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Chicago Police Department
#315 : L'heure de l'interrogation

En effectuant des contrôles routiers, Burgess trouve un sac plein d’héroïne dans la voiture d’un professeur d’université respecté. Celui-ci prétend ne pas savoir comment ils sont arrivés ici. Voight décide de mettre la pression sur ce suspect improbable et Olinksy et Antonio cherche à trouver qui est derrière ce trafic de drogue. Au District, Roman exprime ses désirs de devenir un maître de stage à Platt et Mouse pistonne Halstead sur un travail de sécurité sur son temps libre pour une propriétaire d'une clinique médicale de la marijuana.



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Titre VO
A Night Owl

Titre VF
L'heure de l'interrogation

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L'équipe des Renseignements au grand complet !

L'équipe des Renseignements au grand complet !

Alvin Olinsky joué par Elias Koteas

Alvin Olinsky joué par Elias Koteas

L'ambulancière Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) donne des explications à Kim, Erin et Hank

L'ambulancière Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer) donne des explications à Kim, Erin et Hank

Hank (Jason Beghe) toujours prêt à faire feu !

Hank (Jason Beghe) toujours prêt à faire feu !

Moment de tension entre Kim et Adam

Moment de tension entre Kim et Adam

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) vient de faire une macabre découverte

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) vient de faire une macabre découverte

Sean Roman (Brian Geraghty) a l'air mal en point

Sean Roman (Brian Geraghty) a l'air mal en point

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush), toujours prête à en découdre avec les criminels

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush), toujours prête à en découdre avec les criminels

Alvin (Elias Koteas) tente de réconforter une femme

Alvin (Elias Koteas) tente de réconforter une femme

Kim est au Molly's, avec le Dr Sarah Reese (Rachel Di Pillo)

Kim est au Molly's, avec le Dr Sarah Reese (Rachel Di Pillo)

Adam Ruzek (Patrick Flueger) en pleine discussion avec Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati)

Adam Ruzek (Patrick Flueger) en pleine discussion avec Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati)

Partie de cache-cache pour Hank, Jay et Antonio

Partie de cache-cache pour Hank, Jay et Antonio

Sylvie et Erin, au Molly's

Sylvie et Erin, au Molly's


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Guest Starring : Samuel Hunt (Mouse), Kara Kilmer (Ambulancière Sylvie Brett), Rachel Di Pillo (Interne Reese)

Street: check point

Roman: How you doing tonight, sir?

Driver: Good, Officer. Appreciate you guys being out here tonight.

Roman: Yeah, where you coming from?

Driver: Hawks game.

Burgess: Come on.

Adam Ames: Tough duty on a cold night.

Burgess: Yeah. Where you coming from?

Adam Ames: Home.

Burgess: You been drinking?

Adam Ames: No, ma'am. I'm on my way to a lecture.

Burgess: At this hour?

Adam Ames: The lecture's tomorrow. Windsor University.

Burgess: So Canada.

Adam Ames: That's right.

Burgess: You're getting a late start.

Adam Ames: I'm a night owl.

Burgess: You mind if I check your trunk?

Adam Ames: Not at all.

Burgess: Roman?

Roman: Yeah… What is it?

Burgess: I don't know.

Roman: Looks clean.

Burgess: Send down the K-9… This is where the dog indicated.

Adam Ames: There's nothing in there.

Dawson: Then you got nothing to worry about.

Olinsky: You put in a new sound system?

Adam Ames: No.

Olinsky: Well...

Dawson: Something was installed in here and it's not factory… Ooh.

Adam Ames: I have no idea what that is.

Olinsky: I'll tell you what it is… It's heroin.

Burgess: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Interview room

Adam Ames: I swear to you, I have no idea how the drugs got there. I'm obviously not a drug dealer. Surely there's another explanation.

Dawson: Well, you're the one who has to give us an explanation. Why were you leaving the city with ten kilos of heroin?

Adam Ames: I was going to give a lecture. That's all I know. How long is the... The bail process?

Dawson: Your bond is based on the street value of the seized narcotics. Cost you half a million to walk out of here, but we can sit on you for 48 hours and we've got ten kilos of probable cause to put you in a county lockup and trust me, your life would never be the same.

