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Chicago Police Department
#312 : Boomerang

Voight arrive à convaincre le député adjoint Crowley d'accepter de prendre l'ancien compagnon de cellule de Voight, Eddie Little, comme consultant pour faire tomber un gros fournisseur de cocaïne et ses revendeurs locaux. Antonio est sceptique quant à cette décision, mais Voight lui raconte le temps qu'il a passé avec lui en prison. Pendant ce temps, Burgess prend une décision difficile concernant sa relation avec Ruzek et Roman élabore un plan avec la caserne 51 pour aider Platt et Mouch à payer leur mariage.


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Looking Out for Stateville

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Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) est en mode badass !

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) est en mode badass !

Alvin Olinsky, joué par Elias Koteas

Alvin Olinsky, joué par Elias Koteas

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Adam Ruzek (Patrick J. Flueger) en pleine réflexion

Adam Ruzek (Patrick J. Flueger) en pleine réflexion

Kevin Atwater, joué par LaRoyce Hawkins

Kevin Atwater, joué par LaRoyce Hawkins

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) a besoin d'une bonne douche !

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) a besoin d'une bonne douche !

Mouse, joué par Caleb Hunt

Mouse, joué par Caleb Hunt

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) est au téléphone

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) est au téléphone

Erin va passer les menottes au suspect

Erin va passer les menottes au suspect

Kevin Atwater, joué par LaRoyce Hawkins

Kevin Atwater, joué par LaRoyce Hawkins

Jay pointe son arme sur un suspect

Jay pointe son arme sur un suspect


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Guest Starring : Deputé Crowley (Barbara Eve Harris), Eddie Little (Clancy Brown), Mouch (Christian Stolte), Brian Tee (Dr Ethan Choi), Samuel Hunt (Mouse), Steven R. McQueen (pompier Jimmy Borreli)

Intelligence office

Ruzek: So does anybody know what Little went away for?

Dawson: Manslaughter. Killed Gi-Gi Dicaro, a shakedown artist from Bridgeport, right under the 35th Street red line stop. Snapped his neck.

Ruzek: Huh.

Atwater: So you gonna let him dog you out like that about your wedding date with Burgess?

Ruzek: I could take him.

Halstead: Guy's like 6'6", 250, easy.

Ruzek: You would have my back, obviously. Right?

Atwater: Who? Me or Jay? Because I think I want to watch that fight.

Halstead: It's just surreal, you know? The two of them, they were cell mates. Now he's just on the payroll.

Lindsay: I'm sure Voight has his reasons.

Olinsky: Yeah. He usually does.

Voight’s office

Eddie: All right, just, just just run me through it one more time. What's my cut?

Voight: 10% of all money seized.

Eddie: Uh-huh. And how do I get paid? Cash? Check? What?

Voight: CIs always get paid cash so that way you can't trace it to a bank account.

Eddie: Good, I don't have a bank account, anyway. And what am I looking at?

Voight: Soon as everything's catalogued, signed off on.

Eddie: Okay, what does that mean?

Voight: Couple of days? A week? What…

Eddie: Hey. You talk to Audrey about this? She's on board?

Voight: She's not thrilled. What choice does she have if we're gonna get to Florida? Huh?

Intelligence office

Voight: Rory Jensen has been a CPD priority target for several years now.

Dawson: Yeah, we went after him hard when I was in Vice, but since he never laid a finger on any dope, we could never grab him.

Voight: Remember that big DEA bust last year? Caused a major cocaine shortage in the city? Jensen is the guy who's taking advantage of that. All right, you all know Eddie Little, our new CI. You got the floor.

Eddie: Well, me and Jensen go way back. Met him in juvie. I was in for GTA, he was in for rolling tourists on Rush Street. Now he owns a string of sports bars on the North Side. Sells watered-down liquor to the college kids in front; in the back he slings his real product to the local dealers.

Voight: Which is who we're gonna hit first. See, we bust the crews that Jensen's supplying, knock the legs out from under his operation.

Atwater: If the city's dry, how's he getting his coke?

Eddie: He's got a connection. I mean, not Mexico, not the cartels. Ireland. He's got an old family contact. They roll it across the Canadian border.

Halstead: You know all of this how?

Eddie: I just got paroled three days ago. I guarantee you I know more about that's going down on the streets than anybody in this room.

Voight: Okay. First target is the Lost Disciples. Eddie has intel this little motorcycle gang is receiving a shipment of Jensen's coke tonight at their clubhouse.

