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Chicago Police Department
#418 : Secret de famille

Lorsque l'homme de la nuit de Chicago, Bobby Trent, est assassiné. Les Renseignements doivent enquêter sur l'une des familles les plus riches de Chicago, découvrant un tas d'argent et de secrets anciens enfouis. Pendant ce temps, la sœur de Burgess, Nicole arrive au District pour une visite, et présente une attitude glaciale envers Ruzek.


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Titre VO
Little Bit of Light

Titre VF
Secret de famille

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Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) est à la recherche d'indices

Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) est à la recherche d'indices

Kevin Atwater

Kevin Atwater

Kevin en pleine action

Kevin en pleine action

Adam boit son café du matin

Adam boit son café du matin

Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas)

Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas)

Kevin court après un suspect

Kevin court après un suspect

Kevin et Adam font une pause

Kevin et Adam font une pause

Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) discute avec une femme

Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) discute avec une femme

Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) un dossier à la main

Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) un dossier à la main

Kevin est sur un toit

Kevin est sur un toit

Kevin montre quelque chose à Adam

Kevin montre quelque chose à Adam

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) est à son bureau

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) est à son bureau

Kevin est dans les locaux des Renseignements

Kevin est dans les locaux des Renseignements

Kim (Marina Squerciati) et Alvin Olinsky sont à la morgue

Kim (Marina Squerciati) et Alvin Olinsky sont à la morgue

Alvin est au bureau du légiste

Alvin est au bureau du légiste

Adam et Alvin ont sorti leur arme

Adam et Alvin ont sorti leur arme

Trudy Platt (Amy Morton)

Trudy Platt (Amy Morton)


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Réalisateur : Lin Oeding

Scénario : Gwen Sigan

Guests : Patrick Page (Calvin Huntely), Kim Shaw (Sarah Jaines-Huntley), Jules Wilcox (Nicole Silver), Aimee Laurence (Zoey Silver), Chris Argos (Steve Kot), Michael B Woods (Bobby Trent), Blaire Brown (Taja Bowes), Isabel Thompson (Margot Trent), Jesimiel T Jaddua (AJ Hines), Denise Dal Vera (Jessica Huntley), Jim Saltouros (Williams), Josh Hambrock (Mitch), Lanisha Javon Gholston (Ann), Ryan Burch (Ian Huntley), Deshun Robinson (Joshua), Mark A Rose (O'Brian), Tim Vaughn (Miles)

Intelligence’s office

Ruzek: What are you doing?

Burgess: Hey.

Ruzek: Hey.

Burgess: Um, my sister's coming.

Ruzek: Oh, all right. The judgmental one or the pretty one?

Burgess: They're the same sister.

Ruzek: Right, right. Well, I always liked her. I think the feeling was mutual, so I'm gonna talk you up, girl.

Burgess: Oh, yeah?

Ruzek: Yeah, I'm gonna make you look awesome.

Burgess: Okay, just in case it comes up, but I'm sure that it won't...

Ruzek: Mm-hmm.

Burgess: She hates you now.

Ruzek: She what?

Burgess: We gotta go.

Ruzek: Hold on. What are you talking about?

Burgess: We gotta go.

Ruzek: Wha... I'm loveable.


Voight: Hey, you're gonna miss your bus.

Kid: Who got popped?

Voight: A kid who missed his bus.

Kid: Man!

Crime scene

Olinsky: Uh, this isn't one of us. This is Bobby Trent's car. You know, that sleaze bag videographer.

Voight: Yeah.

Halstead: 22's his, but this is no suicide. The entry wound is in the center of his face. And there's no contact wound. People don't wanna see it coming.

Ruzek: He's got half a dozen puncture wounds. Shallow, sporadic. It's overkill.

Lindsay: We talked to one of Bobby's stringers, who was out here shooting crime scenes last night. He didn't know if Bobby was working but there were three shootings in the area, so he might have been.

Voight: Oh, look, the car's a crime scene. I don't want anyone else near it until it's towed. Hey, you and Ruzek canvas the area. See if anyone's willing to talk to us.

Burgess: Yeah.

Voight: And confirm whether or not Bobby was working. If he wasn't, what the hell was he doing here?

Atwater: Yo, Sarge.

Voight: Yeah?

Atwater: Bobby's daughter was actually the one who found him.

Voight: Uh-uh.

Atwater: Her name is Margot. Says she's not leaving till she talks to whoever's in charge.

