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Chicago Med
#402 : Syndrome post-traumatique

Les médecins et les infirmières du Chicago Med se retrouvent en grosse difficulté quand un grand nombre de patients arrivent, suivant l'éffroyable incendie d'un immeuble. Le docteur Rhodes se bat pour sauver la vie d'un membre des pompiers, pendant que le docteur Halstead et son frère Jay ont leur propre combat à mener.

2e partie d'un cross-over en trois épisodes


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Titre VO
When To Let Go

Titre VF
Syndrome post-traumatique

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Sneak Peek 1 (VO)


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Mouch, Otis, Cruz et Herrmann

Mouch, Otis, Cruz et Herrmann

Christopher Herrmann joué par David Eignerberg

Christopher Herrmann joué par David Eignerberg

Will et Jay Halstead

Will et Jay Halstead

Jay, Will et Connor face à Pat Halstead

Jay, Will et Connor face à Pat Halstead

Mouch joué par Christian Stolte

Mouch joué par Christian Stolte

Ethan Choi parle à une infirmière

Ethan Choi parle à une infirmière

Otis est osculté par le docteur Charles

Otis est osculté par le docteur Charles

Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) et Will (Nick Gehlfuss)

Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) et Will (Nick Gehlfuss)

Les pompiers demandent des nouvelles à Connor

Les pompiers demandent des nouvelles à Connor

Ava Bakker et Connor Rhodes

Ava Bakker et Connor Rhodes

Les pompiers attendent des nouvelles des leurs

Les pompiers attendent des nouvelles des leurs

Mouch, Brett, Casey et Herrmann en salle d'attente

Mouch, Brett, Casey et Herrmann en salle d'attente

Casey, April et Brett face à  Connor

Casey, April et Brett face à Connor

Herrmann remercie Connor Rhodes

Herrmann remercie Connor Rhodes

Daniel Charles joué par Oliver Platt

Daniel Charles joué par Oliver Platt


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Réalisateur : Charles S. Carroll

Scénario : Diane Frolov, Andrew Schneider et Danny Weiss

Guests : Jesse Spencer (Matthew Casey), Taylor Kinney (Kelly Severide), Kara Killmer (Sylvie Brett), David Eigenberg (Christopher Herrmann), Yuri Sardarov (Brian Zvonecek), Joe Minoso (Joe Cruz), Christian Stolte (Randall McHolland), Miranda Rae Mayo (Stella Kidd), Heather Headley (Gwen Garrett), Brenna, Brown (Sam Abrams), Nate Santana (James Lanik), Paula Jon DeRose (Leslie Scott), Adam Jacobs (Ryan Scott), Randy Flagler (Capp), Louis Herthum (Pat Halstead), Jesse Lee Soffer (Jay Halstead), Casey Tutton (Monique), Lorena Diaz (Doris), Tonray Ho (Leah), Jeremy Shouldis (Marty Peterson), Desmond Gray (Desmond), Fernanado de Cuardro (Daniel Mendoza), Geneva Maccarone (Jane Doe), Marie Elena Cohen (Blair Scott)


Maggie Lockwood: Got another wave of patients coming in. Let's look alive! Monique, what do we have?

Monique: I triggered the mass casualty protocol.

Maggie Lockwood: Yeah?

Monique: Everyone's prepped and ready to go.

Maggie Lockwood: All right, let's continue to decompress the ED... Get all non-critical admitted or discharged.

Monique: On it.

Maggie Lockwood: All right, Doris, talk to me.

Doris: I'm getting real-time updates from the Office of Emergency Management.

Maggie Lockwood: All right, I want to know how many are still down at the scene and how many we've got coming.

Doris: Copy.

Maggie Lockwood: All right, Dr. Manning. Status on your burn patient?

Natalie Manning: I need to get her up to the OR to have her burns excised. Have you been able to reach her parents?

Maggie Lockwood: We're still trying to track them down. Poor kid.

Will Halstead: Maggie.

Maggie Lockwood: Yeah?

Will Halstead: You page Dr. Rhodes for my dad? He's coming down in five.

Maggie Lockwood: Hey, how are you guys doing?

Kelly Severide: Choi kicked us out.

Maggie Lockwood: Yeah, he needs room to work, Kelly. Try to be patient.


Ethan Choi: Get her on the vent and make sure she's 100% oxygenated.

April Sexton: Right. She's waking up.

Ethan Choi: Push 4 milligrams of midazolam. Whoa, easy, easy. Easy.

April Sexton: All right.

Ethan Choi: Easy, Stella.

April Sexton: BP and heart rate are stable.

Ethan Choi: She's settling down. Draw a blood gas with carboxyhemoglobin.

Nurse: Yes, doctor.


Kelly Severide: Hey... What's happening?

Ethan Choi: Her vitals are holding but she's in pretty bad shape. We're running some tests and should know more soon.