Emma Crowley: I need a word.

Mouse: So here's the blueprint for the Lost Disciples' clubhouse.

Emma Crowley’s office

Emma Crowley: This CI he was your cell mate, right?

Voight: That's right. And he's fresh out of Stateville, so he's got knowledge that would take my unit a year to gather.

Emma Crowley: Like what?

Voight: Rory Jensen. This is the best shot we've ever had to take that guy down.

Emma Crowley: I just want to make sure this isn't Stateville looking out for Stateville.

Voight: Mm-hmm.

Emma Crowley: This goes south, I need to know you'll serve Little up.

Voight: Count on it.

Emma Crowley: Then knock yourself out.

Voight’s car/Tunnels

Voight: Hey, Tony, are you in position?

Dawson: All set. About to breach.

Voight: Hold on, you got three guys right on top of you. Hold on.

Man 1: Get everything?

Man 2: Yeah, it's all good.

Voight: All right, you're clear.

Halstead: All right, everybody get back. Let's go. All right. Three, two, one.


Halstead: Go, go, go! Chicago PD!


Outside the club

Voight: Stay here. Keep your eyes open.


Halstead: Move up! Move up!


Voight: I can call in S.W.A.T. and this can get serious, or you can toss your weapons now.



Halstead: Show me your hands now! Show me your hands! Don't move! Don't move! Put your hands on the table! Drop it! Put them on the table!

Voight: Get up, let me see your hands!

Halstead: Put your hands on the table!

Voight: Get up! Drop them! Get up!


Ruzek: Make sure you keep them separated, all right?

Officer: Okay.

Atwater: Well, looks like the intel was solid.

Voight: Let's go bag it.

Olinsky: Found this in the office.

Voight: Put it with the rest.


Roman: I think that's a great plan. You flank 'em like the Allies in North Africa.

Burgess: North Africa? No, it's dinner. And it's not a plan. I mean, normal people have dinner.

Roman: Still, having your mom fly out to meet Adam's dad? I mean, if that doesn't push him to settle on a wedding date, what will?

Platt: No, no. My deposit on the ballroom was 3 grand. And if I don't get that back in full by way of a certified cashier's check, I will be sending a city inspector to check for faulty wiring. I'm so sorry, can you hold?

Roman: You see, this is why I've never been engaged.

Platt: Huh. And here I thought it was on account of you being a heartless jag-off.

Roman: Hey, I've been in love many times. They just all turn out to be crazy.

Platt: Intelligence busted the Lost Disciples' clubhouse. And besides a lot of dope and guns, they seized six crates of stolen goods. I need you to catalogue the swag and track down the rightful owners.

Burgess: Wow. Lost property detail? That's so exhilarating.

Platt: There are no small assignments, Burgess. Just small-minded patrolmen… You still there? Great, that's Platt with two Ts. No, two Ts.

Outside the 21

Eddie: Well?

Voight: What? 10 kilos. It's a nice grab. We only got 40k in cash out of that clubhouse, though.

Eddie: No, no, no, I heard the Disciples had more than that in there. It's got to be in the walls or someplace.

Voight: Eddie, it's what we got.

Eddie: That's not gonna get me new tires on this junker.

Voight: So take the job I got you.

Eddie: What're you talking about? I thought we were partners? You know how many days it's gonna take me clocking in and clocking out of that warehouse to make 75k?

Voight: All right, just go home, see your girls. We'll talk later.

21 back entrance

Burgess: … Which one of these…

Roman: … What you saw…

Mouse: Hey, hey! This was just sent over from property crimes. It's all the burglaries and thefts over the last three months.

Burgess: It never ends.

Roman: Some days you're chasing bad guys, some days you're doing this.

Ruzek: Hey, Kim. Can I talk to you quick?

Burgess: Sure. Hi.

Ruzek: My dad can't make it tonight. He's got to work Violence Reduction.

Burgess: When did you find that out?

Ruzek: He just called. You know how it is with those shifts, they just pop up.

Burgess: Did you tell him that my mom's, like, only in town one night?

Ruzek: Yeah, I know. He's really sorry.

Burgess: Huh.

Ruzek: What?

Burgess: All week. We've been talking about this for a month.

Ruzek: Well, baby, I mean You and I both know what it's like with overtime. Pop can't pass that up. You know? Hey, listen, we'll talk about this later. Just would you tell your mom that we're both really, really sorry? Would you tell her that? I got to go. Okay?

Roman: I'm not gonna say a thing.

