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Chicago Police Department
#316 : À la place d'un autre

Quand un jeune garçon est exécuté, l’équipe des renseignements se tourner vers les parents du garçon pour obtenir des informations. L’équipe va découvrir que le père a un casier judiciaire et qu’il faisait partie d'un gang local. Après une autre fusillade dans un gang, cette fois sans victime, Lindsay et Halstead vont parler à la mère de la victime pour voir si les deux crimes sont liés et Mouse travaille à trouver une connexion. Pour honorer la jeune victime décédée, Antonio, Platt, Roman, Burguess, Mouse et un certain nombre d'autres officiers du département ainsi que les membres de la communauté sont réunis pour une veillée aux chandelles.


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The Cases That Need To Be Solved

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À la place d'un autre

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Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) discute avec l'officier Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati)

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) discute avec l'officier Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati)

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) sur les lieux du crime

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) sur les lieux du crime

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) et Antonio tentent de réconforter une femme

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) et Antonio tentent de réconforter une femme

Adam (Patrick J. Flueger)

Adam (Patrick J. Flueger)

Alvin (Elias Koteas) semble déconcerté en voyant Kevin (LaRoyce Hawkins) réconforter un homme

Alvin (Elias Koteas) semble déconcerté en voyant Kevin (LaRoyce Hawkins) réconforter un homme

Moment de recueillement après le drame

Moment de recueillement après le drame

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) tient une bougie au côté d'Erin et de Mouse (Samuel Hunt)

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) tient une bougie au côté d'Erin et de Mouse (Samuel Hunt)


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Guest Starring : Samuel Hunt (Mouse), S. Epatha Merkerson (Sharon Goodwin), Eamonn Walker (Chef Boden), David Eigenberg (pompier Herrmann), Barbara Eve Harris

Dawson’s house

Dawson: The world doesn't work like that.

Diego: Why not?

Dawson: Because you can't have something just because you want it.

Diego: But Henry's parents got it for him.

Dawson: This is our house, our family. We do what's best for us. I'm not paying for a video game bus to be parked out front for three hours.

Diego: Okay.

Dawson: "Okay" you give up, or "okay" you understand what I'm saying?

Diego: "Okay," I give up.


Dawson: What's going on?

Burgess: It's... It's horrible.

Crime scene

Voight: Tender-age black male. Executed. One shot to the head, other to the chest. Third was in his back… 9 millimeter.

Lindsay: There's no signs of a struggle, and no signs that he was restrained.

Halstead: Maybe he knew the assailant, and they led him back here.


Olinsky: Did you see who took the kid down the side street?

Witness: No.

Olinsky: How about we talk later on, in private?

Witness: No. You seen how they blew that little kid away. What you think they gonna do to me?


Witness 2: I saw this white SUV drive around the playground. Slow. Kind of big. It had a roof rack on it. And then I glance over and see four guys get out. That's all I saw.

Ruzek: Were they white? Black?

Witness 2: Only white people who roll through here are buying drugs. And they don't get out the car.

Ruzek: Okay. Did you recognize any of them?

Witness 2: No.

Ruzek: What about a license plate number?

Witness 2: No. I told you what I saw.

Ruzek: Okay.

Witness 2: I can't believe this.

Crime scene

Lauren Brooks: Let me through. Let me through!

Roman: You can't cross.

Lauren Brooks: Let me go.

Roman: I'm sorry.

Lauren Brooks: Let me through!

Roman: Guys, this is Lauren Brooks. I think she's the mom.

Voight: Ma'am, I have to warn you...

Lauren Brooks: Just show me.

Lindsay: Ma'am...

Voight: Go ahead.

Lauren Brooks: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

Lindsay: I'm sorry. I can't let you touch him.


Brian Johnson: Hey! Is that him?

Officer: Sorry, sir, you can't cross.

Brian Johnson: Is that Noah? Hey, I'm Brian Johnson. I'm Noah's dad. Is that Noah?

Voight: Let him through.