April Sexton: Blood pressure and sats are dropping.

Ethan Choi: All right, she's bleeding in her airway. Hang a unit on the rapid transfuser, suction her ET tube, and get a chest X-ray.

April Sexton: Yep.


Jay Halstead: Pop tried to play hero. He forgot he was in his 60s with a bum ticker.

Pat Halstead: Yeah, well. This is your fault to begin with.

Jay Halstead: Me?

Pat Halstead: Yeah. Stick me in that fire trap.

Will Halstead: Pop, stop talking.

Jay Halstead: You said you liked the place.

Will Halstead: You close on the EKG?

Nurse: Just about.

Pat Halstead: What's the point of this?

Will Halstead: Easy. Paramedics said you were complaining of chest pain. Did you forget you had a quadruple bypass a few weeks ago? Come on, stay still.

Connor Rhodes: Hey, if it isn't my favourite patient. How you doing, Mr. Halstead?

Pat Halstead: Fine.

Connor Rhodes: So you felt some tightness in your chest, huh?

Pat Halstead: It's nothing.

Connor Rhodes: Well, you might be right. I don't see any ST elevation or depression. No left access deviation. Looks like a strong and healthy heart to me.

Pat Halstead: Yeah, good. We done?

Connor Rhodes: Nope, not yet. You still have a pretty nasty inhalation injury.

Will Halstead: Can I get a CBC, CMP, and a carboxyhemoglobin?

Connor Rhodes: And add a full cardiac workup.

Pat Halstead: You people.

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Rhodes? Dr. Choi needs a consult.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah. Mr. Halstead, a pleasure as always.

Will Halstead: Thank you, Connor.

Pat Halstead: I don't need all this.

Jay Halstead: Calm down, you're getting yourself worked up.

Pat Halstead: What do you know? You're no doctor.

Jay Halstead: Pop. Forget it.

Pat Halstead: You had no right to sell my house.

Jay Halstead: You want to talk about this again? It was a wreck. You couldn't take care of the place.

Pat Halstead: You just wanted my money.

Jay Halstead: Hey. You don't have any money, you thankless old prick. Whatever.

Will Halstead: Jay.


April Sexton: Blood's coming too fast. Every time I suction the tube it fills back up again.

Ethan Choi: Hang another unit and just do your best to keep up.

Connor Rhodes: Where's the X-ray?

April Sexton: Here you go.

Connor Rhodes: She's got a massive hemorrhage in her right lung. It's impossible to say where it's coming from. All right, call the blood bank, trigger the MTP.

Kelly Severide: Can you stop the bleed?

Connor Rhodes: First I've gotta find it. Let's set up for a bronchoscopy.

Nurse: Okay.


Maggie Lockwood: We're already maxed out on ventilators and even if I brought more down, all my rooms are occupied. I have nowhere to put these patients.

James Lanik: And Rhodes' pet project has us down a room. This hybrid OR was a terrible idea. I told you.

Sharon Goodwin:  Maggie, call Respiratory. Tell them to send down as many vents as they've got. Dr. Lanik, open up the doctors' lounge and the cafeteria and get them equipped for the overflow.

Natalie Manning: Maggie.

Maggie Lockwood: Yeah?

Natalie Manning: I need a nurse to help with some dressings.

Maggie Lockwood: Take Doris with you.

Natalie Manning: She's with a patient.

Maggie Lockwood: Then Monique?

Natalie Manning: She is too.

Sharon Goodwin: All right. Go down the phone tree again and get us more nurses. Meanwhile, I'll give you a hand, Dr. Manning.

Natalie Manning: Thank you.

Waiting room

Daniel Charles: As soon as an operating room becomes available your husband's gonna go into surgery. Can I get you a bottle of water?

Woman: Yes, thank you.

Daniel Charles: Okay. Okay.

Otis: Damn it.

Daniel Charles: You all right, Otis?

Otis: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, fine. Happens when I don't eat. It's, uh... Low blood sugar.

Daniel Charles: Of course.


Will Halstead: Dad's stable. Why don't you go in and talk to him? You know, make up?

Jay Halstead: Well, he started it. And thanks a lot. We agreed that we were gonna sell that place and you just stood there. You didn't say anything.

Will Halstead: What's the point in arguing with him? He's old, he's sick, just let it go.

Jay Halstead: That's fine for you to say. You're not the bad guy here.

Will Halstead: Jay, come on.

Jay Halstead: No, seriously. All those times you were away, and all those times you said that you couldn't leave the hospital, who took care of Dad? Me.

Will Halstead: I did plenty for Dad. I still do. Who goes and checks on him? Keeps him on his meds?

Jay Halstead: Yeah, all right. Tell you what. When he gets out of here, you find him his next apartment.


Connor Rhodes: I can't see anything.

