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Chicago Police Department
#220 : De New York à Chicago 1/3

Benson (de la série New-York Unité Spéciale) arrive à Chicago pour aider Voight et l'unité des renseignements sur une affaire avec une succession de viols et meurtres particulièrement brutaux. Le mode opératoire ressemble à des meurtres qui ont eu lieu à New-York une dizaine d'années auparavant. Elle demande à Fin et Amaro de se joindre à elle. Le principal suspect, Yates lâche des informations après un interrogatoire rigoureux. Il demande ensuite à parler avec Lindsay et il la met en garde contre les conséquences involontaires de ce que l'unité est en train de faire. 

2ème partie d'un cross-over en trois épisodes


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Titre VO
The Number of Rats

Titre VF
De New York à Chicago 1/3

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France


Triple crossover 3/3

Triple crossover 3/3


Crossover CF, CPD et SVU

Crossover CF, CPD et SVU


Extrait #1

Extrait #1


Extrait #2

Extrait #2


Mouse (VF)

Mouse (VF)


Photos promo

Les Renseignements font équipe avec les policiers de New-York

Les Renseignements font équipe avec les policiers de New-York

Wallace passe un coupe de fil

Wallace passe un coupe de fil

Les inspecteurs de New-York sont là pour aider

Les inspecteurs de New-York sont là pour aider

Adam, joué par Patrick J. Flueger

Adam, joué par Patrick J. Flueger

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) discute avec un témoin en compagnie de Nick Amaro (Danny Pino)

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) discute avec un témoin en compagnie de Nick Amaro (Danny Pino)

Le Chef de la caserne 51, Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Le Chef de la caserne 51, Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker)

Erin, jouée par Sophia Bush

Erin, jouée par Sophia Bush

L'équipe des Renseignements sont dans leur bureau à Chicago

L'équipe des Renseignements sont dans leur bureau à Chicago

Kevin est avec Nick Amaro et Fin Tutuola

Kevin est avec Nick Amaro et Fin Tutuola

Kevin, joué par LaRoyce Hawkins

Kevin, joué par LaRoyce Hawkins

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush)

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush)

Nick tente de faire parler le tueur en série

Nick tente de faire parler le tueur en série

Erin est à son bureau

Erin est à son bureau

Greg Yates a donné rendez-vous à Erin

Greg Yates a donné rendez-vous à Erin

Jay, Nick et Antonio dans les bureaux des Renseignements

Jay, Nick et Antonio dans les bureaux des Renseignements

Les policiers discutent avec le Chef Boden

Les policiers discutent avec le Chef Boden

Jay écoute attentivement Olivia

Jay écoute attentivement Olivia

Mouse (Caleb Hunt) se dirige vers Erin et Hank

Mouse (Caleb Hunt) se dirige vers Erin et Hank

Nick et Antonio discutent avec un témoin

Nick et Antonio discutent avec un témoin

Hank fait passer un message

Hank fait passer un message

Nick et Wallace

Nick et Wallace

Hank (Jason Beghe) est bien accompagné !

Hank (Jason Beghe) est bien accompagné !

Le criminel Greg Yates (Dallas Roberts)

Le criminel Greg Yates (Dallas Roberts)

Hank au côté de son homologue de New-York le Sergent Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay)

Hank au côté de son homologue de New-York le Sergent Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay)

Hank Voight, joué par Jason Beghe

Hank Voight, joué par Jason Beghe

Greg Yates est le méchant à abattre

Greg Yates est le méchant à abattre

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) discute avec Hank

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) discute avec Hank

Erin lindsay, jouée par Sophia Bush

Erin lindsay, jouée par Sophia Bush

Le Détective Nick Amaro, joué par Danny Pino

Le Détective Nick Amaro, joué par Danny Pino

Jay Halstead, joué par Jesse Lee Soffer

Jay Halstead, joué par Jesse Lee Soffer

Chicago et New-York font équipe pour traquer un criminel

Chicago et New-York font équipe pour traquer un criminel

Poignée de main en bonne et due forme pour Hank et Fin (Ice-T)

Poignée de main en bonne et due forme pour Hank et Fin (Ice-T)


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Plus de détails

Scénario : Nick Gomez
Réalisation : Warren Leight, Matt Olmstead 

Guest Starring : Dallas Roberts (Greg Yates), Mariska Hargitay (Sergent Olivia Benson), Ice-T (Detective Odafin "Fin" Tutuola), Danny Pino (Detective Nick Amaro), Eamonn Walker (Chef Wallace Boden), Nick Gehlfuss (Dr. Will Halstead), Stella Maeve (Nadia), Caleb Hunt (Craig "Mouse" Gurwitch)

Voice off: In the criminal justice system, some killers are so depraved that it takes multiple police agencies to bring them to justice. This is one of those investigations.