Lauren Brooks: You did this! You did this! You brought this on him!

Brian Johnson: Noah. Noah, get up.

Atwater: I understand, man.

Brian Johnson: Oh! You understand? Man, move!

Atwater: Come on, bro. I'm Officer Atwater.

Brian Johnson: Oh!

Atwater: All right? What's your name, little man?

Brian Johnson: That's my brother, Miles, man. Watch out.

Atwater: Soon as the time is right, we gonna figure out who did this. We just gonna have to ask both of y'all maybe a couple questions, so we can figure out who did this, man.

Brian Johnson: Oh, no.

Atwater: All right? Come on, man. We got this, man. Come on, brother. We got this.

Brian Johnson: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

Olinsky: Hey, hey, hey. We got this. Don't make things worse, all right?

Brian Johnson: Worse? Huh? How are things supposed to get worse right now?

Olinsky: You know what I mean.

Brian Johnson: My boy is dead!

Olinsky: Please.

Brian Johnson: My boy is... My boy is...

Lindsay: I'm so sorry.

Voight: My first partner, 25 years ago, told me something I've always remembered and it'll always be true... We solve the cases that need to be solved. This case needs to be solved.

Lindsay: Come on, we got to get you out of here.

Intelligence office

Ruzek: The victim: Noah Johnson. His father, Brian Johnson. According to gang database, he's part of the Westside Posse. He does have priors; possession, attempt to distribute, and UUW.

Dawson: Any other rival gangs the Westside Posse are currently beefing with?

Ruzek: Oh, we're looking into it. Just waiting for more intel from CPIC.

Olinsky: Might've been a retaliation hit.

Ruzek: On a 6-year-old kid? Is that what we're talking about?

Voight: We're entertaining every possible scenario, Adam.

Atwater: So the dad's a suspect?

Voight: Everybody is. Look into all family members all relatives, everybody. Start turning the screws on every known gang member in the immediate zone. Shut down their drug spots. Lock them up for jaywalking if you have to. Start flipping these guys one at a time. Someone is gonna talk, especially if they're looking at time.

Dawson: Commander.

Voight: Ma'am. Reverend.

Emma Crowley: I don't have to tell you that this case is the highest priority right now Sergeant.

Voight’s office

Emma Crowley: You know Reverend Pembelton?

Voight: Yes, I do. It's been awhile.

Emma Crowley: You were assigned to the gang unit for ten years.

Voight: Fifteen.

Emma Crowley: That's why I want you to lead this investigation. There's been some hard feelings between the current gang unit and some of the residents.

Voight: Sometimes hard feelings are unavoidable, Commander.

Pembelton: It's unacceptable, what happened today. As a city, as a society, it cannot be tolerated.

Voight: We're in agreement.

Pembelton: I will use every resource, every fibber in my being, to find out who did this, and when I do, I want to know the best course of action. Just bring them in.

Voight: Whoever did this is a lot safer with us than they are out there.

Pembelton: Are they?

Voight: You know, I'd rather not make this a referendum on the entire Chicago Police Department.

Pembelton: To borrow from the popular vernacular, I need to know that black lives matter to you, Sergeant Voight.

Voight: Black lives do matter to me. Who do you think I've been trying to protect the last 25 years? I'm not the enemy here.

Pembelton: Do I have your word that if I facilitate the surrender of the person or persons involved, they will be treated humanely?

Voight: You have my word.

Autopsy room

Medical Examiner: First bullet went in right above his left eye socket. Second bullet right above his heart. Third bullet in his back. He may have been trying to crawl away.

Lindsay: Any signs of abuse?

Medical Examiner: No. Neither recent nor preexisting. I usually don't ask this, but have you made any arrest?

Lindsay: Not yet.

Halstead: How long has the boy's mom been outside?

Medical Examiner: An hour. She won't leave.

Waiting room

Lindsay: At the place where we found your son, you told your boy's father that he did this. What'd you mean by that?

