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Chicago Fire
#613 : La traque

Alors qu'ils travaillent à faire tomber un suspect, Voight et Antonio rencontrent le chef Boden, qui accepte malgré lui de laisser Dawson et Brett aller sous couverture. Alors que l'enquête continue, Boden, Casey et Severide donnent un coup de main avec leurs expertises sur le cas. Pendant ce temps, la relation Kidd et Zach connait un obstacle et Cruz a du mal à exprimer ses vrais sentiments pour Brett. Aussi, Herrmann et Connie sont contraints de trouver une solution quand deux fêtes d'anniversaires sont prévues le même jour à la caserne.

2ème partie d'un cross-over en deux épisodes - Fin du100e épisode de CPD


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Titre VO
Hiding Not Seeking

Titre VF
La traque

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Chef Boden (Eamonn Walker) sur les lieux d'un accident

Chef Boden (Eamonn Walker) sur les lieux d'un accident

Herrmann (David Eigenberg) sur les lieux d'un accident

Herrmann (David Eigenberg) sur les lieux d'un accident

Chef Boden (Eamonn Walker) avec le sergent Voight (Jason Beghe) et le détective Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) dans une station de métro

Chef Boden (Eamonn Walker) avec le sergent Voight (Jason Beghe) et le détective Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) dans une station de métro

Le capitaine Casey (Jesse Spencer) l'air en panique dans une station de métro

Le capitaine Casey (Jesse Spencer) l'air en panique dans une station de métro

Le sergent Voight (Jason Beghe) sur une scène de crime

Le sergent Voight (Jason Beghe) sur une scène de crime

Le chef Boden (Eamonn Walker) sur les lieux d'un accident

Le chef Boden (Eamonn Walker) sur les lieux d'un accident

Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) et Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) lors d'un échange tendu à la caserne

Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) et Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) lors d'un échange tendu à la caserne

Otis (Yuri Sardarov) et le reste du camion 61 dans une station de métro

Otis (Yuri Sardarov) et le reste du camion 61 dans une station de métro

Le lieutement Severie (Taylor Kinney) devant son camion de pompier sur les lieux d'un accident

Le lieutement Severie (Taylor Kinney) devant son camion de pompier sur les lieux d'un accident

Le Chef Boden (Eamonn Walker), le sergent Voight (Jason Beghe) et le détective Hasltead (Jesse Lee Soffer) en plein échange sur les lieux de l'accident

Le Chef Boden (Eamonn Walker), le sergent Voight (Jason Beghe) et le détective Hasltead (Jesse Lee Soffer) en plein échange sur les lieux de l'accident

Le capitaine Casey (Jesse Spencer) avec le chef Boden (Eamonn Walker) dans son bureau, en pleine recherche

Le capitaine Casey (Jesse Spencer) avec le chef Boden (Eamonn Walker) dans son bureau, en pleine recherche


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Plus de détails

Réalisateur : Leslie Libman

Scénario : Derek Haas, Andrea Newman et Michael Gilvary

Guests : Jason Beghe (Hank Voight), Jesse Lee Soffer (Jay Halstead), Tracy Spiridakos (Hailey Upton), Patrick John Flueger (Adam Ruzek), Marina Squerciati (Kim Burgess), Jon Seda (Antonio Dawson), Daniel di Tomasso (Zack), Randy Flagler (Capp), Todd A. Horman (George Lehr), Erin Breen (Captaine Hubble), Jason Bradley (Larry Shepard), Anthony Ferraris (Tony), MAt Chapman (Edmund), Michael Sherwin (Allen Tullis), Casey Hayes (Tom)

Boden’s office

Hank Voight: Look, I'm just telling you like it is, Chief. The city is in imminent danger. And if I thought there was a better way to find this guy, I wouldn't be here.

Dawson: We want to do this, Chief, no hesitation.

Brett: Yeah, we've been in this man's house. He doesn't seem like a danger.

Antonio Dawson: So they do their jobs like they always do. Adam Ruzek goes in the back door. While George Lehr is distracted, Ruzek installs a cloning device on Lehr's laptop.

