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Chicago Police Department
#313 : Badge usurpé

Lindsay va en mission d'infiltration pour traquer un policier voyou ciblant des femmes à la sortie d'un casino. Quand le détective Martin Watts, qui s'occupe de cette affaire à vent de la mission, il s'implique beaucoup à la consternation de Voight. Après les événements récents, Burgess demande son transfert dans un autre district et elle attend l'approbation de Platt et Mouse essaye de changer les idées à Ruzek en l'invitant à sortir avec un ami. Pendant ce temps, Antonio se porte volontaire pour prendre la place de Roman dans le prochain match de boxe contre Jimmy de la caserne 51.


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Hit Me

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Badge usurpé

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Promo 3x13 CPD


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Hank Voight, au côté d'Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) et d'Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas)

Hank Voight, au côté d'Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) et d'Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas)

Mouse, joué par Samuel Hunt

Mouse, joué par Samuel Hunt

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Emma Crowley, jouée par Barbara Eve Harris

Emma Crowley, jouée par Barbara Eve Harris

Erin (Sophia Bush) est sous couverture

Erin (Sophia Bush) est sous couverture

Adam (Patrick Flueger) et Kevin (LaRoyce Hawkins)

Adam (Patrick Flueger) et Kevin (LaRoyce Hawkins)

Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) est sous couverture au côté d'Erin

Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) est sous couverture au côté d'Erin


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Guest Starring : Steven R. McQueen (Jimmy), Samuel Hunt (Mouse), Erik Jensen (Martin Watts), Monica Raymund (Gabriela Dawson), David Eigenberg (Christopher Hermann), Barbara Eve Harris


Waitress: Here you go, ma'am.

Lindsay: Thanks. Hit me.

Woman: 21

All: Oh!

Lindsay: Yes! Okay. Excuse me! Can I get another drink over here?

Halstead: This is unreal. Do you want to take it up to the room?

Lindsay: Maybe later. I want to go out. Gentlemen. Lady. Thank you.


Cashier: Eight, nine, thousand.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Man: Ma'am. You've had a nice night. I'd like to offer you a car home.

Lindsay: Aw, that's so sweet. I'm actually okay to drive. Thanks.


Halstead: Hey! Where are you going?

Lindsay: The city. I want to spend some of this.

Halstead: You're gonna drive? How many whiskeys did you have? Seven?

Lindsay: Oh, now you're counting?

Halstead: Yeah, when I'm dealing with a drunk, I count drinks.

Lindsay: Find someone else that needs saving.

Halstead: You know what? Knock yourself out.

Lindsay’s car

Officer Watknins: You know why I pulled you over?

Lindsay: I have no idea, Officer.

Officer Watknins: You were swerving.

Lindsay: Oh, um I didn't realize that.

Officer Watknins: Coming from the casino?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Officer Watknins: Where's the cash?

Lindsay: Why?

Officer Watknins: Look, hand it over, we can forget the whole thing. Or I could throw you on top of the hood, throw the cuffs on you, take you in for drunk driving.

Lindsay: No.

Cars come.

Lindsay: Drop the piece!

Dawson: Patrolman, drop the gun, or I drop you.

Atwater: Officer Watkins, huh? You're a disgrace to the uniform. And you're under arrest. Pretty sure you know the rest of the speech.

Halstead: You good?

Lindsay: Yeah. I guess I was just hoping it wasn't true.

21 back entrance

Dawson: How many girls you rob? Were they all coming from the casino? Hmm? IAD's gonna rip you apart. It's better to confess here. Trust me.

Voight: Antonio… I don't know who we grabbed, but he ain't a cop.

Dawson: What are you talking about?

Voight: Ran his badge number. Belongs to a Patrolman, Sam Mularz. Caucasian.

Dawson: Who the hell are you?

Officer Watknins: I'm the guy who asked for an attorney.

Olinsky: We'll get him ID'd.

Voight: I'll get our witness down here.

21 entrance

Platt: Watts! Shouldn't you be out chasing pickpockets?

Watts: Oh, that stings. You still riding pine?

Platt: Well, splinters in my ass and soft hands. Commander. Morning.

Emma Crowley: Sergeant Voight around? Yeah.

Platt: I'll buzz you in… You lose this fight to a fireman I don't care if you are doing it for charity You find your own way home.

