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Chicago Police Department
#105 : Les transporteuses

L’unité est confrontée à une opération de trafic de drogue et qui met en jeu la vie d’étudiantes qui transportaient des ballons de cocaïne dans leur estomac. Ruzek continue d’apprendre les rudiments du métier avec Olinsky. Lindsay essaye de remettre Justin dans le droit chemin. Pendant ce temps, Atwater et Burgess reçoivent une nouvelle voiture de patrouille ...


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Titre VO
Thirty Balloons

Titre VF
Les transporteuses

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Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) a sorti son arme.

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) a sorti son arme.

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee soffer) et Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) vont s’entraîner !

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee soffer) et Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) vont s’entraîner !

L'équipe écoute attentivement le Sergent Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

L'équipe écoute attentivement le Sergent Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

L'équipe va entrer dans cet immeuble, c'est certain.

L'équipe va entrer dans cet immeuble, c'est certain.

Erin et Jay (Sophia Bush et Jesse Lee Soffer) sont-ils seulement bons amis ?

Erin et Jay (Sophia Bush et Jesse Lee Soffer) sont-ils seulement bons amis ?

Les officiers Burgess et Atwater (Marina Squerciati et LaRoyce Hawkins) écoutent attentivement le Sergent Platt (Amy Morton)

Les officiers Burgess et Atwater (Marina Squerciati et LaRoyce Hawkins) écoutent attentivement le Sergent Platt (Amy Morton)

Le Détective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer)

Le Détective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer)

Justin (Joshua Segarra) a une discussion avec Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer)

Justin (Joshua Segarra) a une discussion avec Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer)

Antonio (Jon Seda) et Hank (Jason Beghe) traquent les criminels

Antonio (Jon Seda) et Hank (Jason Beghe) traquent les criminels


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Scénario : Craig Gore, Tim Walsh
Réalisation : Karen Gaviola

Guest Starring : Robin Weigert  (Erica Gradishar), Amy Morton (Sergent Trudy Platt), Josh Segarra (Justin Voight), Joe Reegan (Joseph Catalano)


Dawson: When are we gonna spar?

Halstead: I don't like that look in your eye.

Dawson: Nah, you're doing great... Just keep dropping your left every time you throw your right cross, it'll be fun.

Halstead: Is Voight dirty?

Dawson: It's not my department.

Halstead: So that's a yes.

Dawson: I almost went down the tubes when I was in Vice, which was right around the time I stopped judging other cops.

Halstead: I'm not looking for judgment, just a definition. Do I learn from him, or do I keep my distance?

Dawson: Both. But if you really wanna know if he's dirty or not, ask her.

Halstead: Jazzercise is, like, a block south.

Lindsay: Yeah, nice muscle tee.

Halstead: This is perfectly acceptable attire for the boxing gym.

Lindsay: No, absolutely, and the bonus is you don't have to change later when you break-dance.

Dawson: Oh! Voight's kid.

Lindsay: Justin. This is Antonio and Jay. I work with them. Antonio's buddy owns the gym, hence the 30% discount.

Dawson: 20%. Nice try.

Lindsay: All right.

Halstead: How you doing?

Justin: I gotta make some calls.

Lindsay: He's like my little brother. I'm just trying to keep him out of trouble.

Dawson: Good luck.

Lindsay: Just give him a shot.


Officer: Popped these guys selling off the corner. Big guy, Maurice Owens, said to call you.

Maurice: Man, they planted that dope on me.

Voight: Shut up.

Maurice: I'm gonna need my boys to take a slide on this too.

Voight: I don't know these guys from a load of wood. They're on their own. You can cut Maurice loose.

Officer: Based on?

Voight: Based on me saying you can cut him loose.

Officer: What am I gonna tell...

Voight: I don't care what you tell 'em. Uncuff him. Write him out of your report.

Maurice: I'ma bail y'all out. Don't worry.

Man: Yeah. Come on, do it.

Maurice: I told you my boy would take care... Damn. My bad.