Voight: Huh.


Voight: Margot? Hey, can you give us a minute, please? Hi, Margot. I'm Sergeant Hank Voight with the Intelligence unit. One of my officers said you wanted to talk to me.

Margot Trent: Yeah, um, do you know my dad?

Voight: Not well.

Margot Trent: Most cops hate that he films what he films. They don't think he's worth much.

Voight: Listen, your father was just doing his job. My job is to find out what happened to him.

Margot Trent: I've been working for him. This morning, I was logging footage and I knew something was wrong. We all share our locations for work. And he said he was here. I thought he must be working a scene.

Voight: And why'd you know something must be wrong?

Margot Trent: Because I didn't have access. His computer, our servers... It was all down.

Bobby Trent’s office

Ruzek: Clear.

Olinsky: Clear.

Ruzek: Well, someone did not like Bobby Trent. Everything electronic is destroyed. There's gonna be nothing left but dust.

Olinsky: I think that's the point. Somebody wanted everything gone… Got something.

21 back entrance: office

Atwater: All we have is a video file. No audio at all.

Halstead: They have no idea they're being filmed. Maybe Bobby got off on this.

Voight: Or maybe this is what got him killed.

Intelligence’s office

Lindsay: Bobby Trent, 41 years old. Was a freelance videographer at crime scenes. Sold footage to all the major news affiliates. He was found at 6:12 a.m. Single .22 caliber gunshot to the face. Ballistics match Bobby's gun. Estimated time of death between 10:30 and midnight.

Halstead: The ME thinks that the seven puncture wounds to Bobby's chest and stomach came after the shot. They're very in depth, but they're all with the same blade. Small, shallow. Swiss Army knife, something similar.

Burgess: His phone locations show he left his loft, drove straight there, arrived at 10:21 p.m., but the closest crime scene is three blocks away.

Lindsay: And forensics has no trace evidence to work with. No prints on the gun. Offender likely wore gloves, so...

Voight: We're working backwards.

Lindsay: Yeah, in a very large pool.

Atwater: I mean, think about it. Bobby made all of his money profiting off of death, so naturally, he racked up enemies. Victims, victims' families, news affiliates sending him hate mail.

Burgess: There's also four ex-wives. He's not on speaking terms with any of them. Five restraining orders filed in the past two years and a history of drugs and alcohol. Speed, cocaine. He's been in and out of NA for a decade.

Voight: Huh, right, and our video?

Ruzek: There's no ID on the woman. I'm enhancing the footage to get a better image, so hopefully we'll get a pop. The guy, he's a total no go. He never looks directly at the camera, he's got no defining characteristics, as far as I can tell.

Atwater: Well, every other drive in Bobby's house was destroyed. And most of his personal files are nixed, but he did back up a lot of footage on his iCloud.


Taja Bowes: Mama!

Mother: Go inside, baby!

Taja Bowes: What happened?

Mother: Go inside. I'm okay. I'm okay, go inside. Run, baby, run, go inside.

Taja Bowes: No, stop, Mom! What happened?


Platt: God.


Taja Bowes: No, Mama, you can't! Please! No!


Platt: Hank?

Voight: Yeah?

Platt: Um, Margot Trent's here.

Voight: Okay, we all know who this guy is. We all crossed paths with him. Doesn't matter. He's still a victim with a kid downstairs. Lindsay.


Margot Trent: No, no, I've never seen her.

Lindsay: You have any idea why your dad would hide footage? Had he done that before?

Margot Trent: I don't think so.

Lindsay: And would he have a reason to?

Margot Trent: He could be paranoid sometimes.

Lindsay: What was he paranoid about?

Margot Trent: Ah... Maybe paranoid's the wrong word. He was careful.

Halstead: What about a girlfriend?

Margot Trent: I don't... I don't know.

Halstead: You never saw him with anybody?

Margot Trent: I only just got back in touch with him six months ago. If he had a girlfriend, I wouldn't be the one to know about it.

Halstead: Okay, who would be?

Margot Trent: No one. He didn't have people like that. I grew up eight miles from him. I would send him letters, school projects, photos, try and call. He'd FedEx me a present on my birthday. I was his own daughter, and I didn't even know him.

Platt’s office

Platt: Oh, come on.

Nicole Silver: Excuse me, are you Sergeant Trudy Platt?

Platt: Yeah, that's me.