Roman: So you'll give me a ride if I win?

Platt: That's a good point. Likely not… Burgess. I heard the engagement's off.

Burgess: Well, your voice sure carries, Sarge.

Platt: Sorry. Sucks, huh?

Burgess: I'm fine. I'm fine. So Adam and I are both professionals. It'll be like it never happened.

Platt: Okay. Good.

Burgess: Yeah.

Platt: 'Cause I've seen those women go into a tailspin. "I'm gonna be alone forever. My eggs are drying up." So I am glad you're not worried. Except they do dry up. And you owe me $20.

Burgess: You're my rock.

Platt: Squad 212. Intelligence wants you to pick up a witness.

Burgess: Cool. I will I'll meet you in, like, one second.

Roman: All right.

Burgess: Could I just…

Platt: Mm-hmm.


Burgess: I wanted to let you know I'm putting a transfer order in. I filled out I filled out my PAR form this morning.

Platt: This is exactly what I was talking about. Never, ever date a fellow cop.

Burgess: Yeah, well, here we are, Sarge.

Platt: Burgess, if you put in a transfer order, you have no idea what you're gonna end up with, what boss you're gonna be working for.

Burgess: Yeah, no, I understand that completely. If you could just sign off on that, I'd appreciate it.

Platt: Are you okay?

Burgess: No.

Platt: Okay. Okay. You and me. We're just we're just gonna be in here, and you are gonna feel whatever you need to feel, okay? Okay.

Burgess: Okay.

Platt: Okay.

Burgess: Thank you.

Voight’s office

Dawson: Kristy Bradford: hit three sevens on the slots at the Marquise Casino last week. Pulled over by a uniformed police who demanded cash to let her go. She resisted. He did this to her.

Voight: Yeah, just crushed the orbital bone with, what we assume, the butt of his gun. Broke two ribs. She's 22.

Watts: Yeah, why the hell wasn't I looped in on your sting?

Voight: Internal Affairs confidential matters brought us in.

Dawson: They wanted it kept inside the unit. We thought we were going after dirty cops.

Watts: You thought?

Voight: Well, the offender we have in custody was impersonating the police. He looked the part, but he's not one of ours.

Emma Crowley: Okay, so you two start working together on this. Share files. Share information. Just keep this airtight till we know what's going on.

Watts: Yeah, tell them, commander.

Voight: We heard her.

Emma Crowley: I got a problem with fake cops. So do you.

Voight: Have a seat.

Intelligence office

Roman: We have Kristy Bradford here to see Sergeant Voight.

Lindsay: Of course. I'm Detective Lindsay. Would you follow me?

Voight’s office

Kristy Bradford: I'm sorry. I don't see him. The man who attacked me was I can still… I'm sorry.

Voight: Please don't apologize.

Kristy Bradford: I was alone, and I shouldn't have been, with all that money…  But you're supposed to trust the police. He came up to the car, and he was so friendly at first. I don't understand. If this isn't the man who attacked me, then there are more like him out there?

Voight: And we're gonna find them.

Kristy Bradford: He has my ID. He said he'd come after me if I came to the police. I thought that you had him.

Interview room

Voight: Okay, so… Gerard Garner.

Gerard Garner: Where's my lawyer?

Voight: First things first.

Gerard Garner: No, you ain't getting no interview without a lawyer.

Voight: I'm not here to give an interview… Just an offer. It's good for 30 seconds.

Dawson: We know you didn't rough up our witness. This is her. Last week. That means you must be part of a crew.

Gerard Garner: Another thing: I didn't have any bullets in my gun, and I merely asked that woman for the money.

Voight: All in your favour.

Dawson: So, from last night's incident, since it was an undercover cop you robbed, the only real victim is the City of Chicago.

Voight: Give us the name of whoever's behind this crew of fake cops, and you walk.

Gerard Garner: Walk?

Voight: As soon as we make an arrest… Six seconds. Five.

Gerard Garner: Bug. That's who put me on. Yo, dude ain't right, man. This lady right here He probably did this. He went off script.

Dawson: Bug's real name?

Gerard Garner: Clayton Howard.

Dawson: He's the one in charge?

Gerard Garner: As far as I know. Hey, Bug got me the badge and the car. Gave me a phone. Phone calls some dude on the floor who's watching people. Looking for winners.

