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Chicago Police Department
#219 : Les Vieux démons d'Olinsky

La police de Chicago est à la recherche d’un fugitif après la mort plusieurs adolescentes dans une usine à Chinatown. Lorsque le père de l'une des filles mortes explique qu'il payés Dennis Lee pour amener sa fille en Amérique, ça fait tilt dans la tête d’Olinsky. Lee est l'un des fugitifs les plus recherchés de la police de Chicago et il s’est échappé une fois avant sous la surveillance d’Olinsky. L’équipe des renseignements n’est pas près de laisser Lee Duper s’en sortir et les anciens fichiers d’Olinsky sont très utiles pour trouver les allées et venues de Lee. Pendant ce temps, Sean Roman a une altercation avec un collègue. Dans le même temps Platt aide Nadia à préparer son deuxième test après avoir réussi le premier.


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Titre VO
The Three G's

Titre VF
Les Vieux démons d'Olinsky

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Mouse (VF)

Mouse (VF)


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Hank Voight, joué par Jason Beghe

Hank Voight, joué par Jason Beghe

Erin et Alvin entrent dans un entrepôt sous l’œil vigilant d'un officier de patrouille

Erin et Alvin entrent dans un entrepôt sous l’œil vigilant d'un officier de patrouille

Hank menace un suspect

Hank menace un suspect

Erin et Alvin découvrent quelque chose de peu plaisant

Erin et Alvin découvrent quelque chose de peu plaisant

Adam, joué par Patrick J. Flueger

Adam, joué par Patrick J. Flueger

Al (Elias Koteas) et Hank (Jason Beghe) sont dans la cage !

Al (Elias Koteas) et Hank (Jason Beghe) sont dans la cage !

Erin, jouée par Sophia Bush

Erin, jouée par Sophia Bush

Antonio Dawson, joué par Jon Seda

Antonio Dawson, joué par Jon Seda

Hank et Al rassurent une victime

Hank et Al rassurent une victime

Kevin Atwater, joué par LaRoyce Hawkins

Kevin Atwater, joué par LaRoyce Hawkins


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Scénario : Craig Gore, Tim Walsh
Réalisation : Sanford Bookstaver

Guest Starring : Kelvin Han Yee (Dennis Lee), Stella Maeve (Nadia), Caleb Hunt (Craig "Mouse" Gurwitch), Kevin J. O'Connor (Commander Fisher), Li Jun Li (Anna Tse), Brian Tee (Jesse Kong), Allen Theosky Rowe (Eddie Cao), Ricky Wayne (Officer DeLuca), Alina Taber (Lexi Olinsky), Melissa Carlson (Meredith Olinsky), Robert Michael Vieau (Dan Jenkins), Andrew T. Lee (Donald Chen), Danny Martinez (Patrolman Garcia), Andrew White (Mr. Mercedes), Melissa Canciller (Shelly Yuang)


Lindsay: So, Lexi, you have a college picked out yet?

Lexi: Actually, I was thinking about riding around with my boyfriend's band for a while. They're doing this tour from Chicago to Portland.

Lindsay: What does he play?

Olinsky: Whoa. This is the first I'm hearing about this.

Lexi: No, it's not. I told you about it, like, two weeks ago, remember?

Olinsky: Erin, how old were you when you first decided to be the police?

Lindsay: It was right after Hank took me in. I was 15.

Lexi: You go to college to be a cop?

Lindsay: No, I barely made it through high school. Look, I spent four years on the West side in a patrol car. That was my education.

Lexi: So life experience is just as important as school.

Lindsay: No. No, I mean, if I had to do it again, I would definitely get a degree, but, I...

Lexi: Look, I got to get to class. But it was good seeing you, Erin.

Lindsay: Yeah, you too, kid.

Lexi: Bye, Dad.

Olinsky: See you, baby.

Lexi: See you.

Olinsky: All right. I'll see you later.

Lexi: Bye. Bye.

Lindsay: Alvin, I hate to break it to you, but I don't think Lexi's interested in being a cop.

Olinsky: She wants to be a roadie with her boyfriend's band.

Lindsay: Yeah, she's a kid.

