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Chicago Police Department
#104 : Le rôle du père

L’équipe de Voight fait face à une opération de contrefaçon. Durant cette enquête Lindsay doit s’occuper du témoin. Olinsky lui est confronté aux problèmes d’ado de sa fille. Pendant ce temps là les Officiers Atwater et Burgess tentent de convaincre une dame de nettoyer sa maison, cela mène à une découverte ...


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Titre VO
Now Is Always Temporary

Titre VF
Le rôle du père

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Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) et son père adoptif Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) et son père adoptif Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Erin, Jin et Hank en plein travail

Erin, Jin et Hank en plein travail

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) a l'air surpris

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) a l'air surpris

Antonio et Erin (Jon Seda et Sophia Bush) ont mis la main sur des liasses de billets

Antonio et Erin (Jon Seda et Sophia Bush) ont mis la main sur des liasses de billets

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) a vu quelque chose ?

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) a vu quelque chose ?

Toute l'équipe en plein débriefing

Toute l'équipe en plein débriefing

Le Boss : Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Le Boss : Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Antonio, Erin et Jay ne sont pas là pour plaisanter !

Antonio, Erin et Jay ne sont pas là pour plaisanter !

Rigolade sur le tournage

Rigolade sur le tournage

Les vies des policiers sont en jeu à Chicago...

Les vies des policiers sont en jeu à Chicago...

Jay et Antonio (Jesse Lee Soffer et Jon Seda), toujours prêts !

Jay et Antonio (Jesse Lee Soffer et Jon Seda), toujours prêts !

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) et Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) en pleine discussion

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) et Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) en pleine discussion

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda), prêt à tirer !

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda), prêt à tirer !

Erin (Sophia Bush) tente de discuter, au côté de Hank (Jason Beghe)

Erin (Sophia Bush) tente de discuter, au côté de Hank (Jason Beghe)

Erin (Sophia Bush) tient en joue un malfaiteur

Erin (Sophia Bush) tient en joue un malfaiteur

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee soffer) et Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee soffer) et Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Une demoiselle en détresse à sauver !

Une demoiselle en détresse à sauver !


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Scénario : Denitria Harris-Lawrence 
Réalisation : Mark Tinker

Guest Starring : Stella Maeve (Nadia), Amy Morton (Sergent Trudy Platt), Josh Segarra (Justin Voight), Alina Taber (Lexi Olinsky)



Halstead: Seven years ago today, Lonnie. Today. Seven years! He would have been 15! But you murdered that boy.

Phil: I'm getting a restraining order!

Halstead: I'm gonna give you a reason to need one one day you and your sick-ass son!


Phil: Oh, for God's sake. You're following us now?

Halstead: You having fun, Lonnie? Huh? Life's good, isn't it?

Phil: You're not supposed to be within 100 feet of my family.

Halstead: Don't touch me.

Phil: No, no, no. You need to get Ugh! Ohh

Halstead: You all know what he did. You make me sick.


Justin: And so this brother comes across the yard. He's all skeezed out on crystal or something. And he says, he says, "chicken pot pie. " Like I'm supposed to know what that is, right? So my boy looks at him, points back at the block and he says, that way. Did not matter what this cat was on. He just doubles back to where he came from lickety-split, you know what I'm saying?

Voight: Hey, J, listen, I got some news. Um I had to pull some strings, but I got you in at the CTA.

Justin: That's where that's where city workers send their loser relatives.

Lindsay: It's a job. And it'll help you get back on your feet.

Justin: You know you sound more and more like him every day, right?

Voight: You start Monday.

Justin: Okay, pop, sure.

Voight: Excuse me, I gotta take this. Hello?

Justin: Strange how things worked out, huh?

Lindsay: How's that?

Justin: When we took you in, you were the problem. And now you're the golden girl, and I'm the prodigal son.

Lindsay: Well, here we are, Justin. And now you have a second chance, so don't piss on it.

Voight: We gotta roll. I'm sorry, kid.

Dean Masters’s house

Dawson: House belongs to a Dean Masters. His file was red-flagged to notify intelligence, but he must have been before my time.

Voight: Oh, yeah, him. That robbery at the art institute last year. We liked him as the fence.

Officer: The neighbours heard a woman scream. We knocked, he yelled out that he had a gun and to leave him alone.


Voight: Masters, this is Sergeant Voight with the Chicago Police. Open up, make this easy on all of us.