Voight: The phone connects to a spotter at the casino.


Gerard Garner I never met him.

Voight: All right. So, who else is in this crew?

Gerard Garner I don't know. Look, I only knew Bug.

Mouse’s office

Mouse: Clayton "Bug" Howard. He lives in Calumet Park. He's got robbery, armed robbery, strong-arm robbery, aggravated robbery…

Lindsay: I'll see if Kristy IDs bug.

Dawson: All right, loop in our guy at the casino. Anyone shady he flagged the past two months. We need to ID the spotter.

Intelligence kitchen

Lindsay: Okay. Take your time.

Kristy Bradford: That's him. Please tell me you've got him.

Lindsay: We're working on it.

Patrol car / Intelligence office

Roman: I mean this. No pressure if you don't want to talk about it, but My cousin Matty said you were hot. I told him I didn't see it, to be honest. But he… He wants your number… I don't know. This is him. Clayton Howard. Although I got no idea why he matters.

Burgess: Someone beat us here… Mouse, did you send another squad car as an assist? We're at Howard's house and there's another car on scene.

Olinsky: You got the plate?

Burgess: Why do you need the plate off a squad?

Olinsky: Just what's the plate?

Burgess: It's Mary 84512.

Mouse: That vehicle was downed two weeks ago for maintenance.

Roman: What does that mean? What are we doing here?

Voight: Just drop an anchor. We're rolling to you.

Roman: Always half in the dark with these guys.

Burgess: I don't know.

Roman: They're in the house already.

Burgess: I don't know. Dispatch must've sent him.

Roman: No, we kept it off the zone. Remember? It's a big intelligence case.


Roman: Squad, 10-1, 10-1! Shots fired at police!


Burgess: We are southbound on Western chasing a Chicago police squad license Mary 84512.

Radio: Mary 84512, copy.

Burgess: Step on it.

Roman: You want to drive?

Burgess: Just go faster, Roman… Come on, Roman… Roman? Roman! Who is this guy?

Roman: Hold on!

Car crash

Burgess: Roman? Roman!

Roman: Yeah

Burgess: 2113 Squad. Roll us an ambulance. My partner's injured. Offender is armed, on foot, and wanted for the attempted murder of a policeman.

Radio: Copy that, 2113. Backup on the way.


Officer: We got the grid locked down. BOLO's out. Don't worry, we'll get him.

Burgess: All right. Thanks.

Ruzek: Kim.

Burgess: Hey.

Ruzek: Are you all right?

Burgess: I'm fine. Roman got it worse.

Ruzek: They catch the guy?

Burgess: No. They're locking down a grid. Platt's on her way. I mean, why the hell didn't they tell us who we were chasing?

Ruzek: Hey, listen… How are you doing, really? With everything?

Burgess: Fine. I'm fine. How are you?

Ruzek: You're fine. Really? 'Cause I'm terrible.

Burgess: I'm sorry to hear that. I got… Yeah I got to write on this, so…


Voight: That's two squad cars in two days.

Olinsky: Yeah. Looks like he's running hurt.

Atwater: Yeah. Check out the trunk.

Olinsky: Well, that's not department issue. That blood on the barrel We know whose it is?

Atwater: No, sir. We don't. And we probably won't for a while.


Voight: How you doing, Patrolman?

Roman: Could've used a heads-up about who he was.

Voight: Person of interest.

Roman: It's always half a story with you. We almost got killed.

Olinsky: Hey, hey, hey. Roman, back it up.

Roman: Or what? I'm talking to your boss. I waved at the guy. He emptied his mag in our car.


Halstead: Officer Mularz? Hey.

Officer Mularz: Yeah.

Halstead: Detective Halstead.

Lindsay: I'm Detective Lindsay. We're with Intelligence. We got a couple questions about your badge.

Officer Mularz: That. I reported it lost two weeks ago. It's embarrassing. I got my suspension days coming.

Halstead: How'd you lose it?

Officer Mularz: I work security at a club. Strip club. Girl comes in, wants to see the girls dance. Says she got a thing for cops.

Halstead: Nice.

Officer Mularz: Wanted to see my badge. And I came clean with this to my sergeant.

Halstead: Yeah. Problem is, someone used your badge for a robbery last night.