Olinsky: I got to go check this guy out.

Lindsay: No. Alvin, no.

Olinsky: Oh.

Lindsay: Don't. Don't do it.

Radio: Be advised, any TAC units in the vicinity of Cermak and Archer, a patrol officer is requesting the closest unit with breaching tools to respond.

Lindsay: It's two blocks away.

Olinsky: All right, what the hell. Let's do our good deed for the day.


Lindsay: You the one that called for a breach?

Garcia: Yeah. ComEd guy was replacing a meter around back. He called in a foul odour.

Lindsay: All right.

Garcia opens the building.

Olinsky: Ooh. Ooh.

Lindsay: Ugh. Eh, ugh.

Garcia: Yeah, that stinks to high heaven.

They finds four dead girls in the buildind.

Garcia: My God.

Lindsay: Lincoln, 5021. I have multiple DOAs on scene. Send the coroner to 2122 West Cermak.

Radio: Copy that.

Lindsay: Al. Al, we got to check the rest of the building.

Olinsky finds warm food. He gets out from the building and follows a man.

Olinsky: Hey. Excuse me. Chicago Police.


Woman: Help me. Please.

Olinsky: It's okay. It's all right, it's all right. Just breathe.

The ambo arrives.

Olinsky: Ma'am, you're gonna be okay.

Burgess: Al!

Olinsky: You're gonna be okay.

Burgess: Al, are you okay?

Olinsky: I'm fine, I'm fine. They find the car yet?

Roman: No, they issued a city-wide manhunt.

Burgess: All right, I'm gonna get some tape. We can block off the street.

Woman: Help me! My little girl! She's been shot!


Woman: Oh, God. We were shopping, and she was hit.

Roman: A stray bullet from the shooter. She lost a lot of blood. Her pulse is down to below 20.

Burgess: This is unit 2113. We're at the 2100 block of Cermak. Please roll another ambulance to the scene.

Radio: Unit 2113, the closest available ambo is ten minutes out.

Roman: I'm taking her in the squad.

Deluca: Wait, wait, wait. You can't transport an injured victim in a patrol car.

Woman: Please! Please.

Deluca: Hey, you take that kid, and we could all be looking at a lawsuit.

Roman: Outta my way, Deluca.

Deluca: Put that kid down.

Officer: If that girl dies, we could all lose our badges.

Roman: Let's go. Follow me.

Deluca: I said no.

Roman hits Deluca.

Roman: You want to help him up, or end up down there with him?

Crime scene

Forensic: An autopsy isn't gonna solve any big mysteries here. These girls died from a combination of starvation and dehydration.

Dawson: Check this out... Bruises to her face.

Lindsay: They fought each other over the water.


Olinsky: Figure the shooter was here to bring the girls food.

Voight: Hmm.

Olinsky: But he got here too late. The ME says the girls have been dead for at least two days.

Voight: Anything on the shooter's vehicle?

Olinsky: No, I only got a partial plate. Waiting to hear back. The landlord says he's been getting paid, cashier's check, by a guy, a year in advance.

Voight: Well, the shooter ain't our guy, I can tell you that much. No businessman is gonna leave his investment for dead.


Mr. Chen: Please!

Garcia: Whoa. Hey.

Mr. Chen: My daughter...

Garcia: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, hey.

Mr. Chen: You don't understand.

Garcia: Get back there. Hey. Get back there.

Mr. Chen: Please.

Garcia: Get back behind the line, pal.

Mr. Chen: Please.

Garcia: Look at me. Get back behind the line. This is police stuff. You got to get back, all right?

Voight: Hey, what's the problem?

Garcia: He says his daughter might be inside.

Mr. Chen: I need to make sure. Please.

Garcia: Sir, this is a crime scene.

Olinsky: No, it's okay. We got it. We got it.

Voight: Come on in.

Mr. Chen: My daughter. That's her. It's Jun.

Voight: Mr. Chen, we're so sorry for your loss. Please, we're trying to help you. Just tell us who you paid to bring Jun over here.

Olinsky: And you're not gonna get into any trouble.

Voight: No.

