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Chicago Police Department
#511 : Confidentiel

Alors qu'ils essayent de trouver un proxénète, les Renseignements arrivent dans un refuge pour femmes où ils trouvent ses filles. Burgess fait avancer l'affaire avec des informations obtenues par son indic mais en faisant ça, elle le met aussi en danger.


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Kevin, Adam, Antonio (Jon Seda) et Kim

Kevin, Adam, Antonio (Jon Seda) et Kim

Hailey (Tracy Spiridakos) est au téléphone

Hailey (Tracy Spiridakos) est au téléphone

Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati)

Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati)

Hank Voight, joué par Jason Beghe

Hank Voight, joué par Jason Beghe

Le Sergent Trudy Platt, jouée par Amy Morton

Le Sergent Trudy Platt, jouée par Amy Morton

Adam Ruzek (Patrick J. Flueger) est prêt à faire feu !

Adam Ruzek (Patrick J. Flueger) est prêt à faire feu !

Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins)

Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins)

Kevin (LaRoyce Hawkins)

Kevin (LaRoyce Hawkins)

Alvin Olinsky, joué par Elias Koteas

Alvin Olinsky, joué par Elias Koteas

Adam Ruzek (Patrick J. Flueger)

Adam Ruzek (Patrick J. Flueger)

Hank et Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas)

Hank et Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas)


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Réalisateur : Mark Tinker

Scénario : Rick Eid et Sharon Lee Watson

Guests : Andhy Méndez (Damian Soto), Madalyn Horcher (Isabel Perez), Gail Bean (Sienna), Danny Garcia (Raul), Jacqueline Williams (Officier Becerra), Lorena Diaz (Doris), Kathy Scambiatterra (Médecin légiste), Travis A. Knight (Bobby Price), Loretta Rezos (Patricia), Nicolas Gamboa (Eduardo Valera), Dale Rivera (Faux docteur), Elizabeth Laidlaw (Rebecca Sloan), Krystel Mcneil (Amanda)


Sienna: It's the new drug called "gray." Two people OD'd on it last week.

Burgess: You know who's moving it?

Sienna: No. Still working on it.

Burgess: Sienna, I need something real or I have to file that coke possession charge.

Sienna: I keep telling you it wasn't mine. This guy paid me to...

Burgess: Yeah, I believe you. Which is why I gave you a month to work it off. So far, nothing. Now you only have three days left.

Sienna: Wait, wait, wait, I've got something else. My friend, Isabel... She works at the club with me sometimes. Anyway, she has this new boyfriend. He hits her.

Burgess: That's horrible, but we don't do domestic abuse cases.

Sienna: Um, how about murder?

Burgess: What?

Sienna: She said her boyfriend killed someone. An old girlfriend, he beat her to death. That's why I'm so scared for Isabel.

Burgess: Did Isabel say anything else... A name?

Sienna: She just said her boyfriend dumped the body near a factory. Wyatt, I think.

Burgess: Who's the boyfriend?

Sienna: She calls him D. I didn't push for details. Look, I've got enough drama of my own.

Burgess: When's the last time you talked to Isabel?

Sienna: Three weeks ago. I've been texting her, but she's not answering. And I don't know where she lives.

Burgess: You're using again, I can see it.

Sienna: No, that's not true, I swear.

Burgess: You have three days to find me something real or I file those charges.

Upton’s car

Upton: She have anything good?

Burgess: No. I mean, some B.S. about her friend's boyfriend killing someone, dumping the body behind the Wyatt factory. She's just trying to buy more time because her month's almost up.

Upton: She looked pretty upset.

Burgess: Yeah, she's a good actor.

Upton: Maybe. It might still be worth calling in though.

Burgess: No.

Upton: Does that mean you're not going to give her any more time?

Burgess: Well, you're not supposed to extend deals according to the book, so. This is my first C.I.

Upton: Yeah, the book's not always right. Sometimes you got to trust your gut.

21 back entrance: office

Ruzek: So Woods bought the money gag. Thinks I'm on his side again.

Voight: All right, good.

Ruzek: Okay, so what's next? When do we take him down?

Voight: We find his biggest weakness. Booze, women, gambling.

Ruzek: I've already found it, boss. It's you.

Voight: Hmm.

Olinsky: Thanks, Adam.

Ruzek: Yeah.

Voight: Still not convinced, huh?

Olinsky: No, I believe him. Doesn't mean I forgive him.

Voight: Hmm.

Halstead: Sarge, you got a minute?

Voight: Uh-huh.

Halstead: Um... I just wanted to apologize for what happened with Camila. I put the team in a bad situation. A really bad situation, and it won't happen again. You have my word.

Voight: Well, you're on desk duty until further notice, and you've got an appointment with the psychologist at 1:00.

