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Chicago Police Department
#602 : Un secret dans les cendres

Après avoir découvert la vraie raison du grand nombre d'incendie, les Renseignements doivent trouver l'homme responsable de cela. Et pour Halstead, c'est personnel.

3ème partie d'un cross-over en trois épisodes


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Un secret dans les cendres

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Sneak Peek 1 (VO)

Sneak Peek 1 (VO)


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Promo (VO)


Jay & Severide (VO)

Jay & Severide (VO)


Jay, Voight, Hailey & Adam (VO)

Jay, Voight, Hailey & Adam (VO)


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Jay Halstead joué par Jesse Lee Soffer

Jay Halstead joué par Jesse Lee Soffer

Hailey Upton jouée par Tracy Spiridakos

Hailey Upton jouée par Tracy Spiridakos

Antonio Dawson joué par Jon Seda

Antonio Dawson joué par Jon Seda

Voight et Antonio interrogent un homme

Voight et Antonio interrogent un homme

Ruzek et Upton sortent de l'hôpital

Ruzek et Upton sortent de l'hôpital

L'équipe se retrouve sur les lieux de l'incendie

L'équipe se retrouve sur les lieux de l'incendie

Hailey parle à Jay dans la salle d'observation

Hailey parle à Jay dans la salle d'observation

Voight parle à Antonio et Halstead

Voight parle à Antonio et Halstead

Kelly Severide joué par Taylor Kinney

Kelly Severide joué par Taylor Kinney

Adam Ruzek joué par Patrick John Flueger

Adam Ruzek joué par Patrick John Flueger

Ruzek sur les lieux de l'incendie

Ruzek sur les lieux de l'incendie

Upton cherche des indices sur les lieux de l'incendie

Upton cherche des indices sur les lieux de l'incendie

Hank Voight joué par Jason Beghe

Hank Voight joué par Jason Beghe

Voight et Dawson en salle d'interrogatoire

Voight et Dawson en salle d'interrogatoire

Voight sur les lieux de l'incendie

Voight sur les lieux de l'incendie

Les pompiers et les policiers travaillent ensemble

Les pompiers et les policiers travaillent ensemble

Antonio Dawson et Hailey Upton

Antonio Dawson et Hailey Upton


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Scénario : Gwen Sigan

Réalisateur : David Rodriguez

Guests : Taylor Kinney (Kelly Severide), Nick Gehlfuss (Will Halstead), Brian Tee (Ethan Choi), Eamonn Walker (Wallace Boden), S. Epatha Merkerson (Sharon Goodwin), Annie Ilonzeh (Emily Foster), Andrew Neftali Perez (Juan Mendoza), Rachel Cerda (Julia Cortez), David Zayas (Carlos Mendoza), Fernando de Cuadro (Daniel Mendoza), Geneva Maccarone (Jane Doe), Melissa DuPrey (Carr), Steve Haggard (Ward), Sean Michael Sullivan (Sully), Julian Griffith (Officier)

Chicago Med: ER

Ethan Choi: We were treating Jane Doe for third degree burns when she developed compartment syndrome. It became clear Jane had been beaten before the fire. Nurse went to do rounds, saw her room like this.

Chicago Med: treatment

Atwater: How long has she been gone?

Ethan Choi: Not long. We checked security tapes. She walked out alone at half past… What is that?

Burgess: That is a GPS chip. She must have cut it out of herself. Someone was tracking this girl.

Ethan Choi: She's got life-threatening injuries. She's not gonna get far by herself.

Chicago Med: ER

Voight: Hey. Jay, I, uh... Just heard about your father. I'm sorry.

Halstead: Thanks.

Voight: Jay, take some time. Be with your family.

Halstead: It's not what you think, Sarge. Me and my dad had a complicated relationship. We didn't really see eye to eye. I'm not proud of it. It's the truth. Five other people died in that fire. I want to help.

Voight: Mmm… Okay. Platt's briefing everyone in the parking lot.

Halstead: All right.


Platt: Jane Doe, approximately 20 years old. 5'4", fled Chicago Med less than 60 minutes ago. She exited the west rear door and was last seen headed north on foot. She is believed to be all alone and hurt, so we have to move fast. Populorum, you and Henry are on public transport...

Halstead: Hey, you wanna take north?

Burgess: Yeah. Just, Jay, I'm sorry...

Halstead: Thanks. So, uh, just fill me in.

Burgess: Okay, she dug out her own GPS chip, so obviously she doesn't wanna be found. She has third degree burns, multiple broken bones.

