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Chicago Police Department
#106 : Les alliés de New-York

Deux agents de New York viennent en aident à l’équipe de Voight pour enquêter sur un violeur et assassin qui coupe les oreilles de ses victimes. Une victime a survécu et aide les enquêteurs. Pendant ce temps la Burgess s’implique dans sa nouvelle mission de secrétaire et Lindsay doit se rendre à une réunion d’anciens élèves avec Halstead ...

Cross-over en un épisode avec New York : Unité Spéciale - 15x15


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Les alliés de New-York

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Adam Ruzek (Patrick J. Flueger) est sur le qui-vive.

Adam Ruzek (Patrick J. Flueger) est sur le qui-vive.

"Haut les mains" pour Adam Ruzek (Patrick J. Flueger)

Un malfaiteur tient une personne en otage !

Un malfaiteur tient une personne en otage !

Antonio (Jon Seda) a l'air pressé !

Antonio (Jon Seda) a l'air pressé !

Le détective Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas)

Le détective Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas)

Toute l'équipe est là à la recherche des criminels !

Toute l'équipe est là à la recherche des criminels !

Le détective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda)

Le détective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda)

Le Sergent Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) range son arme.

Le Sergent Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) range son arme.

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) est en mission surveillance.

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) est en mission surveillance.

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) et Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) sont surpris.

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) et Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) sont surpris.

Hank parle au talkie-walkie, Antonio et Erin regardent au loin.

Hank parle au talkie-walkie, Antonio et Erin regardent au loin.

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) et Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) ont stoppé un criminel.

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) et Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) ont stoppé un criminel.

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) dégaine son arme.

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) dégaine son arme.

Hank, Antonio et Erin courent pour attraper des malfrats

Hank, Antonio et Erin courent pour attraper des malfrats


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Scénario : Maisha Closson
Réalisation : Alik Sakharov

Guest Starring : Ice-T (Detective Odafin "Fin" Tutuola), Kelli Giddish (Detective Amanda Rollins), David Eigenberg (Christopher Herrmann), Josh Segarra (Justin Voight), Amy Morton (Sergent Trudy Platt), Robert Wisdom (Commandant Perry)


Lindsay: Really?

Stephanie: Erin?

Lindsay: Hey, Stephanie.

Stephanie: It's Lancaster now.

Lindsay: Congratulations.

Stephanie: You need some help?

Lindsay: No. Thanks. I've been meaning to upgrade my luggage.

Stephanie: You know, we were all just talking about you.

Lindsay: Yeah?

Stephanie: We didn't see your name on the reunion page on Facebook.

Lindsay: Uh, yeah, you know, I saw that, but I have a thing that I have to get to, so...

Stephanie: So are you working? What... What are you up to?

Lindsay: Uh, I'm a cop.

Stephanie: Seriously?

Lindsay: Seriously, I'm a cop.

Stephanie: I would've thought you'd be running from them.

Lindsay: Nope.

Stephanie: Well, come to the reunion. And don't worry... There are plenty of girls who are still single who RSVP'd. I think a big group of them are renting a stretch hummer or something. Oh, and, plus, you might meet someone. But, hey, if not, I understand. It's good seeing you.

Voight’s home

Justin: I guess I got used to the dark.

Voight: What time do you go on?

Justin: The graveyard.

Voight: Well, it looks like you picked up some discipline inside, huh?

Justin: Yep. Picked up a lot of things, pop.

Voight: Justin, I know you're not loving this C.T.A. gig, okay? It's only temporary. I just want to make sure you don't fall into bad habits, start running with a crowd that'll...

Justin: I love you, dad.

Voight: Is everything all right?

Justin: What, I can't tell you that I love you sometimes?

Voight: Voight.


Dawson: All right, thanks, guys.

Voight: Don't tell me.

Dawson: Yeah. Her name's Charlotte Matthews. Everything matches from the victim two days ago.

Voight: Commander.

Dawson: Commander.

Perry: Raped?

Voight: Yeah.

Perry: And ear was cut off?

Dawson: That's right.

Voight: There were two rape-murders in New York six months ago similar to our two. We've been in contact with the detectives there.

Perry: Now, there are 600 reasons why I didn't want you in charge of this unit, but there's one main reason why I did... Cases like this. You understand me?

Voight: I do.

