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Chicago Police Department
#110 : Le Combat d'Halstead

Un corps a été découvert, celui de Lonnie Rodiger, Halstead est soupçonné du meurtre. L’équipe elle doit continuer malgré tout à travailler et doivent trouver le meurtrier d’un medecin. Sumner obtient une chance de prouver sa place dans l’équipe ...


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Titre VO
At Least It's Justice

Titre VF
Le Combat d'Halstead

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Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) et son chef Hank Voight (Jason Beghe).

Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) et son chef Hank Voight (Jason Beghe).

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe)

L'officier Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) s'apprête à faire feu !

L'officier Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) s'apprête à faire feu !

L'officier Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) accompagnée par le pompier Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett)

L'officier Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) accompagnée par le pompier Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett)

Hank (Jason Beghe) a l'air satisfait de Mia (Sydney Tamiia Poitier)

Hank (Jason Beghe) a l'air satisfait de Mia (Sydney Tamiia Poitier)

Alvin (Elias Koteas) a t-il trouvé quelque chose ?

Alvin (Elias Koteas) a t-il trouvé quelque chose ?

Mia Sumner (Sydney Tamiia Poitier) en pleine discussion.

Mia Sumner (Sydney Tamiia Poitier) en pleine discussion.

L'équipe de la caserne 51 est dans la place !

L'équipe de la caserne 51 est dans la place !

Antonio (Jon Seda), Al (Elias Koteas) et en 1er plan la nouvelle recrue Mia Sumner (Sydney Tamiia Poitier)

Antonio (Jon Seda), Al (Elias Koteas) et en 1er plan la nouvelle recrue Mia Sumner (Sydney Tamiia Poitier)

L'équipe des Renseignements est sur le qui-vive !

L'équipe des Renseignements est sur le qui-vive !


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Scénario : Craig Gore, Tim Walsh
Réalisation : Michael Slovis

Guest Starring : Taylor Kinney (Lieutenant Kelly Severide), Sydney Tamiia Poitier (Mia Sumner), Amy Morton (Sergent Trudy Platt), Ian Bohen (Edwin Stillwell), Robert Wisdom (Commandant Perry), Charlie Barnett (Peter Mills), Beth Lacke (avocat)

Intelligence office

Halstead: Yo! Did you guys catch the game last night? 18 seconds into overtime, Kane scores the backhander. Guy's on fire this season… What's with you two?

Voight: Halstead.

Voight’s office

Halstead: Commander.

Perry: Halstead. Have a seat.

Halstead: I'll stand.

Perry: All right, after shift last night, where were you?

Halstead: Home. Why?

Perry: So you're telling us you didn't go out at all last night?

Halstead: I'm telling you that I watched the hawks game and I was in bed by midnight.

Perry: This was taken last night near Broadview and Cicero. The car's registered to Lonnie Rodiger. And that's you... Two cars behind.

Halstead: Okay, so I happened to be driving home behind a pedophile.

Perry: Well, your alleged pedophile was found dead this morning, Lafollette Park.

Halstead: What?

Voight: Someone tied a cord around his neck.

Perry: So I hope you have a better alibi than watching a hockey game... Alone.

Voight: Until this is straightened out, you're officially stripped.

Perry: So expect a call from Internal Affairs. They're going to want to interview you as soon as possible.

Halstead: You mean an interrogation.

Perry: You know how this works, son.

Intelligence office

Lindsay: Jay.

Halstead: I'm the one who tried to stop that freak. Now I'm the target.

Lindsay: I know. Take this. It's the number for Dan Hanes. He's the best police union rep there is. You call him... And then you tell me how you want to handle this.

Halstead: This is unbelievable.

Jin’s office

Halstead: Hey, Jin, I need the Rodiger homicide file.

Jin: As a suspect in his murder, that's highly unauthorized.

Halstead: Come on, man!

Jin: We're done! Voight said if I help you one more time, I'm back to manning traffic patterns for streets and san.


Dawson: Told you to be careful, didn't I?

