials in the aftermath. But I can assure you, we follow industry standards in all aspects of our manufacturing. And we've begun to design warning labels that are larger than required under law because trust me, consumer safety is a priority at Arnow.

Herrmann: You know what people call this? The run around.

Miriam Ghorbani: If you have additional concerns, I'll make sure Kim gets your outside counsel's information.

Herrmann: Trust me, we have additional concerns and you're gonna be seeing more of us real soon.

Academy: hallway

Kidd: Chief Benton.

Chief Benton: You must be Stella Kidd.

Kidd: Yes, sir.

Chief Benton: Wallace speaks so highly of you I thought I might need a ladder to shake your hand.

Kidd: He... He's a great chief. I just try and do right by him.

Chief Benton: I expect nothing less. So you remember physical conditioning.

Kidd: Yeah.

Chief Benton: You'll have 20 cadets, two classes.

Kidd: Two?

Chief Benton: Yes. 30-minute break between. And I believe in lead-by-example classes… I found instructors who get in there and work alongside their cadets produce the best results.

Academy: court

Kidd: Right. Yes, agreed.

Chief Benton: You come directly from shift?

Kidd: Yes, I did.

Chief Benton: You might wanna alter your schedule.

Kidd: Well, I probably can't do...

Chief Benton: Cadets! This is your instructor, Stella Kidd. When she says "Jump," you don't say anything because you will already be jumping, got it?

All: Yes, Chief!

Kidd: Okay, hello. Uh... I just wanna say that this is my first time leading the class, but you know, not long ago I was in your shoes… Okay, let's just get to it. Uh, high plank position… And hold it for 60. 59, 58, 57, 56...

Outside Arnow Furniture

Ritter: Hey. How long you been here, Lieutenant?

Herrmann: Oh... Hour number four.

Casey: Any activity?

Herrmann: Not much. They think they can outlast me.

Mouch: Well, then they definitely don't know who they're dealing with.

Ritter: So we just sit here?

Mouch: Oh, this is nothing. You should've seen Herrmann when we had this graffiti artist that was tagging 51.

Herrmann: Hup, here we go.

Marvin: I said you gotta go and instead you bring friends. Are you trying to get me fired?

Herrmann: We're not going anywhere until your CEO comes out here and talks to me.

Marvin: You can't sit here. It's private property.

Herrmann: What's your name, pal?

Marvin: Marvin.

Herrmann: All right, listen. I know that you're just trying to do your job, Marvin, and you seem like a great guy. I would be happy to buy you a beer some day when you're off duty, but let me be clear, all right? We're all firefighters here and we are well-practiced at sitting around. So we are not leaving until we get to talk to your CEO.

Severide: Hey, got your message.

Herrmann: Hey, thanks for coming.

Severide: Sure.

Wendy Seager: Is this what you guys do on your days off?

Mouch: Yeah, pretty much.

Severide: Um, everyone... this is Wendy Seager. Seager, this is 51.

Herrmann: Hey, Seager.

Casey: So you're the one who stole my best Lieutenant.

Herrmann: Hey.

Casey: Squad Lieutenant.

Wendy Seager: All right, guilty as charged. But, hey, maybe you'll get him back someday… Or maybe not with that attitude.

Foster: Hey, you got any water in that cooler?

Cruz: Yeah.

Foster: Thanks.

Brett: What'd the academy say?

Foster: Uh, nothing open so I'm still looking.

Herrmann: Where's Stella?

Kidd: Somebody say my name?

Herrmann: Hey.

All: Whoo!

Kidd: My legs are about to fall off.

Cruz: Oh, that's a shame. I was hoping that you could demonstrate some mountain climbers for us.

Kidd: Don't even joke.

Herrmann: Marvin.

Marvin: Look, I'm just telling you that you're wasting your time, all right? Mr. Carrington is in Toledo on a business trip. But look here, and I did not tell you this... He's back next Wednesday.

Herrmann: I really appreciate that. Next time though, no lawn chairs, all right? I just gotta figure out a way to go bigger.

Marvin: Don't do anything crazy.

Herrmann: Yeah… Okay, guys. Let's pack it up. We're moving on to Plan B.

Gallo: Whoa, what's Plan B?

Herrmann: Uh... Do some brainstorming over at Molly's. 15% off all tap beers, okay? Oh, and that discount applies to you too, Marvin.


Olivia: Hey, hey. Great ride, Samantha. I saw you crushing it, Gary. Best ride yet, way to go. Ah, Sylvie. Glad I caught you.

Brett: Oh, I'm sorry. I was dogging it. It was a late night at Molly's last night.

Olivia: No, you looked great. You're literally my best rider.