Halstead: She couldn't have got out of there too fast. So where would you go?

Burgess: I don't know. Find someplace to hide. Someplace to die.

Southwest corner of Bryers Park

Burgess: You go that way, I'll go this way?

Halstead: Yeah, I'll go over here.

Burgess: Jay? Jay! 5021 Eddie, emergency. We need an ambulance at the southwest corner of Bryers Park. Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, stay with us. Hey. Hey, hey.

Halstead: I don't know what's wrong. She's bleeding really bad. We need that ambulance.

Burgess: They're never gonna find us. I'm gonna flag them down, Jay. I repeat, we're in the southwest corner...

Halstead: It's okay. It's okay. Can you look at me? Hey, can you look at me? It's gonna be okay. I'm Jay. I'm a detective with the Chicago Police Department. You're gonna be okay. What's your name?

Jane Doe: He came to kill them.

Halstead: Who came?

Jane Doe: I was hiding, but he set a fire.

Halstead: Who did this to you? Who set the fire? You know who he was?

Jane Doe: He killed them.

Halstead: Who? What's his name? Who was he? Who was he? Did you know him?

Jane Doe: Ah... I'll be free now.

Halstead: Yeah, you'll be free. You'll be free now. It's okay. It's gonna be okay.

Burgess: Come on, come on!

Chicago Med: Sharon Goodwin’s office

Halstead: She said she was hiding and he came to kill them. Then before she lost consciousness, she said that she would be free now. I'm running her prints and her DNA, but no ID yet.

Voight: All right, Chief?

Wallace Boden: Fire originated in apartment 20E. We found Jane Doe's body here outside of the apartment. Burns indicated she was most likely crawling, trying to escape the flames.

Kelly Severide: Door to 20E was open. That's how the fire spread. The other John Does were found inside the apartment... One in the bed, one near the front door.

Halstead: All right, so she said that he came to kill them. So the offender enters the apartment, he kills both John Does, the Jane Doe's hiding, the offender goes to light the fire, she tries to escape, and then she gets beaten unconscious.

Voight: Injuries run against that, Sharon?

Sharon Goodwin: It could be consistent. Jane Doe suffered a ulna fracture, internal injuries, third degree burns. We also treated her for heavy smoke inhalation.

Upton: So the offender beats her, thinks she's dead, but Jane Doe comes to during the fire, opens the front door, and attempts to crawl to the elevator.

Ruzek: Arson was just a cover up for the double homicide.

Kelly Severide: The rest of them were collateral damage.

Ethan Choi: Jane Doe didn't make it. Pronounced her a minute ago. She never regained consciousness.

Voight: All right, we need to get going. Thank you.

Wallace Boden: Anything you need.

Voight: Appreciate it… Let's start with apartment 20E. Antonio, get Jane Doe's GPS chip to OCD tech right away.

Dawson: I'll run it up with Vice, too. It's common practice these days for pimps to chip their property.

Voight: All right.

Dawson: I'm guessing Jane Doe was a victim of sex trafficking.

Voight: So we start with what was left behind. I want every piece of paper on that apartment... Who was living there, every in-service call. Just scour that crime scene. Work the bodies. Find out what the hell happened in that apartment.


M.E.: We've been working round the clock. I've only done a full autopsy on your first John Doe.

Halstead: What about dental? Did you get anything from that?

M.E.: Didn't match any of our records. And honestly you're not gonna get much. Bodies burned this badly rarely have a ton of forensic evidence. Tox was clear on John Doe one.

Halstead: W-what is this chipping of the hyoid and spine?

M.E.: It's usually cracking from the fire, but what's strange is both bodies had it.

Upton: Cracking of the hyoid?

M.E.: On one, it's an anomaly. On two...

Halstead: It's a pattern. Same kind of cracking you'd get from a weapon?

M.E.: From a knife.

Upton: So they were stabbed?

M.E.: Yes, and throat sliced.

Intelligence office

Upton: Sarge?

Voight: Yeah, I'm still listening.

Upton: All right, M.E. also found three old bullet holes and a severed finger on John Doe two. We ran that through every system we've got. So far no hit on an ID, but those are pretty unique identifiers.

Voight: So, flag it up the ladder with FBI. See if they'll run it. Hit hospital records too.

Ruzek: I've got spotty elevator and lobby cameras, but the camera nearest the entrance got fritzed out in the fire.