Ethan Choi: Can you go any deeper?

Connor Rhodes: I already did. I've been up and down the right side a dozen times and all I see is blood.


Maggie Lockwood: This is Leslie and Ryan Scott. Blair's parents.

Sharon Goodwin: I'm Ms. Goodwin, this is Dr. Manning.

Natalie Manning: Hey.

Ryan Scott: We were both at work. Heard there was a fire at the apartment, but... Never expected this. Is she in pain?

Natalie Manning: No. We've given her medication to make sure she's comfortable.

Leslie Scott: You've got to save her.

Sharon Goodwin: We're going to do everything we can for her.

Ava Bekker: I've reviewed the imaging.

Sharon Goodwin: This is Dr. Bekker. She's a cardio thoracic surgeon we asked to consult.

Ava Bekker: One of your daughter's injuries is to her right carotid artery.

Ryan Scott: What does that mean?

Ava Bekker: The artery is damaged. Blocking blood flow. Don't worry, I can repair it while her burns are being excised.

Leslie Scott: Is Blair going to...

Natalie Manning: No. Blair's burns cover almost 80% of her body. Once her blood pressure is stable enough, we will take her up to the OR to begin excision of her burn tissue. I am afraid she will need to remain in the ICU for several months.

Leslie Scott: Several months?

Sharon Goodwin: While the doctors continue to excise and graft her burns.

Ryan Scott: But then can she come home?

Sharon Goodwin: Yes, however, your daughter is going to need physical and occupational therapy to regain her ability to walk, talk, eat, even dress herself.

Leslie Scott: No...

Natalie Manning: We understand there are many challenges ahead, but with proper treatment and patience, Blair can recover.

Leslie Scott: Oh, my baby.

Ryan Scott: Oh... Hey, it's...


Maggie Lockwood: Take this one. Got one more for you.

Otis: Hey, Maggie.

Maggie Lockwood: This one... Yeah.

Otis: I'm gonna get some air. You just, uh... You page me if there's anything happening with Stella, okay?

Maggie Lockwood: Will do. Otis, you okay?

Otis: Yeah.

Maggie Lockwood: Otis? Otis, you okay? Get over here, Curly! Get me a gurney. Ooh, let's take you down. Easy, easy, easy, easy. Go get the gurney. Yeah, I got this. I got it. Stay with me. Stay with me. Stay with me. Stay with me.


Daniel Charles: I understand Otis had some kind of episode?

Ethan Choi: Yeah, looks like an inhalation injury. I'm giving him a neb treatment. Took blood to run an ABG. He's doing much better, but he needs an extensive physical exam.

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Choi, I need you.

Daniel Charles: You go ahead. I'll take a look at him. Like to keep my chops up.

Ethan Choi: Thanks.

Maggie Lockwood: We've got another burn victim coming in. Desmond! Talk to me.

Desmond: Early 20s, female, found down at the scene, unconscious due to smoke asphyxiation. Intubated on the ride.

Ethan Choi: Mags, let's get her in a room.

Maggie Lockwood: Afraid it's the doctors' lounge.

Desmond: Doctors' lounge?

Maggie Lockwood: Unless you want to go to the cafeteria.

Desmond: Doctors' lounge.

Maggie Lockwood: Okay.

Desmond: We were taking her to East Mercy but they went on bypass. No ID or identifying marks so we're treating her as a Jane Doe.

Ethan Choi: Right here, right here.

Desmond: Yep.

Ethan Choi: Let's transfer her on my count. Everybody ready? One, two, three. Start a second IV and get her on the monitors.

Nurse: Right away.

James Lanik: What do we have?

Ethan Choi: No gross deformities, but she's got some pretty nasty burns, including a full thickness, near circumferential on her lower left arm. We need to get fluids in her. Pull us 500 of ringers at 200 per hour.

Nurse: Got it.

James Lanik: Wait, shouldn't we use Parkland? Calculate fluid input based on percentage of burn area.

Ethan Choi: First 24 hours are critical. We should start with a higher volume of fluid.

James Lanik: That's not standard procedure.

Ethan Choi: I've had experience with burns in the military. We can always titrate down based on urine output.

James Lanik: Your party.


Otis: Thanks for that.

Nurse: All right.

Otis: I really feel fine now.

Daniel Charles: You're a little tachycardic. Can you feel your heart racing?

Otis: Yeah, it usually happens when I get a physical. You know, what do they call it, white coat syndrome? You know, doctors, needles...

Daniel Charles: I hear you. Probably why your blood pressure's a little high too. You ever experience this before?

Otis: Yeah, a couple times. Nothing serious. You know. Smoke.

Daniel Charles: Right. Ever happen when you're off duty?

Otis: No, why would it?

Daniel Charles: I'm just going to, uh, make sure that you don't have a retinal burn, all right?