Voight: Tell him.

Maurice: My bad.


Maurice: 2 grand.

Voight: Man, I didn't come across town for no 2 grand.

Maurice: Well, it was gonna be 5 till you chumped me in front of my crew. I don't pay you to get disrespected. Know that.

Voight: You wanna go toe-to-toe with me, Maurice?

Maurice: Hmm?

Voight: I'll have 5 grand in my mitt by the end of the night, or the ground is gonna open underneath you.

Outside the 21 back entrance

Halstead: All I'm saying is Justin looks like an uphill battle.

Lindsay: That kid lost his mother and then did a year in prison. He just needs to get his bearings.

Halstead: Did you see the attitude he gave me in the gym?

Lindsay: If I had just gotten out of Statesville and had been made to shake hands with a bunch of cops, I would've had the exact same attitude.

Halstead: I don't think it's so much I'm a cop as much as Justin thinks I'm your boyfriend.

Lindsay: You wish.

Lindsay: You wish.

Lindsay: No, you wish.

Outside the 21

Ruzek: Hey.

Wendy: Bye.

Ruzek: I'll see you after work, okay?

Wendy: Oh. Hey, Adam.

Ruzek: Yeah?

Wendy: Lunch.

Ruzek: Right. How could I possibly forget?

Wendy: Don't forget about dinner tonight.

Ruzek: Baby, my parents haven't been in the same room since my high school graduation. I really think that they should draw straws...

Wendy: They should both be at the wedding… Promise me you'll be there.

Olinsky: Are you Wendy?

Wendy: Hi.

Olinsky: Hey. Alvin.

Wendy: Um...

Olinsky: Adam's partner.

Wendy: Adam didn't tell me he had a partner.

Olinsky: Good, good. He's following protocol.

Ruzek: Okay. I will see you after work. All right.


Ruzek: Al, I'm telling you, she's killing me with this wedding planning, and she does not understand that making my parents eat together, it's the Ruzek nuclear option. Just China patterns and registries. This is gonna be a nightmare.

Olinsky Hey, are you through? Because when you're here, you're here. So don't pass through that gate until you are.

Ruzek: Okay.

Platt’s office

Platt: The district's been awarded a new patrol car. And since you guys went above and beyond on that hoarder deal, I'm assigning it to you. It's got 20 miles. You can still get high off the factory fumes.

Atwater: I heard those new ones got, like, 400 horsepower in 'em.

Platt: You listen up. Commander Perry is going to drive it as a show car in next week's toys for tots parade. You bring it back with so much as a scratch, you're gonna have to answer to him... You hear me?

Atwater: Yes, ma'am.

Burgess: Yes.

Atwater: Thank you.


Atwater: Yeah.

Burgess: I mean, this thing is nicer than my apartment.

Atwater: Oh, watch this, here it is.

Burgess: Whoo!

Atwater: Ah. Yeah. That's 400 horses, girl.

Burgess: Mm-hmm.

Atwater: I ain't playin'.

Burgess: Do you see that? Hit the lights.

Woman: This girl needs help, please.


Atwater: Miss, are you okay?

Burgess: This is beat 2113... We got a disturbance with a mental. Ladies, I need you to...

Atwater: Burgess. Damn. What the hell was that?

Chicago Med

Voight: What do we got?

Burgess: Female, white, just got out of surgery.

Lindsay: I heard female white knocked you around pretty good.

Atwater: Whatever she was on gave her the strength of ten men.

Lindsay: Hmm.

Burgess: No I.D. All she had on her was this plane ticket. She landed at O'Hare this morning from Cabo San Lucas.

Dawson: Just how much cocaine does she have on her?

Burgess: Not on her. Inside her. 30 balloons in her stomach.


Doctor: Normally, when cops drag screamers in here, we just give 'em a haldol cocktail and send them into detox, but she started convulsing, and I knew right away this was different.

Dawson: Welcome to Chicago, distribution center of the Midwest.