Chicago Med, hallway

Voight: Hey.

Olivia Benson: Oh, thank you.

Voight: Mm-hmm… So?

Doctor: Third-degree burns over 75% of her body. The damage goes through to the muscle. Nerves are completely gone. The only good news right now is that she probably can't feel anything.

Olivia Benson: Okay, any chance she'll pull through?

Doctor: Even if we could hold off the infection, and we'll do our best...

Voight: Can she talk?

Doctor: She's coherent at the moment.

Voight: So she can talk.

Olivia Benson: Look, we're here to find out who did this, so I think if she was able, she'd want to talk to us.

Doctor: All right, thanks, man.

Halstead: Victim's sister's on her way in.

Voight: Have Olinsky and Atwater talk to her, okay?


Halstead: Hey.

Will Halstead: How's Victoria? Any word?

Halstead: I saw the crime scene. It can't be good.

Will Halstead: What happened?

Halstead: Fire Department found her in a burning building. She's got burns all over her body. Her skull was fractured, and she'd been sexually assaulted.

Will Halstead: This is... It's just horrible. She's the nicest person.

Halstead: You know her?

Will Halstead: Just in passing. She's a nurse in maternity. Any idea who did it?

Halstead: Would I be standing here if I did?


Doctor: Keep it short.

Olivia Benson: Okay.

Voight: Thanks.

Victoria’s bedroom

Olivia Benson: Victoria? Victoria, I'm Sergeant Benson. I'm so sorry. Do you remember anything about the man who did this to you?

Victoria: I was in back of my building, taking out the trash.

Olivia Benson: Okay.

Victoria: Corner of my eye, man in hospital scrubs walking up behind me. I turned. I woke up, I was in my apartment, and the wall was on fire.

Olivia Benson: It's okay.

Voight: Did you see his face?

Victoria: No. He was white. A little under 6 feet.

Olivia Benson: Okay.

Doctor: All right, that's it. That's it. Out of the way! Call the code!

Nurse: Code 2 call. All right, check breathing. And prepping CPR. Push...

Waiting room

Victoria’s sister: I'm so sorry.

Olinsky: Here. Sit here. We are too. I mean, it's... It's hard to believe something like this happening, you know?

Victoria’s sister: Victoria was supposed to come over tonight.

Olinsky: Um, was she seeing anyone?

Victoria’s sister: No.

Atwater: Was there anybody in Victoria's life that you think was aggressive at work or...

Victoria’s sister: No. I mean, that would do this? I'm sorry, I just can't imagine what she went through. All that pain. I just can't...

Olinsky: Hey, it's okay.

Intelligence office

Olivia Benson: So the first victim, Alice Whitlock, raped and murdered. Cause of death was blunt force trauma to the back of the skull. Blunt force trauma. She was a nurse at Columbia Presbyterian. Second vic, Lisa Hoffman, she was raped and killed in the same fashion as Whitlock, but she was found completely burned in her own car along the Harlem River. Green nail polish was applied to both of these victims at some point during the crime. Debra McCulloch was last seen exiting a bar on 53rd and 3rd. She was a nurse at Mount Sinai. So all three victims in New York, 2004. Witnesses were consistent. They all saw a man in medical clothing and his arm in a sling approaching these women.

Dawson: The victim from here, she have green nail polish on?

Olivia Benson: Don't know yet.

Voight: Lab tech's gonna check when the doctor gives the okay, but there's no guarantees we'll find out either way. Her hands were severely burned. She was trying to cover her face.

Olivia Benson: Also, there was no DNA at either of the New York crime scenes.

Ruzek: Any theories why he stopped for ten years?

Olivia Benson: Sadly, we don't know that he has. So our suspect is a male, white, 5'9", approximately 40 years old. He's either in the medical field or, obviously, posing as somebody who is. There's nothing physically distinctive about him. All the witnesses, again, were consistent. When they described him, they said that he was average-looking and normal.

Dawson: These details of the crimes have gone out to every news and radio station in town.

Voight: We check city wide and in the suburbs on missile X cards and information reports on any attempted abductions or suspicious calls.

Lindsay: I'm gonna have Mouse triangulate the cell towers on the girl's phone and check all social media. We can find out if she electronically checked in anywhere during the day.

Halstead: Thanks.

Dawson: I'll check the sex offender files and recently released parolees.

Voight: Good.

Halstead: That was Olinsky at Chicago Med. Victoria didn't make it.

Voight: Let's get to work.

Lindsay: We'll get him.

Olivia Benson: Yeah, yeah, we will.

Platt’s office

Platt: Please hold. 21st District, Sergeant Platt. Yep. Mind holding? I need to put you on hold. Well, I'm putting you on hold… Start taking statements. All these people think they've seen this guy. Work left to right.

Burgess: Our left or your left?

Platt: Both. Neither. Forget I said anything. Just take their statements.