Prostitute: He's gonna kill me!

Voight: Take it.

Voight: Drop it!

Masters: I told 'em I would kill her!

Voight: Drop it, Masters!

Lindsay: We're here to help.

Dawson: Let her go.

Masters: All we're trying to do is have a good time. Isn't that right, huh?

Halstead: Drop your weapon! Hands in the air! Do it now!

Lindsay: Easy, easy. Everybody take a breath.

Masters: She set me up. She's trying to get me killed.

Lindsay: Fine, you're right. We can handle that.

Masters: I got info. I got info on a deal that's going down, and that's why she's setting me up.

Prostitute: I don't know what he what he's talking about. I swear to God.

Lindsay: All right, we will help you. We will help you, but you've gotta let her go first. You don't need her. Come on, give her to me. Come on. Give her to me.

Masters: I'm dead anyway.

Voight: No!


Lindsay: It's okay, it's okay.


Prostitute: He kept on saying, "they're coming back for me. They're tying up loose ends.

Paramedic: We need to get her checked out.

Voight: Okay. I want a uniform with her at all times. And as soon as she's medically cleared, I want her back at the barn.

Officer: You got it.


Dawson: My sister and her partner went through this. Guy blew his brains out in front of them on a routine call. Gabby was fine, but it hit Shay pretty hard. Don't be afraid to talk to somebody, anybody. Me if it sneaks up on you.

Lindsay: Thanks.

Halstead: Yeah, appreciate it.

Olinsky’s garage

Lexi: Aunt Peg's here, and mom and her are trying to play cards.

Olinsky: All right, ten more minutes.

Lexi: Well, according to the agreement you signed with her, noise cutoff time is 4:00.

Olinsky: Let me see that. I don't remember signing anything. You know, your mother and I got it all worked out. There's no need for you to place peacemaker.

Lexi: If you want to get away from her so bad, why don't you just get an apartment?

Olinsky: I don't live in the garage to be away from your mother. I live here to be close to you.

Lexi: Dad, that's sweet.

Olinsky: Yeah. Sweet… Father/daughter dance tomorrow. Got my suit picked out.

Lexi: You wanna go?

Olinsky: Of course!

Platt’s office

Platt: Yeah, I'm gonna put you on hold. Burgess, Atwater.

Burgess: Hmm?

Platt: A lady over on West Vernon Park has been letting stuff pile up in her backyard, and the buttinski neighbours called the Sheriff, apparently, gave her 30 days to clean it up. And I guess the old lady hasn't done anything, so head over there, and if she hasn't made any progress, lock her ass up.

Burgess: Lock her up for being a slob?

Platt: You know, when you're queen for a day, Burgess, you can keep all the happy laws and get rid of all the mean ones, but until then move your buns, okay?

Atwater: We'll bring something back for you, Sarge. Maybe she's got an old box of personality laying around there for you.

Platt: Ho ho ho oh… Olinsky, your daughter's school's on line four.

Intelligence office

Voight: Dean Masters was a hotshot artist in his 20s. Work dried up, picked up a drug habit. He's suspected of not only being a fence but also forging paintings.

Dawson: What was that thing intelligence had him on?

Lindsay: Stolen Klimt. Never resurfaced.

Ruzek: What the hell is a Klimt?

Lindsay: An artist.

Ruzek: Named Klimt?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Ruzek: That's a funny name, right? Or am I alone on this? Klimt. Say it out loud.

Halstead: It's kinda funny, yeah.

Voight: So this whole "they're gonna kill me" thing that Masters was going on about was either about the stolen painting or something else.

Halstead: Or he was just tripping and talking nonsense. I mean, did you see his pupils? He was gakked out of his mind.

Voight: We got a known suspect, took his own life rather than face something heavy-duty. We pursue the case.


Olinsky: She'll take care of you.

Voight: Lindsay, will you take this?

Lindsay: How you feeling?

Prostitute: Like hell.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Olinsky: Hey.

Lindsay: Let's get a cup of coffee.

Olinsky: I gotta run to Lexi's school in a bit.

Voight: Everything all right?

Olinsky: Yeah, it's fine.

Voight: Okay, cool.

Family room

Prostitute: I guess I should thank you for last night.

Lindsay: Well, he chose his head instead of yours. We all got lucky.

Prostitute: I'm sorry.

Lindsay: It's okay. How well did you know Dean Masters?