Halstead: I just got suspended.

Dawson: You're shocked? I'm the one who brought you into this unit.

Halstead: Tony, this wasn't me.

Dawson: I got to clock in. Go get yourself a lawyer right now and keep your mouth shut.

Car crash

Old lady: He... He came out of nowhere, I swear. I didn't see him.

Atwater: I understand, ma'am, but we need you to get out of the way so these men can do their jobs, okay?


Mills: Old lady plows her boat through an intersection, and she's the only one without a scratch.

Severide: Hey, sit tight. We're going to get you out of there.

Fire Fighter: Okay!

Fire Fighter: More!

Fire Fighter: Hold it!

Mills: Hey, sit tight...

Severide: Hey! The driver of this car, he decked my guy!

Mills: You ungrateful prick!

Severide: You all right?

Mills: Yeah.


Burgess: It wasn't his fault. Why'd he run?

Atwater: Check the car… Hey! What you got for this?


Atwater: Damn.


Dawson: No wonder he was in such a hurry.


Man: So when do I get my car back?

Olinsky: Well, it's evidence yes. Thin a murder case, so it could be impounded for a while.

Man: Well, my insurance isn't going to cover a loaner. Will the CPD provide me with one?

Olinsky: You know what? Go ahead and pick one out from the lot. Go talk to Sergeant Platt, front desk. She'll give you the keys, okay?

Intelligence office

Olinsky: The owner of the car's clean. The car was reported stolen from a parking garage about a week ago.

Lindsay: Hey, the torso recovered from the trunk had an artificial hip, so I asked Jin to trace the serial number and match it to the patient's name.

Jin: Doing it that way's actually faster than a DNA test. Only takes me a couple hours instead of a couple weeks.

Voight: It's a good thing you're back to doing your day job instead of personal favours. Keep hitting the bushes.


Ruzek: Hey, so you think Halstead did it or what? Lindsay, come on, it's a question. You never know around here sometimes.

Olinsky: What's that supposed to mean?

Ruzek: Nothing.

Corsons’s house

Danny: To be honest, I don't feel any sympathy.

Gail: Do the police have any idea who did it?

Halstead: We're still trying to piece that together. Gail, do you have any milk for this?

Gail: Oh, yeah.

Halstead: Thank you.

Gail: Sorry. I'm sorry.

Halstead: They suspended me. They think I did it. So if you did something... Then tell me now, and we'll figure this out together.

Danny: Jay, I have been fantasizing about it for years, but I didn't do it. After all you've done for this family, if you need me to confess... I will.


Phil: Hey! He's dead because of you!

Halstead: Oh, man.

Phil: None of this would have happened if you had just left us alone!

Halstead: Lonnie brought this on himself and you know it.

Intelligence kitchen

Sumner: You're a man short.

Voight: Halstead's under investigation for murder. You want to cash in on that?

Sumner: I deserve to be in Intelligence. An opportunity is an opportunity.

Jin: I got a match on the artificial hip. Dr. Richard Elliot... The DNA consultant who testified for the state's attorney.

Voight: Yeah, I knew him. Helped put away some major hitters.

Jin: Well, his wife filed a missing persons report on him yesterday.

Voight: Nice work… Let's take a ride.

Elliots’s home

Mrs Elliot: He left his office two nights ago, and he never came home. He called me when he got on Lakeshore Drive, but then he never answered his phone after that.

Sumner: As a consultant for the prosecution, I assume he's gotten death threats.

Mrs Elliot: He's testified in hundreds of DNA cases. I told him I wanted him to retire, to go back to teaching, but he loved his work.

Voight: Was he about to testify in any upcoming trials?

Mrs Elliot: The trial was supposed to start tomorrow.

Voight: This clown, Nicholas Djurovic, aka Nick the DJ.

Sumner: Ma'am, we're going to need you to go downtown with the patrolman to... Deal with the remains.

Voight’s car

Voight: "The remains," huh? Alvin, I want you to do a drive-by.