Nadia: Hey, I'm so sorry I'm late. Lindsay's 30th has me totally scrambled. Can you hold me behind the desk for me?

Platt: Everyone in the metro area thinks they saw this guy.

Nadia: Whatever I can do to help.

Platt: The hotline rings on your phone. Since you were late, I had it transferred down here, so plant your ass upstairs and start taking notes.

Nadia: You got it. Thank you.

Voight’s office

Olivia Benson: Okay, guys, cross-match any details from the Chicago case with ours, and I'm gonna need all of our files electronically scanned and sent, like, yesterday.

Fin Tutuola: We're on it.

Voight: Why don't you bring them out yourself? We could use all the help we can get.

Nick Amaro : We're happy to do it.

Olivia Benson: Okay, guys, then get on the next flight. Bring the files. Have Rollins and Carisi reopen the investigation, okay, from there.

Fin Tutuola: Got it.

Olivia Benson: Great. Thanks, guys. See you soon.

Street near Victoria’s apartment

Ruzek: So he was dressed as a doctor, arm in a sling, hanging out around the building just down the block. This is five days ago.

Dawson: Anything?

Ruzek: No?

Victoria’s apartment

Matt Casey: Offender balled up newspaper and shredded rubber, piled it near the victim. Then he left a trail of the same combo to the back door. Used lighter fluid as an accelerant, lit it, and then left out the back door… Some burning rubber dropped down a coax cable hole in the floor, right here, which is why we initially thought it started downstairs.

Halstead: Okay, so the offender drags the victim up the back staircase into the bedroom… There's no way we're pulling any DNA out of here.

Lindsay: No.

Matt Casey: I heard whoever did this has done it before?

Halstead: Yeah, it's looking like it.

Lindsay: Check it out… It's nail polish.

Halstead: What colour did the offender use on the victims?

Lindsay: Green. Well, now there's no doubt.


Ruzek: All right, listen, ask around. If anybody's seen anything like that, please, give 21st District a call. We appreciate it. Thank you… All right, listen, I'll start knocking on doors. Somebody's got to have a security system around here or saw something.

Dawson: The G also hides cameras all over the place, so have Mouse request all the IP addresses in a four-block vicinity.

Ruzek: Okay.

Intelligence office

Nadia: Chicago Police Intelligence. Sorry. Chicago Police Intelligence, can you hold?

Halstead: There's 150 places that sell medical supplies in Chicago, so we're reaching out to see if any of them have sold an arm sling to someone fitting our description in the last three months and if there's video surveillance. Patrol's helping out.

Voight: Yeah, well, we also need a list of every doctor, surgeon, nurse, X-ray tech, dentist, orderly, janitor, anybody in the medical field who wears scrubs.

Olivia Benson: Ah, don't forget mental institutions.

Voight: Yeah, and check practicing and non-practicing.

Olivia Benson: Benson.

Sonny Carisi phones Benson.

Sonny Carisi: Hey, Sarge, you alone?

Olivia Benson: Close enough. What's up?

Sonny Carisi: Well, I'm going over the witness statements from the Debra McCulloch disappearance in '04. Detectives interviewed a med student who knew Debra named Will Halstead. The name bumped for Rollins, so we did some digging. It turns out he's a doctor at Chicago Med right now.

Olivia Benson: Okay.

Sonny Carisi: And his brother, Jay, he's a detective in Voight's unit.

Olivia Benson: I see. Go on.

Sonny Carisi: And I'm guessing you can't really talk right now. Good luck, Sarge.

Olivia Benson: Good to know. Thank you.

Halstead: All good?

Olivia Benson: Oh, yeah. That's, uh... That was just my son's nanny checking in. Okay.


Olivia Benson: Hank.

Voight: Olivia.

Olivia Benson: Hey. I went ahead and ordered you a Manhattan.

Voight: I see, and I'm gonna go ahead and drink it.

Olivia Benson: Cheers. So I got to run something past you.

Voight: Okay.

Olivia Benson: Detective Halstead, uh, his brother Will, you know him?

Voight: A little.

Olivia Benson: So my ex-partner questioned him ten years ago. He knew one of the victims in the New York. I'd like to bring him in, you know, ask him a few questions, just check his temperature.

Voight: Without Jay knowing why you're bringing Will in?

Olivia Benson: That's correct.

Voight: You want to ambush Will.

Olivia Benson: Well, I wouldn't...

Voight: That's okay. I mean, you can call it what it is.

Olivia Benson: Yes, I want to ambush Will.

Voight: Hmm.

Olivia Benson: Look, he knew the woman who went missing in New York, and now, suddenly, the killer activates after he gets a job at Chicago Med… I've been carrying around this case for ten years. I just need to see the look on his face. Look, I know this is your house, and I don't want to disrespect you. That's why I just...