Olinsky: You know? We just want to know what happened.

Voight: Yeah.

Mr. Chen: I paid them 30,000 to bring Jun over. I got a call last week that she was in the city. They wouldn't tell me where, and they demanded another 30,000. And I didn't have it.

Voight: Please, just give us a name.

Mr. Chen: Dennis Lee.

Voight: The Dennis Lee, who used to run Chinatown?

Intelligence kitchen

Lindsay: Hey.

Mouse: Hey. You know, I heard that... That Chinatown was a war zone this morning. Listen, I've been involved in more than a few skirmishes myself, and with the bullets flying, there's... There's got to be a million things going through your head.

Lindsay: Yeah. Wasn't pretty.

Mouse: Yeah.

Lindsay: Hey. Can I have you look into somebody for me? Consider it extra credit?

Mouse: Yeah, Sure. Who's the... who's the target?

Lindsay: Olinsky's daughter's boyfriend.

Mouse: All right.

Lindsay: I'll send you the details.

Intelligence office

Voight: Dennis Lee. He's been on CPD's most-wanted fugitive list for over six years. He's wanted on more than 50 combined warrants, including firearms and human trafficking.

Dawson: I ran across Lee back in Vice. He made his fortune supplying the South side with the three G's: girls, guns, and gambling machines. All three he brought over from China in shipping containers.

Lindsay: So he thinks six years is long enough for the heat to die down, and now he's back in business.

Halstead: I got a hit on the burgundy Toyota Supra. It's registered to this guy, Eddie Cao, Dennis Lee's nephew.

Olinsky: That's him. That's the shooter.

Halstead: Well, when he's not running errands for his uncle, he's a known counterfeiter, does everything from knock-off DVDs to Gucci bags. Runs a sweatshop down on Wentworth.

Voight: Gear up.

Eddie Cao’s factory

Voight: All right, Halstead, Ruzek, Atwater, you cover the exits. Everybody stay sharp. This guy won't think twice about lighting up cops… You ready? Hit it.

Eddie’s office.

Voight: Police! Wake up! Eddie Cao.

Olinsky: Let me show you what happens when you shoot at the police.

Eddie Cao: What? Oh!


Voight: So... Where's your uncle?

Eddie Cao: I don't know.

Olinsky: Where is he? Where's Dennis Lee? Where's Dennis Lee?

Voight: You got about two seconds before he turns your hand into a glove.

Eddie Cao: Okay! He gave me ten Gs to make the fake passports and watch those girls!

Olinsky: And you left them in there... Like dogs on chains to die. Huh? While you got high. While you got high.

Eddie Cao: I don't know where he crashes! But my uncle's moving a major load today.

Voight: Ah! Hey, look at me. He's bringing in more girls?

Eddie Cao: No, man. Not girls. Guns.

Voight: All right… Al…. Al.

Eddie Cao: Oh!

Voight: Get those.

Dawson: Got it.

Platt’s office

Platt: So, we got a real "good news, bad news" situation here.

Roman: Give us the bad news first.

Platt: The good news is the gunshot victim you brought over to Chicago Med? She's gonna live. They're gonna keep her over for observation, but they're hopeful she'll make a full recovery.

Burgess: So we made the right call.

Platt: Which brings us to the bad news. Officer Deluca? He's at Chicago Med too, getting an MRI.

Roman: Are you kidding me? I just shoved the guy.

Platt: More bad news. He filed a formal complaint.

Burgess: What?

Platt: You're gonna have to debrief Commander Fischer. And I would come up with something better than "I shoved him."

Roman: An MRI? You believe that guy?

Burgess: Sean, we did what we had to do. Fischer will understand that.

Roman: I don't know. The more stripes they have on their sleeve, the less they seem to understand.

Intelligence office

Dawson: Yeah. That was Interpol. They said Lee practically started a war in Shanghai. He stole money from his business partners and burned every contact that was protecting him.

Halstead: Eddie Cao said his uncle's unloading 4,000 SKS assault rifles at $500 apiece. That's 2 mil. No wonder Lee's back. That's a huge payday.

