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Chicago Police Department
#505 : Agence d'adoption

Lorsque les Renseignements démentèlent un laboratoire de méthamphétamine dirigé par le chef de gang Marshall Carter, ils découvrent un réseau de trafic d'enfants où les enfants abandonnés dans des pays étrangers sont vendus en ligne. Pendant ce temps, Atwater doit prendre une décision concernant un éventuel déménagement dans une zone plus sûre que Chicago pour son frère et sa soeur.


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Agence d'adoption

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Alvin Olinsky, joué par Elias Koteas

Alvin Olinsky, joué par Elias Koteas

Hank Voight, joué par Jason Beghe

Hank Voight, joué par Jason Beghe

Al et Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) arrivent dans un labo clandestin

Al et Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) arrivent dans un labo clandestin

Antonio (Jon Seda), une arme à la main...

Antonio (Jon Seda), une arme à la main...

Toute l'équipe est là pour arrêter les criminels

Toute l'équipe est là pour arrêter les criminels

Kevin (LaRoyce Hawkins) réconforte un enfant

Kevin (LaRoyce Hawkins) réconforte un enfant

Kim Burgess, jouée par Marina Squerciati

Kim Burgess, jouée par Marina Squerciati

Kevin, Adam et Hank sont sur le qui-vive

Kevin, Adam et Hank sont sur le qui-vive


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Réalisateur : Eriq La Salle

Scénario : Sharon Lee Watson

Guests : Currie Graham (Todd Smith), Emily Dorsch (Kate Smith), Blair Sams (Penny Marsden), Jesse Dabson (John Marsden), Aaron Roman Weiner (Marshall Carter), Kylen Davis (Jordan Atwater), Bobbi MacKenzie (Vinessa Atwater), VyVy Nguyen (Grace Nguyen), Ethan Nguyen (Quan Vo), Michael James Reed (Clyde Dupree), Celeste M Cooper (Médecin Légiste), Kevin Viol (Daniel Richter), Jason Wells (Sans-abris), Maxine Vradenburg (Petite fille)

Atwater’s house

Jordan Atwater: I need you to sign something.

Atwater: Huh? What you got? Okay. Jordan, I was supposed to sign this a week ago. How come I'm just now getting it?

Jordan Atwater: I forgot.

Atwater: And it's all C's. You're a smarter kid than this, Jordan. This doesn't even look like your report card.

Jordan Atwater: Are you gonna sign it, or what?

Atwater: I'm signing. But understand, Jordan. It's been a rough couple of weeks, but there's no excuse for this. There's no... Listen. We will talk about that later. Okay? All right?


Olinsky: Anything new with Antonio?

Voight: No, but I still want to keep an eye on him.

Dawson: Got a search warrant for the residence of Marshall Carter. He's the head of the Night Lords. He's got priors for possession, aggravated battery. They deal out of a house in Hegewisch.

Upton: The boonies.

Dawson: Yeah. My C.I. confirmed the monthly shipments here ready for distribution. Now, here's the thing.  There's an estimated street value of at least two mil worth of meth and cocaine in the dining room.

Voight: How many men?

Dawson: Uh, at least six. The address is 238 Five Oaks Road.

Voight: Let's hit it.

238 Five Oaks Road

Voight: Chicago PD! Turn around.

Dawson: Turn around.

Voight: Get down.

Dawson: Spread your legs.

Burgess: Clear.

Voight: Wider.

Atwater: Hey, we got a runner.

Voight: Stay against the wall.

Ruzek: Stay on the ground.


Atwater: The hell you thought you was going, boy? Huh?

Dawson: Look who it is. Mr. Marshall Carter. We got him.

Upton: That's all of them.

Dawson: Sit back. Get up.

Voight: You hear that?

Atwater: Yeah.


Atwater: Oh! Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey. Little guy, little guy. Little guy. Hey, where you going? Where you going? Come here, come here. It's okay. It's okay. I got you. I got you. Anybody else in there, Sarge?


Voight: Two kids. Both dead.

21 entrance

Ruzek: So, the kid's a ghost. Same with the other two kids. No one's reported them missing. I ran facial recognition locally, nationally, and double checked with the FBI. I got nothing.

Voight: They got a name?

Atwater: No. The kid doesn't speak English.

Platt: I called a few translators. Maybe we'll get lucky.