Otis: You don't have to go to all the trouble.

Daniel Charles: Just checking all the boxes, bud… Will you close your eyes for me?

Otis: Doc Charles, my eyes feel good.

Daniel Charles: Just humour me. You see anything? Colours? Patterns?

Otis: No. Nothing.

Daniel Charles: Okay.

Otis: Okay.

Daniel Charles: Just sorry you had, uh... Such a tough day at the office. I heard there were a lot of victims.


Maggie Lockwood: We've got 16 critical patients, 24 stable, and a dozen more treated and released. We've got the doctors' lounge and the cafeteria open and running for the overflow.

Gwen Garrett: What about fatalities?

Maggie Lockwood: We've taken three down to the morgue. We have two DOAs, and one more that we weren't able to resuscitate.

Gwen Garrett: Good work keeping the trains running.

Sharon Goodwin: Let me know if anything changes.

Maggie Lockwood: Will do.

Ethan Choi: Mags.

Maggie Lockwood: Yeah?

Ethan Choi: The burn patient we just brought in. Early 20s, Latina, no ID, and no family. Can we make some calls on a Jane Doe?

Maggie Lockwood: Yeah, I'll put out a bulletin and see what I can find out.

Ethan Choi: Thanks.

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Halstead, you got that?

Will Halstead: Dad!


Monique: He was talking just a minute ago.

Will Halstead: No pulse. Bag him.

Monique: Wait, he's your dad. Shouldn't another doctor run the code?

Will Halstead: You got one handy?

Jay Halstead: What's going on?

Will Halstead: He's in V-fib. Charge to 200 and give me the paddles… Clear. Still no pulse. Push a milligram of epi.

Monique: Got it.

Jay Halstead: Will?

Will Halstead: Charge to 200.

Monique: Charging.

Will Halstead: Clear.

Monique: Clear.

Will Halstead: Nothing. Another milligram of epi.

Monique: Yep.


Natalie Manning: Hi. Good news. An operating room's opened up. We'll be able to take your daughter upstairs for burn surgery.

Ava Bekker: And to repair her carotid artery.

Ryan Scott: No. Please stop.

Leslie Scott: No treatment, no surgeries.

Natalie Manning: What?

Leslie Scott: We don't want any surgeries.

Ava Bekker: I don't understand.

Natalie Manning: But if we don't take Blair up to the OR now she won't survive.

Ryan Scott: My wife and I have talked about it. Blair wouldn't want this.

Natalie Manning: But with proper treatment she could still have a life.

Leslie Scott: Look at her. What kind of life?

Ryan Scott: These last few years have been so hard for Blair. She struggled with body issues, bullying. Just recently she was able to lose weight, change schools, and... She finally felt good about herself. And now this.

Leslie Scott: Everything she's been through... We can't do this to her.

Natalie Manning: But... People react differently to trauma. You don't know. Surviving this might actually make your daughter more resilient.

Leslie Scott: We know our little girl.

Ava Bekker: Mr. and Mrs. Scott...

Ryan Scott: No. We have to let her go.


Ava Bekker: Dr. Manning should be clear about the parents' wishes before calling me in to consult. It was a waste of my time.

Sharon Goodwin: I'm sorry?

Ava Bekker: They're withholding treatment.


Sam Abrams: How long before you restored sinus rhythm?

Will Halstead: He was down around five minutes.

Sam Abrams: Well, that's consistent with what I'm seeing. Almost no EEG wave forms.

Jay Halstead: What does that mean?

Sam Abrams: You want to tell him?

Will Halstead: Are we not seeing some brain activity?

Sam Abrams: Artifacts. Distortion, interference. Dust on the window.

Jay Halstead: Okay, I am... I'm not following.

Sam Abrams: Your father is brain dead.

Jay Halstead: So he's just not coming back? Like, you... We just saying that there's... There's no chance?

Sam Abrams: If I had to calculate the odds, I'd say 1,000 to one against. This vent could be put to better use.

Jay Halstead: What? Are you serious?

Will Halstead: Jay.

Jay Halstead: The hell is wrong with you, man? Are you kidding me?

Will Halstead: We'll talk about it. Thanks, Sam.


Ethan Choi: She's lost a significant amount of blood.

Connor Rhodes: Unfortunately, the only way we can be sure to completely stop her bleed is to remove her entire lung.

Kelly Severide: What?

Connor Rhodes: Yeah.

Ethan Choi: Kelly, it's the best chance we have of saving Stella's life.

Kelly Severide: She can't be a firefighter if she only has one lung. There's gotta be something else you can do. April?

April Sexton: What if we tried ECMO? It would rest her lung so we have enough time to locate the bleed...

Connor Rhodes: No. We'd have to give her anti-coagulants to keep the lines open.

Ethan Choi: It would make her bleed even worse.