New York SUV

Rollins: Let me talk to my partner, and I'll get back to you. All right, Sergeant... Hey, you know the perp that raped and killed and cut the victim's ear off? He just struck again two hours ago in Chicago's Riverwalk.

Tutuola: Well, I sent them all the files from our case when their first one happened. I don't know what more we can do on our end.

Rollins: Not much. That's why we're heading to Chicago.

21 entrance

Halstead: What's up? Morning, Sarge.

Platt: Erin, good morning.

Halstead: Have you noticed that Platt, like, loves you for some reason?

Lindsay: Do you own a suit?

Halstead: Yeah, why?

Lindsay: You're going with me to my high-school reunion. Also, we're engaged.

Halstead: W... Wait.

Intelligence kitchen

Olinsky: You're still here?

Ruzek: Yeah. I plan on being here for a while.

Olinsky: Yeah? Doing what, with whom?

Ruzek: Look, Al... I'm telling you right now, man-to-man, I'm ready to do my job the right way, your way. Okay, so what do you say... New day, new beginnings, please? Look, I know I can be a little overzealous, all right? I've always been that way. Growing up in the neighbourhood I grew up in...

Olinsky: I don't need your life story, man. I just need you to listen to me.

Ruzek: Yeah. Yeah.

Olinsky: Only when I think you're gonna make it here, and then you can tell me all about how daddy never bought you a skateboard.

Intelligence office

Halstead: You speak Italian?

Olinsky: ?

Halstead: Where'd you pick it up?

Olinsky: I was stationed in Vicenza.

Halstead: You served?

Olinsky: Yeah, A.B.C.T., part of a rapid response team. It's about an hour away from everyone. You?

Halstead: Rangers... Afghanistan.

Olinsky: Well, that explains a lot.

Halstead: Were you ever injured in the line of crushing grapes?

Olinsky: Excuse me?

Halstead: Was that in World War II?

Olinsky: I can't hear you. What?

Lindsay: Oh, my God. These poor girls.


Voight: Media's calling him "The Riverwalk Killer." Mayor's flipping out on the Superintendent, who's flipping out on the Chief. None of that matters to me. Two young women are dead and were put through something so horrific... It ain't gonna happen again.

Dawson: There's no witnesses. Area central searched every crime scene and came up blank on physical evidence.

Ruzek: Pods?

Dawson: Zero.

Voight: Detectives from Special Victims Unit in New York are en route right now to help out.

Lindsay: They also had two victims killed in their city two days apart, "and traffic cameras picked up a male, white, 5'10" wearing a hoodie following both victims, but they couldn't get a clear visual on his face.

Halstead: What about registered sex offenders?

Jin: Nothing pops. Plus, no DNA yet off any of the victims.

Voight: Hey, we're not waiting around for that. We get proactive. Boots on the ground. I want everyone working the river looking for suspicious behaviour. Dress the part.

Platt’s office

Dawson: Burgess, I need a favour.

Burgess: Yeah, you got it, anything.

Dawson: While we're on undercover detail, we're gonna need someone to man the phones in intelligence. It's a heater case, so there's gonna be a lot of calls coming in.

Burgess: Yeah, I'm all over it.

Platt: Congratulations. You made secretary.

Burgess: Don't hate, appreciate.

Platt: Well, there's some fresh slang.

Burgess: I'll be upstairs if you need me.

The Riverwalk

Ruzek: Oh, my God, whoever is panting in the mic, you're killing me right now.

Lindsay: Bite me, Ruzek. I've been running for an hour.


Jin: Can I start calling you Hank or Voight?

Voight: No.

Jin: Well, you know, I'm reading this book right now.

It's called The Magic of Thinking Big, wherein the author posits that titles, you know, they just cause this formal and unnecessary separation between people.

Voight: Can we do any better on this image?

Jin: I'm working on it.

Voight: All right, everyone check the ramp.

Dawson: Eyes on a male... White, brown hoodie.

Halstead: In pursuit.


Woman: Hey!

Lindsay: Police! Let her go! Hold on! Ma'am, you okay?


Halstead: Don't move! I'm gonna crack you! You hear me? Give me your hand. Offender in custody.


Halstead: Theo Mitchell, and I don't think he's our guy.

Voight: Based on?

Halstead: Found four wallets and three watches on him. He's a pickpocket, a purse-snatcher. Four arrests in the last ten years along those lines.