Doctor: We removed 29 condoms full of cocaine, though she swallowed 30. One broke open and started to dissolve into her stomach. The drug leaked into her bloodstream, causing her psychosis, so I ordered emergency surgery. Never ceases to amaze me what people will do for money.

Lindsay: Well, sometimes, people don't feel like they have a choice.

Dawson: I tested the residue on the broken balloon. It's 89% pure. That's the highest grade I've ever seen.

Dawson: All these must be 50k street value.

Voight: Easy.

Lindsay: So what do we think? Cartel's getting smart recruiting all-American types?

Dawson: They're full of air pockets. That's why they busted. It's amateur hour. Cartel wouldn't be this careless.

Voight: We need to question her. How soon till she's conscious?

Doctor: Two, maybe three hours.

Voight: All right, have Jin contact the TSA at O'Hare. See if we can get an I.D. on this girl.


Burgess: We're so screwed.

Atwater: Yep. Platt's gonna freak.

Burgess: We have to take it to the police garage.

Atwater: No, the police garage takes a month to fix a flat. The toys for tots parade is this weekend. I got a better idea.


Man: All right. What's up?

Burgess: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Man: I see y'all got a lot of paint damage, man. Got a hell of a dent right here. This busted side mirror. You're gonna give me two days on this, Atwater.

Atwater: Eh, I'm thinking a lot sooner, like by the end of this shift.

Man: Bro, you came here for the same-day service? You know that's gonna cost you, right?

Atwater: I got $300 of Foot Locker gift cards for you. I can get another 100 by tomorrow.

Man: Come on, man. Nah. It's not a swap meet, okay? You ask me to fix a cop car, bro. $500 cash, or no deal.

Atwater: Make it happen, man.

Man: All right, man.

Atwater: All right.

Man: Yeah, you know I got you. All right, boys, we got another one.


Atwater: How much you got?

Burgess: What? I don't know, like... Like, $18.

Atwater: We need to hit an ATM 'cause Carl don't take checks.

Burgess: I don't have 250 bucks, not until we get paid Friday.

Atwater: Get on the horn and borrow it then.

Jin’s office

Jin: According to the flight manifest, your girl's name is Amber Morris. Came in on the red-eye from Cabo San Lucas this morning.

Dawson: Was she travelling with anyone?

Jin: Great question. Can I finish?

Dawson: Sorry.

Jin: Four tickets total were purchased on Amber's credit card. And here they are, her and her friends getting off the plane. You think all those girls are mules?

Intelligence office

Halstead: All right, so our girl in the E.R. is Amber Morris. Amber and her three friends here are all undergrads at Central Chicago University. This is who we're looking for.

Lindsay: We checked Amber's Facebook page. There's pictures of them living it up in Cabo, but not just from this trip. Amber's been down there twice in the last three months.

Dawson: First time, she did the run herself. This time, she recruited friends.

Voight: We gotta assume all these girls are mules and ingested the same type of balloons packed with coke.

Jin: You guys, I ran down those girls' addresses. All three live on campus.

Dawson: We gotta move.

Lindsay: Let's go.

Voight: You like working in this unit, you keep it in your pants.

Halstead: I didn't know it was out.

Voight: Erin's off-limits. End of discussion.


Voight: Hey.

Officer: Sergeant.

Sarah Hine’s bedroom

Halstead: Sarah Hines. Chicago PD.

Lindsay: Well, she made it home.

Megan Benson’s bedroom

Dawson: Megan. Megan Benson.

Alicia Davis’s bedroom

Voight: Alicia Davis?

Shelly: Help.

Voight: Who are you?

Shelly: I'm Shelly Bates. I'm an R.A.

Voight: Alicia do this to you?

Shelly: No, two guys. They took her. She was really sick. I tried to help.


Voight: We're looking for two white males. Could still be in the area. They got our girls.

Chicago Med

Lindsay: All right, Hank, just keep us posted on the van. So messed up... These girls out there with no idea.