Officer Mularz: Oh, man. I hate hearing that. Every cop's worst nightmare, right?

Lindsay: Especially when a lady almost gets her face bashed in.

Halstead: 15 minutes ago another person posing as a cop opened up on two of our own, and he's still out there.

Officer Mularz: Okay, I just reached the point where I don't know what this has to do with me.

Halstead: Are you involved?

Officer Mularz: In robbing people?

Halstead: That's right.

Officer Mularz: I ought to lay you out right where you stand.

Halstead: I'd advise against trying that.

Lindsay: Sam? Sam, come on. You're jammed up with the department. You need money. Your badge was used.

Officer Mularz: You know how easy it is to get a duplicate?

Lindsay: Sure. But why dupe yours?

Officer Mularz: I don't know. Because whoever's behind this maybe knows I got open CR numbers on me, and I'm an easy target right now. Got you standing here in front of me, didn't it?

Lindsay: Sam, we're not buying it. Why don't you tell us what's going on here before somebody gets killed. This thing's going south real quick.

Officer Mularz: You guys want to keep talking? It's gonna be through my union rep. You all have a great day.

Intelligence office

Voight: Clayton Howard. Ran two of ours off the road, then ditched his squad. We're sitting on his apartment, but he knows it's burned.

Olinsky: Investigative alert's out. They're running a grid search.

Dawson: Every copper in Chicago's got his photo right now. He'd better hid.

Ruzek: Prints on the car being processed. It's CPD issue. Registered to the 33rd district. The other's to the 32nd.

Atwater: How do you steal two squads from two different districts?

Voight: Well, how about you do me a little favour and find out?

Mouse: Sergeant, that was the casino. I think they found our spotter.

Voight: You two.


Platt: Hey, Timmons. Commander sent me over to help out with this mess. You got a perimeter established?

Officer Timmons: Yeah, we got two blocks by two blocks, and every available copper's going yard to yard.

Platt: With your permission, let's go four by four. I'll make a call. We'll get twice the units.

Officer Timmons: Yeah. Let's do it.

Roman: Hey, sergeant, looks like you got plenty of bodies. I'm thinking we can get back in the car today.

Platt: What? Are you out of your mind? The guy took a swing at police.

Roman: It's an Intelligence case. I'm sure they're on it. Or not. We'll never know.

Platt: Oh, good, 'cause I was really wondering what your opinion was. You're gonna do this search. Report to 103rd Street. Right now.


Atwater: So, it's, like, over over?

Ruzek: I don't know. You're gonna have to ask her. She gave the ring back. Anyway, moving on, right?

Atwater: Yeah.


Man: Your guy. He came back.

Ruzek: How long was he here?

Man: About two hours. Sitting at table seven. Watching people play. Sending text messages.

Atwater: You get his phone?

Man: Yeah, we took his phone.

Ruzek: He get any calls?

Man: Not since we detained him.


Atwater: What's up, gentlemen?

Ruzek: Agh what happened here?

Man: He ran. Fell down the stairs.

Ruzek: Hmm. Give us a minute with him, would you?

Spotter :Yeah.

Ruzek: Thank you… So?

Spotter: :Look, guys, it's like I told them already, okay? I'm a card counter. I'm not a spotter.

Come on, that's all I do. That's it. There's no way I'm involved with any of these robberies.

Atwater: Okay, well, I guess you're their problem.

Spotter: Wait, wait. Guys, hold up. Wait. I mean, what if I can help you out? Yeah? I mean, I know you're looking for someone down there. A shady guy, watching all the action, right? That's who you're looking for, right?

Atwater: Show us.

Spotter: Well, he's not here today.

Atwater: Okay.

Spotter: Wait. No, no, no, no, no, no. You bring a video from yesterday, and I can show him to you, okay? I will point him out. Yesterday. 5:00 p.m… Table seven. Big guy. High school football ring on his right hand. What? I'm observant. Yeah, yeah, that's him.

Atwater: All right, we're gonna need a screen shot.

Mouse’s office

Mouse: So I ran the spotter through Faces of the Nation. Now, what came back is Franklin Haynes. He did two stints for armed robbery. LKA puts him in Bucktown.

Halstead: Known associates?

Mouse: Well, none other than Mr. Clayton "Bug" Howard.