Prostitute: I just met him last night. It was only the third time I've ever done that. I'm a licensed esthetician. I worked at a salon up till about a week ago. I wasn't making rent.

Lindsay: Maybe this is a sign that that life's not for you, huh?

Prostitute: Yeah.

Lindsay: Do you know why Dean thought you were trying to set him up?

Prostitute: I don't know. I swear to God, I got there, and.. And he was pissed because I wasn't the girl he asked for and…

Lindsay: Who was he expecting?

Prostitute: Nadia.

Ms Evans’s house

Burgess: Ma'am?

Ms Evans: Hello.

Burgess: I'm Officer Burgess. This is Officer Atwater.

Ms Evans: Hello.

Burgess: Ms. Evans, you've exceeded the 30 days…

Ms Evans: I'm trying. I'm sorry. I'm trying, but I just can't seem to get started.

Atwater: We're gonna have to place you under arrest, ma'am. If you could turn around for me.

Ms Evans: Oh, my God.

Burgess: I just I need to talk to my partner. Real quick, ma'am… I'm not locking this lady up. You wanna talk about some bad karma?

Atwater: Well, I'd rather piss her off than Platt, feel me?

Burgess: Wait… Ma'am, would you do me a favour? Would you grab that coffee can behind you? That one. There you go. Now take that banana peel or whatever it is. Yep, yep, yep. Okay, now drop it in the coffee can. Good enough for us. Have a good day, ma'am, and please do get your house cleaned up, or indeed you will be arrested by other officers… Just like that.


Dawson: Guy who runs this place is Adam Mazur. I know him from vice.

Voight: Right.

Dawson: Called him the Whac-a-mole pimp. We'd beat him down, and he'd pop up somewhere else a week later with a new stable.

Voight: Let's go.

Halstead: All right.


Man: Membership, guys?

Voight: Yeah. Right here.

Halstead: If you press an alarm, I will break your hand. Get up against the wall. Now.
Ruzek: Turn around.


Voight: Chicago PD. Everybody stay calm. Put your hands where I can see 'em, please. Put your hands where I can see 'em.

Dawson: How you doing, Mazur?

Voight: Got a girl named Nadia?

Mazur: Never heard of her. She's in room eight.

Voight: Thank you, thank you.

Room 8

Ruzek: Knock, knock.

Man: I was getting a legitimate massage.

Ruzek: I'll bet you were. Get out there, come on! Go! Are you Nadia?

Nadia: Please don't shoot me.

Ruzek: I'm not gonna shoot you. Everything's gonna be fine. All right?

Nadia: Okay.

Ruzek: Just come with me.

Nadia: Okay.

Ruzek: You'll be all right.

Nadia: Thank you.

Locker room

Dawson: Here.

Ruzek: Thanks. I think they're swollen. Seriously, dude.

Dawson: I'll take your word for it.

Halstead: Uniforms picked up Nadia trying to score over on Roosevelt. They're bringing her in. You all right?

Ruzek: No.

Halstead: Just checking.

Ruzek: Yeah, I'm glad we're all having fun with this. Antonio, Wendy and I wanna have kids. If I'm sterile I'm gonna have that chick's neck.

Dawson: Uh-uh. This is all on you, Ruzek. You can't let your guard down like that, ever.

Ruzek: Good talk.

Lexi’s school

Principal: We found these in Lexi's locker. I know what you do for a living, so I'm going to let you handle it. But we have a zero tolerance policy. It's an automatic suspension. One week.


Olinsky: What am I going to say to your mother?

Lexi: I'll hide in the garage. Works for you.

Olinsky: When did you start smoking pot?

Lexi: They weren't mine, dad.

Olinsky: Then whose were they?

Lexi: No one's. I found them.

Olinsky: Oh? Is it that senior with the stupid name that you've been seeing?

Lexi: No.

Olinsky: All right, see you at home.

Lexi: Dad, they're just joints. Please don't go crazy.

Olinsky: It's okay.

Interview room

Lindsay: So what can you tell me about Dean Masters?

Nadia: Didn't really know him. I went on one date with the guy.

Lindsay: You sure about that? I heard you were his favourite.

Nadia: Yeah, I get that a lot.

Lindsay: I bet. All right, so where'd you grow up? What neighbourhood?

Nadia: Lake Forest. I was homecoming queen, and Michael Jordan was our neighbour.