Voight: Look, the fact is three kids were held captive. Two of them are dead. Someone's gonna pay for this.

Ruzek: Good work.

Atwater: Yeah. Thanks.

Platt: Yeah… I know you don't understand me. But you are in a safe place.

Quan Vo: Vietnam.

Platt: You're from Vietnam? Thank you.

Interview room

Voight: Tell us about the kids in the shelter.

Marshall Carter: What kids?

Voight: A black kid, a white kid, and an Asian kid were found in your storm shelter.

Marshall Carter: I don't know nothing about no kids. And that creepy-looking shelter ain't mine. It belongs to the house in the back.

Voight: You better hope so.

Dawson: Who's your neighbour?

Marshall Carter: Hell if I know.

Voight: That's the wrong answer, Marshall.

Marshall Carter: Excuse me?

Voight: We got you on distribution, methamphetamine production, and until we learn otherwise, double homicide. Oh, yeah. I forget to mention two of the kids are dead?


M.E.: C.O.D. for both children was carbon tetrachloride exposure. It's a solvent used to extract meth.

Ruzek: So they inhaled fumes?

M.E.: No, there was toxic water in their stomach contents. My guess is the drug dealers dumped the waste products into the yard and it seeped into the ground water.

Ruzek: Okay, so, the kids got thirsty, drank the puddle of water, they got sick, and died.

M.E.: Sounds about right.

Atwater: Okay, thanks.

M.E.: You're welcome.

Interview room

Dawson: Hey. So, we did some checking. Turns out you're right. Storm shelter belongs to your neighbour.

Marshall Carter: What'd I say? I admit to the dope, but I ain't copping to them kids. I've never been near that shelter. You can do some CSI crap to prove it.

Dawson: You wanna know what that CSI crap proves? The meth waste you dumped in the yard seeped into the shelter. The kids drank it and died.

Voight: Wanna guess what that's called? It's called criminally negligent homicide.

Marshall Carter: I'll tell you everything I know. I got no allegiance to some freak who's snatching up little kids.

Voight: So start talking.

Marshall Carter: I saw him two times. Both times, he was with kids. First time was two girls. Second time was three boys.

Voight: What did he look like?

Marshall Carter: Tall white dude. Old, like, 50.

Intelligence kitchen

Grace Nguyen: His name is Quan Vo. He's from Sapa, a mountain village in northern Vietnam.

Atwater: When did he get to Chicago?

Grace Nguyen: Six weeks ago. He was living at an orphanage, and then he was sent to America to bless a new family.

Ruzek: Okay, uh, the new family. Does he know their name?

Grace Nguyen: The only name he knows is "Smith." He was living with them up until two days ago.

Atwater: All right, what happened after that?

Grace Nguyen: That couple, the Smiths, gave him to another couple, then that couple gave him to another man who then locked him up in some sort of cellar.

Atwater: Can he describe any of these people?

Grace Nguyen: [Speaking Vietnamese]

Quan Vo: [Speaking Vietnamese]

Grace Nguyen: They were all white.

Ruzek: And, uh, their address. Does he know where they lived?

Grace Nguyen: [Speaking Vietnamese]

Quan Vo: [Speaking Vietnamese]

Grace Nguyen: No, but it was a tan house.

Quan Vo: [Speaking Vietnamese]

Grace Nguyen: Near a train.

Ruzek: Near a train?

Quan Vo: [Speaking Vietnamese]

Grace Nguyen: Has a picture of cats.

Quan Vo: [Speaking Vietnamese]

Grace Nguyen: And it smelled like Banh Socola Bot Nep.

Ruzek: What is that... What? Can you say that again?

Grace Nguyen: Banh Socola Bot Nep.

Ruzek: Banh Socola... And that... What is that?

Grace Nguyen: Food. A Vietnamese dish. I've never had it before.

Ruzek: Okay, I'm gonna call a restaurant and see if I can get that order.

Atwater: Copy that. Tell him, "Thank you."

Grace Nguyen: He wants you to know the other two kids were alive when he was first locked up. He told them not to drink the water, but they didn't listen. He tried to save them.

Intelligence office

Burgess: Platt said someone ordered from Royal Siam?

Ruzek: Right here.

Burgess: Smells delicious.

