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Chicago Fire
#809 : Le pouvoir de l'amitié

Une visite inattendue surprend Casey. Severide essaye d'exonérer un incendiaire condamné à tort. Kidd paye le prix d'avoir brûlé la chandelle par les deux bouts. Cruz se donne pour mission de réparer un vieux jouet d'Otis.


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Best Friend Magic

Titre VF
Le pouvoir de l'amitié

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Gabby retrouve la caserne 51

Gabby retrouve la caserne 51

Chef Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Chef Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Gabriela Dawson arrive à la caserne 51

Gabriela Dawson arrive à la caserne 51

Mouch, Gallo, Casey et Kidd regardent au loin

Mouch, Gallo, Casey et Kidd regardent au loin

Gaby devant le monument d'Otis

Gaby devant le monument d'Otis

Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund)

Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund)

Gabriela retrouve Matt à la caserne

Gabriela retrouve Matt à la caserne

Gaby devant le monument d'Otis

Gaby devant le monument d'Otis

Gabriela et Matt discutent

Gabriela et Matt discutent

Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund)

Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund)

Gabriela de retour à la caserne

Gabriela de retour à la caserne

Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund)

Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund)

Matt Casey joué par Jesse Spencer

Matt Casey joué par Jesse Spencer

Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund)

Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund)

Matt Casey joué par Jesse Spencer

Matt Casey joué par Jesse Spencer

Joe Cruz joué par Joe Minoso

Joe Cruz joué par Joe Minoso

Casey et Kidd en action

Casey et Kidd en action


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Réalisateur : Razi Tabrizi

Scénario : Derek Haas

Guests : Monica Raymund (Gabriela Dawson), Alberto Rosende (Blake Gallo), Andy Allo (Wendy Seager), Tim Hopper (Tom Van Meter), Jacob Knoll (Dustin Caldwell), Randy Flagler (Capp), Daniel Kyri (Ritter), Yuri Sardarov (Brian Zvonecek), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), Joe Chapleau (Holtmeyer), Maggie Antonijevic (Pearl), Pheobe Moore (Kathleen), Alzan Pelesic (Beli), Hilary Williams (Susannah), Suzanne Adent (Ginny), Brad Grunsnick (Jimmy Conrad)

Firehouse: bathroom

Brett: Were you drinking that in the shower?

Kidd: Multitasking!

Firehouse: locker room

Brett: Eh, you know I could set up an IV to mainline caffeine directly into your system.

Kidd: Would you?

Brett: Why are you getting ready here?

Kidd: Oh, well, Hermann had plumbing issues, and I was going to go over to Severide's, but, uh, I missed my alarm. But anyway... I'm turning things around. I'm feeling good.

Brett: Yeah?

Kidd: Yeah. I just caught my second wind, and I am gonna rock this shift.

Brett: That's the Stella I know.

Firehouse: garage

Boden: Gentleman! I'm gonna need to move the ambulance supplies to the cabinets along the east wall. So please give me a hand, empty 'em out. No rush, just by the end of the shift.

Cruz: Copy that, Chief.

Capp: Yes, Chief.

Casey: All right, what I want you to do is check the hydraulics on the aerial.

Gallo: Copy that.

Casey: See if we need to add some...

Outside the firehouse

Casey: Gabby?

Dawson: Matt... It's beautiful...

Casey: Boden called it sacred ground.

Dawson: He's right.

Casey: When'd you get in town?

Dawson: Um, about an hour ago... This is my first stop… I wanted to see...

Main: Truck 81, reckless climber, 423 West Michigan.

Casey: Don't go anywhere. Brett's here. Everyone's gonna wanna see ya.

Dawson: Okay.

Kidd: Hey, girl!

Dawson: Hey!

Mouch: Dawson!

Truck 81

Kidd: Did you know she was coming?


Mouch: Well, this is about to get gross fast.

Casey: Grab our rope bags and harnesses, some cutting tools, suction cups. Let's get above him.

Kidd: Copy that, Captain.

Mouch: Copy that.

Security Guard: This way. I cleared the service elevators for you.

Casey: You know what floor he's on?

Security Guard: Last I heard, he was passing 26.

Casey: Get us to 30.

Building: hallway

Security Guard: Follow me.

Building: bullpen

Casey: Give us room. Stand back from the window please. Get back. Coming through… All right, looks like we got half-inch glass inside these glazing units... I'm going to take the suction cups, place them here and here, while Kidd cuts the glaze around the outside. Mouch, you do the same for Gallo on that window.