Brett: No. I mean, I have been busting my tail, so thank you...

Olivia: Teach for me?

Brett: What?

Olivia: I'm in a bind. Look, both Seth and Cammy gave last-minute notice that they're going to some wedding, which is crazy, because they both literally just started working here. Doesn't matter. Anyway, we pay top dollar for instructors. Five class minimum, Friday-Saturday.

Brett: Wow, um...

Olivia: Is that a yes?

Brett: Oh, my God, I have the best idea. My friend Emily is looking for work. When I say she's in great shape... She could be a fitness model, I'm not kidding.

Olivia: She's an instructor?

Brett: She can be. I'm telling you, she's amazing. Great energy.

Olivia: Well, if you can vouch for her, she's in… Have her call me?

Brett: I will.

Firehouse: kitchen

Foster: What's the catch?

Brett: No catch, you're already in. Just give Olivia a call. She'll give you the times. You make a playlist and send everyone on a journey.

Foster: Oh, my God. You're a miracle worker.

Brett: Well, your first class I'll be in the front row.

Foster: Well, get ready to sweat, girl, because I ain't gonna be playing.

Kidd: Hmm? Who's not playing? Who's sweatin'?

Foster: Guess what?

Kidd: What?

Foster: You aren't the only fitness instructor in the house.

Ritter: No, I still think one of those big protest banners could work. We come up with a slogan for how dangerous the furniture is.

Mouch: Yeah, then we use the ladder to hang it outside the CEO's window.

Herrmann: Nah, they'll just send poor Marvin up there to tear it down before those bigwigs ever notice it, it's... It's gotta be bigger.

Main: Truck 81, Ambulance 61. Man down from unknown causes, 3290 East Sheffield Street.


Pedestrian: Oh, my God! It just fell, it just fell. The whole thing just came down right on top of him.

Mouch: Get back! Let us through, please.

Casey: Get back, fire department. Move back, come on… Brett.

Brett: Yeah. Back up.

Kidd: Okay, all right. Everybody get back.

Mouch: Let her through.

Brett: Thank you.

Casey: Can we lift the billboard without worsening the trauma?

Brett: What's your name?

Dale: Dale. I didn't, um... See it. A... A gust of wind, I was just out, um...

Brett: It's just a laceration on the back of your head.

Dale: I can't... Um, I can't move.

Brett: Okay. Dale, I'm gonna touch your legs. You tell me if you feel anything, okay?

Dale: Mm-hmm.

Brett: Feel that?

Dale: Uh-uh.

Brett: How about that?

Dale: No.

Brett: He's lost sensitivity in both of his legs.

Foster: Every minute he's under here, he's at risk of crush syndrome. We've gotta get him out.

Casey: Okay. Kidd, next to me. Mouch, Gallo, that side. Let's give 'em enough room to pull him out… Okay… Kidd! Psst. I said next to me! This side, come on!

Kidd: Sorry.

Casey: All right, on three. One, two, three… Hold it! Hold it, hold it.

Brett: All right. All right.

Casey: Okay, let it go... Now.

Brett: You still with me, Dale?

Dale: My legs are, um... Tingling.

Brett: That's a good sign.

Foster: All right, ready?

Brett: One, two, three.

Kidd: Captain, I'm so sorry.

Casey: We'll talk about it back at 51. Mouch, you drive.

Mouch: Oh. Come on.

CFD: OFI – Tom Van Meter’s office

Tom Van Meter: Just so I'm clear, um... We're up to our eyeballs in backlogged case files out there and you spent God knows how much time investigating an already investigated grocery store fire?

Wendy Seager: Captain...

Severide: You designated it suspicious. It wasn't.

Tom Van Meter: Have you ever watched a juggler? You know, like an at the circus juggler? You see, a juggler has a limited amount of hands in which to juggle a limited number of balls. If he takes a hand out of the mix or adds too many balls then everything crashes to the ground… We only have two hands, Severide. And eight months worth of balls out there.

Severide: With all due respect, if you want someone to come in here and just rubber stamp things, you detailed the wrong guy.

Wendy Seager: You've always said the truth wins, Captain. And that's what we found... The truth.

Tom Van Meter: Fine.

Wendy Seager: Fine?

Tom Van Meter: Get out of here… But you can't work every case like this. We'll never catch up… And you'll never go back to squad.

Firehouse: Casey’s office

Kidd: Captain. I just wanted to say that I'm real sorry about my performance on the call today.

Casey: What am I supposed to put in the report? You spaced out? That Mouch was quicker than you?

Kidd: It won't happen again.

Casey: I'm already training one new firefighter. Can't be training two.

Kidd: I understand.

