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Chicago Fire
#407 : Coup monté


Le Chef Boden se retrouve au milieu d'un fiasco concernant une de ses voisines. Severide, qui est toujours en période de probation suite à son altercation avec le capitaine Patterson, reçoit une visite surprise de son père et découvre des informations intéressantes sur Patterson qui pourrait changer les choses. Pendant ce temps, il y a de l'amour dans l'air au gala du Chicago Fire Department.


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Sharp Elbows

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Coup monté

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Ecrit : Tiller Russell, Liz Alper et Ally Seibert

Réalisé : Dan Lerner

Guests : Steven R. McQueen (Jimmy Borelli), Treat Williams (Benny Severide), Melissa Ponzio (Donna Robbins), Brian White (Dallas Patterson), Fredric Lehne (Chef Ray Riddle), Tom Amandes (Ryan Wheller), Randy Flagler (Capp), Robyn Coffin (Cindy Herrmann), Jason beghe (Hank Voight), Ralph Rodriguez (Freddie Clemente), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), DuShon Monique Brown (Connie), Lucinda Johnston (Ashley Daniels), Matt Fletcher (Steve), Mitchell Fain (Greg)

Ryan Wheller’s office

Ryan Wheller: Run it by me again, the nature of your relationship with Ms. Holmes.

Boden: I told you before, we don't have a relationship. She rented the apartment next door. She asked for my assistance.

Ryan Wheller: And you gave it to her, correct?

Boden: Yes, I did.

Ryan Wheller: Kicked her door down?

Boden: At her request, yes. Like you, I'm a civil servant. People need help, I don't hesitate.

Ryan Wheller: Did you touch Ms. Holmes at that time?

Boden: No, I did not.

Ryan Wheller: Threaten her in any way?

Boden: Are we finished here?

Ryan Wheller: Put it this way. Your account doesn't exactly jibe with the 911 call. Feel like changing it, I'd do so before the State's Attorney approves felony charges.

Severide and Casey’s apartment

Benny Severide: Hey.

Severide: Hey. How was the drive?

Benny Severide: The usual... Long.

Severide: Hey.

Benny Severide: Good to see ya. Suspended?

Severide: Yeah, it's not big deal.

Benny Severide: The hell it isn't. What the hell kind of operation's Wally Boden running anyway?

Severide: The captain is the one who dinged me. I got it under control. How much longer you in town?

Benny Severide: I was going to split right after the gala, until I heard this jag-off put you on ice. You hit him back?

Severide: Look, it's been a rough couple days. I don't need you coming in here and telling me what I did wrong.

Benny Severide: Don't be rolling over, Kelly.

Casey: Benny.

Benny Severide: Hey, Casey. You got a take on this mess?

Casey: We put a call into the union reps. It's just a ding right now.

Benny Severide: In my day, somebody came at your buddy, he got dragged into the alley.

Casey: First of all, this is a captain...

Benny Severide: Who stepped up to Kelly off-duty, in a bar. Fair game.

Casey: Second of all, if Kelly had kept his cool, it may not have come to this. And yes, I got his back, if that's what you're asking.

Benny Severide: Do you?

Casey: It's good seeing you, Benny. Running late for shift.

Benny Severide: This guy, what's his name?

Severide: Don't get involved.

Benny Severide: Something Patterson, right?

Firehouse: hallway

Borelli: I can't stop thinking about you.

Chili: I know. Same.

Borelli: Not at work, though, right?

Chili: Never.

Borelli: Oh.

Common room

Herrmann: You hear anything from Chief, Lieutenant? I went by his office. The lights were out.

Casey: Left a message. Said he'll be in in a couple hours.

Herrmann: Is everything okay?

Casey: Far as I know. Why?

Herrmann: Well, 18 years I been crawling hallways with the guy, and never once has he been late to shift. That guy's the Cal Ripken of the CFD.

Dawson: Silent auction for the charity gala kicks off today and all proceeds go to help young burn victims, so don't be cheap asses!