April Sexton: Isn't it worth a shot?

Ethan Choi: She's too unstable.

Connor Rhodes: Believe me, Kelly, this is the best course of action.

Kelly Severide: Sounds to me like you've thrown in the towel before you even tried to save her lung. Being a firefighter is the only thing Stella cares about. I'm not gonna let you do it.

Ethan Choi: I'm sorry. But it's not up to you. We haven't been able to reach her family so it's our decision.

Connor Rhodes: Get her upstairs.

Kelly Severide: I won't let you do this.

Connor Rhodes: Kelly, please.

Kelly Severide: No. No.

Connor Rhodes: Kelly, you have to let me...

Kelly Severide: No! Get off!

Ethan Choi: Hey! Security!

April Sexton: Whoa, whoa, Ethan? No! Kelly...

Kelly Severide: Come on!

April Sexton: Ethan...

Ethan Choi: Please escort this man out.

April Sexton: Ethan.

Security Guard: Sir, come with us.

Kelly Severide: Don't... Don't touch me.

Ethan Choi: I'm sorry, Kelly.

Kelly Severide: Don't do this.

Security Guard: Please, sir.

Waiting room

Daniel Mendoza: Excuse me. I was at the fire and, uh, I thought I was fine, but, um... I have a headache now and I'm feeling a little dizzy.

Leah: Fill this out and we'll get to you as soon as we can.

Daniel Mendoza: I appreciate it. Thank you.


Ethan Choi: Hey, Mags.

Maggie Lockwood: Yeah?

Ethan Choi: Any luck on ID'ing my Jane Doe?

Maggie Lockwood: Nothing yet.


Jay Halstead: I don't like that guy, man. I want a second opinion.

Will Halstead: He's our top neurosurgeon.

Jay Halstead: So all your degrees, all that money, all those years in school, this is the best you can do?

Will Halstead: Jay, Dad almost died two years ago. He's been living on borrowed time.

Jay Halstead: Abrams didn't say Dad had no chance.

Will Halstead: 1,000 to one is no chance.

Jay Halstead: You just want to give up?

Will Halstead: I'm trying to be realistic. I've seen a lot of patients in his condition.

Jay Halstead: There goes that doctor voice.

Will Halstead: I'm sorry, but I am a doctor.

Jay Halstead: Yeah, don't worry. We got that message. And Dad knew you thought you were better than us. We always came in second, you weren't there, and now you want to decide what happens?

Will Halstead: That is not true, Jay.

Gwen Garrett: There you are.

Will Halstead: Ms. Garrett, this is my brother, Jay.

Gwen Garrett: Yes. I'm the hospital's COO. I heard about your father. I'm very sorry.

Will Halstead: Thank you.

Gwen Garrett: I want you both to know that there's no hurry in making any decisions about Mr. Halstead. You have the full support of this hospital. And we will provide your father with any and all resources.

Jay Halstead: I appreciate that.

Gwen Garrett: We take care of our own. This... Is my cell phone. You call me if you need anything.

Jay Halstead: It's decided. We're not giving up.


Sharon Goodwin: Dr. Manning. I have the consent form.

Natalie Manning: They're gonna let her die.

Sharon Goodwin: I don't think it's that simple… You ready?

Blair’s room

Sharon Goodwin: Mr. and Mrs. Scott, per your request, this form gives the hospital consent to remove Blair from the ventilator. I need you to sign it in my presence.

Natalie Manning: You're sure?

Sharon Goodwin: We'll leave you with your daughter.

Outside the hospital

April Sexton: Kelly. They shouldn't have done that to you, man.

Kelly Severide: All I care about is Stella.

April Sexton: She's lucky to have you.

Kelly Severide: She loves what she does, April. It's her life. They can't take out her lung.

April Sexton: I get it. But since we can't reach her family, it's up to the doctors to make the decision.

Kelly Severide: But they don't know her. There's nothing we can do?


Natalie Manning: Hey. There you are. I just heard about your dad. Are you okay?

Will Halstead: Just hard to believe. He was such a force.

Natalie Manning: How's Jay taking it?

Will Halstead: Not good. They're a lot alike. Stubborn. Gwen didn't help. I mean, she said she would use the hospital's resources to keep Dad alive.

Natalie Manning: Really? That doesn't sound like her.

Will Halstead: Yeah, it surprised me too.

Natalie Manning: I love you. Let me know if there's anything I can do, okay?


Maggie Lockwood: Here are the ABG results for Brian Zvonecek.

Daniel Charles: Thank you.

Maggie Lockwood: You're welcome.


Otis: Doctor Charles.

Daniel Charles: Mr. Zvonecek.

Otis: When can I get out of here?

Daniel Charles: So here's the thing. Your blood gas shows low CO2, low carboxyhemoglobin, and normal oxygen.