Upton: Okay, the house with the storm shelter's registered to an LLC in Grand Cayman. They have about 200 units here in Chicago. This one was red-tagged for foundation problems. It should be empty.

Voight: So our suspect was squatting.

Olinsky: Sounds like it.

Voight: So we got no name, no number, no nothing.

Ruzek: Huh. Unbelievable, it's chocolate. It's chocolate. Quan said the house he lived in smelled like this. Hey.

Burgess: Sweet.

Ruzek: So, must be around one of the chocolate factories.


Ruzek: Hey.

Atwater: Hey. What've we got?

Ruzek: Well, they've been to five houses owned by people named Smith. Still no hits, so I don't know. I guess just keep knocking.

Atwater: Wait, wait, wait a second. Quan said there was a picture of what outside the house?

Ruzek: Cats.

Atwater: Okay.

The Smith’s porch house

Todd Smith: Excuse me. Can I help you?

Atwater: Yeah. Officer Atwater. This is officer Ruzek. Chicago PD. We were hoping that you could help us identify this little boy.

Todd Smith: That's my son, Quan. He's adopted. What's this about?

Kate Smith: Hi. What's going on?

Todd Smith: It's the police. They're asking about Quan.

The Smith’s house

Todd Smith: What... Quan was kidnapped?

Ruzek: That's what we're trying to figure out.

Todd Smith: Okay. I was away on a business trip. He... Quan's supposed to be in school.

Atwater: Right, but he's not.

Ruzek: When was the last time you saw him?

Todd Smith: Well, just tell him. When was the last time you saw Quan? It was this morning, right?

Kate Smith: Two days ago.

Todd Smith: Two days ago? How's that possible?

Kate Smith: You know how difficult he was. All the problems that I was having.

Todd Smith: Don't, don't, don't. Stop. Just tell me what you did.

Kate Smith: I... I found a web site, and there was this really lovely couple.

Todd Smith: You gave our son away? How could you do that? How? Are you out of your mind? How?

Atwater: Walk to the kitchen with me.

Ruzek: We're gonna figure this out.


Kate Smith: You have to understand that Quan has issues. He was always stealing money, food... It was too much. But with foreign adoptions, there's nowhere you can turn for help. So I started looking for a support group online. And that's when I found this Real Promises web site.

Atwater: So... You just gave him away?

Kate Smith: The orphanage lied to us about him. We asked for a boy under five, and instead they sent Quan. Todd had no idea how bad it was. He was always working. I was the one who was home alone dealing with all of this. And I was scared. I was... I was scared that he was gonna hurt our twin girls. They're... They're young. They just turned four.

Living room

Ruzek: And you never told your wife to get rid of him because he was difficult?

Todd Smith: No.

Ruzek: Never?

Todd Smith: Absolutely not.

Ruzek: Did you ever think she would do something like this?

Todd Smith: Never. I don't care what my wife said or what she did. I love my son. I would do anything to get him back.

Ruzek: It's not that simple.

Todd Smith: Why not?

Ruzek: Your wife gave away a little boy to two strangers, who then gave him away to some tall guy who locked him in a storm shelter… That's why not.


Atwater: So you went to this Real Promises web site, you sent a message that said, "We have a child that needs a new home." The next day you get a response from a John and a Penny Marsden, right?

Kate Smith: Yeah, they wanted to meet right away.

Atwater: When exactly did you meet the Marsdens?

Kate Smith: That afternoon at 4:00. When Quan got home from school.

Atwater: Right, um... What'd the Marsdens look like?

Kate Smith: Um... The husband was short, and, um... The wife was just average-looking. Uh, they were probably both about 40.

Atwater: Okay. Um... Telephone number? Address?

Kate Smith: No… You think I'm awful. I know.

Atwater: To be honest with you, I don't think it matters how bad the situation is. I think it's very extreme to give a kid away, Mrs. Smith.

Intelligence office

Halstead: So, what Kate Smith did has a name. It's called "re-homing."

Burgess: It's called "unforgivable."

Halstead: Uh, yeah, but it's legal in the state of Illinois. Parents can transfer the care of foreign adoptees to someone else with a power of attorney. It started a few years back in chat rooms.

Voight: What about the web site Kate Smith used?

Halstead: It's a sham.  It's been around for six months. The IP address is routed through the dark net. And the origin is listed as Iceland.