Dawson: Which was in his office last time we were there, I remember. we'll just make sure that we keep him in the living room.

Antonio Dawson: Bing bang boom. Ruzek's out of there in 10 minutes.

Casey: Why is this laptop so important?

Antonio Dawson: Shepard's in contact with Lehr. Once we clone the laptop, we'll have access to incoming and outgoing e-mail.

Hank Voight: Yeah, when Shepard reaches out, we set a trap.

Boden: What if the computer's not in the office?

Antonio Dawson: We'll improvise. It's what we do.

Hank Voight: Look, if there's even a hint of menace, we'll be right outside in a surveillance van with a go team ready.

Boden: I have to be in the van too.

Hank Voight: Fine by me.

Casey: When do you want to do this?

Hank Voight: Today. Now.

Dawson: We'll go get ready.

Antonio Dawson: I won't let anything happen to them.

Boden: You can't promise me that, Antonio, and you know that.

Hank Voight: We know what we're doing, Chief. All right, we'll be back in 30 minutes to pick you up.

Casey: If it were us the Chicago PD needed, we'd both step forward.

Boden: Yeah.


Casey: You gonna be careful or do I need to worry?

Dawson: Antonio's gonna be right outside. I'll be fine.

Casey: I wish I felt as good as you do.

Dawson: Yeah. What can go wrong?


Journalist: Has the latest for us in our ongoing coverage of the serial bombings that...

Cruz: They have any updates?

Mouch: Nonstop reporting, but no real details.

Cruz: That scene was chaos. How's Trudy?

Mouch: Unstoppable.

Herrmann: Voight and Antonio were just here.

Cruz: Bomb related?

Otis: They're trying to rope Brett and Dawson into some sting.

Cruz: What? Where are they?

Otis: Locker room?

Journalist: But we will keep you up to date as information comes...

Locker room

Cruz: Hey, the rumour running around is that you're going undercover for Voight and Antonio.

Brett: They want us to distract a patient of ours while they plant something on his computer. It's simple.

Cruz: No. It is not simple! Sylvie, you don't know these guys the way that I do. They will chew you up and spit you out without even thinking.

Brett: Antonio is a part of this. He's not going to do anything to put his sister or me in danger.

Cruz: Leon wore a wire for them and he had to move to Florida for three years because of retaliation threats.

Brett: I appreciate your concern, Joe.

Cruz: Do you?

Brett: You were on the scene. You saw with your own eyes what this guy has been doing to people. If we can help find a way to get to him, to save more people, I'm gonna make that choice every time, and you would do the same.

Cruz: Fine… Just... Just please call me as soon as it's over, okay?

Outside the firehouse

Boden: I got 'em.

Mr. Lehr’s porch

Dawson: Mr. Lehr, remember us?

George Lehr: I didn't call for a paramedic.

Dawson: No, yeah, no, we understand, um... We do wellness checks for all of our chronic heart condition patients, make sure your blood pressure's okay, everything's working like it should.

Brett: Standard procedure.

George Lehr: It's not a good time.

Brett: It'll only take a second.

Dawson: We'll be in and out before you can blink. Promise.

Brett: We're stopping by now because it would break our hearts if we had to come by again later in an emergency situation.

Mr. Lehr’s house

Dawson: You taking your heart medication?

George Lehr: Yeah, 40 milligrams every night.

Brett: Here, have a seat. Roll your sleeve up.

Dawson: What do they have you on?

George Lehr: Uh... Statins.

Behind the house

Adam Ruzek: All right, I'm in position.


Hank Voight: All right, you're clear for entry.

Mr. Lehr’s house

Brett: Hey, Mr. Lehr, will you roll that sleeve up for me?

George Lehr: George.

Brett: Okay, George. Just relax while I check your pressure… Okay. 118/70. Perfectly normal.

George Lehr: Well, I really have a lot of work to do, so...

Dawson: Oh, yeah, of course, of course, no problem. Um, we're just gonna take a listen to your heart sounds real quick.

George Lehr: And how long is this gonna take?