Halstead: Yeah.

Lindsay: I'm gonna need a drink when this is done. What do you say?

Halstead: Oh, I don't think your dad would like that.

Lindsay: What are you talking about?

Halstead: What do you think I'm talking about?

Doctor: She's awake now. You can come and see her.

Amber’s bedroom

Amber: I can't believe I'm in here.

Lindsay: Believe it, Amber, and whoever you were smuggling for just kidnapped your friends. So if you don't give up who's behind this and we find your friends dead, you're gonna be facing narcotics-induced homicide all by your lonesome.

Amber: I can't.

Halstead: Are you listening? You're lucky we found you. Now, all you're gonna have is a scar on your stomach, but your friends, they'll likely O.D. and wind up in some alley.

Lindsay: And if that happens, I promise you, you will never forgive yourself. You need to help us save them, Amber.

Amber: I loved him.

Lindsay: Sweetheart, the guy that used you for this... He doesn't love you.

Amber: I did it once, and it was fine. Then he promised my friends 5 grand each to go. It was my boyfriend's idea, him and his brother.


Lindsay: We're putting out an investigative alert on a Sean and Brendan Collins. They're the dealers we're looking for.

Halstead: Sean's the boyfriend. Amber says him and his brother, they hang out at a tattoo shop called "Underground Ink." That's where they sling the product.

Voight: Good work.

Dawson: I'll get Olinsky and Ruzek to set up on this tattoo shop.


Olinsky: No, those are loaded with carbs and sugar, man.

Ruzek: But they're good carbs.

Olinsky: No, no, stakeout 101. You gotta go all-natural, all-protein. Too much carbs leave you tired and unfocused. You don't wanna be in a carbohydrate coma.

Ruzek: That's what these are for, Al. Hey, uh... So patrol already confirmed that the Collins brothers aren't at this tattoo parlour. Why do we got to babysit it?

Olinsky: That's what they pay us for.

Ruzek: Yeah. You're what?

Olinsky: You're 32?

Ruzek: Mm-hmm. Wait, wait, wait. What are those for?

Olinsky: You're on a stakeout for who knows how long drinking that fluorescent poison... You're not gonna be able to hold it.

Ruzek: You can't be serious. I'll find somewhere to take a leak.

Olinsky: You know, when I was a rookie, I was assigned to keep eyes on this B&E crew that nobody could touch.

Ruzek: Right.

Olinsky: The first time I got eyes on him, I lost him. You know why?

Ruzek: No.

Olinsky: 'Cause I had to take a piss. And I'm gone three, four minutes tops. And I say to myself, "next time I got eyes on him, I'm not gonna move. I'm not going anywhere. And that's where these came in. And I nailed the crew pulling a million-dollar score. All right?

Intelligence office

Platt: Hey. Hey. The girl who's in the hospital, Amber Morris, her mother's downstairs.

Dawson: All right, bring her up.

Platt: I'm assuming that's Spanish for "you're gonna go down there and get her yourself."

Intelligence kitchen

Mrs Morris: I'm telling you my daughter had nothing to do with this.

Dawson: Ma'am... They cut 30 condoms packed with cocaine out of your daughter's stomach. I'm pretty sure she had something to do with it.

Mrs Morris: Someone must have forced her. You need to go after them and not my daughter.

Dawson: The way it looks so far is Amber did this of her own free will.

Mrs Morris: That couldn't be. Amber was a good student. She just made the Dean's list.

Dawson: She did this for money, Mrs. Morris. I know this is hard for you to hear. Hard to believe. But kids go off to college. They get away from their parents. Sometimes they get mixed up in bad things.

Mrs Morris: What's gonna happen to her?

Dawson: She's been cooperative so far. We'll talk to the state's attorney, try to keep her out of jail… I have a daughter. She's 13. I worry about her with her friends, with boys. But you can't watch 'em every second. At least Amber's alive.


Ruzek: You know, there is no way these guys show up here with three kidnapped girls.