21 entrance

Burgess: Hey.

Platt: Bless your heart.

Burgess: Double shot latte, three sugars.

Platt: Have I told you you're my favourite member of Intelligence?

Burgess: Never.

Upton: Hey.

Burgess: Hey, oh. You. Mm-hmm.

Upton: Thanks. Hey, so did you make a decision on Sienna?

Burgess: Yeah. She doesn't deliver, I'm going to file the charges. I gave her a chance and she blew it.

Platt: Ooh, nice to see you toughen up. Don't let anyone take advantage.

Upton: Detective Upton. Uh, yeah, I'll be there in 10 minutes. We got to go.

Burgess: What? Where?

Upton: Homicide.

Burgess: Okay.

Wyatt factory

Officer: Looks like she was beaten to death. It's pretty gruesome.

Upton: Yeah. Hey, thanks for following up. Nice work.

Officer: It cost me 50 bucks.

Upton: How's that?

Officer: Gave Winters over here ten-to-one odds your snitch was talking crap.

Upton: Her snitch. Hey, can you do me a favour and make the appropriate notifications?

Officer: Yeah.

Upton: Thanks, guys. Like I said, it was just a hunch. Sienna's story was a little too weird to be fake. I'm sorry if I overstepped.

Burgess: You did.

Upton: Well, at least now you know Sienna isn't playing you, right?

Intelligence office

Upton: She's a Jane Doe. We ran her prints; they're not in the system.

Burgess: And my CI doesn't know her name either, but her friend's name is Isabel Perez. And she's dating the same guy that looks good for this murder.

Ruzek: What do we know about her?

Burgess: Isabel?

Ruzek: Yeah.

Burgess: Latina, 21, used to work on and off at a strip club on the west side. A place called Alibi.

Atwater: Okay, so we think her boyfriend killed the Jane Doe?

Burgess: Yeah, yeah, and maybe Isabel too. Because she's been missing three weeks, I tried tracking her phone. It's dead.

Voight: All right, well, talk to your C.I. again. See what you can find out. Meanwhile, let's dig into this Jane Doe. What's her name? What's her story?

Halstead: Let me know if you want me to jump in.

Voight: No, we're good. Your appointment's in ten minutes. If I were you, I'd be on time.

Rebecca Sloan’s practice

Rebecca Sloan: I'm Dr. Rebecca Sloan. Have you ever been in therapy before?

Halstead: Um, I talked to someone a while back, yeah. After a shooting.

Rebecca Sloan: Right, it's mandatory.

Halstead: So, uh, so you ask me questions, and I talk, right?

Rebecca Sloan: This is your time. If you have something you want to talk about, I'll listen.

Halstead: And if I don't?


Medical examiner: C.O.D. was blunt force trauma. She was beaten repeatedly with a long object, like a pipe or a tire iron. You can tell by the parallel tracks.

Olinsky: When'd she die?

Medical examiner: Based on decomp, about a month ago.

Dawson: Find any evidence on her body?

Medical examiner: I'm running semen samples now.

Olinsky: Sexual assault?

Medical examiner: Hard to say. No tearing of tissues.

Dawson: Any offensive or defensive wounds?

Medical examiner: No, doesn't look like there was much of a struggle.

Olinsky: Probably knew her killer.

Dawson: That syncs up with the C.I. story, boyfriend killed girlfriend.

Medical examiner: There's one other thing worth pointing out. She's had lots of cosmetic procedures. Injections into the breasts, buttocks, lips.

Dawson: All right, we'll get a list of nearby plastic surgeons.

Medical examiner: Probably a waste of time. It appears she was injected with motor oil.


Sienna: So this guy Isabel is with really killed somebody? Damn.

Burgess: Looks that way. We found the body behind the Wyatt factory, just like Isabel said.

Sienna: I'm glad I told you about it. I wasn't sure, you know, Izzy, she says a lot of wacky things. But this was crazy, even for her.  I can't have no felony on my record. I'll never get a good job at a restaurant. I'm training to be a chef.

Burgess: That's great. So just stay focused. Do what I need you to do, and you'll be fine. Let's start at the beginning, okay? Where was Isabel living before she met D?

Sienna: A shelter. Like a charity thing. You know, beds, counsellors, food. Izzy was always trying to get her life right. She just never could.

Burgess: What's it called?

Jenny's Haven

Juan Martinez: No, she doesn't look familiar. But we talk to over a hundred women a month. Many of them are timid, or so scared they won't even tell us their real names. But we let them in nonetheless. What's this about?

Upton: She was reported missing. Can we look through some of your files?

Juan Martinez: Yeah, of course. Yeah, I can help with that.

Burgess: Great.

Upton: Thanks, Juan.

Juan Martinez: Okay, you're right. Isabel Perez, here she is. Turns out she's been here several times.