Dawson: Lee comes back to Chicago, bringing with him shipping containers full of girls and guns, sells them all at once, then hauls ass out of town.

Lindsay: Mouse and I were able to ID another of the girls from the warehouse luggage. Her name is Mai Ling. She was 14… We're trying to track down family for the rest of the girls, and I've reached out to ICE to help with IDs.

Voight: All right, you know the parents are probably scared to talk. Just stay on them.

Olinsky: Now, his nephew said Lee's gonna sell these rifles in two hours at the container yards. That's the only way we're gonna get him so what are we waiting for?

Voight: All right, go with Al. Set up surveillance.

Container yards

Ruzek: How many years Al got on the job?

Dawson: 25-26.

Ruzek: He could've retired by now, moved to Florida.

Dawson: Olinsky had full pension five years ago. I don't think getting fat and tan in Orlando is his thing.

Olinsky’s car

Olinsky: Any movement?

Container yards

Ruzek: Negative, Al. Nothing yet.

Olinsky’s car

Halstead: After his nephew put on that little fireworks display this morning, maybe Lee decided to ditch the meet.

Olinsky: No, this guy doesn't walk away from money… You guys got eyes on this?

Container yards

Ruzek: Yeah. Six Asian males. Looks like our buyers. I'm gonna run the plates, see if I can, uh, get an ID.

Dawson: Don't bother. I know that guy. It's Jesse Kong, leader of the 14K Triads.

Olinsky’s car

Olinsky: Let's take 'em.

Container yards

Dawson: Chicago Police!

Ruzek: Put your hands in the sky! Put 'em up! Walk back to the red car! Keep it going!

Olinsky: Hands up! Get your hands up! Move over to the car!

Halstead: Hands up! Hands up! Get over to the car. Drop the bag. Get on the ground. Knees on the ground. Hands above your head. Up on the red car.

Atwater: Put your hands on the trunk.

Olinsky: Where's Lee? Hey, hey. Where's Lee?

Man: I don't know. I... I don't know! Some... Some... Some Chinese dude, paid me a grand to show up here with a key.

Olinsky: Give me the keys. Give me the keys! Which one is it?

Man: I... It's the red one over there.

Atwater: Over by the red car, put your hands on the trunk.

Interview room

Olinsky: So Lee gave you that container number?

Jesse Kong: Called me. Said to meet him there. Had heat on him 'cause of that junkie nephew of his. Wanted to unload some guns quick-like.

Dawson: We only counted 50K here, Jesse. You think Lee was really gonna sell you 4,000 SKSs at that kind of discount?

Jesse Kong: All I know is Lee set you up, and set me up. Guess we both got played… I'll take my phone call now.

Intelligence office

Dawson: Lee never meant to sell to the Triads. After his nephew made headlines this morning, he picked up the real container earlier. The one we got was just a decoy to keep us busy while he's out selling to the real buyers.

Olinsky: We find them, we find Lee.

Voight: All right, what about Kong?

Dawson: He's asking for his phone call.

Mouse: Sergeant, we're all set. I wired-up Jesse Kong's vehicle. I got two pin-hole cameras, a mic, and GPS.

Voight: All right, beautiful. We're gonna kick Jesse Kong and the rest of his crew.

Olinsky: Whoa, whoa, wait a second, wait a second. We've got the Triads on conspiracy to purchase weapons. Come on.

Voight: Al, they just got burned by Dennis Lee. We're about to use that to our advantage.

Interview room

Voight: Wanna make a call? How about I make you a one-time-only deal? That is, if you're interested in finding Dennis Lee.

Jesse Kong: I'm interested.

Voight: You find him before we do, I want to know. I'll drop all charges.

Jesse Kong: I get a badge too?

Voight: What you get is 12 hours. If you screw me, I'll make sure the Gang Unit puts you to bed for the next year.

Intelligence office

Atwater: I guess my question is, what street crew has the bankroll to buy $2 million-worth of hardware?

Dawson: Let's start running gang files. I can reach out to a few CIs.

Ruzek: Al. There's some people downstairs who want to talk to you.

Olinsky: No, take a message.

Ruzek: Nah, I think you want to go down, man.