Voight: Look, it's pretty clear what's going on here. Somebody put you up to this. Just do yourself a favour. Give us a name.

Adam Ames: Believe me, Sergeant, I wish I could tell you something.

Voight: Professor, I don't know if you're scared or confused, so I'm gonna give you some time to think about the consequences of the situation you're in.

21 entrance

Roman: Hey, Sarge, you got a second?

Platt: One Mississippi.

Roman: I was wondering, I put in all my FTO paperwork and the only thing I'm missing is a letter of recommendation from a supervisor.

Platt: Hmm.

Roman: Is there something holding that up?

Platt: Most people want to be Field Training Officers for the extra money. I happen to take it very seriously.

Roman: Me too. I think I'd be a great teacher.

Platt: Based on?

Roman: Gut feeling.

Burgess: Yeah, he's got a way of looking at things.

Platt: You and me, field test, today.

Roman: Great.

Burgess: I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Platt: Uh-uh. Me and Boy Wonder are riding alone.

Burgess: Good luck.

Intelligence office

Halstead: Marijuana?

Mouse: It's medical marijuana, and as you know, it's perfectly legal in Chicago as of six months ago.

Halstead: All right, I'm not so sure, man.

Mouse: Look, you're the one who said that you wanted to move up in the world, get some scratch for a condo. Well, it's a high-paid gig, the owner's totally legit. She has an MBA from Northwestern.

Halstead: Who's this? Who we got?

Dawson: Here's somebody you never thought would get mixed up in drugs. Adam Ames. 61 years old. He's got no criminal record, not even an overdue library book. He's married with three adult children. He's a respected professor at Central Chicago University where he teaches social ethics, whatever that's about.

Lindsay: I'm guessing it's not about running ten kilos of heroin into Canada.

Halstead: Yeah, doesn't sound like he has financial problems. The guy lives in River Forest.

Atwarter: Professor could be getting played.

Ruzek: Yeah, remember that guy that got killed bringing bullets in from Canada? Turned out his nephew put the load in the trunk. Remember that?

Voight: We're not gonna charge Ames yet but just hold him. We'll see if we can scare out the big fish.

Olinsky: The way the trap was built, I got a good idea who did it.

Voight: Good, lean on the trap guy.

Dawson: So who do you think it is?

Olinsky: His name's Beto; guy runs a car stereo supply store...

Voight’s office

Lindsay: Hey. I was thinking we could bring Burgess up on this. You know, she's the original case officer. Give her a chance to see it through.

Voight: I already offered Burgess a spot in this unit. She turned it down.

Lindsay: Everybody deserves a second chance. That's what it said on the coffee shop chalkboard this morning.

Voight: No kidding.

Lindsay: Come on.

Voight: Just make it clear it's only a field trip.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Locker room

Lindsay: Burgess.

Burgess: Yes.

Lindsay: Change out of those blues. You're riding with me today.

Burgess: Really?

Lindsay: Yeah. Voight cleared it with Platt. I'll see you in the roll up.

Burgess: Hey, um, what about Ruzek?

Lindsay: This isn't about him. You pulled a major load off the street. Besides, when do we ever get to work together?

Burgess: Yeah.


Roman: You should probably drive, right?

Platt: You're asking? The officers you train will be forever imprinted by your methods. First lesson I learned from my FTO, take charge of the situation.

Roman: Right, so here's the keys.

Platt: You know what? I am not your sergeant. I am a freshly minted officer out of the academy and you are my teacher. I'm a lump of clay. Mold me.

Roman: Look, Sarge, can you...

Platt: Officer. Officer Trudy Platt.

Roman: Okay, Officer. Drive.

Platt: Oh, and just so you know, the reason I want to become a policeman is to get rid of the bad guys, make the world a better place.

Ames’s home

Claire Ames: We've been trying to reach him. We didn't know what had happened. I mean, there's obviously been some kind of mistake.

Lindsay: Ma'am, if there's been a mistake, it looks like your husband made it.

Burgess: He said he was going to Canada.

Claire Ames: He teaches a seminar at Windsor University.

Lindsay: Have you noticed any unusual behaviour lately?

Claire Ames: My husband hasn't changed in 30 years, and trust me, he is not a criminal.

Lindsay: Do you work, Mrs. Ames?

Claire Ames: I volunteer.