Burgess: Well, when was the last time she was here?

Juan Martinez: Uh, two months ago. All right, Amanda was her counsellor. Amanda. The police are asking about someone named Isabel Perez.

Amanda: Why, did something happen to her?

Upton: We're not sure. We just want to ask a few questions.

Amanda: Sure. Truth is, I'm glad you're here. I've been worried about her. I've been calling and texting her...

Burgess: When was the last time you heard from her?

Amanda: About three weeks ago.

Upton: Did she say anything unusual? Did she seem sad, happy, upset?

Amanda: More like excited. She was on her way to get cosmetic surgery. An injection in her buttocks, I think. Made me sad. She's so young and pretty, but her boyfriend really wanted her to do it and she wants to make him happy.

Upton: Did Isabel tell you the name of her boyfriend? What about the doctor, or the clinic?

Amanda: No, sorry.

Burgess: Okay, well, if you hear from her, you call me.

Juan Martinez: Absolutely, and please call if you have any other questions.

Burgess: Yeah, thanks.

Upton: Thanks.

Under the rail

Upton: Good to see you, Raul. What's up?

Raul: Maria made cheese tamales. Oh, come on, don't tell me they're against the rules. I know you love them.

Upton: I do, thank you.

Raul: I wish I had something to tell you, herma, but business has been soft. Haven't installed a drug compartment in two months.

Upton: I came to talk to you about something else. There was a murder. Young woman, twenties.

Raul: Oh, a murder? Hell no, that's not for me. Listen, I tell you about hidden compartments in narco's cars. That's our deal.

Upton: All right, I didn't come to talk to you about the murder. I just wanted to know if you know of any off-the-books medical clinics in Pilsen. Somewhere that women go to get plastic surgery, injections. It's your hood, I figured you might know something.

Raul: Yeah, that's easy. Let me ask around.

Upton: Okay, great. Thank you.

Raul: All right.

Upton: Thank Maria for the tamales.

Raul: I will.

Intelligence office

Atwater: We got good news. We got a positive ID on the Jane Doe. She goes by the name of Sylvia Castro.

Ruzek: We stopped by the strip club that Isabel used to work at. It turns out Sylvia worked there too. Boss ID'd the crime scene photo, but he did not know anything about a boyfriend.

Voight: Okay, what else do we know?

Atwater: We know she's 19, originally from Cleveland, and she's been missing from work for about three months.

Voight: All right, track down the family and let them know what happened. All right, talk to Sylvia's friends, co-workers, roommates. Someone's got to know who this boyfriend was.


Burgess: Are you sure this is it?

Upton: It's the address Raul gave me.

Burgess: Doesn't look like a medical clinic.

Upton: I think that's the point.


Burgess: Chicago PD!

Upton: Time to go, ma'am. Give me that. Don't come back. This isn't a real doctor.

Quack Doctor: No, no, I never said I was a real doctor. I don't operate, I don't do surgery, I just...

Burgess: You just inject women with motor oil. We're trying to find one of your patients. Recognize her?

Quack Doctor: Yeah. Isabella, I think her last name is Perez.

Burgess: Okay, what about her boyfriend? Do you know his name?

Quack Doctor: No.

Burgess: What about her, you recognize her?

Upton: She was one of your patients. Her name was Sylvia Castro, same boyfriend as Isabel.

Burgess: We want a name now.

Upton: And given what's going on here, you're going to want to cooperate. Because you're going to need all the help you can get.

Intelligence office

Dawson: Hey, Sarge, just talked to our DOA's sister. Right before she met this mystery boyfriend, she was living in a shelter called Jenny's Haven.

Burgess: Wait. Did you say Jenny's Haven?

Dawson: Yeah.

Burgess: That's the same place Isabel stayed at. That's now two things Isabel and our DOA have in common.

Upton: They both got plastic surgery at the same underground clinic.

Burgess: Paid for by the same guy, Damien Soto.

Ruzek: Yeah, I got him right here. Two priors. One for assault and battery, one for pandering.

Burgess: Oh, so he's a pimp.

Voight: We got a photo of this prick?

Ruzek: All right, give me one sec.

Burgess: That's Juan. From Jenny's Haven.

Voight: You're telling me this guy works at the shelter?

Upton: No, he's the founder.

Dawson: That's a fox guarding the henhouse.

Voight: All right, grab this son of a bitch now.

Jenny's Haven

Burgess: Chicago PD! Upton.

Upton: Go forward.

Burgess: Clear!

Atwater: I got the kitchen.

Burgess: Clear.

Atwater: Three empty beds.

Burgess: Well, they left in a hurry.

Upton: Yeah, who tipped them off? Looks like Isabel wasn't his only girl.