Cruz: Four-man Squad today.

Capp: More drills for everyone.

Cruz: Severide dodged a bullet.

Capp: Yeah.

Dallas Patterson: I'm not expecting a Christmas card, and I don't give a damn if you like me, but you will respect the rank. Understood?

Main: Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61. Accident, 520 South Millard Ave.


Dallas Patterson: Move! Back up! Back up! You see what happened?

Owner: Yeah, I was ringing up a customer. The guy swerved to avoid a car and hit the curb. It launched like a missile. It must've have killed him on impact.

Dallas Patterson: Come over here. It's gonna be okay.


Victim: He... Help me!

Casey: Easy, easy. I need some help in here!

Brett: Shallow breathing, rapid pulse.

Chili: We don't transport him fast, he's gonna bleed out.

Dallas Patterson: Keep his weight off the glass. We'll cut him out.

Casey: Herrmann, backboards and cribbing. Two of them. You and Dawson inside. Mouch and Otis out.

Victim: Help me, please!


Dawson: Guys, you need to back up.

Casey: Hey, back up. Jimmy, traffic control. Get those rubberneckers the hell out of here.

Borelli: Keep it moving. Let's go.


Chili: Lung's nicked. He's crashing.

Brett: Hang in there, okay? We're gonna get you out.


Dallas Patterson: Otis, hurry up with the rest of that cribbing!

Otis: Yo, back off. Hey, back off!

Borelli: Keep it moving.

Pedestrian: All right. All right. Take it easy.


Casey: What the hell?

Borelli: Lieutenant!

Casey: I'm fine. Deal with this.

Driver: I'm so sorry.

Borelli: Yeah, okay. Just keep moving.


Tony: We're good.

Casey: Coming in.

Dallas Patterson: Cruz, let's score this.

Cruz: Good!

Dallas Patterson: Let's roll him on Chili's three.

Chili: One, two, three.

Dallas Patterson: Onto the backboard on three. One, two, three.

Casey: Ready? One, two, three.


Casey: Define traffic control.

Borelli: I'm sorry, Lieutenant. There was this kid, and he was trying to take a picture.

Casey: Next time, stick to your post.

Borelli: Yes, sir.


Otis: Hoo, Captain R-F-C must be crushed he missed a photo op.

Casey: You an officer, Otis?

Otis: No, sir.

Casey: Then keep your mouth shut. It's a captain you're talking about.

Firehouse: hallway

Dallas Patterson: Dawson, how you doing?

Dawson: Good, Captain.

Dallas Patterson: How is it being back?

Dawson: Fine.

Dallas Patterson: Job can be difficult following a trauma.

Dawson: If that's a question, respectfully, I decline to answer.

Dallas Patterson: There something I'm unaware of here?

Dawson: Just want to make sure my words don't come back to bite me.

Dallas Patterson: Did I do something to put you off?

Dawson: Let's just say the trust factor around here... It's been higher… Excuse me.

Common room

Otis: What's the latest on Severide's suspension? Anybody hear anything?

Casey: Last time I checked, one shift meant one shift.

Otis: Yeah, but, like, one shift one shift? Or does it extend to all CFD events?

Herrmann: Uh-uh, forget that. I told you and Cruz last year, Trawling Tradition's over with.

Borelli: What's that?

Dawson: Every gala, Cruz and Otis follow around Severide, and chase after the girls in his wake.

Herrmann: Enough feeding on Severide's crumbs, all right? Otis, there's got to be somebody you want to bring… Hey, there he is. Starting to worry about you, Chief.

Boden: Can I have a word with you and Mouch in my office, please?

Herrmann: Yeah.

Boden: Casey.

Boden’s office

Boden: I swear on my child's life, I didn't do this.

Herrmann: Given your reputation, they got to know this is nuts.

Boden: Truth is, I don't know what to do from here.

Mouch: Your first call is your union steward. I'll handle that.