Franklin Haynes’s house

Olinsky: Franklin Haynes! Chicago PD! Clear.

Intelligence office

Dawson: Here lies Franklin Haynes. Everything he knew about this crew died with him.

Halstead: Yeah, we're still waiting on the ballistics, but the blood on Howard's shotgun is a match for Haynes.

Lindsay: They're cleaning house. Whoever runs this crew knows we're closing in.

Voight: Officer Mularz?

Lindsay: Lawyered up. We're going through those channels to set up another interview.

Voight: You got nothing to connect him to the other guys?

Lindsay: Not yet.

Voight: But you like him.

Halstead: We do.

Voight: Hmm. All right, where are we at locating Howard? Ruzek?

Ruzek: Oh, we're still searching. Must've found a good hiding spot within the grid.

Atwater: The GPS units that were in the stolen squads they're gone.

Mouse: And that's not easy to do. It's like a Russian doll down there. It's a box inside a box…

Atwater: Inside a box.

Voight: So we got nothing off the cars?

Olinsky: They were from two different districts, but both squads were sent to the same motor pond in Area South a month ago.

Voight: It could be Clayton Howard's got a hookup inside the motor pool. You two… Hey, you got your head on straight?

Ruzek: Yeah, it's just I'll be honest. I didn't see it coming. You know? I feel like I let her down.

Voight: That's not what I asked.

Ruzek: Yes, sir. My head's on straight.

Voight: Okay.


Burgess: Sergeant. Lawrence is clear.

Platt: You checked backyards, under cars?

Roman: There's a trailer behind one house, but no one's home. It's locked up.

Platt: Then Lawrence is not clear.

Roman: Well, what am I supposed to do? Crack open someone's private property?

Burgess: Hey. Hey, you need to calm down. You're still alive, right?

Roman: I'm not worried about what could've happen to me. I'm worried about you.


Halstead: You the shift supervisor?

Mechanic: I am. You got a problem with your vehicle?

Lindsay: Two of them, actually. We were wondering if you can tell us where we can find these cars.

Mechanic: Give me a second. You want a french fry?

Lindsay: No, thanks. Maybe.

Halstead: The cars were stolen off your lot.

Mechanic: Nope. They were signed out, Detective.

Halstead: Show me.

Mechanic: Right there. Officer Sam Mularz. I remember her.

Lindsay: Her?

Mechanic: Yeah. Yeah, she's real pretty. Came in with her partner. Big guy. Black guy. He signed out a car two weeks before that.

Lindsay: That's not her name. That's a stolen badge.

Halstead: Black officer is this him?

Mechanic: Yep. One and the same.

Halstead: Do you have cameras in here? We need anything you got on the partner.

Intelligence office

Mouse: I got a match on the female partner, on one Elizabeth McKenney. She's got priors. Shoplifting and resisting arrest.

Voight: You got an address?

Mouse: Right there. Off Western.

Olinsky: Send Burgess and Roman? Or is he still benched until his feelings get unhurt?

Voight: No, he's fine. Send him.

Olinsky: Okay.

Elizabeth McKenney’s house

Burgess: Ms. McKenney?

Elizabeth McKenney: If this is about the stereo, I turned it down. Bitch is crazy, and you can tell her I said that.

Roman: It's not. Can we come in?

Elizabeth McKenney: Ah, it's so messy in here right now. I'd be embarrassed.

Roman: Clayton Howard!



Burgess: Stay down!


Roman: Stop! Police! 2113. I’ve got a 10-99 I’m requesting immediate backup. Offender entered a building on 119th and Union. I'm in pursuit.

Radio: Copy, 2113. Backup on the way. 119th and Union.



Clayton Howard: Ugh! Ah!

Platt: Roman! You okay?

Roman: Yeah.

21 back entrance

Voight: You like beating up women, Bug? Girl you put in the hospital last week… She seems to think you do. Thought you enjoyed it.

Clayton Howard: She should've gave it up.

Voight: Blood on the shotgun we found in your stolen squad is a match for Franklin Haynes.

Clayton Howard: Sounds like you know everything.

Voight: I don't… Cars… The badges… Where'd you get them?

Clayton Howard: You don't know that part? That's the best part.