Lindsay: Really? You know, I grew up there too. I was the valedictorian. Seriously, how old are you? You know I can find out in two minutes.

Nadia: 18. But I used a fake I. D., so don't hassle 'em. I need the work.

Lindsay: So Dean mention having any problems with anybody?

Nadia: Nope.

Lindsay: What were you trying to score, heroin? Look I can get you a fix. You have my word on that. But I need some information first. Why would Dean eat a bullet? He had enemies?

Nadia: No. The opposite. Dean was the sharing type.

Lindsay: Give me a name.

Nadia: Santa.

Lindsay: Guy named Santa?

Nadia: No, no. That's how I remembered it. "No-El. " Noel. Noel Harris. Yeah, he brought the skag. He owns some sort of card shop or some deal over on polk. I don't know. He was rambling.

Lindsay: Okay. Let's go.


Nadia: Hey, what're you doing?

Lindsay: Just for a little while.

Nadia: You better come back here, bitch! I mean it!

Platt’s office

Platt: Multiple pain-in-the-ass neighbours have complained that you two dolts didn't do a damn thing.

Burgess: Ms. Evans was making a good-faith effort to…

Platt: What are you, on the stand now, Burgess? A good-faith effort? Does she keep your balls in the glove box, Atwater?

Atwater: Not that I know of.

Platt: Then why is she calling the shots all the time? You go back there, and if that nutcase hasn't made a serious dent in the clean-up, you slap some bracelets on her and you bring her in Or I will park you both on crossing guard duty, which is maybe where you belong, 'cause I got no patience for soft cops. Now get outta here.

Burgess: Sorry.

Atwater: I'll deal with this lady now.


Voight: Of course. I understand. I'll take care of it… That was Commander Perry. You gotta end this.

Halstead: End what?

Voight: The Rodiger family. First a restraining order. Now they've filed a formal complaint against you with the city.

Halstead: You don't know the whole story.

Voight: I do, actually. This unit does not need your name and face in the papers as some “vendetta” cop. Just let homicide do their job.

Halstead: They're not, though. And what, the family's just gonna have to eat it every time they walk by Lonnie Rodiger's house?

Voight: The world isn't fair. You just learning this? You got potential to be great police, Halstead. So drop it.

Voight: Hello? Mr. Harris? Chicago Police. Hello? Noel Harris!

Halstead: Look at this. This guy selling cards or Daisy Dukes?

Voight: We're too late.


Voight: Found a bunch of this in the trash.

Halstead: What's that?

Voight: You know how you can run money through the washer and it doesn't rip up? That's 'cause it's not made out of paper. It's made out of fabric. Same stuff in blue jeans. See? Perfect texture. This guy was good. I want you to get everybody over to Masters' house. I want that place searched inside out.

Halstead: Yeah, you got it.

Masters' house

Olinsky: Bedrooms are clear.

Dawson: We're missing 20 square feet. Right there.

Halstead: You got it?

Olinsky: Bingo.

Intelligence office

Ruzek: See, I mean, that is some serious talent, man. This guy's a failed artist?

Lindsay: Yep.

Ruzek: It's funny the things people end up doing when they can't do what they really want, huh?

Voight: This is Agent Joe Hill. Secret Service, Chicago field office. We go back a ways.

Ruzek: Where's your earpiece and your sunglasses?

Hill: That's only when Obama's in town.

Lindsay: Does this mean we're handing over the case?

Hill: No. Technically I can't get involved unless there's actual counterfeit currency found, but Hank just thought I could help.

Lindsay: Oh.

Halstead: I thought counterfeiters were using high-end printers nowadays.

Hill: There's digital tech that'll print a pretty good 5 or 10, then you pass it off at Walgreens buying dollar items. That's what we call "baby laundering. " Using plates this is old-school. Takes some real work.

Voight: There's three steps. The plates, the paper, and the printer. Guess who we're looking for now.

Jin: The hooker that kicked Ruzek in the nuts. How'd she characterize her interaction with Dean Masters?

Lindsay: Went to his place once.

Jin: 45 text messages between him and her over the last two weeks.

Locker room

Nadia: You said you'd hook me up.

Lindsay: And I will.

Nadia: You gotta help me. You gotta.

Lindsay: Okay, come on. Come on. Nadia. Hey. Focus. Why'd you lie to me?

Nadia: I gave you Noel! Isn't that enough?