Casey: Got a lawyer, Chief?

Boden: I didn't do nothing wrong.

Casey: All the more reason.

Herrmann: Ashley Daniels. She's Cindy's best friend from childhood. She's a high-powered criminal defense attorney. Cindy'll give her a call, get you in right away.

Boden: Thanks.


Dallas Patterson: That's two to you, Cruz.

Freddie Clemente: Joey Cruz.

Cruz: Hey, there he is. I'm glad you came.

Freddie Clemente: I didn't have nothing better to do and you said come, so you know, I came.

Cruz: This is who I was telling you guys about... Freddie Clemente, Leon's boy. Hey, I'll meet you inside in a sec, okay?

Freddie Clemente: Okay.

Cruz: Um, I, uh... I just wanted to say thank you for letting Freddie spend some time in the house. Means a lot to me.

Dallas Patterson: Yeah, well, sometimes people need a hand up.

Cruz: Thanks again.

Meeting room

Ashley Daniels: I know it's a delicate question. Were there any relations with Ms. Holmes?

Boden: Serena Holmes was my neighbour, nothing more.

Ashley Daniels: Okay, I have to ask... The reason being that a surprise on the stand can be fatal. The circumstantial evidence is pretty damning. She picked you out of a photo array, and your boot print's on her front door.

Donna Robbins: Have they looked into this woman? I mean, she targeted my husband, fabricated an assault. There's no way she got crazy overnight.

Ashley Daniels: It'll all come out, Donna. Now, is there anyone who can corroborate your version of the events?

Boden: I was alone at the time.

Ashley Daniels: You need to know, because you admitted to kicking in Ms. Holmes' door, Detective Wheeler is pushing to upgrade the charge from aggravated battery to home invasion.

Boden: Meaning?

Ashley Daniels: If convicted, instead of 3-5 years, you're looking at 30.

Severide’s office

Casey: 81's incident report for that last call.

Dallas Patterson: Thank you. Matt, I appreciate you getting my back with Otis.

Casey: Chain of command, that's all.

Dallas Patterson: Appreciated nonetheless.

Casey: The confrontation with Severide... It warrants a formal report?

Dallas Patterson: That's why I wrote it up.

Casey: It took place off shift, at a bar.

Dallas Patterson: He threatened me with physical violence. I could have charged him with conduct unbecoming.

Casey: That's not what he said.

Dallas Patterson: You're his roommate.

Casey: The warpath you're on against him... Is this Riddle's bidding or your own?

Dallas Patterson: My loyalty is to the job... Being the best officer I can. That's why I told Severide to cool out, instead of knocking him on his ass. Look, if it was me, trying get my bugle back, I'd be using the time to get my head straight.

Severide and Casey’s apartment

Severide: Hey, what's up?

Benny Severide: About 20 years back I get in this beef with Billy Ryman, Engine Lieutenant on 36. He starts squawking to the Battalion Chief. "Benny's been ghost payrolling," he says. "One of his guys, Joe Vincenti, he's on the roster as working, but he's never there." Which was true. Joe's kid had cancer. He's where he should have been.

Severide: Let me guess. You went ballistic.

Benny Severide: Well, I called one of my buddies at CPD and had Ryman tailed home. Turns out he was living in the suburbs. Didn't want to relocate after getting hired by the city. A week later, he got axed for falsifying his residence… I turned over a couple rocks on Captain Patterson.

Severide: Pop, I... Listen, I told you before, just stay out of it.

Benny Severide: Listen to me, Kelly. You can be a grunt ten years from now, climbing ladders with bum knees or you can do what it takes to survive on this job… It'll bother you for a week, and then it'll be like it never happened… I'll see you at the gala.

Boden’s office

Ray Riddle: Glad I caught you in. Got a phone call from Detective Wheeler in the 29th.

Boden: The accusation is completely unfounded. I assure you, my...

Ray Riddle: I'm here to offer my support, Wallace… We've had our differences, you and I, but we stand by our own.