Otis: That's good, right?

Daniel Charles: Well, what it means is that you didn't have an inhalation injury. More than likely you passed out because you were hyperventilating.

Otis: Huh. All the same, I'm not sick.

Daniel Charles: Okay, but... Why were you hyperventilating? And when we can't find a physical reason, more often than not it's... You know, due to an emotional reaction to some sort of...

Otis: Wait, wait, wait. Where you going? What, PTSD?

Daniel Charles: I didn't use that label. I'm just saying it would explain... The tachycardia, the elevated blood pressure...

Otis: No. No way.

Daniel Charles: You know, full disclosure, I noticed a little hand tremor earlier today.

Otis: But I told you, that was my blood sugar.

Daniel Charles: Otis. You were shot earlier this year. I mean, that alone, it's gonna precipitate a little post-traumatic stress. And that I can tell you from personal experience. And after what you went through today, I mean, why don't you let me take you upstairs for a quick evaluation?

Otis: No. I get it. You're a shrink, so everybody you see has got to have some sort of mental problem, right? But not me. I feel great.


April Sexton: I'm trying to help you. It's just been...

Christopher Herrmann: Dr. Rhodes.

Connor Rhodes: Sorry, guys, I gotta get scrubbed.

Mouch: We just want to talk to you about Stella.

Connor Rhodes: Really, April?

April Sexton: Just hear them out.

Matthew Casey: We don't want you to remove her lung.

Sylvie Brett: There has to be another option.

Connor Rhodes: Look, guys, I understand your concerns. But as her doctors, we've decided on the best course of treatment, and only Stella's family can override that decision.

Christopher Herrmann: Dr. Rhodes. We are her family.

Mouch: That's true. She'd tell you the same thing, Doc.

Christopher Herrmann: Another walk-away.


Connor Rhodes: There's another way.

Ava Bekker: What do you mean?

Connor Rhodes: The majority of lung bleeds originate in the lower lobes, right?

Ava Bekker: So?

Connor Rhodes: So what if I clamp at the base of the pulmonary artery?

Ava Bekker: Connor, you made the right call. We have a good surgical plan.

Connor Rhodes: But what if we resect the lower lobe first. If the bleeding stops, we won't have to remove the entire lung.

Ava Bekker: No, it's too risky.

Connor Rhodes: But if it doesn't work we can still remove the lung.

Ava Bekker: After wasting precious time. Have you forgotten we're trying to save her life?

Connor Rhodes: I think we can do that and give her the life that she wants.

Ava Bekker: She's a young woman. She can find another career.

Connor Rhodes: I have to try. I owe it to her. I owe it to them.

Ava Bekker: Connor, being a firefighter isn't gonna mean a damn thing if Stella dies on the table.

Connor Rhodes: I can do it.

Ava Bekker: Don't... Connor!


Ava Bekker: Time, Dr. Rhodes. Where are we?

Connor Rhodes: I'm almost there, but every time the lung inflates it obstructs my view. Marty, can we deflate the lung any further?

Marty Peterson: No way. I'm barely keeping her oxygenated as it is.

Connor Rhodes: Take it down another 20%.

Marty Peterson: It's too risky.

Connor Rhodes: I only need to reach the lower lobe. I'll find the bleed and make my resection before you know it.

Marty Peterson: Make it fast.

Observation room

Ethan Choi: You're quite the patient advocate today. Did you do it for Stella or for Kelly?

April Sexton: I've known him since we were kids.

Ethan Choi: You didn't answer the question.

April Sexton: I did it because it was the right thing to do.


Connor Rhodes: Marty?

Marty Peterson: BP's down to 88 systolic.

Connor Rhodes: I'm close.

Observation room

Ethan Choi: Let's hope so.


Ava Bekker: You are not going to make it. We have to open her up and remove the lung.

Marty Peterson: BP's at 82.

Connor Rhodes: Up her pressers.

Marty Peterson: Can't, I'm already maxed-out.

Ava Bekker: Connor, please.

Connor Rhodes: Just give me a second.

Marty Peterson: The sats are at 78, that's all she can tolerate. I'm re-inflating the lung.

Connor Rhodes: No, wait. There. That's it. That's the bleed.

Ava Bekker: You found it, but do you have time to fix it?

ER Trauma

Ethan Choi: What happened?

James Lanik: Her hand's ice-cold, I can't get a pulse.

Ethan Choi: The forearm's tight. She's got compartment syndrome. Get Maggie.

James Lanik: I told you to use the Parkland formula. You gave her too much fluid.

Ethan Choi: No. I've been monitoring her urine output. Everything's been normal.

James Lanik: Then what's your explanation for this?

Maggie Lockwood: What do you need?

Ethan Choi: Find us an OR, this woman needs an emergency fasciotomy.