Burgess: You mean prisoner. He's locking them up. 5021 Eddie, roll the crime lab to 540 Water Street. We need a scene processed for prints.

Main: Copy that, 5021 Eddie.

Burgess: Burgess. I'll be there in 15.

Upton: Hey, guys, we're going to break off.

Atwater: Yeah, copy that.


Burgess: So your friend saw Isabel on Racine Avenue last night?

Sienna: Yeah, around midnight. She was with some guy.

Upton: Doing what? Don't know, but I'm guessing looking for dope. She's got to have it, and I've been trying to help her, but...

Burgess: Well, at least you know she's still alive. That's something, right?

Sienna: Right. Now we just need to get her away from that awful boyfriend.

Burgess: Uh, you mean pimp. His name is Damien Soto. He's got six other girls, too.

Sienna: Makes me sick.

Burgess: You said Isabel has a drug habit. That means she'll be looking to score sometime soon. So why don't you ask around, see who's selling to her. We'll track her down that way.

Sienna: Walk around Pilsen talking to heroin dealers? Nah, I'm clean. I don't like hanging out in that area.

Upton: Yeah, that's dangerous, no doubt.

Burgess: Sienna, we had a deal. I said if you help find the killer, I wouldn't file charges. So far, you haven't done much helping.

Sienna: Wow. That's pretty hardcore.

Burgess: Don't blow it. You're taking cooking classes. You're working hard to be a chef.

Sienna: Real hard. And I'm good, too.

Burgess: It doesn't matter. If you don't cooperate, the only place you'll be cooking is Stateville.

Sienna: Okay, okay, I'll give it a shot.

Burgess: That's a good choice… Here's 500, grease the dealers. Tell them there's more cash if they deliver a lead.

Upton: Look, I'm not going to tell you how to do your job, but that was pretty hardcore.

Burgess: She's a C.I., Haley. That's what she signed up for.

Intelligence office

Halstead: So I figured I'd check out the Latino papers, see if this pimp was advertising.  Look what I found. That is definitely Isabel.

Olinsky: So call them, we'll go grab her up.

Halstead: I already did. The phone's been disconnected. The website's down too.

Voight: Oh, he's smart. Staying under the radar until the heat dies down.

Dawson: I talked to three current residents and seven past residents of Jenny's Haven. One of the girls was 16. Damien buys her jewellery, takes her out to dinner. What he does is he treats them like gold, then turns them out to the highest bidder.

Halstead: Yeah, and if they get out of line, he just beats them to death with a tire iron.

Ruzek: The crime lab pulled eight sets of prints from Damien's house, but the only match is to Damien.

Atwater: And we also managed to pick up Damien's vehicle information.

Voight: All right, put out a BOLO right away. In the meantime, hit the streets. Get his picture out there.


Patricia: Damien Soto? Never heard of him.

Voight: We think he runs a small operation somewhere in Pilsen.

Patricia: I don't pay much attention to the mom and pops.

Voight: This guy isn't exactly warm and fuzzy. He killed one of his girls with a tire iron.

Patricia: I wish I could help, Hank. But I don't run in that crowd. You know that.

Voight: Mm-hmm.

Patricia: My girls are high-end, educated. They do what they do because they want to.

Voight: Patricia, I'm not here to judge. I'm just trying to get some help.

Patricia: I know, sorry.

Voight: So let me ask. Okay, a guy like that. You know, a pimp on the lam afraid to work his girls. How does he make his money?

Patricia: Well, he can't pimp them, he'll sell them. It's cold-blooded, but that's how these guys roll.

Voight: Thanks.

Patricia: And by the way.

Voight: Hm?

Patricia: How do you like Nicole?

Voight: She's nice.

Patricia: She says you two just talk. Like it's a therapy session or something.

21 entrance

Voight: Please tell me you got a lead.

Ruzek: Well, we've been going through all the surveillance footage we can, but we're still coming up empty, so.

Voight: Any luck with Damien's phone?

Atwater: No, sir. And no hit on the car, either.

Voight: Right, well, he has got to come up for air at some point, so stay on it.

Ruzek: You got it, boss.

Platt: I've got patrol canvassing the neighbourhood 24/7.

Voight: All right, thanks. You get word from your C.I.?

Burgess: Yeah, I talked to her a few hours ago. She found a dealer who sold Isabel heroin two days ago. Said he'd text her again when Isabel was looking to score.

Voight: Nice.

Burgess: Yeah. Burgess. What? When? Okay, thanks.

Upton: Are you okay?


Officer: It's just down here. Shot twice in the chest. Found your number in her cell on the recently called list. Her name is...

Burgess: Sienna. I know, she's my informant.

Voight’s office

Upton: Patrol has found Sienna's phone at the scene. She had a text message fromnthe drug dealer last night at 10:12, saying he was meeting up with Isabel in the park, same place we found the body.