Nicole Silver: I'm Nicole Silver, Kim Burgess' sister. I've heard a lot about you.

Platt: Well, you know, Kim... Kim can exaggerate.

Nicole Silver: Oh, I doubt that. I just wanna thank you. She always says how much you taught her, how you helped her get into Intelligence. It's just nice to know that there's someone looking out for her here.

Platt: Sh... She said this?

Nicole Silver: Yeah.

Platt: Well, hey, let me show you upstairs. You want some coffee?

Nicole Silver: Thanks.

Intelligence’s office

Platt: Hey, Burgess, look who's here.

Burgess: Hey!

Nicole Silver: Hey!

Burgess: I told you to call me when you got here.

Platt: It was so nice to meet you, Nicole.

Nicole Silver: You too.

Platt: Have a great day.

Ruzek: Nicole, hey. How are you? How you doing? Hey.

Nicole Silver: I was...

Ruzek: It's Adam, remember?

Nicole Silver: Yeah.

Ruzek: I last saw you at your husband's birthday.

Nicole Silver: Oh, I remember you. I had your engagement photo pinned to my fridge for eight months.

Burgess: Let's go get coffee. We're gonna get coffee.

Nicole Silver: Sure, okay.

Atwater: So out of all the hate mail that I ran through from Bobby's news affiliates, one popped. Gangbanger from the West Side named AJ Hines. He used to live three blocks away from where we found Bobby. I've caught him on two crime scenes and mouthing off.

All the hate on social media's pretty loud. He actually put a hit out on Bobby on Facebook like four months ago.

Ruzek: Huh, you got an address?

Atwater: No, he moved, and I can't confirm the new address, but AJHin0300 is snapchatting the hell out of Michigan Avenue. Wanna go get him?

Ruzek: Yes, please.

Atwater: Let's do it.


Ruzek: Blue skull cap, right in front of you.

Atwater: AJ Hines.

AJ Hines: What? What you looking for?

Atwater: I'm looking for you, dawg… Hey, hey, hey!

Ruzek: 5021 Ida, emergency. Plainclothes officers in pursuit of an offender. Male, black.

Atwater: Stop! Chicago PD!

Ruzek: You all right, sir? You all right?

Woman: Yeah, I'm fine.

Ruzek: Security, you got this?


Atwater: Hey! AJ! AJ, come on, man.

AJ Hines: No!

Atwater: I'll get you, I swear.


Atwater: Hey!

Ruzek: Stay down! Get your hands up there, yeah.

Interview room

AJ Hines: Whoa, Bobby Trent? That's why I'm here? I got zero clue about what happened to him.

Voight: You know, it makes it a lot harder to believe that when you run.

AJ Hines: I ran because I haven't been paying spousal support.

Voight: Mm-hmm.

AJ Hines: I ain't about to go to jail for that bitch.

Voight: So you had zero clue, huh? Then how do you explain this? 'Cause on Facebook, looks like you got a lot of beef with Bobby Trent.

AJ Hines: Hell yeah, we got beef. It was justified. Bobby was a vulture, white guy coming into our neighbourhood, making cash off our dead. I was doing a public service checking him. But that beef's over.

Voight: How's that?

AJ Hines: I been working with Bobby. He hired me to shoot the West Side a couple months ago.

Ruzek: So a little bit of money and that righteousness just goes right out the window, huh?

AJ Hines: No, I came around to his way of thinking. Your neighbourhood’s going up in flames, the least you can do is make the rest of the world look it in the eye, and, yeah, the money wasn't bad.

Halstead: Sarge?


Halstead: So facial recognition IDed the woman in the video. Her name is Sarah Jaines. She was arrested a few years ago for trespassing.

Voight: Well, you got an address?

Halstead: Yeah, like, 20 of them. Full name is Sarah Jaines-Huntley.

Voight: Huntley, as in...

Halstead: Mm-hmm, owns half of Chicago, Huntley.

Voight: Hmm.

Huntley’s house

Groom: I'll notify the Huntleys. You can wait in here.

Voight: Thank you.


Ian Huntley: Are you the police? You're here about Sarah, aren't you? Is she dead?

Jessica Huntley: I'm Jessica Huntley. What's going on here?

Voight: I'm Hank Voight. This is Detective Alvin Olinsky. We're looking for your daughter, Sarah.

Calvin Huntley: Our daughter doesn't live here anymore. What's wrong with Sarah?

Voight: Just trying to find her. So where's she living now?