Olinsky: Yeah, just shoot me the name and I'll suit up. So you'll let me know what's going on with Halstead?

Voight: I told him not to pursue his vendetta. Maybe he didn't listen.

Intelligence office

Olinsky: So we're just gonna to let this kid twist in the wind?

Voight’s car

Voight: He created this problem. He can't figure his way out of it, he doesn't belong in our unit anyways.

Intelligence office

Olinsky: All right.

Voight’s car

Sumner: I know this one cop. He got jammed up on an aggravated assault charge...

Voight: I want your opinion, I'll ask.

Djurovic’s apartment

Dawson: Djurovic, this is CPD!

Lindsay: Chicago PD!

Woman: Oh!


Ruzek: Clear!

Dawson: Clear!


Dawson: Where you going?

Djurovic: Can't just... Break in on me...

Dawson: You want to run, Nicky?

Djurovic: Help me!

Ruzek: Hey... You kind of find yourself in an erotic asphyxiation situation here, bud.

Djurovic: Can't you see? Just...

Ruzek: What, do we pull him up?

Olinsky: Nah. Let him hang there.

Djurovic: Got a warrant...

Dawson: Do you have an idea, Al?

Olinsky: I think I might.


Djurovic: Uhh...

Dawson: What do you think, Nicky?

Djurovic: Help me...

Dawson: Huh?

Djurovic: Oh, you got no right!


Olinsky: Right underneath him.

Lindsay: Yeah, right there.


Dawson: Pretty high up here.

Lindsay: Let 'er rip!


Djurovic: Uh... Uhh!Aah!


Olinsky: Well, that didn't work.

Interview room

Djurovic: I'm gonna sue you. I'm gonna sue the city. I'm gonna sue your mother for having you. I'm gonna sue your father for even thinking about doing...

Dawson: Shut up. You're facing 20 years for murder, and it all hinged on Dr. Elliot's testimony. Now, that sounds like motive to hack him up to me.

Djurovic: Am I shedding tears for that doctor? Nah. Do you think I'd be throwing a going-away party if I wasn't actually... Going away?

Dawson: So you're saying you're guilty of the murder they got you on?

Djurovic: Got to admit, now that the doc's dead, I'm suddenly feeling not guilty.

Dawson: If you didn't kill Elliot, you're the luckiest defendant in Illinois criminal history.


Severide: Recognize him? It's not the guy who ran.

Voight: You sure?

Severide: Yeah, positive.

Lindsay: Well, time of death on the torso was determined to be 48 hours ago, same time Djurovic was visiting his mother in a nursing home in Milwaukee. They've got him signed in and on camera. Maybe he farmed out the hit.

Voight: No, it doesn't make sense. But he's the one criminals farm this sort of thing out to.

Lindsay: You mind coming to take a look at a couple mug shots?

Severide: Sure.


Severide: Good to see you again.

Lindsay: You, too. I wish it was under better circumstances. How's your sister?

Severide: She's doing better. Thanks.

Intelligence office

Sumner: Recently paroled ex-cons Dr. Elliot testified against.

Lindsay: You recognize anybody?

Severide: That guy. That's the guy that we pulled out of the car.

Sumner: Tony Johnston, a member of the Northsiders.

Severide: I take it you know him?

Dawson: They're a hardcore white supremacist gang that formed in Stateville prison.

Sumner: Yeah. Johnston did time for multiple rapes, was released on appeal two weeks ago, owns a salvage yard over on West Lake.


Ruzek: Chicago PD!

Voight: Antonio, get the gauge.

Sumner: Got it.


Ruzek: That didn't work.


Sumner: It's got a gate bolt.


Olinsky: Hey, come here. Hey, careful. That's hydrochloric acid.

Ruzek: Hmm? Oh!


Dawson: So Tony Johnston didn't accidentally slip into that tub. M.E. found strangulation marks on his neck, or what was left of it.

Lindsay: What about his phone?

Dawson: Two dozen calls to his lawyer in the last 24 hours. She's got to know something.