Mouch: Copy.

Casey: We'll flank him. I want everyone anchored off to these support beams, yeah?

Kidd: Copy that.

Gallo: Copy.

Casey: Anchor off, suction, cut... Wait for my signal. Go, go, go… Hit it.

Mouch: All right.

Kidd: Clear!

Casey: Okay.

Kidd: Okay.

Casey: Kidd, what are you doing?

Kidd: Come here.

Casey: Now!

Gallo: Gotcha.

Kidd: Ah, stay down!

Casey: Hey... Put desks in front of these windows. Don't let anyone near this area until maintenance replaces them.

Security Guard: You got it.

Casey: All right. Great job, 81. Let's pack up and get outta here.

Mouch: Boss, shouldn't we...

Kidd: Dawson.

Mouch: Ah.


Severide: Captain.

Tom Van Meter: Uh-oh.

Severide: Yeah.

Tom Van Meter: You about to blow something up?

Severide: Probably. So, I was looking at this strip mall fire from the October stack, and... It reminded me of a similar strip mall fire I responded to three years ago.

Tom Van Meter: You pulled a case file? From an old fire? When we still have two months of new cases to sort?

Severide: Both fires took out five stores. Both fires were fully engulfed within three minutes. Multiple origin points… Tell me these pictures don't look exactly the same.

Tom Van Meter: Okay.

Severide: I think one arsonist set both fires.

Tom Van Meter: Fine, how do we... How do we get 'em?

Severide: Well, according to this... We already did. This is Dustin Caldwell. He was arrested in 2016... Convicted a year later, sentenced to 12 years in Stateville.

Tom Van Meter: Yeah, this is ringing a bell. He was the delivery guy for a deli at the strip mall, right?

Severide: And he did some demo work at a construction site nearby. Prosecution offered him a plea deal, he refused, maintained his innocence throughout the trial.

Wendy Seager: So, if he's in jail, then it wasn't one arsonist.

Severide: Or he's the wrong guy.

Wendy Seager: Either way... We should talk to him.

Tom Van Meter: See you later.

Firehouse: garage

Dawson: So I tell Otis, "Otis, if you wanna get a girlfriend you gotta lose the goatee," right? So, he does, and he looks about 12, and I'm like, "Grow it back, grow it back!" Oooh!

Kidd: Oh, God, I missed you!

Mouch: How long are you in town?

Dawson: Um, till Friday, in-and-out.

Kidd: Well, we will take all the time we can get.

Boden: You staying for lunch?

Dawson: I don't know... Is Cruz cooking?

Cruz: Ha ha ha. It's like you never left.

Brett: Um, this is Blake Gallo. He's new on Truck 81.

Dawson: Oh, hi. You've got a great captain you're working under.

Brett: Hey, guys, why don't we, uh, give Dawson and Casey a minute to catch up?

Casey: So... Just two days, huh?

Dawson: Yeah. Yeah... Try to make it longer next time. This trip kind of came out of nowhere.

Casey: Everything okay?

Dawson: Oh, yeah, yeah... No, there's this, um... There's this fundraiser ball thing, and the doctor who covers it for my organization had a conflict, so... They sent me. Well, ordered me actually. Turns out big donors like to rub elbows with aid workers who are out in the field. I guess it opens up their pocketbooks or something. I don't know.

Casey: Well, I hope you weren't reluctant to come here because of me.

Dawson: No... I mean... I have a lot of feelings wrapped up here.

Casey: How's Antonio?

Dawson: Great, actually. Yeah, he's on our crisis response team in the Bahamas. So... He's good. Been really good for him.

Casey: Good.

Dawson: Um, I wanted to invite you... That fundraiser ball's tomorrow... If you can, it would really be great to have a moment to talk.

Casey: Is it okay if... If I think about it?

Dawson: Yeah... Of course.

Casey: I've got a lot of feelings wrapped up here too.

Dawson: Yeah, I get it.

Casey: Uh, here are the... Uh, the details… I'd really love to see you.


Gallo: Whoa. Is this from, like, 1954?

Capp: Put it in the box and don't worry about it.

Ritter: Oh... Hey, what's this?

Tony: Isn't that Otis'?