Olinsky: Criminals get desperate, cops get overtime. You in a hurry to punch out?

Ruzek: Well, I got this dinner tonight. My mom and my stepmom, they hate each other, so it's on me to make sure they both show up to the wedding and don't kill one another. Ask me if I'm excited… Hey, Al, no, that's Wendy. Come on, don't clear it. Don't clear it.

Olinsky: All right.

Ruzek: All right.

Olinsky: Right there. Focus on the task at hand.

Ruzek: All right.

Intelligence office

Voight: The Collins brothers are known thugs from Bridgeport. Both have records for armed robbery and aggravated battery.

Halstead: So they've graduated to drug smuggling using naive college girls.

Lindsay: Had uniforms check their IKAs. These guys are in the wind.

Dawson: DMV came back that Brendan Collins owns a black Ford van.

Jin: I'm assuming that these brothers are using throwaway phones now that they know Amber's been arrested.

Voight: All right, keep digging. Get me any known associates.

Lindsay: Hey, we need to talk.

Voight: Come on.

Voight’s office

Voight: Yeah?

Lindsay: The overprotective father thing was fine when I was a teenager, but I don't need you looking out for me anymore.

Voight: It's Halstead I'm looking out for. I've seen what happens to the guys you date.

Lindsay: What is that supposed to mean?

Voight: You've left a string of broken hearts behind you since you were 15. I need Halstead 100% effective, not throwing pebbles at your window at 3:00 in the morning.

Lindsay: You don't get to tell me who I can and can't hang out with on my personal time.

Voight: My unit, my rules. You wanna date a cop? There are plenty other districts out there.

Outside Jin’s office

Jin: Hey, just got a ping on Brendan Collins' van.

Lindsay: Where?

Jin: Everything all right?

Lindsay: Just send me the address.

Voight’s car

Voight: All right, Jin, work your magic.

Jin’s office

Jin: Stand by. Let me get comfy.

Lindsay’s car

Lindsay: We got eyes on the van yet?

Jin’s office

Jin: Said I'm getting comfy. Okay, got eyes on 'em. Comin' up 76th towards Western. Turning into an alley. Heading south towards 77th.

Lindsay’s car

Lindsay: We're on it.


Halstead: Got a visual on Brendan Collins.

Lindsay: Van's on the move, headed north on 76th.

Voight’s car

Voight: Jin, you got it, or what?

Jin’s office

Jin: Got him. He's goin' west on 75th.

Voight’s car

Dawson: There's the van.

Voight: All right, let's box it in.

On the road

Lindsay: Sir, are you ok?

Man: I'm fine.

Lindsay: An ambulance to 7320 Western.

Voice: Copy that. Ambo on the way.

Voight: He's toast. The girls!


Dawson: He had a 9 mil and a throwaway phone. No trace of the coke or the girls.

Lindsay: So every second that goes by, the less chance those girls survive.

Dawson: We're all aware of that, Erin.

Voight: Everybody stay cool. Get that phone over to Jin asap. Have him run the calls on it.

You're comin' with me.

Lindsay: Where are you going?

Voight: Higher up the family tree.


Ruzek: How do you lay here this long? I'm bored out of my mind.

Olinsky: You train your mind, your body will follow.

Ruzek: Yeah, well, I'm gonna go stretch my legs, all right? Hey, baby.

Olinsky: What'd I say?

Ruzek: Al, come on. I need to talk to her quick. Al. You gotta be kidding me.

Olinsky: Rookie mistake. I don't wanna have to say it again. You stay focused now.

Ruzek: What the hell's your problem?

Olinsky: Just get your ass to the edge of that roof.

Ruzek: You're buyin' me a new phone.


Burgess: Yeah, on the corner of... Of Laramie and Jackson. Yeah, it's the far west side. Yes, I know it's the ghetto, but you're not gonna get robbed, Caitlan. Are you kidding me? I'm a cop.

Voice: Beat 2113.