Lindsay: Nothing violent... No rape, no murder, not even a sexual assault.

Theo Mitchell: What?

Voight: What do you think?

Dawson: Let's bring him in.

Ruzek: Come on. Come on. Get in there.

Interview room

Theo Mitchell: This is a railroad, man. Unbelievable. I would never hurt a woman, never.

Dawson: I'm inclined to believe you.

Theo Mitchell: Then what the hell am I doing here getting looked at for it?

Dawson: Riverwalk's your turf for pulling crimes, right? Looks like you've had pretty fertile grounds for a while.

Theo Mitchell: Oh, oh, okay, I get it. Threaten me with rape, murder, and then admitting to boosting some wallets seems tame by comparison. You know what? I'm out of here.

Dawson: No, you're not. Since you basically live there, sizing people up and then ripping them off, I'm thinking maybe you could help us find who did rape and kill those two girls... Because my experience... A cheetah always knows where the hyena is.

Theo Mitchell: I like that analogy. You went jungle on me.

Dawson: Early this morning, before 6:00 A.M., around East Lake... Close your eyes and think.

Theo Mitchell: There was this dude... Like, 5:00 A.M... In running gear, but he was just stretching the whole time, just looking around. I remember thinking he was either a criminal or a cop, but I ain't ever seen a cop with a watch that nice, though.

Dawson: How close did you get to him?

Theo Mitchell: Real close. I walked right by him.

Platt’s office

Tutuola: What's up, office? That's what you guys call each other out here, right... "office"?

Platt: Sergeant Platt. How can I help you?

Rollins: Yeah, we're here to see Sergeant Voight in Intelligence.

Platt: Regarding?

Rollins: We have some information to share with him.

Platt: Regarding?

Tutuola: We're Detectives from NYPD. Sergeant Voight is expecting us.

Platt: Oh, my God, you should have said you were from New York City. I'm mortified. Why don't you park it over there? Hey, Office Burgess, would you get your skinny ass down here? "Office."

Intelligence office

Voight: Hey, appreciate you coming.

Rollins: Of course.

Voight: Hank Voight.

Rollins: Hey, there. Rollins. Hi.

Dawson: All right, how you doing?

Tutuola: How's it going?

Lindsay: Okay.

Halstead: Jay.

Tutuola: You guys are nice. What's up with that battle-ax downstairs?

Olinsky: There isn't enough time in the day. Pleasure.


Tutuola: Start off looking for patterns, obviously. Why New York and now Chicago? Is this guy a salesman, and this just happens to be his route? Maybe an interstate trucker?

Rollins: The only commonality that we could find that might be worth pursuing, is there was a manufacturing trade show convention in New York at the time of our rape-murders. Now, that convention is now here in town at the Rittenton Center?

Voight: Rittenhouse, yeah.

Rollins: Yeah.

Voight: Jin.

Jin: Yeah, on it.

Lindsay: So who is this guy? I mean, what are we looking for?

Rollins: This perp has been elevated to serial-killer status. I mean, in terms of the rape and murder, there are five different profile psyches. I think we're looking at an anger retaliatory rapist.

Ruzek: Why the ear? I mean, I get that he's a sadistic son of a bitch and everything, but is he trying to establish some sort of cred or... ?

Tutuola: Usually as a souvenir or a trophy. Sometimes they even make shrines.

Ruzek: Yuck.

Voight: How long we have you guys for?

Rollins: As long as you need.

Jin’s office

Jin: Yo, our monitor works better if you don't slobber on it.

Ruzek: Hey, how about that Detective Rollins? She's got, like, ten things going on, all of them good, am I right?

Dawson: Yeah. I give your marriage six months.

Ruzek: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Wendy and I... We're cool like that. I could go home tonight and could tell her exactly what I just told you.

Dawson: Yeah?

Ruzek: Yeah.

Dawson: You'd tell your fiancée that you worked with a hot detective from New York that kind of blew your mind?

Ruzek: No.

Jin: No.

Dawson: No. Come here.

Jin: All right. Okay, here's a list of attendees to both conferences, and I managed to put them through the DMV database and pull the photos.

Dawson: Jin, I don't need to hear about the labour. Just show me the baby.

Jin: There. I got 45 guys who went to both conferences.

Ruzek: All right.

Interview room

Theo Mitchell: Wait. Hold up.

Jin: Whoa, whoa. Don't touch the keys.