Cruz: Uh, yeah, it was. It stopped working. We were gonna fix it, but... We never did… I'm gonna get it to fly again.


Severide: Dustin Caldwell? Hi, my name is Kelly Severide and this is Wendy Seager. We're with the Chicago Fire Department.

Dustin Caldwell: I was told you have some questions.

Severide: I looked over your trial transcripts. The prosecutors didn't use an arson investigator to testify against you. They brought in a fire scientist from out of state. Why?

Dustin Caldwell: I don't know. I didn't know that. It... He didn't... He told me to let him handle things.

Wendy Seager: Who?

Dustin Caldwell: My lawyer, Mr. Lemaster. He told me to let him handle things, but then he didn't say much during trial.

Severide: You work demolition?

Dustin Caldwell: No, I worked... Construction. I didn't even have access... They didn't allow day workers into the demo shed. I told Mr. Lemaster this.

Wendy Seager: Was he a public defender?

Dustin Caldwell: Mm-hmm.

Severide: Do you like photography?

Dustin Caldwell: What?

Severide: Do some amateur dark room development? Shoot old school, on film?

Dustin Caldwell: I don't... I'm not even sure what you're asking.

Wendy Seager: We can't help you if you don't help us. So where'd you get the PAC-20?

Dustin Caldwell: What's PAC-20?

Wendy Seager: It's used in film development, highly flammable, and found at the fire that you're doing time for, even though there wasn't a photography store anywhere for miles.

Dustin Caldwell: I don't even own a camera.

Wendy Seager: He's lying.

Dustin Caldwell: I am not!

Guard: That's time.

Severide: Dustin… I'm gonna check this out.

Dustin Caldwell: You have to help me. No one else listened to me, and I can't stay here. You don't... You don't know what it's like.

Guard: Let's go, Caldwell. Move your feet.

Dustin Caldwell: You've got to get me out of here.

Guard: Move your feet!

Dustin Caldwell: Please! You have to help me!

Firehouse: hallway

Brett: We just picked it right back up again. We hadn't missed a beat. She sounds great.

Casey: She did.

Brett: The work she's doing is amazing.

Casey: Yeah. I agree.

Brett: And Antonio is in a good place.

Casey: Yeah, I heard that too.

Firehouse: lounge room

Casey: She... Asked me to go to her charity ball. I'm not sure it's a good idea.

Brett: Why?

Casey: I don't know... Don't want it to get... I don't know.

Brett: I think you should go.

Casey: Yeah?

Brett: She's only in town for a couple of days. You're both clear-eyed about that, right? I think you'll regret it if you don't see her. I know I would.

Casey: Severide. What's up?


Severide: Casey.

Casey: Hey.

Severide: Hey, thanks for coming.

Casey: Yeah.

Severide: Can you take a look at these?

Casey: What am I looking at?

Severide: Blueprints from two strip malls, both of which burned to the ground.

Casey: Got it.

Severide: And what is this here in the corner?

Casey: Right, okay, so, these are renovation permit approvals. RPA. 3-3-1 is the code for the certified contractor who did the work, and the last few digits are the project number.

Wendy Seager: So both renovations used the same contractor.

Casey: That's not unusual. You do a good job on one project, it goes in your portfolio. When a similar project comes along...

Severide: We found PAC-20 at both sites. It's a chemical used in photography dark rooms. Neither of the strip malls have development services.

Casey: Do you have the originals? From before the renovations? Okay, so... Both renovations put up new walls here... Here... Here... And here, see? Where were the origin points?

Severide: All burned up at once. Like you'd expect from an incendiary device being tossed into the middle of a room.

Casey: New walls mean new drywall.

Wendy Seager: But gypsum is fire resistant.

Casey: Okay, but what if you mix PAC-20 into the gypsum? You could make one big sheet of flash paper.

Severide: Or four of them.

Wendy Seager: Damn.

Severide: Yeah, owner wanted an insurance payout...

Wendy Seager: Renovate the place, wait a while, toss a match... No one's the wiser… I'll download Van Meter.

Severide: Thanks.

Wendy Seager: Yeah.

Casey: Good to see you.

Wendy Seager: You too.

Severide: Thank you for your expertise.

Casey: Glad I could help.

Severide: Hey, so... Seager... She's been asking about you.

Casey: You're blind.

Severide: What do you mean?

Casey: If Kidd sees the way she was looking at you, Seager's gonna get her ass kicked.