Voight: All right, take Sumner, go see Johnston's mouthpiece. See what you can dig up. No, wait. Hold on. Antonio, you go with her.

Lindsay: What's wrong with me and Sumner? Say it.

Voight: I think it's better if partners are male-female.

Lindsay: Let's go.

Voight: Erin.

Lindsay: Kiss my ass.


Lindsay: Your attorney-client privileges are over. We found Tony Johnston in an acid bath. Why would he want Dr. Elliot dead?

Lawyer: Well, he believed Elliot misread the DNA evidence in favour of the prosecution. In his mind, he spent seven years inside for a crime he didn't commit.

Lindsay: What do you think?

Lawyer: I led Tony's appeal and got him an early release from prison. So obviously, Dr. Elliot's research had some holes in it.

Sumner: Sounds like you get pretty close to your clients.

Lawyer: I believe in justice being done. You spend years helping people get through a corrupt system, you begin caring how it affects their lives.

Lindsay: He called you two dozen times in 24 hours. What was so important?

Lawyer: Tony feared for his life.

Lindsay: Who was he so afraid of?

Lawyer: A man by the name of Jacob Sims. He's the head of the Northsiders. While Tony was in prison, Sims took over his salvage yard and used it to traffic in stolen cars. After his release, the two had a falling out over business.

Lindsay: And what did Johnston think you could do to protect him?

Lawyer: I was merely offering legal advice.

Lindsay: Legal advice for an illegal business? Come on, humour me.

Lawyer: Working with a man like Sims... You cut your losses and you run.

Stillwell’s office

Stillwell: Stalking the Rodigers, the multiple complaints on record against you... I've seen cops flushed down the toilet for less than this.

Halstead: I'm going to go now.

Stillwell: I'd hoped that you'd be smarter. Give IAD a formal statement, and we can all avoid a very messy hearing tomorrow.

Halstead: All you have on me is a few pictures of me driving.

Voight’s office

Voight: Halstead. Do you think he did it?

Dawson: If I knew, you think I'd tell you?

Voight: Okay. Second reason I called you in here, you should have kept better eyes on him.

Dawson: You're saying this is my fault?

Voight: He's your guy. You brought him in.

Dawson: You're judging me, after everything you've done? IAD put you in cuffs a week ago.

Voight: Yeah, cuffs I got out of. I told you, day one, you want to bring this kid in our unit, fine. But I hold you responsible for his actions. That hasn't changed, Antonio.


Voight: Yeah?

Jin: Northsiders' chop shop. I made a list of all the license plates connected to the cars we found, put an alert out, just in case. Half an hour ago, Rosemont Police spotted a Mustang with one of the stolen plates in the parking lot of the convention center.

Parking lot of the convention center

Radio: Rosemont PD, in position and ready to move in.

Voight: Rosemont PD, stand down, stand down. We will wait for the suspect to be identified. I want all these exits covered and set up for takeaways. Maintain eyes on the vehicle.

Ruzek: Well... Talk about the worst place in the world to take down a suspect, right?

Dawson: Olinsky, you I.D. Sims?

Olinsky: Yeah, on his way out, and he's got a brand-new shiny AKM.

Voight: All right, nobody pops off until Sims gets the artillery into his vehicle, he's out of this parking lot. We'll just box him in. Patrol, position to the front.

Patrol car

Burgess: 10-4, moving in.

Parking lot of the convention center

Officer: Suspect unarmed. Moving in.

Dawson: He's jumping the gun.

Voight: Rosemont PD, pull back! Pull back, Rosemont!


Officer: Stop! Police!


Voight: Everybody, watch your aim! We got civilians all over!

Olinsky: Police! Guns down.

Voight: Where is he? Everybody, spread out! Find this guy!

Ruzek: Everybody stay where you are! Calm down! Go that way.

Intelligence office

Voight: The Rosemont police officer who was shot died on the way to the hospital. Wife, two kids. We lost that guy. So we go down whatever dark hole we have to to find him.