Voight’s car/Audrey’s home

Voight: Voight.

Eddie: Any reason the feds would be at my door?

Voight: Don't open it, Eddie.

Man: FBI. FBI! Open the door.

Eddie: They know.

Voight: Eddie!

Audrey’s home

Voight: Chicago PD! Inside! Get back in your house! You too, get in your house! Stay there…. He's not FBI.

Eddie: Guess I got lucky. I'm burned. It's just a matter of time before the Disciples send someone else.

Voight: You two okay?

Audrey: Who was he?

Voight: Just a bad guy posing as FBI.

Eddie: I got another problem. They're gonna put me back inside for possessing a firearm. I was just protecting my family!

Voight: No you weren't. She was.

Eddie: Yeah. Come here, honey. Come here.

Voight: It’s all right.

Eddie: Here. I need your hands. There you go. Good, good, good.

Voight: It's gonna be okay.

Eddie: Yeah, right there. Right there. Ah, that's good.

Voight: That's good, honey Dispatch, this is Sergeant Hank Voight, intelligence.


Voight: You need to put the girls in protective custody.

Audrey: I don't want to be separated.

Lindsay: It's all right, I'll take you to the district.

Eddie: It'll be okay.

Tracy: Is it gonna be okay?

Eddie: Just go with your mom.

Lindsay: Come on, that's my car.

Tracy: What about our clothes and stuff?

Lindsay: I'll have somebody get them later, okay?

Voight: Keep them safe.


Lindsay: Come on in. Can I get you guys anything?

Audrey: No. No thank you.

Tracy: Can we trust him?

Lindsay: Who?

Tracy: Eddie.

Lindsay: Listen, your dad is…

Tracy: He's…He's not my dad.

Audrey: Tracy. Let the detective get back to work.

Tracy: Sure.

21 back entrance

Man: Haven't been able to get hired since I lost these. Thank you.

Roman: Make sure you get them insured.

Officer: Reached out to every complaint in our record. That should cover it.

Burgess: What about the rest of it?

Officer: If it's got any value, it goes to auction.

Roman: Thanks.

Burgess: "To my girl." Wonder who she was.

Roman: The number listed here's no longer in service.

Burgess: Yeah? Well, what's the address?

Roman: 421 North Pine Grove.

Burgess: Want to find out?

Roman: Not really.

Burgess: Great. We're going.

Intelligence office

Dawson: IAD called twice about the shooting.

Voight: Huh, they can read the sworn statements.

Dawson: If Eddie was involved.

Voight: He was asleep at the time. So where're we at?

Halstead: We didn't get any connection to Jensen off any of the Disciples' phones.

Dawson: We're gonna kick out the next leg from Jensen's operation. That's the 25 Boys, named after caliber they like to use on the back of people's heads.

Halstead: I put a call in to a friend. He owes me a favour. He can confirm that they're slinging cocaine through Chinatown.

Mouse: And I'm running all male members and their relatives to see if there are any utility bills in the area, anything that would indicate where the stash house are located.

Voight: Hey get our tac guys that work that be.

Eddie: I know a guy. Got paroled last year. Henry Yu.

Voight: Yeah? Yu, he's a heavy hitter around Cermak.

Eddie: He'll talk. But not for less than 20 grand.

Voight: Yeah, give him 10.

Eddie: What'd I just say? 10 not gonna do it.

Voight: You know what a CI does, Eddie? A CI does whatever the hell I tell him to do.

Halstead: So, uh, 10 then?

Voight: Sign it out of the 1505 fund.

Halstead: Yes, sir.

Voight’s car / Temple

Eddie: Can you hear me?

Voight: Loud and clear.

Eddie: Hey. You know, last time I saw your boss, we both had kitchen duty. He washed the dishes, I dried. We got to pocket the extra biscuits, though, didn't we?

Henry Yu: What do you want, Eddie?

Eddie: Where do 25 Boys cut their snow?

Henry Yu: Think I'd help the police with 10,000, huh? Word travels fast, Eddie.

Eddie: You got a son, don't you, Henry? What's his name? Jimmy? Doing a stretch up in Stateville? Domestic battery, that's what I heard. Must be a real tough guy, beating up on his girlfriend like that. I know a couple dirty white boys who would just kill to have this 10 grand deposited in their canteen account. One collect call, Jimmy comes back to you feetfirst.

Dawson: You sign off on this? Little making death threats?

Voight: No.

Henry Yu: Do the cops know what kind of snake they're in bed with?

Voight: Let's just play it out.