Ruzek: Could be a robbery?

Upton: No, she had her wallet in her pocket. She had some cash in there, too.

Burgess: It was a setup. The dealer texted Damien, Damien killed her. He didn't want anyone getting in the way of his business.

Voight: Okay, what do we know about this dealer?

Burgess: Eduardo Varela. Two priors, heroin distribution.

Dawson: We have his address, too. 134 Hoover Road.

Voight: So pay Eduardo a visit. And squeeze him. I want answers.

Burgess: Yeah.

Intelligence office

Ruzek: Hey, you all right?

Burgess: Yeah.

Ruzek: Listen, I'm sorry about Sienna, but... You know, that's not on you.

Burgess: I think I pushed too hard.

Ruzek: No, that's how it goes. You were doing your job, okay? You're either playing or you're getting played. Okay, let's go talk to this heroin dealer.

Burgess: All right?

Eduardo Varela’s house

Atwater: Chicago PD! Hey, you Eduardo Varela?

Eduardo Varela: What's going on?

Dawson: Move your punk ass out the way!

Eduardo Varela: You have no right talking to me like that.

Atwater: Hey, don't talk to me like that, Eddie, 'cause I'm not in the mood.  Turn around, get your hands up. Hands up! Hey, hey, hey.

Burgess: We're good.

Atwater: All right, sit down. Have a seat.

Burgess: Where's Damien Soto?

Eduardo Varela: Don't know nobody with that name.

Atwater: Dude, we don't got time for that. We know you just got off the phone with him right after you met with Sienna.

Burgess: And then you sent her a text, and now she's dead.

Atwater: Somebody's got to answer for that, Eddie.

Dawson: Look what we found.

Atwater: Oh, heroin, huh? I'm not surprised.

Burgess: You have two choices, Eduardo. One, we bust you for heroin possession and conspiracy to commit murder. Or two, you help us find Isabel Perez.

Atwater: Or Damien Soto's bitch ass. It's up to you.

Eduardo Varela: Okay, okay. I know who he is. And I know Izzy, but I didn't help get no one killed. That's not what I'm about.

Atwater: Right, because you teach Sunday school.

Eduardo Varela: Damien told me to send that text so Isabel could talk to her friend.

Burgess: Tell us where Damien Soto is.

Eduardo Varela: I don't know. But I do know that Izzy's coming over in a few hours to score some product.

Atwater: All right, that wasn't that hard, was it, Eddie?

Dawson: Now, you're going to pretend like everything's normal and let us do our job.

Eduardo Varela: Okay. What happens after that?

Dawson: You work for me as an informant or you go to jail.

Atwater’s car

Ruzek: Antonio, man... Now I know why he's got so many C.I.'s. He sees the opportunity, he just makes the ask.

Atwater: Right? I mean, we were all there. I feel like Eduardo should be a group C.I. or something. I mean, I don't understand how Antonio gets dibs.

Ruzek: Because he asked.

Atwater: Hey, look out. The target has just arrived. It's an unknown driver. We can't really tell.

Eduardo Varela’s house

Burgess: We'll take Isabel, you take the driver.

Atwater: Copy that.

Isabel Perez: Um, I only have $40 bucks. But I... No, no, no, no, no.

Burgess: Hey, hey, it's okay, it's okay, you're not in trouble. We're here to help.


Ruzek: Get out the vehicle. Put your hands where I can see them.

Atwater: Turn off the car. Turn off the car now!

Ruzek: Hey! Do not move. Do not move. Damn! Son of a bitch! Go, go, go, go, go!

Interview room

Voight: Hey, listen.

Burgess: Hey.

Voight: Look, just to be clear... We don't want to press charges against you, okay?

Burgess: Where are you living right now?

Isabel Perez: In a house. But I don't know where it is. I don't pay attention.

Voight: Your boyfriend. This is Damien, hm? We need to talk to him.

Isabel Perez: How come?

Voight: We think he killed a young woman named Sylvia Castro.

Burgess: And your friend, Sienna.

Isabel Perez: What?

Burgess: Yeah.

Isabel Perez: S-Sienna's dead?

Voight: Died last night. Damien shot her in the chest twice.

Burgess: She was trying to find you. She was trying to help you.

Voight: Last night, did Damien have blood on his clothes? Hands? Shoes? Isabel, the other girls you live with are in danger. They need your help.

Isabel Perez: Sorry, I don't remember anything.

Voight: Give us a minute. Come on, Kim.


Voight: We're not going to get anything out of her tonight. I think we should just give her something for her withdrawal, put her up in one of our safe houses, let her get some rest. We'll take another run at her tomorrow.

Burgess: Okay.