Casey: Whatever you've got going on in your life, don't carry it with you on the truck. When those bells go off, you are ready, you are prepared, you are focused. Every single time. Do I make myself clear?

Kidd: Yes, Captain.

Casey: Dismissed.

Firehouse: locker room

Cruz: Hey, you guys. Nick Porter posted video of my Slamigan demo online. It's already got close to 400 views.

Mouch: Fun fact: "Baby Shark" has over 3 1/2 billion… Trudy's a subscriber.

Cruz: Anyway, my point is that ever since he posted that video the orders are rolling in. I've got 14 already today.

Mouch: Makes sense. Seeing is believing.

Herrmann: That's it.

Mouch: What's it?

Herrmann: Seeing is believing. Now I know what I gotta do on Wednesday when that Arnow CEO gets back. Seeing is believing.


Foster: Yo, what's up?

Kidd: What?

Foster: You. Your locker's over there.

Kidd: Yeah. No, uh... Cruz and Mouch were taking up the whole bench so I just...

Brett: Are you okay?

Kidd: Yeah, yeah.

Foster: Well, make sure you don't miss my first spin class. I'm gonna have bodies dropping in t-minus two hours.

Brett: I'll be there.

Kidd: Yeah, I think I'm gonna, um... Good luck. I just think I'm gonna catch a few winks. I need to recharge.

Foster: All right, no problem. Get some rest.


Foster: Okay, let's drop in. Strap up and let's tet it o 90, people. Come on, let's go, let's go, now! Come on! Okay, now! Let's go, let's go.

Brett: Um, you forgot the music.

Foster: No music. You earn music, okay? And let's go, come on! Bring it up to 100 and I want 14 clicks to the right. Let's go, let's go, let's go! Hey, lazy guy in the back! Come on, get those knees up! Knees up! You think this is just a ride in the park? No, baby, you came to win! Two minutes in, 53 more to go.

Severide’s loft

Severide: Hey.

Kidd: Hi… Ugh.

Severide: Morning, sunshine.

Kidd: Do I look like a zombie? 'Cause I feel like one.

Severide: A hot zombie, maybe. Hey, if you want to take the shift off and get rest, then do it.

Kidd: No way. No, Chief is giving me all these amazing opportunities and, um... I just don't want him to think I don't got the goods.

Severide: He won't. He'll think you're human.

Kidd: I'm not missing a shift. All I've gotta do is get a solid power nap and I'm fine… I'll see you on the other side.


Foster: Right, left, right, left, right, left. Come on, come on. Bunch of softies, come on! Show me what you're made of! Let's go! Four, three, two, one. Class dismissed. Get out of here, guys. Think about what you did wrong. Hey, you. You gotta pick it up next time if you wanna take my class. I saw you resting. Nuh-uh.

Brett: Sorry.

Foster: Hoo! Hey. That was great, right?

Brett: I mean, you're a little... Little tough.

Foster: Right? I'm gonna go find Olivia and see if I can work out this bonus situation.

Brett: Oh, I don't know. I don't know if that's... Okay, there you go.

Firehouse: briefing room

Boden: Okay, let's see. Cruz, you remain acting lieutenant on squad.

Brett: My legs are in so much pain.

Kidd: My brain and my body hurt.

Brett: Mm.

Casey: Hey, how are you doin'?

Kidd: 100%, Captain.

Casey: Good.

Boden: Herrmann, you had a request?

Herrmann: Uh, actually Chief, it's more of a favour. Um... I went couch shopping yesterday.

Boden: Okay.

Herrmann: And, uh... I might need a little help this morning.

Outside Arnow Furniture

Herrmann: Mr. Carrington.

Lucas Carrington: That's right. Uh-huh.

Herrmann: We've been trying like hell to get a moment with you.

Lucas Carrington: I understand that, but I have a 9:00 meeting and, well.

Herrmann: Don't worry. This won't take long… This is your Summer Series model, it retails for $599.

Lucas Carrington: Listen, I understand you folks have some concerns about our products, but I don't have time right now to talk to you about it.

Herrmann: We see a lot of close calls in our line of work. How soon we can get to a victim, how fast we can get some poor shot kid to the ER. Most the time their fate, whether they live or die, comes down to a matter of seconds. See, one of your young customers, they left a candle burning a little too close to your sofa for less than one minute… She suffered burns on over 25% of her body… See, time. I hope you understand that in the space of a single heartbeat my friend Brian saved the lives of me and six other firefighters in your factory fire, but that heartbeat was... His last… He was a good a person as you could ever hope to know.

Lucas Carrington: Arnow Furniture has made an ongoing commitment to...