Atwater: The building across the street got surveillance from the front. I got POD footage from the exit in the back, but it's not perfect. When Chicago Fire responded, they blocked the camera.

Voight: All right, well, start clearing through it fast… Hey, we got anything on that apartment?

Atwater: Nothing but sand, Sarge. It was registered under a dummy LLC called Cyde Holdings that does not exist.

Ruzek: There's no in service calls, no priors on anyone so far in the apartment. Burgess is still there. She's debriefing the current residents.

Atwater: So far everybody's saying they thought the apartment was vacant.

Dawson: Hey, Sarge, OCD tech lab pulled coordinates off Jane Doe's GPS chip. I've got every place she's been the last two months outside Chicago... All two of them. Tracked a farmland outside Durango, Mexico, and a compound two miles from Cleveland. I ran those coordinates for John Doe's bullet wounds, for the finger injury. Got a hit.

Voight: Edgar Torres.

Halstead: You're saying Edgar Torres of the Sinaloa Cartel just got hit in Chicago?

Platt: Hey, Hank. You got a problem downstairs.

Voight: Come on, Antonio. You and me.

Dawson: Yeah.

Voight: Hey, find out what Torres was doing in Chicago, Jay.

21 District: hallway

Julia Cortes: Wondering why the hell you ran DEA's number five most wanted and requested sixes without picking up the phone and calling us.

Voight: Well, I'm wondering why the hell you weren't aware your number five target was in Chicago and that he was just murdered.

Carr: We been trying to track him, but it's not easy. When Torres comes to Chicago he stays low... Holds a few meetings, oversees a few loads, and we don't hear about it until after.

Ward: And he doesn't communicate. No cell, no email. He stays inside. He eats in. It's just him, his security, and his girl of the month. Those are the other bodies you found.

Dawson: Okay, well, someone knew he was here this time.

Julia Cortes: We're not here to hinder your investigation, Voight.

Voight: Okay, so why are you here?

Julia Cortes: We'll be taking Edgar Torres' body.

Voight: You want to confirm his death, cross a name off a list? Be my guest.

Julia Cortes: And we want you to low-walk the case.

Voight: There it is.

Julia Cortes: We have wires up on every cartel with holdings in Chicago. Not a single wire indicates that anyone knows Torres is even dead, let alone that it was a hit. It would be best it stays that way.

Carr: Soon as they become aware, every phone will go dark. And bodies will drop.

Halstead: With all due respect, this was a mass murder, so we're not gonna stop till we find the son of a bitch that lit the match, cartel repercussions or not.

Voight: We can tell the press the fire was accidental and we can move quiet, but you gotta give me every piece of paper you have on Torres. No blacked out lines. No red tape. You do that, I'll tiptoe anywhere you want.

21 District: back entrance office

Burgess: This is the last batch. I mean, there's hundreds of people who wanted Edgar Torres dead.

Dawson: Hundreds who'd want him dead, but only a few who would have access. And the guy was old school... No phones, did business face to face.

Upton: That's why the DEA never got close to him. 15 years they had Torres ID'd.  They could never find a way to infiltrate. Guy was a ghost.

Dawson: Think someone was involved on the inside.

Burgess: So let's start in his inner circle. People who were loyal.

Atwater: Yeah, people who would never roll.

Intelligence office

Atwater: Carlos Mendoza, 56 years old. Been in Chicago for the past 30. DEA caught him up seven years ago, thought he was Torres' driver.

Upton: Held him for 48, grilled him, and they got absolutely nothing. Carlos never said a word.

Voight: All right, so where's Carlos now?

Atwater: Lives right here in Chicago. Lives alone in Fuller Park. Also has two adult sons.

Upton: But we still believe he's involved with the cartel. Gets paid every week from a trumped-up LLC.

Burgess: Ran Carlos' cell. Pinged a tower outside Colima, Mexico a few days ago. Matches Jane Doe's GPS coordinates to a T.

Voight: Right, so, picked up Torres' girlfriend and the bodyguard down in Mexico and drove them all back here.

Atwater: Just to sell his ass out.

Voight: Mm-hmm.

Halstead: We got Carlos on footage. Traffic cam caught him in a silver SUV parked outside the apartment for eight hours.

Voight: Was he there during the fire?

Halstead: Whole time.

Voight: Let's move.


Voight: All right, we move careful and silent. Ruzek, you're with me. Burgess, Upton, you take downstairs. Halstead, secure the back. Do not enter. Okay? Let's go.