Burgess: Go... Go for 2113.

Voice: We have a store owner holding a female shoplifter at 3300 West Kinzie.

Atwater: That's ten blocks away.

Voice: Store owner says the woman is making threats and could be armed.

Burgess: 10-4. We're en route.


Man: I want her arrested.

Atwater: All right, how about I take that bat, sir? You said she was armed?

Owner: I don't know. Look at her. She's a crackhead. Figured she might have a weapon.

Burgess: What did she try to steal?

Owner: I caught her trying to put this under her coat.

Burgess: Ma'am. Did you try and steal the bread?

Woman: My husband sold our link card, and I don't have any money. I'm not a drug addict. I just wanted to make my boy a sandwich.

Owner: You gonna arrest her or what?

Burgess: How much is the bread?

Owner: $1.50.

Burgess: How about we let it slide? Have her work it off helping you... Clean up or something?

Owner: This junkie tried to rip me off. Do your job and lock her up, or I'm gonna call some real police.

Burgess: Oh. You want the real police? He wants the real police. He wants the real police. Okay, okay. Well, now you've got 'em. Let's follow this by the letter of the law, shall we?

Atwater: Let's do it.

Burgess: Atwater. Do all those licenses look up to date? Cigarettes, dairy, produce?

Atwater: Uh, step aside for a second, sir. Let me take this out.

Owner: Hey, I pay my taxes that pays your salary. She's the one who broke the law.

Burgess: Are those rat turds?

Atwater: Mm. It look like rat turds.

Burgess: They do look like rat turds. That's a definite violation. And look at that. Faulty wires. That's against code. See, I see about $20,000 in fines so far.

Owner: Just get her outta here.

Atwater: Come on, ma'am. You're all right.

Burgess: Here you go. There's an old saying, Mr. Taxpayer. You can't talk your way out of a ticket, but you sure as hell can talk your way into one.

Outside the 21

Lindsay: Hey.

Justin: Yo. Is deputy dog pissed you're sneaking out to meet me?

Lindsay: Who, Halstead?

Justin: Figured you had a little thing with him or something.

Lindsay: Yeah. It's called "work."

Justin: Whatever. Did you get it?

Lindsay: Why aren't you at the CTA training class?

Justin: Because I left my wallet in your car, and I don't have my I.D. I rescheduled it for next week.

Lindsay: Justin. Your dad pulled a lot of strings to get you this job, all right? The least you could do is show up.

Justin: Punch in a little while, make him happy? Come on, Erin. CTA is not a career. I got other things cookin', anyways.

Lindsay: Oh, really?

Justin: Mm-hmm.

Lindsay: Is that your ride?

Justin: Don't worry about it. He's cool. Just an old friend.

Lindsay: Mm.

Justin: All right. I'll text you later. Maybe we'll hang out after work, get some drinks or somethin'.

Lindsay: Or maybe I'll give you a ride home. You know you have curfew.

Justin: Mm-hmm.


Voight: Just watch my back. Gavin Collins.

Gavin: Hank. We're in the middle of a game.

Voight: Well, congratulations. You won.

Gavin: This morning, I had two nephews. You wanna explain that?

Voight: Your nephews use girls to swallow cocaine and bring it up from Mexico. Brendan took us on a high-speed chase. He dug his own grave.

Gavin: Sorry. I ain't got time to talk. After this, I gotta go see my sister grieve. So take your college junkie whores and shove 'em up your ass.

Voight: Gimme that! Keep him down… Your nephew Sean is out there right now with three kidnapped girls. Odds are they don't make it through the night if I don't find them. He's got a stash out somewhere. You got three seconds to give me the address, or I'm gonna blow your brains all over the floor… One… Two.


Dawson: Half the swag from midway must be in here.

Voight: Check the back.


Halstead: Megan Benson.


Voight: Girl was 19. Still in school. What a waste.

Halstead: Why do only one? Where's the other two?