Outside the firehouse

Cruz: 'kay, here we go. All right, baby, come on. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on... Damn it… The fourth propeller broke off. Ugh, I called two places, but they don't carry replacements.

Gallo: You know, you could probably find another drone on eBay.

Cruz: I don't want another drone… I wanna fly this one.

Ritter: Well, just an idea... Go to the manufacturer's website. They'll sell parts directly to the consumer.

Cruz: That's a good idea.

Main: Ambulance 61, person down from unknown causes, 43 South Grand Avenue.


Taxi Driver: This crazy woman, starts screaming like animal. I tell her, "Get out of cab." She doesn't move.

Brett: Is she hurt?

Taxi Driver: I do nothing.  Little bump... That's all. Tiny bump.

Foster: Sir, please, give us some room.

Brett: Ma'am, we're paramedics with the CFD.

Kathleen: My eye! My eye!

Brett: Can you let us have a look? Okay, stay calm. Try not to move.

Kathleen: It hurts. halls,

Brett: Okay, focus on me.

Kathleen: It hurts.

Brett: What's your name?

Kathleen: Kathleen.

Brett: What happened, Kathleen?

Kathleen: I was... Putting on eyeliner... Get it out!

Brett: The surgeon will have to remove it, but we can do something for the pain.

Foster: On it.

Brett: We gotta find something to keep this pencil from moving.

Foster: Yup.

Brett: Okay, all right... Give me this shoulder. Easy.

Foster: Think I got something.

Taxi Driver: Hey, that's mine!

Foster: Bill the CFD.

Brett: Kathleen, we're gonna put this cup over your eye. I need you to stay still.

Kathleen: Okay.

Brett: Here we go... You're doing good. Okay. Okay, let's get her to the back of the ambulance. Kathleen, can you walk?

Kathleen: I think so.

Brett: Okay, slowly... Step.

Foster: There we go.

Firehouse: kitchen

Cruz: This website is indecipherable, like... What?

Ritter: Uh, we... Uh, just weren't sure if you wanted us to, maybe...

Gallo: Okay.

Ritter: Oh, yeah... No, you just gotta run the site through a translator. Yup, there. Done.

Gallo: Look, there.

Ritter: Oh... Yup. Replacement propellers. Oh, and look, it's not even that much. $29.99. It's... Just need your credit card… Yeah, or you can do it.

Gallo: Mm-hmm.

Cruz: Thank you… I ju... You have to understand... I broke the propeller... And I hid it from Otis… And every time he'd ask me about the drone, I... I'd change the subject or I'd lie to his face. I always meant to fix it, act like nothing happened. I just... I never did… I just really feel like I need to fix this thing.


Severide: So the two strip malls had different owners, but they both got multimillion dollar settlements from their insurance provider.

Wendy Seager: So one calls the other, says... "This is how you do it"?

Severide: Could be. As Casey pointed out, they both have the same contractor… Jimmy Conrad. Not just a contractor, also has an arrest record. Assault, theft, burglary, battery... And... He has a sister that works at a photography shop in Pilsen that has...

Wendy Seager: A darkroom.

Severide: Yes… This is enough to bring in CPD.

Wendy Seager: Agreed. Hey, you know, it's only 11:00. Do you wanna grab a real drink somewhere? I mean, after we call it in.

Severide: Uh... I'm a little out of gas. I think I'm just gonna head home and rack out.

Wendy Seager: Yeah... Sure... We can celebrate when we nail this guy.

Severide: Deal.

Outside the firehouse

Foster: Hey, Wenshau, there was holes in the jump bag. I called maintenance, and they're sending a new one over.

Wenshau: Okay.

Brett: You okay?

Kidd: Yup. Just caught a wave...

Brett: Oh, you're exhausted.

Kidd: Yeah, but I have to... I have to get to the academy.

Brett: No, no, that's it. You're going home, going to bed.

Kidd: But Brett...

Brett: No arguments, we'll call the academy and get you a sub.

Foster: She is right.

Brett: Straight home. Into bed. You're body's telling you to rest, I mean it.

Kidd: You guys are the best. Seriously.

Foster: Consider it taken care of.

Mouch: How much longer till Severide's back at 51?

Casey: He looked awfully comfortable at OFI.

Mouch: Really?

Casey: Mm-hmm.