Ruzek: Still haven't found the driver or the car. I'm sorry, boss. He showed up earlier than we thought. Upton and Olinsky hadn't arrived yet, but we put the plates out over the radio. Just waiting on a hit.

Voight: Well, your night isn't over. I want you to go with Kim, help get Isabel squared away.

Ruzek: Copy that.


Ruzek: All right, no one knows you're here. Don't open the door unless you look through the peephole and you see a badge, all right?

Burgess: I brought you a change of clothes. You'll feel better after a shower. And, um, if you need anything, you use this phone to call us.

Isabel Perez: Oh, okay. Thank you.

Burgess: Yeah.

Isabel Perez: So, um, will there be any police around?

Burgess: Yeah, there will be a patrol car out front. Do you feel all right in here by yourself?

Isabel Perez: Yeah, I'm fine. I-I feel safe.

Burgess: Good. You are.

Ruzek: All right, you're all set. Listen, before we go, I've got to ask you again. Where's Damien? Where's he staying?

Burgess: Adam, would you just stop? Would you stop? Stop. She's not ready. You're okay. Get some rest, okay?

Ruzek’s car

Ruzek: Why is she protecting that son of a bitch? I don't get it.

Burgess: Because she's in love with him.

Ruzek: In love with him?

Burgess: Yeah.

Ruzek: That's not love. That's Stockholm Syndrome.

Burgess: Try telling her it's not love. Sometimes people... They trick themselves into believing what they want to believe, because it feels better than the alternative.

Ruzek: Well, sometimes it's real. And there's no tricks or delusions. It's just good. It might be complicated, but it's honest.

Burgess: Oh, come on.

Ruzek: I don't know if leaving the phone was a really good idea, Kim. I just, I don't know if she's going to take the bait. Whether she loves him or not, she's terrified of the guy.

Burgess: Hold on, she's making a call.

Isabel Perez: Damien, it's me.

Damien Soto: Where are you, baby? I've been so worried about you.

Isabel Perez: The police have me in a safe house.

Damien Soto: Are they there?

Isabel Perez: Um... No, they left.

Damien Soto: Okay, I'll come get you. But just in case, meet me a few blocks away.

Isabel Perez: Okay, meet me in the alley between Irving and 15th.

Damien Soto: I'll be there in 20 minutes.

Isabel Perez: I love you, D.

Damien Soto: I love you too, baby.

Burgess: Isabel just made contact with Damien Soto. We have the number she dialed. I'm calling it in now. I need someone to ping it, ASAP.

Ruzek: Well, like I said, it was a good idea.

Dawson’s car

Dawson: That's a male Hispanic, approaching from the east. Let's go.


Isabel Perez: Oh, hey.

Damien Soto: Hey, you good?

Isabel Perez: Yeah.

Dawson: Chicago PD!

Damien Soto: You set me up, you lying whore!

Isabel Perez: No, no, don't shoot.

Burgess: Drop your weapon!

Isabel Perez: I didn't tell them!

Burgess: Drop your weapon!

Ruzek: Nice shot.

Isabel Perez: No, no! I didn't know they were here. I swear I didn't set you up. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. What are you doing here? Why did you shoot him? Please don't die, I love you.

Dawson: 1521, Frank emergency. Shots fired by the police. Offender down.

Isabel Perez: Stop hurting him, please...

Burgess: You're okay, just breathe.

Dawson: 4200 West Irving, we're in the alley.

Isabel Perez: Why would you do that?

Main: Copy that.

Burgess: Just breathe.

Isabel Perez: No.

Intelligence office

Upton: Damien took two to the shoulder.

Ruzek: Yeah, he's in surgery right now. He's going to live.

Voight: All right, where's Isabel?

Burgess: Antonio took her to a clinic. She's in bad shape. Between the withdrawals and seeing Damien get shot, she's a mess.

Voight: Okay, well, what about the phone call? We got a location?

Halstead: Yeah, pinged off a cell tower on the south side, near a bar named Vinnie's. The waitress there confirmed he was there from 10 to 11.

Ruzek: I dumped his phone, but I got nothing.

Burgess: Checked his car too, no navigation system.

Voight: So we still have no idea where this bastard's living? Well, Pilsen isn't that big, guys. I want boots on the ground. Circulate photos of Damien and Isabel. I mean, you've got C.I.'s in the area, get on the phone. Call in a favour. We need to find these girls, soon.


Upton: Hey, how you doing? How's therapy?

Halstead: Not really my thing.

Upton: All right, well, if you're not going to take it seriously or even attempt to take it seriously, let me know. For real, because I need to find a new partner.


Raul: This guy, he owns a lot of houses. Rents them out to pimps, dealers. He gets a cut of the action.

Upton: You got this guy's name?

Raul: I know of him.