Theo Mitchell: No. No. Look, how many of these I got to look at?

Dawson: Don't worry about it. Just keep looking.

Theo Mitchell: I mean, like, 100 or 200, 'cause... Whoa, whoa, whoa. That's the dude. I swear to God.

The Convention Center

Lindsay: FYI, you're not just my fiancé. You're my fiancé that got in early at Facebook, like, way early. You're worth at least $10 million.

Halstead: Well, how about I get a perm and I wear a hoodie, and you can just tell everybody I'm Mark Zuckerberg?

Lindsay: The reason I don't wear a ring...

Halstead: Why can't I be a cop?

Lindsay: What does your suit look like?

Halstead: Like a suit.

Lindsay: It has to look high end.

Halstead: I have nice suits.


Lindsay: There. Jeffrey Baker?

Jeffrey Baker: Yes?

Lindsay: Detectives Lindsay and Halstead, Chicago P.D.

Halstead: Apparently, there's been some damage to your hotel room. Housekeeping made a complaint. Would you mind coming with us to talk about it?

Jeffrey Baker: I didn't do any damage to my hotel room.

Halstead: Great. You can clear all that up down at the district. After you.

Interview room

Lindsay: So how long have you been in town?

Jeffrey Baker: Five days.

Lindsay: Mm. From St. Louis?

Jeffrey Baker: That's right.

Halstead: You been to the Riverwalk at all, Jeffrey?

Jeffrey Baker: What does that have to do with my hotel room?

Halstead: I'll ask you, again. You been to the Riverwalk?

Jeffrey Baker: I have.

Halstead: When?

Jeffrey Baker: Forgive me, but I get the sneaking suspicion that I'm not here about a hotel room.

Lindsay: Well, why else would we bring you in?

Jeffrey Baker: I haven't the foggiest.

Lindsay: Mm. Oh, would you like some water?

Jeffrey Baker: No, thank you.

Halstead: What days and times were you at the Riverwalk?

Jeffrey Baker: Do you get the Internet here? 'Cause there's this great video on YouTube by this law-school professor, and he's very articulate, and he makes a very compelling and convincing argument. It's called "don't talk to cops." No offense.

Halstead: You're not in St. Louis, Jeffrey. We've had two rape-murders here in the last few days where the women were mutilated. Now, you're gonna answer some questions about that.

Wipe that stupid smile off your face.

Jeffrey Baker: I will remove the smile, as requested, and tell you very seriously that you have the wrong guy.

Lindsay: We want the dates and times you were at the Riverwalk… Get writing.


Dawson: There's been another rape down at the Riverwalk. Victim survived. She's at Chicago Med.

Chicago Med

Lindsay: Hi, Vanessa.

Vanessa: Ma'am.

Lindsay: I'm Detective Lindsay, and this is Detective Dawson, and we're here to try to...

Vanessa: I'll do whatever I can to help you catch him.

Lindsay: All right. Thank you.

Dawson: Can you take us through what happened?

Vanessa: I'm on the soccer team at school, so I like to get a run in after practice, and I cut through Riverwalk the way I do every day, and out of nowhere, this guy appears in a brown hoodie with a mask on.

Dawson: Did he say anything?

Vanessa: Just to shut up and not scream. He put a hand over my mouth, and he dragged me to, like, this dark area underneath the stairs. And then he yanked my sweats and underwear down, and that's when... That... That's when he did it.

Lindsay: Okay. Is there anything that you could see on him... Scars, a birthmark?

Vanessa: No.

Dawson: What about height and weight?

Vanessa: He was about you're height, maybe a little heavier than you. He had brown eyes, and I saw some of his hair. It was dirty blonde.

Dawson: Well, that's great. That's a lot more than we had.

Lindsay: Is there anything else that you saw that could help us identify him?

Vanessa: When he took his knife out... Something kicked in. We just had this self-defence class at school, and the instructor lady said that if you don't remember anything else, you should slap, grab, twist, and pull. And that's what I did.

Lindsay: Good. I'm glad you did. Now, when that happened, were you able to scratch his face or... ?

Vanessa: It got my thumbnail inside his eye, his right eye... Deep. He screamed, and he fell off of me, and... And that's when I ran.

Lindsay: You have been amazing.

Vanessa: He didn't break me. I want him to know that.

Dawson: He will.