Lindsay: It's just a very nice house on a professor's salary.

Claire Ames: The money comes from my side of the family. This is a mistake. You have the wrong man.

Pearl Ames: Mom, I just got your message.

Claire Ames: Pearl, these are police officers.

Pearl Ames: Why is my dad in jail?

Lindsay: Because we found 10 kilos of heroin in his car.

Pearl Ames: That is crazy. There's no way that could ever happen.

Lindsay: Well, either your dad's mixed up with the wrong people, or he's the unluckiest man in the world.

Pearl Ames: You've got the wrong person. Have you called the lawyer?

Claire Ames: I just found out.

Pearl Ames: Mom, what are you doing? Call the lawyer.

Burgess: Does anyone else ever use his car?

Pearl Ames: Like maybe his daughter?

Claire Ames: Pearl, stop it!

Pearl Ames: Mom, they're accusing Dad of smuggling drugs. And no, he never lets anybody use his car. I have my own car. You want to see if there's anything in there?

Claire Ames: I'm sorry. Now, I do need to call the lawyer.


Olinsky: We just found one of your traps in a green RAV4. Real state of the art. Those two screws in the speaker panel, huh? Come on, man, nobody builds 'em like Beto, right? But the trouble is, it was loaded with ten bricks of heroin.

Beto: I build 'em. I don't fill 'em.

Dawson: Is this the guy who brought you the car?

Beto: Never saw him before. Were you officers aware that it is now legal to build concealed traps in cars in the state of Illinois?

Dawson: Oh, you know what's still not legal? Taking cash for jobs you're not declaring. That trap alone cost five grand. Uncle Sam get his taste?

Beto: Still working on the paperwork.

Dawson: We need a name or I'm calling my friend at the IRS and we'll shut this place down.

Olinsky: Who brought you the car?

Beto: Johnny Z.

Dawson: Who's that?

Beto: Johnny's a carrion. Small-time chump.

Dawson: You got a contact?

Johnny Zakarian’s house

Halstead: Take the back. We got smoke.

Atwater: 5021 David. We got an emergency. Roll fire to 4822 North Allen Avenue. We got heavy smoke coming out the front floor.

Radio: Copy that.

Halstead: Go.


Ruzek: It smells like burnt hair. Chicago PD. Is anybody home? If anybody's down here, call out.

Halstead: Body.

Burgess: Clear.

Lindsay: In here.


Sylvie Brett: All right, two things we know, the corpse is male and he was burned alive. It's because of the fists. Heat contracts live muscles.

Lindsay: We think it's Johnny Zakarian. He's a match for height and weight description.

Voight: So Johnny didn't just put the trap in the professor's car. He arranged the heroin, someone got pissed when we seized it. All right, have forensics make a positive ID.

Atwater: Execution. One bullet.

Ruzek: Michael Perry. Lives up the street. Kid's only nine years old.


Burgess: Check this out. Maybe a girlfriend.

Lindsay: Definitely a girlfriend.

Living room

Voight: Hey.

Fireman: Sarge.

Halstead: Mouse ran the professor's phone and emails. There's no connection to Zakarian.

Olinsky: Okay.

Lindsay: Looks like Zakarian had a girlfriend. Natalie Minos. Found her pill.

Voight: All right, find Zakarian's girlfriend. Maybe she can connect him to the professor.

Garcia: Sergeant, we got a lady outside, says her son's gone missing. Said he was outside selling candy or something.

Olinsky: I'll talk to her… Saw something he wasn't supposed to see.


Donna Perry: Can somebody tell me what's going on?

Olinsky: You live around here?

Donna Perry: Down the block. My son is missing.

Olinsky: What's your son's name?

Donna Perry: Michael. Michael Perry. He left this morning to sell candy bars for his hockey team.

Olinsky: Come here. Um, can you describe him?

Donna Perry: He's nine, light brown hair.

Olinsky: Ms. Perry, we... Found a body in that house. Matches your son's description.

Donna Perry: No. No. No. No.

Olinsky: I'm sorry.

Donna Perry: No... No! No!

Olinsky: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Hey.

Interview room

Dawson: Johnny Zakarian. Johnny Zakarian.

Adam Ames: Am I supposed to know who that is?

Dawson: Well, considering he's the guy who put the trap in your car, that would make sense.