21 entrance

Mr. Chen: Detective Olinsky.

Olinsky: Yes?

Mr. Chen: They wanted to come forward. Their girls, they were with Jun.

Olinsky: I'm sorry... For your loss.

Mr. Chen: I know you're doing everything you can. And we wanted to make sure you had these… They belonged to our daughters. They are tokens of luck. To help you find the man who took them from us.

Mouse’s office

Lindsay: Hey. Are you working something?

Mouse: Um, no. No, I... I like to watch the lights come and go. Find it kind of relaxing.

Lindsay: Interesting. Did you run the kid?

Mouse: Yeah. Uh, it's, uh, Jason Monahan. Now, he has no arrest record. His mom is a physical therapist, Dad teaches music composition at the Art Institute. Jason posted some of his music on... On Vine. He can beat the hell out of a bass.

Lindsay: What kind of music?

Mouse: Neo-Punk. Yeah, not as good as the Bad Brains or anything. More like old Ramones.

Lindsay: Hmm.

Mouse: I could track him if you want, tag his tour van, install a camera.

Lindsay: It's all right. I got it from here. Thank you.

Mouse: Yeah.

Olinsky’s house

Meredith: Hey. Sorry to bother you this late.

Voight: Where is he?

Meredith: Out back, tearing apart the garage. I didn't know who else to call.

Voight: It's all right. I'll talk to him.

Meredith: Hey, um, things between me and Al have been really good lately. But that look I saw in his eye tonight? I've seen that look too many times before, and every time I did, I lost him for months.

Voight: All right.


Voight: Kind of late to be cleaning out the garage.

Olinsky: I only got one glass.

Voight: Al, what are you doing?

Olinsky: These are my files from Organized Crime. When the unit was disbanded, I don't know, I just couldn't let anything go. But Meredith just moved everything around, so I...

Voight: What's so important you gotta find at 2:00 in the morning?

Olinsky: When we were closing in on Lee, I spent a lot of time in the wire room. Listening to his calls, there was one name that just kept popping up. Prostitute. She was Lee's mistress. He was crazy about her. So now, if she's still in Chinatown, I know... I know he'd go and see her. And I know I wrote it down! I know I wrote it down! You know, those girls' parents... What am I supposed to tell them if I let this guy slip away again?

Voight: Hey, I want to nail him as bad as you. Look, I mean, come on, I don't got to tell you. Sometimes they get away.

Olinsky: Six years ago, I lied on the warrants... To search Lee's shipping containers. And he was good, and we had no real hard intel on him, the guy... Nobody would talk in Chinatown. So, what do you do? You follow your gut, right? Busted one open, had guns in it. Another one had poker machines in it. Then brass finds out about my... Thin paperwork, and they get nervous. They shut me down. Two days later, the guy's in the wind… So... If I didn't screw up, and I'd arrested him then, those girls that we found today... They wouldn't be dead right now… They wouldn't be.

Fisher’s office

Fisher: Officer Roman, Patrolman Deluca filed a formal complaint against you for aggravated battery. I already heard his side of the story. So why don't you tell me what happened out there?

Roman: We were attempting to transport a tender age child to the hospital for medical treatment, and I had to remove Deluca from our path.

Fisher: You were a witness to this infraction, yet you failed to report.

Burgess: Yeah, because there's nothing to report, Commander. I mean, we did the right thing...

Platt: Burgess.

Roman: My partner isn't to blame, Commander. It was my decision to move the victim.

Fisher: As much as I admire that, Patrolman, you can't hit another cop under any circumstances… Until further notice, you're suspended.

Roman: I'll be calling my FOP Rep.

Fisher: That would be wise.

Mouse’s office

Olinsky: I got a name and number I need you to run.

Mouse: Oh, morning, Detective.

Olinsky: Hey.

Mouse: Yeah, Anna Tse. Um, Sergeant Voight notified me, I'm already on it. Now, her number has been out of service for years, and there's about a dozen Anna Tses in the Chicago area, but based on the fact she was a prostitute, I went ahead and checked to see if any of them had been... Have been arrested for solicitation, and, well, this has got to be her. And, check this out. See, I figured that she'd be... She'd be managing a massage parlour now, right? No, no, she went and got her... Her finance degree. Yeah, she... She's a loan manager over at, uh, Midwestern Trust.