Boden: Thanks.

Ray Riddle: That being said, best you lay low for the gala. Lot of eyeballs. Hate to draw attention away from a good cause.

Boden: I'm confident that the charges will be dropped.

Ray Riddle: Better to plug the hole before the dam breaks, right?

Boden: Is that an order?

Ray Riddle: Gentleman's request.

Boden: Okay.


Otis: Hey, hey.

Cruz: Hey, what's up?

Otis: Eh, women, right?

Cruz: Huh?

Otis: Just crazy stuff. You never really know.

Cruz: I don't follow.

Otis: Listen, do you still have feelings for Brett?

Cruz: Why?

Otis: Because I'm considering asking her to the gala. That's why.

Cruz: Are you kidding me?

Otis: Whoa, I... Whoa, hey, whoa.


Freddie Clemente: So I went to go pass the ball, and I did... Boom! When the cat goes pom, you say pooh! You know what I mean?

Cruz: Freddie, come here!

Freddie Clemente: We'll talk about this later.

Cruz: Get in there, man!


Cruz: What's the matter with you?

Freddie Clemente: What?

Cruz: Coming in here strapped?

Freddie Clemente: Man, I ain't seen no metal detectors.

Cruz: This is a firehouse. Show some respect.

Freddie Clemente: Man, I didn't mean nothing.

Cruz: You cannot be bringing the streets up in here. If my boss would've seen that, I'd be gone.

Freddie Clemente: You don't gotta talk down to me like I'm some punk.

Cruz: Freddie, you...

Freddie Clemente: Don't touch me, fool, I swear! You don't know who I am!

Capp: Hey! You okay?

Cruz: Yeah, yeah, I'm cool.

Severide’s office

Severide: You're here late.

Dallas Patterson: And you're early. Come back next shift.

Severide: Yeah, I was just checking in about that... Making sure nothing's changed.

Dallas Patterson: If it had, you'd have heard about it… Look, Kelly I've got some paperwork to catch up on, so if there's nothing else.

Freddie Clemente’s house

Freddie Clemente: Ah, damn! What do you want?

Cruz: Hey, man, just give me a minute, all right, you don't like what you hear, I'll leave. Look, you saved my brother's life, Freddie. You ask for my help, you got it... Whatever it takes.

Freddie Clemente: That's cute.

Cruz: Come on, I just want to help you.

Freddie Clemente: I don't need no help. I was stupid last time. Forget I came.

Cruz: Fre... Wait!


Boden: Hey, sorry.

Man: I got five minutes before I got to meet a tenant downtown.

Boden: Yeah, uh, your camera, where does it record to? Is that on property, or is that off-site?

Man: You should try talking to each other down at the district... Save you gas money. Like I told the detective, it's just for show.

Boden: I am not a police officer. I need to speak to a renter of yours, a Miss Serena Holmes. Did she leave a forwarding address?

Man: Fire department, huh?

Boden: Yeah. This is really important.

Man: No promises, but I'll shake the trees, Chief.

Boden: Thanks.

Day after: street

Casey: Whatever Patterson does, don't lose your cool.

Severide: Yeah, yeah, I heard you the first time.

Dawson: Look, he's just trying to bait you into another infraction. I mean, we all got to be careful around this guy.

Casey: Yeah, she's got this Captain Patterson/Chief Riddle unholy-alliance theory going. Get two glasses of wine in her, she'll tell you all about it.

Dawson: It's supported by facts.

Casey: Mmm, not entirely.

Dawson: No, not entirely.

Before the firehouse

Boden: Casey, Dawson.

Casey: Chief.

Boden: Good to see you, Kelly.

Severide: Good to be back, Chief.

Ryan Wheller: Boden, get in.

Boden: What for?

Ryan Wheller: Impeding an ongoing criminal investigation. Or you want to make a show?

Casey: Chief, you okay?

Ryan Wheller: Back off.