Atwater: This Marsden couple does not exist. There's not a record of a John or Penny Marsden in the Chicago land area.

Burgess: Shocker. A child trafficker is using fake names.

Voight: So we need to make contact. Find this Marsden couple and the mystery man they gave Quan to.

Atwater: Yo, Sarge, let me and Kim have a shot at him. We can pose as a couple wanting to give a kid away. Send a message out there to the web site. I bet we can draw them in.

Voight: All right, good. Hey, I don't want these re-homing punks thinking we're on to them, you understand?

Atwater: Copy that.

Burgess: Yeah.


Dawson: Got a male driver and a female passenger in a light-coloured SUV. Illinois tags, 33 John Paul 60.

Halstead: Copy that. Vehicle is registered to John Kingsley. Address listed is the Tower Lake apartments, but those were torn down two years ago.


John Marsden: We thought about foreign adoption, too. But, you know, it all takes money. And time.


Penny Marsden: I'm tired of waiting. I wanna be a mother now. And when I read about your little girl, I knew that this was meant to be.

John Marsden: Yeah, Penny said she found her angel.

Penny Marsden: It's true. My heart melted.

John Marsden: So, um, why do you want to give her up?

Atwater: Uh, trust me, we... We don't. But, you know with work and travel, right?

Burgess: Yeah.

Atwater: We travel so much, I just don't... I don't think we really can give Naja the time she deserves.

Penny Marsden: Yeah. I understand.

Burgess: Look, you all seem like really nice people. But we just wanna make sure that we don't get into trouble later. Do you know who started the Real Promises web site?

Penny Marsden: Uh... No, but it's legal. Uh, I know of a couple that used it before. They adopted just a terrific boy from Russia.

Burgess: Oh, that's so great. We would love to talk to them.

Penny Marsden: Oh, gosh, they were friends of our old neighbours. I don't remember their names. Do you remember their name ?

John Marsden: No

Atwater: Yeah, we understand It happens.

John Marsden: So, um, can we meet Naja?

Atwater: Uh, sorry about that. Of course you can. But, uh, how about we check out the house? Just real quick. We know that you have pictures.

Penny Marsden: We are on two acres. And it's a little rural for a lot of folks, but we just love it. It's beautiful.

Burgess: Oh, wow.

Atwater: Well, hey, let's check this out now. I mean, I'm excited.

John Marsden: Right now?

Atwater: Yeah.

John Marsden: We don't have time to drive there and back. But, um, it is... It's a very nice house.

Burgess: Yeah, it is. But we're gonna need to check it out, and maybe talk to a few references, too.

Penny Marsden: You know, I don't think you're ready to do this. We should leave, John.

John Marsden: Thank you.

Atwater: Oh.

Penny Marsden: It was nice to meet you.

Burgess: Yeah.

Atwater: Pleasure.

Burgess: They're headed out to you.


Dawson: All right.

Dawson’s house

Dawson: Doesn't look like a farm in Rosiclare.

Ruzek: Yeah, I don't see that tire swing, either.

Dawson: See that? Looks like there might be more than two people in there. We got another car.

Ruzek: 5021 David. Hey, uh, squad, can you run a Illinois passenger, brown in colour, Range Rover, 710 Zebra 5 Nora?

Main: 10-4. Where can I hold you down?

Ruzek: 90 South Confidential.

Dawson: 5021 Baker. Shots fired, send backup. Be advised, plain clothes officers responding.

Main: Copy that.


Dawson: Chicago PD, drop the gun.

Todd Smith: Not until he tells me what he did to Quan.

Penny Marsden: Officer, please.

Ruzek: Todd, don't do this, man.

Todd Smith: Get out, or I'll kill him.

Penny Marsden: No, no, just...

Todd Smith: Shut up! Lady, just shut up, okay?

Dawson: Step back.

Todd Smith: Get out or he's dead. You tell them. You tell them what you did to my son.


Atwater: Go to the back.


Ruzek: Todd, I know you're upset, but don't do something you're gonna regret here.

Dawson: It's not worth it. Just let us handle this.

Ruzek: You got other kids. They don't wanna grow up with a dad in prison. Put the gun down.

Penny Marsden: Please.

Atwater: Put the gun down.

Dawson: Don't make us do it.

Todd Smith: They took my boy. No, they're the criminals. They've got my kid.

Burgess: We need to talk.