Dawson: Uh, just a minute… Breathe in. Out. That's it. Do it again. Good, again.

George Lehr: Okay, okay, that's it. I'm done. I'm fine, I'm fine.

Brett: Oh, well, we have to get your blood sugar. But since it seems like you've gotten your medical license since the last time we saw you, I guess we can pass.

Dawson: Actually, you know what, Sylvie, why don't you mark down that the patient is refusing his wellness check. If anything happens to him in the future, it won't be on us… In… Out.


Hank Voight: What's this?

Antonio Dawson: I don't know.

Boden: Is that your guy?

Hank Voight: Is it Shepard?

Antonio Dawson: I don't know.

Mr. Lehr’s house

George Lehr: Can you guys wait here?

Dawson: Actually, you know what? We're done, we can go.

George Lehr: Wait.


Boden: Okay. We gotta call it. I gotta protect my paramedics.

Hank Voight: Just sit tight, Chief. We're this close.

Mr. Lehr’s porch

George Lehr: Edmund.


Antonio Dawson: It's not him, it's not Shepard.

Boden: Who is it then?

Mr. Lehr’s house

George Lehr: This is my brother, Edmund. These are a couple of paramedics. They want to do some kind of wellness check.

Edmund Lehr: Where are the checks?

George Lehr: In the office.


Hank Voight: Ruzek, get out of there immediately.

Mr. Lehr’s house

Adam Ruzek: Come on, come on...

Edmund Lehr: So I really do have a lot of work to do. Can we just wrap this...

Dawson: Hey, Edmund. Uh, heart disease is hereditary. So if you haven't had a checkup in a while, I highly recommend it.

Edmund Lehr: I'll keep that in mind.

Dawson: Great. Okay, well, Mr. Lehr, your pressure is good, your blood sugar's normal, your lung sounds are clear. We are pleased that you're doing better.

Brett: Totally pleased.

George Lehr: Come on.

Outside the house

Adam Ruzek: We got it.


Antonio Dawson: They're clear.

Outside the firehouse

Casey: Just heard from Dawson. They're both fine. Went off without a hitch.

Cruz: I told Brett to call me the moment they were safe.

Casey: I'm sure she assumed I'd tell you.

Cruz: Thanks, Captain.

Casey: You all right, Cruz?

Cruz: Yeah, just, uh, worried. It's all good.


Severide: What's up?

Kidd: Oh. Zach wants me to meet his sister. She's coming to town, and it's a whole to-do.

Severide: Two days ago, you were saying that you wanted to move out because it's getting weird with me, and now, you're worried about his sister?

Kidd: I know, but meeting his family, I mean, he might as well come with a priest and ten limos, because that's what that means.

Severide: Okay.

Kidd: Look, I'm just... I'm just gonna tell him to tap the brakes, just a little.

Severide: I'll let you work on that.

Kidd: Mm-hmm.


Hank Voight: I gotta tell you, your paramedics did great.

Boden: Yeah, there's no surprise there. They walk into unpredictable situations every day, and they do it without a weapon. I was never worried about their ability to handle themselves, but thanks for keeping them safe.

Hank Voight: I know you had your reservations. I want you to know I appreciate you helping us out.

Boden: What happens next?

Hank Voight: Well, we sort through all of George Lehr's e-mails. He tries to make contact with Shepard, now we'll be ready.

Boden: I will say I'm ready to help in any way we can. Our people will have their antennae up.

Hank Voight: Much obliged.

Boden: Thanks.

Firehouse: garage

Boden: It got a little too close for comfort, but they both handled themselves with aplomb.

Casey: You hear that? Chief just used the word "aplomb."

Dawson: Oh, well, what'd you expect?

Radio: Squad Three, explosion, 8412 South Kedvale...

Boden: Explosion.

Casey: That's a residential neighbourhood.

Boden: Uh-huh.

Squad 3

Cruz: You get the feeling Antonio doesn't know what he's doing?

Severide: Where's this coming from?

Cruz: Well, he gets into a bind on his own case. He's gotta call Brett and Dawson to do his dirty work? It's like Leon. Antonio had him wear a wire. It cost him three years of his life.