Voight: Maybe I'll enjoy it as much as you… Where'd you get them?

Clayton Howard: Oh, my God. This is great.

Voight: Let me tell you something. That uniform you put on? I take it seriously. My father he wore that uniform. Men I know died in that uniform protecting this city.

Clayton Howard: All the times I been pulled over by cops, frisked by cops, shoved down on the sidewalk face-first by cops, lied to by cops, knocked around by cops, ripped off by cops all those times. Too many to count. It gives me great pleasure to serve one up.

Voight: Who?

Clayton Howard: I want a deal first.

Voight: Takes a name to get a deal. Otherwise you're just shaking your ass.

Clayton Howard: Detective Martin Watts. Works in robbery, burglary… Oh! The look on your face just made that so much better for me.

Voight: Watts gave you the badge and the cars?

Clayton Howard: He gave me the blueprint. The badge and the cars was just the first step. The whole thing was his idea.

Intelligence office

Halstead: Watts arrested both Howard and Haynes on burglary charges. Instead of pushing their cases, he put them to work.

Olinsky: And our first offender?

Lindsay: No, they don't look connected. Watts turned out Howard, and then he must've brought in his friend.

Dawson: Watts was the catching detective for anything out of the casino. He could've buried anything he wanted.

Ruzek: We can't stitch up a cop on a tip from a repeat offender.

Dawson: You think I want to go after one of ours? I mean, girls got robbed and beaten. We don't know how many. We don't know who else got hurt, because the guy in charge was investigating himself.

Voight: We got to play this really carefully.

Watts’s house

Voight: Antonio, you got eyes on Watts' vehicle?

Atwater: Negative.

Dawson: Mouse, any movement on his phone?

Mouse: Last ping was inside the house. He hasn't moved in over an hour.

Halstead: Sarge, you got movement upstairs. Chicago PD!

Lindsay: Clear.

Halstead: Clear.

Voight: Watts, if you're up there, come on down, now, nice and slow.

Mrs Watts: It's just me. I'm coming down. What the hell's going on? He came home and he was looking for Jenni.

Lindsay: Jenni is ?

Mrs Watts: Our daughter. She's out with friends. But he said he had an active case, and he took his gun. His shotgun. Oh, my God.

Halstead: Sarge?

Voight: Yeah.

Halstead: It's not about money now. I found this stash. It was hidden in a panel in the bedroom.

Lindsay: All right, he knows we're closing in.

Mrs Watts: Please. Whatever's going on He's a good man.

Voight: Do you know where he'd go?


Voight: Martin Watts, he's one of ours. Suspected of armed robbery, battery, and first degree murder.

Olinsky: Been on the job 20 years. He's armed and trained, and he's not gonna be happy to see us.

Dawson: We believe he's barricaded in one of those RVs. We sealed off a one-block perimeter. No one comes in or out until he's in cuffs.

Voight: All right, SORT, you hang back until I give the signal. There's no need to spook him. IAD, you're here to observe. He's all yours once we got him. All right, I know this isn't easy. But if he makes a move, don't hesitate. Let's do it.

Platt: Hank? Me and Watts worked the same district for 11 years. I know him better than any negotiator HQ's gonna send. So let me bring him in. Let me do this.

RVs’s parking

Voight: If it puts you in danger, Trudy.

Platt: Understood… Hey, Watts! It's Trudy. Are you alone in there?

Watts: I'm alone and I'm armed.

Platt: Okay, well, you're making everybody a little tense out here, so why don't you come on out, and we'll all relax, okay?

Watts: You need to back up!

Platt: I can't do that, Watts. I'm coming in. I'm coming in now. It's just me. Coming in. Okay.


Watts: Put down your weapon. Put it down!

Platt: Putting it down. Putting it down. Okay, I'm just…

Watts: I don't know what your goal is, but no way am I walking out of here. Either I take care of this, or one of yours does.

Platt: How did we get here?

Watts: You remember I got shot? The bullet lodged in my spine. They put me on medical. I'm making half a city wage trying to remember how to walk. I get back on the job and I'm right back to it chasing dirtbags in foreign cars who pull down my salary in a night. I was… I was owed more.

Platt: Watts? Martin? Everybody gets hurt. I got shot, too. Remember?

Watts: Yeah.