Eddie: Just give me an address, Henry. Hmm?


Atwater: Chicago PD!

Dawson: Put your hands up! Hey, hey!

Atwater: Line up against the wall! Don't look at me, look at the wall! Don't look at me, look at the wall!


Lindsay: Hey! Hey! Police! Stop!

Ruzek: Where're you going, pal? Ugh!

Lindsay: Don't move! Don't move!

Halstead: Adam, if you want to pass your next drug test, don't breathe.

Ruzek: What?


Burgess: It's dinner. Who can't show up for a dinner? Tommy.

Roman: This is a no-win for me. I tell you it's not going to work and you get married, then I'm the jag-off… We're looking for Gloria Hayden.

Man: What's this regarding?

Burgess: We wanted to return this to her.

Man: I can't believe you found this. Please come in… Our home was broken into some months back. I bought that in Tokyo on a one night layover back from Vietnam.

Roman: My father was in Vietnam.

Man: That was 3rd Battalion, I was in the 1st. I remember the day I got off the plane. Gloria was there. I didn't have money for a ring, but I had this. I proposed right then and there.

Burgess: If you knew she was the one, why wait, right?

Roman: We just need Gloria to sign for her property.

Man: Uh, she won't be doing that. She's at Rosehill Cemetery.

Burgess: I'm so sorry, sir.

Man: Young lady, don't be sorry. We had 46 years together. I didn't regret a day.

Intelligence kitchen

Lindsay: Hank's got some paperwork he needs you to sign.

Audrey: How much longer do we have to be here?

Eddie: Just got to take care of some formalities. Then the three of us are out of here.

Lindsay: Um I know it's not much, but if either of you's hungry, there's a vending machine.

Audrey: Good idea. Tracy, do you want anything?

Lindsay: It's, um it's just downstairs past the front desk.

Audrey: Thanks.

Tracy: She's blind.

Lindsay: How do you mean?

Tracy: Eddie. My mom won't see him for what he really is. You know, Eddie's the one that shot the biker, not my mom. And she just lied to protect him.

Lindsay: I think we need to keep that between me and you.

Tracy: Why?

Lindsay: Because you don't need things to get more complicated than they already are. And I don't want your mom to get in trouble.

Tracy: I just don't trust him.

Lindsay: Do you want me to talk to your mom about this?

Tracy: Not gonna listen to you, either.

Voight’s office

Voight: It's a reliability form. Says you're entitled to a reward for the street value of the drugs we seized. That's $25,000.

Eddie: On top of the 10%?

Voight: Yeah. And with what we got so far, plus that, you're looking at 40k, Eddie.

Eddie: That ain't 75.

Voight: I'm doing everything I'm authorized to do.

Eddie: What'd you tell people I did for you inside, anyway?

Voight: You want a major score? Go rob a bank.

Eddie: We got to go right at Jensen, right now.

Voight: Eddie, Eddie! You got tunnel vision.

Eddie: Come on. Move to the big leagues. Score some real cash.

Voight: Why don't you lay your cards on the table? Right now. Face up. And tell me this: was this your plan the whole time?

Eddie: We either do this together, or I take it to Narcotics. They'd love to have this notch in their belt.

Intelligence office

Voight: Okay, change of plans. We're gonna take a run at Jensen.

Lindsay: Based on?

Eddie: I reached out to him. He agreed to a sit-down in one the sports bars he owns up in Wrigleyville.

Dawson: Really? Way I remember it, you two had a falling out.

Voight: Well, I don't know what you remember. I ate a manslaughter wrap for the guy. And what did he do? He got rich. None of my family saw a dime. He owes me, and he knows it.

Halstead: The lab already confirmed that the coke we seized off the 25 Boys is the same coke that we got off the bikers. It's 99% pure, so it's Jensen's. If we stay on course, we're gonna have a case.

Voight: Our CI's identity's been compromised; we're out of road.

Lindsay: Okay, so what's the angle here?

Voight: I am… I go in with Eddie, play the role, we tell Jensen we get his drugs out of evidence for a cut rate.

Mouse: Okay, Sarge, we'll run backup, we'll put surveillance on the bar…

Voight: It's just me and Eddie on this.

Dawson: Before you go anywhere, we got to talk.

21 back entrance

Dawson: All right, look. If you have some secret deal going on with Eddie, I need to know right now.

Voight: He's helping us take down a priority target. You got a problem with that?

Dawson: I have a problem with using this unit to pay off an old prison debt.