21 back entrance

Ruzek: Hey.

Burgess: Hey.

Ruzek: You doing all right?

Burgess: Yep.

Ruzek: Yeah? Is this your first time firing your weapon?

Burgess: Yeah.

Ruzek: All right, well, when you finish up, let's get out of here, yeah?


Halstead: I appreciate you meeting me. What the hell?

Dawson: Did you do it?

Halstead: I already told you...

Dawson: Did you do it?

Halstead: No! If I was going to kill Lonnie Rodiger, I would have done it the night he raped and he killed Ben Corson. And I was this close!

Dawson: Lonnie Rodiger's homicide file. No one knows where you got that.

Lawyer’s home

Voight: Did Tony Johnston mention anything about Jacob Sims?

Lawyer: Nothing specific I can recall.

Voight: No stash house or, you know, hangout? Someplace off the radar we might find him?

Lawyer: You have to understand I was merely Johnston's lawyer. We didn't discuss much else other than his case.

Daughter: Dad wanted me to tell you dinner's ready.

Lawyer: Okay, you two start eating. I'll be right in.

Daughter: Is everything okay?

Lawyer: Yeah, it's fine, honey. It's just work.

Voight: Look, I don't have to tell you, Sims is unhinged. He could put two and two together, figure out that... You said something. There's a possibility he might show up here.


Burgess: I don't know. Maybe I was hoping I'd be one of those cops that go their whole careers without firing a single shot.

Ruzek: Well, you want to be upstairs, right?

Burgess: Yeah, of course.

Ruzek: Well, then I think it's good you popped your cherry now, because I promise you, this is not going to be the last time you fire your weapon.

Burgess: What about you? What's your trick?

Ruzek: I don't really think about it.

Burgess: Oh, so you just bury your feelings, like a typical guy.

Ruzek: No, it's not intentional or anything. I just, really, it doesn't bother me.

Burgess: You don't ever think about the suspect you killed?

Ruzek: My uncle used to tell me this story about two monks...

Burgess: Okay.

Ruzek: Who find a wayward maiden on the riverbank, right? And one monk says to the other monk... This is the younger monk.

Burgess: Okay.

Ruzek: This is after they cross the river. The... Uh... The upshot is don't carry your problems around with you.

Burgess: Monks?

Ruzek: Monks.


Burgess: Thanks for the... Thanks for the beer.

Ruzek: Yeah. I'm around anytime you need to talk. All right?

Burgess: Yeah…. I'm so sorry.

Ruzek: No, I'm... No, hey, it's okay.

Halstead’s apartment

Olinsky: I figured you might be drinking. A man shouldn't be drinking alone.


Olinsky: What, were you raised in a trailer park?

Halstead: Works the same, right?

Olinsky: Yeah. You know, I had my piece and badge taken away from me. It's the worst feeling in the world.

Halstead: Was it the Browning thing?

Olinsky: Well... No one expected us to deliver him alive, so... We just decided not to deliver him at all.

Halstead: Did Voight make you do it?

Olinsky: No one made anyone do anything that night.

Halstead: I didn't kill Lonnie.

Olinsky: Hey... It's no sweat.

Halstead: Can I run something by you?

Olinsky: Yeah, yeah.

Halstead: So Phil Rodiger gives his statement, and he says... That his son never came home that night… But I know he did.

Intelligence office

Lindsay: Where the hell is my grenade?

Sumner: Your what?

Lindsay: Oh, it's a paperweight. A gift that I got when I graduated the academy. If it's not nailed down around here...


Dawson: Hey, Platt's taking donations for the Rosemont cop that was killed.

Platt: Dig deep. Much appreciated. Burgess. Better not cry poor.

Dawson: Hey, I don't care what Voight or anyone else thinks about you. As long as you honour that chair you're sitting in, you'll be right by me.


Jin: Hey. I see I'm not the only one without a social life here. So investigators searching the crime scene at the salvage yard found a couple hundred grams of meth, a cache of weapons, and this. That lawyer you interviewed earlier... I think you're going to want to bring her in.