Dawson: We're not dealing with a pro. Collins got squeamish and ran.

Doctor: Whoever cut into her cut into the condom balloons, destroyed most the cocaine.

Voight: Thanks, doc.

Dawson: There's no way Collins can afford to do that to the other two.

Voight: Look, I got some business to take care of. See if Jin's got anything yet, all right?

Intelligence office

Jin: I was able to obtain subscriber info for all calls from Brendan's cell phone that you found in his van. Only two numbers, first to Sean's prepaid cell which has since gone dead, but I was able to track it to a dumpster on Ashland. Second, six calls to this guy. Ryan Porter.

Halstead: Ryan Porter. Male, white, 26. Long sheet for possession.

Lindsay: Worked as a paramedic for three different ambulance companies, fired from all of them.

Dawson: I know that M.O. Ten-to-one Porter's a play doctor. Busted a few when I worked vice. EMTs who work for private ambulance companies. They barely make 10 bucks an hour. So the ones who wanna make extra cash sometimes provide under-the-table services like patching up gangbangers. Forward Porter's picture to Olinsky asap.

Jin: Huh.


Voight: It's a step up from your car.

Gradishar: State's attorney office is having their annual conference tonight in the banquet hall. I.A. has a table.

Voight: You know what the real police call the state's attorney? 203 set 'em free.

McPherson: You sayin' we're not the real police?

Voight: McPherson.

McPherson: How'd that warrant work out for you?

Gradishar: We heard you paid Gavin Collins a visit today, and you weren't that forthcoming with his Miranda rights.

Voight: We just talked, that's all.

Gradishar: According to vice, Gavin Collins brings in trucks full of untaxed cigarettes. You gonna bring him down?

Voight: That's not on today's agenda.

Gradishar: What is your agenda, Voight? You're supposed to be taking down major players for us, and you can't even bust Maurice Owens?

McPherson: Listen, Sergeant, the only reason you got your badge back is because of your arrangement with I.A. and the state's attorney's office.

Gradishar: You're going backwards. At this rate, unless you get us some heavy case on paper, you're done.

Voight: I just found a disembowelled girl. I got two more out there that could end up the same. So if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to work.

Gradishar: If you don't honour our deal, you are going back to prison.


Burgess: Ha, ha.

Atwater: Yeah. Yeah. Ha, ha! Hey. I gotta say it. You da man, dog.

Man: Yeah, I know that, man. Come on. Hey, you got my money?

Atwater: Yeah.

Burgess: Whoo.

Atwater: Here's half of it. She's good for the other half, man. I'll bring her back on payday.

Man: Are you that bought the bread for Sandra over at the A-1?

Burgess: How'd you know that?

Man: It's my homey's sister, man. You know, she lost her job last year. Husband's a deadbeat. Just tryin' to do right by the kids, you know? All right, I'll hit you with a discount, yo. I'll just take the 250, all right?

Atwater: No doubt.


Ruzek: All right. Well, I think they're closed. Maybe it's time to move on to something else.

Olinsky: Just lay down and shut up… Got an alert from Jin.

Ruzek: That's great. I'll just check my phone. Oh, ho. That's right... It took a nosedive off the roof.

Olinsky: Get down. Get down.

Ruzek: He's got a medical bag.

Olinsky: Yep. That's our play doctor. And there's Sean Collins.

Ruzek: Say "cheese," you son of a bitch. That's gotta be our girls, huh?

Olinsky: Only one way to find out. Told you. Patience.

Ruzek: I know.

Olinsky: I'll call it in.

Ruzek: You got it.

Olinsky: Olinsky. We got eyes on the bad guys. They have the two girls. I repeat, looks like the two girls are with them.


Voice: Underground Ink tattoo shop, code seven.


Ruzek: We goin' in, or what?

Olinsky: Team's on its way. Ruzek, wait for backup. You have to wait for backup! Damn it!

Underground Ink

Ruzek: Chicago PD! Get your hands up! Drop that knife. Get away from her.