Carlos Mendoza’s house: kitchen

Upton: Freeze! What the hell are you doing? Damn it, Jay. Why did you come inside?

Halstead: 'Cause I saw movement.

Upton: Jay, I almost shot you.

Halstead: Yeah, but you didn't, all right?

Upton: You broke the plan. I almost put a bullet in your head.

Halstead: Carlos was going for the back door so I had to make a move, all right? Let's go. Target apprehended. We're coming out.

Atwater: Copy that.

Halstead: Come on.

Interview room

Dawson: Edgar Torres... Cartel head, drug trafficker, and the DEA's number five Oh hurrah! most wanted. That's him three weeks ago.

Voight: Oh, wait, I got a picture too… That's him today.

Dawson: Now, Edgar Torres is also your boss. You're one of very few who knew he was here.

Voight: And that's you outside the building while Torres is being stabbed to death. And I'm just doing the math here, Carlos, but... I wouldn't want to be you.

Carlos Mendoza: You know I'm not gonna talk to you.

Dawson: Yes, you will, because right now, me and him... We're your best shot at seeing the light again. So the quicker you start talking to us, the more honest you get, the better this goes.

Carlos Mendoza: And if you had the evidence to make that true, you'd be charging me.

Dawson: When you're charged that's the least of your problems.

Voight: Bro… Cartel's got to be asking the same questions we are.

Carlos Mendoza: And if that were true, I'd already be dead. I don't talk to you.

Voight: All right, you be cute all you want. That's up to you… But this isn't just bad guy on bad guy. Five other innocent people were killed in that fire. Know what that means? That means you're never leaving this room unless you talk.

Carlos Mendoza: Then you and I are at a standstill.

Voight: And one of those innocent people? He was a cop's father.

Dawson: You understand it yet, Carlos?

Observation room

Upton: You know, it wouldn't be a bad thing to sit this one out.

Halstead: Need me to talk to you?

Upton: I don't need anything, Jay.

Halstead: All right, look, my father and I... We never clicked. He didn't want me to enlist. He didn't want me to be a cop. Guy didn't even show up when I graduated from the academy… He was embarrassed… So I learned to keep my distance, and now he's gone. That's it. I'm learning how to deal with it on my own. You don't have to question if I'm all right.

Intelligence office

Voight: Carlos isn't talking yet. We need leverage.

Ruzek: I've looked through every hour of footage. There's no evidence that Carlos ever enters the building. We got Torres, Jane Doe, his security. They all come in five hours before the fire but after that it's only residents. And I've gone through it twice.

Burgess: Yeah, we've cleared everyone in that building. None of them look like they're involved.

Voight: All right, so we go back to basics. Antonio, keep working Carlos while we backtrack. Look, no one just wakes up in the morning and decides to make a play on a cartel boss. There was planning. Someone got in that building, did those murders, set that fire. Find out how. That'll get us to who.

Building: apartment

Kelly Severide: First body was found in here.

Halstead: Inside the door.

Ruzek: Well, if he came in through the hallway, security let him in.

Halstead: Security knew him.

Burgess: I mean, that fits with Carlos, right?

Kelly Severide: Second body was found in bed there. Arson said the body was prone. Guy never got up

Ruzek:. All right, so offender comes in, takes security out of the equation, moves in here. Torres is asleep. He takes him out nice and easy. Starts the fire here unaware that Jane Doe is hiding.

Burgess: There's no other exits?

Kelly Severide: Only the front door. These windows are a 20-story drop.

Apartment: kitchen

Upton: Or he came from next door.

Intelligence office

Burgess: The roof next door had a hidden security camera. Facial recognition ID'd Daniel Mendoza in under a minute. Carlos' oldest son.

Upton: He's caught on this roof four times in the past week including an hour before the fire went off. All he would have had to do is hop over to the window once the fire was going. Cameras are being destroyed. People were evacuating. He could have walked out the front door.

Atwater: Daniel Mendoza is the black sheep out of the two brothers... In and out of behaviour programs. Got kicked out of Harper College after a semester for anger issues.

Halstead: Daniel's working for a trucking company that's hauling produce from Mexico to Chicago. They changed their IDOT four times in the last year. The company's owned by the same trumped-up LLC who's paying off Carlos. He's cartel. Like father, like son.

Dawson: It's the same boss too. Torres.

Voight: Yeah. Huh.

Dawson: You know, it could be a power play. Cartels are organizations, so if Daniel and Carlos are working beneath Torres, Torres holds their fate. If he isn't willing to promote...