Interview room

Lawyer: Turn it off. Please.

Dawson: I'm assuming the cameraman isn't your husband.

Lawyer: Of course not.

Dawson: Then who is it?

Voight: Want me to bring your husband down here to watch?

Lawyer: Tony Johnston. I was forced into it.

Dawson: Looks like you were enjoying it to me.

Lawyer: I was working on Johnston's appeal when I met Jacob Sims. I needed his testimony for the case. Over the last year, he began stalking me.

Dawson: Why didn't you reach out to the police?

Lawyer: You know their reputation. He threatened me. He said if I didn't, he'd charge a family tax. Either I have sex with him, or he kills my husband and my daughter. He said he's send that video to everyone I know.


Dawson: So what do you think? Maybe Johnston and Sims had a falling out over her?

Voight: That doesn't explain why they hacked up Dr. Elliot.

Sumner: I have a CI who used to be a Northsider. Maybe he knows something about Sims.

Dawson: You're tight with a white supremacist?

Sumner: Like this.

21 entrance

Burgess: Hey.

Ruzek: Hey.

Burgess: Can you...

Ruzek: Yeah, of course.

Burgess: Thanks.

Ruzek: Hey.

Burgess: I'm not a home wrecker.

Ruzek: What, are you kidding me? You're like the most honest cop in this building.

Burgess: Then we can agree what happened never happened.

Ruzek: Hey, Burgess, look.

Burgess: Please. Let's keep it as friends.

Ruzek: Erased from my memory. All right?


Burgess: Ruzek was just letting me know that I was double-parked, so I'm going to go move it… Oh, right, yeah. I've been looking for that. Let me see, um... Let me see how much I have. Oh, great. There you go.


Halstead: In the statement you gave the detectives, you said that you didn't see Lonnie after 10:00 P.M., that he went for a drive and he never came back. I was following Lonnie that night, and not long after these pictures were taken I watched him walk into your house… Lonnie got tired of hunting, so he went home. And according to the time of death, he was killed an hour after I took this photo… Your son wasn't killed in Lafollette Park, was he?

Phil: You got no idea what you're talking about.

Halstead: Phil, where you going? You killed him.

Phil: He was sick! All those years, I defended him.


Sumner: Still smoking those Buglers? I checked with your parole officer. Supposedly you're a model citizen, except for that dui you got last month.

CI: Bears lost. I went a little overboard. So what do you need?

Sumner: I know you left the Northsiders years ago, but I need the lowdown on their shot caller Jacob Sims.

CI: I saw it on the news. Killed a cop. That was me, I wouldn't stick around.

Sumner: Yeah, we got alerts out at O'Hare, midway, union station, the works. Figured you'd know if the Northsiders had an underground railroad.

CI: You know what the problem is with being legit? I actually got to pay the bills.

Sumner: There's a reward for this guy. You give me something that checks out, I'll make sure you get it.

CI: Northsiders are the only crew in Chicago that get away with making meth. They use a big rig with false walls that leaves every day from Chicago to Indianapolis.

Sumner: You got a name for this trucking company?

CI: Naw. They changed it every few months. But I do remember they used a trucking yard on South Racine.

Sumner: A little something for now.

South Racine

Olinsky: Which one?

Sumner: That's what we have to figure out.

Dawson: If Sims is in one of them, we'll catch his body heat on this.

Voight: All right, hang back until we need you.


Lindsay: When's the next rig to Indianapolis?

Man: There's three of them... Dock 3, 12, and 16.

Voight: Antonio, scan docks 12 and 16. We got number 3. Why don't you go wait in the office, sir?


Dawson: I need an image.


Olinsky: Chicago PD, Jacob Sims!



Ruzek: Drop it!


Lindsay: I got him! Go! Adam?

Ruzek: I got hit.

Lindsay: Come on, let me see. All right, all right, the vest stopped it. You're okay. You're okay.