Maggie Lockwood: I'll tell you right now all the ORs are occupied. You're gonna have to wait.

Ethan Choi: How long?

Maggie Lockwood: 20 minutes?

Ethan Choi: We can't. 20 minutes, she'll end up with an amputation.

James Lanik: Get me a soft tissue tray and a scalpel. We'll relieve the pressure now. Right here. Prep the patient.

Sharon Goodwin’s office

Sharon Goodwin: Come in.

Will Halstead: Ms. Goodwin.

Sharon Goodwin: Oh, Dr. Halstead. I'm very sorry about your father.

Will Halstead: Did you know?

Sharon Goodwin: Did I know what?

Will Halstead: Gwen Garrett made a special point of telling me and Jay that there was no hurry in taking my dad off the vent.

Sharon Goodwin: Okay?

Will Halstead: My dad's chart. His bypass surgery was 29 days ago. 29 days ago.

Sharon Goodwin: I see.

Will Halstead: I can't believe the hospital would do this. Not to me. Not to my family.


Will Halstead: Hey, Jay. We gotta take Dad off the vent.

Jay Halstead: What? No, no, no. He... I've been sitting with him and he blinks his eyes. And I grabbed his hand and he squeezed my hand. He squeezed my hand.

Will Halstead: Those are just reflexes. They don't mean anything.

Jay Halstead: I'm telling you, man, he knows that I'm here.

Will Halstead: He doesn't. He can't.

Jay Halstead: We can't, he's... He's gotta come back, man, 'cause... That can't be the last conversation I ever have with him.

Will Halstead: Look, whatever regrets you have, you're not gonna resolve them here. You just gotta accept that.

Jay Halstead: Don't tell me what I got to accept.

Will Halstead: Jay, the reason Gwen encouraged us to take our time with Dad? His bypass was 29 days ago. If he dies before 30 days are up, regardless of why, it's a fatality for the hospital.

Jay Halstead: So what?

Will Halstead: So Gwen's just trying to keep Dad alive for one more day so the hospital doesn't take the hit.

Jay Halstead: I get it. You feel betrayed. I don't care. I care about Dad.

Will Halstead: And you think he'd want to be kept alive to buff some numbers?

Jay Halstead: You need to get out. You got to get out, man.

Will Halstead: They're using him.

Jay Halstead: That's your problem.

Will Halstead: Jay, he's gone.

Security Guard: Doc, you okay?


Otis: You got my discharge?

Daniel Charles: Gotta be honest, I'm just not comfortable signing off on you going back to work yet.

Otis: You're gonna keep me from working.

Daniel Charles: Look, I'll make you a deal. Commit to some therapy. Twice a week. Once a week.

Otis: You don't get it. I can't be a firefighter if I have PTSD.

Daniel Charles: What, you can't be a firefighter and have feelings? Look, I have no problem keeping this out of your chart if that'll make you feel better.

Otis: If I see a shrink, people are gonna find out. I can't have that.

Daniel Charles: Tell me something. When I asked you to close your eyes earlier today, what did you see? What'd you really see? Otis, you can tell me.

Otis: Okay. I had to get a mom and a baby out of the building. I lost contact. Told her not to get in the elevator. She got in the elevator. The elevator got stuck. When we finally got the doors open... There they were. Burned alive. Their faces were gone but I knew it was them. I can't get it out of my head.

Daniel Charles: It's called an intrusive memory. I can help you with that.

Otis: Doc Charles... [Speaking Russian] It means life's not a... Stroll across a meadow. These things I see... They're part of the job. Every firefighter sees them… We cope… I'm out of here. You want to destroy my life, write whatever you want in your chart.


Ryan Scott: Dr. Manning?

Natalie Manning: Yes.

Ryan Scott: We need you.

Natalie Manning: Veronica.

Blair’s room

Leslie Scott: She's still breathing on her own.

Natalie Manning: Yes. Her oxygen levels are good.

Ryan Scott: It's been hours.

Natalie Manning: Her heart rhythm is strong. She's holding on.

Leslie Scott: She wants to live. My little girl, she wants to live. And we were going to let her go.

Ryan Scott: What do we do? How can we help her?

Natalie Manning: She needs to go to surgery right now.

Leslie Scott: Do it. Help her.

Natalie Manning: Tell the OR we're coming up.


James Lanik: Scissors. Okay, pressure's been relieved, but that's not fluid.

Ethan Choi: It's blood. Her ulna's broken. That's what caused the bleeding.

James Lanik: Compartment syndrome was caused by fractured hematoma, not fluid.

Doris: It wasn't your fault, Dr. Choi.

Ethan Choi: They found her just outside the room where the fire started, so how would she have broken her arm? There's also extensive bruising around her ribs and pelvis. This woman wasn't just burned. She was beaten.