Boden: It's okay. I can handle this. Am I under arrest?

Ryan Wheller: Do you want to be? Or do you want to get in the car nice and easy?

Boden: It's okay.

CPD: meeting room

Boden: All I did was ask the landlord for the footage from the security cameras.

Ryan Wheller: First call he made was to me. In Chicago, we call it "witness tampering."

Boden: I did nothing wrong.

Ryan Wheller: That a fact? We found the wine bottle out in the alley. Care to guess whose prints forensics pulled off it?

Boden: She handed me that. I declined.

Ryan Wheller: Why not tell me earlier?

Boden: It didn't cross my mind.

Ryan Wheller: And you did what with it?

Boden: Handed it back to her.

Ryan Wheller: Or... You took it as an invite to put your hand down her pants. At which time she told you to leave. You got outside. Blood was boiling. Figured you'd teach her a lesson, so you kicked down her door and beat the piss out of her with that bot...

Boden: How dare you?

Ryan Wheller: Sit down… I'll apprise you when we're finished, Sergeant.

Hank Voight: No, I'll just sit in, thanks... Keep an eye on my friend here.

Ryan Wheller: We're done.

Hank Voight: Cool.

Ryan Wheller: For now.


Hank Voight: Serena Holmes, 32, no major priors, no psychiatric history... That's on record, anyway.

Boden: I swear I did not have relations with that girl.

Hank Voight: I never thought you did.

Boden: She knew the burner wasn't on. She put that bottle in my hand deliberately. I just can't figure out why she's doing this.

Hank Voight: Maybe somebody put her up to it… Look, you want this taken care of, I can look into it… Just depends on your tolerance for getting down and dirty, Chief.

Boden: No, I didn't do nothing wrong. The truth will come out.

Hank Voight: Okay, fair enough. Just know the offer stands, just in case things start getting hip deep.

Boden: Thanks.

Hank Voight: Anytime.

Firehouse: Briefing room

Casey: Okay, according to Mouch, the union is standing strongly behind the Chief, but apparently Chief Riddle asked Boden not to attend the gala.

Otis: Come on.

Herrmann: Who said this?

Casey: Unnamed source.

Otis: So Riddle's hanging Boden out to dry?

Dawson: Maybe we should ask the captain.

Dallas Patterson: What's that supposed to mean?

Casey: Gabby.

Dawson: Well, you're Riddle's guy, right?

Dallas Patterson: Exactly what are you trying to say?

Dawson: Why don't you tell us? Is this you and Riddle trying to replace every single one of us at 51?

Casey: This is not the time or the place.

Dawson: I'm just asking the Captain a question.

Dallas Patterson: I'll ask you one. You want to get dismissed for a shift? If so, keep it up.

Casey: All right, she doesn't work for you. That's number one.

Severide: Hey, keeping our cool, right?

Dallas Patterson: What's this meeting for, Lieutenant?

Casey: Meeting's over.

Dallas Patterson: Great.

Casey’s office

Severide: Hey, Boden just rolled up. He wants to meet with us.

Casey: Okay.

Severide: If you had a silver bullet on somebody, would you use it?

Dawson: Patterson?

Casey: How silver are we talking?

Severide: There's some records on him. Got them from when he was 17, boosting cars, some things worse. Wouldn't be too flattering if it got out, especially since he's an officer. Would damn sure get him off our back at 51.

Casey: Listen, whatever you choose, I'll back you up. You know that. But in my experience, when you step down in the gutter, part of you never leaves it.

Severide: Thanks.

Dawson: That's why I love you.


Otis: Hey, can you believe this? Assault charges?

Cruz: I know. Oh, hey, about that Brett thing. My head was someplace else when you approached me. The truth is, Sylvie's a great girl and things between us are over, so if you want to ask her out, go ahead.

Otis: Really?

Cruz: Yeah.

Otis: Cause I won't do it if...

Cruz: Take yes for an answer, Otis.