Voight: Yeah.

Olivia Benson: I wanted to run it past you. Just...

Voight: Let me think about it.

Olivia Benson: Okay.

Intelligence office

Nick Amaro: Thanks, Sarge. We got it from here.

Platt: Uh, Sergeant Voight likes everything just the way it is, so I wouldn't be moving anything around.

Nick Amaro: Well, I'm glad you told me. I was planning on stealing the copier. I'm kidding.

Locker room

Nadia: Awesome. After you, all I need is Ruzek to sign the card.

Halstead: Careful with Ruzek. He's terrible at keeping secrets.

Nadia: Okay, so I'm gonna steal her car keys to pick up the cake, and if that doesn't work, can I use yours?

Halstead: Yep, no problem.

Nadia: Awesome.

Lindsay: What's no problem?

Halstead: It's... It's all under control.

Lindsay: You better not be planning me a surprise party.

Nadia: I'm not.

Lindsay: I know where you live.

Intelligence office

Nick Amaro: So this is everything pertinent from our files on the New York victims.

Fin Tutuola: Sergeant.

Voight: Thanks for coming, both of you.

Nick Amaro: Of course.

Voight: Thank you.

Atwater: Hey, I guess that tip line must have paid off. Apparently some woman just called over in Bucktown. She said that some guy two weeks ago was asking for help unloading boxes from his car.

Dawson: Was she attacked?

Ruzek: No, she got a weird feeling and took off. Get this, though, the guy was wearing scrubs.

Atwater: Hey. Here he is. What's up, baby? Man, you all good?

Fin Tutuola: You know. You need anything, just holler at me.

Nick Amaro: Where's my hello?

Ruzek: Hey, what's up, man?

What's up, man? It's nice to see you.

Nick Amaro: Good to see you again.

Ruzek: How are you?

Dawson: I'll go interview this woman.

Nick Amaro: Know what, maybe I'll come with.

Olivia Benson: Hey, Jay, you know, I'm still trying to get some more information about this nurse from Chicago Med who was killed. Her sister, unfortunately, wasn't much help. Now, your brother's a doctor there, am I right?

Halstead: Mm-hmm.

Olivia Benson: Did he know her?

Halstead: He said he bumped into her a few times.

Olivia Benson: Okay, do you think he'd be willing to come in and maybe point us in the direction of somebody that knew her better?

Halstead: Uh, I doubt he knows much, but I can give him a call.

Olivia Benson: That'd be really helpful. Thanks.

Halstead: Okay.

Olivia Benson: Great.

Charlotte Reegen’s apartment

Charlotte Reegen: I was over by the park, and there was this guy standing by his car. Said he needed help moving a box to the passenger seat. He had a sling on his arm and doctor pants on under a jacket. So I walked over to help, but when I got to the car, I saw this, like, a carjack thingy in the backseat, and he was just a little too, um, I don't know, uh, too friendly. Too chatty.

Nick Amaro: Did you get a good look at him?

Charlotte Reegen: Not really. It was night. He was a white guy. He was wearing a cap.

Nick Amaro: Was there an emblem on the cap?

Charlotte Reegen: No, just a black ball cap.

Dawson: What kind of car was he driving?

Charlotte Reegen: Subaru. Wagon. I remember because my aunt has one. Dark green. I didn't get the license plate though. I just turned and gripped my keys in my hand and started walking.

Dawson: If you saw this guy again, would you be able to identify him?

Intelligence office

Halstead: Sergeant Benson, this is my brother Will. If he insists on you calling him Dr. Halstead, you smack him upside the head.

Will Halstead: Nice to meet you, Sergeant. And don't listen to him. You've probably already figured that out though.

Olivia Benson: Okay, if you go by Will, then I'll go by Olivia.

Will Halstead: I like you already. Hank.

Voight: How you doing, Will?

Halstead: He's got an hour till his shift. I told him we'd get him in and out.

Olivia Benson: Of course. We just have a couple of questions.

Voight: Why don't we go in here?

Will Halstead: All right.

Halstead: Hey, you mind if I join?

Olivia Benson: Um...

Voight: Yeah, sure. Why not?

Olivia Benson: Okay. Here, have a seat.

Voight’s office

Will Halstead: I didn't know her well. Like I told Jay, she was just a really friendly person. Seemed to be well liked by everyone on the staff, although I would have to assume there are other people at Chicago Med who could give you more insight.

Olivia Benson: Well, we were hoping that you could do that for us, you know. We're just trying to piece together who she was as a person.

Will Halstead: Of course. Whatever I can do.

Olivia Benson: Did you know her outside of work?

Will Halstead: No. I just started a couple weeks ago, so I'm still in the "getting to know you" stage, meeting everyone.

Olivia Benson: Been there. That can take a while. So while you're here, do you know this woman?