Lindsay: I'll tell you when it's enough. Do you want to get well? Huh? I can get you the fix that you need, but I need you to tell me what's going on.

Nadia: They said they'd kill me.

Lindsay: Who?

Nadia: I was at Dean's a few nights ago. It was the last time I saw him. He went out to score for us. I went out front to have a smoke 'cause he didn't like it in the house. A group of guys with guns walked up. One of 'em took out his cell phone and took a picture of me, said if I said anything he'd find me and kill me.

Lindsay: Okay. What did he look like?

Nadia: Young. Black. Jeans, hoodies. I was so scared I just left. But I saw them get into this delivery van with a Jesus fish painted on it.

Lindsay: What? Hey! Is this you tripping?

Nadia: No. I swear to God. There was a big Jesus fish painted on the back of the truck.

Lindsay: Okay. Come on. You cold? You did good. Here.

Nadia: Now can we go score?

Lindsay: Soon.

Nadia: I swear to God, if you're lying to me, I'm gonna…

Lindsay: You're gonna what? Do you have any idea how many charges I could drop on you right now? I told you I would take care of you and I will. So I need you to take it down a notch and wait. Come on.

Intelligence office

Jin: Okay, pods found a match to the delivery van with the Jesus fish on the back. You know, the symbol's actually called an ichthys…

Lindsay: Jin?

Jin: Fine. You wanna keep calling it a "Jesus fish," knock yourself out. Also found something else.

Halstead: Tabernacle?

Jin: Yeah. This van's registered to the Tabernacle of Divinity. It's a storefront church on 63rd and Cal. They use it to deliver meals to the elderly.

Dawson: That's Pastor Mike's place. An ex-GD. Supposedly underwent a jailhouse conversion a few years back. Guess it didn't take.

Lindsay: All right. I'll show Nadia a lineup of this guy and his associates. If she picks anybody out, I'll get a warrant.

21 back entrance

Olinsky: Thanks, gents.

Officer: No problem.

Olinsky: Brayden.

Brayden: Yeah.

Olinsky: Hey. Alvin Olinsky. Lexi's dad.

Brayden: Yeah. Hey Sir.

Olinsky: We never actually met because every time you come over to pick up my daughter you've only stayed out in the car.

Brayden: Yeah, that's my bad.

Nadia: What the hell are you looking at?

Olinsky: Hey, don't mind her. Do you know anything about the joints that were found in Lexi's locker?

Brayden: No, sir.

Olinsky: Let me have your phone. So, uh no texts from her today? Or did you just erase them all?

Brayden: Uh, we haven't talked, you know, or texted, so…

Olinsky: Come here. Come on.

Brayden: Yo, am I under arrest?

Olinsky: Well, should you be?

Brayden: No, I was just asking.

Olinsky: Sit.


Dawson: Police! Everybody get on the ground! Get on the ground!

Halstead: Put your hands behind your head!

Lindsay: On the wall!

Voight: Down on your knees! Gun! Gun!

Man: What?

Voight: Shut up! Get down!

Lindsay: Don't look at me, man. Keep your hands up! Put 'em up higher!

Voight: Turn around! Put your hands back! Think I'm kidding you?

Lindsay: Gimme this one. Palm to the sky.

Dawson: God's soldier, huh, Mike? He bless you with all this cash?

Mike: Man, those are just donations for our meals on wheels. Hey, keep y'all mouths shut! Don't say nothing!


Halstead: No plates. No paper. No sign of any printing operation.

Lindsay: We really think Pastor Mike has the skills for counterfeiting?

21 back entrance

Olinsky: I got a text from Lexi asking where you are. Text her back. "I'm busy, what's up?" Read it.

Brayden: “I think my dad knows I was holding for you.” Look, I'm sorry, okay? My applications went out for college, and I couldn't have those joints on my record, you know?

Olinsky: Stand up... I don't ever want to see you again.

Brayden: Ow. You won't, sir.

Olinsky: Yeah. Starting now. Go.

Ms Evans’s house

Atwater: Ma'am?

Ms Evans: I've been cleaning. In my bedroom, in the back.

Atwater: We'll need to see it.

Ms Evans: I promise you.

Atwater: Ma'am, we need to see progress, or we're going to have to place you under arrest.

Ms Evans: Okay. Look, see? It's all here. I've been working on it. Now please leave.

Burgess: Did you hear that?

Atwater: No. What?

Burgess: It's back there.