Voight: You get rid of him, find a new boss who is. Get an expedited warrant.

Interview room

Voight: You had your son killed for you… And you told him, "Torres is inside." He sneaks in, takes care of the messy details. You both profit, except something went wrong. Kid didn't expect Jane Doe to survive, right?

Carlos Mendoza: It's not possible.

Voight: There's seven bodies on you and your boy right now… I mean, you wanna take any of that weight off, now's the time to talk.

Carlos Mendoza: No… I got nothing to say.

Atwater: Warrant's ready to go.


Halstead: Chicago PD!

Voight: Whoa, everybody stop. Do not key your radios.


Kelly Severide: The cameras are motion censored?

Atwater: Yeah, motion censored and hooked up to Daniel Mendoza's cloud. As soon as we moved in, cameras recorded and sent images digitally.

Dawson: That's smart. I mean, this apartment's gotta be his contingency plan. He set it up as a fail-safe. If his plan failed and the cartel came for him, the apartment would alert him.

Voight: Hey, here he is. What's up?

Sully: Hank, it doesn't look like there's any sign of explosives. The place is clear of chemicals. Just looks like the apartment was rigged with the cameras. We're almost finished clearing.

Halstead: So we're waiting for nothing. He's probably in the damn wind. We basically just told him to run.

Voight: All right, so we get ahead of him. Get out a BOLO, investigative alert, emergency ping.

Halstead: All right.

Voight: Thanks, Sully.

Sully: You got it.

Voight: Kelly, appreciate it.

Kelly Severide: Jay. Yo, I've been meaning to tell you, I'm...

Halstead: Don't, don't. Kelly, honestly, man, you're... You're, like, the only guy that hasn't given me some half-ass sympathy speech. So you don't have to, all right?

Kelly Severide: No.

Halstead: It's all good.

Kelly Severide: I wasn't going to… I was gonna say I wanna be here when you find him. We pulled bodies out of that fire. I watched Stella almost lose her life... For a cartel hit? Anything I can do to help... Anything... I'll help.

Halstead: All right. Thanks, man.

Intelligence office

Ruzek: All right, transport teams are up... Airports, trains, buses, and highways. Thank you.

Upton: Yep.

Atwater: We got BOLOs out on his vehicle, checking the traffic cams and PODS. We tapping into the El. CTA has all his descriptors, and Antonio's hitting his contacts now.

Voight: Cell?

Upton: Dark. Daniel turned it off. No movement.

Halstead: Yeah, he's gonna know better than that. He'll have an exit strategy.

Upton: An exit strategy he wasn't expecting to use. I mean, I don't know if it'll be easy to execute. He hasn't had more than a grand in his bank account. He's gonna need help getting out of Chicago.

Halstead: Or he just steals a car and he heads for the border.

Upton: Hmm.

Halstead: We need another access point. Carlos is our only option. Daniel followed his father's footsteps into the cartel. Whether or not Carlos ordered him to kill Torres doesn't matter. He got where he is because his father led him there.

Atwater: Phone records indicate him and his father talk a lot, at least twice a day.

Halstead: Yeah, so he's gonna know where his son is, or how to get in touch with him. We gotta force him to talk.

Voight: All right. You and me.

Interview room

Voight: Hey, rise and shine. Come on, wake up. Let's go.

Carlos Mendoza: I'd like a lawyer.

Voight: Huh.

Halstead: Yeah. Yeah, we could do that. Or we could just tell you the truth. We got jack on you. I mean, we can't prove you entered the building. We got no bead on your kid.

Carlos Mendoza: Okay, then release me.

Halstead: You sure about that? 'Cause all we gotta do is give your name to your people and we'll let you go… You're a dead man.

Voight: You're a smart guy, Carlos. You worked with Sinaloa for decades, but you know how this is gonna end for you, for your son.

Halstead: Nice and slow… Gonna tie you down with barbed wire. They're gonna probably burn you first... Your feet, genitals. Make you beg… Then they'll wire you to a generator. They're gonna electrocute you. They're gonna cut your heads off and hang you upside down from the Franklin Street Bridge... Unless you wanna help us. Tell us what happened. Help us find Daniel.

Voight: Come on. I mean, prison ain't great, but it's better than that.

Carlos Mendoza: You know what? I dug my grave a long time ago. Whatever you think of me, I tried like hell to give my kids a good life... A better life, a different life. But Daniel, he chose this. He... There's nothing I could do… These men could find him or me just as easily in any jail cell. You can't protect us… You know we're dead either way.