Otis: Hey, Sylvie. Sorry. Hey, do you have any towels? 'Cause I was going to go clean up the mess that I made in the...

Brett: Unbelievable. What is it with you guys and these towels? I swear it's the only reason you come around here.

Otis: You know what? It's not a priority.

Brett: Okay… Was there something else, Otis?

Otis: The gala... Are you going with anyone?

Brett: Um, Chili and Jimmy.

Otis: So, I was thinking... And it doesn't have to be such a big deal, you know? And you can say no if you want. It can be casual, or not, whatever you want. Uh...

Brett: Are you asking me out?

Otis: Uh, y-y-yeah. Yeah? You know, I talked to Cruz, and he said it was cool, so...

Brett: Uh... Yeah, well... Things didn't exactly work out between me and him, so I'm not really into dating in-house, but thank you for asking me. It's... It's really flattering.

Otis: Oh, yeah. No worries. I'll see you there anyway.

Brett: Oh, uh, Otis! Here.

Otis: Thank you.

Boden’s office

Boden: Voight raised the possibility that someone else might be behind it.

Herrmann: Any idea who?

Boden: Someone with a serious grievance.

Dawson: Maybe it's not someone who's angry. Maybe it's someone who's got something to gain if you go down.

Boden: Such as?

Dawson: Chief Riddle.

Casey: Oh boy.

Dawson: I mean, think about it. He's been after you since the crack-house fire. He's making a run for Commissioner.

Severide: And he's going to frame the Chief for assault?

Dawson: Somebody did, right?

Mouch: Wouldn't surprise me. When Larson burned up in the Wood Street fire, Riddle started throwing his own guys under the bus before Larson was even cold.

Main: Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61. Man in distress, 9178 South Poplar Avenue.


Dallas Patterson: Victim's unconscious on the roof. Help the ladies get the stair chair up there.


Severide: This cable's not letting his lungs expand. Capp! Cut it off him.

Capp: Done.

Severide: Hey! Hey! Hold it!

Steve: Help! Help me!

Severide: Yeah, I got... I got a second victim hanging over the back of the building. I need the aerial. Give me an ETA on the truck.


Dallas Patterson: 81! Your ETA?

Casey: ETA 81 is three minutes. I repeat, ETA 81 is three minutes.

Dallas Patterson: They're three minutes out.


Steve: Help! Help me!

Severide: Be right down.

Chili: Pulse is weak. If this guy doesn't get air soon, we're gonna lose him.

Severide: Capp, Cruz, find a place to dig your heels in. I'm anchoring off you two.

Cruz: Have you lost your mind?

Severide: Chili! You get ready to cut that cable.

Chili: Right.

Cruz: Severide, you sure about this?

Severide: Just don't let go of the rope.

Cruz: Ready? Set.

Severide: Hold on. I'm coming for you… All right, Cruz… All right, I gotcha. I gotcha. I gotcha. What's your name?

Steve: Steve.

Severide: Just hold on tight.

Steve: Okay.

Severide: All right. Victim's secure. Cut the cable.

Cruz: Aah!

Severide: I got ya! I got ya! I got ya!

Cruz: Brett! Brett! Little help here!

Severide: Do not let go!

Steve: Oh my God!

Severide: I got ya! Hang on, guys!

Cruz: Any day now!

Severide: Ladder's here! I got ya.


Casey: Herrmann, go!

Herrmann: I got ya. I got ya.


Casey: All good?

Herrmann: There you go. All right.


Brett: Capp. Thanks, Tony.

Chili: That was rock and roll up there.

Brett: Yeah, I didn't know I had it in me.

Chili: Never know till you go for it.

Firehouse: kitchen

Cruz: Hey.

Otis: Hey, man, um, I just wanted to let you know, I decided not to ask Sylvie to the gala after all. It just didn't seem right.

Cruz: Dude, I knew you wouldn't.

Otis: How could I? Bros for life, right?

Brett: Hey, I changed my mind, actually, I would love to go with you.