Penny Marsden: Wait, you're the mother?

Burgess: No, I'm the police.

Todd Smith: I just want my son.

Dawson: Calm down. Calm down. It's over.


Burgess: What's worse, people taking the kids, or the ones giving them away in the first place?

Halstead: People taking them, no doubt.

Atwater: I just got a text from Jordan. I should go.

Burgess: What is it?

Atwater: I don't know. Some kind of problem with Vinessa. It's okay.

Burgess: What kind of problem?

Atwater: He didn't say. I just gotta go.

Burgess: Well, I'm coming with you.

Atwater’s house

Atwater: Hey, hey, what's going on?

Jordan Atwater: Some guys attacked her.

Atwater: What?

Jordan Atwater: I came home and I found her like this.

Atwater: Huh? Hey, hey, Vinessa. Are you okay? You okay, baby girl? Talk to me, huh? What happened? What happened?

Vinessa Atwater: They pulled me into an alley. Said they were gonna rape me 'cause "Your brother's a snitch."

Atwater: What? Okay, what happened after that? Tell me exactly what happened, Vinessa.

Vinessa Atwater: Then... A truck came down the alley, so they, um, they ran away.

Burgess: Uh, Vinessa... These guys, did they hurt you in any way?

Vinessa Atwater: No.

Atwater: Who were they? Huh? You remember who they were?

Vinessa Atwater: I... I don't know. Just, um, some kids from the neighbourhood.

Jordan Atwater: Stop lying, Vinessa. Just tell us who the guys are.

Atwater: Jordan...

Jordan Atwater: She knows ev...

Atwater: Jordan, I'm gonna take care of this, okay? Just go upstairs and calm down. I got it. Hey, hey. I'm so sorry. We gonna figure this out.


Burgess: Figured Vinessa could use some hot chocolate.

Atwater: How the hell did those kids find out about Jordan? All he did was pick a photo and testify in front of a grand jury.

Burgess: I don't know.

Atwater: How did that happen, Kim? Huh? I mean, it doesn't make no damn sense to me. I just don't get it. And now I gotta deal with it.

Burgess: What does that mean?

Atwater: I don't know.

Burgess: Kevin.

Atwater: I got a auntie in Texas who said I should probably send the kids down there to live with her.

Burgess: What do you think?

Atwater: I think those kids need me. That's what I think. More than anything, I need them. So what the hell am I supposed to do? Re-home them?

Burgess: No, don't even go there. Kevin, it's completely different.

Atwater: How? How's it different?

Burgess: It... It's just different.

Atwater: It doesn't seem different to me right now, Kim. Not right now.

Interview room 1

Penny Marsden: You've got this all wrong. We picked up that boy to rescue him.

Dawson: Oh, rescue him.

Penny Marsden: We're working for an undercover ICE agent. Clyde Harris. He's investigating human trafficking, especially parents giving away adopted children.

Upton: Okay, so, you picked up Quan, and you gave him to this ICE agent, Clyde Harris.

Penny Marsden: Right.

Upton: But he ended up in a storm shelter. With two other kids who are both dead.

Interview room 2

John Marsden: We met Clyde Harris a couple of months ago at a Right to Life rally downtown. We got to talking, and he said, "Do you wanna save kids and maybe make a little extra cash?" And we said, "Yes."

Halstead: Save kids, or make extra cash?

John Marsden: Save kids, of course.

Voight: Mm-hmm.

John Marsden: Okay, all right. I won't lie. The extra money helps.

Voight: Mmm.

John Marsden: I'm on disability, and my wife's a realtor. And, you know, business isn't great.

Voight: How much was he giving you?

John Marsden: $500 a kid.

Voight: $500 a kid? That's a hell of a payday for a few hours of work.

Interview room 1

Penny Marsden: We had no reason to doubt Clyde. Ever.

Upton: Okay, explain to me how this works. When Agent Harris needs your help, how does he contact you?

Penny Marsden: He calls my cell phone. And it's always from a different number. He tells us who we're supposed to meet, when, and where.

Dawson: You pretend to be an infertile couple who wants to adopt. The Marsdens.

Interview room 2

John Marsden: People give us their kids. No questions asked. I mean, most of the time, anyway.

Halstead: And then what? Where do you take the kids?

John Marsden: Um, we... We meet Agent Harris out at a truck stop near I-94.