Adam Ames: Well, if you say that's what happened, then okay.

Dawson: Here's what's not okay. Zakarian just got burned alive, and a nine-year-old boy, who looks like he had nothing to do with this, got caught in the middle. If you had anything to do with the heroin, you're now an accessory to two murders. This just went from bad to worse for you.

Adam Ames: Uh, I had my car serviced last week. Maybe somebody put the drugs in then.

Dawson: Somebody who knew you were driving up to Canada. That's some coincidence.

Adam Ames: I'm trying to help.

Dawson: Might be too late for that.


Burgess: Then I remembered, look, I left a toothbrush at Ruzek's place. If I leave it there, it sends a message I'm coming back but if I ask him for it, then he'll think I'm obsessed about him.

Lindsay: Kim.

Burgess: Yeah.

Lindsay: Just buy a new toothbrush.

Natalie Minos: Hey, can I help you?

Lindsay: Yeah, you Natalie Minos?

Natalie Minos: Yes.

Lindsay: Chicago PD. We need to talk to you about Johnny Zakarian.

Burgess: We found your birth control pills at his apartment.

Natalie Minos: Look, in this neighbourhood, we don't talk to police.

Lindsay: This is a double murder. You don't have a choice.

Burgess: I'll take some of those.

Natalie Minos: I was seeing Johnny on and off. Mostly at night. It was that kind of thing.

Burgess: Okay, did you ever meet Adam Ames?

Natalie Minos: No.

Lindsay: Look, I know that you want to help, but you're scared. Give us a name, and then yell at us to get the hell out of here and we'll play along.

Natalie Minos: Gregor Toros. He's doing demo at the Furlow Building. Look, I told you, I didn't know him, okay, and I can't help you, so leave me alone.

Patrol car

Roman: 10-54.

Platt: Cows on the road.

Roman: 10-94.

Platt: Drag racing. Hopefully not while a 10-54 is in progress. Is that all you got? We don't even use 10 codes anymore, and by the way, I've keyed my radio five times with my right hand. My FTO taught me to always keep my shooting hand available...

Roman: Stop the car.

Platt: Excuse me?

Roman: I just got shot and your awareness in this moment will determine if your partner lives or dies. What block are we on?

Platt: 2800 West Augusta.

Roman: Cross street.

Platt: California.

Roman: Nearest hospital? By the time the ambo arrives, I'll have bled out. We're running out of time.

Platt: Norwegian American, two miles away.

Roman: The guy on the corner, describe him.

Platt: Which guy?

Roman: The guy who shot me. Don't turn around.

Platt: Uh, white, male, 20s, light blue parka.

Roman: That's not the one, it was the other guy.

Platt: You got shot by the hipster?

Roman: Describe him.

Platt: White male, 20s, gray parka, the kind that look good and can't keep you warm.

Roman: What colour were his shoes? They were green. Always pay attention to the shoes. A guy can ditch his coat but the shoes are much harder to get rid of… Time for lunch, patrolman. You're buying.

Platt: Oh...


Atwater: Hey, man, we're looking for Gregor Toros.

Man: Hey! Gregor! Gregor!

Ruzek: Nah, damn.


Ruzek: Ah! Stop! Police! Hey! Hey! Hey... Where you gonna go? Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Atwater: Whoa, whoa, come on, bro.

Ruzek: Hey, hey.

Atwater: Look. See? We don't want you. We just want to ask you about Johnny Zakarian. That's it. Come on.

Gregor Toros: It's too late. They will know that I talked to you.

Ruzek: Look. Who you talking about?

Gregor Toros: They will punish my family.

Ruzek: No, we can help you. You just got to step away from the ledge. Come on, now. Come back from the ledge, man.

Gregor Toros: ???


Ruzek: No, no, no.

Gregor Toros: Ah!

Ruzek: Wait, whoa, whoa!

Intelligence office

Lindsay: All right, thank you. Immigration says that Gregor Toros immigrated from Armenia five years ago. So did Johnny Zakarian. They were from the same village.

Ruzek: I don't speak Armenian, but one of the guys from the construction yard told us yesterday that his last words were "I die with honour."

Dawson: Back in Vice we took down an Armenian gang in Rogers Park. It was mostly numbers and prostitution. Guys who had just come over, didn't trust the cops, extremely violent. Somebody picked up where they left off.