Will Halstead: Wow. Yeah, Debra… It's been a while. She went missing a long time ago back in New York.

Olivia Benson: How do you know Debra, Will?

Halstead: What's going on here?

Olivia Benson: Well, we just found out that Will was in New York at the time of the other two incidents.

Halstead: You just found out, my ass. Sarge, she's ambushing my brother… You signed off on it.

Will Halstead: I'm a little confused here.

Halstead: Don't say another word.

Will Halstead: What... What are you talking about?

Halstead: We're done. Let's go.

Will Halstead: Are you asking if I did these crimes?

Olivia Benson: I am.

Will Halstead: I didn't.

Halstead: Don't say another word until you get a lawyer.

Will Halstead: I don't need a lawyer. I didn't do anything.

Halstead: It doesn't matter. If they want to, they'll find a way to stitch you up.

Voight: Careful, Jay.

Halstead: Come on!

Will Halstead: Back off! No, I saw what happened to that girl, and if it were my sister or my daughter or my mom, I'd want you to do exactly what you're doing right now. Ask me anything you want anytime.

Olivia Benson: Appreciate that. If you could write down where you were the night of Victoria's murder, I would like a full statement.

Halstead: No, no, no, he's not writing anything down. Come on, get up.

Will Halstead: Jay.

Halstead: We're leaving now! Come on.


Voight: Yeah, come on in.

Halstead: Will's gonna write down a statement, I'm gonna read it, and then I'll submit it to you. He was home that night watching TV.

Olivia Benson: Okay.

Voight: Can anyone put him there?

Halstead: No. He ordered a pay-per-view movie. I'm checking now to see if I can get the records. You have any more questions for my brother, you can go through me.

Voight: Look, I understand how you're feeling, Jay, but you're not running point on questioning your brother, and I think you understand why.

Halstead: I'll get you that report after I've read it.

Olivia Benson: Okay. Tip lines in New York are heating up as well. I need to get back there, see what new information has popped up, if any, reinterview some of the witnesses from the '04 cases.

21 stairs

Olivia Benson: About an hour and a half.

Voight: Hmm.

Olivia Benson: Look, I hope I didn't put you in a bad spot.

Voight: No, not at all. I would have done the same thing with one of your guys. Except I probably wouldn't have asked.

Olivia Benson: You'll let me know if he checks out?

Voight: Of course.

Olivia Benson: Okay.

Voight: Sure you got to go?

Olivia Benson: You'll be in good hands with Fin and Amaro. Do me a favour.

Voight: Hmm?

Olivia Benson: Play this one by the book, please? If this ever goes to trial...

Voight: I get it. You have my word.

Olivia Benson: You take care of yourself, Hank.

Mouse’s office

Mouse: So you ready? You ready? All right, the witness said that it was a dude in a dark-coloured Subaru wagon. Well, I was able to access a security camera on a private residence near the corner of the block where Victoria Lewyn lives... Lived, rather. And check this out… Ah, there. Dark green Subaru wagon. And that was an hour before CFD responded to the blaze in her apartment.

Fin Tutuola: Now you're talking.

Mouse: Right?

Fin Tutuola: You get the plates?

Mouse: No, I'm getting to that. We can only read the first three digits. But there's only one Subaru wagon in that colour with those three first numbers. Now, the car is registered to Elizabeth Kendall. She's 78 years old.

Fin Tutuola: Okay, let's have the address. We can get a patrol out there.

Patrol car

Burgess: There it is. 2113 Squad.

Radio: Go ahead, 2113.

Burgess: Can you roll an assist car, no emergency, to the intersection of Throop and Fillmore? Tell them to throw an anchor down. We've located the vehicle Intelligence had the BOLO on.

Radio: Copy that.

Roman: Look at this.

Burgess: Be advised, Squad, we have a male subject approaching the vehicle. Hold us down on a stop at this location. Will advise if we need backup.

Radio: Roger that.


Roman: How's it going today, sir?

Greg Yates: Very well, thank you.

Roman: Can I see your license and registration?

Greg Yates: Is there a problem?

Roman: No, you want there to be?

Burgess: Can you pop your trunk, sir?

Greg Yates: Uh, the car is not in my name yet. I'm... I'm buying it from a woman. We just haven't filed the official paperwork. There is a note attached from her stating that.

Burgess: New York.

Greg Yates: Yeah, just moved here three months ago. Still waiting on the Illinois license.

Roman: Can you take the key out of the ignition and hand it to me?

Greg Yates: Officer, respectfully, I would like an explanation as for why you're doing this.

Roman: You're not entitled to one. Now hand me the keys… Sit tight.

Patrol car

Burgess: Dude.

Roman: We're bringing him in.

Burgess: He's clean. Nothing outstanding. No warrants, nothing.

Roman: We're bringing him in.

Burgess: Okay.