Calvin Huntley: We don't know.

Voight: You're gonna have to elaborate.

Calvin Huntley: Sarah's an addict, has been for a very long time. Last year, we took our therapist's advice and cut her off.

Voight: Okay. You know how I can get ahold of her?

Calvin Huntley: No, we have no contact.

Olinsky: Hmm, not even a cell phone? Security? No one's been keeping tabs on her?

Jessica Huntley: We severed all ties. Tough love, it's what they told us to do.

Olinsky: Do any of you know a man named Bobby Trent?

Calvin Huntley: No, no, I don't. Should I?

Jessica Huntley: Is our daughter in trouble?

Voight: We're not sure yet.

Ian Huntley: Yes, they are. She is.

Intelligence’s office

Lindsay: Sarah Jaines-Huntley, 30. She spent a year at a very prestigious college, and then spent a lot of time in and out of very expensive rehab facilities. There is nothing to cross her with Bobby except maybe the drugs.

Halstead: This guy has one file hidden in the middle of his wall, and it just so happens to be the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in Chicago? My money's on Bobby was stalking her. He found out who she was. He started following her.

Burgess: Well, I am pulling up zero. There's no current address for Sarah Huntley or Jaines, and nothing to date appears online. There's no social media, no car, no bank account, no credit cards. This girl's a ghost.

Atwater: Thank you very much. All right, so the last cell phone that Sarah Jaines had was cut off six months ago because of failed payments. Now, the records show that she was sticking to Humboldt Park. The cell was hitting towers in Humboldt Park every day, but once a week in Rogers Park.

Halstead: Rogers Park? Bobby was driving out there for NA meetings.

Voight: Take it.

Atwater: Yo, Sarge, you got a sec?

Voight: Yeah, come on in.

Voight’s office

Atwater: Check this out. This is the little girl that Bobby recoded at the crime scene.

Taja Bowes: My dad said it was 'cause he had the wrong friends, but I looked it up. He was driving some car when some guy got shot.

Atwater: Her name is Taja Bowes. Bobby interviewed her here, and then again and again. Right here, she's talking about losing her mom, her dad in prison, the neighbourhood, but he's got, like, over 30 hours on it. I mean, I don't know if it's gonna mean anything.

Voight: No, it's good, chase it.

Atwater: Yeah.

Voight: Good.

Atwater: Copy.


Lindsay: Sarah Huntley?


Sarah Huntley: I'm sorry, people you meet here die, but they don't get killed. I just, um...

Lindsay: It's okay. We just need to get some background on Bobby.

Sarah Huntley: Yeah.

Lindsay: How'd you meet?

Sarah Huntley: Um, here, we met here.

Halstead: Were you guys friends?

Sarah Huntley: Um, we'd smoke after meetings sometimes. I liked him.

Lindsay: Sarah, I need to show you something. We found this in Bobby's belongings.

Sarah Huntley: What... He was stalking me?

Lindsay: We don't know. This is all that we found, but he hid this. You didn't know that he was filming you?

Sarah Huntley: No. Why would he be filming me?

Halstead: Did he ever show any romantic interest?

Sarah Huntley: No.

Halstead: Okay, who's the guy in the video?

Sarah Huntley: That's my ex, Stephen Childs. They teach you to make amends. That's me doing a poor-ass version of that.

Lindsay: It looks pretty heated for amends.

Sarah Huntley: Yeah, well, drugs aren't loyal. They screw you and they screw everyone you love. Apologizing doesn't mean you get forgiveness.

Halstead: Do you mind giving us some info in case we have to contact you?

Sarah Huntley: You called me Sarah Huntley. Did you see my family?

Halstead: It seemed like they really missed you.


Zoe Silver: I'm saying we do a different pizza every week. This week, Pizano's, next week, Pequod's. That way, we won't get sick of it.

Nicole Silver: Your arteries will get sick of it.

Burgess: No, I'm with you, Zo, pizza once a week, easy.

Zoe Silver: Okay, so we'll do it every Friday. I mean, for as long as we're down here.

Burgess: What does she mean, "as long as we're down here"?

Nicole Silver: Come on, pizza's getting cold.


Burgess: Nicole.

Nicole Silver: Zoe and I are staying here for a while. Me and Jordan, we're getting divorced.

Burgess: What?

Nicole Silver: It's for the best. I mean, everything's fine.

Burgess: What happened?