Voight: Hmm.

Carlos Mendoza: I will not help you… I'm not gonna help you kill my son.

Intelligence office

Halstead: Juan Mendoza. He's 28 years old. He's Carlos' other son. He's got no connection to the cartel. He's married. He's got three kids. He's got a good job downtown. We pick him up, he's our access point to Carlos.

Ruzek: We ran Juan. We got nothing on him.

Halstead: They don't know that. Contrary to public opinion, fathers have favourites. If we squeeze Juan, Carlos rolls on Daniel.

Upton: Okay, it's too risky. We get Juan involved, then he's actually involved. The cartel starts gunning for him too.

Ruzek: Yeah, man. That ain't right. There's gotta be a better way to do this.

Halstead: Like what? Exactly. We're at a dead end, right? I don't even know why we're debating this.

Upton: Because we're playing with an innocent man's life, Jay.

Halstead: Five other innocent people died because of this guy's not-so-innocent brother and father. So I'm sorry if my heart doesn't bleed like yours.

Upton: Excuse me?

Voight: Okay. That's enough. It's what we have. It's what we'll use. Bring him in.


Upton: That's him.

Ruzek: Juan Mendoza… Chicago Police. I'm Officer Ruzek. This is Detective Upton.

Juan Mendoza: What's going on?

Ruzek: Just wanna bring you down to the district, ask you a few questions. It's gonna be nice and easy.

Juan Mendoza: Questioning for what?

Upton: We'll clear all that up at the district.

Juan Mendoza: I don't think so.

Ruzek: Listen, man, listen, hey. We just need to talk to you, ask you a few questions. That's all.

Juan Mendoza: No.

Upton: Sir, if you could please...

Juan Mendoza: Look, I just said no.

Halstead: You have information that can help us.

Juan Mendoza: I assure you, I don't.

Halstead: You know why we're bringing you in. Your family's all hooked up. Your brother...

Juan Mendoza: Look, what my family does is of no concern to me...

Halstead: No concern? No concern?

Ruzek: Jay, we're outside.

Halstead: Mass murder's no concern to you?

Ruzek: Jay, not here, man.

Juan Mendoza: Not when I know nothing that could help you.

Halstead: We're not asking you. We're telling you... Move.

Juan Mendoza: Hey look, man, you just need to...

Halstead: Move!

Ruzek: Hey, hey, hey.

Upton: Jay, back off!

Juan Mendoza: It's harassment. It's harassment!

Upton: Back off!

Ruzek: Keep walking.

Upton: You good?

Halstead: Yeah, I'm good.

Interview room

Juan Mendoza: I don't even know what you're talking about. Accessory? Conspiracy to commit murder?

Voight: Your father told us he told you that Edgar Torres was in town.

Juan Mendoza: No, he didn't. We never talked about him or drugs or any of it, ever.

Voight: You had breakfast two weeks ago?

Juan Mendoza: Yeah. He's my father. We had breakfast. Are ham and cheese omelettes suddenly illegal?

Voight: No, but homicide is, and he told you where Edgar Torres would be and when.

Dawson: That's right, then you called Daniel and relayed the info to him, right?

Voight: And helped him with the murder.

Juan Mendoza: This is insane. Look, I know my brother's no saint, but that has nothing to do with me.

Dawson: You're not seeming to understand what's happening, Juan. You're in the middle of a very bad situation.

Juan Mendoza: Look, I've got three kids. All right? A job... A real job that you dragged me away from.

Observation room

Ruzek: You think this is gonna work?

Upton: I don't know, but we're already down the road, so I hope so.

Interview room

Halstead: Get up.

Carlos Mendoza: What?

Halstead: We're letting you go. Come on.

Carlos Mendoza: How's that possible?

Halstead: 'Cause time's up. We don't have enough evidence to charge you… So let's go.


Carlos Mendoza: What's going on?

Halstead: Hey, come on. Let's go.

Carlos Mendoza: Well, that's... That's my son. What's Juan doing in there?

Halstead: Just keep moving.

Carlos Mendoza: What is he doing in there?

Ruzek: Sir, you need to keep moving.

Carlos Mendoza: What is Juan doing in there?

Halstead: Juan's there because we believe he's involved.

Carlos Mendoza: Look, that's not possible!

Halstead: Yes, it is. He's your son. He's Daniel's brother. It makes perfect sense he's involved.

Carlos Mendoza: No, you can't have him in there, all right? He didn't do anything.