Lauren Brooks: Brian's been mixed up in a gang his whole life. And they've been going at it recently with another gang. The G Park Lords. Threats were made back and forth. That's what I heard, anyway. Me and Brian don't live together.

Halstead: Any names mentioned?

Lauren Brooks: Not to me. I told Brian, when we had Noah, he had to get out, 'cause... 'Cause he's a dad now. And... And he did for awhile, but...

Lindsay: Is there someplace we can drive you?

Lauren Brooks: I just want to be near my son. I want to be near my son.


Burgess: What's going on? Move along.


Roman: Hey! What the hell's going on here? Hey, step back! Get back right now.

Sam Fowley: I'll kill you, you understand?

Roman: Hey, you don't want to be saying stuff like that, Brian.

Sam Fowley: He lost his son. I feel for him. But he can't go around throwing punches.

Brian Johnson: You know what you said!

Roman: Get back!

Burgess: Come on!

Roman: Step back. Get out that door right now. Walk out that door right now.

Brian Johnson: I'm gonna see you!

21 hallway

Brian Johnson: So I'm sitting there having a drink, trying to take my mind off things for one damn second, and this clown comes up and says if it was his kid that was murdered, he'd be out there trying to look for the killer instead of sitting at the bar. So you know it was time for him to get his ass kicked.

Interview room

Atwater: Okay. So this guy you fought, Sam Fowley, y'all got history?

Brian Johnson: No. But I better not see his ass again.

Olinsky: Slow down. I just want to ask you... What was your son like? Noah? What kind of kid was Noah?

Brian Johnson: Um... He was, um... He was like... He was my... He was my little buddy, you know? On the days when I had him... It was just, um... It was just me and him, you know? And... Man. Oh... Sh... This was my... My... My little boy. Oh!

Atwater: Is there anybody you know who would do this, Brian?

Brian Johnson: He was 6. No.

Atwater: No enemies? No beef? I mean, think about it.

Brian Johnson: No, man. No.

Olinsky: Did your son have anything of value that he liked to wear?

Brian Johnson: No.

Olinsky: Did he have a cell phone?

Atwater: The G Park Lords.

Brian Johnson: What about them?

Atwater: We understand that your gang was...

Brian Johnson: I'm not in no gang. I used to be. I dropped my flags the day Noah was born. So whatever database y'all got me on, y'all need to update it.

Atwater: Okay. What about the gang you used to be in? That gang, are they or are they not at war with the G Park Lords?

Brian Johnson: Yeah. I guess.

Atwater: And is there anybody in that gang that might have it out for you, even if it's an old beef?

Brian Johnson: Not that I know of.

Olinsky: Then who would do this, Brian? Who would look a 6-year-old in the eye at close range and put three bullets in him?

Brian Johnson: Look, man, I'm telling you, I have no idea! I swear to God! All that gang nonsense, yeah, I know guys in them, but I been out, man. I mean, something like this? I... I don't have no beef with nobody, man. I swear... I swear to God, I don't.

Intelligence office

Lindsay: All right, thanks. So the bar that Brian was busted at is a known hangout for the Westside Posse. Nobody goes in there without being affiliated.

Halstead: One of my C.I.'s just told me that they're planning some sort of payback against G Park. Like, big-time.

Dawson: Most people I've stood over put themselves in that situation. This kid never had a choice.

Platt: Drive-by shooting. G Park Lords territory.

Voight: Let's go.


Officer: Drive-by. Black fourdoor sedan. Target was Jesse Kemp, 18 years old. Got shot in the leg, twice in the arm, but he'll make it. It's a miracle no one walking by got shot. Shooter dropped 20 rounds at least.

Halstead: Is this your beat?

Officer: Yeah.

Halstead: Is Kemp hooked up with the G Park Lords?

Officer: Very much so.

Dawson: Where's Kemp now?

Officer: Over there with the paramedics. I got my partner over there babysitting him. This is where he got shot.

Lindsay: You got any more information on the offenders' vehicle?

Officer: Not yet. Typical OEMC call. Heard shots, found body.