Olinsky: Put your hands up. Don't move!

Ruzek: Back away from her.

Olinsky: Don't move! Don't look at me!

Ruzek: Hands on the wall! Hey!

Olinsky: Collins, get down. Get down… Who else is in here, huh?


Olinsky: We need emergency assistance. Now!

Ruzek: All right, we got a lot of blood here, man. You're okay.

Olinsky: Here, here.

Ruzek: Let me see. Hang in there. I know, I know. Help is coming. An ambulance is on the way.


Burgess: Atwater!

Atwater: Stay down!

Burgess: Get over here.

Atwater: Stay down! You all right?

Underground Ink

Ruzek: She's bleeding pretty badly.

Man: I got her.

Woman: I got her, officer. You're gonna be all right, sweetheart, okay? Stay with me. All right?


Olinsky: Move!

Lindsay: Hey! You think you're ever gonna forget what you did to those girls? I guarantee you that will not happen, Collins!

Halstead: Erin, Erin, come on.

Voight: Don't worry. I'll make sure this guy gets buried.

Olinsky: You hear that? Are you listening?


Voight: Hey. That's the kind of effort that'll get you into my unit.

Atwater: Thank you, sir.

Voight: I'll see you back at the district.

Atwater: Upstairs. That's what I'm talkin' about, girl.


Olinsky: Hey. You know how stupid that was?

Ruzek: What are you talkin' about? If we didn't go in there, they would've killed that girl.


Atwater: You owe me half of that 250, by the way.

Burgess: You have got to be kidding me.

Atwater: I ain't playin'.

Man: My bad.

21 parking

Burgess: Good news is no one was injured, Sergeant.

Platt: Not yet.


Voight: Erin… I got a call from Justin's supervisor at the CTA. He said he never showed up.

Lindsay: Yeah, he stopped by the district. I accidentally took his wallet from the gym. It's my bad.

Voight: The cell I gave him, I've been monitoring it. He was in Statesville with Justin. Joe Catalano. He ever mention him?

Lindsay: No, I'll ask him.

Voight: I told you to keep an eye on him.

Lindsay: Listen, if Justin finds out that you're spying on him, he's just gonna push you away farther. I'll take care of this. You go home.

Lindsay’s apartment

Halstead: Should I sneak out the fire escape?

Lindsay: I gotta go take care of something real quick. Thank you for being here. Today was a rough one.

Halstead: You've been there for me before… I might wait like five minutes before I leave.

Lindsay: Sure.

Halstead: Yeah, all right.

Olinsky’s garage

Olinsky: What do you want?

Ruzek: Can I come in? So my mom is refusing to come to the wedding, of course, but she at least came cake shopping with us. We went with chocolate hazelnut. Wendy really wanted you to have a piece… All right. Well, I'll see you tomorrow, I guess… Al, you were right. I shouldn't have rushed in there without you, and I'm... You know, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Olinsky: You know, I took a chance on you, man. Every... There... There are moments when I think you could be a great cop. And other moments, working with you is like spinning a cylinder in Russian roulette. You could be right, but you can be dead right. You know what I want you to do? Go work Michigan Avenue or some other cushy assignment. Get married, check out before you kill the both of us.


Gradishar: Detective Dawson. Hi. Erica Gradishar. Internal Affairs.

Dawson: I know who you are.

Gradishar: I just wanted to formally introduce myself and let you know you have a confidential place to come to if you ever need to get something off your chest.

Dawson: What makes you think I need to talk?

Gradishar: Because you're a good cop, and I hate to see a good cop tainted by a bad one.


Lindsay: Whatever he's having.

Catalano: The last time I drank with a cop, I wound up in county.

Lindsay: Hmm. I know how this works. You looked out for Justin inside, and now you think he owes you. Justin doesn't owe you anything.

Catalano: You can't arrest a guy for hanging out with his friends.

Lindsay: But I can arrest you for the 1/2 kilo I'm gonna find in your trunk.

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