Atwater: How did Mr. Rogers get mixed up with the Armenian thugs?

Mouse: I drilled into Ames' financials. There's nothing out of whack on the credit card. Trust, house, both in his wife's name. The only thing that Ames actually has is a pension from the university which he had transferred over to an LLC entity.

Halstead: Did he use his pension to buy ten keys of heroin?

Mouse: N... No. The only payment that came out of this account, though, is for an apartment. It's 324 8th Street. It's in the South Loop.

Voight: Get a telephonic search warrant. Hit the professor's apartment.

Lindsay: Yes.

Ruzek: Hey, Kim. That was a really good bust.

Burgess: Thanks, Ruzek.

Patrol car

Platt: Can't believe you made me eat a sandwich wrapped in lettuce.

Roman: You got to stay away from the carbs. They'll dull your senses.

Platt: This is Chicago. We put bread on meat. It gives us comfort. It makes us strong.


Roman: Hey, what are you doing in the middle of the street? Hey, sir, you lost?

Platt: It's okay.

Roman: Not exactly t-shirt weather.

Gustavo: Tengo frio.

Roman: Frio? All right, you got a license or ID?

Gustavo: No.

Roman: No? You speak English? All right, what's your assessment?

Platt: Uh, he doesn't appear to be homeless. Spanish-speaking. I don't think he's intoxicated. He might be coming off drugs, though.

Roman: That's my read. Now there's two ways to play it. We take him to the shelter, get back on the beat, and I keep molding you, or we take him to the district and spend the rest of the afternoon filling out paperwork. You choose.

Platt: District.

Roman: Call it a day? You going paws up after the lettuce wrap?

Platt: I'm just playing it by the book.

Roman: Look, uh, Trudy, maybe you're not cut out for this. Come on.

Platt: What did you just call me?

Ames’s home

Burgess: So this apartment was rented to an LLC owned by your husband.

Claire Ames: I don't know what to tell you.

Burgess: So you know nothing about the apartment?

Claire Ames: I've never even been to that part of the city.

Burgess: Is there a chance he was renting it to you?

Pearl Ames: No, I... I wish.

Lindsay: Mrs. Ames, is it possible that your husband might have been having an affair?

Claire Ames: A few hours ago, I would have thought it was impossible that my husband was a drug smuggler. So what do I know? Come, Pearl. The lawyer said we shouldn't talk to police.

Pearl Ames: Wait. Listen. I just want to say, I am so sorry for the way I acted before.

Lindsay: I know this isn't easy.

Pearl Ames: Is there any way I can see him?

Lindsay: Look, we're... We're still in the process of interviews. Your dad is caught up in a lie and a lot of people are getting hurt. He's the only one who can fix this.

Pearl Ames: Yeah. It's just... He's my dad. He's the best person I know.

Lindsay: Look, Pearl, when we get to the bottom of this thing and we tie this off, I promise, you can see him. Okay?

Pearl Ames: Okay.

Interview room

Voight: The longer this goes, the deeper you get. And believe me, you are not gonna crawl out from under this until you start telling the truth.

Adam Ames: I have been telling the truth.

Dawson: Not the whole truth. You left out the apartment. The one you keep in the Loop? We checked with your wife. She didn't know about it.

Adam Ames: That... That has nothing to do with this.

Voight: Look at me… You're gonna tell me what this is… What are we gonna find in that apartment?

Adam Ames: I'm not saying anything else without my lawyer.

Voight: Stand up.

Adam Ames’s apartment

Sally: I was tempted to call you guys many times. You wouldn't believe the parade of shady characters coming to this apartment.

Olinsky: Yeah, something's up here. I can feel it in my bones.

Atwater: Well, pretty fancy wines.

Halstead: All right, let's check it out.


Halstead: Hey, I got something… The letters all have the same return address. Stateville Prison.

Atwater: This guy was pen pals with convicts, all right.

Halstead: The letters are pretty... Graphic.

Olinsky: And it's just not one guy. I mean, Rubicon Detention, Pinckneyville State. Professor's been writing to ten other convicts.

Intelligence office

Dawson: We've established that the professor had a secret life. He was communicating with at least 11 convicts over the course of four years.