Halstead: Yes, he did. That's why we're taking him to county.

Carlos Mendoza: He can't go to county! No, no, no!

Ruzek: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Halstead: I got it. I got it. Calm down, or I'm gonna book you, too, and let them kill the whole family in county.

Carlos Mendoza: You can't have him in there! They're gonna kill him!

Halstead: It's already done! He's going!

Carlos Mendoza: I never talked to him about my job. Juan is straight.

Halstead: Well, what about Daniel?

Carlos Mendoza: I told Daniel that I was picking up Torres. Please. Please, whatever you want. Just let Juan go. He's not involved in any of this stuff… Please.

Interview room

Voight: So you told Daniel Torres was in Chicago?

Carlos Mendoza: Yes, but we were just talking. I had no idea he was gonna take him out.

Voight: You didn't tell him to kill Torres?

Carlos Mendoza: No, of course not. Look, I'm a driver. I don't sell drugs. I don't kill people. I drive. I never imagined Daniel would do something like that, but he must've seen a chance.

Halstead: For what?

Carlos Mendoza: For power. All Daniel wanted was weight in the cartel. I don't give him any... The opposite. I'm the help... No different than the maid or a gardener. But with Torres gone, Daniel would move up. Now that's the truth. Now, just let Juan go. Please.

Voight: The truth is, none of that matters unless you tell us how to find Daniel.

Carlos Mendoza: I can't.

Halstead: Yes, you can. It's an easy choice. It's the son who did everything wrong, or it's the one who listened.

Carlos Mendoza: Look, you are not a father! This is not how you love your children!

Voight: Carlos! We need to go now.

Halstead: You give us Daniel, or we are gonna go charge Juan… What do you want?

Carlos Mendoza: I could get in touch with Daniel… Just let Juan go. Please. Please.

Intelligence office

Halstead: So Carlos and Daniel have a shared disposable email account that Carlos set up for hazards of the job.

Dawson: Yeah, they only communicate through drafts so nothing ever leaves the server. We can't ping them through email alone.

Halstead: All right, but Carlos reached out. He told Daniel that he wasn't safe. He was gonna help him get out of Chicago. Daniel agreed to keep his phone on.

Dawson: 4:00 p.m. today. Daniel's gonna keep his phone off until then.

Voight: All right, well, you're with Carlos. He makes a call, you ping Daniel's location. Rest of us, we're gonna set up a citywide grid. Okay? Get everyone on board. We're gonna be in teams of two. As soon as Antonio calls with a location, we move in quick, steady, silent. Let's go.


Burgess: We're in position. West side, 33rd and Normal.

Ruzek: All right, copy that.

Voight: Just below the north side. All right, as soon as we get the location, teams move out. You get there first, you hit it.

21 District: back entrance office

Voight: All right, Antonio, you set?

Dawson: We're good to go. Wire's up… All right, now, when Daniel turns his phone on, longitude and latitude will come up on the screen instantly, but you need to keep Daniel on the phone as long as possible. If he shuts the phone off...

Carlos Mendoza: I understand it.

Dawson: Look... You're doing the right thing for both your children.

Carlos Mendoza: There is no right thing.

Dawson: Two minutes out. Be ready to move.


Voight: Jay… You're not coming.

Halstead: What?

Voight: Give her your keys and your two-way.

Halstead: You gotta be kidding me.

Voight: It's for the best, Jay. Keys and the two-way.

Upton: You're too close to this, Jay.

Halstead: The hell does that mean?

Upton: He's your dad. I didn't say anything...

Halstead: You don't know anything about my dad.

Upton: I'm not pretending to.

Halstead: No, you're just projecting whatever daddy-daughter crap got you screwed up.

Upton: Okay, I'm done being your punching bag. Give me your keys… Give me your damn keys! Two-way.

21 District: back entrance office

Dawson: You ready?

Carlos Mendoza: Danny?


Halstead: You said if I needed help that you would help. I need help.


Halstead: Did you bring your radio?

Kelly Severide: Yeah… You're not gonna get a police frequency.

Halstead: That's all right. If he's shot, they're gonna need an ambo, if they're in pursuit, they're gonna shut down traffic.

Main: Ambo 26, adult female, short of breath, 6400 Racine.

Kelly Severide: You're on Englewood. Switch to Main. Turn it all the way to the left.