Severide: Leon's doing good now!

Cruz: Yeah, but that doesn't mean...

Severide: Cruz, you need to focus.


Severide: Hey, Cap, Tony, check under the hood. Make sure that fire doesn't flare up again.

Witness: I saw the whole thing. Janet came out of her house. I-I waved to her like I always do. We've shared a lawn for 20-something years. She... She gets in her car, backs out of the driveway, puts it in gear to go forward, and an explosion like you've never heard.

Boden: Okay, ma'am. You stay here; the police are gonna want to talk to you.

Jay Halstead: I was on my way home, heard the word "explosion" on the scanner. So... Intelligence is a little jumpy right now.

Severide: Yeah, for good reason. Found this underneath the chassis. It's the same material as before.

Boden: This is not just some kid making a pipe bomb off the internet. This is professional work.

Jay Halstead: Excuse me, guys.

Boden: Yep.

Jay Halstead: Hey, is Voight right by you? All right, will you find him, tell him I'm at 8412 South Kedvale? And that this is our guy. He's struck again.

Crime scene

Hank Voight: So the woman in the car is Janet Powell. She's the mother-in-law of our man, Larry Shepard.

Jay Halstead: We were looking at media targets, not extended family members.

Hank Voight: Which means he's escalating and twice as dangerous.

Boden: The laptop this morning, did it help?

Hank Voight: We're hopeful. I mean, if Shepard requires more supplies, he's gonna have to reach out. I also got Antonio sitting on George Lehr's house in case he tries to make personal contact.

Severide: Hey, do you need us for anything else, Chief?

Boden: No, you guys can pack up and go.

Severide: Squad Three, back it up, let's go.

Cruz: Copy that, Lieutenant.

Jay Halstead: Chief, look, if the firehouse responds to any fire or hazmat calls where anything seems unusual, even if you just get a bad hit, give us a call, we'll come out to the scene.

Boden: Understood.

Jay Halstead: All right.

Hank Voight: Chief.

Boden: Thanks.

Hank Voight: You're welcome.


Cruz: I tell her this is dangerous, but she doesn't listen to me! I tried to tell her about Leon, but she basically ignored it. I tell her, "Please, call me as soon as it's done." What'd she do? Nothing! Dawson calls Casey and says tell him to tell me not to worry?

Otis: Do you want her to report back to you after every call that 61 goes on?

Cruz: Don't give me that, all right? Just because things get dangerous when the bells go off, doesn't mean that she has to go looking for trouble.


Brett: Hide me.


Cruz: You think I'm being crazy?

Otis: No, I don't, but do you think you'd have this reaction if there wasn't this history between Brett and Antonio?

Cruz: What? This has nothing to do with whatever the hell's going on between them.

Otis: Yeah, okay, but this thing went off without a hitch. She's back safe and sound, so maybe now just focus on that. Okay?

Casey’s office

Dawson: Captain.

Brett: Captain.

Casey: Uh, what is this about?

Dawson: I told Brett that I come in here and I lower the blinds whenever I'm trying to avoid someone.

Brett: Yeah, I'm always like, "Where's Dawson?" And everyone's like, "I don't know." Now I know.

Dawson: So you just go about your usual, and we're gonna hang out in here for the rest of the shift.

Casey: Seems like you haven't put too much thought into it.

Dawson: You're right, we haven't.

Casey: Is this about Cruz?

Brett: A little. Yeah, pretty much.

Casey: He's your roommate.

Brett: Yeah. And he's ticked about us helping Antonio.

Casey: Okay, you know what? I'm gonna go down to the blue office that I should've moved into when I had the chance… Brett, I've known Joe for a long time. He wears his emotions on his sleeve because he cares. There's nothing surface about him.

Boden’s office

Boden: Severide. They say the victim today was the mother-in-law of the prime suspect.

Severide: Apparently.

Boden: Yeah, that don't seem a little off to you?

Severide: It didn't fit the pattern according to Halstead.