Nicole Silver: Just decided a couple months ago, and we don't need to get into details now.

Burgess: But you always tell me everything's fine.

Nicole Silver: Yeah, well, you don't tell me everything.

Burgess: But this is a big thing not to tell...

Nicole Silver: Kim, I don't want to get into it now. I can't. I just wanna hang out with my sister and my friends for the weekend and have fun. That's all, okay? Everything's fine.

Intelligence’s office

Lindsay: The guy in the video is Stephen Childs, Sarah's ex. He's 35. No priors. Works as an art curator. He's abroad, currently, but we're tracking him down.

Ruzek: I got Bobby's financials. So this month, Bobby made three cash deposits into his bank account in three days. Each just shy of 10 grand. Last month was the same thing. Most a new affiliate ever paid Bobby for his footage was 1,200 bucks.

Halstead: Someone's paying him off.

Voight: Run with it. Track the dates of the payments with his email and phone records, and dig into Stephen's financials, see if it came from him.

Ruzek: Hey, uh, computer forensics is done with the video. You guys wanna see some high tech work?

Lindsay: You guys take it. I'll hang back.

Computer forensics service

Mitch: Your drive wasn't used much. The past three months, it only ever had two files on it.

Ruzek: Two, huh?

Mitch: Yep. There was a second file, someone removed it manually two days ago at 9:54 p.m. Can't tell you much about it, though. Thing's in the ether now, never had an extension, but it wasn't very big. Now keep your eye on that SUV… There.

Ruzek: Damn, that's her dad. Huh, well, Sarah's lying.

Halstead: Everybody is.

Intelligence’s office

Lindsay: Thanks. Sarah's in the wind. Patrol went to the address she gave us, and she cleared out.

Halstead: The second file on that drive has gotta be our missing piece. Bobby removed it from the drive an hour before he died. So if it's another interaction with her dad, or a continuation of what's on the video, Bobby could've been using it to blackmail.

Olinsky: Yeah, blackmail for what?

Halstead: Maybe he follows her, he roughs her up, uses with her. We gotta bring him in to find out.

Olinsky: No, you don't bring a man like that in to chat. I mean, you know, you'll get nothing, and, while you're chatting, his team is scrubbing any evidence.

Voight: So find Sarah first, okay? Tap into cameras, circulate her photo, get every copper on the street looking for her. And get a subpoena on Calvin's financials, but make sure it includes a directive not to disclose, you understand?

Ruzek: Yeah.

Voight: Till we know what's on that second file, we step light. Find her.

Atwater: Yo, Sarge.

Voight: Yeah.

Atwater: DCFS tracked down the little girl that Bobby recorded, Taja Bowes. She lives in a foster home in Garfield Park.

Voight: You and me.

Atwater: Yeah, let's go.

Foster home

Taja Bowes: So you're police officers?

Atwater: Yes, we are. I'm Kevin. This is my sergeant, Hank Voight.

Voight: Hi.

Atwater: And we were hoping you could help us out a little bit, Taja. You know Bobby Trent, right?

Taja Bowes: Yeah, he... He filmed my mom dying, then he did a documentary on me.

Voight: He did a documentary on you?

Taja Bowes: Yeah, I play the piano.

Atwater: Wow.

Voight: Do remember the last time you saw Bobby?

Taja Bowes: Uh, Tuesday. He comes to my rehearsals.

Voight: Did he say anything that seemed different, or did he seem different?

Taja Bowes: He still seemed kind of sad.

Atwater: Why is that?

Taja Bowes: He told me he got his heart broken. It was a couple months ago, but I don't think that stuff goes away right away. That help?

Voight: That does help. Thank you, Taja.

Foster mom: I know who Bobby was. What his job was. She takes piano lessons with the $2.00 checks that her dad makes working in prison, but when you hear her, Bobby said it gave him a little bit of light.

Atwater: Sarge, we got something on Sarah.

Voight: Thank you very much.

Foster mom: Thank you.


Ruzek: So I pulled all the traffic cameras within a mile radius of Sarah's apartment. Pods caught her getting picked up three blocks from her place in a black town car, no less. Followed the cameras all the way here. She's staying in the Kaminsky suite.

Kaminsky suite

Ruzek: Hi.

Sarah Huntley: Let me guess, you have  a couple of follow up questions.

Interview room

Halstead: Penthouse suite. Big upgrade.

Sarah Huntley: My dad booked it.