Ruzek: Any witnesses?

Officer: Sure. Willing to come forward? No.


Dawson: Whoa, whoa. Detective Dawson. Intelligence. I need to have a word with him.

Paramedic: You can have it down at Med. We're about to roll out.

Dawson: You can wait a minute… Who shot you, Jesse?

Jesse Kemp: I need medical treatment now.

Dawson: You tell me who shot you, you're on your way.

Jesse Kemp: I didn't get a good look.

Dawson: Why'd they come after you?

Jesse Kemp: No idea.

Dawson: Maybe it's because you were involved in the murder of Noah Johnson. That'd be my guess.

Jesse Kemp: Wrong guy.

Paramedic: You got to get out the ambo, Detective.

Jesse Kemp: Wrong guy.

Dawson: If you were involved in killing that boy, you're gonna get got eventually. They ain't gonna miss twice. But we can help you. Keep you alive.

Jesse Kemp: I ain't scared. You think I ain't never been shot before?

Paramedic: Detective!

Dawson: He's all yours.


Lindsay: Excuse me, Sergeant. Jesse Kemp lives with his mom. Her house is two blocks from here.

Voight: Hit it.

Kemp’s house

Lindsay: We're Detectives Lindsay and Halstead. Does Jesse Kemp live here?

Chelsea Kemp: Auntie, the cops are here. Yeah. Come in. I'm his cousin, Chelsea. Is he okay?

Emmie Kemp: Hey, is Jesse okay?

Halstead: He's gonna be okay. He's on his way to Chicago Med.

Emmie Kemp: Oh, thank God. Thank God.

Halstead: Ma'am, we think Jesse may have been targeted.

Emmie Kemp: For what?

Halstead: A 6-year-old boy was found dead this morning.

Emmie Kemp: I heard. It's beyond...

Halstead: I'm sorry to ask this, but do you know if he was involved at all?

Emmie Kemp: Absolutely not. And for a minute I thought that you were here for my family to help us through this.

Halstead: Okay, four men were seen in a white SUV approach the boy right before he was found dead near a playground. We think Jesse was one of those men. Now, maybe he drove, or maybe he was the lookout.

Emmie Kemp: How dare you come into my house and accuse my son of this.

Lindsay: Ma'am, I know that it seems harsh, but we're actually here because we're trying to do you a favour. Whichever of the four guys involved comes forward first, it's his story that gets etched in stone. He's the one that gets the best deal.

Emmie Kemp: You want to do me a favour, sweetheart? Leave.

Lindsay: I'm telling you, if you're looking out for Jesse and he was involved, help him out.

Emmie Kemp: Out of my house now.


Atwater: What's up? Miles, right?

Miles: Yeah.

Atwater: Do you know if Brian's home?

Miles: I think so. You get who killed Noah yet?

Olinsky: No. We need to find out who they are before we can get them.

Miles: Right.

Olinsky: Do you know who killed your nephew, Miles?

Brian Johnson: He doesn't know anything. Get in the house… What's up?

Olinsky: Jesse Kemp was shot earlier today. You know him?

Brian Johnson: No. But I been home all day. I got friends that can vouch for that.

Atwater: We think you know who's involved, though. Give us a name, dog. It ain't gonna get back to you. Trust me.

Brian Johnson: Look, you know I can't snitch on nobody. It's gonna get handled the way it's gonna get handled.

Intelligence office

Dawson: Jesse Kemp just had his lawyer visit him at Chicago Med.

Lindsay: All right, thanks. That was Vikan from the gang unit. He said Brian is affiliated with the gang, but he's not a trigger man. He does just enough to not have fellow gang members question his allegiance. He can't imagine any scenario in which the G Park Lords would put a hit on Brian, let alone on his 6-year-old son.

Pembelton: Good news.

Voight: We could use some.

Pembelton: I was able to contact Maurice Owens. Know of him?

Voight: I do.

Pembelton: He's willing to meet you and me and help arrange a truce on the streets. My hope is, he might even point us in the direction of the killers. He's at Stateville Penitentiary.