Interview room 1

Dawson: Okay. Let's try and call Agent Harris. Maybe we can meet him at that truck stop. What's your pass code?

Penny Marsden: 9934.

Dawson: 9934. Which number is for Agent Harris?

Penny Marsden: It's the second one, but it changes all the time. He has to use burner phones for his job, you know?

Dawson: Right.

Upton: You called Clyde this afternoon?

Penny Marsden: Just to tell him that we didn't pick up the child.

Dawson: It's disconnected.


Voight: So how'd he find that trailer?

Ruzek: Penny Marsden left behind a Bright Morning Realty pen when she signed the power of attorney form. He looked up Bright Morning Realty, saw Penny's picture. That office address was that of the trailer.

Voight: Hmm. You're sure he's not involved?

Ruzek: I'm pretty freaking positive. Boss, the way that this guy reacted when we first talked to him? On top of that, I dumped his phone. There's no connection to the Marsdens. No calls, no texts. His business trip checks out. I think that, uh, ditching the kid, it's on his wife, Kate.

Voight: Give me a minute.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Voight: Listen. Home invasion, attempted murder, is serious time, my friend. Serious time. Come on. Why'd you really go see the Marsdens? I mean, they holding out on you? They owe you money?

Todd Smith: You think I'm involved in that sick, twisted world?

Voight: I'm asking...

Todd Smith: I'm telling. No… That couple took my son. And they stuck him in a storm shelter. And they left him there to die. What would you do if it was your son?

Intelligence office

Dawson: Okay. If there was ever any doubt, just got confirmation from ICE. There is no Agent Clyde Harris. There is no undercover investigation into parents giving away adopted children.

Upton: So either the Marsdens are lying, or some monster going by Clyde Harris is playing them real hard.

Dawson: I think it's choice number two. I mean, we know there's a third person involved, right?

Upton: Yeah, that meth dealer, Marshall?

Dawson: Yeah, he told us the neighbour he saw with the young kid was a tall white dude. Marsden is pretty short.

Upton: It matches what Quan said, too.

Olinsky: All right, so Clyde's tall. Fantastic. Let's track him down.

Upton: Why don't we go to the truck stop at I-94? See if we can pull some video.

Atwater: Hey, um, I gotta go. Jordan and Vinessa, they're not answering the phone so...

Burgess: Yeah, yeah, I got it. Go, go, go.

Atwater’s house

Atwater: Hey, where's Jordan? I've been calling y'all all day.

Vinessa Atwater: Okay, don't get mad at me. I tried to stop him, but...

Atwater: Stop him from what? What are you talking about? Is he here?

Vinessa Atwater: He went to find the boys who grabbed me.

Atwater: Vinessa, you told me you didn't know who they were.

Vinessa Atwater: I lied. I knew one of them. Deon Barnes.

Atwater: Okay, where does he live?

Vinessa Atwater: Near 65 and Jefferson. Jordan said he was gonna kill him.

Atwater: What? What'd you just say?

Vinessa Atwater: He was so mad. I...

Atwater: Damn. Vinessa, lock the doors and don't let anybody in this house. You hear me?


Atwater: Jordan, what the hell are you doing? Jordan! Jordan, stop! Jordan. Jordan! Jordan!

Jordan Atwater: Leave me alone, man!

Atwater: Give me the gun. Give me the gun. What the hell is wrong with you, Jordan? What were you gonna do? You were gonna kill them. You was gonna kill them, huh? Well, if I'd have rolled up a minute later, your ass would have been dead.

Jordan Atwater: I... I couldn't...

Atwater: I know you couldn't. And you know why you couldn't? Because you're not that person, Jordan. Okay? That's not you. Damn, I'm mad. I get it. You're mad, too.

Jordan Atwater: No, you don't get it.

Atwater: What do you mean? You think I don't wanna whoop they ass?

Jordan Atwater: This is your fault. You made me do this. You... You made me testify...

Atwater: Don't blame it on me, man. It's not like that.

Jordan Atwater: Why did you make me do it?

Atwater: Because we sat down and we decided this was the right thing.

Jordan Atwater: You decided! You! Not me! I don't give a damn about being a role model. I ain't ask for this. Vinessa, she ain't ask for this. Don't you get that?