Ruzek: Yah!

Lindsay: Take a deep breath. You're all right.


Voight: Stay down. Stay down! Stay down!


Jacob Sims: Aah!

Voight: That was good intel. You can write the report on this one. Cuff him.

Sumner: Should I include the part where you shot an unarmed suspect?

Voight: No, you can leave that part out.

Jacob Sims: Ah! Aah!

Interview room

Voight: So Jacob Sims... He had some interesting things to say.

Laywer: I'm just happy that you finally caught that animal.

Dawson: We got your case files sent over from the states attorney. Dr. Elliot was the reason you lost eight of your last ten cases, and you were set to face him in court next month.

Laywer: I have multiple cases next month.

Dawson: We also spoke with your law partners. They said with your record of wins versus losses lately, you're close to being voted out of the firm.

Voight: I think Elliot was about to cost you your partnership, your stake in the firm, million-dollar townhouse in Lincoln Park.

Laywer: Are you insinuating that I killed Dr. Elliot?

Dawson: No. That little sex tape you made? I'm thinking you seduced Sims and Johnston into doing it for you. One screws up disposing the body...

Voight: The other kills him so he can't talk.

Dawson: Then you sic us on Sims to clean up your mess.

Laywer: I am a victim. Are you going to believe the accusations of a racist, sociopathic ex-con, or me?

Voight: Personally? The first one.

Laywer: Prove it.


Sumner: We're just going to kick her?

Dawson: What do we got?

Sumner: Evidence of her with those two suspects.

Voight: What, two ex Cons and a sex tape? No, kick her. File it with the states attorney, see how far it goes.


Dawson: Heard they brought in Phil Rodiger.

Interview room

Phil: I never wanted to believe my son was capable of such a thing. I found some pictures on his computer... Boys... The same age as the Corson kid. I confronted him.

Lindsay: How did you kill Lonnie?

Phil: We fought. I picked up a belt... And I kept choking him.

Lindsay: And then you dropped his body in the park.

Intelligence office

Dawson: Hey, good to have you back.

Voight: These are yours.

Ruzek: We all going for a drink?

Halstead: No, I got someplace I got to be.

Jin: Hey. I never doubted you for a second, bro.

Platt’s office

Platt: What's up with you and rebel without a cause?

Burgess: Ruzek? Nothing. He's engaged.

Platt: I have been a cop a long time, Burgess. I know body language, and yours said you got felt up.

Burgess: Sergeant, no way.

Platt: How old are you?

Burgess: I'm 26.

Platt: I'll tell you what, Burgess.

Burgess: What?

Platt: Why don't you have fun while you're young? God knows I've tasted my share of forbidden district house fruit over the years.

Locker room

Ruzek: Hey, Al, you ever get cold feet before you got married?

Olinsky: Getting second thoughts there, kid?

Ruzek: No. I mean, maybe, yeah. Been doing a lot of thinking. My life just flashed before my eyes, so...

Olinsky: Yeah, well, my daughter's my greatest blessing. Now Wendy seems like she'd make a great mom, but...

Ruzek: Yeah. Yeah.

Olinsky: If your marriage doesn't work out, so be it. But... Your kids, they last a lifetime.

Lindsay’s apartment

TV: And it knocked down... Three blocks around the house, but no one was hurt.

Lindsay: What are you doing here? So that's where it went.

Severide: Yeah. I, uh... I bumped into your desk, and it accidentally fell into my pocket. And then by the time I got to the parking lot, I didn't have time to... To come back in, so... Here I am.

Lindsay: This might be one of the worst excuses a guy has ever used to try to get into my apartment.

Severide: Here I was expecting a thank you.

Lindsay: Thank you… I have to work so early in the morning.

Severide: Yeah. Yeah, sure. I'll see you around.

Lindsay: Okay. But, I mean, you did come all this way and...

Severide: Yeah.

Lindsay: So maybe just... One more.

Severide: Oh, damn.

Lindsay: Good night. Go.

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