Halstead: They all follow the same pattern. He promises to help them get back on their feet once they're released. He offers them a place to stay, all with one giant string attached. He wants... Companionship.

Olinsky: Yeah, well, quid pro quo, baby.

Ruzek: All right, well, Ames was living dangerously, got in over his head. One of the convicts used him, forced him to be a drug mule.

Voight: Forced? You sure about that?

Lindsay: We found something interesting. We've been focusing on the convict Ames was most recently writing to, a guy named Peter Walker. The tone of these letters is different. He's very... Tender, and Peter even sent photos.

Atwater: Peter Walker's a small-time con man. Got popped ripping off old folks. Did three years in Stateville. Only got released two weeks ago. Patrol officers gave me an address at 324 E. 8th Street.

Mouse: That's Ames apartment.

Atwater: Right. And his cellmate two years, ago was Johnny Zakarian.

Voight: Find Peter Walker.

21 entrance

Sergeant Tynan: Detective, the owner of Pure Green Medical is waiting for you.

Halstead: Really?

Atwater: Playing for the bad guys now?

Halstead: At least it's for money. Olinsky would volunteer.

Olinsky: Bring me some edibles.


Halstead: Hi.

Brianna Logan: Jay. Brianna Logan. Pleasure.

Halstead: Likewise.

Brianna Logan: I don't know what Mouse told you.

Halstead: He said you used to be a lawyer and now you own a pot shop.

Brianna Logan: Well, I like to tell people that I entered a budding industry with growth potential.

Halstead: I bet that always gets a laugh.

Brianna Logan: Usually a smile. Uh, so Mouse did my security system, and recommended you for security detail. I like ex-cops, um, ex-military, preferably ones that don't scare the customers away. We're an all-cash business. The Feds still won't let us open bank accounts.

Halstead: If this were, like, six months ago I'd be putting you in handcuffs.

Brianna Logan: Times change.

Halstead: Yeah, that's what they say.

Brianna Logan: Well, if you're interested, I could use your help tonight… I have 35 résumés at my desk.

Halstead: I'll take it.

Brianna Logan: I'll see you tonight.

Halstead: Thanks.

Brianna Logan: Mm-hmm.

Interview room

Voight: Okay, we went to your apartment. We know what you're hiding… Question. Why inmates?

Adam Ames: My life's mission is social justice. And... I started communicating with inmates who were serving unfair sentences, and I f... I found out that, uh, I had so much in common with these men… I'm also a misfit. And a prisoner.

Voight: Yeah, well, one of these guys set you up. Was it Peter Walker?

Adam Ames: No, it wasn't Peter's fault.

Dawson: We know he was staying at your apartment.

Adam Ames: It wasn't Peter. Running drugs was my idea. I set the whole thing up. There you have it. I confess.

Dawson: So... You're saying you knew Armenian drug dealers. What, they're former students? Come on. Why are you protecting Peter Walker?

Adam Ames: Peter and I.. Pe...

Voight: You're in love.

Adam Ames: Yes, we are.

Voight: Not the other ones.

Adam Ames: No, the other prisoners, I helped them. They helped me. With Peter, we have a connection and I never had it with anybody else. Peter was very special.

Voight: You know, according to his rap sheet, he's a forger and a swindler.

Adam Ames: Yes, and that's the problem. He left prison with a price on his head. A man promised to kill him if he didn't pay back $50,000 he took.

Dawson: And he came to you.

Adam Ames: Of course he did. We were making plans. We were gonna move in together. I would have... I would have just taken money from the trust, but my wife controls it.

Voight: Luckily, Peter had not only drug contacts, but the perfect patsy to run heroin across the border.

Adam Ames: One time. To save Peter's life. I had no choice.

Voight: Mmm.

Adam Ames: Does my wife know?

Voight: First things first.

Lindsay’s car

Burgess: Can you imagine? Like, what is his wife gonna say? That's 30 years of marriage.

Lindsay: Mmm. But she knew.

Burgess: What do you mean?

Lindsay: Like, somewhere deep down. She knew. So she's gonna kick herself 'cause she ignored all the signs… Hey. That's him.

Burgess: Yep.


Lindsay: Peter Walker.

Peter Walker: Yes?

Lindsay: Chicago PD. Need to ask you a couple of questions.