Upton: There's six girls out there. In trouble, locked up. You'd be doing a good thing.

Raul: I ain't in this to be no hero.

Upton: I'm just saying, this isn't our typical deal.

Raul: All right, look, I can get the guy's name.

Upton: Okay.

Raul: Problem is, my connect is a Latin Cobra. So if you hit the house...

Upton: You could get burnt.

Raul: Or get dead.


Burgess: So you're saying Raul has a lead, but you told him not to chase it?

Upton: Okay, think about it. Raul asks his Latin Cobra connect for the address. And then we hit the house five minutes later. It doesn't take a lot of math to figure out who our source is.

Burgess: So it's okay for my C.I. to take on a risk, but not yours. That's what you're saying?

Upton: Kim, he has a wife and two kids. Not to mention I've known him for over five years, and he's given me over 20 cases.

Burgess: Mmm.

Upton: And let's be clear. It was your choice to push Sienna, not mine.

Burgess: I know, because there's six girls out there, probably locked in some basement. And I'm not just going to sit here and let them die.

Upton: I want to find them as badly as you do, and I will do everything in my power to make that happen.

Burgess: Yeah, everything but ask your informant. Raul's job, an informant's job, is to provide information. He is an asset of the Chicago Police Department.

Upton: No, he is a person. And he is a friend.

Chicago Med: Soto’s bedroom

Voight: Damien, hey. Wake up, Chicago PD. I'm Sergeant Voight, this is Detective Olinsky.

Olinsky: We need to ask you some questions.

Damien Soto: Laywer.

Voight: Hey, look at me. Trust me when I tell you, this will go a lot easier if you cooperate. So where are you keeping the girls?

Damien Soto: You think I'm stupid?

Olinsky: Well, we already have Isabel.

Damien Soto: She loves me. More than you can possibly imagine.

Voight: The second you get discharged from here, you're going to jail. And those girls, they're going to find a new pimp.

Damien Soto: Oh?

Voight: When they do, they will give you up for a slice of pizza.

Damien Soto: Well, good thing they're locked up. And one of them has diabetes, too. Needs insulin.

Voight: Yeah, well, they die, that just goes on your tab too. So do yourself a favour, and tell us where they are while you still have a chance to make a deal.

Damien Soto: All right, I'll tell you where they are... When you offer me total immunity. Until then, you can kiss my Colombian ass.

Voight: Kiss his Colombian ass… A guy I know, he had a real bad accident. A motorcycle accident. It was years ago. I mean, he was in a lot of pain. He ended up dying in the hospital. But it wasn't from his injuries. You know what ended up getting him? A morphine overdose. You know, they just figured somebody punched in the wrong numbers.

Olinsky: Happens all the time.

Damien Soto: If... If... If I die, so do the girls.

Voight: No, we'll just find them a different way.

Damien Soto: You're bluffing.

Voight: Am I? Last chance, Damien.

Damien Soto: Like I said, kiss my ass.

Voight: You see this face? You get a good look at it. It's the last thing you're ever going to see.

Doctor: Mr. Soto?

Olinsky: Hank.

Doctor: Excuse me.

Voight: Hey, doc. He's all yours.


Olinsky: Son of a bitch could care less if these girls live or die.

Voight: They're not girls to him. They're assets. A guy like that, he doesn't let a money maker die for no reason. Hey, excuse me. Damien Soto, is he one of your patients?

Doris: Yes, why?

Voight: I need you to do me a favour. I want you to leave a cell phone in Damien's room. Just pretend you forgot it.

21 back entrance: office

Cesar Ramos: Hello?

Damien Soto: It's me, Damien. Look, man, I'm in a situation, like for real. I need some cash.

Cesar Ramos: So, what are you looking to do?

Damien Soto: Sell some product.

Cesar Ramos: How many you got?

Damien Soto: Seven.

Halstead: The other voice belongs to Cesar Ramos. He's another pimp working out of Pilsen.

Voight: Track him down. And follow him.


Dawson: Ramos just stopped at the possible target location. Get ready to move… Let's go… Cesar Ramos, Chicago PD. Turn around. Drop the bolt cutters. Drop them. Hands in the air, come down the stairs. That's it, come on… Why are you looking at me like that?


Atwater: Chicago PD!

Dawson: Let me see your hands.

Burgess: It's okay, ladies.

Atwater: As long as we can see your hands, you're all good.

Burgess: It's okay, we're the police. We're here to help. Hold on, hold on, okay. Okay, go.

Atwater: I got the kitchen.

Burgess: Is she okay?

Upton: Upstairs!

Burgess: You're good. Okay, you're good.

Dawson: Clear!

Burgess: Clear!

Atwater: Burgess.

Upton: Clear!

Burgess: Anything?

Atwater: She didn't make it. Oh, man.