Waiting room

Connor Rhodes: You guys put me in a terrible position. But... We were able to isolate the bleed, and we only had to take out a portion of her lung. It was a thoracoscopic procedure, minimally invasive. That's all to say that... She should be back to work in no time.

Mouch: Oh, my God.

Christopher Herrmann: Hey... Dr. Rhodes... You're the man.

Connor Rhodes: Yeah, you guys are okay too.

Matthew Casey: Thanks.

Connor Rhodes: Why don't you bring Kelly back in?

Mouch: Thanks, Doc.

Connor Rhodes: You got it, bud.

Ava Bekker: You were extremely lucky, you know that?

Connor Rhodes: Extremely.

Waiting room

April Sexton: Kelly. She's awake. Wants to see you.

Stella Kidd’s room

Stella Kidd: Stop.

Kelly Severide: I'm so glad you're back.

Stella Kidd: Of course. Come here.


Natalie Manning: Hey. You okay?

Will Halstead: I could have been a better son. Could have been a better brother.

Natalie Manning: Oh, Will...

Will Halstead: I mean, we make choices in life... We don't realize how they're gonna hurt people.

Natalie Manning: Your dad knew you loved him. And so does Jay.

Will Halstead: I don't know. I made such a mess. I mean, why didn't I see it all more clearly?

Natalie Manning: None of us can. I had a patient today. Burn victim. And I was adamant we should save her life. But maybe all we're doing is giving her a life of suffering. Don't punish yourself.

Waiting room

Patient: Oh, no.

Security Guard: I got it. Here you go.

Patient: Thank you.


Maggie Lockwood: Sir, can I help you?

Daniel Mendoza: My uncle was in the building with the fire? I thought they might have brought him here.

Maggie Lockwood: Okay, sir, so I'm gonna need you to go back into the waiting room and give the nurse your uncle's name. She'll let you know if your uncle was admitted.

Daniel Mendoza: All right.

Maggie Lockwood: Thank you.

Daniel Mendoza: Thank you.

Maggie Lockwood: Yeah.


Cruz: Told you you were going home, huh?

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Choi discharged him?

Daniel Charles: No, I did.

Maggie Lockwood: Really?

Daniel Charles: Yeah. He's in pretty good hands. For now.


Will Halstead: I'm sorry, Jay. For everything. For not being there for you and Dad. And for not giving you space to grieve. We'll keep him on the vent as long as you want.

Jay Halstead: Who am I kidding, man? I know he's not coming back… Let him go. Just let him go.


Maggie Lockwood: Take these too.

Doris: Maggie?

Maggie Lockwood: Yeah.

Doris: What happened to our Jane Doe?

Maggie Lockwood: Dr. Choi?


Maggie Lockwood: She turned off the monitors.

Ethan Choi: She has serious internal injuries. If we don't find her soon, she's gonna die.

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Sevnol  (30.01.2020 à 21:15)

Très bon épisode également cette suite du crossover !

Je crains un peu pour Otis, il s'est vite confié au Dr Charles, mais j'ai peur qu'il déraille un peu pendant quelques temps, à voir par la suite...

Pauvre Will et Jay... Par contre, la gérante de l'hôpital, je m'en doutais qu'elle était gentille pour un sale coup, la faute revient à l'hôpital comme ça, bien fait !

La jeune brûlée est une sacré battante ! J'espère qu'on va pouvoir la revoir prochainement pour savoir si elle se réveille et qu'elle entame sa chirurgie.

C'était moins une pour que Stella ne retourne pas parmi les pompiers, heureusement que Connor est un très bon chirurgien ! Mais c'est top de voir les pompiers aussi uni, et très joli moment entre elle et Severide.

Dernière partie maintenant ^^

arween  (11.10.2018 à 13:10)

Très sympa cet épisode cross-over ! Ca me donne même envie de voir le CPD pour connaître la fin !!

Emmalyne  (08.10.2018 à 21:17)

Suite du crossover de la semaine.

L'intrigue principal et la raison de l'incendie de l'épisode précédent se précisent à la fin de l'épisode.

Pauvre Jay et Will. Pendant tout l'épisode, je me suis dit "Elle est où Erin ???" Oui je bloque encore sur le couple qu'Erin et Jay formaient.

Parcontre j'ai un super point négatif : arrêter de tuer les familles des uns ou des autres, parce que là ça fait vraiment beaucoup trop ! Faut se calmer, c'est à se demander comment ça pourrait être possible que les personnages tiennent encore debout ou sont pas tous en thérapie chez le docteur Charles.

J'ai eu peur pour Kidd pendant 10 minutes. Ils sont trop mignon avec Severide.

La série était très éloignées des magouilles budgétaires jusqu'à présent et on rentre petit à petit dans le vif du sujet façon "The Resident". J'espère que la série ne va pas devenir une copie de l'autre.

Suite dans CPD...


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