Platt: And the brass gave me a desk and they made it very clear that that was my one and only choice. And all I wanted to do was be out there. Can I please have a drink? But now, I got a whole building to protect. And that was my reward, because I didn't let it break me.

Watts: It… It doesn't happen all at once. It's inch by inch, until one day, you're alone with a bag of money, and you just you reach in, and you're just so far from where you started. There's no way back.

Platt: Okay, okay. Just breathe, okay?

Watts: It was my plan, but at the end, I worked for them. I tried to shut it down. But… But Howard he just came back at me. He said he wanted two cars. He tried to cover our tracks… A man's dead. I didn't pull the trigger, but that's on me.

Platt: No, no, no, no, no, no. Virginia and your daughter… They do not deserve this. You cannot do this to your daughter. You cannot… Martin.

Watts: You… You drank all my booze. I need… Could you get another bottle? It's in the… The cupboard. Heck yeah.

Platt: Okay… But I'm gonna need your ankle piece first.


Watts: I'm sorry.

Dawson: Come on, before the cameras get here.

Voight’s office

Platt: Always check the ankle piece. What was his name? From the academy? Hammered that into us. I still feel him standing over me.

Voight: Officer Llewyn.

Platt: Llewyn.

Voight: Mm.

Platt: Stood too close to the females.

Voight: Hmm.

Platt: That whole time, all I could think was, that could be any of us sitting in that chair. How easy mistakes pile on each other.

Roman: Sergeant? You wanted to see me?

Voight: Yeah. How you feeling?

Roman: Fine.

Voight: When I asked you to sit on that house, I thought it was one thing. Turned out it was another. And I didn't intend to put you in a bad situation. And I apologize.

Roman: That it?

Voight: That's it.

Roman: So, a real cop was behind this?

Voight: Well, he hadn't been a real cop for a long time.

Locker room

Lindsay: Hey.

Burgess: Hey. I…

Lindsay: Yeah, sorry. Certainly earned your paycheck today, huh?

Burgess: I'll say.

Lindsay: You all right?

Burgess: Yeah, I'm good.

Lindsay: Yeah?

Burgess: Yeah. Uh Anyway, I'll see you.

Lindsay: Kim? You know, Sergeant Platt and I are pretty close. She's…

Burgess: She loves you.

Lindsay: Yeah, we'll call it a mutual admiration society.

Burgess: Okay.

Lindsay: She and I were talking, and I don't have to be coy here. She told me that you're transferring out.

Burgess: Yeah, that's right.

Lindsay: Because it's that difficult to see him at work every day?

Burgess: Because… Because I feel really guilty about calling it off. But it needed to be called off. So there's plenty of other places I can work, Erin.

Lindsay: Yeah, no, I hear you. But you know that when Platt signs off on that paperwork and takes it to the commander, she's gonna want to know why… You know how hard it is already to be a female cop. And this will follow you around. You. Not him. For the rest of your career… And I'm telling you, you have a really bright one ahead of you… Just think about it.

Burgess: Yeah.

Lindsay: I'm really sorry.

Burgess: I got to go.

Lindsay: Yeah.


Herrmann: All right. Two Bison Tail Porters. They're my favourite new craft brewery. They sent over two free cases. It's kind of bitter, though, right?

Gaby: Mm.

Dawson: What up?

Herrmann: Tony!

Gaby: Hey, heard your middleweight got injured today. You're gonna have to forfeit, huh?

Dawson: Actually, I was thinking I might offer my services.
Gaby: No. No, no way.

Jimmy: Why not? I trained for this.

Gaby: You trained for Roman.

Herrmann: Right. I'm looking at you out of peer pressure, just to be clear.

Jimmy: Screw it. I'm in.

Gaby: Ohh.

Dawson: Let's box. There, you all heard it. That was binding.

Herrmann: Okay. You're gonna be needing this.


Mouse: Hey, Adam. This is Bryn. And I was just telling Bryn that you're kind of licking your wounds…

Ruzek: A little bit.

Mouse: Well, it turns out that so is she. So, you know. Cheers.

Bryn: So, you're a cop?

Ruzek: I am.

Bryn: Wow, you must have so many crazy stories.

Ruzek: I got some crazy stories. Look, Bryn I'm just not…

Bryn: No problem.

Ruzek: Sorry.

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