Ms Evans: Do not go down there! You're not allowed! No. Get out!

Atwater: What's in there?

Ms Evans: Nothing. You need to leave. You have no right to be in here.

Atwater: Yeah, we do. Open it.

Ms Evans: No! No, get away from there!

Burgess: Ma'am!

Ms Evans: No!

Burgess: Ma'am!

Ms Evans: Get away! No! No!


Burgess: Chicago PD! Oh, my God. Hey, it's okay.

Boy: Mama said no strangers.

Burgess: Okay, but it's all right now. You're safe. Come here. It's okay.

Boy: Yeah.

Burgess: It's okay, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Interview room

Dawson: We owe you an apology, Pastor Mike.

Pastor Mike: That's a start.

Dawson: I mean, here we were thinking you're the brains behind a counterfeit ring. But really you're a small-time Charlie who's too dumb to know you've been played.

Pastor Mike: Naw. "The sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing to the glories of God." That's romans.

Ruzek: Oh oh.

Pastor Mike: That's some kind of trick.

Dawson: Your crew took out Noel Harris. Dean Masters knew he was on your list. He freaks out, kills himself first.

Ruzek: And the problem is you got paid in funny money.

Dawson: Why don't you tell us who hired you for the hit on Harris. I'll talk to the state's attorney, see about you getting.

Intelligence office

Dawson: All right. Pastor Mike was contracted by this man Glen Ward. Now, Ward has done federal time in Leavenworth for counterfeiting. But how Ward and his printing crew hooked up with Dean Masters and Noel Harris is anybody's guess, and why the two of them are both dead now, who knows?

Halstead: Pastor Mike didn't say why Ward wanted them dead?

Dawson: He didn't ask.

Lindsay: It could be any reason. Somebody wanted a bigger cut, threatened to snitch, banged somebody's girlfriend.

Dawson: Any one of those scenarios.

Hill: One of Ward's aliases is Denis Diderot.

Olinsky: A counterfeiter and a fan of French literature. Can't wait to meet him.

Ruzek: Hey, Sarge. Jin just did a name check against new leases on commercial property rentals. He got a hit. Foreclosed chemical building on Cicero.

Voight: All right, unless anyone's opposed to overtime, let's go find our printer.

Hill: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. This is the part where I'm supposed to tell you Secret Service is taking over the case.

Voight: No, no, no. We had a deal. I get the bad guys. You get the counterfeit money.

Hill: That's why I'm waiting until morning to do it.


Olinsky: Hey.

Lexi: Why did you do that?

Olinsky: Lexi. He's a dirtbag.

Lexi: Now all my friends know that you threatened him over a couple of joints?

Olinsky: That's not what this is about, Lexi, about a couple of joints. It doesn't matter. This guy was perfectly happy to let you take the ride. He's not a man. He never will be. And he doesn't deserve you… Lexi.

Voight’s office

Lindsay: Look who I found loitering at the top of the stairs.

Voight: Is everything all right?

Justin: Yeah. Yeah, it's all good, pop.

Voight: What's up?

Justin: So this is where you hand down commands to your crew, huh?

Voight: This is it. 'Bout to roll out, actually.

Justin: Cool. Hey, uh, actually wanna talk to you about something real quick, pop. So I got a chance… I got a chance to get in on the ground floor of a business that my buddy's putting together. I mean, there is no ceiling on how profitable this could get.

Voight: What is it?

Justin: Recycling and refurbishing cell phones. My buddy's got a whole new business model, though. He's coming at it from a whole new angle. I feel like this could really set me up, pop. I feel it could be a good thing.

Voight: How much?

Justin: 10 grand, it back to you in a month. Two months, max.

Voight: What makes you think I got 10 grand laying around?

Justin: I know you got side income.

Voight: What's that supposed to mean?

Justin: I'm not a kid anymore, dad. I know you do things your way. I even heard things when I was inside about you charging street taxes?

Voight: You heard wrong.

Justin: All right. Then what about mom's life insurance? I know you still got some of that in the bank. Aren't I entitled to a piece of that?

Voight: Justin, most of that was used for your legal fees. Look, I'll tell you what. You put six months under your vest at CTA…

Justin: I need the money now, not six months from now. In six months, the deal is dead.

Voight: Andy Morrissey at CTA. He's expecting your call.