Boden: Yeah, that's what I'm thinking about… Patterns. Now, I know I don't have as much arson experience as you or your father, but I seem to remember IEDs. They require a certain amount of practice before someone deploys them out in the wild.

Severide: Yeah, theoretically, the arsonist wants to test the power of the explosives so they don't fall short of their goal, I guess.

Boden: Right. So there might have been a trial run or two.

Severide: Some place that didn't raise any red flags at the time.

Boden: Yeah. Go on.

Severide: So if there's a workspace or a practice area...

Boden: How do we go about finding that?

Severide: I got an idea.

CFD: Captain Hubble’s office

Boden: Captain Hubble.

Hubble: Oh, Chief Boden, Kelly, let me guess, you guys are here about the bombings.

Severide: Yeah, we are.

Hubble: Don't worry, I've got my best people on it. The physical evidence is strong, and we're preserving every last bit of it. If CPD has a suspect, we will connect him to the attacks.

Severide: That's the problem. They don't have any suspect in custody.

Boden: We might be able to help you with that.

Hubble: Okay.

Severide: Do you have a way to sort through arson calls by neighbourhood?

Hubble: Sure, we can sort through every call CFD's responded to in the last 20 years, but it requires some heavy database management. Why?

Severide: We need to look at any calls within a two mile area of 4215 South Morgan.

Hubble: Shepard's residence.

Boden: Going back maybe a year or two.

Hubble: You guys understand a lot of people are waiting on this report.

Boden: Look, we know this is a big ask. But we wouldn't bother you unless we thought it could pay off.

Hubble: Hey, guys. Let's hit pause for a bit. We're gonna attack this from a different angle.

Severide: Thanks, Hubble.

Hubble: Yeah, anything to stop this guy.

Intelligence’s office

Severide: I thought you were going home.

Jay Halstead: No rest for the weary. What's up?

Boden: Is your sergeant here?

Jay Halstead: Yeah, he's in his office with Antonio.

Boden: Good. He's gonna want to hear this.

Voight’s office

Boden: So I've dealt with my fair share of arsonists over the years. And the thing that a lot of them have in common is they build up to the first blaze, the first bomb.

Hank Voight: Yeah, like that guy that targeted your sister.

Antonio Dawson: Gish.

Boden: Right.

Jay Halstead: You shot him.

Antonio Dawson: In an elevator stall, yeah.

Hank Voight: Yeah, except this guy isn't a typical arsonist. He's a journalist. He just snapped when the story he was working on doubled back on him.

Boden: Still he chose bombs, he chose fire, he didn't chose a gun.

Hank Voight: Mm.

Boden: So maybe that's something that he built up to.

Hank Voight: And George Lehr helped him do it.

Boden: Right. He doesn't want to practice in his home, in case someone notices.

Hank Voight: Yeah, we checked his house. It's clean.

Boden: Right, but twice in the last six months, the CFD has been called out to this property. This is two blocks away from his residence. It's got a nice little work shed in the back. And the neighbours, they phoned it in when they saw smoke.

Severide: I was on one of these calls. The man that answered the door said it was just a little experiment that had gone awry. He said he was a carpenter or something. I didn't get a good look at him, he had a hoodie on. Thought it was weird, but I didn't flag it. We get a lot of false alarms.

Jay Halstead: Think it was Shepard?

Severide: I couldn't pick him out of a lineup, but yeah, it could've been.

Hank Voight: Let's see who owns this property on West Patterson.

Jay Halstead: All right, I'm on it.

Hank Voight: Antonio, let's roll on this address. I want to see who answers the door. Hey. Thank you. Thanks.

Severide: Yep.

Intelligence’s office

Jay Halstead: Hey, Sarge, this address on West Patterson, it's owned by a company named Starlight Properties. They got a PO box.

Adam Ruzek: Hey. You say Starlight?

Jay Halstead: Yeah.

Adam Ruzek: There's an e-mail on Lehr's laptop from Starlight Properties.

Jay Halstead: This is our guy.

Hank Voight: All right, everybody gear up. We'll see you there.