Voight: The guy we brought in, Jeffrey Baker... What eye colour does he have?

Lindsay: Blue. Plus, he was in our custody when this rape happened.

Voight: All right, kick him. Get the word out... Blonde hair, brown eyes, possible damage to the eye. Check all clinics, hospitals, see if anybody came in for an eye injury.

Dawson: I'll get it out to all vehicle and foot patrol.


Voight: You all right?

Lindsay: She's only 16. Let's get him.

Platt’s office

Burgess: Hey, I have to head out, but if anyone asks, I'm on official business.

Platt: Wait. Sorry. Can you repeat that?

Burgess: Yes, I have to go, but it's official business, just in case anyone asks.

Platt: Hold on. I got to write this down, or I'm gonna forget it. Okay, Officer Burgess...

Burgess: Yeah.

Platt: Has to go, but in case anyone asks... Oh, that's right. Nobody cares.

Burgess: Okay.

Intelligence’s office

Rollins: Okay, so, if the perp was rational, I mean, he'd leave town knowing that the heat is on, but there's a good chance he's not, so most likely he's angrier. He's more fixated because his needs went unmet.

Tutuola: He probably has a good idea that he left DNA under the victim's fingernails, and it's only a matter of time before he gets I.D.'d, so he's gonna need to strike soon while he has a chance.

Voight: All right, hospitals and clinics, check with foot patrol down at Riverwalk. Beat the bushes on this guy.


Dawson: Hey, where's Burgess?

Halstead: I haven't seen her.


Rollins: Whoa.

Ruzek: Oh, sorry. My bad.

Intelligence’s kitchen

Rollins: Hmm. Oh, yeah, that confirms it. Chicago cops cannot make a good cup of coffee either.

Lindsay: Here. Thanks for helping us work this case.

Rollins: Of course. They're tough... Especially when the victims are kids, but, you know, at least Vanessa's alive.

Lindsay: It just doesn't make any sense.

Rollins: So you want the good guys to win.

Lindsay: I want the bad guys to get what's coming to them.

Rollins: Well, sometimes they do. Do you believe in karma?

Lindsay: I believe in payback.

Rollins: Just a little unsolicited advice, just because I've been there... Be careful 'cause payback is the biggest bitch when it consumes you.

Voight’s office

Voight: Here, put that in there.

Dawson: Where you been?

Burgess: Well, I called all the pharmacies within a two-mile radius of the attempted rape asking if any male with blonde hair and brown eyes came in with an apparent eye injury. The Walgreen's over on Superior said a guy matched that description, bought gauze, peroxide, sunglasses. They needed to see a badge, that's why I had to go down there.

Voight: What do you got?

Burgess: He used a credit card... Neil Vance. Jin pulled his credit card history. He's been staying at the Hotel Fauntleroy the past six days. He also has hotel charges in New York at the same time of the rape-murders that happened there.

Jin: Team effort. But, uh, really, more her.

Voight: You're going places, kid.


Dawson: Halstead and Lindsay.

Halstead: Parked, we got eyes in the back.

Dawson: O and Ruzek?

Olinsky: Lobby. Vance is not in his room.

Voight: Stay put.

Lindsay’s car

Lindsay: Mackinac Island.

Halstead: What?

Lindsay: That's where we met. I was at a leadership conference, and you were picking out property for a summer retreat.

Halstead: Of course I was.

Lindsay: It all went down at the Grand Hotel... Fireworks, candlelight.

Halstead: This is good. This tells me a lot about you.

Lindsay: I am adding colour to our story. It's just like undercover. The details sell it.

Halstead: Yeah, just like going undercover.

Lindsay: What?

Halstead: It's ridiculous.

Lindsay: You have no idea what kind of bitches these girls can be.

Hotel Fauntleroy

Olinsky: Quit acting like a cop.

Ruzek: Just for the record, my dad... He did buy me a skateboard.

Olinsky: Good for you.

Ruzek: Santa Cruz, black deck, silver trucks, orange wheels. I can still do a nosegrind down a handrail, baby. True story. I'm not a robot, Alvin. Love me or leave me, man. Love me, Al.

Olinsky: You're a pisser, man. I swear to God.

Ruzek: Pisser... I like that. Hey, that guy that we, uh, brought in from the convention center and kicked.

Olinsky: Yeah, Jeffrey Baker.