Halstead: Well, yeah, we figured. Why?

Sarah Huntley: I told you that I'm making amends, so my dad's gonna let me come home. We were meeting to talk.

Halstead: Or maybe you called him for help? We know someone was paying Bobby off. Were you and Bobby blackmailing your dad?

Sarah Huntley: What? No. No, of course not.

Halstead: Sarah, you and your dad both lied to us. That's him in the video. That's not your ex.

Sarah Huntley: Oh, I'm sorry, I... I thought that was Stephen. I... I've been to this park with Stephen before. I forgot that I took my dad there. Look, I didn't know Bobby was filming me. Why do you think that I'm lying to you? Because I'm an addict?

Lindsay: No, but it makes you good at it.

Sarah Huntley: Look, I've apologized to a hell of a lot of people. I-I thought that was Stephen.

Lindsay: No, you didn't. And Bobby wasn't just your buddy from meetings. You broke his heart.

Sarah Huntley: No, I-I-I didn't think that that was worth mentioning. Just... Look, we fell into bed a few times, it... We were both desperate and trying to get clean. It burned out quick.

Halstead: Sarah, you lied to us then, and you're lying to us now. Four hours after we spoke, you packed up and you moved to a suite that your dad paid for. You think we're just gonna believe that that's a coincidence? Were you and Bobby blackmailing your dad?

Sarah Huntley: No, no! Look, I'm sorry, I don't know what to tell you, but I... After you showed up, yes, I called my dad because I was scared.

Lindsay: We can hold you for 48 hours. Get comfortable.

Intelligence’s office

Atwater: Well, there's nothing in Sarah's financials that suggests that she got paid out. Bobby's phone records match her story. They stopped talking three months ago. One month later, blackmail payments get started.

Burgess: Well, she and the Huntleys confirmed that she was cut off a year ago, which financially checks out, but they sent Sarah to live with her mother's distant cousin, so she hasn't lived with the family since she was a kid.

Olinsky: Well, they're a family of means, maybe that's how they parent.

Burgess: Yeah, but it's not how they parented her brother. He went to school three blocks from the house, and her therapy/rehab didn't start till she was 19. They iced her out way before that.

Atwater: Okay. That's the ME's office. They need us down there right now.

Burgess: Yeah.


M.E.: Found it when we cut him open. Luckily hadn't gotten too far into his stomach. When you die, your stomach's still digesting. Gut bacteria actually starts to eat you, but it hadn't gotten that far.

Burgess: I'm sorry, you found what?

M.E.: Your boy swallowed it right before he was shot.

Olinsky: All right, now whoever killed him was looking for this. This is our second file.

21 back entrance: office

Ruzek: Well, it's not a video file. It's audio. It's 46 seconds. That's the exact same length.


Calvin Huntley: What the hell do you want from me?

Sarah Huntley: What do I want? For you to apologize. For you to even admit that you did something...

Calvin Huntley: That was long time ago.

Sarah Huntley: Not to me.

Calvin Huntley: Sarah...

Sarah Huntley: Not to me, it wasn't! What you did...

Calvin Huntley: I was sick!

Sarah Huntley: No, you don't get to say that.

Calvin Huntley: Calm down, you're in a public place.

Sarah Huntley: I don't care. I don't have to calm down. You won't even admit...

Calvin Huntley: I admitted to you that I was sick!

Sarah Huntley: That's not sick!

Calvin Huntley: Stop it.

Sarah Huntley: You raped me. I was nine. You're my dad. You're supposed to protect me.

Calvin Huntley: Calm down, I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry, I apologize. What do you want from me?

Interview room


Calvin Huntley: I was sick!

Sarah Huntley: No, you don't get to say that.

Calvin Huntley: Calm down, you're in a public place.

Sarah Huntley: I don't care. I don't have to calm down. You won't even admit...

Calvin Huntley: I admitted to you that I was sick!

Sarah Huntley: That's not sick!


Sarah Huntley: Turn it off.


Calvin Huntley: Stop it.

Sarah Huntley: You raped me.


Lindsay: Sarah... I understand why you didn't wanna tell us what was on this video, and I'm so sorry... But you've gotta understand that, from where I'm sitting, this is enough for Bobby to blackmail your father.

Sarah Huntley: If that's what he was doing, I didn't know.