Brett: Hey, Chief Benton, this is Sylvie Brett at Firehouse 51. I'm calling on behalf of Stella Kidd… Mm-hmm.

Foster: Oh, my God!

Mouch: Stella!

Casey: Stella!

Kidd: I'm okay, I'm okay. Check the other people.

Susannah: Ginny, Ginny... Are you okay back there?

Mouch: Okay, easy.

Susannah: It's okay, Ginny, it's okay!

Mouch: Let her in, let her in.

Brett: C-Collar, let's go!

Susannah: What's happening?

Mouch: She's okay.


Brett: What hurts, honey?

Ginny: My head!

Brett: Your head? Okay... It's okay, it looks like there's just a little cut from the window glass.


Foster: Whoa. Hey, hey, hey. Give 'em some room, okay?

Kidd: Look, I'm fine, I promise.

Foster: I know, I know, let me check you out...

Kidd: Are they okay?

Foster: Let me check you out. Come here.


Brett: All right... Watch the glass. Okay. I got you.


Brett: All right, let's get her to the rig. Mom, you too!

Susannah: W-what happened?

Kidd: Ma'am, it's my fault... I just... I ran the stop sign.

Chicago Med: waiting room

Brett: Hey. Good news. Both mom and daughter are perfectly fine. No injuries, no stiffness.

Foster: It's just a minor scrape on the girl.

Kidd: Thank God they're okay.

Severide’s loft

Severide: Hey, Seager... Yeah, when? Okay, just text me the address, and I'll meet you there.


Wendy Seager: Severide... This is Detective Holtmeyer.

Holtmeyer: Thanks for the tip. We've had Conrad on our radar for years, but we haven't been able to move on him.

Severide: Hey, glad to help.

Holtmeyer: Judge signed the warrant this morning. I figured, why wait?

Wendy Seager: They want us to help identify anything arson-related after the raid.

Holtmeyer: Police! Search warrant! Everybody on the ground! On the ground! All clear… No sign of Jimmy Conrad. I wouldn't be surprised if someone tipped him off. These old-school Pilsen guys, they have plenty of friends in uniform.


Holtmeyer: We'll start collecting paper from the shredders. You tell me what you need identified to help your arson case.

Severide: Got it… Seager! Check this out.

Wendy Seager: Blowtorches, flares? Fertilizer and ammonia.

Severide: Pyro central.

Holtmeyer: They got a basement here too.


Severide: Casey was right… This guy was turning walls into flash paper.

Wendy Seager: Now you're really gonna have to buy me that drink.

Fundraiser ball's

Dawson: We have to work toward... Stabilization. Toward community rebuilding. Toward ongoing preparedness organization, not just after a disaster strikes, but in anticipation of the next one… Uh, excuse me… Oh, thank God you're here. I don't know how much more of that I have in me.

Casey: You sound great.

Dawson: I need a drink. You want a drink?

Casey: Definitely.

Dawson: New suit?

Casey: Yup.

Dawson: It's working.

Casey: You should see me in my captain's shirt.

Dawson: You should see me in my mosquito net field fatigues.

Casey: I'm sure you'd look great.

Dawson: Duh.

Casey: So, uh... Do you miss Chicago?

Pearl: Gabby, do you mind talking to the Nelsons for five minutes? They're tier one donors and they want to hear about our South American strategy.

Dawson: Um, which ones are they?

Pearl: That table, over there.

Dawson: Uh, yeah, okay. Matt, give me anything red. See you in a minute.

Casey: Sure. Two reds.

Pearl: That woman is my secret weapon.

Casey: Oh, yeah?

Pearl: Mm-hmm. I wanted to send her to our fundraisers in London, Sydney, La Paz... Nope. She insisted on coming to Chicago.

Casey: Really?

Pearl: Mm-hmm. Said she had someone she wanted to see here.


Dawson: Come dance with me.

Casey: Okay.

Hotel: Gaby’s room

Dawson: Wait, is this a mistake? I'm leaving in the morning.

Casey: I know... And I'm staying. But that doesn't make this a mistake.

Firehouse: locker room

Foster: Did eyeliner girl not teach you anything? She literally had a pencil jammed in her socket. There's no need for either of us to be presentable to do the job.

Brett: Uh, she did land on me, which is why this morning I put my lip gloss on at home and not in the car.

Firehouse: lounge room

Brett: Hey.

Casey: Good morning.

Brett: How'd it go with Dawson?