Voight: Yeah, I know. I put him there.

Pembelton: We'll need to leave right now.

Voight: Look, that's a wasted trip, Reverend. I'm sorry.

Pembelton: He's the leader of the G Park Lords.

Voight: Was. Reverend, the gangs now, they're splinter units. They don't kick it upstairs anymore. Maurice has no pull. None. If he was out on the streets tomorrow telling people what to do, he'd be laughed at or shot. The city has changed. Maurice doesn't want to believe it, you may not want to believe it, but that's the reality.

Pembelton: What can I do?

Voight: Just keep doing what you've been doing the last 25 years. Reverend, you've kept at least 10 crimes off my desk every day doing what you do, so please just keep doing it.

Halstead: And if you can, get the word out. Any retaliation is gonna increase the tragedy of what happened.

Pembelton: I know that sermon.

Voight: Appreciate you.

Olinsky: Come on. I'll walk you out.

Voight: All right, anything new on that white SUV?

Mouse: No. And Jesse Kemp doesn't, nor has he ever owned or rented one of any colour.

Halstead: Hold up. We've been checking all contact cards, traffic citations issued. Arrests, right?

Voight: Yeah.

Halstead: Last week, a 22-year-old male was pulled over by a beat car on a stop-and-frisk in G Park Lord territory. He's from a different gang, the Two-Threes, which are way south.

Voight: Hmm.

Halstead: His name's Bryan Johnson. Spelled B-R-Y-A-N. Is there any chance G Park went after the wrong Brian Johnson?


Atwater: So the new Bryan Johnson does some shady stuff against G Park, G Park gets it mixed up and goes after wrong Bryan Johnson?

Halstead: I don't know what the hell happened, Kevin. I'm just putting it out there. Gangs unit says this Brian Johnson isn't a hitter. This Bryan Johnson is, and he's in G Park Lord territory day before Noah gets killed in what's looking more and more like a retaliation hit by G Park.

Voight: All right, same work-up we did on the first Brian Johnson, let's do it for this one. Start building a whole new timeline.

Ruzek: Hey, the 34th District just reported an SUV torched off Cicero. There's a cargo rack attached to the roof.

Voight: Let's go.


Dawson: It's torched down to the rims.

Voight: How was Diego's party?

Dawson: Still going.

Lindsay: Mouse ran the plate you sent. Car's registered to a Lydia Bernstein out of Springfield, Illinois.

Dawson: Original colour listed as white?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Dawson: Bet they came back hot, right?

Lindsay: Not reported. So he's checking to see if she's related to any of our suspects. Bernstein?

Atwater: Probably not related.

Lindsay: Fair. Connected.

Voight: All right, get Springfield PD to pound on her door. We need names of everyone who had access to this vehicle.

Ruzek: Got it.

Atwater: Dash is melted. Column's got pulled out.

Olinsky: Forensics isn't gonna be able to pull a print off this thing.

Voight: A GPS system?

Atwater: Yeah. It's still in there. Can't pull the guts out without my tools.

Voight: All right, have it towed back to the roll-up. We know where this car's been, our life gets a little easier.

Atwater: All right.

Intelligence office

Lindsay: Lydia Bernstein's been in Cancun for the past ten days. Her car was parked at the long-term lot at Midway. She didn't even know it was even missing.

Voight: Ruzek, you on parking lot surveillance?

Ruzek: I don't know. If that's what you want to call it, Boss.

Olinsky: You can't get a cleaner picture?

Ruzek: No, this is the best I got. So, based on this video, we're either looking for a human being or a yeti. I don't know.

Olinsky: Run it through face recognition. Maybe something will pop.

Voight: Where are we at with this new Bryan Johnson?

Lindsay: Beat cops did a sneak-a-peek at his residence. Place was tossed. The back door was open, but no sign of forced entry. So it's looking like he took everything near and dear to him and left in a hurry.

Voight: All right, someone find me this yeti.