Atwater: Damn. Jordan. Jordan, look at me, bro. I didn't mean for that to happen. I'm only doing my best to protect y'all. To be there for y'all… I got it wrong this time. I'm sorry. I just got it wrong this time, that's all.

Intelligence office

Halstead: All right, so there's the Marsdens right there with Quan. That's gotta be Clyde Harris.

Upton: Can you get any closer?

Halstead: Not without sacrificing detail. You can't see his face anyway with the ball cap on.

Upton: There's no license plate on that RV. Looks like Clyde's trying to give Quan food.

Halstead: Yeah, from Burger-N-Dash.

Upton: Okay, I'm gonna pull video from nearby locations, see if we can get a better look at this guy.

Halstead: Right on.


Upton: Hey, guys. Got a clear image of Clyde Harris from a Burger-N-Dash near the truck stop.

Halstead: Facial recognition matches Clyde Dupree. He's got a prior for ivory smuggling.

Olinsky: Ivory smuggling? Is that a joke?

Halstead: No, uh, he paid a $10,000 fine. He did two months probation.

Dawson: His new business model's pretty much the same. He just changed the cargo.


Upton: Give us a sec to get around.

Halstead: Yeah.

House’s entrance

Burgess: Chicago PD.

Halstead: Hit it.


Burgess: He went out the back.


Burgess: Stop! Freeze! Where's Clyde Dupree?

Homeless guy: I don't know who that is.

Burgess: You were just in his apartment.

Homeless guy: He moved out this morning. I thought I could take what he left behind. I panhandle outside. I saw the guy pack up and leave in a hurry. He threw that in the hall dumpster. I thought I could find something to sell.

Halstead: Looks like papers for something called Sanctuary Row.

21 back entrance

Voight: How did Clyde know we were on to him?

Dawson: Uh, he's cautious. Read the papers. Thinks three of his kids are dead. Knows the police are all over it.

Halstead: Guys, I found something. Sanctuary Row. This dark net stuff is pretty rough. I feel like I need a shower.

Upton: Exotic animals. Royal Stripe Ball Python. Female, ten years old. Pale colouring, well behaved. Very rare.

Dawson: He's talking about the kids.

Halstead: Yeah, he's got four animals listed. He's selling four kids.

Upton: Click on this old link. How many kids has he auctioned off?

Halstead: 18.

Upton: This guy's sick. He sets up a re-homing site so he can find his product, and then he auctions them off on the dark net.

Dawson: Says here the auction closes in 19 minutes. Winners will be notified of a pick-up location at that time.

Voight: Start bidding.

Halstead: How are we gonna pay for it? It's gonna be tough to get flash money in time.

Voight: Just let me worry about that. You make sure you win.

Voight’s car

Voight: That wire transfer went okay?

Olinsky: Yeah, I took the money from your locker, had my C.I. make the actual transfer. Fingerprints aren't on it.

Voight: Good.

Olinsky: So, I checked Antonio's phone today. He got a call a couple nights ago from Woods. Lasted three minutes.

Voight: Three minutes?

Olinsky: Yeah.

Voight: So they had something to talk about.

Burgess’s car

Burgess: Red pick-up truck coming in. White male driver. Illinois tags. 57 Adam Victor 2 Union.

Olinsky: Copy, I see him.

Voight: This should be the last one. All the auction winners are here now.

Intelligence’s office

Ruzek: All right, plates are registered to Maryann Richter, 788 Pine Place.

Voight’s car

Voight: Well, that don't look like a Maryann to me.

Olinsky: White, male. Mid-30s.

Intelligence’s office

Ruzek: Yeah, yeah, yeah, hold up. I'm getting a, uh, hit on the pick-up's address. Daniel Richter, 35, registered sex offender. Lives with his mother, Maryann. All right, check your phones, everybody. I'm gonna send over a photo of this guy. I'm gonna need a positive.


Halstead: Hey, honey. Yeah, I'm positive I'll be late tonight.

Ruzek: That's a positive.

Halstead: Okay. Love you, too.

Burgess’s car

Burgess: We've got a Winnebago. Yeah, it looks like our guy.


Upton: That's him, 100 percent. Confirmed.

Voight’s car

Voight: All right, Burgess. Start creeping in real slow. Upton, same. Atwater, Antonio, on my command.


Clyde Dupree: Come on. Come on, come on.