Olinsky: Hmm. Immigrant working girl makes good. It's the American Dream. Give me her address.

Anna Tse’s apartment

Dawson: Anna Tse! Open up!

Olinsky: Do it.

Dawson: Were you talking to Lee?

Anna Tse: Do you have a warrant for this?

Olinsky: Shut up.

Dawson: Turn around. Anna Tse, you're under arrest for aiding and abetting a fugitive.

Interview room

Olinsky: Come a long way since your days in the massage parlour, Anna.

Anna Tse: How nice of you to remind me.

Olinsky: Yeah, well, what I don't get... Is why. Why let him back into your life? That's what I don't get.

Anna Tse: You could never understand.

Olinsky: Yeah? Well, right now, I'm looking to put six homicides on you, so... So you try me. Hey.

Anna Tse: The province where I'm from, complete and total poverty. I was 17 when Dennis brought me over, and if he hadn't... He helped me find a better life.

Olinsky: What about the victims? Where's their better life?

Anna Tse: Oh, I came here just the same. Small container with a hole punched on top for light. Some of us die. Some of us win.

Olinsky: You tell me where he is.

Atwater: Several calls were made late last night from your office phone at Midwestern Trust to a studio owned by Reggie "Sticks" Daniels, the head of the Vicelords.

Olinsky: Is that who's buying the guns?

Anna Tse: Dennis doesn't tell me his business.

Atwater: Oh, the Vicelords are looking to make power moves on the west side. They need that hardware.

Olinsky: All right, grab the others. Let's get vested up… Hey. We're gonna find Lee, and he's gonna go away a long time for what he let happen to those girls.

Anna Tse: You couldn't catch him before. What makes you think you can catch him now?

Platt’s office

Nadia: I did it, CPD Written exam.

Platt: 95? Not bad.

Nadia: What... What do you mean? It's basically 100.

Platt: That's like saying the Hawks basically beat the Kings last night, even though they lost by a goal.

Nadia: Yeah, well, next step, psych exam. New policy, every candidate has to take a polygraph. They grill you about your past, I don't know, all the stuff I've done. We'll see. Bye-bye.


Burgess: Hello. You've got to drop those charges against Sean.

Deluca: Not only did that prick cheap-shot me, he chipped my tooth. Look. I'm gonna have to have cosmetic work done. That's not covered under CPD insurance. You tell Roman to cough up $3,000, and I'll consider dropping the charges. Until then, my meatball sub's getting cold.

Second City

Atwater: Believe it or not, some good artists come out of here. Not that anybody cares.

Ruzek: Take a break, darling. Now.

Secretary: Um, excuse me... Wait!

Ruzek: Everybody, hands in the air, now!

Man: Whoa. Hey, hey, hey.

Dawson: Chicago police! Hands away from the hardware!

Atwater: Everybody on the ground! Everybody on the ground!

Ruzek: Put 'em up! Which one of you is Reggie? Huh?


Reggie: I make music, man. I ain't got no interest in guns. Some crates get dumped at my studio, first thing I'm thinking is, must be the new sound mixers I ordered.

Olinsky: Ah, some mistake.

Reggie: Postal Service, man. They always messing up.

Voight: See, I don't think you're so stupid that you don't realize today is your lucky day. We don't want you. Hey. We want Dennis Lee, 'cause while he was selling you guns, he let six teenage girls rot to death.

Reggie: Look, man, I'm telling you. Only Chinese dude I know is the one that sell me fried rice down at the Golden Duck.

Mouse: Sergeant.

Voight: What?

Mouse: I got something you want to see.

Mouse’s office

Mouse: Check it out, that Triad vehicle you had me wire-up?

Voight: Yeah.

Jesse Kong: We got a hit on Lee. He's crashing at the Royal Hotel on Michigan. Spread the word.

Olinsky: When was this?

Mouse: Two minutes ago. I got the tracker up on Kong's car. They're heading to the hotel right now.