Herrmann: I know, I know you're in compliance. I know you're very careful to make sure that your furniture meets the minimum safety standards… But what? What kind of goal is that? Bare minimum? Look... We're not asking for a miracle here. We know you gotta make a buck. We just want you to take care of your customers. Okay? Give 'em more than just a nice piece of furniture. Give those people a fighting chance… Because... Every single second counts… I thank you for your time and I hope that we didn't make you late for your meeting… Okay, guys. Let's knock this down, pack it up.

CFD: stairs

Wendy Seager: Who was that guy I was sitting next to the other day? When we were stalking the furniture company?

CFD: hallway

Severide: Who?

Wendy Seager: Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Your height.

Severide: Casey?

Wendy Seager: That's him.

Severide: Ha.

Wendy Seager: What? He's cute. And what's his deal?

Severide: He's my roommate.

Wendy Seager: Is he single?

Ivania Miller: Are you Lieutenant Severide?

Severide: Yes, ma'am. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Ivania Miller: My name is Ivania Miller. I own the grocery store in Roseland.

Severide: No, yeah, sure.

Ivania Miller: I got a call from Metcalf Insurance Company. They're paying the claim.

Severide: That's great.

Ivania Miller: I've been fighting them for months. They tried to say I burned my own...

Severide: No, yeah. We saw it was electrical.

Ivania Miller: I can rebuild my store now. My mom says to take the money and run, but I... I can't. The neighbourhood where I am, we're the only place folks have… Anyway, thank you again and you know, stop by in a few months. You'll see what you did for me… And for the neighbourhood.

Severide: I will.

Wendy Seager: Right now you're thinking... "Man, am I glad Seager brought me aboard OFI." Okay, but seriously, tell me about your pal Casey.

Firehouse: garage

Brett: Olivia.

Olivia: Sylvie. Do you know where I can find Emily?

Brett: Oh, right. I feel awful about that. Look, go easy on her. It was her first time. She doesn't really know the vibe.

Foster: Hey, Olivia. What's up?

Olivia: Hey, can you give me a bio for the website? And you're good with Saturdays, right?

Foster: Sure. Just make sure you tell the loafers that my class is off-limits 'cause there are plenty of hippy-dippy places where they can go take wussy cycling.

Olivia: Yeah, uh... No, whatever you want.

Brett: What's happening?

Olivia: Our bike reservations are through the roof. Everyone's crashing the site to get into Emily's class.

Foster: I'm gonna need a little salary renegotiation, too.

Olivia: Yeah, definitely. I'll give you a boost.

Foster: Thanks, Olivia. I'll see you tomorrow.

Olivia: See ya.

Foster: Thanks for this.

Brett: Yeah. I'm just glad it worked out.

Foster: Speaking of work out, you are gonna need to step it up if you don't want to drag down the rest of my class.

Outside the firehouse

Lyla: Whoa, that looks so cool.

Milo: I know. Right, Lyla?

Herrmann: Hey, folks, how's it going? Hey.

Lucas Carrington: This the firefighter you were talking about? Brian?

Herrmann: Yes, sir, it is… These your little ones?

Lucas Carrington: Yes, this is Lyla and this is Milo.

Herrmann: Well, hey, guys. Welcome to Firehouse 51.

Lucas Carrington: I wanted to come down here and pay my respects.

Herrmann: Thank you.

Lucas Carrington: And to let you know we're going to make changes, effective immediately. I spoke to my board this morning and we're going to transition to different materials... Ones that meet our newer, much higher standards.

Herrmann: I'm real glad to hear that… So, uh... Have you two ever been inside a real fire truck? Well, we're gonna go there today. Come on, I'll give you a tour.

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Pas très sympa dis donc le chef du bureau des enquêtes ! Il veut juste se débarrasser des affaires et du retard, c'est tout, il en  a rien à faire que les pompiers enquêtent plus sérieusement ou non. En tout cas, c'était cool de voir que Severide a pu aider quelqu'un dans ce boulot.

Stella est éreintée la pauvre, elle ne va pas tenir longtemps à ce rythme. Ça faisait même bizarre de la voir en intervention toute endormie, on aurait dit une débutante. Mais avec Casey, je pense qu'elle n'a pas intérêt à recommencer à être dans la lune.

Hermann et ses beaux discours, ça avait manqué ! En tout cas, il a réussi à prouver à ce chef d'entreprise que ses produits étaient dangereux, que des hommes ont péri à cause de ça et il a réussi à faire bouger les choses ! C'est admirable en tout cas que ce chef d'entreprise ait voulu rendre hommage à Otis après avoir eu toutes ces preuves devant ses yeux, comme quoi, les grands patrons, il n'y en a pas que des mauvais ^^


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