Jay Halstead: Move it. Let's go…


Officer: Seek, seek.

Hank Voight: Hit him.


Adam Ruzek: Stairs!

Jay Halstead: Clear.

Antonio Dawson: There it is, back there.


Jay Halstead: Police!

Antonio Dawson: Sarge, you want to wait for a sniffer?


Hank Voight: Here they are. Right here. So what do we got?

Severide: Same materials. Soldering on the initiator matches the signature. Yeah, that's the same type used on that car on South Kedvale.

Hank Voight: All right, rip that house open. Find me a clue tells me who, when, where he'll strike next.

Officer: Copy that.

Hank Voight: Hey, Chief, mind sticking around for a bit? May need your expertise.

Boden: Sure.

Hank Voight: Appreciate it.

Boden: Go back to the house, let Casey know I'm gonna assist here.

Severide: Yeah, you got it, Chief.

Boden: Okay.

Firehouse: dormitory

Cruz: Sylvie.

Brett: Oh! What are you doing? Don't scare me like that.

Cruz: The better question is what are you doing in Casey's office?

Brett: Nothing. Sometimes I go in there to... You know.

Cruz: Assume I don't know.

Brett: Okay, fine, I'm hiding out.

Cruz: Okay, that's just wrong… The last thing I want you to think is that you can't talk to me.

Brett: Well, I tried, and you were all in my face this morning.

Cruz: Because I care about you, Sylvie. And before you get all nervous, I mean that as a friend… I had my chance with you, it didn't work out, I fully understand that. But what we've had since then, this friendship, that's what's important to me.

Brett: Me too… I'm sorry. I love living with Crotis. I don't want to jeopardize that, but there are gonna be times when I'm gonna do what I think is right.

Cruz: Understood. You have my complete support.

Brett: Thanks.


Dawson: Ooh, I like the sight of this.

Casey: Yep.

Dawson: My man's got his own corner office.

Casey: I'm just using it while you and Brett play hide and seek.

Dawson: Hiding, not seeking. And we're done. We're good to go.

Casey: Good. Then we can get things back to normal.


Severide: Hey.

Kidd: Cap said that you and Boden went hunting for some bomber.

Severide: I was trying to help where we can. Turns out, Boden and I found the psycho's practice workshop.

Kidd: Yeah?

Severide: Yeah, Boden's still there.

Kidd: With all the craziness this shift, Dawson and Brett walking pretty much right into the lion's den, I don't want you doing anything stupid. I would say that we don't know what this guy's capable of, but we do.

Severide: So what you're saying... Is you're worried about me?

Kidd: All I'm saying is firefighter to firefighter, be careful.

Severide: Because you don't want anything to happen to me.

Kidd: If you would just set your ego aside for a minute, you would see that I am actually offering you some very sage advice.

Zach: Uh, Stella...

Kidd: Hey! What's up?

Severide: Hey, man.

Kidd: Hey.

Zach: I got your message.

Kidd: Yes.

Zach: You're bailing on tomorrow night?

Kidd: Yeah, I... I just, you know, with the city being on high alert, I just figured I'd stick around and catch a double shift. Just in case they need the extra hands.

Zach: Huh.

Kidd: What?

Zach: No, I just thought you wanted to go.

Kidd: No, I do, I... That's why I was just... I was just feeling you out, and, uh... Look, I can see that this is really important to you, so I will tell Chief to stick to the schedule. Forget I called.

Zach: Okay. I'll see you tomorrow.

Kidd: Perfect.

Zach: Actually, you know what? I am gonna let you off the hook.

Kidd: No, that's not what I was...

Zach: Look, I'm a lot of things; I'm not blind, Stella. There's something going on with your roommate, which is cool with me. Hell, we just started going out.

Kidd: Zach...

Zach: No, it is, it is, but it's your life, and I get it. But... See, I think what I need to do is take a big step back. And if, uh... You get to a different place in your life, then... We'll see.

Kidd: I think you're overreacting.

Zach: I'm not.

Intelligence’s office

Kim Burgess: Upton.

Hailey Upton: Yeah?