Casey: Great actually.

Brett: Oh, that's so, so good to hear.

Casey: Thanks for talking me into that.

Foster: Mmm.

Brett: What?

Foster: So, so good to hear.

Brett: Stop. He seems happy. That makes me happy.

Firehouse: Casey’s office

Dawson: Hey, it was great seeing you... Being with you. It brought back so many memories. Good memories. Best of my life. My only regret is that we didn't have more time to spend together. So, if you want to spend your next furlough in a disaster area... Consider yourself invited… There will always be room in my tent, Matt Casey.

Firehouse: Boden’s office

Kidd: Chief... I just want you to know that I spent the last 48 hours in bed, fully rested, fully recharged...

Boden: Hey.

Kidd: And I will never let you down like that again. Okay, I-I understand the limitations of my body, and I won't overdo any...

Boden: Actually, it's me that owes you an apology… Your... Accident... Was a wake-up call for me. 'Cause I realized that I, uh... Look... We're all dealing with Otis' death... In our own way. Some quietly, some making big changes in their life. For me, I had to find myself a project… And that was you.

Kidd: Chief, I...

Boden: I piled on you. And I piled on you. It's not fair. And I am truly... Genuinely sorry.

Kidd: Hey, I like being your project… You showed me that I could be a leader in the CFD. You gave me more confidence... Real confidence... Than I ever had before that… And I appreciate that... More than you know.

Boden: I've gotta find a better way in which to mentor you from now on… Agreed?

Kidd: I... I-I just don't want you to regret... Choosing me.

Boden: No. Never.

Kidd: Thank you, Chief. You mean the world to me.

Outside the firehosue

Cruz: All right.

Ritter: Come on...

Cruz: Come on...

Ritter: Come on, come on.

Gallo: Hey, uh... We also got you a diagnostic cable. You plug one end into the drone and the other into your laptop and it should tell you what the problem is.

Firehouse: garage

Otis: Prepa... Hey! Prepare yourselves for the maiden voyage of the "Starlight 5000." Superior technology piloted by superior minds.

Herrmann: Hey! You two knuckleheads, you shouldn't be anywhere near a flying object!

Otis: Back off, Hermann. You know what we have that you'll never have?

Herrmann: What's that?

Otis: Best friend magic, and no one can take that away from us.

Cruz: Crotis forever, baby. Crotis forever.

Otis: Ah, okay, let's get this thing off the ground.

Cruz: Hey, did you put batteries in it?

Otis: Oooh!

Cruz: Oh, wow! Hey! Put it over... Higher, higher.

Otis: I'm trying.

Cruz: Do it higher! Crotis forever!


Dustin Caldwell: I can't believe it... The judge is gonna vacate my sentence, and the state's attorney said they wouldn't even appeal.

Severide: That's great.

Wendy Seager: How soon?

Dustin Caldwell: Within the month... I just... I didn't think this was possible… Thank you. Both of you.

Wendy Seager: Well, we're glad we could help.

Dustin Caldwell: I just wish the two of you were on the arson team when I was arrested. Then maybe I could have had three years of my life back.


Wendy Seager: All those little voices you're hearing in your head, they're telling you to stay in Arson. I mean, how many more like Dustin Caldwell are out there? Getting railroaded because someone as good as you... Wasn't there to help them? Seager… Yeah. We'll be there in an hour… Okay. That was Holtmeyer… He wants us back at Jimmy Conrad's office to make sure the evidence techs don't blow off their fingers.


Severide: You catch this guy yet?

Holtmeyer: His phone was used in Duluth, Minnesota. He's trying to get to Canada. Minnesota state troopers, border patrol, Mounties... They all have his face.

Wendy Seager: Is everything photographed?

Holtmeyer: Our crime lab department, stretched about as thin as your arson unit. I'm gonna get some guys down in the basement to help tag the chemicals as soon as... Holtmeyer. Oh, hey, Barton… No, go ahead. I wanna hear this.

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Gabby (temporairement) de retour. Je ne l'ai pas vu venir. Après, c'est vraiment un passage éclair. Et vu comment ils se sont quittés, je m'attendais à ce qu'ils se sautent à la gorge. ^^

Stella doit vraiment apprendre à lever le pied.

Moi non plus je n'aime pas Sigger. Pour une fois que Severide est dans une relation stable, il faut qu'elle lui fasse du rentre-dedans.