Burgess: Mr. Yates, it looks like your car was reported as being involved in a hit-and-run where a pedestrian was injured. Do you know anything about that?

Greg Yates: No, I don't. I've owned the car for three weeks. Besides, if you check the front bumper, does it look like anything's been hit?

Roman: It's probably a false report, but you're still gonna need to come in until we clear this up, sir. So if you could get out of the car.

Interview room

Greg Yates: Home address, employer information, and what else?

Lindsay: Cell phone number.

Greg Yates: Oh, of course.

Nick Amaro: So what brings you to Chicago, Mr. Yates?

Greg Yates: Employment.

Lindsay: Where?

Greg Yates: Med Help. It's an urgent care facility on the South Side.

Nick Amaro: So you were a professor at Columbia in New York, residency at Presbyterian.

Greg Yates: That's correct.

Nick Amaro: When was this?

Greg Yates: Well, I'm sure that file states it.

Nick Amaro: I'm asking you.

Greg Yates: Ten years or so.

Lindsay: Where have you been since then?

Greg Yates: Oh, all over. Travelling. Lots of time in New Orleans. Now, oh, there is a lawless town. My job as a physician, you know, there's always a need. Always a spot to fill.

Lindsay: How'd you go from being a doctor at one of the best hospitals in the country to working at an urgent care?

Greg Yates: Man does not control his own fate. The women in his life do that for him. Groucho Marx? Oh. See, I bet you don't even know who that is.

Lindsay: You ever been to Chicago Med?

Greg Yates: Oh, sure.

Lindsay: As a patient or...

Greg Yates: No, actually, I have lunch there sometimes.

Observation room

Dawson: Recognize him?

Charlotte Reegen: He wore a baseball cap, and it was night. I mean, it could be him. I'm sorry. I can't say for sure.

Interview room

Nick Amaro: Do you, uh... You know this woman?

Greg Yates: No.

Nick Amaro: Her? Her? Her, hmm?

Greg Yates: No. No? No. No, are any of these the pedestrian that the car I'm purchasing supposedly struck? That is the reason that I was brought in, am I correct?

Lindsay: You shave your arms, Doctor?

Greg Yates: My whole body, actually. It's for cycling. Helps reduce drag.

Nick Amaro: You know, I'm new to the city. What's the best spot around here for cycling?

Greg Yates: I don't know. My bike's still in storage. Am I under arrest? I do have a general sense of my rights as a U.S. citizen.

Lindsay: You're free to go… Thanks for coming in.

Greg Yates: Oh, I'm happy to help.

Lindsay: Hmm, do you have any travel plans, Mr. Yates?

Greg Yates: None. Are you kidding? I just got to your beautiful city. I can't wait to explore it.

Intelligence office

Greg Yates: Hello.


Voight: Get a state's attorney on board ASAP. Give him the peculiars, probable cause, and let him know we believe this guy is good for him. One of you figure out who's gonna be the affiant on his phone.

Ruzek: I'm on it, boss.

Voight: We are gonna run this clean. We're gonna run it thorough. We're gonna run it by the book. Everybody understand?

Halstead: You got a sec?

Voight: Go ahead.

Voight’s office

Halstead: My brother ordered a pizza the night Victoria was assaulted. The delivery guy will vouch.

Voight: Jay, he's been cleared as a suspect.

Halstead: Wonderful. Moving on, I told him about Greg Yates. Get this. They worked together for a minute in the same hospital. Yates was one of his professors in med school. He's got an opinion about him.

Voight: Al right, where's Will now?

Halstead: He's downstairs.

Voight: Go get him.


Will Halstead: Sir. He was one of those instructors that made the students call him by his first name. Liked to hang out at the bars we went to. Some bought into it, but I always got a creepy vibe. Someone invited him out to a party one night, and Yates corners me, starts talking about who has the best ass, who he'd like to have sex with first. Debra McCulloch was at that party, the nurse who went missing.

Lindsay: Was it the night she went missing?

Will Halstead: No, I think it was, like, three nights before that, but they were both there. Could have easily met her that night.

Nadia: Lindsay, you have a call. It's Greg Yates.

Intelligence office

Lindsay: Detective Lindsay.

Greg Yates: I can't help but think that we got off on the wrong foot.

Lindsay: How do you mean?

Greg Yates: Oh, I just feel like I made a bad impression on your co-workers back there. I would... I would love to try and win you guys back. Are you free to meet for a short conversation?

Lindsay: Sure, why don't you come by the district?

Greg Yates: No, just you and me. The pavilion at Millennium Park. Three hours. Thank you for your time in advance.

Lindsay: I'm meeting him.

Mouse’s office

Mouse: All right, so Voight will be able to communicate with you through that. Now, I'd use your phone in your other ear, assuming you like to hear over 4,000 hertz.

Lindsay: Okay, good?