Ruzek: What hotel is he staying at?

Olinsky: Sofitel.

Ruzek: He just walked in. He's talking to the desk clerk… Jeffrey Baker just walked into the lobby.

Voight’s car

Voight: Take him.

Hotel Fauntleroy

Ruzek: The guy that just came up here and talked to you...

Hotel Fauntleroy

Olinsky: Suspect's exiting through the front door.


Dawson: What are you doing here, Jeffrey?

Jeffrey Baker: I'm just out for a stroll.

Dawson: Put your hands up.

Ruzek: Clerk said he was asking what room Neil Vance was staying in.

Voight: Where's Vance?

Jeffrey Baker: I want a lawyer.

Intelligence office

Dawson: Baker's from St. Louis. Vance is from Shreveport. Not sure how they would've met.

Tutuola: Some deviant chat room most likely.

Halstead: Baker travels for his conventions. Maybe Vance meets him there. Baker's the lookout while Vance does the crime.

Rollins: It's a dyad. Both partners plan and commit the crime together, but there is usually a dominant-submissive relationship.

Tutuola: Like the Columbine killers, the D.C. snipers, the Menendez brothers, those two yahoos who blew up the Boston marathon.

Rollins: Yeah, the dominant force is psychopathic and/or sadistic. The submissive partner is depressed. He's dependent. The leader is gonna be charismatic, you know, enthusiastic. He's looking for a follower to manipulate, while the subordinate... He's vulnerable. He feels lost. He needs someone to lead him.

Lindsay: Baker's the dominant, guaranteed.

Tutuola: Where's Baker right now?

Ruzek: He's in the interview room. He's all lawyered up.

Voight: Not for long. Put him in the cage.

Ruzek: Yes, Sergeant.

Tutuola: What's the cage?

21 back entrance

Voight: We've been working with some pretty sharp detectives from New York. I think we got you figured out.

Jeffrey Baker: You don't say.

Voight: You pull the strings. Neil Vance does the dirty work.

Jeffrey Baker: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Voight: Take a walk. Take a walk.


Voight: I like that face. Where's Vance?

Jeffrey Baker: I have rights, which I've been attempting to exercise repeated... Ah! Ugh!

Voight: I can't begin to try to understand what goes through someone's head who would rape and murder a woman, so I got to ask you, why cut off the ear? Can you explain that to me?

Jeffrey Baker: No, because I have no idea...

Voight: Vance brings it back, you both get your rocks off on it, right? Probably have him explain to you in detail what it was like, what she went through. Instead of hearing about it... How about I show you firsthand?

Jeffrey Baker: Get away from me. I have rights. I have rights!

Voight: You have me...

Jeffrey Baker: You sick...

Voight: Where's Vance?

Jeffrey Baker: No! No, you can't do this! Ah!

Voight: Wait a sec. That's the wrong ear. You have Vance cut off the right one, correct?

Jeffrey Baker: I haven't done anything!

Voight: You tell me where Vance is right now, or they're gonna carry you out of here in sandwich bags. You hear?

Jeffrey Baker: Navy Pier! Navy Pier. I'm supposed to meet him in a half an hour at Navy Pier.

Navy Pier

Voight: Spread out. Come on.


Ruzek: I got the eye.


Voight: Ruzek? Where are you?


Ruzek: C.P.D.! Out of the way! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Come on, now.

Neil Vance: I'll kill her!

Ruzek: Neil, my name's Adam. How about you and I... We talk this out, huh?

Neil Vance: Come any closer, and I slice her from ear to ear! Drop the gun on the ground and kick it to me!

Ruzek: All right. I'm not gonna give you a loaded gun, but you knew that, right?


Voight: Where are you, Ruzek?

Ruzek: What's your endgame here, brother?


Ruzek: You got no way out. Why don't you let her go? Come with me.

Neil Vance: No!

Ruzek: We have Jeffrey. He gave you up.

Neil Vance: Jeffrey wouldn't do that.

Ruzek: I mean, how do you think we found you? What are you gonna do? You gonna jump on a boat? I mean, you haven't hurt her yet. We can still work this out.

Neil Vance: Shut up!

Ruzek: Don't do this.

Neil Vance: You got a backup gun! I know it! Give it to me!

Ruzek: See, you're smart, Neil. You're smart. Not even my partner, Marlyn, knows about the backup.