Kim Burgess: We got something.

Hailey Upton: What is it?

Kim Burgess: It's from George Lehr's cloned laptop. He just sent an e-mail to Shepard. There it is. "Pick up the package at 7P. We'll be set for tonight."

Hailey Upton: 7P? What's 7P?

Kim Burgess: Uh, the time? 7:00 p.m.? I don't know.

Hailey Upton: Could be a location... A locker or storage facility.

Kim Burgess: Yeah, but pick up the package. What package?

Hailey Upton: It's gotta be an explosive. We have to intercept it. Let's go.

Mr. Lehr’s house

Kim Burgess: Clear.

Hailey Upton: Clear. Forward.

Kim Burgess: Hands up, Lehr. Lehr, hands up! Real slow, okay? I want you to put your hands up...


Kim Burgess: What's 7P? What did you give Shepard? Where's he striking next?

George Lehr: It'll all be over tonight!

Hailey Upton: Don't you move an inch… Sarge? Yeah, we have Lehr in custody, but we believe he's armed Shepard and means to strike tonight.


Hank Voight: Yeah, well you bring his ass in and throw him in the cage.

Jay Halstead: Sarge, we got something in the basement.

House: basement

Hank Voight: Hey.

Jay Halstead: Sheri Hamilton, the mother-in-law, Eric Mitchell, the mailbox victim, and this is the guy Upton and I interviewed. It's Allen Tullis; he's Shepard's editor. Shepard accosted him on a commuter train two days before the first incident.

Boden: Editor where?

Antonio Dawson: "Chicago Telegraph."

Jay Halstead: The CT?

Antonio Dawson: He's next.


Hank Voight: 5021 Squad emergency. Roll the bomb squad to the Chicago Telegraph building immediately. I got a possible IED. Advise additional responding to set a two block perimeter.

Boden: Roll CFD to the Chicago Telegraph building on a box alarm!

Chicago Telegraph’s parking

Officer: Okay, folks, single file. Watch the vehicles. There you go. Keep moving. Let's go, folks.

Hank Voight: You ever get that itch, Wallace?

Boden: Itch?

Chicago Telegraph

Hank Voight: Yeah, you know, the feeling something ain't right?

Boden: Yeah.

Hank Voight: Yeah, well, I got it now… Hey, security.

Security guy: We got the call and we are proceeding with the evacuation.

Hank Voight: All right, good. Listen, can you point out Allen Tullis? We need to talk to him.

Woman: Allen's not here yet. Comes in late on Fridays.

Man: Did you say Allen Tullis?

Hank Voight: Yeah, that's right.

Man: Yeah, he takes the train in. His regular routine.

Jay Halstead: Shepard accosted Tullis on the train. He knew where he'd be and what time he'd be there.

Boden: "CT." Not "Chicago Telegraph," Chicago Transit!

Hank Voight: You know what station Tullis uses?

Man: Uh, Randolph Street.

Hank Voight: Thank you.


Boden: Casey, divert the call to the Randolph Street train station. Possible bomb attempt.

Truck 81

Casey: Chief says Randolph Street station!

Otis: Squad Three, Ambo 61, Randolph Street station!

Severide: Copy that.

Randolph Street station

Severide: Evacuate! We need to evacuate! Everyone evacuate! Out of this station!

Security guy: What's going on?

Casey: We have a bomb threat.

Security guy: I didn't get a call!

Severide: It's happening fast.

Security guy: K570 to rail control! CFD's on the scene, reporting a 1090. They're requesting a station shutdown while we wait for CPD.

Jay Halstead: Get out of the way, please!

Hank Voight: Move to the right, please! Stay to the right!

Cruz: All right, everybody! We need you off the train and out of the platform right now! Let's go!

Otis: Orderly manner, please. Thank you! Upstairs, upstairs.

Herrmann: Nice and easy, slow down! Let's go, folks!

Cruz: Come on!

Herrmann: Come on, folks! Let's go! Let's go! Out of the platform right now, let's go, let's go!

Cruz: Come on!

Herrmann: Quickly, everybody, quickly.