Sevnol  (20.04.2021 à 23:13)

Oooh retour de Dawson, trop bien ! Bon le temps d'un épisode, mais c'est cool de la revoir ^^ Bon au final, c'est vrai que le couple Casey/Gaby manque, ils avaient vraiment une bonne stabilité ensemble, mais bon, je pense qu'on va pas revoir Dawson avant un petit moment donc ça doit rester occasionnel leurs retrouvailles, dommage.

Il était sympa cet épisode en tout cas. Sympa de revoir Otis aussi en vidéo... C'est émouvant, comme Boden dit, ils essayent d'accepter la mort d'Otis chacun à leur manière. Mais certains ne le font pas de la bonne manière. Stella se rend enfin compte qu'elle est épuisée après avoir causé un accident, Boden se rend compte qu'il n'a pas laissé de répit à Stella et Cruz veut absolument réparer le drone d'Otis qu'il a cassé sans lui avouer. J'ai bien aimé en plus voir Ritter et Gallo vouloir à tout prix aider Cruz.

La fin, c'est chaud pour Severide !! Que va t-il se passer ? Hâte de voir la suite ^^

Emmalyne  (29.06.2020 à 00:56)

J'ai pas trop vu la nécessité du retour de Gabby pour l'épisode. Peut-être apporter une fin à l'histoire Gabby-Matt, mais bon encore une fois, c'était pas vraiment important.

Severide et Kidd sont toujours aussi mignons.

J'aime vraiment beaucoup le concepte des "enquêtes de Kelly" mais sérieusement je ne supporte pas sa coéquipière. Elle est suffisante, hautaine, elle agit comme une enfant pourrie gatée. Severide est aveugle oui mais heureusement qu'il n'y a d'yeux que pour Kidd, parce que je ne le vois pas en couple 5 minutes avec cette nana, elle n'a même pas l'air gentille.

Le moment touchant de l'épisode "Crotis Forever"

natas  (30.11.2019 à 15:24)

belle scène concernant Oris !

J'aime bien voir les enquêtes de Severide, et le cliff bien flippant !

ah le coup du eyeliner tellement flippant !!!!

cassey et Gabby, c'est finalement assez credible, mais je suis d'accord que c'est pas nécessaire. Vu que le personnage ne revient pas, autant qu'ils passent à autre chose.

Mais c'était sympa de la revoir !!! dommage de pas l'avoir vu a l'action ! elle aurait pu aider lors de l'accident de Kidd, par exemple...

trop drôle Cassey qui fait remarquer à Severide qu'il est à coté de la plaque pour sa Collègue''

et très chou Kelly qui s'occupe de Stella ! et aussi les deux jeunes de la caserne tout prévenant !

Oh et le plaisir d'avoir des news d'Antonio ! j'ai 4 épisode de retard sur chicago pd, mais Antonio était un peu passé à la trappe...

hazalhia7  (21.11.2019 à 11:30)

Contente de voir que Otis n'est pas oublié, le fait qu'on ne le zappe pas au bout de deux épisodes rend plus réelle l'attachement que les membres de la caserne avait envers lui, surtout Cruz bien sûr.

Déçue de ce qui se passe avec Gabby par contre. Je les appréciait beaucoup elle et Casey jusqu'à ce qu'elle parte sans se préoccuper des gens qu'elle laissait derrière elle. C'est sympa de revoir le personnage de Gabby mais je ne vois pas l'intéret de la faire revenir si c'est pour recommencer un rapprochement avec Matt. Surtout qu'il ne me semble pas avoir vu que l'actrice revennait pour de bon, juste un épisode. 

hazalhia7  (21.11.2019 à 11:20)

Contente de voir que Otis n'est pas oublié, le fait qu'on ne le zappe pas au bout de deux épisodes rend plus réelle l'attachement que les membres de la caserne avait envers lui, surtout Cruz bien sûr.

Déçue de ce qui se passe avec Gabby par contre. Je les appréciait beaucoup elle et Casey jusqu'à ce qu'elle parte sans se préoccuper des gens qu'elle laissait derrière elle. C'est sympa de revoir le personnage de Gabby mais je ne vois pas l'intéret de la faire revenir si c'est pour recommencer un rapprochement avec Matt. Surtout qu'il ne me semble pas avoir vu que l'actrice revennait pour de bon, juste un épisode. 


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