Main: Ambo 62, Engine 83, we got a pin-in accident. Dearborn and Monroe, multiple victims. CPD not responding. They got an officer assistance call near the Michigan Bridge… Squad One, possible drowning North Avenue Beach. Be advised we got Stenson being closed off by CPD and CTA is rerouting at Wacker and Columbus… Ambo 64, Unit 1800, CPD Commander Meldune requesting you stand by at Michigan. Reports of an armed Hispanic male in the area.

Halstead: That's him. He's running.


Officer: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa! What are you doing?

Kelly Severide: Lieutenant Kelly Severide, CFD. What's happening?

Officer: Man with a gun, but hey...

Halstead: We got eyes on the offender?

Officer: No. Last seen on foot headed eastbound, but Intelligence...

Halstead: I'm Intelligence. Give me your radio.

Officer: My radio?

Halstead: Give me your radio, man.

Officer: Hey, hey.

Halstead: Kelly.

Kelly Severide: We're good, just find him.

Driver: What are you doing?


Main: Columbus and North Water. 1811, 12, 13, 16, 19 per 1800 Commander Meldune. Need you to head over to Wacker and Dearborn… 5021 Ida, get me a couple guys up on the bridge. I see two units up there. Tell them to shut down Northbound.


Halstead: Stop! Police! Out of my way. Out of my way. Out of my way!


Halstead: Police! Stop!


Daniel Mendoza: Please. Help me, please. Please. Please! Help me! I wanna see my father...

Halstead: This... This is 5021 George, emergency. Shots fired. Offender down. Need an ambo. Lower Wacker and Columbus… Just try to get him some help. Get him help.

Main: Copy that.

Ruzek: That's Jay. That's Jay.

Upton: 5021 Henry! Officer down! I repeat, officer down. Lower Wacker and Columbus. Get us an ambulance. Jay? You okay? Come on! It didn't go through.

Ruzek: Hailey, what's going on?

Upton: It didn't go through. It's okay. Jay, Jay, breathe, breathe. Okay. You're okay.

Ruzek: Guys! Can you block off the street? Do whatever you gotta do to get an ambulance in, now! All right?

Dawson: Copy that!

Upton: Okay. Okay. Okay.


Emily Foster: Jay, do you hear me? You understand?

Halstead: Yeah.

Emily Foster: I still need you to go to Med to check for internal. You have no broken ribs. The bullet didn't hit anything. The second bullet that got your side was a through and through. Bruising's gonna be a bitch, though. That pain'll knock you backwards once the edge wears off.

Voight: You all right?

Halstead: Yeah.

Voight: Damn lucky.

Halstead: I...

Voight: No. You are done talking. I mean done… You should be dead. Do you get that? You do not disobey a direct order from me. I don't care how angry you are… You're mourning, grieving... Man, I don't care if your whole damn family just got murdered. You listen to me! It's my job to keep you alive, to look out for you. I will always do my job, and you will always do yours and listen. That's the deal… When your head is on straight... We are gonna talk about this again.

Halstead: All right… Daniel?

Upton: He was pronounced at Med… Antonio's with Juan and Carlos. He's taking them into protective custody. DEA says bodies are already dropping in Mexico, so...

Halstead: So a happy ending? Hailey, um... I just couldn't stop myself.


Ruzek: Thanks, guys, appreciate it. Thank you. Hey.

Upton: Hey.

Ruzek: You all right?

Upton: Yeah, I'm fine.

Ruzek: Oh. Ah, yeah, that's the adrenaline.

Upton: I thought he was dead.

Ruzek: Yeah, me too. You know what? You want to get out of here and grab a drink?

Upton: Yeah.

Ruzek: All right, let's go.

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Sevnol  (30.01.2020 à 21:16)

Bonne fin de crossover, même si j'avoue j'ai préféré les épisodes de Fire et Med.

En effet, Jay est bien mis en avant dans cet épisode. J'ai bien aimé le passage où Voight lui fait un sermon à la fin, après qu'il se soit fait tirer dessus. On ressent que Voight s'est fait  beaucoup de soucis pour lui et qu'il ne veut pas que ses hommes prennent des risques inutilement. Et Hailey est tout aussi mal pour Jay, la pauvre.

La dernière scène quand Jay découvre que son père a gardé une photo et un article de sa vie de policier est déchirante. Même si leur relation était loin d'être rose, son père avait quand même beaucoup d'estime pour son fils.

natas  (09.10.2018 à 21:34)

un épisode qui met bien Jay en avant ! j'ai adoré

pour ce qui est du cross over il etait bien, mais je m'attendais a plus de tention...



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