21 entrance

Mouse: 6 years old.

Halstead: Craziness, man.

Mouse: I was looking at his school photo. It made me think of Landigal. When we breached the mud hut with the boy.

Halstead: I don't want to talk about that day, man.

Mouse: Yeah. I just brought it up because it reminded me of...

Halstead: I just told you I don't want to talk about it.

Mouse: Okay.

Atwater: It's intact.

Mouse: No, I need... Okay. Yeah, fine. So our expert tech lab doesn't even have the actual cable they need to extract the vehicle's GPS information.

Atwater: Wait. Remember the D'Alio case? When I was researching tech, there was some forensic software company that can extract information from navigational systems. The whole process should take minutes.

Halstead: Done. Let's do that.

Atwater: It's not gonna be cheap, though. It's a private contractor.

Halstead: All right, we'll pass the hat around upstairs.

Atwater: Copy that. I'll make a call.

Halstead: All right.

Voight’s office

Atwater: Hey, Sarge, we got some $600 information for you. Want to whack it eight ways?

Voight: No, I'll cover it. What is it?

Halstead: All right.

Voight: Okay.

Halstead: It looks like our vehicle was parked a block and a half away from the playground at 7:52 a.m. That's 15 minutes right before Noah's murder. Then we got three hits of the SUV parked at 4802 South Champlain on three separate occasions in the day prior to the murder.

Atwater: Right, now that house belongs to 65-year-old Sandy Lowe, who lives there with her 18-year-old grandson, Colin Lowe. According to Gang Intelligence, he's highly active in the G Park Lords. Self-admitted. He's a senior at West Park Lake High School with Jesse Kemp.

Voight: That was worth every penny. Tell everyone to gear up. We're rolling out.

Lowe’s house

Dawson: That's him. Cover the house. Colin Lowe! Chicago Police! Stop!


Ruzek: Chicago PD! Stop!


Ruzek: You're good, you're good.

Atwater: Clear.

Ruzek: Kev.


Ruzek: Anyone come through here?

Man: No… I haven't seen anyone.

Ruzek: Does he have a gun? Back up… Get on the ground now!

Colin Lowe: Damn it !

Ruzek: Put your knees on the ground!

Colin Lowe: Okay, man.

Ruzek: Now!

Colin Lowe: Okay!

Ruzek: Down! All right, crawl towards me. Come on now.

Colin Lowe: Okay...

Ruzek: Crawl towards me!

Colin Lowe: Man, you're pointing a gun at me, man.

Ruzek: Get down.

Colin Lowe: Police brutality.

Ruzek: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Colin Lowe: Damn!

Ruzek: Offender in custody.

Interview room

Colin Lowe: Hey, look, man, I ran 'cause I thought...

Voight: We all know why you ran, Colin.

Colin Lowe: We? No, we don't know nothing. I don't know nothing 'bout nothing. At all.

Know him?

Colin Lowe: Yeah. That's my partner. Yeah.

Dawson: You're both in the G Park Lords.

Colin Lowe: Yeah, kind of. Sometimes.

Dawson: Know him?

Colin Lowe: No.

Dawson: Him?

Colin Lowe: No… No.

Dawson: Why was a stolen white SUV parked at your place on and off the last few days?

Colin Lowe: I mean, look, man. I'm handsome. People put up on me all the time. I'm quite sure y'all remember those days.

Dawson: Here's what we're thinking. You, Jesse, and two other males stole that SUV to get payback on Brian Johnson. And for reasons beyond a lot of people's comprehension, including my own, you decided to kill Brian's son Noah. Problem is, you may have gone after the wrong Brian Johnson.

Colin Lowe: I don't know what you're talking about.

Voight: That tightness you feel in your chest? That's panic… From knowing that we know 95% of what went down. The other 5% is just the names of the other two guys involved. And believe me, we are gonna find out...

Colin Lowe: Man, y'all tripping, man...

Voight: Don't interrupt me… We are gonna find out who they are. And I'll tell you what, Colin… Because a 6-year-old...