Casey: Sir!

Severide: Hey, we're evacuating, sir.

Allen Tullis: Larry?

Larry Shepard: Journalism needs to be accountable.

Jay Halstead: Out of the way! Move!

Hank Voight: Out of the way! Move! Move!

Jay Halstead: Out of the way, out of the way. Get out of the way!

Severide: Come on!

Hank Voight: You even twitch, I'll blow your head off.


Hank Voight: Here, throw him in my car.

Officer: You got it. Let's go.

Hank Voight: Well, that was nice work, fellas.

Boden: A little too much excitement for one day.

Hank Voight: That's what keeps Chicago interesting.

Jay Halstead: Did you guys give your statements?

Casey: Multiple times.

Jay Halstead: That guy had enough C-4 on him to take out a whole city block. You did good today, both of you.

Casey: Yeah.

Jay Halstead: All right, Chief.

Boden: Okay. Come on.


Antonio Dawson: You two were cool under fire today.

Dawson: That's every day, mi hermano.

Antonio Dawson: Well, we appreciate it, sincerely. I mean, that laptop toppled the dominoes.

Brett: Oh, yeah? What about our patient, George Lehr? What happens to him?

Antonio Dawson: Next time he needs a paramedic, it's gonna be in a prison yard.

Casey: Good riddance.

Antonio Dawson: Yeah. Salud. You two missed your calling. I'm gonna get you CPD badges.

Severide’s loft

TV: How far does a girl have to go before you notice her?

Kidd: Are you going to Molly's?

Severide: You?

Kidd: I was thinking about it… Yeah, Zach broke up with me.

Severide: I thought you were just tapping the brakes.

Kidd: Yeah, well, he decided to go ahead and put it in park.

Severide: Let's stay in.

Kidd: Yeah?

Severide: Yeah, just you and me.

TV: If she's pretty enough, she doesn't have to go anywhere…

Kikavu ?

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schumi  (07.05.2020 à 21:49)

J'espère moi aussi qu'on ne va pas avoir des aller retour perpétuels entre Antonio et Brett... surtout que Cruz s'en mêle et là ça risque de devenir gnangnan s'ils développent trop ce triangle!

Contente que Kidd se sépare car elle est faite pour Severide, un point c'est tout lol!

J'aime beaucoup le couple de Mouch et Trudy (je sais pas si ça s'écrit comme ça désolée).

Et les filles ont assuré en mission d'infiltration, tout comme Casey et Severide dans le métro... mais bon eux c'est plus habituel comme le remarque lui même Casey.

Emmalyne  (13.03.2018 à 19:14)

J'ai beaucoup aimé l'épisode.

J'ai vraiment eu l'impression que les deux épisodes étaient mélangés, même si on ne voit pas l'intégralité de tous les personnages dans chacuns des épisodes.

L'intrigue principale était plutôt  sympa, même si on parle d'un type qui fait exploser des gens (humour noir).

Antonio et Brett font toujours le yoyo, en même temps dans la vie, c'est un peut comme ça quand des gens arrivent pas à se séparer ou rester ensemble une bonne fois pour toute.

Severide et Stella, je dirais enfin ! Il était temps ! Ils sont tellement mignon tous les deux. Je suis contente que Zach soit parti. Je l'aimais pas du tout. En plus, Stella lui mentait donc, c'était mal barré cette histoire.


natas  (11.03.2018 à 19:05)

Bonne suite du crossover !

Les pompiers ont vraiment aidé à résoudre le cas ! Alors que souvent les crossover commence avec un problème chez les pompier et la police qui enquête après, donc j'ai apprécier l'originalité !

Coté couple, j'adore Antonio et Brett, mais sérieux, ils arrêtent pas de faire des aller - retour ! c'est quoi le but? et avec Cruz, c'est une sorte de triangle? bref, depuis le début je n'arrive pas à cerner ou les scénariste veulent en venir...

Et pour Severide et Stella, c'est quand même bien lent !! heureusement que Zach a vu clair sinon le pauvre Stella aurait continuer son deni.


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