Otis: Oh, okay, great, awesome.

Brett: Okay.

Capp: Cruz, Freddie's back.

Cruz: Thanks.

Capp: You want me to keep an eye out?

Cruz: No, I'm cool… Help yourself.


Freddie Clement: Yo, um... Apologies for, you know, getting up in your face like that. It wasn't right.

Cruz: Forgiven. What's going on with you?

Freddie Clement: A guy in my crew clocked me coming out of the firehouse. He seen me.

Cruz: Did you tell him it wasn't you?

Freddie Clement: I said that, but he seen me.

Cruz: Okay, Freddie, look. It's time for you to make a decision, right now. You keep kicking the tires, you're gonna get yourself jammed up.

Freddie Clement: So, like, what then?

Cruz: Walk away. Tell everyone you moved, and don't ever go back. You can stay with me, or I'll find you a place... But if you don't, you can't come back here… You'll get yourself killed… Call it.

Freddie Clement: Yo... Yo can you get me out, bro? Just... Just... Just get me out.

Cruz: Okay. Come on.

Locker room

Severide: Patterson… Doesn't matter how I got this, but you should know it's out there so you can get ahead of it.

Boden’s house

Boden: What he's doing to me is criminal conspiracy.

Donna Robbins: We're talking about a Deputy District Chief who could be the next Fire Commissioner.

Boden: Donna, I don't give a damn what title Ray Riddle holds.

Donna Robbins: Wallace, listen to yourself… Where are you going? Wallace. Wallace.


Benny Severide: You drop it on that clown yet?

Severide: No.

Benny Severide: Nothing wrong with sharp elbows, Kelly. Chicago was built on 'em.


Boden: Hey, Ray, Ray. If you're behind this, I swear I will find out. And believe me...

Ray Riddle: Excuse me? What are you talking about?

Boden: You know damn well what I'm talking about...

Ray Riddle: Take your hands off of me.

Casey: Come on.

Boden: He set me up. You're the one that's setting me up.

Casey: Come on, not right now. Come on, let's take a walk. Hey. How's it going?


Herrmann: Mind if we join you?

Boden: Yeah… Look, I appreciate everything ya'll trying to do. I'm here for my own reasons. Don't want you all catching grief on my behalf.

Casey: We're just having a drink with our Chief.


Brett: So, Otis, this was fun.

Otis: Yeah, it was. We should do it again sometime.

Brett: We should. Um, will you excuse me a second?

Otis: Yeah.


Severide: Tony wins.

Capp: Have you never played this before?

Severide: No, but you owe him a bunch of money.

Dallas Patterson: Can you give us a minute? Thanks.

Herrmann: Here, Captain.

Dallas Patterson: I tried calling you a few times.

Severide: That was you?

Dallas Patterson: I wanted to clarify a few things. Maybe we can talk somewhere more private?

Severide: I'm good.

Dallas Patterson: Look, my father was a Navy man. Spent his whole career chasing Admiral. He was gone a lot. And when he wasn't, we often wished he was. Wasn't easy on my mother. She spent a lot of time in the hospital, a lot of time in rehab.

Severide: You don't need to tell me this.

Dallas Patterson: My point is... I did a few things I'm not proud of as a kid. Those records were supposed to stay sealed.

Severide: I had one copy. It's yours now.

Dallas Patterson: What do you want?

Severide: Nothing.

Dallas Patterson: If you wanted nothing, you would've just thrown the folder away. But you walked up and handed it to me, okay? No need to be coy. Tell me what you want.

Severide: Dallas, you've been battling it out for so long, looking to move up, you've got your armour on, your knives out, and any other damn thing you need to do to play politics. I'm just reminding you that we can still interact like human beings. That folder got dropped in my lap, and it's just not my style to do anything with it other than give it back to its original owner… So right now, I just want to have a good time and enjoy my beer.

Dallas Patterson: Cheers.

Severide: Cheers.

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