Voight: Ruzek's at the Marlyn yacht. Everybody move in.


Ruzek: Listen, I'm gonna make a deal with you, okay? You let her go, I let you go. Right now I just want the girl safe.


Lindsay: Call S.W.A.T. in?

Voight: No, there's no time for that. Halstead and Olinsky, move into position.


Neil Vance: We're backing out of here. The moment I see someone flash metal at me, she's dead... I mean it!

Ruzek: None of that needs to happen, all right? We're not going there.


Voight: You got the shot?

Halstead: Affirmative.

Voight: Light him up.


Kate: Aah!

Ruzek: Hey, don't look at him. Come here. Come with me. Hey, what's your name?

Kate: Kate.

Ruzek: Kate, I'm Adam. Let's sit you down right here, okay? You all right?

Kate: Yeah. It's okay.

Ruzek: This is Detective Lindsay.

Lindsay: Hi.

Ruzek: I just want you to calm down. She's gonna ask you a couple of questions. Do you have any family we can call?

Kate: Yeah. It's in my cell phone.

Lindsay: Okay, we'll get it. We'll get everybody here, and we'll get you to the hospital.


Halstead: You saw some action when you were stationed in Italy I take it?

Olinsky: A little, yeah.

Chicago Med

Lindsay: We got him.

Platt’s office

Platt: You have fun answering phones up there today?

Burgess: Have a good night, Sergeant.


Herrmann: All right, there you go... Macallan on the rocks.

Tutuola: Thanks.

Herrmann: Where you two from, again?

Tutuola: Cops from N.Y.C.

Herrmann: Well, you know, even though fire-fighters own this place, it's a blue bar.


Ruzek: Quit beating around the bush and give me something here.

Olinsky: It's classified.

Ruzek: It's classified ?

Olinsky: It's classified.

Ruzek: You got to be kidding me. You see what I deal with every day?

Tutuola: Where's Voight?

Olinsky: Voight? Voight doesn't come to this bar.

Tutuola: Why not?

Olinsky: It's a long story.

Tutuola: Classified.

Olinsky: It's classified, yeah.

Ruzek: Well said.

Olinsky: You did good.

Ruzek: I'll take that.

Olinsky: You did good. You did good.

Ruzek: I'll take that, man. I'll take that.

Rollins: You know what? Everybody did. Really. Cheers.

Ruzek: Hey, one second. Hey, Burgess? Come here. Come here. You're part of this too. Antonio wanted to make sure we took care of you tonight. Saddle up.

Burgess: Thanks.

Tutuola: To the blue.

All: To the blue.

Burgess: Cheers.


Lindsay: And, of course, now it's raining.

Halstead: Hold on. The ring... You never talked about the ring. Why don't you wear it?

Lindsay: I'll wing it.

Halstead: I'm not gonna be able to keep this stuff straight. Did we meet before or after I got stupid rich on Facebook?

Lindsay: What am I doing here?


Lindsay: So, like you saw in the file, I had been Voight's C.I., so he knew me, and when I was 16, him and his wife took me in. They saved me. And then he pulled some strings and got me into St. Ignatius, and when I got there, I just made up who I was... Voight's goddaughter staying with him while my parents were travelling.

Halstead: So you've always been good at undercover?

Lindsay: If you mean lying, yeah... I was a street kid. So Steph and her crew pulled me into their clique, and pretty soon we were doing everything together... Shopping, parties, and... All of it... And then somebody found out who I really was… You figure out who your real friends are pretty quick when the word's out that your mom's a junkie and your dad's in jail.

Halstead: Whose ass did you kick first?

Lindsay: Voight had to make a deal with the director of the school to get me in. If I got in a fight and threw even one punch, I was out. So I ate it. And it still bothers me. I don't know why. Even after days like today, when you would think everything would be put in perspective... I don't know… We can't.

Halstead: Come on, let's get you home.

Lindsay: Maybe one day.

Halstead: Oh, definitely.

Voight’s office

Voight: Hey, Justin, it's me again. Just wrapping up here, wondering if you want to catch a late bite. All right, give me a call.

Lindsay’s home

Lindsay: Hey.

Justin: Hey.

Lindsay: Are you okay? What's wrong?

Justin: I just, um... I just, um... I didn't want to do it, you know? I just... I had to.

Lindsay: Justin? What the hell did you do?

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