Burgess: She must be the diabetic.

Atwater: I'll go check on the others.

Interview room

Voight: We found the other girls. One of them was dead. Because your friend Damien wouldn't tell us where they were. We need your help to convict him.

Burgess: Lydia. You know Lydia. She's diabetic, needed insulin. But Damien didn't care if she lived or died. He doesn't care if any of you live or die.

Isabel Perez: That's not true.

Voight: You know what, actually she's right. You are right, he did care. He cared a lot. He wanted you all to live because he wanted to sell you… We recorded a call he made today.

Damien Soto: It's me, Damien. Look, man, I'm in a situation, like for real. I need some cash, so.

Cesar Ramos: What are you looking to do?

Damien Soto: Sell some product.

Cesar Ramos: How many you got?

Damien Soto: Seven.

Cesar Ramos: How much?

Damien Soto: 90K, for all of them.

Voight: I can keep playing the tape if you want, but it's not pretty.

Burgess: Tell us what you know, Isabel… He doesn't love you, Isabel. He pretends he does so he can control you. Look, I know you want to believe in your relationship. You want to hold out hope. We all do that. But I know that somewhere deep down, you know that that is a lie. I know because I've been there. I was in love with someone once, and they didn't really love me. And I kept pretending, and I kept... Hoping. And then eventually I just said enough. God, no more. And it hurt so much. But you know what? Eventually, I felt better. Until one day, I felt whole again. And now the only thing that I regret is not doing that sooner. It's time for you to say enough.

Isabel Perez: I know where Damien hid the tire iron that he used to kill Sylvia.

Burgess: You're good… It's okay. It's good.

Locker room

Upton: Nice job, Kim. You were amazing. We have enough to charge Damien with murder, so not a bad result, all things considered.

Burgess: I'm not so sure about that.

Upton: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Burgess: You do?

Upton: Yeah. Look, I don't... I don't regret protecting my C.I. Not for a second. But that girl dying, Lydia? I've got to live with that for the rest of my life.

Burgess: It's hard to figure out what we're supposed to do. Get the bad guys, save the victims, protect our C.Is. I mean, if I didn't push Sienna, maybe we'd never find Damien and the girls. But Sienna would still be alive.

Upton: It's a hard needle to thread sometimes.

Burgess: More like impossible.

Upton: You just got to trust your instincts.

Burgess: Right. Go with your gut, not the book.

Upton: That's right.

Burgess: Sweet.

Upton: Hey, do you want to grab some dinner or something this weekend?

Burgess: Yeah, that sounds good.

Upton: Okay, cool.

Burgess: Cool.

Rebecca Sloan’s practice

Halstead: Thanks for seeing me so last minute.

Rebecca Sloan: Seems like you're ready to talk.

Halstead: Yeah, I am.


Ruzek: So that story you told Isabel...

Burgess: That wasn't you.

Ruzek: Good.

Burgess: I'm serious.

Ruzek: Okay. Yeah, I believe you. But just in case you're lying, I would like you to know that...

Burgess: Adam, Adam, I was just trying to get a witness to flip, simple as that. There's no need to go backwards, okay? I'm just... I'm not in the mood.

Ruzek: Yeah, well, if you want, we could head back to my place.

Burgess: Talk about going backwards.

Ruzek: Maybe we can move things forward.

Burgess: No, we won't.

Ruzek: Why not? Why not give it a shot?

Burgess: Because... I don't know, we work together. We're in totally different places.

Ruzek: Okay.

Burgess: Having said that... I feel like having a little fun tonight… Let's get out of here.

Ruzek: Okay.

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Emmalyne  (06.11.2019 à 00:39)

Jay a du mal depuis le départ d'Erin et moi aussi. Elle me manque Sophia !

Upton m'a bien tapé sur le système pendant l'épisode, sa perfection est bien ennuyeuse. N'a-t-elle jamais fait d'erreur à ses débuts ?

J'ai apprécié le scénario.

Aelis  (18.01.2018 à 08:27)

Natas : mais c'est surtout qu'elle a eu un sacré changement de personnalité tout à coup, ça ne lui correspond absolument pas, ce n'était pas crédible du tout !!!!

J'aime bien le personnage d'Hailey mais là elle est un petit peu trop parfaite je trouve wink Bref je suis jamais contente tongue-out 

Bon épisode quand même dans l'ensemble, et Hank qui voit une prostituée juste pour discuter ?! Mdrrrr...

natas  (17.01.2018 à 21:39)

Je commençais à bien aimer le personnage de Kim, mais là elle m'a vaiment soulé du début à la fin.

La dernière scène est particulièrement nulle. Elle aurait dû s'areter à :"ne retournons pas en arrière."

seul point positif Jay qui va essayer de s'en sortir.


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