Voight’s car

Voight: We need him away from that trailer. Chances are the other three kids are in there, too. Move in.


Halstead: Hey, police! Don't move.

Dawson: Do not move.

Daniel Richter: Come on. Back off, or I'll kill her.

Girl: Please, please.

Daniel Richter: Back off!

Girl: Please!

Daniel Richter: Stop walking, or I'll shoot. I swear to God, I'll shoot. I'll shoot. I swear to God.

Burgess: Come with me. It's okay.


Voight: Where are the other kids? Where are the other kids?

Clyde Dupree: In the camper.

Voight: Where are the other... All of them. You've been doing this six months.

Clyde Dupree: I don't remember.

Voight: Wrong answer. You got one last chance. Only this time...

Dawson: Hey, hey, hey!

Voight: You don't give me the right answer...

Dawson: Enough!

Voight: Turn over. Turn over! I want you to see it coming.

Dawson: Hank, enough!

Atwater: Hey, Sarge, if you kill him, we can't get the kids. Okay? Okay?

Dawson: Hank.

Atwater: Come on, get up. Get up! Get up!


Halstead: Hey, come on, guys. Hey, come on out. It's okay.

Upton: All right? Don't be scared.

Halstead: Okay? Don't be scared.


Burgess: Can you breathe for me? In and out, just slow.


Halstead: You guy are safe now. All right?

Interview room

Clyde Dupree: I want a lawyer. I want a lawyer!

Voight: Right now... Is your one chance to tell me where the rest of those kids are. And give me the passwords to all your twisted web sites.

Clyde Dupree: What's in it for me?

Voight: Your ability to live.

Clyde Dupree: Excuse me?

Voight: You're gonna be placed in general population at Cook County. And, um, believe me when I tell you... There's a lot of real bad people there. But they... They have their own... Code of conduct. And... The one thing they really hate... Is people who hurt children. I mean, they do all kinds of things to them. Torture, rape... You give me what I'm asking for... I'll make sure you're placed in special population. You'll be protected there. If not, well... Offer expires in 30 seconds.


Ruzek: You serious about special population for him?

Voight: Hell no. I already called my friend at Cook County. Clyde is gonna get what's coming to him, trust me.


Dawson: Hey. Oh, uh, patrol picked up six of the kids on Clyde's list. The rest are in the wind. At least we saved some of them, huh?

Voight: It's a good thing we found that auction in time.

Dawson: Yeah. Speaking of which... How'd you get the money for the auction so fast?

Voight: Why are you so interested? Hmm? So you can tell Woods?

Dawson: Excuse me?

Voight: You've been talking to him, haven't you? Some State's Attorney named Potter.

Dawson: You spied on me?

Voight: That a yes?

Dawson: Potter's working the Lopez homicide. You remember that, don't you?

Voight: Oh, yeah.

Dawson: Potter had a few questions about the case, since Lopez wound up dead after we released him.

Voight: Was Woods there?

Dawson: Yeah.

Voight: They think I'm involved?

Dawson: They do.

Voight: What'd you say?

Dawson: Not a damn thing… You and I might disagree on certain things, but I don't do business like that. Never have.

Atwater’s house

Atwater: What's up, Sarge?

Voight: Checking in.

Atwater: Yeah, everything okay?

Voight: Yeah, thanks. How you doing?

Atwater: I'm all right. Take a seat.

Voight: Thanks. Want a beer?

Atwater: Don't mind if I do.

Voight: Yeah. It's been a hell of a day.

Atwater: Right? To a hell of a day.

Voight: Yeah. Quiet around here. Where are the kids?

Atwater: On the plane to Texas.

Voight: Texas?

Atwater: Yeah, believe it or not. I mean, at the end of the day, Sarge, I won't forgive myself if anything really happened to those kids. So I made the best decision. For them, anyway. For the family.

Voight: Yeah. I understand… I understand.

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Episode vraiment très prenant ! J'ai été triste pour ce petit garçon adopté, et également pour Kevin.

C'était un excellent épisode !

natas  (02.11.2017 à 21:08)

un épisode très fort en émotion, comme toujours avec des enfants.

L'intrigue de Kevin vraiment triste aussi.

J'espère que ça va aller entre Hank et Antonio, j'aime beaucoup ces deux personnages, et je les aimes quand ils ont confiance l'un en l'autre !!


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