Mouse: Yep.

Halstead: Just stay where we can see you.

Lindsay: I got it.

Dawson: We'll be nearby in case anything goes sideways.

Voight: Al, you guys find a good lookout yet?

Olinsky: We'll be near the pedestrian bridge a few hundred yards away.

Voight: Fin, Amaro, you're on the ground with Ruzek and Antonio. Stay sharp.


Lindsay: Sergeant Benson.

Olivia Benson: Lindsay. Fin told me you're going to meet with Yates alone.

Lindsay: Yeah. I figure he's either looking to confess, he's playing us, or he's looking to do something stupid. And even if it's the last one, he's been at this for ten years. It's... It's worth it if we can finally bring him down.

Olivia Benson: Look, just remember, if he's reaching out to you, he's feeling the pressure, all right? He could be capable of anything right now.

Lindsay: I'll be ready, Sergeant.

Olivia Benson: Be safe.

Lindsay: Thanks, I will.

Millennium park

Lindsay: Anybody got eyes on Yates?

Voight: Halstead, you got eyes on him?

Halstead: Nothing… Wait. I got him. He's approaching from the west.


Greg Yates: Sorry I'm a little late. You look great, by the way.

Lindsay: So what was it you could only tell me in the park at night?

Greg Yates: Want to go grab a cup of coffee? It's too cold to sit. Come on. I'm harmless.

Lindsay: We can talk right here.

Greg Yates: No. I want some coffee. It's close, I promise. Or you can sit here and I'll see you when I see you.


Dawson: Yates and Lindsay are on the move.


Olinsky: We're shifting positions. We lost sight of Lindsay.


Nick Amaro: Yeah, I got them. They're headed towards the walkway. We'll stay back.


Greg Yates: I do this walk at night. The skyline, it's so beautiful. It stuns me every time.

Lindsay: Hmm. Why'd you ask me to meet you in the park if you wanted to get coffee?

Greg Yates: Oh, it's nothing nefarious. I changed my mind. It's cold.

Lindsay: You know what I think? I think it's a move to assert control over the situation and over me.

Greg Yates: Your sergeant has gotten in your head. Don't let him think for you. You're better than that. Have you been following what's been going on in Egypt, post revolution?

Lindsay: No.

Greg Yates: Well, they finally got rid of Mubarak in 2011. Do you remember this at all? There's much fanfare and jubilation. The people are free. The people have spoken. But when the euphoria ebbs, as it inevitably does, what are they left with? High crime, raided antiquities, unrest. See, you can unclench the iron fist of that dictator, and that... That's great, but you are not really prepared for what's on the other side. You know what they call that, Detective? The law of unintended consequences.

Lindsay: Why did you want to meet with me, Greg?

Greg Yates: Well, you know what my favourite example of that law is? In Hanoi, under French colonial rule, they established a bounty for each rat tail turned in to try and reduce the number of rats. You know what happened? People started breeding rats for the tails, and that charming little country ended up with more rats than it started with.

Lindsay: You want to know why I think you wanted to meet me? "Because I'm 5'5" and I have brown hair, exactly like all those women that were murdered.

Greg Yates: Is that so?

Lindsay: Why don't we talk about that instead of hiding behind all this History 101 crap? Tell me what happened. I know that you want to. Who do I remind you of? Your mom? An ex-girlfriend maybe? Come on.

Greg Yates: More rats, Detective. Remember that.


Olinsky: We've got him. He's headed for the taxi.


Voight: You all right?

Lindsay: Yeah, I'm fine.

Halstead: Patrol says he took the cab to Water Tower Place and then he slipped them once he got inside.

Lindsay: He's playing a game. He knows it's just a matter of time. We'll get him.

Voight: Voight.

Crime scene

Boden: Sergeant. Chief Wallace Boden. We've got another body.


Boden: Hank.

Voight: How you doing, Chief?

Boden: Sorry to see you again like this.

Voight: Detectives Fin and Amaro. They're in from New York.

Fin Tutuola: Nice meeting you, Chief.

Boden: Chief Boden, House 51.

Nick Amaro: Pleasure.

Boden: This way.


Boden: Fire was started in the bedroom.

Fin Tutuola: You said "was started"?

Boden: Yeah, the amount of damage in the room, lack of accidental causes, this is arson, if you ask me. I just can't prove that right now.

Voight: Is there any way to tell whether or not it was started remotely?

Boden: We'll search for an incendiary device, but even the device survived the fire, it would be weeks, maybe months before any conclusion, and that's if we are lucky.

Fin Tutuola: That's why he was with Lindsay when it started.

Nick Amaro: Plausible deniability… What is she, 18?

Voight: Mm.

Fin Tutuola: What's this?

Nick Amaro: Green nail polish.

Outside the house

Lindsay: Was it him?

Voight: Yeah.