Peter Walker: I remember when Chicago cops were ugly.

Lindsay: How sweet.


Lindsay: When you met Adam Ames, you must have thought you won the lottery, huh?

Peter Walker: Look, he gave me a place to stay, but that business about drugs in his car, I had nothing to do with that, okay? I thought he was giving a lecture in Canada.

Lindsay: Really? 'Cause Ames said you had a price on your head.

Peter Walker: I just needed a bit of cash to get back on my feet.

Halstead: So the threat on your life was just a ruse to shake down Ames?

Peter Walker: I thought he was gonna get the money from his bank accounts. Not a crime to ask for money.

Lindsay: No. You know who else was looking for some extra cash? This kid, Michael Perry. Selling candy. Knocked on Johnny Zakarian's door. Wrong place, wrong time. Took one to the back of the head, execution-style. He was nine years old.

Halstead: Look at the picture, man.

Lindsay: Hmm? You had a shred of decency in your heart, you would tell us who put the drugs in the professor's trunk.

Peter Walker: Sorry, I can't help you.

Halstead: Here. You know we know that you and Johnny Zakarian were cellmates, right? Your cellie is dead, and the man that you're in a relationship with, he's facing serious jail time. You are our only connection.

Peter Walker: If you had any proof, you wouldn't be asking me questions. And let me clarify my relationship. I let him cuddle, but that was it.

Lindsay: Must be real proud of the way you played him, hmm?

Halstead: What happens when the people who burned down Johnny Zakarian find you? Because we will toss you back on the street wrapped in a bow.

Lindsay: That ought to give you a hint.

Intelligence office

Voight: So you get anything off of Walker?

Halstead: That guy is a sleazebag, but he's not copping to anything.

Lindsay: All we got so far is a professor that we know likes convicts, and ten keys of unclaimed heroin. The State's Attorney is not going to be happy.

Sergeant Tynan: Sergeant, you need to hear this.

Claire Ames: Please, I need some help.

Lindsay: Mrs. Ames.

Claire Ames: They've taken my daughter. They took Pearl.

Lindsay: Who took her?

Claire Ames: I don't know. Someone called. They said my husband owed them $100,000 and if I didn't pay them... They also said they would kill her if I went to the police.

Lindsay: Okay.

Interview room

Dawson: Whoever put the heroin in your car took your daughter.

Adam Ames: This is a nightmare.

Voight: And the clock is ticking. You need to help us right now.

Adam Ames: Talk to Peter. He arranged the drugs.

Dawson: Peter denies everything, including his relationship with you.

Adam Ames: He's probably scared.

Dawson: He threw you under the bus.

Adam Ames: He would never do that.

Dawson: Professor, we're running out of time.

Adam Ames: You do not know Peter.

Voight: Peter? He's a convicted swindler. He played you from the get-go. Lonely hearts, it's the oldest con in the book.

Adam Ames: They are after him. 50 grand or they'll kill him.

Voight: They're gonna kill your daughter!

Adam Ames: Well, tell that to Peter. Tell him that my daughter's life is at stake.

Voight: He knows. He knows… All right… Listen to me… I need you to get me something that can help us flip Peter. Some personal detail, something he cares about, 'cause... 'Cause it ain't you.

Adam Ames: He has a kid brother. He's a drug addict. But he has a real soft spot for him. Marco. You're gonna find her, right?


Voight: Who's holding her?

Peter Walker: I don't know what you're talking about.

Marco: Hey, I didn't do anything.

Peter Walker: Marco!

Marco: Peter, what's going on? They pulled me out of bed.

Peter Walker: Marco, don't worry.

Marco: Wait, why are you here? What's this about?

Peter Walker: Look, it's got nothing to do with you, okay? Don't say anything.

Marco: Peter, help me. Help me, man!

Peter Walker: My brother's got nothing to do with this.

Voight: I know. I know. I mean, that poor kid, though. He can't stay out of trouble. Two strikes against him, right? You know what I got here? Strike three.

Peter Walker: Oh, no, no. You can't do this.

Voight: I'll tell you what I can do. I can put this back in evidence, or I can put it in the back of your brother's truck, and when we find it there, that's a one-way ticket to Stateville.

Olinsky: Hey, man. Don't look at me.