Lindsay: If you didn't know he was filming you, okay, fine. But the minute that I showed you this video, you knew what it was, and you had to know that Bobby was using it to blackmail your dad. That's why you called your dad as soon as we left.

Sarah Huntley: Bobby shouldn't have filmed it. If I'd known he was gonna film it, I would've...

Lindsay: You would've what? Sarah, this video... This ruins your family business. This is worth millions of dollars. This is motive.

Sarah Huntley: I don't know anything.

Intelligence’s office

Lindsay: I mean, I can take another run at her, but I don't know that we're gonna crack through whatever loyalty or fear he built in her without more.

Halstead: Then we move without her. Bobby's sleeping with Sarah, he finds out who she really is and what happened. He convinces her to confront her father, films the whole thing without her knowledge, and then he goes to shake Calvin down. He reaches too high, and Calvin takes care of him.

Ruzek: We don't have evidence for that in Calvin's financials, not yet. I mean, we're trying, but the company's got over 300 accounts.

Halstead: We got the guy on tape admitting that he raped his daughter.

Voight: All right, bring him in, but you all understand what this'll be. We can't have 99.9. I mean, we need 100%.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Voight: Jay. Trouble at home?

Halstead: No, we're just working some stuff out.

Voight: I heard all that before. I'm done with that now. I want both you, so clear it up, get back to doing your job, or you're gone. You understand?

Halstead: Yeah.

Interview room

Lawyer: My client will not answer any questions regarding any allegations or any appearance of a confession on a video tape. As a show of faith, however, he is willing to speak on his relationship with Bobby Trent, but, be aware, I will shut you down the moment you make any attempts...

Voight: Yeah, are we about done here?

Lawyer: Yeah, go ahead.

Voight: So we're operating on faith here, Cal? Go ahead. Tell me what you want me to know.

Calvin Huntley: Bobby sent me the tape two months ago with a note saying the audio would be released if I didn't pay. I paid. He wanted more. I paid again.

Voight: See, I know where you grew up. I came out of Cicero. Know what we used to call you guys? Junkyard dogs. Yeah, we'd ask "How are you?" You'd say, "Why the hell you wanna know?" See, I'm guessing for a guy like you, even after all these years being under someone's thumb, it just felt wrong.

Calvin Huntley: I would've kept paying.

Voight: Mm-mm. Yeah, if the footage was released...

Olinsky: Now your family business earns, what, 600 mil a year? And its CEO is being accused of raping his nine-year-old daughter.

Lawyer: All right, that's it. My client is not gonna sit here and listen to any more of this. That's enough. Do you hear me? Enough.

Calvin Huntley: No. I never heard from Bobby after the second payment. I'm happy to share all our correspondence with you. Thursday night, I was with my wife, and my friend Miles, a junkyard dog, will confirm that.

Voight: All right. You keep smiling, Cal. You know, the nice thing about my job, no matter how much money you have, I land every killer in the exact same place.

Calvin Huntley: You say so.

Intelligence’s office

Steve Kot: His lawyer's playing it right. Even if Sarah gave you a statement for the rape, which would've been necessary for a charge, the abuse occurred 22 years ago in a state with a statute of limitations that's 20. You have to get him on the murder.

Ruzek: Oh, Calvin's financials show that his assistant withdrew the 60 grand from Calvin's son's college fund and FedExed it to Bobby.

Burgess: Burgess.

Lindsay: The alibi's airtight. Both Jessica and his friend Miles confirmed that Calvin was home all night.

Steve Kot: Could the killer have been hired?

Atwater: No, it was too sloppy. The killer was in the car, gave Bobby time to struggle.

Burgess: Sergeant, Calvin's lawyer Williams is downstairs insisting Sarah see a lawyer.

Voight: Well, he can insist all he want. He can't be her lawyer.

Steve Kot: It's a conflict of interest.

Burgess: Yeah, he's got another attorney with him. Insists Sarah's her client.

Steve Kot: You have to let her lawyer upstairs then.

Voight: We need to talk to her first. Stall them.

Steve Kot: You can't do that, Hank.

Voight: Stall them.

Interview room

Lindsay: Your lawyer's downstairs. Or your dad's lawyer, I should say. Your dad is in the next room. By law, I have to let your lawyer up here unless you tell me not to, or you can sign this waiver and just talk to me.

Sarah Huntley: I don't understand.

Lindsay: Sarah, you could've asked me for a lawyer at any time, but you didn't.

Sarah Huntley: I told you all I know.