Colin Lowe: Get that out of my face, man.

Voight: ... Was executed... Look at me. Look at me. Look at me… We're not gonna get tired of investigating this and shove it in some drawer… Now, who else is involved?

Colin Lowe: Like I said, I don't know what you're talking about.

Voight: You can do that. You can keep clicking your heels, hoping this goes away… But we already got enough to ring you and Jesse up for the murder of Noah Johnson.

Colin Lowe: "We"? What's up with this "we"? I don't know what you're talking about.

Dawson: The hell you don't.

Voight’s office

Steve Kot: I'm not approving charges. Not until you guys have something I can prosecute.

Dawson: What?

Steve Kot: All you have is circumstantial evidence. What I need is an eyeball witness.

Voight: Steve, I can think of five cases you brought to a grand jury with this amount of evidence or less.

Steve Kot: Not since Laquan McDonald I haven't. You bring me a case now, I need to be able to bounce a quarter off it.

Dawson: That little boy was executed.

Steve Kot: Don't. Don't hold that over me. I know what it's like to lose a child to violence… You think I want the killers out there, walking around? I need a confession, a statement, a weapon or an eyewitness, or no go.

Platt’s office

Platt: I thought I saw the worst of it with the Tyshawn Lee case, and then this comes along. Do you realize that during Desert Storm we lost 150 men and women in action. In Chicago 2015, we were at 480. You gonna tell me we don't have a war on our streets?

Roman: Nobody even wants our help. Nobody's backing us.

Platt: No.

Roman: I got cell phone cameras in my face every stop. You make one wrong move, you say one wrong thing, they're coming at you for punitive damages.

Burgess: True.

Roman: Every day another copper's headed down to Corporation Counsel to get sued.

Platt: Yeah, well, I can pull the plug on this any day I want. 20 years vested, Roman. You know those Kentucky Lake commercials you see on TV all the time? I staked off a lot with 100 feet of lakefront. And they don't tax the hell out of my pension.

Roman: That's what I'm talking about.

Platt: Yeah.

Burgess: You of all people.

Platt: What?

Burgess: You are always telling me, "Keep your head up. Keep pushing forward. This is the job you chose." I mean, those are your words, Sergeant. Your words.


Roman: Hey. Can I help you?

Chelsea Kemp: Yeah. I'd like to speak with a Detective Lindsay.

Roman: Come with me… Buzz me up. What's your name?

Chelsea Kemp: Chelsea.

Roman: Chelsea. I'm Sean.

Intelligence kitchen

Lindsay: I can't even tell you how much I appreciate you coming in here.

Chelsea Kemp: Jesse got pulled into this. And you said the first person to come in with their story, they get helped.

Lindsay: That's right.

Chelsea Kemp: But I also came forward because I saw a photo of that boy on the news… And people can't do that.

Lindsay: I know, they can't. But the thing is, it's actually up to people like me and you to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

Chelsea Kemp: I've been sick with the flu. So, I've been staying at my aunt's house all week. And... I heard everything.

Lindsay: Okay. What'd you hear?

Chelsea Kemp: Friend of Jesse's, Colin Lowe, he was at our house, and another guy they go to school with, Jordan Lockett, he comes in with his little brother all worked up. Jordan says his sister had been raped a week earlier, and he had just got a tip that Brian Johnson done it. It was all about the get-back at that point… Jordan said everything was fair game.

Intelligence office

Lindsay: The morning of the murder, Jordan Lockett tells Jesse and Colin they're going after Brian Johnson's son. Now according to Jesse's cousin, these two tried to back out, but Jordan is above them in the gang and he made threats. He also decided to bring his 12-year-old brother André along for the ride. Jesse and Colin sat lookout. Jordan and André led Noah down the block. This is our trigger man.

Halstead: We got to get to Jordan before Brian's gang does.

Voight: All right, listen, we stay low out there. We don't want anyone on the street to know we're out in front of this. And if you do get Jordan, you keep your head on. We all know what he did to that kid. We split up, hit every known address.