Ms Evan’s basement

Atwater: Copy that. He was listed as a missing person in South Dakota four years ago. They moved here right after that. Dad's out of the picture. Fell through the cracks. You okay?

Burgess: Yeah.


Halstead: It's quiet out front.


Dawson: Looks like Ward's ready to roll.

Voight: We got eyes in there yet?


Olinsky: No. Almost there. Stand by. All right, we're up. Counterfeit central. All right, give 'er a spin.

Ruzek: All right. There's two. Three, and four.

Voight: Any artillery?

Ruzek: I can't tell.


Voight: We're going in.


Halstead: Chicago PD!

Man: Watch out the police!

Dawson: Halt!


Voight: I got Ward!

Lindsay: I got this one!

Halstead: Don't move! Don't move! Drop it!


Lindsay: Stay down!


Ruzek: Gun on the dash. Hands on your head! Now!


Halstead: George 5021 emergency. Shots fired by the police and at the police. Roll an ambo to 1356 South 13th Street. Notify the dicks and crime lab. Plainclothes officers at the scene. Can I get you a T-shirt, big fella?

Ruzek: You good?

Dawson: Too bad it ain't real.

Ruzek: Lindsay, get a picture of me for my album cover.

Lindsay: You're an idiot.

Voight: Call Agent Hill, tell him we found the mother lode.

Dawson: Yeah, we do all the work, Secret Service comes in, takes the credit.

Voight: You want your face on the front page of the paper? Voight.

Platt’s office

Platt: Burgess, Atwater! Nice police work on that hoarder deal.
Burgess: We kinda just stumbled into that.
Platt: The egghead who discovered penicillin just stumbled into it too. A win's a win.

Atwater: Thanks, Sarge.


Atwater: Hey, you cheer up. It's no small thing getting a compliment from Platt.

Burgess: I was in such a hurry to leave that first time. What if we never found him?

Atwater: It worked out. And the kid's gonna be okay.

Burgess: Sometimes I think I'm too nice to be a cop.

Atwater: You got a big heart, all right? Don't apologize for that.


Dawson: You knew the family?

Halstead: He's the younger brother of a girl I dated in high school. And his parents, Danny and Gail, they came to my graduation from academy. I still see 'em on what would be Ben's birthday. Me and my partner were first on the scene. And I see a shoe, and then I push the reeds back and there he is. I can still see his face.

Dawson: I remember his dad alibied him out. But they never had anything on Lonnie, nothing?

Halstead: No. They caught him jerking it outside an elementary school a week prior to finding Ben. They found kiddie porn on his computer and secret pictures that he'd taken of Ben.

Dawson: You gotta be kidding me.

Halstead: Uh-uh. We all knew Lonnie did it. But, you know, his dad lied, and they got a good lawyer.

Dawson: Hey… Be careful. Hear me?

Olinsky’s garage

Lexi: Father/daughter dance is tonight, but I'm suspended. Are you wearing that?


Lexi: I don't want you to get an apartment.


Steve: Don't worry about it. Him and his buddy got a little rowdy over at Miller's pub.

Justin: Pop…

Voight: Shut up. Appreciate you not booking him, Steve.

Steve: Saves us the paperwork.

Voight: How's the kid he fought?

Steve: Mm, 'bout the same.

Voight: Not looking to press charges down the line? Listen, you need anything, you let me know.

Steve: Be safe.

Voight: Walk. Who's this buddy you were with?

Justin: You don't know him. Bunch of wannabe cholos were talking smack, acting like they run the place. They were disrespecting us, pop. Do you have any idea what I went through in there? The son of a cop?

Voight: You finished?

Justin: I want you to listen to me for once, dad, okay? I'm not the same kid that I was when I walked in there. Maybe if you would've done your job and kept me out in the first place…

Voight: You wanna blame me for what you do?

Justin: You know what? Screw you.

21 back entrance

Lindsay: Nadia. It's time.

Nadia: You telling the truth?

Lindsay: Yeah, come on.


Nadia: You really just gonna let me go score?

Lindsay: I'm letting you make a choice. That's why I wanted you to do it sober. 'Cause there is another way. That clinic across the street has everything you need to get started. So you're gonna get out, I'm gonna drive away, and then the choice is yours. Walk over to the clinic, or walk across the street and buy… This is a decision that you have to make for yourself, otherwise we're just wasting our time here… Take my card. If you want a life better than what you got I will help you get to the other side. That is a promise.

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