Lindsay: It's family… My mom never even told me who my dad is. It was always just me and her, and she was a terrible parent. She failed me every time, and I took it because I didn't have a choice. She was all I knew, all I had. So I stand there in front of her, and I take it on the chin… And every single hit has hurt. So I look at you, and I look at what you're going through, and I think to myself, "There's gotta be a time where we stop standing up for more."

Sarah Huntley: He's gonna let me come home to my brother... And my mom. It's my family. I'll lose all of them.

Lindsay: Did you ever really have them? Sarah... Did your dad kill Bobby?


Calvin Huntley: Can you provide an explanation...

Voight: You'll see.

Calvin Huntley: To why we're...

Observation room / Interview room

Calvin Huntley: Where's her lawyer?

Olinsky: She waived her right.

Voight: Now, this is a copy of her statement. It details the rape when she was nine years old.

Lawyer: Can I take a look at that statement?

Olinsky: You'll get it in discovery in three months.

Voight: It also covers your confrontation months ago, and your promise in your hotel suite to let her come home.

Calvin Huntley: I know the law. You can lie to me all you want.


Sarah Huntley: I knew as soon as I saw the tape, but I just... I called my dad right after you showed it to me. He sent me the car, and it took me to the hotel, and he met me there.


Calvin Huntley: This is ridiculous.

Lawyer: Stop talking.


Sarah Huntley: I confronted him. I... I accused him, and he said that he killed Bobby for our family.


Calvin Huntley: She's lying.

Lawyer: Cal, stop talking.

Voight: Yeah, Bobby made quite an impression on your daughter. Yeah, he was paranoid, convinced her to be too. Taught her to record everything.


Sarah Huntley: I know what you did! He was my friend, and you took him too, you just...

Calvin Huntley: I made a decision, Sarah. A decision to get rid of that parasite for us. What do you want? You wanna threaten me? You wanna... You wanna destroy this family? Or do you wanna come home? 'Cause we can make that deal right now. I love you, sweetheart. Come home.


Calvin Huntley: Couldn't that have been altered?

Voight: No, we got the original this time. And Sarah's gonna testify to all of it. We're done. You're done. Turn around.

Calvin Huntley: What do we do here?

Voight: Hey, that's fine, that's fine. You don't wanna turn around, that's okay. 'Cause I'd like nothing more than to shove your face in the floor.

Lawyer: Turn around, Cal. Cal, turn around. You do not say a word to anybody, not anybody, do you hear me? I'll see you in bond court. That's the next time you will talk. Do you understand me? Understand?

Voight: Let's go. Let's go.


Halstead: Um, hey, look... I don't want to tiptoe around you at work. That's not us, and I... I think I just... I need some time right now.

Lindsay: Yeah, I do too. Thank God for the job though, right? I mean, every day you get to meet somebody whose problems are bigger than yours.

Halstead: Yeah, I guess so.

Lindsay: I got Sarah into a 90-day rehab facility, so I'm gonna go get her checked in.

Intelligence’s office


Taja Bowes: My dad's never heard me play, but he writes me a couple times a week. He says he doesn't have to hear it. He knows I must be good.


Nicole Silver: What are you wearing? We need to go.

Burgess: Uh, yeah, I know. Don't hate me, okay? I was thinking today was so long that maybe I'd just... I'd stay in and hang with Zoe.

Nicole Silver: I should stay in too, shouldn't I?

Burgess: No, you should go to the birthday… If you need a day, a night, or a weekend, you should have it. All this is gonna be here in the morning.

Nicole Silver: I love you.

Burgess: I love you too. Have fun.

Nicole Silver: Bye.

Burgess: That's an order.

Nicole Silver: Thank you.

Zoe Silver: I thought I was staying home alone tonight.

Burgess: Not a chance, sorry. I'm gonna change into my pajamas, and then we're gonna order an obscene amount of pizza, and then we're gonna talk about how much it sucks that your parents are getting divorced. And that whatever we stupid adults do, or however bad it seems right now, you're gonna be just fine. Okay? Good. Let's get pizza.


Officer: You Hank Voight?

Voight: Yeah, I am.

Officer: You realize it's your ass if this goes south?

Voight: I get it. Hey, man, come on out. There you go.

Mr. Bowes: You the guy that swung me the day pass?

Voight: That's right.

Mr. Bowes: Why?

Voight: Little bit of light. Come on. Thank you.

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