Voight: Maybe you should sit this one out.

Dawson: What dirt does he have on you?

Voight: It's not like that.

Dawson: No? Well, then tell me, what's it like? Because I'm thinking this is all to get your guy a payday.

Voight: Man, you have any idea what it was like for me on the inside? After you put the cuffs on me?

Dawson: What's that got to do with anything?

Voight: Every guy I ever locked up knew I was coming. Still, I chose gen pop. No protective custody. So I'm in there two days, and the word comes back that the whole tier's coming after me. You know, you kill a cop, you're top dog… They jumped me in the kitchen. Four guys. One of them's got a shank the size of a butcher knife. And, man, I put up a fight… I wasn't afraid to die… But I was afraid of how my son might remember me… Anyway, Eddie showed up in the kitchen. Had a few friends… From then on, I was protected… The only reason I ever got a second chance to be the police, a father, now a grandfather… Is because of him.


Eddie: Jensen.


Voight: No wires. There's no way you're taking either of those.

Jensen: Eddie Little!

Eddie: Hey.

Jensen: So you're back from the tombs, huh?

Eddie: Hey.

Jensen: Let him go. Sweetheart, give us a minute, no?

Girl: Sure.

Jensen: And the infamous sergeant from the 21.

Eddie: Rory, look at you. I mean… How many of these joints you have now? Four, five? You must be printing money during Cubs season.

Jensen: I get by. I do okay.

Eddie: You hear that, Hank? He says he gets by. Nice.

Jensen: Okay. So you call me after all these years, Eddie, and you tell me that you're working for the cops. And that you got a deal for me. Let it not be said that you don't have one set of balls on you, huh?

Eddie: I got an offer. You know that coke that was taken off the Disciples and the 25 Boys? Came from you; we both know that. I can get it back for you. You can resell it, make 100% profit.

Jensen: And how am I supposed to do that when I got Narcotics investigating me? Oof.

Voight: That's good faith.

Jensen: I pick that up and three seconds later, I got all my doors crashed in, right? That's what's gonna happen.

Voight: Take a look outside. There's nobody there. This is about me getting square with Eddie and Eddie getting square with you. This deal comes with my personal guarantee you'll be protected from Narcotics.

Jensen: You know, when I first heard that Eddie protected you inside.

Voight: Hmm.

Jensen: I thought the man gone insane, lost his mind. But I guess it was just Eddie looking at his own big picture, right? You talk about a long, long con, Sergeant.

Eddie: We want a million too. Worth twice that. Come on.

Jensen: I'll give you 600 grand.

Voight: So 800?

Jensen: If we do go into business together…

Voight: Hmm.

Jensen: You work for me just like every other guy on my payroll. That understood? Understood?

Voight: I understand.

Jensen: So we meet at our old haunt tomorrow at Remington Heights. Noon okay with you?

Eddie: Yeah, fine.

Jensen: All right.


Eddie: Been 12 years since I tasted anything that smooth. Inside, you dream about moments like this. Good drink, good food, good woman.

Voight: Yeah, it sure seems like you found a good one with Audrey.

Eddie: Yeah, yeah. I got no right to a woman that good.

Voight: Hmm.

Eddie: All these years, I'm finally gonna get a payday. Build a life with a real family.

Voight: You know, Eddie, if this thing goes sideways with Jensen and you don't make it out tomorrow, you're not gonna have that chance.

Eddie: Come on, Hank, think good thoughts. Come on. Here. To a win-win. For both of us.

Voight: Win-win.

Eddie: Yeah.

21 back entrance

Mouse: Okay, just…

Eddie: Hey, I'm not wearing a wire!

Mouse: Well, no, this is…

Eddie: Not with Jensen.

Mouse: No, no, this is a pinhole camera, all right? It's basically undetectable. It goes underneath your…

Eddie: I'm not wearing a camera, then.

Voight: Eddie. We got to get this deal on video.

Eddie: I get made, this whole thing blows up. There's no deal. You understand?

Mouse: Look, Sergeant, I could tap into track security. I'll get whatever you need.

Eddie: Yeah. Do that.

Voight: Just make sure you got eyes on Jensen.

Ruzek: All right. 29 kilos of pure, boss.

Voight: All right, Jensen is gonna be coming in strapped and with backup. As soon as we exchange the bricks for the cash, we wait for Eddie to be clear and then take him.

Lindsay: All right.

Eddie: Hey. You. Do me a favour. Stay out of my family's business, you understand?

Lindsay: I'm just looking out for them.