Voight: Get the long guns!

At the Royal Hotel

Jesse Kong: You lied to me!

Dawson: CPD, get down! Get down! Get back! Get down!

Jesse Kong: You attempted to throw me over!

Dawson: Drop your weapons!

Man: Get out of here!

Dawson: Drop your weapons!

Voight: Put it down!

Man: Okay, okay!

Voight: Jesse!

Ruzek: Al, go, I got you! Go!

Voight: Jesse! Get down! Put your gun down. Get on your knees.

Olinsky: Drop it! Drop it! Drop it.

Voight: Put your gun down. You forget about our deal, Jesse?

Jesse Kong: I was gonna bring you his head.

Ruzek: Dennis Lee, you're under arrest.

Dennis Lee: Don't!

Olinsky: Come here.


Olinsky: Don't you look at me, man. Get on the ground.

Dennis Lee: Detective Olinsky.

Olinsky: Huh.

Dennis Lee: Organized Crime. I never forget a face.

Olinsky: You should've never come back here. Should've never come back here. This ends for you right now.

Voight: Whoa, whoa, whoa… Al… Al… Al… Get him out of here, now.

Ruzek: On your feet. Let's go.

Voight: Yeah, we're good.

Olinsky: Yeah.

Interview room

Voight: Yeah, you wanted to see us?

Dennis Lee: Where's Anna?

Dawson: Your true love? She's in custody. She's being shipped down to 26th and Cal as we speak.

Voight: Well, I guess that's cleared up.

Dennis Lee: Let her go. I sign whatever confession you want.

Voight: Let me tell you something. I'm not making any trades. You let six girls die just 'cause you got greedy.

Dennis Lee: What happened to those young women, I am not proud. They know the risks.

Voight: I think Anna knew the risk when she got in bed with you. And what's more, she's gonna do time, no matter what you sign. And guess what? When she gets out, she's gonna end up just where she started, hustling johns for rent money. And you? You're gonna die in a cell the size of this room… I guess that's it then.

Intelligence office

Lindsay: Crossing somebody off the most-wanted list after six years, that's gotta feel good.

Olinsky: Yeah.

Lindsay: So Mouse and I looked into Lexi's boyfriend. He's spotless. She's lucky to have you looking out for her.

Olinsky: Thanks.

Lindsay: Al, don't go crawling under a rock after this, okay? You got to focus on all the ones you saved getting Lee off the street.

Platt’s office

Platt: She passed?

Dan Jenkins: Couldn't make heads or tails of this one.

Platt: You gonna have to re-test her?

Dan Jenkins: Do you know how many new applicants I got to do this week? Seems like a nice girl. Sure she'll make fine police. Or not. That's not my department.


Nadia: Okay, that frickin' hurt.

Platt: What are you complaining about? You passed.

Nadia: I did?

Platt: I told you it would work. If you can't beat the machine, you wear it down.

Nadia: Thank you.

Platt: Okay, on to phase three, the physical exam. I'm gonna pull out some of my old workout plans. You wouldn't believe what I used to be able to squat.

Nadia: Oh, sounds good.

Voight’s office

Deluca: You wanted to see me, Sergeant Voight?

Voight: Yeah, come on in. Close the door. Have a seat… The dentist from my social club does excellent work. Bill's taken care of.

Deluca: All due respect, sir, I already worked all this out with Officer Roman.

Voight: You think you're gonna shake down a cop in my district?

Deluca: Well, it's not a shakedown.

Voight: Take the card. See the guy. Or don't… But then you're gonna need a hell of a lot more than a dentist… You can leave it open.

Olinsky’s house

Meredith: How was work?

Olinsky: Oh, same, you know.

Lexi: I have a trig exam tomorrow. Can I go study?

Meredith: Yeah.

Someone knocks on the door.

Olinsky: I'll get it… Hey, come on in… Meredith, this is Jason, bass player extraordinaire and a very careful driver.

Jason: Hey, Lexi.

Lexi: Hey.

Jason: Hi, Mrs. Olinsky.

Meredith: Hi, Jason, nice to meet you. I'll, um, get you a plate.

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