Atwater: Brian's brother's bike. Miles is in there.

Lockett’s house

Jordan Lockett: Come on, man. Please. No, come on!

Miles: You're killing him! You ain't have to kill him! You ain't have to kill him!

Jordan Lockett: Please! Oh, please. I don't want to die, please. Come on, G. Please don't do this, man.

Miles: Shut up, man.

Jordan Lockett: Oh, man, please...

Miles: Shut up! You killed him. I'm gonna kill you. Shut up, man! You killed him!

Jordan Lockett: It wasn't me.

Miles: You killed him!

Olinsky: Put the gun down, Miles… Put the gun down.

Miles: He killed my nephew.

Atwater: We know. That's exactly why we're here. Put the gun down, Miles.

Olinsky: We'll take care of this, Miles. Put the gun down.

Jordan Lockett: Miles. Listen to them.

Miles: Shut up!

Atwater: Come on, bro. This ain't what your brother would want, Miles.  You know that. He doesn't even know you're here, does he?

Miles: This is how it needs to be handled.

Atwater: Hey, hey, hey. That's wrong. You're wrong, Miles.

Olinsky: Miles...

Atwater: Okay?

Olinsky: Miles, look at me. Look at me. Look… Think of your nephew. What would he want for you? Huh? Locked up in prison the rest of your life? I mean, what would he say if he was here right now? Huh?

Miles: I don't know.

Olinsky: Miles, look at me. You don't want this. You're better than this.

Miles: Don't screw it up now. Okay? Real easy. We'll get through this, okay? Just take it easy. Just take it easy. Don't make things worse. Please. That's it. That's it.

Atwater: Get up.

Olinsky: Get him to the car.

Atwater: Come on. Come on… Go on. Get out of here. Go on. Beat it… No, wait a second. Wait a second. Hang on. Go out the back way.

Interview room

Jordan Lockett: Is it true we got the wrong dude? People were saying that. I ain't know if it was true or not.

Dawson: Who cares if it was the wrong guy? You shot a 6-year-old in the face.

Jordan Lockett: Your sister ever been raped?

Dawson: That's what you're leaning on?

Jordan Lockett: I'd like to see what you do if that happened.

Dawson: You're right… I'd probably do something crazy. But I wouldn't lead a 6-year-old boy down a side street and shoot him three times. No.

Jordan Lockett: Let me tell you something. You don't know what you'd do until it happened.

Dawson: No. No, no, no. I'm telling you without any doubt in my mind. I wouldn't kill a 6-year-old. That doesn't happen! People don't do that!

Voight: Antonio.

Dawson: How could you do that?

Voight: Come on. It's all right.

Dawson: Huh? No, it's not all right.

Voight: It's all right. Yeah, I know.

Dawson: It's not all right! He needs to know!

Voight: I know.

Halstead: Come on, brother. Let's take a walk.

Voight: He's cool. He's cool.

Jordan Lockett: He got it all wrong, man.

Voight: How so?

Jordan Lockett: My little brother André pulled the trigger, not me.

Voight: Your 12-year-old brother.

Jordan Lockett: That's right. He'll tell you himself.

Voight: Because he's 12 and won't get charged as an adult.

Jordan Lockett: 50% that. 50% because he needed to learn.

Brian Johnson’s house

Atwater: I know it doesn't make it any easier... But at least you know it had nothing to do with you.

Brian Johnson: Yeah… You heard?

Lauren Brooks: Yeah. I was just coming by to see if you did.

Dawson’s house

Dawson: Listen, I'm sorry I didn't get the video game bus for your birthday.

Diego: It's all right.

Dawson: No, I was trying to make a point, I guess.

Diego: What point?

Dawson: I don't even remember. Whatever it was, it doesn't matter.

Diego: I had a fun time anyways.

Dawson: There's something happening tonight that I want to take you to, but first I need to explain what's going on.

Diego: Okay.

Dawson: Okay.

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