Halstead: How about we get in the car and we do this? All right?


Lindsay: Thanks. I bet Sandy Bottoms to place first in the fifth.

Halstead: Great. So we're partners, right? So if you win, then that means you have to give me half… What's up?

Lindsay: They can't take Tracy to Florida.

Halstead: Isn't that her mom's call?

Lindsay: Her mom's got blinders on.


Dawson: Mouse, you got him?

Mouse: Yup. I hacked into the track's security cams. I'm up and running.


Eddie: Beautiful day.

Jensen: Yes it is.

Eddie: You know, I've been thinking about Gi-Gi Dicaro lately.

Jensen: Gi-Gi Dicaro? Why you bringing up Gi-Gi Dicaro?

Eddie: It's just that everybody thought that I took him out because he owed us money. I never told anybody the real reason. What that pervert did to your sister.

Jensen: We've been through this. Why you bringing up my sister? What the hell has gotten into you? Look, I appreciate the way you handled that, okay?

Eddie: Didn't appreciate it enough to send even a postcard, did you?

Jensen: Look this squares us. For whatever that you think I owe you, all right? Consider it back pay or whatever. Lost years, whatever. Makes us on equal leverage.

Eddie: Yeah, that makes us even. Fresh out of Evidence. Courtesy of Sergeant Hank Voight.

Jensen: So we're good?

Eddie: We're good.

Jensen: Good. It was good to see you, Eddie. Go live your life loud and fast.

Eddie: That's the plan.


Dawson: Mouse, we good?

Mouse: Yes, sir, we're good.


Voight: All right, you take Jensen, I got Eddie.


Dawson: Move in.


Olinsky: Police!

Lindsay: Chicago PD!

Ruzek: Everybody get down! Get back!

Atwater: Come here. Come on.


Jensen: Get out of the way!

Halstead: Drop it! Drop the gun! Drop it! I got a vest on. Do you? They'll be cleaning you off the walls for a week. Do it! Do it!

Olinsky: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Halstead: You punk piece. Don't move. All right, let's go.


Ruzek: Jensen's in custody.

Voight: I got the CI, meet you back at 21.

Eddie: We're not going back to district to voucher any of this cash.

Voight: Eddie.

Eddie: Drive.

Under a bridge

Eddie: Your gun.

Voight: Eddie you don't have to do this.

Eddie: Yeah, didn't have to steal my first car when I was 14, either. Out of the car.

Voight: Audrey and her kid, they part of your plan?

Eddie: Breaks my heart. It truly does. Guys like us are better off alone.

Voight: Eddie…

Eddie: On your knees… No hard feelings, bro.


Dawson: Hey, Eddie. Hands on the car. Now.

Voight: No hard feelings, bro.

Dawson: Just when I was beginning to trust you.

Voight: Turn around. Get on your knees.

Eddie: Hank, let's call it even, huh?

Voight: Eddie we were even at 4:00 this afternoon… Cuff him.

21 back entrance

Eddie: Had to take the shot, bro.

Voight: Well, you're a big-picture guy, Eddie. You were just never strong on the details.

Eddie: I leave that to you.

Voight: All right, let's get this inventoried.

Emma Crowley’s office

Emma Crowley: Great bust. Jensen's looking at 20 years.

Voight: Not without Eddie's help… I want to give the CI money to his family.

Emma Crowley: They're not married. There's no way the state's attorney would go for that.

Voight: It's the right thing to do.

Emma Crowley: This history between you two must've been hard, bringing Little back here in cuffs… Okay Sergeant, we'll make an exception.

Intelligence kitchen

Lindsay: This is $80,000. It's 10% of the bust. It'll get you to Florida.

Audrey: I never wanted the money. I only wanted a life with Eddie.

Tracy: Mom. Eddie lied to you. And he was going to leave us.

Lindsay: Take the money. Start over… Look, you have my phone number. If you ever need anything, you just call me.

Tracy: Thanks.

Locker room

Ruzek: Hey. Everyone's going to Molly's. Meet up with some of the fire cats from 51. You want to go?

Burgess: I don't think so.

Ruzek: No?

Burgess: No.

Ruzek: What's going on? You okay?

Burgess: You were never gonna meet my mom, were you? 'Cause you were afraid if you did, the wedding would become real.

Ruzek: Come on. Hey, where's this coming from?

Burgess: It's fine. I accept it now… You don't want to be on the hook… I am letting you off.

Ruzek: Kim.

Kikavu ?

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