Voight: So... Last chance. Who took the girl?

Peter Walker: Johnny Zakarian had this friend, Gregor. He took me to meet his boss. The guy that supplied the drugs.

Voight: Give me a name.

Peter Walker: Gaspar. Scary dude, okay? I met him at a construction site, and that photo you showed me, the girl's in his trailer.

Mouse’s office

Claire Ames: Hello.

Gaspar: Do you have the money?

Claire Ames: Yes.

Gaspar: Listen to me very carefully.

Construction site

Lindsay: I got three guards. Hostage is in the trailer.

Mouse’s office

Gaspar: You put the money in the paper bag and take it to the Picasso statue in Daley Plaza. Be there in one hour.

Claire Ames: I can't. I mean, I need more time.

Gaspar: Why? Where are you?

Claire Ames: I'm... I'm...

Gaspar: You're not home.

Claire Ames: No... Yes, yes, I'm in back.

Gaspar: You're lying. You went to the police.

Claire Ames: No.

Gaspar: You went to the police. They're with you right now.

Claire Ames: Please, I just want my daughter back.

Gaspar: I told you I'd kill her.

Claire Ames: No! No!

Construction site

Gaspar: Get in, now.

Burgess: Sarge, Gaspar cut off the call.

Voight: We go in now. Let's go.

Lindsay: Moving.


Lindsay: Gun! Drop your weapon!


Lindsay: Move.

Olinsky: Yeah.

Lindsay: Alvin!


Voight: Crossing.


Voight: Glass!

Halstead: Hit it! Hit it!


Voight: Go, go!

Gaspar’ Trailer

Dawson: Don't move.

Lindsay: You're okay. Shh, shh, it's okay. Easy. It's okay. I got you, it's okay.


Platt: Your wife is coming and she's bringing your medication, and you don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?

Gustavo: ???

Platt: Yeah, bread. Right, yeah, we're speaking the same language.

Wife: Gustavo. Gustavo.

Gustavo: Mi amor.

Platt’s office

Roman: Hey, Sarge. Tell me, how'd you know that guy wasn't homeless?

Platt: At roll call this morning, they announced that a businessman from Madrid had gone missing. I guess you missed that. Plus, he was wearing fine leather shoes, not the kind you see on a homeless man. Always pay attention to the shoes.

Observation room

Pearl Ames: How much trouble is he in?

Lindsay: Transporting that much heroin is a Class X felony. He's a cooperating witness, so that'll be taken into consideration, but a little boy died because of what your dad did. He's gonna have to pay the price.

Pearl Ames: My father always said we had to take responsibility for our actions… Can I see him?

Lindsay: He knows that you know.

Interview room

Adam Ames: Pearl. I'm so sorry… Shh.

Brianna Logan’s farm

Brianna Logan: What do you think?

Halstead: Always wanted to work on a farm.

Brianna Logan: I'm working late too… I'll be in my office if you need anything.

Terry Egan: You're the new security guy?

Halstead: Yeah.

Terry Egan: My unit burned fields of poppy in Kandahar.

Halstead: Army?

Terry Egan: Marines. Three tours.

Halstead: Wow, Rangers.

Terry Egan: Egan.

Halstead: Halstead.

Terry Egan: Nice to meet you.

Halstead: Yeah, you too. It's crazy, huh?

Terry Egan: Yeah. Want to know something crazy? I just got out of rehab. Shh.


Lindsay: So the mild-mannered professor's going to Stateville for ten years.

Sylvie Brett: Yeah, for his own protection, so his wife won't kill him.

Sarah Reese: I feel sorry for the guy. I mean, he didn't know how to accept himself and he lost everything.

Burgess: I don't know, I think what took him down were his secrets, right? He lied to the word. He lied to his family. He paid the price.

Lindsay: I don't know. I... I think what took him down was love.

Sylvie Brett: But I thought you said it was all a con. I mean, it wasn't real love.

Lindsay: But to him it was real. The things he was willing to do for that guy. Love makes us do crazy things. We know we can't control it, and we spend our whole lives chasing it, and...

Burgess: Bye-bye.

Lindsay: Hey, babe. You have the munchies yet? Hold on. Don't leave that anywhere.

Burgess: I just lost one.

Sylvie Brett: Okay.

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