Lindsay: So he was using me as an alibi?

Voight: That's right.

Mouse: Yo, I got a location on his phone. It's an apartment on the West Side.

Voight: Get everyone over there now.

Lindsay: Give me the address.

Mouse: Yeah.


Voight: Look, it's up to you, but... But if you're with me, you better know what that means.

Yates’s apartment

Ruzek: Stairs.

Voight: Chicago PD.

Halstead: Chicago PD.

Ruzek: Clear!

Lindsay: Clear!

Nick Amaro: Clear!

Ruzek: Basement… Is that ammonia?

Nick Amaro: A lot of it.

Fin Tutuola: Nothing.

Nick Amaro: Clear.

Ruzek: He was just here.


Greg Yates: Hello.

Intelligence office

Voight: That son of a bitch is toying with us.

Lindsay: Well, he knew we were tracking his phone. I mean, he left it in the basement next to a lighter and nail polish. Hey, Fin, Ruzek, and Amaro are still tearing the house apart.

Halstead: We had eyes on him less than an hour ago. He couldn't have gone far. We have alerts on his car, his I-PASS, his credit cards.

Voight: Look, everybody is in on this. Have Nadia set up a civilian hotline. Where is she? Where's Nadia?

Halstead: She had to run an errand. She borrowed your car.

Lindsay: An errand?

Halstead: She went to pick up your birthday cake. It was supposed to be a surprise.

Lindsay: Straight to voicemail.


Greg Yates: The good times start now without dollar one... But how much, baby, do I really need. Cheer up, sleepy Jean. Oh, what can it mean to a daydream believer and a...


Greg Yates: Oh, let me give you a hand with that. It looks like you got your arms full already.

Woman: You're a peach.

Greg Yates: Look at you!

Woman: Pick Your Poison.

Greg Yates: Come again?

Woman: That's what it's called. All the polishes have silly names. She'll love it.

Greg Yates: Mm-hmm.


Man: Evening. Is that your car?

Greg Yates: Is there a problem?

Man: Yeah, there's something moving around in the back.

Greg Yates: Oh, good, she's still alive. Don't you just hate it when you kidnap a girl, and she won't stop kicking the back of your seat? It's my dog, man.

Man: Oh. Yeah, my dog hates it when I lock her in the car too. You have a good evening now.

Greg Yates: All right, cheers.

Lindsay’s car

Greg Yates: I said lie still or I will knock you clear out, got it? Is that a yes?

Nadia: They're gonna find you. Please let me go.

Greg Yates: Now? Come on. We are on our honeymoon. This is paradise compared to what's coming. Nadia, you ever seen New York? It is the epicenter of the world. We are gonna have a field day, the two of us.

Nadia: Please, I... I won't tell them that it was you.

Greg Yates: You missed your chance. See, a nice trucker, he heard you kicking. In fact, oh, look at that, he's still outside. If you'd only been just a little bit louder.

Nadia: Help! Please! Somebody help me! Please!

Greg Yates: It's too late for that now. Hey, we've got a long drive ahead of us. Why don't you start by telling me something about yourself?

Nadia: Please... Help me! Somebody help me!

Intelligence office

Voight: All right, tell me you got something.

Roman: We found Yates' car parked across from the district. CSU's tearing it apart, and there was...

Lindsay: What?

Burgess: A smashed birthday cake on the ground. No other sign of Nadia.

Voight: Okay, he snatched her right off the street. There's got to be witnesses.

Roman: Patrol's still canvassing. Also checking on traffic and security cams.

Halstead: This is not on you.

Lindsay: She went to get my birthday cake. She went outside because of me.

Halstead: We don't know anything for sure.

Lindsay: We know she didn't just take off, Jay. She's in trouble. We've got to find her.

Roman: Here we go.

Halstead: All right, let's just not panic until we know.

Voight: Hey, we know. He has her.

Roman: Thanks. Guys, we may have a hit on Lindsay's plates. East Side headed towards Calumet Park.

Lindsay: Did they stop the car?

Roman: Lost it in traffic. Reported a man driving and a woman in the front seat.

Voight: Come on, let's go.


Voight: Get out of the car, Yates. Hands up!

Roman: Suspect's emerging.

Burgess: Nice and slow, buddy. Nice and slow.

Man: What the hell? Hey, hey, don't shoot.

Voight: Get down.

Lindsay: It's okay... Just get down.

Man: Don't shoot!

Lindsay: It's okay. The son of a bitch switched the plates.

Roman: Got a mom and two kids.

Burgess: Otherwise the vehicle's clear.

Lindsay: Sir, where are you coming from?

Man: Uh... Pennsylvania. My mother-in-law's.

Voight: Okay, when was the last time you stopped?

Man: A rest stop in Indiana for dinner. Outside Elkhart.

Voight: Oh, my God.

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